Watch Mars Come To Earth's Closest Ever In 60,000 Years Tonight


At 3:50 a.m. EDT (0750 GMT), Mars reached the closest point to Earth in its orbit.

Mars is particularly close to the Earth now because the two planets' orbits are roughly in the same point in their orbit around the sun.

According to NASA, the Red Planet will be at a distance of 57.6 million kilometres. The dust storm will engulf the surface of Mars and will be visilble mormally through a telescope.

Since the Earth and Mars align in opposition about every two years, "this is why most NASA missions to the Red Planet are at least two years apart - to take advantage of the closer distance".

Even though some water may have been discovered there, Mars has less than 1% of the atmospheric pressure of that on Earth. It is normally 250 million miles away from our planet. This rare phenomena will also be visible form India too.

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A map of the sky that shows Mars and Saturn, as they can be seen from NY on July 31 at 11 pm.

For those who missed the closest approach, not to worry.

Last week, Mars was already brighter than usual and will shine even more - and appear bigger - on Tuesday.

This closeness offers unusually bright views of the Red Planet´s auburn hues. Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles will be hosting a live stream of the event.

The image of Saturn was taken on June 6 when its ring system was near its maximum tilt towards Earth, allowing for a lovely view of the rings and the gaps between them.

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"We should establish an occupancy on the moon", Aldrin said in the live video about Earth's satellite that he once stepped foot on.

"We are encouraging a wide range of people to come up with innovative designs for how they envision a habitat on Mars", said Dr. Lex Akers, dean of the Caterpillar College of Engineering and Technology at Bradley University, NASA's partner in the challenge.

Mars will start to dim by around mid-August and return to its normal magnitude of brightness around the start of September. In the case of Mars, its brightest shades of red or orange will be visible.

Scientists said mankind can no longer think of Mars as a "safety valve" in case things go wrong on our planet.

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