Arts&Culture Comey Testimony 'Closely Coordinated' with Special Counsel, Source Says
Author: 0 Comey Testimony 'Closely Coordinated' with Special Counsel, Source Says

President Trump's presidency is set to face its toughest test yet Thursday, as James Comey , the former FBI Director, testifies before Congress about the conversations that led to his unceremonious firing last month. "Comey has now told us all that the President is not under investigation as an individual for colluding with Russia", Graham said. If asked by the Senate panel to wear those hats, Comey could expect to be asked whether he considered Trump's requests to constitute ...

Author: 0 Trump lawyer celebrated Comey statement — CNN reporter

Comey told the panel that, at one point, Trump asked him to pledge his "loyalty". The testimony came a day after Comey said in written testimony to the Senate that private conversations with Trump made him deeply uneasy and concerned about the blurring of boundaries between the White House and a law enforcement agency that prides itself on independence.

Arts&Culture Tom Cruise's 'naughty' Mummy character
Author: 0 Tom Cruise's 'naughty' Mummy character

Here, Tom Cruise battles an ancient princess with less-than-spectacular results. For me, I will stick with 1999 and Brendan Fraser's Kevin O'Connell. Jake admits he was well aware of Tom's reputation as a daredevil before he was even offered a part in The Mummy reboot , but he wanted to witness it all first-hand to see if the industry rumours were true.

Arts&Culture Attacker's mother says he was radicalized in Britain
Author: 0 Attacker's mother says he was radicalized in Britain

They said the man was arrested on suspicion of violating the Terrorism Act. The suspect quickly corrected himself, but was later brought up on terrorism-related charges. When asked by the authorities about his intentions, Zaghba initially replied that he was leaving to become "a terrorist". His passport and cellphone were seized, but he got them back after a court determined there wasn't enough evidence to arrest him.

Author: 0 Wonder Woman Opens to a Powerful $223 Million Worldwide

The film is also the best reviewed to come out of the DC Extended Universe in years. "So when I started to really hunker in on the significance of No Man's Land, there were a couple people who were deeply confused, wondering , like, 'Well, what is she going to do?" MTV points out two obvious settings: the 1940s/World War II, because William Moulton Marston created the character of Wonder Woman in 1941; or the '70s, in honor of the Lynda Carter-starring TV series.

Author: 0 Man kills three, himself in Pennsylvania supermarket

The store's phone was not operating on Thursday morning (Friday NZT), and a call to Weis Markets headquarters in Sunbury was not immediately returned. State police expected to release more information once the victims' families were notified. "We believe this is a contained incident and the public is not in any danger at this time", police said in the release.

Author: 0 Wishing for a Trump 'Twitterectomy'

She reiterated her disappointment over his decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, before being eventually forced to defend the capital's mayor. In conclusion, the editors said that Trump's continued ineptitude will only scare away intelligent and qualified people from working at the White House - and leave an administration filled with "no one but his family and the Breitbart staff".

Arts&Culture Universal's 'The Mummy' kicks off push for new film universe
Author: 0 Universal's 'The Mummy' kicks off push for new film universe

The second is that South Koreans love Tom Cruise movies - Edge of Tomorrow , which greatly underperformed in the United States, made $38M total there, and Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation did even better with a $41.6M run. After a highly successful opening that included rave reviews and a $103 million bow, " Wonder Woman " is expected to stay on top of the box office this weekend - which is bad news for this weekend's big new release, Universal's " The Mummy ", starring Tom Cruise .

Author: 0 Tillerson insists Trump is not turning back on climate change

Trump last week rejected the Paris climate change agreement , calling it "unfair at the highest level to the United States ". "He's not walking away from it", Tillerson said at a news conference in Sydney, Australia, the Associated Press reports.

Arts&Culture Team New Zealand goes belly up
Author: 0 Team New Zealand goes belly up

The Kiwi boat appeared to get on its hydrofoils too quickly as it made a hard maneuver and lost control, with its bows plunging deep into the water and the boat flipping forward in what's called a pitch-pole, coming to rest with the top of the wing sail in the water.

Arts&Culture London police conduct controlled explosion near new US embassy
Author: 0 London police conduct controlled explosion near new US embassy

United Kingdom police confirmed they were called to the site and carried out a controlled explosion. Residents were asked to stay inside their homes, whereas the close-by Waitrose supermarket vehicle park was shut down briefly. However, officers now said the incident had been "stood down" and was not terror related. A USA embassy spokeswoman said no USA diplomats were present at the construction site.

Arts&Culture Kylie Jenner Expands Her Empire With A Camo Bikini Collection
Author: 0 Kylie Jenner Expands Her Empire With A Camo Bikini Collection

Between this, her LipKits, and her new show Kylie's World, she's officially the biggest star of the K clan! She also gave fans a glimpse of her army-inspired collection on the store's official Instagram page. American reality television personality and model Kylie Jenner has an estimated net worth of $20 million. According to reports, Travis has been bragging about bedding both Kylie and Kendall and has supposedly been comparing his alone time with the sisters with his friends.

Arts&Culture London Police End Evacuation Tied To Suspicious Package
Author: 0 London Police End Evacuation Tied To Suspicious Package

Not being treated as terrorist related at this time. While the force later tweeted: 'The incident in Charing Cross has now been stood down. "Cordons will be lifted shortly". An hour later, at 3.40pm BST, the Met said the incident was over and all roads had been reopend. A NY native & proud couch potato who loves all things pop culture.

Arts&Culture Ryan Lochte and Fiancee Kayla Rae Reid Welcome Baby Boy
Author: 0 Ryan Lochte and Fiancee Kayla Rae Reid Welcome Baby Boy

Back in December, Lochte announced the news that he'd be becoming a father in an underwater Instagram post that quickly went viral across swimming fandom . Reid confirmed the surprise news on social media, writing, "Just when you think you have it all figured out, life always surprises you with blessings when least expect it".

Arts&Culture British Police Arrest 3 More Suspects Over London Bridge Attack
Author: 0 British Police Arrest 3 More Suspects Over London Bridge Attack

Eight people were killed and 48 were injured in the attack. Police have previously said eight officers who rushed to scene fired about 50 rounds, killing the three attackers . But she put much of the blame for her son's radicalisation on Islamic propaganda found on the internet. "It was wrong what he was doing", she told the AP.

Author: 0 Third London attacker named by police

Zaghba apparently told his mother he was headed for Rome . Zaghba's Italian citizenship prevented such an expulsion, Italian daily Repubblica said. Transport for London (TfL) confirmed that Butt worked for London Underground for just under six months as a trainee customer services assistant, leaving in October past year.

Arts&Culture Real Madrid reject Manchester United's bid for striker Alvaro Morata
Author: 0 Real Madrid reject Manchester United's bid for striker Alvaro Morata

He wants to play more. One thing was clear, however, and that was Morata did not want another season like the last, where he played a bit part role. A large pay increase for a start. And if he's first choice for Manchester United as centre-forward, then his place in the Spain team is likely to be more secure.

Author: 0 Qatar blames current crisis on fake news inserted by hackers

Never mind that President Trump's tweet is the direct opposite of his administration's declared intention to "deescalate the situation". Qatar's ministry of defence, meanwhile, played down news reports that its miltary forces were put on high alert on the country's southern border with Saudi Arabia.

Arts&Culture What's being planned for Universal's Dark Universe?
Author: 0 What's being planned for Universal's Dark Universe?

Which is gonna be an interesting thing to tackle in this day and age. Clunky dialogue, and the necessity for characters to explain just what is going on, leaves the script from Christopher McQuarrie ( Jack Reacher , Edge of Tomorrow ), David Koepp ( Inferno , Panic Room ) and Dylan Kussman (TV's The Steps ) to underwhelm with lines that evoke laughter rather than earn the dramatic effect that is so clearly attempted.

Author: 0 Wonder Woman Review Roundup: Gal Gadot Wins Over the Critics

Rucka talks to q guest host Gill Deacon about how the live-action adaptation carries on the legacy of the comic book characterization. It's probably safe to say that superhero fans are breathing a sigh of relief knowing how much positive buzz is surrounding Wonder Woman at the moment (you can read our review here).

Author: 0 Brownback Tax Cut Era Ends With Kansas Legislature's Veto Override

The Republican-controlled Kansas state legislature on June 6 voted to repeal tax cuts implemented by Governor Sam Brownback in 2013. Judith Deedy, a mother of three from Johnson County, Kansas, who has campaigned against the cuts she blames for an escalating crisis in the state's school system, said she was "delighted" by the news.

Arts&Culture Legacy: Cancelled; FOX Confirms No Season Two, but Franchise May Continue
Author: 0 Legacy: Cancelled; FOX Confirms No Season Two, but Franchise May Continue

Gordon and another 24 alum Alex Gansa went and created a very different kind of anti-terrorism show at Showtime, Homeland , and that series has done a nice job of evolving each season to keep things fresh. Female lead Miranda Otto , who starred as Rebecca Ingram, also won't return, but that's because her character was axed in the Legacy finale. " 24: Legacy " drew in a massive 17.5 million viewers during its premiere.

Author: 0 After An Unprecedented Opening, 'Wonder Woman 2' Is Already In The Works

After all, Patty Jenkins is ready to make a Wonder Woman 2 so maybe we should just let her! It also topped all but one film from DC's main competitor, Marvel Entertainment , which is owned by Disney. Words like "obliterating" or "demolishing" are more apt, given the film's record-setting $103.1 million U.S. opening and its badass, empowering message .

Arts&Culture Utahns are split on why Trump fired the Federal Bureau of Investigation director
Author: 0 Utahns are split on why Trump fired the Federal Bureau of Investigation director

Comey also detailed an awkward one-on-one White House dinner on January 27 at which Trump asked him if he wanted to remain as Federal Bureau of Investigation director, and then told him, "I need loyalty, I expect loyalty". He then said, 'I need loyalty.' I replied, 'You will always get honesty from me.' He paused and then said, 'That's what I want, honest loyalty.' I paused, and then said, 'You will get that from me.'...

Arts&Culture Harry Styles adds Dublin date to world tour
Author: 0 Harry Styles adds Dublin date to world tour

The Live On Tour marks Styles' first-ever tour as a solo artist. Harry doesn't necessarily do classic rock any better than like, Jet, but if this album helps turn kids on to Harry's very obvious influences, then it's hard to hate on it. Harry Styles has just announced that he'll be coming to a venue near you on his first ever solo United Kingdom arena tour in 2018 and we're literally already counting down the days until it begins! Tickets for the gig go on sale from Friday June 16 at 9am.

Author: 0 Lethal Durant's late 3 gives Warriors 3-0 finals lead

LeBron James was lost for words Wednesday after his Cleveland Cavaliers gave up a 3-0 lead in the 2017 NBA Finals to the red-hot Golden State Warriors . Smith's 3-pointer. He missed two shots in the final 1:52, including a layup. Warriors score the final 11 points in Game 3 to stun the Cavs, 118-113.

Arts&Culture Jury chosen for Bill Cosby sex assault trial has 2 black members
Author: 0 Jury chosen for Bill Cosby sex assault trial has 2 black members

Ten of the jurors are white, while one man and one woman are African-American. Six alternates were also selected - four white men, a black woman and a black man. At least two jurors said they've known someone who was the victim of sexual assault, and one of the alternates said a close family member was "sexually abused".

Author: 0 President Trump attacks his own travel ban over Twitter

On January 27, 2017, one week to the day after his presidential inauguration, Trump signed an Executive Order temporarily suspending the refugee program and visa entry for anyone from seven majority-Muslim countries. The White House maintained the issue was one of national security, and the order states the countries involved "sponsor or shelter terrorism". Trump previously said his second order, signed March 6, was a "watered down" version of the first , crafted to withstand the legal ...

Arts&Culture Singer Phil Collins cancels show after hotel room fall
Author: 0 Singer Phil Collins cancels show after hotel room fall

He hit his head on a chair. Collins is said to be "recovering well", but "will be kept under observation for 24 hours". Collins is believed to have been treated for an injury to his forehead, which has forced him to postpone his shows tonight and tomorrow at the Royal Albert Hall .

Arts&Culture Two Colorado students advance to next round in National Spelling Bee
Author: 0 Two Colorado students advance to next round in National Spelling Bee

There was a bit of drama for Erin to advance, however. These were the words that Raleigh County's Kelly Mills spelled correctly in the preliminary rounds of the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Oxon Hill, Maryland. The Scripps National Spelling Bee Finals will begin Thursday at 10 a.m. and can be watched on ESPN2. The national preliminaries had 71 students misspell words, leaving 188 competitors to be whittled down based on written tests.

Arts&Culture Kathy Griffin in tears at press conference
Author: 0 Kathy Griffin in tears at press conference

Griffin apologized within hours of the images appearing online. Griffin was justly condemned by the left and the right, her craven stunt infuriated Americans of every political orientation. Griffin came under fire earlier this week, when she shared a video of herself slowly raising a fake, gory severed head made to look like Trump .

Arts&Culture Rocker Chris Cornell remembered as 'voice of our generation'
Author: 0 Rocker Chris Cornell remembered as 'voice of our generation'

Cornell also found success as a solo artist and the band Audioslave , stated the website. Josh Brolin , Joe Walsh , Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell, guitarist Tom Morello , Metallica's James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich and Cornell's Soundgarden bandmates were also in attendance.

Author: 0 Russian hackers 'planted false story' behind Qatar crisis

Qatar long has denied funding extremists, and its foreign minister has struck a defiant tone in interviews, even after anxious residents emptied grocery stores in its capital of Doha. "And we hope that our brother Qatar will now take the right steps in order to end this crisis". More than 1 million Filipinos live and work in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain .

Author: 0 Some states review election systems for signs of intrusion

June 07-When Volusia County Supervisor of Elections Lisa Lewis received a warning about a cyberattack on voting software just days before last year's elections, she had no idea Russian hackers might have been behind the sinister effort. But Putin recently said that Russian " patriots " with no ties to the government may have been involved in hacking . The document did not name any state.

Author: 0 Beautiful! Ariana Grande Will Release 'Over The Rainbow' For Charity

An earnest performance of " Somewhere Over the Rainbow " by Grande closed the night. And the star ended the night on a ideal note, with a gorgeous rendition of " Somewhere Over the Rainbow ". I love you with all my heart. "I love you so, so much", Grande said at the show, addressing the crowd (via Billboard ). Ariana put the concert together less than two weeks after a suicide bomber killed 22 people as fans were exiting her May 22 show in Manchester.

Arts&Culture Trump feels 'totally vindicated' by Comey testimony
Author: 0 Trump feels 'totally vindicated' by Comey testimony

Where can't you watch? A live video stream of the Senate Select Committee will be available when the hearing starts. In the Capitol this week she told reporters she was preparing diligently: "Reviewing everything that has happened in previous hearings, reviewing public source documents including a lot of the interviews that you all have accumulated and conversations that you all have had as press, reviewing the timeline and the calendar around some of the dates that we know certain ...

Arts&Culture Hannah John-Kamen to star in 'Ant-Man' sequel
Author: 0 Hannah John-Kamen to star in 'Ant-Man' sequel

The cast of Ant-Man and the Wasp just got a little bigger. This is published unedited from the PTI feed . Even if you don't know her name, chances are strong that you've seen Hannah John-Kamen in something. Like the plot of the film itself, nothing is publicly known about what part she'll play in the follow-up to the 2015 hit. She's also set to appear in the upcoming Tomb Raider film reboot and Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One and will be seen in the third season of Syfy's ...

Author: 0 Bill Cosby's accuser grilled for alleged inconsistencies in story

Kevin Steele, the jury and onlookers in the Norristown, PA courtroom Wednesday afternoon. Around 60 women have publicly accused Cosby of being a serial sexual predator for decades. Today Cosby accuser Constand was cross-examined by Cosby's lawyers, now having been on the stand for nine hours which the New York Times has described as " grueling ".

Arts&Culture Train stabbing survivor: Portland has 'white saviour complex'
Author: 0 Train stabbing survivor: Portland has 'white saviour complex'

According to court documents based on Christian's interview while in custody, he would become animated and agitated when talking about the suppression of what he described as "free speech". So, I ask you Mr. President to take action at this time . "You hear me? Die ", Christian screamed while being led out of the court. She said her friend is Muslim, but she's not.

Arts&Culture Assailant at Paris' Notre-Dame reportedly said, 'This is for Syria'
Author: 0 Assailant at Paris' Notre-Dame reportedly said, 'This is for Syria'

The gun shots created panic among tourists that had assembled outside Notre Dame. Paris' counter-terrorism office has opened an investigation following the incident, the French prosecutor's office said. Collomb also said that the Algerian student who attacked the officer with a hammer was also armed with knives. Prosecutors confirmed the area would remain on lockdown until police were confident there was no further threat.

Author: 0 Why Gal Gadot Is a Real-Life Wonder Woman

Don't worry, I'm not going to don my critic hat and start diving into the ins and outs of the film. The movie opened in theaters on Friday, June 2, and made $100.5 million at the box office in North America in its opening weekend, and $122.5 million internationally.

Arts&Culture Magadheera vs Raabta : Out of Court Settlement
Author: 0 Magadheera vs Raabta : Out of Court Settlement

The film had a storyline based on incarnation and also had two different time zones. But, after watching the film, Allu Arvind has chose to withdraw his copyright-infringement allegations against Raabta . After the release of Raabta trailer, Magaheera maker Allu Arvind moved the court seeking infringement on its release as violation of copy rights.

Arts&Culture Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin wed
Author: 0 Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin wed

The pair have been linked since 2015, with People confirming that they were dating after the couple were spotted together at Emmys afterparties. The couple became engaged seven months ago , following the birth of their daughter, Frances Laiz Setta Schenkkan , who is now 15 months old.

Arts&Culture CNN fires comedian Kathy Griffin over 'disgusting'
Author: 0 CNN fires comedian Kathy Griffin over 'disgusting'

In a behind-the-scenes video , Griffin is shown posing with the severed head for photographer Tyler Shields . "It is clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate", he wrote on Twitter . "We were shocked and disappointed to learn about the image Ms. Griffin shared today", said Squatty Potty chief executive Bobby Edwards in a statement .

Author: 0 Mourinho does extreme things - Pogba

Their success in Europe ensured United's return to the Champions League . "He is the Special One because he wins", he told Sky in Germany. Pogba faced criticism throughout the campaign following his world-record transfer but admits it was a positive season for him and United.