Author: 0 Apple refreshed its entire range of iMacs and MacBooks at WWDC 2017

With thin and light designs, powerful performance, incredible displays and all-day battery life, Mac notebooks is said to deliver the world's best portable computing experience.1 MacBook now features faster Kaby Lake processors up to 1.3 GHz Core i7 with Turbo Boost up to 3.6 GHz and up to 50% faster SSD, and supports up to twice the memory.

Author: 0 Is Apple's new HomePod a true Sonos competitor?

First: the continuing rise in prominence of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Not only has Amazon .com Inc's smart speaker earned rave reviews and sold reasonably well, it's a powerful way for Amazon to basically take over your life .

Author: 0 Amazon executive says he's open to Siri on Amazon Echo

HomePod is its name, and Siri smarts is what drives it. In fact, the Echo is already spawning insane siblings, such as the Echo Look and Echo Show , to take over every room in our houses. Apple's smart speaker also features a six-microphone array, so it should pick up your voice anywhere in the room. We haven't heard much linking Apple to Augmented Reality, which became a big thing after Pokemon Go demonstrated the technology could work in real life, but at WWDC, they announced an ...

Author: 0 Apple unveils Siri-controlled speaker at annual conference

Augmented reality overlays digital information onto the real world through a smartphone display or special glasses. And it would mark an effort by Apple to catch up with Amazon ( AMZN ) and Google ( GOOG ). That's especially important because people are starting to access information, entertainment and search in a more "pervasive" way that's less dependent on smartphones, he said.

Electronics 10.5 inch IPad Pro Gets Official, Replaces 9.7 Inch Model
Author: 0 10.5 inch IPad Pro Gets Official, Replaces 9.7 Inch Model

The tool can even secure a spot in the new customizable Control Center. Apple's iOS 11 wins the battle with its iMessaging app powered by tonnes of refinements including the latest Apple Pay feature. One of the more interesting features is built-in screen recording , but while I attempted to record my video with it, it crashed, so I was forced to use my normal app for screen mirroring.

Electronics IOS 11: Beta shows new location tracking, AirPods and Control Centre boosts
Author: 0 IOS 11: Beta shows new location tracking, AirPods and Control Centre boosts

So with just a swipe, you can open and switch apps instantly. Third-party services are also supported: Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, as well as Baidu, Tencent Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud. Yes, the app is available on the iPhone as well, even though Apple's presentation was focused exclusively on showing how Files works on the new iPad Pro.

Electronics There's no Office free ride on Apple's new 10.5-in. iPad Pro
Author: 0 There's no Office free ride on Apple's new 10.5-in. iPad Pro

Users are already celebrating Apple's decision to force apps to offer an "only when using" option for location data. So with just a swipe, you can open and switch apps instantly. Users also have the option of sending an auto reply to contacts listed in Favorites to let them know they are driving and cannot respond until they arrive at their destination.

Author: 0 AMD unveils Radeon Pro 500 Series graphics cards

The new camera in the iPad Pro is 12 shooter with a optical image stabilization for those having trouble holding the 1.05 (or in the 12.9 inch case 1.53) pound device steady. It means you get the same premium, all-metal finish with a home button (with Touch ID fingerprint scanner) on the front, and a camera bump and flash on the rear.

Author: 0 Quarterly EPS analysis of Gerdau S.A. (NYSE:GGB)

Shares of Gerdau SA ( NYSE GGB ) opened at 2.82 on Wednesday. Currently, EPS of Gerdau S.A. (GGB) is 0.15 while the analysts predicted the EPS of the stock to be -0.03 suggesting the company fell short of the analysts' expectations. The company's 50 day moving average price is $2.99 and its 200 day moving average price is $3.59. Return on Equity (ROE) stands at -8% and Return on Investment (ROI) of -4.3 percent.

Author: 0 Apple Thinks Its Smart HomePod Will 'Reinvent' Home Audio

The Echo has never received high marks for its audio quality, with its single tweeter and subwoofer, while Sonos' lineup is the preferred multi-room setup for coastal liberal elites and company bathrooms everywhere. "We have to imagine there is going to be more there", Blau said. To take on its rival Echo , Apple had always been rumored to be working on a device.

Electronics WWDC 2017: Specifications of iMac (2017) and iMac Pro Introduced by Apple
Author: 0 WWDC 2017: Specifications of iMac (2017) and iMac Pro Introduced by Apple

Graphics will be provided by a Radeon Vega with up to 16GB of VRAM memory that can power multiple 4K displays, or up to 44 million pixels at any given time, if you can find a screen that large. - A new feature Apple calls "ProMotion" that wll refresh its display at a 120Hz rate, which is twice as fast as normal. The iOS 11 will set the iPad to get a whole lot easier, and iPad users can even access and organize files from other iCloud Drive, iOS devices as well as third-party services ...

Author: 0 Twitter's Apple HomePod verdict: 'It looks like a roll of toilet paper'

Apple has made it clear the HomePod is being positioned as a piece of audio gear first and foremost, with everything from seven horn-loaded tweeters, a six-microphone array for listening, and some room calculation tech created to tweak the acoustics depending on room size all jammed into a relatively small package.

Author: 0 List of Features you can Expect in Upcoming iOS 11

The new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, which replaces the 9.7-inch model, features a display that's 20 percent larger, despite being practically the same size as the older model. And if you release a major new version that drastically changes the core features of your app, you can press the big button to reset the App Store ratings.

Author: 0 Apple revamps IPhone software, adds augmented reality features

An essential component in Apple's machine intelligence plans, the CoreML framework for machine learning enables developers to build AI solutions in which all the processing takes place on the device . Ahead of the launch of iOS 11 , there were several signs suggesting 32-bit apps would no longer be supported in the new operating system, which has been confirmed with the release of the first iOS 11 beta .

Electronics Next iOS update will not be available to iPhone 5 owners
Author: 0 Next iOS update will not be available to iPhone 5 owners

This means users now have the option to blast high-quality music files straight from their iPads and iPhones. Currently, iPhone , iPad and iPod users have to download a third-party app if they want to scan QR codes. Notes is also getting a built-in scanner, meaning users will now be able to scan printed documents, import them into Notes, and then add their signatures or other handwritten content.

Author: 0 Apple announces iOS 11 with Better UI, Smarter Siri

Apple's iOS 11 mobile operating system will not be available for the iPhone 5 and 5C or the iPad 4 when it is released in the autumn. The whole App Store is undergoing a redesign, as well, so that's cool. Developers can submit info to the team on Apple's dev site here . Editor's choice badges will now appear directly on product pages, which also get new 30 second long auto playing preview videos.

Electronics Subaru BRZ tS is Built for the Corners, Not the Straights
Author: 0 Subaru BRZ tS is Built for the Corners, Not the Straights

Subaru has revealed two new limited edition performance models that will be limited to 500 units each when they go on sale in early 2018, but not in Britain - both cars will be sold on the United States market only. To save weight, the WRX STI Type RA features a carbon fibre roof and rear wing. Like the WRX STI RA, the BRZ tS is adorned with a new carbon fiber rear spoiler, though the BRZ's is manually adjustable.

Electronics Your Home: The next big thing for Apple
Author: 0 Your Home: The next big thing for Apple

In a survey conducted by CE Pro among leading custom electronics companies in the United States, 76 percent of the respondents named Sonos as one of their three preferred wireless audio brands. With Apple recently announcing the Siri-powered smart speaker called HomePod , Samsung seems to be keen on joining in on the action too. It can produce rich sound while tapping into the artificial intelligence power of Siri.

Author: 0 IPhone 7 and 7 Plus will support NFC tags with iOS 11

With 110 keys, including a full number pad on the right side, the keyboard should serve the needs of those who really, really need as many keys as possible. Apple's iOS 11 becomes more secure with the company's closed source-code policy. As foreseen, some iPhone and iPad will not have an update to iOS 11 .

Electronics Apple launched refreshed series of iMac and MacBook at WWDC
Author: 0 Apple launched refreshed series of iMac and MacBook at WWDC

The new policy will come into effect from September, and will accompany iOS 11's roll out. You'll have a chance to try it yourself later this fall after developers get a chance to start building apps optimized for the new operating system and after testers look for bugs that need to be fixed before the public release.

Author: 0 WWDC17: Apple Unveils HomePod Powered By Siri

Siri serves as the brains for HomePod . The HomePod wireless smart speaker is obviously compatible with all Apple HomeKit devices and provides seamless access to Apple Music. For example, "Hey Siri , turn up the temperature".A new Siri interface on the Apple Watch will also blend users' calendar information with other useful details, like airline tickets they may have booked, the company said.The speaker, however, is a completely new category for the electronics giant, which ...

Author: 0 Apple announces all-new iMac, MacBook updates

The speed improvements and graphics boost help to create a slick experience and, although we've not yet fully tested the new desktop, it certainly feels like it will deal with most memory-hungry tasks. Apple also said its SSDs are now 50 percent faster than before. The iMac Pro will be available in December. True to form, Apple at WWDC 2017 demonstrated that its pro users have a lot to look forward to.

Author: 0 Apple's iOS 11 release date, features you should know

Another product line that received updates at WWDC 2017 was the Apple iPad . Apple briefly discussed expanded NFC capabilities of watchOS 4 onstage at WWDC, but neglected to talk about it for iOS 11 . Apple has improved the multitasking abilities in iOS 11 . The new addition includes a specific feature named Offload Unused apps which is a self-descriptive title.

Author: 0 Campaigners welcome new 'do not disturb' iPhone feature

App Store is turning 9 this year and the store has served more than 180 billion downloads and counting. To use iOS 11's new Wi-Fi sharing feature, just pull up the Wi-Fi login screen on the "foreign" device for which you'll be granting access and put it near a "native" device already on the network.

Author: 0 Apple shows the iPad some love with iOS 11

The added perk is that both slates are compatible with the Apple Smart Keyboard accessory and Apple Pencil so, in terms of features, it does not look like you will be losing out on much. The new 10.5-inch version is the same size as last year's 9.7-inch model thanks to smaller bezels. Screen recording is useful for everything from sneakily capturing your friends' Snapchats to uploading tutorials to YouTube, and while it hasn't been too hard to do on iOS in the past, with iOS 11 it's built ...

Author: 0 Apple refreshes MacBook and MacBook Pro at WWDC 2017

However, the 2015 model already included discrete graphics in the form of an AMD Radeon R9 M290 card. The iMac Pro comes with a 5K display, previously seen on the "iMac with Retina display" and follows the same design, albeit with a lot more power under the hood.

Electronics Developers Will Have Access To NFC On iPhone In iOS 11
Author: 0 Developers Will Have Access To NFC On iPhone In iOS 11

If you're thinking about updating your iPhone to the latest operating system - Apple's just-announced iOS 11, available in a developer beta only - you might want to wait until Apple works out these bugs first. With iOS 11 , you can indeed do that with friends who are nearby. iOS 11 will be available this fall. The other two top charts, top paid and top free, are still found in the updated layout but the top grossing tab, which ranks apps by the revenue-generating power of their ...

Author: 0 Apple debuts awaited 10.5-inch iPad Pro, updated 12.9-inch model

Apple's statements on how it plans to open this up are a little vague: "Your app can read tags to give users more information about their physical environment and the real-world objects in it". The 6th-generation iPod touch is also supported. Siri on iOS 11 will sound more natural than before, a nice bonus if you don't like having instructions shouted back at you by a robot.

Electronics The End is Nigh coming to PC next month
Author: 0 The End is Nigh coming to PC next month

The End is Nigh is a platformer with the main character, one of the few "things" that survived, flopping his way through life. The player's job is to help him literally make a friend out of all the parts and pieces of people he finds.

Author: 0 Apple Gets into WiFi Speakers with HomePod

The HomePod will be priced at $349, more expensive than Amazon's $180 Echo or $50 Dot and Google's $129 Home. Apple has entered the intelligent speaker market with the announcement of its premium-priced HomePod. The Siri digital assistant has been updated to understand more spoken requests focused on music, he added. Some industry insiders, however, note Apple will be under more pressure to improve the computing smarts of its Siri software in the face of offerings from ...

Electronics Apple unveils new hardware, Siri, iMac Pro, iPhone, iPad and Watch
Author: 0 Apple unveils new hardware, Siri, iMac Pro, iPhone, iPad and Watch

And it's not just your local files; the app will integrate cloud services like Dropbox , Google Drive and Box. The new advancement in Apple will allow users to type with one hand. The event is also not being live streamed by Apple , in contrast to the company's two-hour on-stage presentations and product announcements by Apple executives on Monday.

Electronics Tidal unveils 4:44 trailer starring Mahershala Ali and Danny Glover
Author: 0 Tidal unveils 4:44 trailer starring Mahershala Ali and Danny Glover

The end credits of the snippet share more details of what's to come as it reveals that Academy Award winning actor, Lupita Nyong'o is also involved in the project. Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure tweeted that the company will be bringing "customers exclusive content through our partnership" with the streaming service.

Electronics Flipkart selling Apple iPhone 6 for Rs 21999 in Father's Day Offer
Author: 0 Flipkart selling Apple iPhone 6 for Rs 21999 in Father's Day Offer

Apart from the Apple iPhone 6 discount, the e-commerce website is also offering some exciting discounts on other iPhones as well. With the iPhone 8 launch only a few months away, iPhone 6 (16GB) is already priced at around ₹24,990 and thanks to the Flipkart Father's Day offer, the iPhone 6 (16GB) can now be yours (or your father's to be specific) for ₹21,999.

Author: 0 Apple expected to launch smart speaker

And it would mark an effort by Apple to catch up with Amazon and Google. The conference is typically devoted to software updates and this year, Apple released a series of new features and updates for the iPhone , the iPad , Mac and the Apple Watch - including an augmented-reality kit for developers aimed at making the iPhone "the largest AR platform in the world".

Electronics Assassin's Creed Origins is definitely set in Egypt reveals latest leak
Author: 0 Assassin's Creed Origins is definitely set in Egypt reveals latest leak

However, there are no details yet on the contents of the Deluxe Pack and what players can look forward to for the Season Pass. It is unclear if only those who preorder the Steelbook Gold Edition will receive the bonus mission or if it will be available to gamers who prepurchase any edition of Assassin's Creed: Origins .

Electronics Jordan downgrades diplomatic relations with Qatar, revokes license of Al Jazeera
Author: 0 Jordan downgrades diplomatic relations with Qatar, revokes license of Al Jazeera

Officials have said that intelligence gathered by the USA security agencies indicates that Russian hackers were behind the intrusion first reported by the Qatari government two weeks ago. The reason given for this move was Qatar s support of terrorism and its hand in destabilising the region. "Perhaps this will be the beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism!" Saudi Arabia is among countries including the United Arab Emirates , Egypt and Bahrain , that have blocked ...

Author: 0 Tesla teases Model Y crossover at its AGM

During a conference call around Tesla's Q1 earnings, CEO Elon Musk chose to give some more details on the Model Y . Musk went on to say the new SUV would be coming in 2019 or 2020, and would be built in a new factory. The CEO also said that the electric vehicle company is planning to increase its presence on the ground with more stores and factories. Automotive competitors like Mercedes and Volvo - not to mention tech companies like Google and Uber -can also match Tesla's efforts to ...

Electronics Shenmue III Delayed To Second Half Of 2018
Author: 0 Shenmue III Delayed To Second Half Of 2018

It has been nearly two years since Shenmue III first launched on Kickstarter, after being announced live on Sony's stage at E3. According to Suzuki-san, by using new technologies the team has discovered "new possibilities and expressions", and the game has become bigger and more attractive than what he had initially anticipated (in Japanese, Suzuki-san talks of "Power-up").

Author: 0 Apple Reveals HomePod Speaker In Effort To 'Reinvent Home Music'

HomePod is designed for voice control with an array of six microphones, so users can interact with it from across the room, even while loud music is playing. "There is so much momentum building around these speakers that it would be hard for Apple not to come out with one", said industry analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy.

Electronics Super Nintendo World looks like a dream come true in first teaser
Author: 0 Super Nintendo World looks like a dream come true in first teaser

We're expecting that it will be late November or early December.While Super Mario Galaxy took the Wii by storm, and Nintendo has relished in the semi-retro stepback of the New Super Mario Bros series of recent times, fans have been calling out for something a little closer to Super Mario Sunshine on the GameCube or Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64.

Author: 0 Analysts Watch Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ:SYMC) And Issue New Targets

Symantec also announced that it expects capital expenditures of approximately $250 million and cash expenses of approximately $500 million for integration, acquisition, restructuring, transition and other related costs for fiscal 2018. The correct version of this story can be read at https://transcriptdaily.com/2017/06/08/boston-partners-has-61-981-million-stake-in-symantec-co-symc-updated-updated-updated.html.

Author: 0 Trump says he feels 'completely and totally vindicated' after Comey's testimony

He says the vice president is committed to finding an opportunity to reschedule. To Comey, the president's request was "very concerning, given the FBI's role as an independent investigative agency". This practice was not one Comey had kept in the past, he says. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Sen. Comey said he reminded Trump that he had previously told him that.

Electronics Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding Won't be at E3
Author: 0 Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding Won't be at E3

Kojima himself will appear at E3. It's not all bad news however, as it's clear that Kojima Productions is hard at work developing the game. The game is apparently releasing sometime prior 2019; however, it is nearly certain that it will hit near the very end of this given period, which makes this announcement not very surprising.

Author: 0 Apple's iOS 11 Hopes To Reinvent the iPad

With iOS 11 , Apple has focused more on improving the background performance of Siri . In case you were wondering how much the new tech from Apple will set you back, well... ARKit will enable the creation of a new breed of iOS apps that can overlay content on the walls and floors of your home. The watch will also be able to communicate better with your gym equipment.

Author: 0 Apple makes it tougher to text and drive

Apple's iOS 11 is also expected to add a new feature to its 3D Touch for Safari that will make swap between tabs easier. Phones connected to cars with Bluetooth capabilities, or through a cable, will withhold any notifications from texts or news updates while the vehicle is in motion, CNN Money reported.

Author: 0 Polls open in United Kingdom election after campaign marred by attacks

Tory supporting publications such as The Telegraph , Daily Mail and Express are warning their readers that Mr Corbyn and his coterie have a history of befriending IRA and other terrorist groups. "(It's) another five years of a Tory government, underfunding of services all across the United Kingdom. or a Labour government that invests for all, all across Britain", Corbyn said.

Author: 0 IOS 11 Will Enable The iPhone Camera App To Read QR Codes

Available in black and white colors, and prices at $349, the HomePod can also be used to control home devices , check the daily weather and new briefings. And, as noted by this savvy redditor iOS 11 now supports FLAC playback. Apps using Apple's AR and AI tools "will expand iPhone user spend, improve customer stickiness and drive the 19 percent year-over-year services growth required to hit the company's target", Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty wrote in a note to clients.