Business United Airlines to Offer $10000 to Bumped Passengers
Author: 0 United Airlines to Offer $10000 to Bumped Passengers

The videos show officers pulling Dao, bleeding, from his plane seat and dragging him by his arms down the plane's aisle. The 69-year-old's attorney says the doctor suffered a broken nose and a concussion as a result of the incident. Demetrio said Dao has become an "unintended champion for the adoption of changes which will certainly help improve the lives of literally millions of travellers".

Business Deadly crash on OH interstate sparks large fireball
Author: 0 Deadly crash on OH interstate sparks large fireball

A massive explosion was captured on a highway camera after a vehicle collided with a tanker truck in Ohio. The Dayton Police Department said a crash between a auto and the semi-tanker happened around 4:45 p.m. A large cloud of smoke can be seen for miles. Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and hazardous materials crews, along with representatives of Dayton's wellfield protection office responded to the scene, Ponichtera said.

Author: 0 Philippines says Trump called Duterte to affirm alliance

Thailand's prime minister has accepted President Donald Trump's invitation to visit the United States, his office announced Monday, as the US leader made an unexpected diplomatic initiative toward his Southeast Asian counterparts. Mr. Abella added that North Korea was also discussed, but he didn't provide specifics. In December, Duterte released a statement saying Trump had told him he was conducting his war on drugs "the right way".

Author: 0 South Korea, US conduct military drills despite Pyongyang threats

Japan will dispatch its biggest warship since World War II to protect a United States supply ship, as tensions mount in the region over North Korea, media reports said on Sunday. Both China and Russian Federation rebuked a USA threat of military force. Military action was "completely unacceptable", Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov told the council, and a miscalculation could have "frightening consequences".

Author: 0 United reducing overbooking, increasing incentive cap to $10k following Dao incident

The videos show officers pulling Dao, bleeding, from his plane seat and dragging him by his arms down the plane's aisle. Dao's nose was broken, he lost teeth, and was concussed in the incident, his lawyer said . Demetrio said Dao has become an "unintended champion for the adoption of changes which will certainly help improve the lives of literally millions of travellers".

Business U.S. GDP Comes in Below Expectations at 0.7 Percent
Author: 0 U.S. GDP Comes in Below Expectations at 0.7 Percent

But economists believe there were very tangible reasons for the flagging spending in the first quarter that won't be a factor heading further into the year. Nonresidential fixed investment increased 9.4 percent in the quarter, following a 0.9 percent increase in the fourth quarter of 2016, marking the fastest pace since 2013.

Business Fleshing Out Trump's Tax-Reform Proposal
Author: 0 Fleshing Out Trump's Tax-Reform Proposal

Claudia Tenney, a conservative-leaning Republican who represents parts of central NY, said until the state overhauls its own tax codes, New Yorkers "cannot afford" to lose their itemized deductions because the benefit offers state residents one of their few forms of tax relief.

Author: 0 British prime minister, Corbyn trade blows in final pre-election clash

In response, broadcasters have proposed going ahead with only the leaders of opposition parties on stage - but Corbyn's team has now confirmed he is not interested unless the prime minister is also involved. She said she was seeking a clear mandate from the people for her Brexit plans and to quell opposition in Parliament to her plans. To the right of the party, I say stop trying to undermine the leadership that you are supposed to be asking the electorate to vote for in six weeks time.

Business Korea's provocative missile test in defiance of world pressure
Author: 0 Korea's provocative missile test in defiance of world pressure

North Korea " will hardly give up nuclear weapons as long as it feels direct threat to its security ", Gatilov said. "This is precisely how North Koreans qualify regular large-scale maneuvers and drills by the United States and its allies in the region - and also the dispatch to that region of a USA naval armada as we witnessed this month".

Business Turkish President suggests multilateral dialogue on Kashmir issue
Author: 0 Turkish President suggests multilateral dialogue on Kashmir issue

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is due to hold a leaders summit at its Brussels headquarters on May 25, which U.S. President Donald Trump is also due to attend. 28. Terrorism is expected to be another highlight of the Modi-Erdogan talks. It appears to be the latest crackdown linked to last July's failed coup, after the government announced the officials had been fired for suspected links to "terrorist organisations and structures presenting a threat to national security".

Business Twitter joins forces with Bloomberg for streaming news 24/7
Author: 0 Twitter joins forces with Bloomberg for streaming news 24/7

The channel will be announced on Monday, and will launch in the fall, says the publication. Twitter has more than 15 events locked in for live-streaming this year, including Dreamhack tournaments and future IEM championships. Meanwhile, Anthony Noto, Twitter's chief financial operating officer, said the forthcoming feature will allow it to "reach audiences that are not paying for TV and are watching television on the go", adding that Bloomberg was the "perfect partner" to launch with.

Business DISH Network Corporation (DISH), FLIR Systems, Inc. (FLIR)
Author: 0 DISH Network Corporation (DISH), FLIR Systems, Inc. (FLIR)

While the bottom line beat expectations for 69 cents per share, the top line fell short, as analysts were looking for revenues of $3.78 billion. DISH Network Corp had a return on equity of 40.84% and a net margin of 6.48%. As of Mar 31, 2017, DISH Network had approximately 13.528 million pay-TV subscribers compared with 13.874 million at the end of 2016. Susquehanna analysts upgraded the company from "Neutral" to "Positive" and slapped a $9 price target on shares, up from $6.

Author: 0 Trump Warns 'Pocahontas' May Run For President In 2020

As his remarks garnered thunderous applause from the audience, they also pushed gun control activists to the edge of their seats. "The eight year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end". "She's totally for the NRA and she's totally for the Second Amendment, so get out and vote", he said. Despite the challenges, Trump says it's coming, no matter how much it costs.

Author: 0 Alphabet Inc (GOOGL) Q1 Revenue Beats Expectations On Strong Ad Sales Growth

Certain advertisers have curtailed their spending until they are convinced Google can prevent their brands from appearing next to extremist clips promoting hate and violence. And the company's Other Bets division - which includes things like Google Fiber and Nest smart thermostats - saw revenue jump 48% to $244 million.

Business Fox, Blackstone considering bid for Tribune Media
Author: 0 Fox, Blackstone considering bid for Tribune Media

Citing two people familiar with the negotiations, the FT said Blackstone would provide financial resources while Fox would offer operating expertise on the station side, given its portfolio of 28 owned-and-operated stations. Tribune Media has a market capitalization of about $3.2 billion. A Fox spokesman declined to comment on the report, while Tribune did not immediately reply to USA TODAY requests for comment.

Author: 0 Trump criticizes news media on night of press dinner

TRUMP: The world is getting the message. We have a big crowd. President Donald Trump ordered a review of all existing trade agreements, one of two executive orders he signed Saturday before a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Trump's ability to be a successful president in his next 100 days will be highly dependent upon how he leverages that. "I said, "Has to be". "This is focused more narrowly on the agreements themselves".

Business Trump's gyrations on NAFTA cause a flurry of head-scratching
Author: 0 Trump's gyrations on NAFTA cause a flurry of head-scratching

In an interview with CBS's "Face the Nation", Trump insisted that he was going to terminate the agreement, which links the Canada and Mexico , before having a change of heart when the leaders of both countries reached out to him. healthcare system. "A negotiating ploy", said Gary Hufbauer of the Peterson Institute, a top USA expert on the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Business Will vote for Emmanual Macron: Hollande
Author: 0 Will vote for Emmanual Macron: Hollande

Jewish as well as Muslim leaders have lamented the success of the French far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in getting through to the second round in the presidential contest, and warned voters now to reject the "dangerous" candidate. She said she believed the State should fix regulation while her rival, independent centrist Emmanuel Macron , was in favour of "total deregulation".

Author: 0 Leaked Trump draft order blames NAFTA for 'massive' wealth transfer from US

But following two hastily-arranged phonecalls between Mr Trump, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto late on Wednesday, the U.S. Meanwhile, a group of House members showed that they would keep up the pressure on Trump to use the NAFTA process to deal with dairy problems by sending the president a letter expressing appreciation for his statements criticizing Canadian dairy prices that have resulted in reduced us exports.

Author: 0 Why Net Neutrality Rules are in danger

A top federal regulator proposed rolling back Obama-era net neutrality rules, touching off a fierce political debate with far-reaching implications for the internet and its users. The rules prevent Internet providers from playing favorites by deliberately speeding up or slowing down traffic from specific websites and apps. "I will be publicly releasing the entire text of the document tomorrow afternoon", Pai says, and he wants the agency to vote on the plan May 18.

Business USA growth hits 3-year low in Trump's first quarter
Author: 0 USA growth hits 3-year low in Trump's first quarter

Output in the construction sector was also dragging on GDP after expanding by 0.2% in the first three months of the year following 1% growth in the fourth quarter of 2016. First-quarter GDP tends to underperform because of difficulties with the calculation of data that the government has acknowledged and is working to rectify.

Author: 0 New support for Scottish independence

The latest poll puts support for independence at 45%, the same level as at the time of the 2014 referendum. Specifically referring to the SNP leader, he added: "She's looking to get another election victory which will indicate and support the right of the parliament to decide these things".

Business Deal reached on funding government through Sept.
Author: 0 Deal reached on funding government through Sept.

The package, which would fund the government through the end of the current fiscal year, includes a $12.5 billion increase in defense spending, a priority for Trump and his fellow Republicans, but also a $2 billion increase in funding for the National Institutes of Health, despite Trump's request to cut funding for the institute, according to a senior congressional aide.

Author: 0 How Trump's tax plan could affect you

Of course any savings Trump would enjoy under his own proposals could be undercut, depending on what tax breaks the administration would support curtailing. Trump's laundry list of tax cuts would reduce revenues for the US government, which is already running a deficit and deeply in debt. Given that the plan is similar to what Trump proposed on the campaign trail, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget did a rough cost estimate of his latest ideas and concluded they could cost ...

Author: 0 U.S. crude oil stocks drop

U.S. commercial crude oil inventories, excluding those in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, decreased by 1 million barrels from the previous week, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) said in its Weekly Petroleum Status Report. USA government drilling data showed shale production next month was set to rise to 5.19 million barrels per day (bpd), with output from the Permian play, the largest US shale region, expected to reach a record 2.36 million bpd.

Author: 0 Google parent Alphabet revs up revenue, profit

First-quarter profit rose 29% to $5.43 billion, or $7.73 a share, from $4.21 billion in the same quarter past year. "Our excellent results represent a terrific start to 2017, with revenues up 22% versus the first quarter of 2016 and 24% on a constant currency basis".

Author: 0 Flood watch issued for parts of ME ahead of work week rain

Pettis County still in a Flash Flood Watch and low lying area roads are starting to flood. Severe thunderstorms, producing high winds, lightning and hail will be possible Saturday through Sunday evening, and a total of 3 to 5 inches of rainfall is forecast with locally higher amounts possible.

Author: 0 Gun salute rings out over York as Queen turns 91 at Windsor

A 62-gun salute was sacked at the Tower of London at 1 the Honourable Artillery Company, using modern artillery pieces. On February 6 of 2017, the same date she became Queen in 1952, she achieved another milestone, becoming the first British sovereign to reach a Sapphire Jubilee to mark 65 years of her reign.

Business GDP growth decelerates in new Q1 estimate
Author: 0 GDP growth decelerates in new Q1 estimate

Through eight years of a fundamentally tepid recovery, the promise of stronger economic growth that is always just around the corner has had a waiting-for-Godot quality. All the same, many economists were alarmed by signs that consumers - whose spending accounts for about two-thirds of the USA economy - are cutting back on spending, particularly on big-ticket items such as cars and refrigerators.

Business EU hopeful UK vote will smooth Brexit path
Author: 0 EU hopeful UK vote will smooth Brexit path

The opposition Labour Party and Liberal Democrats welcomed the chance to put their policies to voters, though the Scottish National Party called the election a cynical political ploy. Cameron won his unexpected, if small, majority in Parliament in 2015, and soon afterward Labour took a hard left turn, electing Corbyn as its leader.

Author: 0 Economic Growth Hit Three-Year Low During First Quarter

The same pattern may repeat again this year. "Weak, but GDP growth has tended to be below trend in first quarters in recent years, cautioning against extrapolating", said Jim O'Sullivan, chief USA economist at High Frequency Economics in Valhalla, New York.

Author: 0 USA growth rate hits three-year low at 0.7%

There continues to be no evidence of accelerating inflation. Currently, the U.S. economy is on track to expand by 2.8pc in the current quarter, according to consensus expectations on Wall Street. "A weak first-quarter GDP print should not affect the policy debate". The pullback in consumer spending is unlikely to last, though. Economic output often varies widely quarter to quarter, and most economists expect the economy to rebound to a rate of between 3% and 4% growth this spring.

Author: 0 Trump claims he will pay "more" under his own tax plan

But that's not double. "The tax agencies tend to be at least a couple of steps behind the businesses". "I oppose is the elimination of the state and local tax deduction", Rep. Without knowing the size of the tax brackets , for example, it's hard to determine which taxpayers will come out ahead in the shuffle between losing certain itemized deductions and moving to a lower tax bracket.

Author: 0 White House offer conflicting details of Trump tax plan

The concept was popularized as "trickle-down" economics during the Reagan years. Mnuchin had previously said his team was already looking into both the SIFI designation process and the use of orderly liquidation. The aide, who spoke on condition of anonymity, was not authorized to speak publicly about the issue. The White House denied those reports , but according to Politico , the idea led to fractures among White House advisers.

Business Iraq says will go with consensus at next OPEC meeting
Author: 0 Iraq says will go with consensus at next OPEC meeting

The producers are expected to prolong the pact for a further six months when they meet in May. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, along with Russian Federation and other non-OPEC producers, pledged to cut output by 1.8 million barrels per day (bpd) in the first half of 2017.

Author: 0 GDP Grew Just 0.7 Percent In First Quarter Of 2017

There may be a further drop in the next few quarters due to a glut of used cars. Business spending in the residential segment added another 0.5pc to the economic growth. The weakness here has not been offset by growth in other sectors. Investments increased at 4.3% as against 9.4% in the last quarter. Interestingly, the growth in service imports outpaced the growth in service exports for the third consecutive quarter.

Author: 0 OPEC Chief Sees Oil Producers Closer to Re-Balancing Market

Inventories have been heading back down in the US and dropped by 1 million barrels in the latest week, the Energy Information Administration said Wednesday, a smaller drop than expected. While the historic agreement between producers that went into effect on January 1 "induced a euphoric and unsustainable surge" in bullish bets by investors, that also set the stage for an inevitable sell-off as record fourth-quarter Opec output and oil stored at sea moved to onshore sites, according to ...

Business Time Inc. backs away from plans to sell itself
Author: 0 Time Inc. backs away from plans to sell itself

USA magazine publisher Time Inc. said it plans to remain independent as it shifts to a "multi-platform media marketplace", dismissing speculation of a sale or merger. We are excited to execute on our plan as we have become a leader in digital and remain No. 1 in print ad revenue share. "These brands have been pretty under-exploited over time and we think there's a tremendous amount to unlock", Battista said.

Author: 0 January/March economic performance worst in 3 years, AP reports

Economists forecasted an increase in the GDP to 1.2% for the first quarter of 2017. Growth hasn't been that sluggish since the first quarter of 2014 when it actually shrank. In addition to weaker consumer activity, the first-quarter slowdown also reflected a cutback in restocking of store shelves. Inventories subtracted 0.93 percentage point from GDP growth.

Business Mnuchin: Trump tax-cut plan about
Author: 0 Mnuchin: Trump tax-cut plan about "unleashing economic growth"

An early analysis by the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimates federal revenue would probably drop $5.5 trillion over a decade under the Trump plan, shy of Reagan's record-breaker. But recently Ireland has come under fire from the European Union for arrangements that allowed Apple to dodge more than $14 billion in taxes, and the country was ranked the 6th worst tax haven in the world by Oxfam in a report late past year.

Business Trump Might Need Democrats' Support For Tax Reform
Author: 0 Trump Might Need Democrats' Support For Tax Reform

But the biggest missing detail of all was: How will the White House pay for the tax cut? "It will happen quickly, and. the jobs have already started", Trump said , adding that "a lot of positive things" are going to happen on tax reform.

Business Stoke City 0-0 West Ham: Stalemate in the Potteries
Author: 0 Stoke City 0-0 West Ham: Stalemate in the Potteries

He came on and, with a couple of passes, he broke their defence. It will be good to see Mark Hughes tomorrow. "We were winning and we needed that win to not have go to the Europa League qualifying round, and we tried". "We coped with that really well, it's impossible to win every ball that go to him but we were good with our clearances and the second balls". On Wednesday, I made the opposite case for Arsenal v Leicester and got lucky as the Gunners grabbed a late victor, but the basic ...

Business Trump OK's offshore oil drilling: Outraged LA Council says 'no way'
Author: 0 Trump OK's offshore oil drilling: Outraged LA Council says 'no way'

The debate is back about offshore oil exploration and drilling in the Atlantic Ocean, including the Georgia coastal area. The move, which comes months after Obama banned drilling in millions of acres in the Atlantic and Arctic oceans, is the latest step in the President Trump administration's attempt to roll back the former presidents environmental record and comes as President Trump is rushing to stack his first 100 days with as many accomplishments as possible, primarily through the use ...

Author: 0 YouTube ad boycott could spell trouble for Alphabet's Google

Under his leadership, Google's sales buoyed, especially the the core advertising and YouTube business, apart from investments in machine learning, hardware and cloud computing. "Overall, I'm pretty confident at the rate at which we have made progress, and we're going to continue investing a lot here", said Pichai. Google's 44-year-old India-born CEO Sundar Pichai received almost $200 million (roughly Rs.