Author: 0 Nintendo Went To Psyonix To Bring Rocket League to Switch

Speaking with WCCFTech, Monolith Productions' design director Bob Roberts confirmed that Shadow Of War will run at Native 4K on Xbox One X. As for the PS4 Pro , he revealed that the team is still optimizing the game for Sony's console.

Author: 0 Microsoft expects consumers to 'figure out' which Xbox is which

That PC-style scaling doesn't necessarily mean console gamers will get fine control over graphical options in their Xbox games, though. And there is no new Gears of War launching alongside the Xbox One X machine, only a boosted version of last year's successful Gears of War 4 game on the original Xbox One.

Author: 0 OnePlus 5 registrations now cross mammoth 500000 number on China's JD.com

May be the India Vs Pakistan Cricket match help the OnePlus to boost its sale in India through this commercial, but people around the world got to know how OnePlus 5 will be just ahead of the launch. OnePlus 5 is expected to pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa-core processor coupled with 6GB / 8GB RAM, and a storage version in addition to the 64GB is 128GB version.

Electronics Bill Cosby accuser tells sex assault trial there was no prior romance
Author: 0 Bill Cosby accuser tells sex assault trial there was no prior romance

I wasn't able to speak without getting a buildup of white stuff around my mouth. Cosby, 79, is charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault, which carry up to 10 years each. Cosby's lawyers have argued that deceased witnesses, lost evidence and fading memories make it almost impossible for them to defend the comedian against the 12-year-old complaint.

Electronics Ronaldo threatens Real Madrid exit
Author: 0 Ronaldo threatens Real Madrid exit

Club of the English Premier League " Manchester United " will try to return to "old Trafford" star striker "real" Cristiano Ronaldo . Ronaldo has frequently verbally committed himself to Real, and he's made no secret of his love for living in the Spanish capital.

Author: 0 The 10 Most Important Stories of E3 2017

Rocket League developer Psyonix in an interview with our friend at Polygon stated that (for Rocket League ) it's their dream and they would do anything to make it come true (cross-network play including PlayStation). the fact that somebody would kind of make the assertion that somehow we're not keeping Minecraft players safe, I found not only from a Microsoft perspective, but a game industry perspective, I don't know why that has to be the dialog".

Electronics Major differences between pc gaming and console gaming
Author: 0 Major differences between pc gaming and console gaming

The company explained that Xbox One X would eventually be able to run its Mixed Reality headsets, made by manufacturers such as Acer and HP. Xbox One X is powered by eight core CPU at 2.3GHz with 1TB and is backed up with 12GB of GDDR5 RAM at 6.8GHz and with 6teraflop GPU at 1,172 MHz.

Electronics How To Download And Install iOS 11 Beta Without Developer Account
Author: 0 How To Download And Install iOS 11 Beta Without Developer Account

This means users now have the option to blast high-quality music files straight from their iPads and iPhones. Switching it on allows iOS to automatically uninstall unused apps to make space for other media, such as snaps and videos. You can release as many incremental versions as you want without reseting the ratings. If for whatever reason, the iOS 11 Beta is not there, wait a few minutes, check again.

Author: 0 Microsoft says Xbox One X's steep price tag won't turn a profit

Nintendo in March released the Switch for $299, in what so far has been a successful launch following poor sales of its predecessor, the Wii U, which first went on sale in 2012. Especially with rumours suggesting that Sony might probably be announcing a price drop for the Pro at their E3 2017 conference. Facebook/xboxA promo image of the Xbox One X , previously called Project Scorpio , as a cover photo on the Microsoft game console's official Facebook page.

Electronics Brexit talks to begin on schedule
Author: 0 Brexit talks to begin on schedule

The new United Kingdom government is yet to take a final shape despite announcement of new Cabinet members as a final deal with the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) gets worked out. " We should be protecting jobs, protecting economic growth and protecting prosperity ", he said in Luxembourg last week. Hammond said his presence at the EU finance ministers' meeting was "a sign of our commitment to being close partners with the European Union after we've left".

Electronics Queen, Prince Visit Volunteers Helping with London Fire Aftermath
Author: 0 Queen, Prince Visit Volunteers Helping with London Fire Aftermath

Three terrorists killed eight people on London Bridge in a van-ramming and knife attack on June 3 while a suicide bomber killed 22 concert-goers at Manchester Arena a fortnight earlier. "United in our sadness, we are equally determined, without fear or favour, to support all those rebuilding so terrible affected by injury and loss". Tweet Embed: https: //twitter .com/mims/statuses/875658860177915904 Theresa May: "I couldn't speak to residents of Grenfell Tower because of security ...

Electronics Britain's May Meets with Victims of Deadly High-rise Blaze
Author: 0 Britain's May Meets with Victims of Deadly High-rise Blaze

The queen was born in April but celebrates in June. Fire engulfs the 24-story Grenfell Tower in London in the early hours of June 14. In addition to the deadly fire, Britain has suffered three terror attacks in recent months. Mohammed Alhajali, a 23-year-old Syrian refugee whose brother said he had died in the fire, was formally identified as the first victim by Mr Cundy.

Author: 0 Brexit talks: Hammond says jobs and economy the priority

Britain said on Friday that no deal could be struck on exiting the European Union unless the future relationship with the bloc was taken into account. They would not form a coalition. "The main concern is going to be that if there is a Conservative-DUP deal, then can the British government continue to play the role of a honest broker in the restoration of a Northern Ireland executive?" said Simon Usherwood, senior politics lecturer at Surrey University.

Author: 0 Cristiano Ronaldo tells his Portugal team-mates: I'm leaving Real Madrid

While it would reduce the amount of cash Real would receive, using De Gea in the deal could work given Madrid's longstanding interest in him. "Very few clubs can meet his [Ronaldo's] expectations". "Regarding Ronaldo , he is motivated, and what I can see is that he is taking the competition very seriously and is totally dedicated to training and thinking about the next game against Mexico", Silva said ahead of the European champions' opening game.

Author: 0 Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro - Power and Hardware Comparison

It is now unknown if it will be compatible with PC upon release. These definitely aren't two of the most exciting original Xbox games when considering all of the great games that are on that console, but it's a start. "It's the same with Xbox One X . We've been meeting with developers, you heard EA on our stage saying they're going to optimize this because they want to show consumers the most fantastic version of their games, and the Xbox One X is going to deliver that for them".

Author: 0 E3 2017: Xbox One X Is "Like A High-End PC", Developer Says

Hit the jump below to check out Phil Spencer's response to Sony's reasoning. What do you guys think? Leave it to PC World to answer the value question in the best way possible: by attempting to build a 4K-capable gaming PC for the price of an Xbox One X .

Author: 0 Xbox One X won't turn a profit for Microsoft

The price tag did come as a surprise to critics and a section of the gaming community, many expected Microsoft will go a bit hard on pricing Xbox One X and putting a $399 price tag against PlayStation 4 Pro (it's rival), even it means selling the box at loss.

Author: 0 Longest US Open ever no prob for co-leader Koepka

Dustin Johnson , Rory McIlroy and Jason Day - the top three players in the world, all of them professing expansive Erin Hills to be ideal for their games - spent Friday cleaning out their lockers after missing the cut. "As of right now, I'm one shot back ... but just more so for the confidence going into tomorrow". That group does not include defending champion Dustin Johnson, who fell away in the second half of his round, while Rory McIlroy and John Rahm will both have a watching ...

Author: 0 Sphero's New Spider-Man Toy Talks, Offers Interactive Adventures

Beyond the exact same mission and an encounter with Mister Negative (Quick note, he isn't Mister Negative yet but Martin Li is quickly getting there in the game) that left Spidey strangled with Darkforce energy, this demonstration gave us a further look at Spidey's web-slinging skills between the numerous skyscrapers of the Manhattan borough.

Author: 0 Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro Specs, Features

Microsoft finally unveiled Project Scorpio this week as the Xbox One X at its E3 2017 press conference. Xbox One X will debut on November 7 for $499 Dollars. "We're focusing on Xbox One S and Xbox One X and the games you're going to play", Spencer said. "This is a true 4K console". The Xbox One X also has a superior optical drive, as the new unit comes equipped with a 4K/HDR capable Blu-ray drive, compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro which comes with an older Blu-ray/DVD drive.

Author: 0 E3 2017: Super Mario Odyssey Co-Op Mode Revealed

Nintendo wanted take advantage of the fact that the Switch comes with two controllers by default, hence the mode. However, during the event, Nintendo did drop a hint that Mario could control Cappy in some way, but how, it was not revealed in the demo.

Author: 0 Xbox One X will not generate profits for Microsoft

When asked about how this difference will have an impact on multiplatform games and whether they will perform significantly better on Xbox One X, Spencer added: "The capability is in this box to make the difference extremely significant".

Electronics Minecraft on Switch to use Xbox Live for Cross-Play
Author: 0 Minecraft on Switch to use Xbox Live for Cross-Play

If you're playing a game on Xbox One , you can't chat with players on PlayStation 4, nor can you team up with players on PlayStation 4. Switch will get a tons of games, some of which are shown in the trailers below, later this year. And thus, the demand and enjoyment of single-player games can continue, and we won't be trapped in a future where every game has to follow Destiny's model.

Author: 0 Shooting forces lawmakers to rethink their security

Scalise is being treated, discussed his condition on Friday saying that they believed he would be in the hospital for a considerable amount of time, possibly weeks. As congressional Republicans and Democrats joined Thursday night in their annual baseball game, played this year in Scalise's honor, word came from the hospital that he remained in critical condition, but had "improved in the last 24 hours".

Electronics A Moment That Captures Why Super Mario Odyssey Seems So Special
Author: 0 A Moment That Captures Why Super Mario Odyssey Seems So Special

Cappy can be used to make certain puzzles easier to complete as well as providing player 1 with assistance in other areas. Yes, Super Mario Odyssey will have a co-op mode. Super Mario Odyssey is the talk of the town at E3 2017. You'll be looking to collect Moons - similar to Stars from Super Mario 64 to progress.

Electronics Sony Has No Plans To PS4 Pro Price Drop At The Moment
Author: 0 Sony Has No Plans To PS4 Pro Price Drop At The Moment

But I know what you're asking about. Long story short, Xbox One X wins over PS4 Pro when it comes to native 4K HDR gaming. Speaking to GameSpot , Bettner-who created Words With Friends before making Lucky's Tale and now Super Lucky's Tale-said Xbox One X is incredibly powerful.

Author: 0 Phil Spencer: Xbox One X is not for everyone

The game is also playable on Xbox One S and Windows 10. The game was running at dynamic 1080p with 60 fps but due to this, the resolution wasn't consistent throughout the game. Microsoft has done a great job of fitting double the power in a smaller form-factor. While it will be awesome to show off such an incredible-looking game to all of your friends, all of those sparkly effects and incredibly detailed textures will cost you something dear: Hard drive space.

Electronics 'Super Mario Odyssey' Launches October 27 for Nintendo Switch
Author: 0 'Super Mario Odyssey' Launches October 27 for Nintendo Switch

While the only fully fleshed out character will still be Mario , player two will have the ability to control Cappy . While it's easy to dismiss this as "little brother" co-op, these kinds of modes are useful for introducing new players to games by giving them some control/agency without the fear of consequences.

Electronics E3 2017: How Super Mario Odyssey's Local Co-op Works
Author: 0 E3 2017: How Super Mario Odyssey's Local Co-op Works

A US$499 (RM2,136) price for the Xbox One X encourages console fans to value premium performance, a Super Mario Odyssey hat leads fans to question the nature of Mario's existence, and Spider-Man differentiates itself from the superhero action genre's standard, the Batman: Arkham franchise.

Author: 0 Xbox Game Pass To Get "At Least" Five New Games A Month

Now, according to Polygon , Microsoft's head of Xbox , Phil Spencer has rejected Sony's defense of their decision not to adopt cross-platform play. While the Xbox One X was the main headline from Microsoft's E3 2017 event, only two new exclusives for the Xbox One X and Xbox One were announced.

Author: 0 PS4 Pro Competes With Xbox One S, Not Xbox One X

The controller is compatible with the Xbox One , Xbox One S and the upcoming Xbox One X . It is now unknown if it will be compatible with PC upon release. "Halo and Gears are both in good hands, and I'm going to pick exactly the word you used: I don't want to tease anybody", Spencer said. When asked by PC Gamer whether this could also extend to PC, Xbox boss Phil Spencer suggested this could well be the case.

Author: 0 MS isn't making money on Xbox One X sales

Spencer specifically called out games like Destiny and The Division as products players can sink hundreds of hours into, thus potentially neglecting smaller titles with a defined campaign. That's because the components required to power the level of graphical fidelity the box offers are expensive. After dodging questions for the first few days following the presentation, Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox , gave his thoughts on the games industry, the Xbox One X reveal , and Microsoft's ...

Author: 0 Playful's Paul Bettner says Xbox One X is like a high-end PC

Alongside a price drop for the Xbox One S, it's pretty clear where Microsoft is positioning its new console. I said . " I didn't answer it that way ", he responded, intentionally not offering more detail. "And I wanted to make sure that the best that Xbox offers would be the best thing that anybody is offering right now". As well as unveiling the new hardware Microsoft and EA unveiled And some which will be launching during the fall of 2018 and will be available to play on Xbox One, Xbox ...

Author: 0 New Xbox One X Announced November Release

What are your thoughts on Phil Spencer's statement? Along with these announcements, the division's head Phil Spencer confirmed that the original Xbox games will be coming to the console under its backwards compatibility program. If the Xbox One X gets support outside of its launch window remains to be seen. While that graphical processing power will see the console compare very positively with gaming PCs in the same price range, it may struggle to help Microsoft win market ...

Electronics Jury in Minnesota Acquits Police Officer in Fatal Shooting
Author: 0 Jury in Minnesota Acquits Police Officer in Fatal Shooting

Ramsey County charged Yanez with one count of second degree manslaughter and two counts of recklessly discharging a firearm. Castiles family stormed out of the courtroom after the verdict was read, and the city of St. The officer testified that Castile was ignoring his commands not to pull out the gun and he feared for his life. Prosecutors argued that Yanez, who is Mexican-American, racially profiled the African-American Castile, when he pulled him over for a nonfunctioning brake light.

Author: 0 Vetr Inc. Lowers Activision Blizzard, Inc (ATVI) to Hold

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has risen 62.48% since June 16, 2016 and is uptrending. It has outperformed by 31.13% the S&P500. Sun Life Fincl reported 13 shares stake. Looking ahead to earnings forecasts, for the running fiscal period, Wall Street analysts have anticipated that the company will report 0.25 earnings per share.

Author: 0 Super Mario Odyssey producer explains possession mechanic — Mad hatter

Cappy can be used to make certain puzzles easier to complete as well as providing player 1 with assistance in other areas. For " Super Mario Odyssey's " local co-op mode, Cappy will be the playable character for the second player. What Can Cappy Do In Co-op Mode? Oh, I know-maybe it's the trailer footage of the distinctly not Mushroom Kingdom-esque metropolis known as New Donk City , the streets of which are clogged with traffic and full of regular folk with actually proportionate ...

Author: 0 Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro vs. Nintendo Switch

Xbox One X will arrive on November 7 worldwide, knowing that right now it is the most wished product of Amazon. Sony doesn't need to drop the price yet since the Xbox One X is still $100 more expensive. "On the Halo and Gears thing specifically, I was proud that we were able to show off 42 games and not show Halo and Gears, 'cause people know we are working on Halo and Gears".

Author: 0 Microsoft isn't making a profit with their new Xbox One X console

Microsoft executive Dave McCarthy wanted to defend the increase in the price of Xbox One X , reassuring customers that the hardware specs of this latest console warrant the $499.00 price tag. It also has 40 compute units to play with, over the 12 from the original Xbox One. So far , there are around 390 Xbox 360 games playable on Xbox One , but only two original Xbox games were announced.

Author: 0 Booz Allen and Target tumble while Whole Foods, Finisar soar

The move comes at a challenging time for grocers. Retailers within the consumer discretionary sector (unchanged) such as Target (-5.1%) also faced selling pressure, pushing the SPDR S&P Retail ETF 1.2% lower, but the sector was balanced in large part by AMZN's 2 .4% advance.

Author: 0 Here's Super Mario Odyssey In Co-Op

Nintendo has still not confirmed when, or if, their digital retro games service will make the transition to the Nintendo Switch . Now that Nintendo has released the home console/handheld hybrid Switch , many have begun to wonder what that means for the 3DS.

Author: 0 Mario's hat from Super Mario Odyssey makes for a hilarious meme

In single-player mode, Cappy can be used to capture objects as well as enemies. In this mode, Cappy can't actually collect Moons (the Odyssey equivalent of Stars ), which is good - since Cappy can fly around making it too powerful might break the game.

Author: 0 Wall Street falls as Amazon-Whole Foods deal crushes retailers

It rescues the organic-food chain from its activist investors and gives it more buying power. The high-end American grocer is planning to operate its network of stores under the same brand, and maintain its current executive team. Amazon could expand that technology or enhance its online grocery business with the Whole Foods assets, said von Massow, who works in the university's food, agriculture and resource economics department.

Author: 0 'One of those days' as McIlroy finds trouble in Erin Hills rough

Those dozens of players under par. He finished 1-over on the day and has plenty of competition to regain his spot atop the leaderboard. World number two McIlroy meanwhile - who earlier in the week had advised players unable to hit the fairways to "pack their bags" - was left at five-over-par after a second round 71.

Electronics Xbox Game Pass will get 5 new games each month
Author: 0 Xbox Game Pass will get 5 new games each month

Xbox Game Pass is a great subscription service which offers you some of the best games on Xbox One for $10 a month. Xbox Game Pass rolled out 1st June and includes games such as Halo 5: Guardians, all three BioShocks and the first four Gears of Wars.

Author: 0 Xbox Backwards Compatibility - Microsoft deal big blow to Xbox One owners

Head of Xbox Software Engineering Kareem Choudhry examined the new framework toward the begin of the Xbox question and answer session. If you compare the specifications of the two, the Xbox One X does have an edge over its rival. "I look at Pro as more of a competitor to S than I do to Xbox One X ", Spencer told Eurogamer . The same can be said for all existing Xbox 360 backwards compatible titles and Xbox One games.