Author: 0 Easter Weekend Forecast For Norristown: Summer On The Way

There's a 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms after 1 p.m. on Easter Sunday along with mostly cloudy skies and a high near 71. Easter Sunday will be the bonus day this weekend. Mostly clear after a slim evening shower shot. TUESDAY: Partly to mostly cloudy skies and a few rain showers will be possible, with a high temperature of 73 degrees.

Business Tesla Model S & X Launch In Jordan
Author: 0 Tesla Model S & X Launch In Jordan

Tesla's quarterly revenue was up 88.2% on a year-over-year basis. Advisory Services Network LLC now owns 4,250 shares of the company's stock worth $147,000 after buying an additional 300 shares during the period. The Roadster was the first auto Tesla produced, from 2008 to 2012. Large investors have recently made changes to their positions in the stock. Pacific Crest reaffirmed an "equal weight" rating on shares of Tesla in a report on Thursday, March 30th.

Author: 0 Tesla's Elon Musk says company's semi truck coming in September

Michael Ramsey, the automotive analyst at Gartner Inc. said that the question for his is "when you're talking about an electric truck like that, what kind of infrastructure Tesla would be signing up for alongside it?" Looking back to Tesla's "Master Plan Part Deux", which was announced in a blog post in July previous year, Tesla specifically mentioned that large-scale cargo trucks were firmly in its sights: "In addition to consumer vehicles, there are two other types of electric ...

Business April the giraffe welcomes much-anticipated calf
Author: 0 April the giraffe welcomes much-anticipated calf

A live stream set up by Animal Adventure Park on Feb 10 attracted zoologists, animal experts and just curious fans from all over the world to watch April's progress as she waits for the birth in her stall at the park. The internet began buzzing in regards to April's incessant pacing and then, there were hooves. Unlike humans, giraffes are pregnant for up to 15 months! The calf, to be April's fourth, is expected to be born within about 50 minutes (WARNING: Some may find the live ...

Business Apple gets permit to test self-driving cars in California
Author: 0 Apple gets permit to test self-driving cars in California

To date, the tech giant has been infuriatingly secretive about it's efforts to build a self-driving vehicle, code named Project Titan. California requires firms to apply for an Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permit to allow self-driving cars to be tested on public roads.

Business Arkansas execution plan major test for drug secrecy measures
Author: 0 Arkansas execution plan major test for drug secrecy measures

A US federal judge on Saturday temporarily blocked plans by Arkansas to carry out a rapid series of executions this month, after the inmates argued the state's rush to the death chamber was unconstitutional and reckless. The companies that produced the drugs have said they don't want their products used in executions. A second ruling, from Pulaski County Judge Wendell Griffen, put the remaining six executions on hold by blocking the state's use of its supply of the execution drug vercomium ...

Author: 0 At least 4 arrested in California pro and anti-Trump rallies

Berkeley police say they are still making arrests in connection with the March demonstration. At least 200 people gathered at the park where supporters of President Trump were holding a "Patriots Day" rally , U.S. Officials seized numerous prohibited items from the demonstrators and indicated that they anticipated more arrests would be made. In February, protesters threw rocks, broke windows and set fires outside the University of California, Berkeley's student union building, where ...

Author: 0 United Airlines Changes Policies Following Airplane Incident

United's board said on Friday the company had to craft policies to win back customer trust and apologised to Dao and his family. When no one voluntarily came forward, United selected four passengers at random. The recent incident of an Asian doctor being dragged off a United Airlines airplane has opened a conversation about whether discrimination against Asians and the myth of the model minority may have played a role in how the man was treated.

Business Delta passengers who give up seats can get up to $9950
Author: 0 Delta passengers who give up seats can get up to $9950

The change comes after video showed passenger David Dao being pulled from his seat and dragged down the aisle after refusing to give up his seat on the flight. Last year Delta got more passengers to give up their seats than any other USA airline, partly by paying more than most of the others. The compensation tops out at four times a flier's one-way ticket cost - up to a maximum of $1,350 - for those whose arrive at their final destination more than two hours late (four hours ...

Author: 0 Rex Tillerson, Vladimir Putin talks in Russian Federation deepen tension

The Russian president had refused a meeting with the top US diplomat after USA warships attacked the al Shayrat airbase in western Syria Friday. US secretary of State Rex Tillerson with Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov. In an interview with the Fox Business Network, Mr Trump said he was not planning to order USA forces into Syria, but that he had to respond to the images of dead children poisoned in the gas attack.

Author: 0 Jaguar F-Type receives 2.0-litre engine

The 2018 F-Type headliner is an entry-level version powered by a new 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder good for 296 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. The 500 horsepower F-Type R is overkill, and the 575 HP F-Type SVR is extra overkill. Outside than the appearance, the other huge change in 2018 is the debut of the F-Type's first-ever four-cylinder engine.

Author: 0 Thousands in NYC call for president to release tax returns

That Trump will cave to the pressure and release his full tax returns appears unlikely, considering the president has said he won't amid an ongoing IRS audit and the White House saying recently that he will not. Critics have raised questions about what Trump's tax returns say about his net worth and various business ties. Organizers say similar demonstrations are taking place in about 150 cities.

Author: 0 Activists marking Tax Day by demanding Trump release taxes

But 71-year-old Ilene Singh said he's wrong. Similar protests are being held in dozens more cities including Washington, D.C., Chicago, New York and Palm Beach, Florida. Wyden, along with several other Democratic senators, has introduced legislation to require that presidents, and those seeking to be nominated for the post, release their tax returns, in efforts to increase financial transparency in the United States government, according to The Hill.

Business Spain-UK row escalates over Gibraltar and Brexit
Author: 0 Spain-UK row escalates over Gibraltar and Brexit

The future of Gibraltar, a rocky British outpost on Spain's southern tip, has become the first major dispute of the exit negotiations since Prime Minister Theresa May filed the formal divorce papers on March 29. Sir, - I was shocked to see that the European Union has included an effective Spanish veto on the Brexit talks over Gibraltar in its draft guidelines .

Author: 0 Delta can now offer you nearly $10K to volunteer to switch flights

Some 670 million people flew past year, and the numbers work out to less than 1 in every 10,000 passengers who get bumped from an overbooked flight. A few days after a passenger was violently dragged off of a United Airlines plane, the company has changed their policies on how they displace travelers.

Business Prime Minister Launches Aadhar Pay Through BHIM App
Author: 0 Prime Minister Launches Aadhar Pay Through BHIM App

A special cash-back scheme has also been launched for merchants, who use BHIM-Aadhaar Pay app. This facility, exclusively for merchants, will facilitate digital payments, and unveil cash back and referral bonus schemes for the BHIM application.

Business Can't pay your student loan bill? Here's what to do
Author: 0 Can't pay your student loan bill? Here's what to do

For college bound students in the USA, when it comes to reforming the way you pay back your loans, you can now expect less from the Department of Education. A new study by Student Loan Hero investigates how much student loan borrowers can save by moving to a state with no income tax. The outage raised the possibility that many borrowers could be kicked out of those plans.

Author: 0 Tax deadline pushed to Tuesday

When the holiday lands on a weekend, as it did this year, the District observes the day on the nearest weekday - which is Monday, April 17. But Ohio honors the six-month extension if you file the request with the Internal Revenue Service.

Author: 0 Wells Fargo claws back millions from former execs

Trying to meet unnaturally high sales goals, Wells employees even created phoney email addresses to sign customers up for online banking services. The report, commissioned by the banking giant's board, reviewed the improper and unethical sales practices that hurt customers, damaged Wells Fargo's brand, led to millions of dollars in fines, pressured employees and caused other fallout, according to the study.

Author: 0 BC NDP promises to freeze BC Hydro rates

To boost jobs in Nanaimo, which is one of the more impoverished B.C. ridings, Gaudet said the Liberal's biggest focus is education. The New Democrats recently launched TV ads attacking the Liberals on housing and rising fees and rates that increase costs for families.

Author: 0 Despite the United furor, airlines are booting fewest passengers in decades

Bloomberg reported that a spokesman confirmed the memo , but did not provide any additional details. Flight attendants said overbooking should never result "in a passenger being physically injured by airport security". "If volunteers do not materialize, however, customers face being randomly selected to leave the flight". Chief executive officer Oscar Munoz initially called Dao "disruptive" and "belligerent" and apologised only for the need to "re-accommodate" him, but later struck a more ...

Business United CEO: 'This Will Never Happen Again on a United Airlines Flight'
Author: 0 United CEO: 'This Will Never Happen Again on a United Airlines Flight'

The backlash from the incident resonated around the world, with social media users in the United States, China and Vietnam calling to boycott the No. 3 USA carrier by passenger traffic. "Anyone who saw that video had the same reaction: This was completely unacceptable at every level", Emanuel said. The video of this bloody incident went viral on Internet and sparked social media uproar, in which many are echoing calls to boycott United Airlines.

Business Haryana Roadways staff call off strike: Minister
Author: 0 Haryana Roadways staff call off strike: Minister

The "indefinite" strike was launched on Monday in protest against granting of bus permits to private players. The decision came after almost a six-hour-long talk between a panel of the state government headed by Transport Minister Krishan Panwar and the leaders of eight employees unions protesting to oppose the move of granting the said permits.

Business Bottas beats Hamilton to take pole position at Bahrain
Author: 0 Bottas beats Hamilton to take pole position at Bahrain

The four-time world champion recorded a best lap in one minute and 32.697 seconds to wind up four-tenths of a second ahead of Australian Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull. He said: "Overall I am happy with qualifying third and with how the vehicle felt". Although not as hot as Friday, drivers still had to deal with track temperatures of 37 degrees Celsius (99 degrees Fahrenheit) on the sweltering hot circuit located in the desert.

Author: 0 Wells Fargo Report Shows Bogus Accounts Go Back To At Least 2002

Wells Fargo's findings are an ignominious career finale for Tolstedt , who was a fixture on Fortune's annual Most Powerful Women list, ranked at No. The internal investigation was headed by the law firm of Shearman & Sterling LLP, who were assisted by FTI Consulting, Inc. "We strongly disagree with the report and its attempt to lay blame with Ms Tolstedt".

Business Bannon's Influence Over Trump Might Be Fading
Author: 0 Bannon's Influence Over Trump Might Be Fading

As he grappled on Thursday with his first major decision involving military action, a fed-up and frustrated President Donald Trump turned to his two top aides and told them he had had enough of their incessant knife-fights in the media. Kushner, the polished, boyish-looking scion of New Jersey and NY real estate. As further evidence of Bannon's fall from grace, CNN noted that during Trump's dinner with President Xi Jinping of China, the table seating may have indicated a "telling tableau".

Author: 0 Tillerson Says US and Russia Remain Divided on Syria

The president was also asked about U.S. -Russia ties amid Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's visit to Moscow . The country's top two diplomats have admitted that there is little trust between them. On April 6, the U.S. Russia's alleged meddling in the United States presidential election also hovered over what was the first face-to-face encounter between Putin and any Trump administration Cabinet member.

Author: 0 Cillizza: How much longer can Steve Bannon hang on?

By contrast, Bannon is a staunchly populist and nationalist figure, beloved by the alt right and pushing for far right policies, who has been blamed for Trump's ongoing political woes by the Kushner-led centrist faction. Republicans say the NY gang - perhaps having learned from watching Trump use his hometown papers to cut down fast-rising business partners and allies - have been shrewd to lay low and play the behind-the-scenes game.

Author: 0 North Korea Rolls Out Missiles at Annual Parade

North Korea conducted two nuclear tests previous year alone, advancing its goal to make nuclear weapons small enough to fit on long-range missiles . A view of a military parade marking the 105th "Day of the Sun", the birth anniversary of the state's founder Kim Il Sung, in Pyongyang , North Korea, in this still image taken from video released by North Korea's state-run television KRT on April 15, 2017.

Business 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' Riffs on 'Stranger Things'
Author: 0 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' Riffs on 'Stranger Things'

Set on the Satellite of Love where a human host is trapped by mad scientists with his two robot sidekicks and forced to watch an endless run of B movies. If you said "romantic musical number", you're 100% right. As many reviews have noted , it seems MST3K is just as hilarious as ever in rebooted form, turning its bemused eye on old, schlocky fare for some good, old-fashioned riffing.

Business Greek envoys in Brussels to try and break bailout stalemate
Author: 0 Greek envoys in Brussels to try and break bailout stalemate

Dusselbloem said Friday that he was "in a positive mood" about a breakthrough in Greece's hard bailout talks, but stressed an overall political deal could not be reached at Friday's meeting of finance ministers using the shared currency. "The whole agreement depends on all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle", noted Tsakalotos. Greece is seeking to get an agreement so its next batch of bailout funds can be released so it can make upcoming debt repayments, avoid bankruptcy and a possible exit ...

Author: 0 Fake accounts case: Wells Fargo claws back another $105m in pay

Mainigi added that they disagree the attempt of the report to lay blame with Tolstedt . Wells Fargo admitted past year that it had fired 5,300 employees between 2011 and 2016 for opening fake accounts. "The law department, particularly at its senior levels, did not discuss or appreciate the seriousness and scale of sales practice issues within the Community Bank [run by Tolstedt] or fully consider whether there might be a pattern of illegal conduct involved", the report said.

Business USA keeps Taiwan on currency monitoring list
Author: 0 USA keeps Taiwan on currency monitoring list

Department of the Treasury established a "Monitoring List" of major trading partners that merit close attention to their currency practices". The report uses three criteria to determine which of its trading partners will be named as a currency manipulator nation.

Business Yogi Adityanath's First Cabinet Meeting Today, 15 days After He Took Oath
Author: 0 Yogi Adityanath's First Cabinet Meeting Today, 15 days After He Took Oath

In response, Yogi Adityanath said his government was working to create an atmosphere conducive for attracting more investments in the state. "So far we have closed only 26 illegal slaughterhouses". He said that cabinet has also approved the setting up of anti -Romeo squad to protect girls and women. The decision, taken at the first Cabinet meeting of the new BJP government, will cost the exchequer over Rs 30,000 crore.

Business Delta giving vouchers, `skymiles' as apology for flight troubles in early April
Author: 0 Delta giving vouchers, `skymiles' as apology for flight troubles in early April

The airline is refunding the cost of the ticket for every passenger who was on Sunday's flight. While United initially defended using force to remove Dao, who had refused to give up his seat as he needed to work the next day, the chief executive of the USA airline has since announced an internal investigation into the Sunday evening flight and apologised to all those on board, saying "no one should ever be mistreated this way".

Author: 0 Thousands expected to march in South Africa on Friday against Zuma

Zuma welcomed one of the marches, by the civil society group Save South Africa (SaveSA) that was planned for outside the Union Buildings, the site of Zuma's offices in the capital, Pretoria, saying it was the group's legal right to do so. The removal of Gordhan will frighten away desperately needed foreign investment and could open the way to bad deals, like the nuclear plants from Russian Federation, that South Africa cannot afford.

Business North Korea warns U.S. on 'provocative' action
Author: 0 North Korea warns U.S. on 'provocative' action

Amid rising regional tensions, Pyongyang residents have been preparing for. One of the key things that nations around the world paid attention to during the Day of the Sun celebration was the military parade that takes place for Kim Jong-un.

Author: 0 (NYSE:CAT), CYS Investments Inc (NYSE:CYS)

A number of institutional investors have recently modified their holdings of CAT. Zacks Investment Research raised Caterpillar from a "hold" rating to a "buy" rating and set a $107.00 target price on the stock in a research report on Monday.

Business Hope, Healing at Vigils for San Bernardino School Shooting Victims
Author: 0 Hope, Healing at Vigils for San Bernardino School Shooting Victims

Hong). "As a result of this tragedy, North Park Elementary will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday and Del Vallejo Middle School will serve as a temporary location to provide counseling and support services to North Park staff members, parents and students on Tuesday and Wednesday", the school district said in a statement.

Author: 0 Vikings' owners release statement on passing of Dan Rooney

And I know the people of Pittsburgh , who loved him not only for the Super Bowl championships he brought as the owner of the Steelers, but for his generosity of spirit, mourn his passing today. From 2009 to 2012, Rooney also served as the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland. "Tomorrow, the flag at the Pro Football Hall of Fame will fly at half-staff in honor of one of the greatest men to ever serve this game".

Business Russia Says Evidence Growing Syria Chemical Attack Was Staged
Author: 0 Russia Says Evidence Growing Syria Chemical Attack Was Staged

The foreign ministers from Russia , Syria and Iran , meeting Friday in Moscow , said any further unilateral action by the Syria would be met with "grave consequences" and pose a danger to the entire world. "The use of chemical weapons as a pretext for violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of an independent state - a member of the United Nations - is a very risky activity", Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said.

Author: 0 Air China to suspend Beijing-Pyongyang flights, Chinese state TV says

In February, China announced that it would suspend all coal imports from North Korea until the end of this year. United States vice-president Mike Pence travels to South Korea on Sunday on a long-planned 10-day trip to Asia. "We call on all parties to refrain from provoking and threatening each other, whether in words or actions, and not let the situation get to an irreversible and unmanageable stage", Wang reportedly said at a press conference, according to Reuters .

Author: 0 CEO: Wells Fargo has hired back 1000 employees since scandal

The 113-page report, prepared by the law firm Shearman & Sterling, relates how Stumpf nurtured and protected Tolstedt even as evidence mounted that her division's behavior posed an enormous risk to the company. "It brings to $180m the total amount of pay directors have taken from executives through forfeitures, clawbacks and other measures", the FT reported.

Author: 0 'Charging Bull' artist wants 'Fearless Girl' gone

The Fearless Girl, created by artist Kristen Visbal , was put in place by the asset management company State Street Global Advisors on March 7, the eve of International Women's Day. Siegel said he hopes the dispute can be resolved amicably but added, "We never dismiss the possibility of litigation". They note that by installing " Fearless Girl " on an extension of the cobblestoned area where " Charging Bull " stands, rather than on the curb proper, the companies were able to go through the ...

Business Economic Watch: Retail Sales Ease as Consumer Prices Drop Slightly
Author: 0 Economic Watch: Retail Sales Ease as Consumer Prices Drop Slightly

The Commerce Department said retail sales dipped by 0.2% in March after a revised 0.3% decline in February. The Commerce Department said total retail sales in March were up by 5.2 percent compared to the same month a year ago. Online and other non-store sales increased 0.6% over February and increased 11.4% unadjusted year-over-year. That makes sense, as has been the case for several months, with more and more consumers avoiding the mall and shopping online.

Author: 0 Airline Delights Thousands of Stranded Passengers with Free Pizza

Detla Airlines passengers are dealing flight cancelations across parts of the US because of severe weather. Delta Air Lines bought ordered stacks of pizza for stranded passengers after cancelling about 300 flights in the Southeast of America because of severe weather.