Author: 0 Britain's Theresa May goes into Brexit talks with ambitions high

It was couriered by Eurostar to Brussels last night with a guard. Then, as cameras rapidly fired away to capture the historic moment, Sir Tim passed the letter to Mr Tusk, confirming the intended departure. As the letter was handed over, UKIP MEPs celebrated with beer, cava and cakes at the Old Hack pub opposite the Commission's Berlaymont building. On Wednesday, at the same time across the channel in London , May will stand to deliver a statement to the House of Commons, confirming that ...

Author: 0 United Kingdom kicks off divorce from EU

He said that "there is nothing to win in this process ... our goal is clear: to minimize the cost for the European Union citizens, businesses and member states". Brexit Secretary David Davis - the man charged with leading Britain's side in the talks - has called it "the most complicated negotiation in modern times, maybe the most complicated negotiation of all time".

Arts&Culture Britain Hand-Delivered the Goodbye Letter That Triggers Brexit
Author: 0 Britain Hand-Delivered the Goodbye Letter That Triggers Brexit

But she said she accepted that some consequences were inevitable. The EU is demanding the United Kingdom first pay a £50 billion ($US63 billion) fee, and there is the threat of sweeping tariffs being imposed if a deal isn't struck in time. Barrow handed the letter to Tusk, the European Union summit chair and former Polish prime minister, in the Council President's offices on the top 11th floor of the new Europa Building, according to a Reuters photographer in the room.

Arts&Culture Spicer: Trump Is 'Absolutely' Serious About Working With Democrats on Health Care
Author: 0 Spicer: Trump Is 'Absolutely' Serious About Working With Democrats on Health Care

Republican leaders of the House of Representatives pulled legislation to overhaul the US health care system from consideration on Friday due to a shortage of votes, despite aggressive lobbying by the White House and its allies in Congress. We're looking at all kinds of options to get to yes. "I do think it was important again to point out that the vast majority of our conference was already there in support of the bill that we want to put on President Trump's desk".

Author: 0 US Favors Free But Fair and Balanced Trade

Both China and Germany have found themselves in the crosshairs of USA criticism over their massive trade surpluses. Meanwhile, a new issue appeared to have emerged over Trump's stance on climate change, with sources saying that the U.S. Whether one would be reached before the close of the conference on Saturday was not clear, they said. The Washington Post reports that Mnuchin quickly became the center of attention at the gathering, with many foreign leaders seeking to meet with him.

Author: 0 A Bolder Belle in 'Beauty and the Beast'

Worldwide, the movie has collected $59 million. Thanks to " Beauty and the Beast ", Warner's "Kong:Skull Island", Fox's " Logan ", and now Power Rangers among other titles, March box office has already hit 1 billion US dollars for the first time - with five days left in the month according to comScore.

Arts&Culture Kristen Bell and James Corden's Aerial Performance Goes Horribly Awry
Author: 0 Kristen Bell and James Corden's Aerial Performance Goes Horribly Awry

As any hopeless romantic knows, love has a way of lifting us up where we belong. After expressing his irritation, Corden was eventually lifted too - but as he ascended, Bell found herself descending back down. As they passed each other, they attempted to balance each other out. "We're supposed to be even", the actress exclaimed. 'Can you make us equal?' 'Finally!' Bell squealed before going back down.

Arts&Culture Beauty and the Beast Broke 5 Records in Its Opening Weekend
Author: 0 Beauty and the Beast Broke 5 Records in Its Opening Weekend

The fervor leading up to the Beauty and the Beast March 17th theatrical release seemed to indicate a good opening weekend for Disney's live-action remake starring Emma Watson. However, surprising new reports emerge saying that the Malaysian film board will now release the film without any cuts. In some predominantly Muslim countries, same-sex relations can lead to lashings, imprisonment and fines.

Arts&Culture London attacker's mother, Janet Ajao, shocked, saddened over attack
Author: 0 London attacker's mother, Janet Ajao, shocked, saddened over attack

The others who died after Masood drove into pedestrians on the bridge were Aysha Frade, who is believed to have been a 44-year-old married mother-of-two, and retired window cleaner Leslie Rhodes, 75. The Union Jack flag flies at half mast above the Houses of Parliament following the attack on Westminster. Met Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said: "If you knew Khalid Masood and had spoken to him in the months, weeks or days leading up to this attack please come forward".

Arts&Culture Confirmed! Sunil Grover won't be returning to 'The Kapil Sharma Show'
Author: 0 Confirmed! Sunil Grover won't be returning to 'The Kapil Sharma Show'

His epic separation saga with Colors did have any major effect on the phenomenal success that he created on the Indian television screens with CNWK. Actor and comedian Sunil Grover is skipping shoot after shoot of the Kapil Sharma Show, and there is no certainty as to when he will return and audiences are not able to retain their trust in the show anymore.

Author: 0 Stan Wawrinka shouts expletive at Roger Federer in postmatch speech

Roger Federer is showing that anything is possible at this age. Many had written him off after he pulled the plug on his 2016 last July in order to rest and rehabilitate his surgically repaired knee. In the great finale in California , Federer played against Stan Wawrinka and finished with a score of seven to five and six to four. He make you feel uncomfortable and he mix a lot.

Author: 0 Kohli's saving himself for IPL by skipping fourth Test: Hodge

The best pitch was reserved for the last Test where both the batsmn and bowlers seemed to have enjoyed what they did. It ended not with a bang, but a whimper. Handscomb and Marsh also did outstandingly well in Ranchi to force a draw in the third Test and keep the series alive, while Glenn Maxwell (39.75) and Matthew Wade (32.66) were also reliable performers with the bat.

Arts&Culture Kristen Bell couldn't be mean to husband on CHiPS set
Author: 0 Kristen Bell couldn't be mean to husband on CHiPS set

I think it's responsible to be honest about that. Wilcox, who was not invited to the premiere and does not appear in the movie, is on the opposite end of the spectrum. "Your movie just isn't CHiPs ". "It's not fun for you, it's not fun for me because I am rehearsed, it's not fun for the reader because they are reading nonsense".

Arts&Culture Trump tweets dig at Snoop Dogg over mock shooting in video
Author: 0 Trump tweets dig at Snoop Dogg over mock shooting in video

Most of the people in the video are dressed as clowns aside from Snoop Dogg . The video's "Klump" scene has sparked plenty of controversy. He says "we've had presidents assassinated before in this country, so anything like that is something people should really careful about".

Author: 0 The Original Mighty Morphin Rangers Reunite At Power Rangers World Premiere

I guess we're going to see how we do at the box office and play it from there. And unlike other remakes and reboots that mistake darkness and grittiness for substance, there's something exciting about taking Power Rangers - the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers! - so seriously, something amusing and kind of unbelievable about watching Bryan Cranston commit his ass off to being painted blue and talking in a weird alien language.

Arts&Culture 'Beauty and the Beast': Why the Backstory of Belle's Mother Is Revealed
Author: 0 'Beauty and the Beast': Why the Backstory of Belle's Mother Is Revealed

Academy Award-winner Kevin Kline is Belle's father, Maurice; Josh Gad is Lefou; Golden Globe-nominee Ewan McGregor is Lumiere, the candelabra; Academy Award-nominee Stanley Tucci plays Maestro Cadenza, the harpsichord; Academy Award-nominee Ian McKellen plays Cogsworth, the mantel clock; and two-time Academy Award-winner Emma Thompson is the teapot, Mrs.

Author: 0 Elizabeth Banks on Her Most Surprising Acting Choice in POWER RANGERS

No, that's not a typo. Both " Beauty and the Beast " and " Power Rangers " have come under scrutiny from Malaysian censors as well. In fact, the film's producer has already told Variety that the team has planned out a "six movie story arc" - in other words, the Power Rangers could be sticking around for quite some time! Power Rangers fans, rejoice - the cinematic reboot of the campy, cheesy show about those colour-coordinated cadets is finally here.

Author: 0 Donald Trump demands do-or-die Friday vote on healthcare plan

Friday's procedural vote was 230-194. Friday's fast-paced developments came after Trump and administration officials delivered an ultimatum to House Republicans late Thursday, telling them to vote Friday and then move on, regardless of the outcome.

Author: 0 Trading Spaces Is Being Revived on TLC

Cable netowrk TLC is planning to bring back the reality show " Trading Spaces ", which helped put the network on the map when it premiered in 2001, the Hollywood Reporter reported on Tuesday. In addition to Ty Pennington , who now how has his own furniture line, the show made Genevieve Gorder, Vern Yip, and Carter Ossterhouse famous. On Twitter , Davis said she hoped she'd get the chance to host again.

Arts&Culture 'Santa Clarita Diet' Renewed, When Will Season 2 Drop?
Author: 0 'Santa Clarita Diet' Renewed, When Will Season 2 Drop?

In Santa Clarita Diet , Timothy Olyphant and Drew play Joel and Sheila Hammond, husband-and-wife realtors leading vaguely discontented lives with their teen daughter Abby (Liv Hewson) in suburban Los Angeles. Fresco, who serves as showrunner, executive produces with Barrymore through her Flower Films banner, Olyphant, Kaplan, Katsky, and Flower Films' Chris Miller and Ember Truesdell.

Arts&Culture John Legend Plays Surprise Set at London Train Station
Author: 0 John Legend Plays Surprise Set at London Train Station

Watch Facebook video of Legend's performance below, and be sure to queue up plenty of Billy Joel and Alicia Keys for the rest of the day. The 38-year-old was soon hounded by fans as he belted out the likes of Ordinary People , All Of Me and Surefire after taking his seat at the piano.

Author: 0 Five Power Rangers Sequels Planned

I'll enjoy a good ol' male Green Ranger too, just as I did in the original show, but I'm never against creative tweaks to a character that keep their essence intact. Who would you like to see play the Green Ranger? You shouldn't judge a whatever but it's whatever, but the title chosen for the 2017 reboot of Power Rangers says quite a bit.

Arts&Culture Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher honored at memorial
Author: 0 Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher honored at memorial

The memorial began with a military color guard for the Singin' in the Rain star, who had performed for the troops over the years, even making several trips to those serving in Korea in the 1950s. It was a very peaceful exit that only my mother could orchestrate. "She would make you feel included in whatever you saw her in". Comedian Dan Aykroyd, who was once engaged to Fisher, and actor Griffin Dunne, her close friend, paid tribute to the actress best known as Star Wars Princess Leia, who ...

Author: 0 Disney are considering Beauty And The Beast spinoffs

And, while it wasn't strong enough to steal the No. 1 spot this weekend, Lionsgate's reimagining of Power Rangers actually outperformed early estimates after earning an impressive $40.5 million. Disney is bolstering its slate of "Star Wars", Marvel and animated features with live-action remakes culled from its library of past hits. Add that total to Fox's two Power Rangers films from the '90s, and the franchise has grossed $132.2 million domestically when adjusting for inflation, according ...

Author: 0 Kate pays homage to Paris fashion with Chanel coat

Aside from that, Prince William and Kate Middleton have appeared in numerous events in the French capital. On his first official visit to Paris with his wife, The Duchess of Cambridge , the Prince reassured the French that the depth of Britain's friendship with its neighbour would not change despite Brexit.

Arts&Culture UK could leave EU with no Brexit deal
Author: 0 UK could leave EU with no Brexit deal

European Council President Donald Tusk shows the six-page letter handed to him by the UK's permanent representative to the EU, triggering Article 50 . She promised to "represent every person in the whole United Kingdom" during the negotiations - including European Union nationals, whose status after Brexit has yet to be settled.

Author: 0 EU's Brexit goal to 'minimize costs': Tusk

He later posted a photo of him receiving the letter from Britain's European Union envoy Tim Barrow. He said: "Negotiations should be fair for both sides, but it is imperative that European Union membership emerges as the superior option. As in many divorces, the first area of conflict is likely to be money. Britain doesn't deny that it will have to pay something, but is sure to quibble over the size of the tab.

Arts&Culture Mercedes F1 team hungry like their Wolff
Author: 0 Mercedes F1 team hungry like their Wolff

It's great to see people smiling. "We have a great driver in Sebastian, winning four titles after his incredible surge into Formula One, and he will continue to be a force for many years to come". Although Vettel benefitted from a questionable strategy call from the Mercedes pit wall which saw race leader Hamilton pit rather early, both Ferrari drivers executed a near flawless performance through 58 laps at Albert Park on Sunday.

Author: 0 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' New Trailer and Photos

The movie is reportedly going to shoot this fall with a sci-fi/horror take. And according to Anthony Mackie, we do not have too much to worry about. This is exciting news BUT there's an odd problem here because Marvel now have Spider-Man (finally!) and so whatever happens with Venom surely won't be able to tie back into Tom Holland's new Spidey due to all the various agreements.

Author: 0 The effort to filibuster Gorsuch just got a big boost

Doing so would dramatically alter the rules of the Senate, Masket said , and could end up hurting Republicans in the Senate two years from now if they fare poorly during midterm elections and become the minority party again. The Democrat from California expressed frustration with Mr. Gorsuch's ability to side-step politically charged inquiries less than 24 hours before Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said that Democrats will engage in a filibuster of the judge's confirmation.

Arts&Culture George Clooney: Amal Shot Down These Two Baby Names for Our Twins
Author: 0 George Clooney: Amal Shot Down These Two Baby Names for Our Twins

He went on to say that his wife is doing well and went on to reveal: "She is doing really great". 'I was like "how far along is she?" The screen star, 55, and his barrister wife Amal, 39, are expecting their first babies this June. "I'm not anxious about him at all". Casamigos is the name of Clooney's tequila company . Clooney: "Can't name her Susan". Tell us, HollywoodLifers - do you think George and Amal will choose unique "celebrity" names? And given how brilliant the duo ...

Author: 0 Egypt's Mubarak returns home after years-long detention

Mubarak left a military hospital in Cairo on Friday where he had spent much of his detention before heading for his home in the northern suburb of Heliopolis, his lawyer said . "The Mubarak acquittal is of significant symbolic value in that it reflects an absolute failure of Egyptian judicial and legal institutions to hold a single official accountable for the killing of nearly 900 protesters during the January 25 Revolution".

Arts&Culture 'Gong Show' and 'Newlywed Game' creator Chuck Barris dies at 87
Author: 0 'Gong Show' and 'Newlywed Game' creator Chuck Barris dies at 87

The popular game show creator, producer and host died Monday of natural causes , a representative for his wife said . The book was finally adapted by George Clooney , making his directorial debut with a script written by wunderkind Charlie Kaufman; their 2002 film premiered to positive reviews and garnered a small smattering of awards, including two from the National Board of Review .

Arts&Culture Fox News Starts 2017 with Best Quarter Ever
Author: 0 Fox News Starts 2017 with Best Quarter Ever

Both Fox and CNN highlighted interest in daytime ratings - Fox reported that it had its most daytime viewers ever, averaging 1.7 million viewers during the daytime programming, while CNN had its second-highest quarterly ratings in the daytime hours.

Arts&Culture Meet 'Sesame Street's' muppet with autism
Author: 0 Meet 'Sesame Street's' muppet with autism

Sesame Street is adding a new character to its lineup with Julia , a muppet who has vibrant red hair and autism. Jeanette Betancourt , Sesame Workshop's senior VP of USA social impact, said families of children with autism have asked the show to address the issue for years now.

Author: 0 O'Reilly says he's distracted by congresswoman's wig

Mr. O'Reilly was referring to a clip of Ms. Waters on the House floor Monday saying President Trump's opponents are more "patriotic" than his supporters. "I apologize", O'Reilly said in a statement. After commenting on Waters' hair, O'Reilly repeated his "love" for Waters and called her a "sincere individual".

Author: 0 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) Bullish Run in Diverse Rating

The overall volume in the last trading session was 44.3 million shares. A reinvigorated Advanced Micro Devices could beat those estimates ... which would drive AMD stock higher still. ( AMD ) in a note sent to investors on 22-Feb-17. In other news, Director Bruce L. Claflin sold 20,000 shares of Advanced Micro Devices stock in a transaction on Tuesday, January 10th.

Arts&Culture Ghost in the Shell Final Trailer
Author: 0 Ghost in the Shell Final Trailer

Stern attempted to play matchmaker by mentioning some of his A-list friends such as Orlando Bloom, John Stamos, David Spade and Louis C.K. " A lot of comedians I know have a dark side though", Johansson noted. Along with these cool featurettes, is a new clip featuring the Major and Batou , who are preparing to dive into the mind of a Geisha, when things take a turn for the worse.

Author: 0 Stocks rise as Britain braces for Brexit

Analysts don't expect London's financial sector to evaporate quickly, especially as the shape of the two-year exit negotiation process and the trade-agreement negotiations remained unclear. "At 13:20 today, UK #Brexit notification letter (article 50) will be handed to me by Ambassador Tim Barrow", Tusk said. The EU has said it will issue an initial outline for Brexit talks on Friday, before finalising its strategy at a summit of EU leaders on April 29.

Arts&Culture Dax Shepard & Maya Rudolph star in new CHiPs: Law & Disorder clip
Author: 0 Dax Shepard & Maya Rudolph star in new CHiPs: Law & Disorder clip

He's designed the movie to be an inane and raunchy comedy, but he puts the always serious Vincent D'Onofrio at the center of the action. At our interview, Bell showed that Shepard is not the only amusing one in the family. "It's going to be a lot of fun and the stunts are killer", Estrada said on the red carpet after praising Pena as "brilliant". They accidentally destroy vehicles, cause fiery crashes, blow stuff up and sometimes shoot the wrong people .

Arts&Culture Veteran WWE star John Cena still thrilled to be part of WrestleMania
Author: 0 Veteran WWE star John Cena still thrilled to be part of WrestleMania

Mania 31 saw Seth Rollins cash in to win the WWE championship, but people forget about his excellent bout with Randy Orton earlier in the night. This match triggered the Bret hart heel turn, which led to Bret leaving for WCW after the Montreal Screwjob (the most historically significant event in wrestling history next to the night Vince McMahon, Sr.

Arts&Culture Crayola to Retire a Color; But Which One Will it Be?
Author: 0 Crayola to Retire a Color; But Which One Will it Be?

What color do you think will be retired? Crayola has been encouraging individuals to share images of the color they can't live without on social media during the build up to the big reveal, accompanied by the hashtag #WhosLeaving . They also have a live countdown online of the remaining time until the announcement, which will take place in Times Square, next to their "larger than life" Crayon box.

Author: 0 Venom Confirmed To Start Shooting This Fall

The fact that this is an alternative version of the Spider-Man universe on the big-screen feels like Ultimate Marvel so introducing Miles Morales nearly feels nature. Then the company attempted a reboot with Andrew Garfield taking over the role in The Amazing Spider-Man. That all depends on the details of the deal that was made between Marvel Studios and Sony.

Arts&Culture 'New Girl' finally reveals Schmidt's surprising first name after six seasons
Author: 0 'New Girl' finally reveals Schmidt's surprising first name after six seasons

It's been six seasons in the making, and there have been jokes here and there about there being good reasons why Schmidt goes by his last name while omitting the first altogether. The episode saw the fan favourite confiding in his best friend, who is also named Winston, that he wanted to go by his full name. "In the end, Schmidt is Schmidt", Finkel revealed.

Arts&Culture Dylan to meet Nobel academy to receive literature diploma
Author: 0 Dylan to meet Nobel academy to receive literature diploma

The good news for us is we may eventually get to see one of Dylan's performances: "The Academy has reason to believe that a taped version will be sent at a later point", writes Danius. "Please note that no Nobel Lecture will be held". You may remember, it took a few weeks before Dylan even formally acknowledged his Nobel selection previous year.

Author: 0 WWE's Roman Reigns Says The Undertaker Could Go Until He's 80

It just kind of ended once Big Show got thrown out by some guys who just want a Raw paycheck, and then Braun Strowman threatened Big Show, as Braun Strowman tends to do. He's had two actual matches since returning to the WWE - one was the win over Lesnar at Survivor Series and the other was a title win over Kevin Owens at Fastlane last month.

Arts&Culture Most Pointless WWE Title Wins
Author: 0 Most Pointless WWE Title Wins

My preferred slayer of the beast, Cesaro, is long overdue a push in the WWE and I believe this is the way for him to "grab the brass ring". And to know they were choosing me to represent that title at that moment, which will be replayed for years and years and years, it meant a lot .