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Global Media Putin on USA election hack charge: 'Read my lips: No'
Author: 0 Putin on USA election hack charge: 'Read my lips: No'

MOSCOW (AP) — President Vladimir Putin on Thursday emphatically denied allegations of Russian meddling in the US presidential election and said Moscow would maintain hopes of improving relations while waiting for political infighting in Washington to stop.

Author: 0 Chuck Barris Dies: 'Gong Show' Host, Daytime Producer Was 87

Farrah Fawcett, who was introduced as "an accomplished artist and sculptress" because she appeared prior to her big acting break in Charlie's Angels . One of his more well known novels is Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. In the 1984 book Confessions of a Dangerous Mind: An Unauthorized Autobiography, he said that between his high-profile gigs throughout his career he was a paid hitman for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Author: 0 US Embassy pleased Malaysians in North Korea returned home

Following negotiations that he described as "very sensitive", Prime Minister Najib Razak said Malaysia agreed to release the body in exchange for the return of the nine Malaysians held in Pyongyang . Najib's statement did not mention the safe passage given to the North Koreans that police had wanted to question, but it did say the travel ban on North Koreans leaving Malaysia had been lifted.

Global Media Freedom Caucus member defends against Trump
Author: 0 Freedom Caucus member defends against Trump

Justin Amash, R-Mich., a member of the group, said of the tweet. House Speaker Paul Ryan doesn't want to see President Donald Trump negotiate with Democrats on health care, he said Thursday morning. Trump's chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, has pushed for a hard line against the Freedom Caucus. According to the Washington Post , Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep.

Global Media Saudi King says Syrian subjected to 'killing' urges United Nations based political deal
Author: 0 Saudi King says Syrian subjected to 'killing' urges United Nations based political deal

Twenty-one kings, presidents and top officials from the Arab League summit pose for a group photo, at a gathering near the Dead Sea in Jordan on Wednesday, March 29, 2017. president Donald Trump's adviser Jason Greenblatt had what Mr Greenblatt described as a "very positive" meeting. "The Israeli government has since 2009 worked on wrecking the two-state solution by accelerating the tempo of settlements and the confiscation of land", Abbas told the Arab leaders.

Author: 0 Americans dislike GOP's, Trump's plan on health care

Rep. Jim Jordan (R., Ohio), a Freedom Caucus member, said the break with Trump on the health-care legislation was based on real policy differences, not a lack of loyalty. "I think we need to get it right and I'm going to continue to be one of those that says don't just pass anything, let's get it right". The approval ratings of many presidents through history are linked to the economy, with several - including Harry Truman, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama - suffering politically ...

Author: 0 Netanyahu set to approve first West Bank settlement for 20 years

BDS supporters object to Israel's continued building of illegal settlements on Palestinian land. Israel has approved thousands of new homes since Donald Trump was elected United States president, but they all have been additions to existing settlements.

Author: 0 Rand loses 4% on Gordhan sacking, imminent #Cabinetreshuffle

South Africa's president has replaced his embattled finance minister in an expected move that had spooked investors this week and sent the currency tumbling. The rand nosedived almost 4% against the dollar after President Jacob Zuma ousted Pravin Gordhan, plunging the country into a new round of political turmoil and economic uncertainty.

Author: 0 GOP senator criticizes Paul Ryan's warning to Reublicans on health care reform

And I understand his frustration". Trump, who has called for bipartisan cooperation in recent days, threatened in a tweet Thursday to fight both Democrats and Republicans. It seems like the President has one vision for the American people, and it is his vision. "That's why only 17 percent of the population supports this legislation".

Author: 0 China Hopes For Positive Outcome of Trump-Xi Meeting - Vice FM

Trump and his wife Melania will also host a dinner for Xi and China's first lady Peng Liyuan, it said. But Trump s tough language on trade and increasing frustration about China s policies on North Korea could signal he is already willing to throw sand in the gears.

Global Media House Republicans struggle to revive health care overhaul plan
Author: 0 House Republicans struggle to revive health care overhaul plan

Additionally, the New York Times reported that While House officials including Vice President Mike Pence and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon are engaged with talks with the Freedom Caucus and the moderate caucus the Tuesday Group. For the moment, there's limited evidence that real work towards wrangling Democrats for Trump's agenda is taking place and even less evidence enough Democrats exist to make any effort along those lines worthwhile.

Author: 0 Thousands shelter as 'screaming, howling' Cyclone Debbie hits north Australia

Police said one man was badly hurt when a wall collapsed at Proserpine, about 900 km (560 miles) northwest of the Queensland capital, Brisbane, and was taken to hospital. Telephone lines remain down, with power outages still in effect for nearly 50,000 people between the towns of Bowen and Mackay, and in the regions north and south of Airlie Beach, the publication reports.

Author: 0 Impeached S'Korean president apologises for corruption scandal

The friend, Choi Soon-Sil, is accused of using her presidential ties to force local firms including Samsung to "donate" almost $70 million to non-profit foundations she allegedly used for personal gains. Its reported by The New York Times that they said they will be re-examining the country's joint strategy with the USA on North Korea and defuse tension with China, that emerged because of the growing military presence of America in Asia.

Author: 0 Nicola Sturgeon to warn PM against blocking second independence vote

Sturgeon expects to get authorization from the devolved Scottish parliament on Wednesday to seek the terms for a new secession vote, aiming for a date once the terms for Brexit are clear but before Britain leaves the EU. "If a majority in the Scottish Parliament endorses that position, the Prime Minister should be clear about this". "It becomes the will of the democratically elected Parliament of Scotland ".

Author: 0 US wants China to take action to stop North Korea nuke tests

The nine Malaysians who were barred from leaving North Korea arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport early on Friday, where they were received by the foreign minister and large group of media who had waited overnight. Captured by CCTV footage at the airport, the men - later identified by South Korea as agents of Pyongyang's ministry of state security - were nearby when Kim was poisoned.

Global Media Malaysian PM Najib to sign bilateral pacts
Author: 0 Malaysian PM Najib to sign bilateral pacts

French President Francois Hollande lobbied on Tuesday for the sale of Rafale fighter aircraft to Malaysia, but Prime Minister Najib Razak said his government is not yet ready to purchase the jets. India is keen on building stronger political, economic and strategic ties with Malaysia, seen a moderate Muslim nation with a population of approximately 28 million.

Global Media Maoists attack Odisha railway station to oppose Modi visit
Author: 0 Maoists attack Odisha railway station to oppose Modi visit

As per information, a group of 20 heavily armed Maoists entered the premises of the station at around 1:30 am. They first ransacked the office, said station master S.K. One of the posters opposed the two-day visit of the Prime Minister to Odisha from April 15 to attend BJP's national executive meeting. They left behind posters protesting against his visit and the appointment of non-Odia personnel in Railways, as well as the police and paramilitary forces, in a show of resurgence like the ...

Author: 0 On whirlwind trip to Turkey, Tillerson tries to assuage a frustrated ally

Tillerson is speaking in Ankara after meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu (MEHV'-loot chah-voo-SHOH'-loo). Turkey has ended Operation Euphrates Shield along its border with Syria, but Prime Minister Binali Yildirim suggested on Wednesday there might be more cross-border campaigns to come.

Author: 0 NCAA plans to review 'bathroom bill' deal

After a year of backlash, the compromise plan was announced Wednesday night. North Carolina lawmakers were under pressure to reach an agreement on a repeal in order to be considered for future NCAA tournaments. Straus has indicated the measure is headed to the State Affairs committee, whose chair, Republican state Rep. Cooper, who was elected governor last November with support from LGBT forces and on a platform that included a complete repeal of HB2, said in a release that he supported ...

Author: 0 Expelled South Korean president arrested

Some of her hardcore supporters (paywall) had reportedly been waiting outside her home since Monday , when state prosecutors requested Park's arrest warrant. Choi is already on trial for forcing top local firms including the tech giant to "donate" almost $70 million to non-profit foundations which she allegedly used for personal gain, while Lee has been indicted for bribery and other offences.

Author: 0 Brownback vetoes Medicaid Expansion Plan; veto override vote on hold

Adam Searing, a research professor at Georgetown University's Center for Children and Families, tells the Wall Street Journal: "The thing that held states back was that they were going to end Medicaid expansion". "If this isn't the right time, when is the right time? ". "It's broken and we're saying we want to go ahead and get on the ride". The pro-Medicaid position has led to a tricky balancing act for some Republicans, considering that opposition to Obamacare has been a central plank in ...

Author: 0 Hong Kong police arrest more 2014 Umbrella Movement pro-democracy protest leaders

She was chosen for the post with 777 votes while her closest rival John Tsang, the former financial secretary, was able to secure 365 votes. However, the charged lawmaker Tanya Chan dismissed Lam's professed desire for unity, instead arguing that the incoming city leader's statement went against the promises of reconciliation.

Global Media Ryan says Congress awaiting new Russia documents
Author: 0 Ryan says Congress awaiting new Russia documents

The Senate committee intends to begin interviewing as many as 20 people, including Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and one of his closest advisers, beginning as early as Monday. Another witness, retired Gen. Keith Alexander, a former head of the National Security Agency and of the U.S. Cyber Command, said the Trump administration needs to "cool this down", referring to the Russian cyber attacks aimed at the U.S.

Global Media Queensland faces clean-up after Cyclone Debbie moves on
Author: 0 Queensland faces clean-up after Cyclone Debbie moves on

A local resident wades into flood waters blocking the road between the townships of Airlie Beach and Proserpine after Cyclone Debbie hit the area in northern Queensland, located south of Townsville in Australia on March 29. There was also serious damage to resorts on the idyllic Whitsunday Islands, a popular tourist destination, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

Global Media Investigator Devin Nunes begs to be investigated
Author: 0 Investigator Devin Nunes begs to be investigated

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., rejected demands that Nunes recuse himself . Sean Spicer angrily dismissed inquiries about the matter Tuesday, declaring that "every single person who's been briefed on this, as I've said ad nauseam from this podium.

Global Media Intel Committee Member: White House Mounting A Cover-Up
Author: 0 Intel Committee Member: White House Mounting A Cover-Up

Spicer said the White House never told Yates or her lawyer that it was invoking executive privilege. "I think he put his objectivity in question, at the very least", Graham said on NBC's "Today" show. Walter Jones on Tuesday became the first congressional Republican to call for fellow party member Rep. Devin Nunes to step aside from leading the House Intelligence Committee's probe into alleged ties between Russian Federation and Donald Trump's successful presidential campaign.

Author: 0 Erdogan Wants Speedy EU Decision on Turkey's Membership Bid

The president criticized European countries for allowing events for those campaigning for a "no" vote, while banning Turkish officials from rallying "yes" supporters. Turkey and Europe are locked in a bitter dispute after Germany and the Netherlands blocked Turkish ministers from campaigning in the local Turkish communities for a "yes" vote on boosting Erdogan's powers in next month's referendum.

Author: 0 United Kingdom condemns arrest of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny following anti-corruption protests

Authorities in most cities had denied permission for the rallies. The Kremlin has dismissed the opposition as Westernized urban elite disconnected from the issues faced by the poor in Russia's far-flung regions, but Sunday's protests included demonstrations in the areas which typically produce a high vote for President Vladimir Putin, from Siberia's Chita to Dagestan's Makhachkala.

Author: 0 Why Is the Justice Department Trying to Silence Sally Yates?

Two days after the hearing, in which Nunes peppered Comey and Rogers with obscure questions on unmasking and incidental collection , the Californian congressman and former Trump transition team official disclosed in a press briefing that he saw evidence of possible surveillance of then-President-elect Trump and his associates.

Global Media Britain does not expect 50 billion pound Brexit bill: Davis
Author: 0 Britain does not expect 50 billion pound Brexit bill: Davis

While the government has said it will use these so-called Henry VIII powers only for technical matters, some lawmakers fear a power grab by ministers. The referendum result has also led to a renewed campaign for independence in Scotland, after a majority of Scots voted for Britain to stay in the European Union in the June referendum.

Global Media United Kingdom negotiator denies govt is blackmailing European Union on security
Author: 0 United Kingdom negotiator denies govt is blackmailing European Union on security

The European Council President, Donald Tusk, is expected to set on Friday draft guidelines that will form the basis for EU negotiations with the UK. Last week on 20th March Prime Minister Theresa May in a press conference as stated about triggering the article 50 of the Lisbon treaty, with the beginning of the legal process that must end in two years' time with Britain leaving the EU.

Author: 0 Police release mugshot of Westminster terror attacker Khalid Masood

Two people are now in a critical condition - one with life-threatening injuries - in hospital. Mark Rowley revealed the name in a briefing outside Scotland Yard in which he also announced two more " significant " arrests had been made. Most of the arrests have been in Birmingham, a city in the West Midlands where the suspect Khalid Masood is believed to have been living most recently, and which has a history of issues with radicalization.

Global Media Russian Federation investigation: Who is Clint Watts
Author: 0 Russian Federation investigation: Who is Clint Watts

It was another big day in the world of investigators seeking answers on Russia's interference in the United States elections - here are the top five takeaways. And he says the Russians continue to interfere in USA politics, specifically targeting House Speaker Paul Ryan of late. S. Korean ex-president jailed over corruption allegations: South Korea's disgraced former President Park Geun-hye was arrested and jailed Friday over high-profile corruption allegations that already ended her ...

Global Media House Freedom Caucus Saved GOP Majority from Ryancare Disaster, Says Voter Study
Author: 0 House Freedom Caucus Saved GOP Majority from Ryancare Disaster, Says Voter Study

Perhaps the initial tax legislation will start in a better place, the process will be more deliberate, and President Trump will get immersed more readily in something (the tax code) central to his business dealings. "No, but I told him to just add it to his investigation", Ryan said. "There is zero personal animosity from me towards him", Sanford said. Griffith's communications director, Jessica Paska, said in an email: "Congressman Griffith said, 'I have been on board with the health care ...

Global Media Leaders reaffirm support for Palestinian state at Arab summit
Author: 0 Leaders reaffirm support for Palestinian state at Arab summit

The summit's concluding statement also called on all countries not to relocate their embassies to Jerusalem, and to respect all UN Security Council resolutions. In the final year of U.S. president Barack Obama's administration, Netanyahu, then-secretary of state John Kerry, Abdullah and Sisi met in Aqaba to discuss a regional solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that would include a number of amendments to the Arab Peace Initiative.

Author: 0 SC defers hearing in Babri Masjid conspiracy case

The top court said that it may also appoint a principal negotiator if the parties want. The Supreme Court on Tuesday favoured an amicable settlement to the Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute in Ayodhya and offered to act as mediator, which was welcomed by the BJP but ruled out by the Babri Masjid Action Committee and others.

Author: 0 Arun Jaitley tables four bills

The GST Bill will subsume various indirect levies of the Centre and states like service tax, excise duty, octroi and value added tax (VAT) and will extend across India except to Jammu and Kashmir. Sources say the Centre's concession to J&K resulted after hectic backroom parleys between Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and J&K Finance Minister Dr.Haseeb Drabu.

Global Media Trump predicts 'difficult' Chinese meeting
Author: 0 Trump predicts 'difficult' Chinese meeting

The session would come amid such tense issues as trade, North Korea, and territorial disputes in the South China Sea. Trump has made it a key priority of his administration to get China to exercise more leverage as the main energy and food provider for North Korea to rein in the provocative regime.

Global Media Banbridge book of condolence for passing of Martin McGuinness
Author: 0 Banbridge book of condolence for passing of Martin McGuinness

O'Neill added: "Growing up as a young republican I was inspired by Martin McGuinness and I continue to be today". Prime Minister Theresa May told parliament she could never condone the ex-IRA commander's violent past but she credited his "indispensable" role in moving the Republican movement away from violence.

Author: 0 Trump to meet China's Xi in Florida next week

China has confirmed the dates of President Xi Jinping's trip to the U.S. to meet his counterpart Donald Trump. Last month, Trump hosted Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Palm Beach resort after a White House summit, and they played golf together.

Author: 0 'Huge Problems On Our Doorstep Yet The SNP Are Fixated On Independence'

Sturgeon added that a delay until after the next Scottish parliamentary elections in 2021 would not be acceptable. For a binding independence referendum to go ahead, Westminster must issue an order in council temporarily devolving power to the Scottish parliament to authorise it.

Global Media North Korean missile launch fails, USA and South Korea say
Author: 0 North Korean missile launch fails, USA and South Korea say

Pacific Command spokesman Dave Benham said in a statement . Last night, the North's KCNA news agency said its new rocket engine would help the state achieve world-class satellite-launch capability, indicating a new type of rocket engine for an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Global Media Wyden wants review of Russia-Trump relationships
Author: 0 Wyden wants review of Russia-Trump relationships

The leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee are expected to brief the press on Wednesday afternoon about the status of their investigation. "We are within weeks of completing our review of those documents". "The House is paralyzed on this thing", Rep. Charlie Dent, said in an interview. He added, "They have a much greater likelihood of providing a report that the House does at this point".

Author: 0 Pence: Trump Administration 'Has Put Iran on Notice'

Trump also wants to see Israeli-Palestinian peace, Pence said, "and undoubtedly there will have to be compromises", an allusion to Trump's asking Israel to slow down settlement building. The adopted resolution that condemned Israel's settlement in the West Bank and East Jerusalem was met with heavy backlash from Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Global Media Republicans try to move past bitterness to tackle US tax reform
Author: 0 Republicans try to move past bitterness to tackle US tax reform

He said the ultra-conservative voting bloc " will hurt the entire Republican agenda". Ted Poe's resignation comes after the right-wing caucus vehemently opposed the Republican healthcare proposal, for which he wanted to vote. Ryan said if Republicans are going to live up to their promise to get rid of Obamacare "and save the American health care system", Democrats are not the answer.

Author: 0 Australia Shouldn't Pick Between US and China, Premier Li Says

Li said the world's second-largest economy will work with Australia to make greater achievements in bilateral trade. Premier Li said the South China Sea had always been a peaceful and stable place where up to 100,000 commercial ships a year traversed the sea lanes without incident, and few reports of piracy.

Author: 0 Thunder edge Magic in OT

He is undoubtedly the king of the stadium, best in the business and certainly relentless. "Nah, man", said Westbrook, who has 37 triple-doubles and needs four in the final nine games to tie Oscar Robertson's National Basketball Association record set during the 1961-62 season.

Global Media Budgam encounter: 2 civilians killed as security forces fire at protesters
Author: 0 Budgam encounter: 2 civilians killed as security forces fire at protesters

A spokesman of the Northern Command of the army said that one terrorist has been killed in the encounter and an AK rifle and ammunition recovered. Clashes erupted in the village immediately after the gunfight broke out. Terming the incident as "naked bloodbath", the Hurriyat Conference, meanwhile, has called for a state-wide shutdown on Wednesday in protest against the civilian killings.

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