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Global Media Koch network spending millions to stop GOP health care bill
Author: 0 Koch network spending millions to stop GOP health care bill

Of course, they never had to face the reality of what they would replace it with, because they could be sure, even if they got a bill through Congress, President Obama would veto any repeal they passed. New York Times notes that he told attendees at a fund-raiser for House Republicans on Tuesday that he was eager to cut taxes but had to deal with the health care first.

Author: 0 Ousted South Korean President Park Geun-hye arrested in corruption case

Ahead of Thursday's hearing, prosecutors submitted around 120,000 pages of documents to the Seoul Central District Court, and said it would be "counter to the principle of fairness" if Park were not arrested. As a former president she will likely be assigned a cell that will be larger than the 6.56 square meter (71 square foot) solitary units occupied by others accused of wrongdoing in the same scandal, including the head of the Samsung conglomerate, Jay Y.

Author: 0 Turkish PM receives USA secretary of state

Tillerson's remarks are in stark contract with the position of the previous administration under President Barack Obama, which held that Assad had lost all legitimacy to stay in power and must therefore step down. While there, he made official a significant change in the USA strategy on the six-year-old Syria war. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan later obfuscated the goal of the mission further by declaring in November, "We entered there [Turkey] to end the rule of the tyrant al-Assad ...

Global Media Rep. Nunes Calls FBI, NSA Directors for 'Closed Session'
Author: 0 Rep. Nunes Calls FBI, NSA Directors for 'Closed Session'

Now that day for the House Intelligence Committee will come and go with little fanfare as the committee chair, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), announced that he had canceled the upcoming hearing. "It appears like this was all legal surveillance from what I can tell", Nunes said, but also added that he had suspicions. "So if the commander in chief cannot be briefed by the chairperson of the House Intel Committee on a matter that has nothing to do with the FBI investigation, then I don't know ...

Author: 0 Pentagon responds to criticism over civilian deaths in Mosul blast

General Votel said IS militants were aware of USA sensitivities to civilian casualties and were exploiting them by using human shields in Mosul. "Now they are a professional force", said Army Col. "Although our partners and the coalition have made mistakes that harmed civilians, we have never targeted them - not once". Amid reports of dozens civilians killed by airstrikes in Mosul , the statement said that "protection of civilians must be the absolute priority".

Author: 0 Arab States send message to US, Israel

Israel uses excuses to justify the continuation of its occupation, such as the demand to recognize it as a Jewish state. The Amman Declaration says "peace is a strategic option" for the Arab world, based on a two-state solution. Trump has said he would move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, but relocation no longer appears imminent. Many fear that such a move could ignite violence in the region.

Author: 0 Sturgeon willing to discuss 'within reason' timing of referendum

Scottish Government minister Michael Russell MSP said: "Gordon Brown is lining himself up with the Tories to deny the people of Scotland a choice about their future". But according to the SNP, the political landscape has dramatically changed since then and that the former vote was based on expectations that the United Kingdom would remain in the EU.

Author: 0 India terms attack on Nigerian students in Greater Noida as 'deplorable'

A civil engineering student of NIU said that there were around 1,000 African students on campus, however, a lot of them were not coming to the university since the incident, according to the Times of India . The African nationals told the police they are not given rent receipts by landlords that could help prove they are residing here awaiting extension of visas- in case it has expired.

Author: 0 Denis Goldberg: Ahmed Kathrada 'never gave up'

Like Mandela, Kathrada's activism also extended to the Palestinian struggle, which he was vocally supportive of. Reacting to these reports, the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation said it had no knowledge of the reports and added that the late stalwart's funeral would be open to everyone.

Author: 0 UK publishes White Paper to replace EU law post-Brexit

David Davis said Prime Minister Theresa May's letter triggering talks on Britain's departure made clear Britain wants to continue to work with the European Union on a range of issues, including security, for both sides. Davis also said insisted the UK Prime Minster Theresa May's linking of security cooperation to Brexit talks was not a threat to withdraw it from European allies.

Global Media Trump to sign executive orders targeting trade abuses
Author: 0 Trump to sign executive orders targeting trade abuses

But administration officials said they underscore the president's determination to reset trade relations so that American employers can compete on more equitable terms. The signing of the two executive orders takes place a week before Mr Trump is due to host Chinese premier Xi JinPing at his private club in Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

Author: 0 Netanyahu to AIPAC: 'US & Israel will stand shoulder to shoulder' together

During an appearance at the annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee on Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence told the audience that "after decades of simply talking about it, the President of the United States is giving serious consideration to moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem".

Author: 0 Malaysia agrees to send body of Kim Jong-nam to N. Korea

Following negotiations that he described as "very sensitive", Prime Minister Najib Razak said Malaysia agreed to release the body in exchange for the return of the nine Malaysians held in Pyongyang. South Korean and U.S. intelligence sources say North Korea masterminded the attack, which Pyongyang denies. Malaysian authorities said they had the right to conduct an autopsy as he had been killed on Malaysian soil, and said they would only release the body to Mr Kim's family.

Author: 0 Ousted South Korean President Park Geun-hye arrested

She was taken to Seoul Detention Center after a court issued arrest warrant against her. Choi Soon-sil, Park's secret confidante at the heart of the scandal, is already on trial for forcing top local firms including tech giant Samsung to "donate" almost US$70 million (RM309.44 million) to non-profit foundations which she allegedly used for personal gain.

Author: 0 FBI Info May Link Trump Team To Russia

But other officials are reported to have said that it is "premature" to come to that conclusion yet. While the FBI can not yet prove that Trump associates actively colluded with Russian operatives, information suggesting collusion is a large focus of the ongoing investigation, said the report.

Global Media Egypt's Hosni Mubarak released after six years
Author: 0 Egypt's Hosni Mubarak released after six years

Earlier this month, an appeals court cleared him of being involved in the killing of protesters during the 2011 uprising that ended his rule over the country. Subsequently the public prosecutor appealed the retrial and the Court of Cassation, the highest in the country, ordered his acquittal on March 2. The investigation concerns allegations that he, his wife, two sons and daughters-in-law received gifts from the government worth about $1 million.

Author: 0 Erdogan slams European Union on headscarves in the workplace ban

The feud between the Turkish leader and the re-elected Dutch Prime Minster, Mark Rutte , continues. 'There is no difference between the mindsets of Geert Wilders and social democrats in the Netherlands. On Thursday, Mr Erdogan reiterated angry criticism of the ban. The comments were made while the Turkish president was campaigning for a "yes" vote in an upcoming constitutional referendum that would grant him sweeping new powers.

Author: 0 Amherst, Northampton among MA cities listed as uncooperative with immigration detainer requests

Detainers are requests by ICE to local law enforcement agencies to hold certain people ICE possesses probable cause to believe they are removable from the United States. ICE officers routinely coordinate their targeted immigration enforcement operations with our local, state and/or federal law enforcement partners, to include Federal Magistrate Judges when seeking criminal arrest warrants.

Global Media Putin says claims that Russian Federation interfered in United States elections are 'lies'
Author: 0 Putin says claims that Russian Federation interfered in United States elections are 'lies'

Putin and his government, his organization, to interfere in major ways with our basic fundamental democratic process", Former Vice President Dick Cheney said while speaking at a conference in New Delhi on March 29. Putin expressed a willingness to improve Russia's relations with the USA as the new administration settles into position. Speaking upon the Ukrainian issue, Putin noted that he was hoping for the aspiration of the new USA administration to resolve regional crises.

Global Media North Korean murder suspects sent home with body of victim
Author: 0 North Korean murder suspects sent home with body of victim

They claim they were tricked into thinking it was a prank for a television show. Pyongyang retaliated by expelling Malaysia's Ambassador to North Korea. The counsellor said that when Pyongyang told them they could not leave North Korea , "we were very concerned especially since we had committed no wrong".

Author: 0 UK Authorities Pressure Facebook To Gain Access To Whatsapp

Similar to the Apple's fight over encryption with the Federal Bureau of Investigation after the San Bernardino shootings, Facebook is facing its own battle in the UK. Apple recently came under scrutiny for refusing to help crack an iPhone 5c device that was used by a terrorist in the San Bernardino attack that left 14 people dead and 22 others seriously injured.

Author: 0 North Korean ice hockey team permitted to compete in South

Haley said the Trump administration has "no patience" for the "cat and mouse situation" in which North Korean provocations are met with U.N. Security Council resolutions that Pyongyang ignores. Secretary of State took on a similar tone during a trip to southeast Asia this week, telling reporters that "all options are on the table" when it comes to responding to North Korea's seemingly never-ending series of ballistic missile test and launches.

Author: 0 England's Jermain Defoe hopes vegan diet can prolong career

Sunderland AFC striker Jermain Defoe , has stated that he will need to " finish the season strong " and keep his head down if he want's another call-up to the England side having impressed on his return in the 2-0 win over Lithuania. "His enthusiasm for the game is really refreshing and it is great for people in our squad to see". Southgate only picked three strikers in his most recent squad, neglecting any target men (i.e.

Author: 0 Trump campaign chair offers to talk to House panel

The desire to hold a second, closed session with Comey and Rogers was not at conflict with holding the open hearing, he said. He urged anyone else with information relevant to the investigation, which is looking into Russian meddling as well as the mishandling of classified information, to approach the committee.

Author: 0 Trump bombed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation

In light of a new CNN report that alleges us officials have information that shows President Trump colluded with " suspected Russian operatives " to take down Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said there's "probably more evidence" that CNN colluded with the Clinton campaign.

Author: 0 London attack: Joining the dots

Long before his short stints in jail turned into years behind bars, Khalid Masood was known as Adrian Elms, with a reputation for drinking and an unpredictable temper. Security services will now try to establish whether Masood received instructions from Isis - which claimed he was one of their "soldiers" the attack - or whether he was receiving religious instruction, reported The Times.

Author: 0 U.S. official in official visit to Turkey

Tillerson says the United States and Turkey must make "difficult decisions" about how to fight the Islamic State group in Syria. "There are hard choices that have to be made", Tillerson said, without elaborating. "Syrians in Turkey have returned and life has returned to normal", Yildirim claimed. But Prime Minister Binali Yildirim did not rule out new military operations and did not say whether Turkish troops would now leave Syria.

Global Media Theresa May triggers United Kingdom exit from EU
Author: 0 Theresa May triggers United Kingdom exit from EU

Guy Verhofstadt, Brexit-coordinator on behalf of the European Parliament, voiced the parliament's objection to any radical changes at the Irish border. Verhofstadt also said that while he found the tone of May's letter officially triggering Brexit "constructive", he was "shocked" at the United Kingdom premier's apparent threat to withhold security cooperation absent a trade deal.

Global Media Amit Shah sings paeans to Gujarat development model
Author: 0 Amit Shah sings paeans to Gujarat development model

Among those who greeted him with flowers was the BJP's state chief Jitu Vaghani and Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. Gujarat Congress chief Bharatsinh Solanki had said it was for buying time. Elections are due in Gujarat in November end. There is a strong buzz that Vaghela, a former Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) member and former CM, is unhappy with the central leadership and is mulling a return to the BJP.

Global Media Nunes, Comey clash on whether FBI chief invited to House Russia investigation
Author: 0 Nunes, Comey clash on whether FBI chief invited to House Russia investigation

When asked about the report at his daily media briefing Thursday, presidential spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters, "We are not going to start commenting on one-off anonymous sources ". Clearly exhausted with the investigation into a Russian connection, the White house was also tired of answering questions on House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes.

Author: 0 Russian Defector Critical of Putin Shot Dead in Ukraine

Voronenkov, who had toed the Kremlin line while serving as Russian lawmaker but turned a Kremlin critic after his move to Ukraine last fall, was shot dead near the entrance to an upscale hotel in the center of Kiev . The attacker was wounded after a shootout with Voronenkov's bodyguard. The patch of the pavement by the door where he died had been washed of bloodstains.

Global Media South Korean Specialists Prepared to Load Sunken Sewol Ferry Onto Transport Ship
Author: 0 South Korean Specialists Prepared to Load Sunken Sewol Ferry Onto Transport Ship

Workers had halted the process for several hours after the ferry began rubbing against the pulleys and other equipment on the two barges that are raising it with cables. The ferry's captain survived and is serving a life sentence after a court found him guilty of committing homicide through "wilful negligence" because he fled the ship without issuing an evacuation order.

Author: 0 Putin on US Election Tampering: 'Read My Lips, No!'

He said he did not want to enter into conflict with the Russian leader, but thought he was "trying to create disunity by inviting Mrs Le Pen to the Kremlin and supporting all sort of extreme right parties across Europe". Do we want to bring the situation to what it was in the 1960s during the Cuban (missile) crisis? "I hope that we will eventually come to constructive cooperation".

Global Media China warns U.S. to stay 'coolheaded' on North Korea
Author: 0 China warns U.S. to stay 'coolheaded' on North Korea

The Chinese president also said he had spoken with Trump and suggested they both agreed on the importance of the U.S. -China relationship was guided by "non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation". North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said the test was successful and that "the world will soon witness the great significance of the epoch-making victory" that Pyongyang has achieved.

Author: 0 Coroner: London attacker killed by gunshot wound to chest

Coroner's Office manager Eric Sword told the hearing how American tourist Mr Cochran, 54, had died at the scene of multiple injuries after he was hit by the vehicle. 'Since then, it was brought to our attention that the attacker may have studied at the University and we were working to verify this was the case. He undertook a Bachelor of Economics with Economic History from 1994-1997'.

Author: 0 Photos of cyclone-stranded shark go viral

A flood warning has been issued for Albert River, which lies south of Brisbane. The shark likely was washed ashore from the heavy rain and storm surge that Debbie brought as the storm moved inland. While there have been no casualties, thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes, many of which are now ruined. Australia's Bureau of Meteorology said parts of south-east Queensland could see up to 400mm of rain on Thursday.

Author: 0 McMaster: Nuclear Project To Push Forward, Despite Westinghouse Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy will affect the costs paid by the taxpayers in the U.S. for the two nuclear projects in South Caroline and Georgia. Toshiba acquired the Westinghouse unit 10 years ago for $5.4 billion. The South Carolina project, which relied on upfront assessments of rate payers, is about $3 billion over budget and years behind schedule. The company, owned by Japanese industrial giant Toshiba announced the bankruptcy following massive losses incurred in several nuclear projects in ...

Global Media United Kingdom reveals plans to change up to 1000 European Union laws
Author: 0 United Kingdom reveals plans to change up to 1000 European Union laws

President Donald Trump has irritated European leaders by praising Britain's exit from the European Union and predicting that other countries would follow. Several banks have announced plans to increase their operations in continental Europe as a safeguard once Britain leaves the single market. The bill, which is expected to be one of the largest pieces of legislation in United Kingdom history, will transpose more than four decades of EU legislation into domestic law, repeal the European ...

Global Media Republican foes of health care bill win praise in districts
Author: 0 Republican foes of health care bill win praise in districts

The GOP and Mr. Trump guaranteed that their Obamacare alternative would give more people cheaper coverage at less cost to the federal government. "It was just reiterated that next time one of those calls come in, just hang up", Collins said, referring to the group's discussions at a Wednesday meeting.

Author: 0 Former Korean President Park Geun-hye is Arrested

The controversy centered around Park's friend and close adviser, Choi Soon-sil, who is alleged to have significant and inappropriate influence over Park. Prosecutors allege that Choi used her friendship with the president to extract $70 million in bribes from conglomerates as kickbacks for business favors, and that the former president colluded in the scheme.

Author: 0 South Korea's Impeached President Park Now Under Arrest

Ousted South Korean President Park Geun-hye, center, arrives at the Seoul Central District Court for hearing on a prosecutors' request for her arrest for corruption, in Seoul, South Korea , Thursday, March 30, 2017 . She had also been accused of allowing her longtime confidante, Choi Soon-sil, inappropriate influence in state affairs. Park allegedly offered governmental favours to top businessmen who enriched Choi, including Samsung's Lee.

Author: 0 Former Russian MP shot dead in Kiev in 'act of state terrorism'

According to a local police spokesperson, Jaroslav Trakalo, "The man came out of the hotel with his bodyguard". Voronenkov and his wife Maria Maksakova fled Russia in October a year ago, citing the "schizophrenic" Russian government as their reason.

Author: 0 Le Pen insists euro exit 'wouldn't be chaotic'

Before her meeting with Putin, Le Pen spoke to Russia's parliamentary speaker, Vyacheslav Volodin, and said she supported close cooperation between the two countries. Journalists crowded into the lower house of parliament, the Duma, for a le Pen press briefing. At this moment, Putin's meeting with Le Pen seems to be a significant move.

Author: 0 Putin on Russian-US relations

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö earlier in the forum said he would be "very pleased" to host a summit once Finland takes over running the Arctic Council. "I can see the USA ambassador (to Russia John Tefft) is sitting here. He is communicating with everyone", Putin told the audience at the forum. "If not, I think such a meeting [with the USA president] may be held as part of ordinary meetings of this kind at the G20 summit [due in Germany in July]", he said.

Author: 0 April Ryan: 'I was in shock'

By "it", he is of course referring to the fact that he told a grown woman to stop "shaking her head" when she was listening to him (not) respond to her question, and cutting sharply across her when she tried to bring her question back into focus.