Arts&Culture Trump Claims Democrats No Longer Want Carter Page's Testimony
Author: 0 Trump Claims Democrats No Longer Want Carter Page's Testimony

Mr. Trump tweeted "the Democrats, who have excoriated Carter Page about Russian Federation, don't want him to testify ". Page, in his letter, wrote he was disappointed he "might not be immediately afforded the opportunity to address" allegations made against him in a series of leaks and innuendo stemming from government investigations into Russia's alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Author: 0 ITV moves Britain's Got Talent final to avoid Ariana Grande concert clash

The Britain's Got Talent Final has now moved from Sunday night, and will now take place live on Saturday June 3rd at 7.30pm. ITV has moved the Britain's Got Talent finale from Sunday night to Saturday night (June 3) so it won't clash with Ariana Grande's upcoming benefit concert for victims and families of the Manchester attacks.

Author: 0 House Intel panel requests info from ex-White House aide

Now this could of course be disinformation, created to be intercepted, but when you pair this with the very real influence that the Russians had over Michael Flynn and potentially other members of the Trump team, you end up with a picture that looks pretty damning.

Author: 0 Fallen World War I heroes remembered in Johnson City

Town Councilwoman Denise Hall, who is the treasurer of the West Hartford Veterans Memorial Fund, announced that the memorial group, as an honor to Van Winkle, would soon be putting in a marker at the Connecticut State Veterans Memorial that alerts visitors to the "sacred ground" at the center of the memorial.

Arts&Culture Royal sister-in-law Pippa Middleton honeymoons in Australia
Author: 0 Royal sister-in-law Pippa Middleton honeymoons in Australia

Now the couple have been spotted getting onto a boat on Sydney Harbour with two friends and their newborn baby. Beaming, despite having bare legs on a 14 degree Celsius morning, Middleton - in a striped monochrome dress - held hands with her new husband as they slipped aboard.

Author: 0 Audit: Millions of Trump's Twitter followers are fake

The tweeter-in-chief has picked up roughly 3 million twitter followers in recent days, most of which appear to be recently created twitter bots. Twitter Audit checks several criteria to determine whether followers are fake, including how often they tweet and the account's ratio of followers to those who follow it.

Arts&Culture Kathy Griffin releases photo holding a severed Trump head
Author: 0 Kathy Griffin releases photo holding a severed Trump head

Griffin says she made a mistake, went too far and was wrong. The image is too disturbing. "I understand how it offends people, it wasn't amusing, I get it". He did not say whether that event would be canceled but he was not pleased with Griffin, according to a statement he released through press secretary Michael Dale-Stein in Washington.

Arts&Culture Tom Cruise Confirms TOP GUN 2!
Author: 0 Tom Cruise Confirms TOP GUN 2!

Cruise reportedly met with potential director before and while filming Mission: Impossible 6 to make sure the Top Gun sequel was ready to once his schedule opened up. "It's happening. ... You're the first people I've told". So let's just hope that this time " Top Gun 2 " does happen. The Top Gun sequel has always been a goal for producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Cruise, who shot to worldwide stardom as hot-shot pilot Lt.

Arts&Culture Trump planning major staff shakeup in US White House
Author: 0 Trump planning major staff shakeup in US White House

Mr Trump had earlier taken to Twitter to vent his frustrations with the "fake news media". "Jared is doing a great job for the country", Trump said. Kushner, retired Gen. Michael Flynn and now-White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon also met with the crown prince of Abu Dhabi in NY, a meeting the Obama administration learned about when the prince's name appeared on a flight manifest.

Author: 0 Ryan addresses budget office score of GOP health care bill

There are many variables - and unforeseen outcomes - that can undermine even the most carefully crafted policy initiative. "This really is about the federal government saving money - cutting the money that they give to states for care, and then taking that money and turning around and providing a tax break to very high-income people, the insurance companies , pharmaceutical companies", he explains.

Author: 0 Russians Discussed Potentially 'Derogatory' Info About Trump During Campaign

The discussion centered on whether Russian Federation held leverage over Trump's inner circle, and the intercepted communications suggested to US intelligence officials that Russian Federation believed "they had the ability to influence the administration through the derogatory information", reported CNN .

Author: 0 Concerns over Jared Kushner's secret Russian 'back channel'

Later, he praised Jared Kushner , saying: 'Jared is doing a great job for the country. He is respected by everyone and is working on programs that will save our country billions of dollars. Kushner reportedly flew home Thursday from Rome with his wife, Ivanka Trump, and arrived in his West Wing office on Friday to meet with White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus to discuss the presidential trip.

Author: 0 Jeremy Corbyn fights back after childcare funding gaffe

He said that the party would introduce a border control system "based on needs of the economy" and family reunion. The lead started to contract sharply after she set out plans on May 18 to make some elderly people pay a greater share of their care costs, a proposal dubbed the " dementia tax " by opponents.

Arts&Culture Macron says France, Russia agree on need for Ukraine peace talks soon
Author: 0 Macron says France, Russia agree on need for Ukraine peace talks soon

The assessment echoed a remark by Trump during a September presidential debate in which he said of the DNC hacks: "It could be Russian Federation, but it could be China, could also be lots of other people. Mr. Macron's aides also claimed that Russian groups launched hacking attacks on his presidential campaign. Macron greeted Putin at the Palace of Versailles outside Paris.

Author: 0 What Crimes Could Jared Kushner Have Committed? Judge Nap Weighs In

According to the Huffington Post , the president was firing off tweets from his personal account , blasting the "fake news" media and congratulating Montana WWE congressional victor Greg Gianforte-who body-slammed a reporter who asked him questions he didn't feel like answering-but refused to address Friday's attack.

Arts&Culture Malaika & sara turn up heat in gym
Author: 0 Malaika & sara turn up heat in gym

The 23-year-old actor, who is likely to debut in Bollywood opposite Sushant Singh Rajput in Abhishek Kapoor's film, is attending every big Bollywood bash. A new friendship is blooming between Sara Ali Khan and Nimrat Kaur. Looking cheerful, the star seems to have become fully immersed in the benefits of exercise and fitness.

Author: 0 Irish film grabs 'best screenplay' prize at Cannes

It is such a rare and surprising news for a comedy to win such an award. Chastain, who has twice been nominated for an Oscar for her performances in Zero Dark Thirty and The Help , considered the female roles to be somewhat passive and reactive.

Arts&Culture Underground water pipe bursts in Ukraine street
Author: 0 Underground water pipe bursts in Ukraine street

Onlookers watched in amazement on Monday (Tuesday NZT) as the surrounding streets quickly flooded with muddy water. The explosion, which damaged several nearby cars and left a six-metre square hole in the ground, left no one injured, local media reported.

Arts&Culture Man with fake gun in custody at Orlando airport
Author: 0 Man with fake gun in custody at Orlando airport

Authorities believe a gunman reported at the Orlando International Airport was attempting to commit "suicide by cop". No one was injured and no shots were fired during the incident, which occurred in the rental vehicle area of one of the country's busiest airports, police said.

Author: 0 Javier Bardem on how to 'create a human being behind a monster'

We should honor the tradition of showing a Jack Sparrow family member. "Unrepentant" is a word that comes to mind when considering both the actor and his most popular role. Finally, Henry finds Jack, but is rather unimpressed by the drunk pirate . And so the search for the trident commences! Bardem plays Captain Salazar, a former Spanish Navy officer who was turned into a ghost and is now out for revenge against Jack Sparrow , played by Johnny Depp .

Author: 0 The Media Is Already Spinning Trump's Potential Withdrawal From The Paris Accord

If Trump pulls out of the accord, the USA would become largest greenhouse gas emitter not included in the 2015 pact agreed upon by almost 200 countries to curb climate-changing carbon emissions. His stance left him isolated, with Mr Trump's reluctance to reaffirm his commitment clearly annoying German chancellor Angela Merkel , who told reporters: "The entire discussion about climate was very hard, if not to say very dissatisfying".

Author: 0 Movie buzz: Jessica Chastain chastises Cannes on gender inequality

Overall, what she came across was "quite disturbing". Despite this major win for women filmmakers, Cannes still needs to increase their selection of female filmmakers for the 2018 edition. The annual Cannes Film Festival recently concluded, and actress Jessica Chastain has given the movie industry lots to reflect on. Chastain said film organizers continued to drop the ball by not including movies that provided more depth to female characters-something she suggested could have been ...

Author: 0 Tom Cruise confirms Top Gun 2 is definitely happening!

Safe to say he's looking forward to stepping back into the cockpit. The plans for the sequel to the 1986 classic have been in the pipeline for some time, with legendary producer Jerry Bruckheimer tweeting a picture of him with Cruise back in January previous year.

Arts&Culture After leak, United Kingdom stops sharing bombing intelligence with US
Author: 0 After leak, United Kingdom stops sharing bombing intelligence with US

Words can not express our sorrow for the victims and families harmed in this senseless attack. May said Thursday she would raise leaks with Trump when the pair met at a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels , Belgium. Forensic officers work near the Manchester Arena in Manchester , Wednesday, May 24, 2017. The British parliament said that it was closing its doors to non-passholders and canceled all its tours, events and banquets.

Author: 0 3 new National Football League rules that Broncos fans should know

Monitored but back nonetheless. Flag and a fine. The NFL has relaxed some of its rules on touchdown celebration dances. "We know that you love the spontaneous displays of emotion that come after a spectacular touchdown", Goodell said in an announcement to fans.

Author: 0 United Kingdom police make 11th arrest over Manchester bomb attack

It is claimed that raid was connected to a group of Libyan extremists and that Abedi knew two members of the gang, who have ties to Manchester . Greater Manchester Police said two men, aged 20 and 22, were detained early Saturday in the northwest England city on suspicion of terrorism offenses.

Arts&Culture Britain's Got Talent 2017
Author: 0 Britain's Got Talent 2017

At the end of all that, two acts got one step closer to their dream of winning the talent competition. Singer Kyle Tomlinson and magic act DNA were the first acts to make it through to the final on Sunday 4th June. The choir have worked really hard in the run up to the live shows so I really hope everyone can get behind us and vote for St Patrick's Junior Choir.

Arts&Culture Kim Kardashian Reveals She Felt Pressure to Get Married by 30
Author: 0 Kim Kardashian Reveals She Felt Pressure to Get Married by 30

So you obviously have a different perspective when everyone's just saying something. "My makeover when I met Kanye ". A much hotter topic is the recent breakup of Kylie Jenner and Tyga . "I think a lot of girls do go through that, where they freak out thinking they're getting old and all their friends are having kids". Pepsi later apologized for the ad and specifically apologized to Kendall too, for putting her "in this position".

Arts&Culture United Kingdom resumes sharing intelligence with U.S. after Manchester attack leaks
Author: 0 United Kingdom resumes sharing intelligence with U.S. after Manchester attack leaks

Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to raise the issue of the American leaks with President Donald Trump at a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels on Thursday, a sure indicator of the severity of the situation. Thus, the Islamic State has blasted Abdelhakim Belhadj , one of the most prominent former LIFG leaders, as an apostate. Authorities in Libya revealed the details of the 22-year-old's final call to his family after questioning his father, Ramadan Abedi, and ...

Arts&Culture Salman Abedi may have built other explosives
Author: 0 Salman Abedi may have built other explosives

British officials were infuriated by the leaks but believe US law enforcement was responsible for them, not the White House. The Times published graphic photos of the bombing at the Manchester Arena , including scenes allegedly depicting parts of a shirt worn by the suicide bomber and bomb parts used in the attack.

Arts&Culture Dench sad she couldn't come to India, might visit later: Ali
Author: 0 Dench sad she couldn't come to India, might visit later: Ali

The film is based on the book of the same name by the author Shrabani Basu. Directed by Stephen Frears , "Victoria & Abdul " is set for release at the start of awards season in September. The British government doesn't agree with the Queen's friendship with a "peasant" and are hell-bent on declaring the long-reigning monarch insane. The first trailer for Judi Dench and Ali Fazal's Victoria And Abdul was unveiled on Tuesday.

Author: 0 Lebanese ministry calls for ban of Wonder Woman movie

But it's also the latest attempt to jump-start the DCEU, which has been struggling - in critical terms, at least - since 2013's Man of Steel , and floundered particularly badly a year ago with maulings for both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad .

Author: 0 Tiger Woods 'found by police asleep at the wheel'

Incident reports released Tuesday by Jupiter Police said Woods' Mercedes had blocked a bike lane. There also was minor damage to the front driver's side bumper and rear bumper, and the passenger rear light appeared to be out. Painkillers are generally prescribed after such surgeries, and many carry warnings to avoid driving while taking them. Vicodin: A powerful painkiller that, per the FDA, "may impair the mental and/or physical abilities required for the performance of potentially ...

Arts&Culture Trump Is Worried About The Trade Deficit With Germany. He Needn't Be
Author: 0 Trump Is Worried About The Trade Deficit With Germany. He Needn't Be

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the efforts of Germany on their investment in youth and for promoting a sporting culture that is widely regarded as one of the best in the continent. "I experienced that in the last a few days, and therefore I can only say that we Europeans must really take our fate into our own hands, of course in friendship with the United States and in friendship with Great Britain and as good neighbors wherever it is possible, also with Russian Federation and ...

Arts&Culture TV & Movies Britain's Got Talent caught up in 'miming' scandal
Author: 0 TV & Movies Britain's Got Talent caught up in 'miming' scandal

One unsuccessful act in the semi-final heats will still win a place in the live finals at the weekend, and that will be down to the judges and who they decide to award a wild card too. And don't forget to vote! 'The choir did not mime and we are very proud of their performance '. You will hear them chirping away in the corridors, in the playground and in the classroom, practising all day long.

Author: 0 Russian Federation claimed it had 'defamatory' intelligence on Trump

But Trump immediately railed against administration leaks in a flurry of tweets Sunday, calling them "fabricated lies". Expanding teams of lawyers and experienced public relations hands are being recruited to deal with the drumbeat of new revelations about Moscow's interference and possible improper dealings with the Trump campaign and associates.

Arts&Culture Drake beats Adele's Billboard Awards record
Author: 0 Drake beats Adele's Billboard Awards record

I'm like a year away from a Celine tat" pointing at his rib cage. The Hollywood actor and director, 86, has spent more time behind the camera in recent years and last appeared on the big screen in Trouble With The Curve in 2012. But shortly after Dion left the stage, she couldn't help but burst into song once more - but this time, she was singing along to Cher's performance of " Believe ".

Author: 0 Tom Cruise confirms "Top Gun" sequel

I know, it's happening. "It's happening, it is definitely happening ", the 54-year-old hearthrob confirmed with a grin. He then told the show's evidently shocked presenters: "You're the first people I've said it to - you asked me and so I'm telling you".

Arts&Culture 'Large part' of Manchester bombing network held: Scotland Yard
Author: 0 'Large part' of Manchester bombing network held: Scotland Yard

The BBC report states the "likely" culprit of the leaks are USA law enforcement officials who will have received access to the data through the transatlantic "Five Eyes" intelligence sharing agreement, rather than the White House. Eight men, aged 18 to 38, remain in custody. Abedi's family remained a focus, too, with a brother in England, his father and another brother in Libya among those detained.

Author: 0 US successfully tests ICBM defense system

One avenue that the Pentagon feels has been underexplored is the use of cyberattacks to stop missile launches before they occur. "The assessment is there was at least one missile but we are analyzing the number of missiles", he said . The latest test was of a short-range ballistic missile, which landed in the Sea of Japan on Monday. "As we agreed at the recent G7, the issue of North Korea is a top priority for the global community", Abe told reporters in brief televised remarks.

Author: 0 Greatest Show On Earth Bows Out With Last Performance

That move caused a steep slide in attendance and forced Ringling to close its doors. In May 2016, the company removed elephants from its shows, but ticket sales continued to decline. Just eight months later, the circus announced it is ending the "Greatest Show". And Barnum & Bailey Circus in 1919. Those owned by Feld, including a kangaroo, a camel and other tigers, have been found new homes that circus officials would not divulge.

Author: 0 Target Jarryd Hayne all you like, Daley tells Queensland

Asked if he had sought a meeting with NRL referees boss Tony Archer for clarification and to get his point across, Daley said he hadn't bothered because he did so a year ago to no avail. Coach Laurie Daley leads players out for the New South Wales Blues captains run at Robina Stadium on the Gold Coast , Tuesday, May 30, 2017. They like when people are starting to doubt them.