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Author: 0 Ivanka Trump to serve as unpaid employee in White House

The Trump administration sought to block former acting Attorney General Sally Yates from testifying in the House investigation of possible links between Russian officials and Donald Trump's campaign, according to letters provided to the Washington Post .

Author: 0 Putin aide says US-Russia relations at a low

Mr Flynn was forced to resign as Mr Trump's national security adviser in February for failing to disclose talks with the Russian ambassador before Mr Trump took office about United States sanctions on Moscow and misleading vice president Mike Pence about the conversations.

Global Media North Korea missile test fails, USA and South say, as tensions simmer
Author: 0 North Korea missile test fails, USA and South say, as tensions simmer

United States of America and South Korea are aware of the missile launch but to their knowledge North Korea's missile launch was unsuccessful, S.Korea's Ministry of Defense said . North Korea has stated that its goal is to develop a nuclear device small enough to be placed on a long-range missile capable of reaching the United States.

Global Media Shutdown? GOP says no as it tries to save Trump priorities
Author: 0 Shutdown? GOP says no as it tries to save Trump priorities

Pelosi did send a letter to all House Democrats this week urging input and ideas for ways to improve the current health care system in the county. Trump's promise to "repeal and replace" Mr. Obama's signature accomplishment, one that he said would be done relatively "quickly". Just 20% think he could have tried harder.

Author: 0 Bill Clinton and Arlene Foster attend funeral for Martin McGuinness in Derry

The senior Sinn Féin politician died earlier this week aged 66, following a short illness. After his passionate eulogy Mr Clinton spoke briefly with the McGuinness family and touched the coffin as he walked by. Referring to Foster and other unionists present inside the church on Thursday afternoon, Fr Michael Canny said in his homily: "There are people in this church today whose presence would have been unthinkable only a generation ago".

Global Media European Union lays out draft Brexit guidelines
Author: 0 European Union lays out draft Brexit guidelines

European Council President Donald Tusk told reporters it was an unhappy day for both London and Brussels. "At the same time , the PM is right to spell out her vision of a Britain outside the single market - and outside the European Union legal order - but able none the less to continue the trading relationship that is so important for businesses and consumers both sides of the Channel".

Author: 0 Mosul Civilian Casualties Difficult To Avoid - US General

A federal police officer carries an injured boy through a destroyed train station during fighting between Iraqi security forces and Islamic State militants, on the western side of Mosul . Officials and witnesses say air strikes have taken a devastating toll on those who remain. The U.S. military has acknowledged that the U.S. -led coalition probably had a role in the March 17 explosion, but said Islamic State also could be to blame.

Author: 0 China downplays tensions with US as Xi prepares to meet Trump

Trump had even raised questions about why the U.S. should adhere to the "One China" policy of diplomatically recognizing only Beijing , not Taiwan, when China is not helping the USA with the North Korea problem, though he later promised to respect the policy.

Global Media Korea's major parties are reacting to Park's arrest,
Author: 0 Korea's major parties are reacting to Park's arrest,

Park is accused of allowing her close friend and confidante Choi Soon-sil to extort money from some of South Korea's conglomerates (known as chaebol) such as Hyundai and Samsung in return for political favors. The first South Korean president to be impeached, Park spent both her youth and later years in the Blue House. Prosecutors had requested Park's arrest earlier this week over bribery and abuse of power charges during her tenure.

Global Media US Woman crashes into police cruiser outside the US Capitol
Author: 0 US Woman crashes into police cruiser outside the US Capitol

A female driver was arrested Wednesday morning after reportedly hitting a police cruiser and almost running over police officers at the USA capitol. Nearly exactly one year ago, U.S. Operations inside the Capitol building appeared normal. Twitter user Scott Ferson said: "Cops ran to base of hill". The agency also said that the suspect had no "previous history" with the agency.

Author: 0 FBI Has Info Trump Associates 'Possibly Coordinated' With Russia

Thanks to the length of the hearing and the immediacy of Twitter , Comey was able to comment on the president's commentary without leaving his seat. The FBI has already been investigating four former Trump campaign associates, which include former NSA director Michael Flynn; Paul Manafort , Trump's former campaign manager; Trump political consultant and longtime friend, Roger Stone; and Carter Page, the campaign's foreign policy advisor, whose role campaign staffers later denied amid ...

Author: 0 Erdogan expects Turkish parliament to restore capital punishment

Erdogan made the remarks only a day after the government threatened to abandon a refugee agreement with the European Union, which was sealed in March 2016 to stem the flow of refugees to Europe in return for financial and political rewards for Ankara .

Author: 0 Trump threatens war on House Freedom Caucus in 2018

Meadows says the group will be more flexible in this debate than they were on health care. "We have come a long way in our country when the speaker of one party urges a president NOT to work with the other party to solve a problem", the senator from Tennessee tweeted Thursday in response to Ryan's comments to CBS News.

Author: 0 AIPAC opens conference with appeal to bipartisanship amid polarization

The new U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, drew thunderous applause at the AIPAC annual conference Monday night after every sentence of her speech: "We said the days of Israel-bashing are over". The Trump administration will not allow a repeat of last year's United Nations Security Council Resolution condemning Israel for its settlements, the ambassador to the body, Nikki Haley, told AIPAC.

Global Media Scottish leader softens stance on possible independence vote timing
Author: 0 Scottish leader softens stance on possible independence vote timing

The former premier also emphasised the potentially dire economic consequences of Scotland exiting the British single market in order to pursue membership of the much less significant European single market, without any guarantees that this would not end up being vetoed by Spain or otherwise failing in any case.

Author: 0 White House threatens to bypass conservatives on tax reform

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer of New York, flanked by Sen. "House Republicans' optimism that they could find a GOP-based solution to health care is undercut by comments this week by the White House and Senate Republicans who say any future health care legislation will likely require Democratic support - a tacit acknowledgement that repealing Obamacare is off the table".

Author: 0 Ireland boss O'Neill slams Wales superstar Bale for challenge in Dublin

Coleman has been a key component of Everton's right-sided attack, and has four goals and three assists just this season, having started 247 games for the Blues since 2010/11. " I tried to go to the hospital Seamus was in after the game but the FAI said he'd had a few family visitors and they were trying to get him to sleep ".

Global Media Repeal, replace not that easy
Author: 0 Repeal, replace not that easy

White House spokesman Sean Spicer continued to say he anticipated a House vote on the bill by the end of the day. Those are real issues, but they are a long way from treating the ACA as the EZ-Pass Lane on the Road to Serfdom. The CBO report calculates that a 64-year-old person making $26,500 a year pays around $1,700 in annual premiums right now. A lot of people are getting used to the idea of having health insurance.

Global Media Terror threat behind electronic travel ban revealed
Author: 0 Terror threat behind electronic travel ban revealed

Instead, they'll have to check them in. The government told the domestic Press Association news agency that it had immediately informed the 14 airlines impacted by the new measure, but that it would be introduced "in the coming days". They have 96 hours to fully comply. The US administration specified that national carriers do not fly from these Airports. What are the airlines saying? Airlines will be responsible for policing the cabin ban, and if they fail to do so could lose their ...

Author: 0 Wenger to announce his future plans 'very soon'

After beating Arsenal on Saturday, West Brom boss Tony Pulis paid his respects to Wenger's achievements at Arsenal and said he expected the Frenchman to still be around next season. After claiming a top-two finish in every season between 1997-98 and 2004-05, Arsenal have often flirted with fifth or worse since. "It's very worrying because we are not used to that [a poor run of form]", Wenger told reporters.

Author: 0 Malaysia interviewed, cleared 3 N. Koreans before they left

Kim, who had been living in exile for several years, was killed at Kuala Lumpur's airport on Feb.13 in a freakish assassination using VX nerve agent , a chemical so lethal that it is on a United Nations list of weapons of mass destruction.

Global Media Namaz postures similar to Surya Namaskar: Yogi Adityanath
Author: 0 Namaz postures similar to Surya Namaskar: Yogi Adityanath

The chief minister said that talking about yoga was considered communal before 2014, however, things changed after Prime Minister Narendra Modi took measures to popularise it. Addressing the gathering, he said that people did not even give alms to the "yogis" but Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave him the responsibility of entire Uttar Pradesh.

Author: 0 Brexit security row a 'misunderstanding', Cabinet minister says

Tusk is presenting the EU's draft negotiating guidelines to leaders of the remaining 27 member states Friday. Within hours of the result on June 23 a year ago, in which 17.4 million people vote Leave in a 52 per cent to 48 per cent victory for Brexit campaigners, Mr Cameron resigned.

Global Media Gordhan: S.Africa's respected former finance minister
Author: 0 Gordhan: S.Africa's respected former finance minister

According to the report, Gordhan, Jonas and Treasury director general Lungisa Fuzile had set up "secret meetings" to start "operation Check Mate" and to tell investors they stood together against Zuma and the corruption of the Guptas. Gordhan was also widely praised for overhauling the tax system, tripling the country's tax haul from 185 billion rand in 1999 to 558 billion rand in 2009.

Global Media William and Kate throw rugby passes with children in Paris
Author: 0 William and Kate throw rugby passes with children in Paris

The duchess and her royal beau attended a gala on Friday at the Paris home of British Ambassador Edward Llewellyn . "The depth and the breadth of our cooperation will not change". Later, at a dinner, William read out a message from the Queen to France saying: "I retain an enduring affection for this handsome country and its people ".

Author: 0 Fighting Islamic State Top Goal in Middle East, Tillerson Says

American military brass are in no rush to leave once Mosul is retaken, and Baghdad "is very keen" to have US and coalition support going forward, Votel said . President Donald Trump promised to " demolish and destroy " IS, Tillerson told the coalition envoys in his opening remarks. As a candidate, Trump announced he had a secret plan to defeat ISIS, even as he was suggesting that the USA needed to pull back from acting as a world policeman and enforcer of stability.

Author: 0 Arab Leaders Say They Are Ready To Relaunch Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan

Arab leaders have been unable to find common ground on how to end Syria's conflict, which in six years has killed more than 320,000 people and forced millions from their homes. "Mr. Greenblatt welcomed hearing the perspectives of Arab leaders on Israeli-Palestinian issues and highlighted the important role regional partners can play in the pursuit of peace", the embassy added.

Author: 0 Michael Flynn in talks with Congress, wary of prosecution

Trump spokesman Sean Spicer said Thursday the material the White House wants the House and Senate intelligence leaders to view was discovered by the National Security Council through the course of regular business. Flynn was forced to resign as Trump's national security adviser in February for failing to disclose talks with the Russian ambassador before Trump took office about USA sanctions on Moscow and misleading Vice President Mike Pence about the conversations.

Author: 0 Pair of Senate Democrats signal support for Gorsuch nomination

Supreme Court nominee judge Neil Gorsuch testifies during a third day of his Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., March 22, 2017. But that was complicated by allegations of ethics violations. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has not yet said whether he would pursue that option.

Author: 0 Putin wants to meet Trump before July's G20 summit

Putin said: "Read my lips: No". Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday he wants to meet with President Donald Trump before the G20 summit in July and hopes for warmer relations with the United States. However, Rubio did state matter-of-factly that Putin sought to interfere in the American elections. On Wednesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee began its investigation of Russian interference, during which it will look deeper into Trump administration employees who may have ...

Global Media Arrest warrant approved against South Korea's ex-president Park
Author: 0 Arrest warrant approved against South Korea's ex-president Park

They include Park confidante Choi Soon-sil, Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong and some top government officials. The arrest warrant for Park, which was sought by prosecutors earlier this week, was issued by the court, following the Thursday hearing that had lasted for almost nine hours, the longest-ever in the country's history.

Global Media South Africa's President Zuma sacks finance minister
Author: 0 South Africa's President Zuma sacks finance minister

Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa says he disagreed with president Jacob Zuma over the axing of finance minister, Pravin Gordhan , whom he said served with distinction. "I have directed the new ministers and deputy ministers to work tirelessly with their colleagues to bring about radical socio-economic transformation", he said in an official statement, adding that he had instructed the new entrants to ensure that the "promise of a better life for the poor and the working class" becomes a ...

Author: 0 North Korean suspects in Kim Jong Nam killing head home

From Beijing, the coffin was transferred to a flight to Pyongyang along with the three men. Under the deal negotiated with North Korean officials who travelled to Kuala Lumpur, nine Malaysians were allowed to fly out of Pyongyang to return to Malaysia.

Global Media Israel Approves Settlements For First Time In 25 Years
Author: 0 Israel Approves Settlements For First Time In 25 Years

An Israeli government-sanctioned settlement would be the first official new settlement in more than 20 years and would surely draw global criticism. The settlement activity may be a way for Netanyahu to gain support from far-right members of his coalition government. "Netanyahu is held captive by the settlers, and chooses his political survival over the interest of the state of Israel ", the group said.

Author: 0 UK fight looms over gov't plan for 'great repeal' of EU laws

How will Brexit impact the United Kingdom economy? May called for national unity in her speech to Parliament, urging optimism and belief in the "British spirit". Their priority is settling Britain's outstanding obligations, estimated between 55 and 60 billion euros [$59bn and $65bn] - an early battle that could set the tone for the rest of the negotiations.

Global Media EU President Presents Guidelines On Britain's exit
Author: 0 EU President Presents Guidelines On Britain's exit

FLIGHTS between Britain and Europe could be suspended indefinitely in the immediate aftermath of Brexit, according to Ryanair. It had called for simultaneous talks on exit terms and future trade ties. The EU's draft letter states that Britain's exit bill will be a once only payment. A spokesman for the United Kingdom government said: "These are draft guidelines and we look forward to beginning negotiations once they have been formally agreed by the 27 member states".

Global Media Man having sex with wife in fatal DUI crash gets 5 years
Author: 0 Man having sex with wife in fatal DUI crash gets 5 years

In his sentencing hearing Wednesday, Notebaert said the couple began drinking while at a concert to mark his wife's first night out after giving birth to their second child. After his five-year sentence, Notebaert will be on probation for five years. In an emotional plea to judge Laura Johnson, Notebaert said: "I miss her more than words can express".

Global Media Niagara Region beats out Waterloo Region for 2021 Canada Summer Games
Author: 0 Niagara Region beats out Waterloo Region for 2021 Canada Summer Games

The Canada Games began in 1967 and attract the country's top amateurs in a wide variety of sports every two years - alternating between winter and summer events - with athletes representing their province or territory. After months of preparation and trying to woo Canada Games officials back in February, it all comes down to today. The bidding process for the 2021 summer games required all of Niagara to be united in their effort to bring the event to the region.

Author: 0 Justice League 2017 Film First Official Trailer Released

Fans love pitting superheroes against superheroes. There's no sign of the film's supervillain, Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds), in the trailer, but he's clearly brought an army of Parademons with him from Apokolips to assist in his quest for the mother boxes - both of which are visible in a scene featuring Dr.

Author: 0 U.S. judge extends order blocking Trump travel ban

Government attorneys have tried to convince the judge not to consider comments Trump has made about the travel ban. Watson's ruling allows Hawaii's lawsuit to work its way through the courts."The next move is theirs", Chin said of the Department of Justice.

Global Media IS propaganda team killed in Iraq air strike: coalition
Author: 0 IS propaganda team killed in Iraq air strike: coalition

A US probe into the incident has moved from an assessment to a more formal investigation, Votel said . A senior US general said on Wednesday it will be hard to maintain "extraordinarily high standards" to avoid civilian casualties in Mosul, even as the USA military begins a formal investigation into an explosion in the Iraqi city that is believed to have killed scores of civilians.

Author: 0 Flynn offers to testify for immunity, report says

Russian Federation has denied allegations that it hacked emails of Democratic groups and released information to tip the presidential election toward Trump. "Spokesman for House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes, Jack Langer, says otherwise: 'Michael Flynn has not offered to testify to HPSCI in exchange for immunity.' A House Democratic aide concurs: 'HPSCI Dems have not received an offer to testify to the committee for immunity'".

Author: 0 North Carolina governor signs repeal of bathroom law

One provision says, "No local government in this state may enact or amend an ordinance regulating private employment practices or regulating public accommodations" before December 2020, which only slightly eases one of the worst parts of HB 2.

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