Electronics Sessions Denies Collusion Allegations, Defends Involvement With Comey Ouster
Author: 0 Sessions Denies Collusion Allegations, Defends Involvement With Comey Ouster

That response came after a sudden burst of chatter about Mueller's termination. "Prior to the speech I attended by the president, I attended a reception with my staff that included at least two dozen people and President Trump". Have he and the president ever discussed the possibility of issuing criminal pardons in the Russian Federation matter? "I just don't remember it", he said.

Electronics IPad Pro Is Closer Than Ever to Replacing Your Laptop
Author: 0 IPad Pro Is Closer Than Ever to Replacing Your Laptop

To summarise its importance to the iPad, iOS 11 integrates a new Mac-esque Dock and adds a new Files app that puts all your files into one place including those on iCloud and other cloud services, among others. Hanging onto a laptop might be a bit cumbersome, but your iPhone is too dang tiny, so the iPad Pro is the in-between you'll need. In addition, 10.5-inch screen also has a 120Hz refresh rate .

Author: 0 Now what? 29 teams will start chasing the champion Warriors

He hugged mother Wanda many a time. Cleveland's two stars embraced, and as they headed toward the locker room and Queen's "We Are the Champions" played inside thundering Oakland's Oracle Arena, James delivered a message to his teammate and the world.

Electronics Most roaming charges removed within European Union for calls and texts
Author: 0 Most roaming charges removed within European Union for calls and texts

Basically it applies to calling or texting other British mobile phones - so you can keep in touch with your family, friends or whoever you're with in the EU. Some fear roaming charges could re-applied when the United Kingdom leaves the Union in 2 years time. And most United Kingdom providers already offer add-ons or sweeteners that make it much cheaper to use your phone overseas.

Electronics McLaren 570S Spider: This Is It
Author: 0 McLaren 570S Spider: This Is It

Both figures match that of the 570S coupe . A semi-practical supercar would bring the McLaren into the same category as the Porsche 911 Turbo cabriolet and in that respect, if judged on performance figures, power-to-weight ratio and cost, the McLaren will come up trumps.

Author: 0 Cross-System Play Coming To Minecraft On Consoles

It's not clear exactly when " Minecraft " will be updated to enable cross-platform play, but it sounds like it's coming sooner than later. In order to get true cross-platform play to work, the developer needed to get the actual hardware manufacturers to work with it.

Author: 0 Microsoft's 4K-Ready Xbox One X Launches November 7th at $499

The Xbox One X was announced at the annual E3 event in Los Angeles on Sunday, after first being teased at the same event one year prior as " Project Scorpio ". But there is one drawback: shared exclusivity makes the Xbox One-including the Xbox One X-less essential. This is particularly important for rendering high res textures, since both consoles aim to offer 4K quality.

Electronics Minecraft is available for cross-play on any device
Author: 0 Minecraft is available for cross-play on any device

Moving forward, every version of Minecraft will simply be known as " Minecraft ", when they're part of the bedrock engine. Minecraft owners can soon play across Xbox One, Switch and PC. " Minecraft - the demographic playing that, you know as well as I do, it's all ages but it's also very young". Finally, public in-game servers will come with the update along with a server browser to let you find servers where you can join in with other players.

Author: 0 Microsoft's Xbox One X arriving soon

Its technical specifications had been announced in April 2017, making it clear that the Xbox One X would outdo the PlayStation 4 Pro , its nearest console rival, in terms of raw power. Microsoft unveiled its highly anticipated " Project Scorpio " at the E3 event. Microsoft was quick to note that the 4K support stands in stark contrast to the PlayStation 4 Pro, which technically offers a 4K-like resolution , but not actual 4K.

Author: 0 Live stream, start time and what to expect

Considering that the main competition when it comes to the principle behind the Xbox One X is Sony , they're in a very good position going into Gamescom in August. Naughty Dog might even pull double duty, as Last of Us 2 could be showcased. Seriously. The Japanese video game maker doesn't need a new console.

Electronics The developers showed Minecraft with better graphics
Author: 0 The developers showed Minecraft with better graphics

Finally, public in-game servers will come with the update along with a server browser to let you find servers where you can join in with other players. "When you buy " Minecraft ", you're buying a game that can you can play with friends across devices", he added. So, now, there's the core Minecraft game and three fragmented editions (PS4, Xbox 360 and Java ) that aren't guaranteed to receive the same updates or cross-platform capabilities as the main version.

Author: 0 New "Spider-Man" Gameplay Clip Shows How Interactive You Can Be

Game play on 4K screens, whether on televisions or personal computer monitors, is expected to be among themes at E3 this week. From traversing with parkour and utilizing the environment, to new combat and blockbuster set pieces, it's Spider-Man unlike any you've played before.

Author: 0 E3 2017: Metroid: Samus Returns Reimagines Metroid 2 for 3DS

We can hopefully assume that this is the new project for Retro Studios, who were responsible for the first three titles and the Donkey Kong Country Returns games. Are you excited for Metroid Prime 4? The game is full of action, but it does seem like it'll force you to think about your next move. We have no other details other than that the game is happening, and that it's an addition to the Prime series.

Author: 0 GOP congressman, Capitol police, others wounded in shooting; gunman dead

Flake, who was uninjured, was one of a group of lawmakers at the congressional baseball practice before the bloody attack. A congressional aide and two Capitol Police officers were also hit. People are seen huddled around the man lying on the baseball field at the end of the video , while sirens are heard in the background. He was listed in critical condition after the operation.

Author: 0 Crowds gather for London fire vigil

Fire swept through a high-rise apartment building in west London early Wednesday, killing an unknown number of people and sending more than 50 people to area hospitals. I just can't see how people could have gotten out. On Wednesday, a fire engulfed the 24-story Grenfell Tower. Lammy said in a Facebook post that Saye lives on the 20th floor with her mother.

Author: 0 22 minutes of Super Mario Odyssey gameplay

Nintendo's conference only went for about 30 minutes, but in that time they had plenty to show off. Owners of the Nintendo Switch will be rather pleased with Nintendo's showing at E3 this year . E3 is in full swing and we are busy trying to see what we can. No local release information has been given. If interested, be sure to also check out more of our E3 2017 coverage! Nintendo's first major " Super Mario " game for the Nintendo Switch just got a release date: The ...

Electronics 'Minecraft' cross-play not coming to PS4 despite Microsoft's interest
Author: 0 'Minecraft' cross-play not coming to PS4 despite Microsoft's interest

The engineers at Microsoft will allow you to play your original Xbox games on the Xbox One and Xbox One X . The launch of the Scorpio (now known to be the Xbox One X ), a litany of new AAA exclusives releasing over the course of the next year, and the implementation of Xbox Game Pass (a program that could revolutionize how Xbox does business).

Electronics Panicked UPS workers flee California gunfire that killed 4
Author: 0 Panicked UPS workers flee California gunfire that killed 4

Police are now conducting a search of the building, they said. He was dressed in a UPS uniform and was armed with an assault pistol, which he put to his head and fired as officers approached, according to police. The sprawling facility employs 350 people, UPS said in a statement. "It creeps me out and I don't feel safe", said an area resident who wanted to remain anonymous.

Electronics E3 2017: Xbox One Getting Cross-Play With Nintendo Switch For Minecraft
Author: 0 E3 2017: Xbox One Getting Cross-Play With Nintendo Switch For Minecraft

The most interesting enhancement to the Minecraft experience is the addition of cross-platform play. On top of the free 4K update, the Super Duper Graphics Pack introduces features like dynamic shadows, lighting that streams through fog, movement in leaves and grass, new textures for mobs and villagers, directional lighting, edge highlighting and more! Meanwhile, the Mojang team confirmed plans to bring all versions of the game to parity, and it will do by connecting those various ...

Electronics Mercedes-Benz GLS63 AMG explained in detail
Author: 0 Mercedes-Benz GLS63 AMG explained in detail

No mechanical changes have been made to the G 63 Edition 463. The new sporty SUV also gets the unique AMG Ride Control sports suspension setup with Active Curve Control System roll stabilisation that provides high-level driving dynamics. Powering it is AMG's handcrafted, 5.5-litre, V8 bi-turbo engine that develops 585hp and 760Nm of torque and has a claimed 0 to 100 kph time of 4.6 seconds.

Electronics Ultra-Powerful Xbox One X Unveiled
Author: 0 Ultra-Powerful Xbox One X Unveiled

Microsoft unveiled "the most powerful console ever" yesterday, and it's set to launch on November 7 for $499. Officially called the Xbox One X , the "world's most powerful gaming console" goes on sale starting November 7, with a starting price of $499.

Electronics Do you or would you use a tablet for actual work?
Author: 0 Do you or would you use a tablet for actual work?

The WiFi models start at Rs 52,900 for 64GB storage variant. That leads to the question of whether or not a 10.5-inch iPad Pro can replace your computer , and I know a few people where it will definitely do that - but that's more than likely not the majority.

Author: 0 Shadow Of The Colossus Remake Was Built From The Ground Up

The game is being reworked with the latest tech to take full advantage of everything that the Playstation 4 has to offer, and considering how good The Last Guardian looked, Shadow of the Colossus will look just as unbelievable, if not better.

Author: 0 Sony tries to defend their refusal to open up cross-network play

Most of these have been about console and PC games, but there are some that involve the mobile market too (such as the upcoming South Park game). Later in the week, Nintendo announced that Rocket League was coming to the Switch this year and that it would also take part in Cross-Play between multiple platforms.

Author: 0 Gunman who shot congressman had history of anti-GOP activity

He watched as the gunman - identified as James T. Hodgkinson from Belleville, Illinois - moved "methodically" from near the third-base dugout toward the backstop behind home plate. Republicans were at practice to face off with the Democrats at the Congressional Baseball Game . The game is scheduled to be played at Nationals Park , home of the Washington Nationals Major League baseball team.

Author: 0 Metroid: Samus Returns announced for 3DS

Classic Metroid II: Return of Samus gameplay is joined by a wealth of new content, including a set of brand new abilities that utilizes a mysterious energy resource called "Aeion", a powerful melee counterattack, and 360-degree Free Aim Mode.

Author: 0 Microsoft Details Specs for Xbox One X, Formerly Called Project Scorpio

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday pulled the plug on a proposed class action alleging defects in Microsoft Xbox 360 game consoles, ruling that the Ninth Circuit does not have jurisdiction to review an order denying class certification after the consumers in the suit voluntarily dropped their claims.

Electronics Apple iPhone 8 renders running iOS 11 leaked
Author: 0 Apple iPhone 8 renders running iOS 11 leaked

Previous leaks have shown us what the iPhone 8 could look like and now a set of renders show the smartphone running iOS 11 . Videos will now being HEVC format instead of H.264, while photos will be HEIF instead of JPEGs. You should also enable the available security features on your phone, like a pass code. iOS 11 will also bring Apple Pay , which will allow users to send money to friends easily.

Author: 0 Vodafone stocking new 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro

In this case, the company's newest iPad Pro model sticks to a familiar script of using "strong adhesive" to hold the chassis shut. If you want to, say, drag multiple pictures from an onscreen app into an off-screen app, you first use one hand to select different images, then use your other hand to swipe between apps, before releasing the first hand.

Author: 0 Pakistan violates ceasefire in Rajouri district

After violating the ceasefire in Poonch district with indiscriminate firing of small arms automatics and 82 mm mortars in Bhimber Gali sector, the Pakistan Army opened fire in Naushera at 9.30 am after which the Indian Army retaliated. Over a span of four hours on Tuesday evening, four attacks took place across Kashmir in which 13 security personnel were injured. There have been three ceasefire violations on June 12.

Electronics Microsoft's AI Just Shattered The Ms Pac-Man High Score
Author: 0 Microsoft's AI Just Shattered The Ms Pac-Man High Score

Mostly because Ms. Pac-Man has been "difficult to crack" says Microsoft . Maluuba , the Canadian artificial intelligence (AI) startup that Microsoft acquired earlier this year, has beat Ms. That's something that even no human has ever achieved, the team says. Microsoft's AI team divided the massive problem of reaching a ideal score on Ms.

Author: 0 Special counsel investigating Trump for obstruction of justice

Rosenstein said he would not follow any orders to dismiss Mueller unless he believes those orders are appropriate and lawful, in response to Maine Senator Susan Collins, who asked him what would he do if Trump ordered him to fire the special counsel .

Author: 0 Dev details web-slingers and gameplay for Spider-Man on PS4

Microsoft's Xbox chief says he doesn't see the PS4 Pro as a competitor to the Xbox One X . "We're focusing on Xbox One S and Xbox One X and the games you're going to play", Spencer said. Well , both PS4 consoles play the exact same games, but on the PS4 Pro , you have the benefit of running at higher resolutions. The Xbox One , while highly regarded by many, is estimated to have undersold the Sony PlayStation 4, its biggest competitor, almost two to one.

Author: 0 'Spider-Man' stops a runaway helicopter in E3 gameplay trailer

After the conference, Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann took to Twitter to praise the briefing while also asking people to focus on The Lost Legacy: the Uncharted standalone expansion which opened the show . Code-named Project Scorpio, the rival of the PlayStation 4 Pro will launch alongside the latest instalments of classic games including Minecraft and Assassin's Creed.

Author: 0 Sony Has A Weak Excuse For Not Allowing Cross-Platform Play

In a lenghty interview with Eurogamer , the head of Xbox discussed the upcoming lineup of Xbox exclusives, the Xbox One X branding and how the new console compares to Sony's Playstation 4 . He also said that he was spending a lot of time on Microsoft's first-party games, and that they've already "signed some things" that they haven't announced yet.

Electronics Why the Penguins' back-to-back Cups are good for the National Hockey League
Author: 0 Why the Penguins' back-to-back Cups are good for the National Hockey League

Another impressive feat is with his third Stanley Cup ring, Crosby has now passed Mario Lemieux for most by a Penguin , making him the new forever face of the franchise. Head coach Mike Sullivan was the first person off the plane and he hoisted the Stanley Cup high over his head. A day later, Pittsburgh received 8-1 odds to win next year's Stanley Cup, according to Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas.

Electronics The Best Hidden Features of iOS 11
Author: 0 The Best Hidden Features of iOS 11

Just think about it: on a current iPhone model, moving an object from one app to another would require switching between them by physically pressing the home button with your other hand. There is also a new Files app so you have easy access to all of your files, even if they're in a cloud service such as Dropbox. It uses the iPhone and iPad's sensors to allow you to view the objects in three dimensions.

Author: 0 Apple iPad Pro review: Is this a laptop replacement?

Numerous features covered actually came out with iOS 10.3, in March. Furthermore, the iOS 11 made a major facelift in the Control Center . Let's say you're at City Hall Plaza and a German tourist asks how to get to the Freedom Trail.

Author: 0 Minecraft Cross-Play to Be Allowed on Consoles, PC, VR, and Mobile

And finally there are the console editions, the most popular by aggregate sales and maintained by third-party 4J Studios . But backwards compatibility isn't the only step Microsoft is taking to combat Sony . They'll be able to generate right past the edge of the world they've had before. The list goes on. We'll be launching with four servers - Lifeboat , Mineplex , InPVP , and Cubecraft - with more to follow.

Author: 0 4K Forza 7 improved Xbox One and low-end PC versions

In another big E3 announcement, Microsoft also confirmed that the Xbox One's backwards compatibility will roll over to the Xbox One X . That's a lot of money to spend on a console that, despites Spencer's assurances to the contrary, will likely necessitate upgrading to a 4K television to get the best out of.

Author: 0 Gene Simmons Is Trying to Trademark the "Rock On" Devil Horns

It is described in the application as " a picture of applicant showing use of the mark in connection with the services". Before the Trademark Office allows this hand gesture to be registered - it perhaps wouldn't be unprecedented - an examiner would consider the likelihood of confusion and, possibly, whether it's too generic to be associated with Simmons.

Author: 0 Mario and Nintendo are dominating E3 on YouTube

Not unlike the previous titles that feature Super Mario , the Odyssey's goal is to introduce new mechanics into the series while it's preparing for the new Switch console. Rocket League on Nintendo Switch will include the same features, upgrades and content that millions of players worldwide have come to know and love on other platforms, plus several exclusives available only to Nintendo Switch owners.

Author: 0 Super Mario Odyssey arrives on Nintendo Switch in October, here's

Ishihara specified that the new game might not be out for at least a year, but that it's definitely in the works. In 2017, the new hybrid handheld/home system will get both Mario and Zelda . Xenoblade Chronicles X 2 is coming out this holiday. It's available for preorder now . Nintendo has released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Mario platformer game Super Mario Odyssey .

Author: 0 Britain, France Announce Joint Campaign Against Online Radicalization

It's a unity of goal, having voted to leave the European Union, that their Government gets on with that and makes a success of it, and we are committed to developing a deep and special partnership with the EU. In an emotional show of support, players from both teams walked onto the field to sounds of the Oasis song "Don't Look Back in Anger" played by the French Republican Guard.

Author: 0 US top court rules for Microsoft in Xbox class action fight

Unfortunately, these games only served to highlight the console's biggest problem in that, they don't actually require the new game box. But Sony is not frightened of Microsoft's latest console despite knowing that the Xbox One X is far more powerful than the PS4 Pro .

Author: 0 Grenfell Tower fire: Where to donate in Newham to help victims

As noon approached Wednesday, the building in the west London neighborhood of North Kensington was still smoldering and breaking out into flames. The company said its refurbishment of the building met all required building control, fire regulation and health & safety standards.