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Author: 0 KZN officials laud indelible mark Ahmed Kathrada left on struggle for freedom

We are shattered by his death but Kathrada will be remembered for his role in creating a new and vibrant South Africa. But laws that discriminated against non-whites existed prior to that. The person harbouring those emotions suffers more. While remaining loyal to the liberation movement, Kathrada had been critical of the ANC's direction in recent years.

Author: 0 After 'Euphrates Shield', Turkey to remain attuned to Syria security: Erdogan spokesman

But the North Carolina native flew to the Turkish capital city anyway because she already had a plane ticket, and Andrew, her husband, had told her that he felt that God had told him she would meet America's top diplomat. Moreover, Cavusoglu reiterated the extradition demand for Fethullah Gulen, a US based Islamic preacher who is accused by the Turkish government of orchestrating a coup attempt in July, 2016.

Global Media Germany balks at Tillerson call for more European NATO spending
Author: 0 Germany balks at Tillerson call for more European NATO spending

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, who has supported the Trump rhetoric as a way to reinforce his own long fight to boost spending, nonetheless issued a defense of European contributions. The former Norwegian premier set the tone early when he dismissed anew fears that Trump was less committed to the transatlantic alliance than his predecessors, citing words of support and increased U.S.

Global Media Germany says Turkish President Erdogan's Nazi comparisons are unacceptable
Author: 0 Germany says Turkish President Erdogan's Nazi comparisons are unacceptable

In March, Germany infuriated Turkey after it prevented Turkish ministers from campaigning in the European country for a "Yes" vote in the upcoming referendum. are not only insulting and absolutely wrong, they also diminish the reign of terror of the Nazis ", he said in a statement. Raising the issue at the start of a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, she stressed that "appearances by Turkish politicians here can only take place on the basis of the principles ...

Global Media Ousted South Korean president Park Geun-hye arrested on corruption charges
Author: 0 Ousted South Korean president Park Geun-hye arrested on corruption charges

South Korea's former President Park Geun-hye was arrested early Friday after a court ordered her detention barely three weeks after she was ousted for alleged corruption. The arrest warrant for Park, which was sought by prosecutors earlier this week, was issued by the court, following the Thursday hearing that had lasted for almost nine hours, the longest-ever in the country's history.

Global Media This is what you get, Mr. Speaker
Author: 0 This is what you get, Mr. Speaker

Let me say this: "It's very important that we allow and encourage whistleblowers to talk to Congress", Ryan said . Unfortunately, Speaker Ryan, in the grand tradition of the skilled diplomats and expert negotiators who previously occupied his seat, has already declared that exploring bipartisan compromise will not happen on his watch.

Author: 0 French presidential debate dominated by Islam and Burkini row

Marine Le Pen, French National Front (FN) political party leader and candidate for French 2017 presidential election, addresses supporters during a political rally in Metz, France , March 18, 2017. "I just can not summarize what you are saying", Le Pen said to Macron near midnight in a condescending tone, as the candidates showed increasing fatigue; Macron was caught on camera rubbing his eyes.

Author: 0 Trump threatened Sanford with primary opponent if he voted against repeal

On Friday, conservative leaders said "getting it right" means repealing the entire architecture of Obamacare, not just part of it. It doesn't do what we told the voters we'd do and the American people understand. " Tweets , statements and blame don't change the facts", Jordan said. I think it's going to happen. "What I am encouraging our members to do is keep talking with each other until we can get consensus to pass this bill".

Author: 0 Texas church bus crash: NTSB wants to interview truck driver

The deaths of 13 senior adults in a crash as they returned home from a retreat has left fellow worshippers at their Texas church mourning the smiling regulars who served in the kitchen, led Bible studies and spent time in fellowship. The National Transportation Safety Board has sent investigators to look into the crash. Three others were seriously injured. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sent his condolences to the victims' families.

Author: 0 Adam Schiff blasts Devin Nunes for "providing cover" to Trump

The most recent development is the cancellation by Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) of an open session hearing where former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates , and former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency John Brennan were set to testify .

Global Media Martin McGuinness: NI Assembly recalled to remember former minister
Author: 0 Martin McGuinness: NI Assembly recalled to remember former minister

In the recent United Kingdom referendum on Europe, a majority of Northern Ireland voters chose to remain within the European Union. Among their concerns was the state of the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, now governed by a common travel area which allows free travel between the two countries.

Author: 0 US Speaker Ryan doesn't want Trump to work with Democrats on healthcare

What better way to look like the good guys than to do what Republicans couldn't and to do something they'd been promising the American people for years? But Democrats insist they stand open to bipartisan work to improve Obama's law. "Nancy and I see things very, very differently", Ryan said . Asked about moderates who want to preserve those aspects of the health care law, Brooks, said: "If the American people want a repeal of Obamacare, then they need to start electing Republicans who will ...

Author: 0 Rex Tillerson says Assad's fate to be decided by Syrian people

Tillerson said the pair had discussed " a number of options and alternatives" for cooperation, but could come to no agreement. "These are not easy decisions", he said, referring to the debates with Turkey over the battle plans for Syria .

Global Media Allies show off bomber after 'failed' North Korean test
Author: 0 Allies show off bomber after 'failed' North Korean test

The United States, Japan and South Korea, as well as Russian Federation and China, took part in talks with Pyongyang between 2003 and 2009 on denuclearizing the Korean peninsula, but North Korea withdrew from the talks. The Pentagon is increasingly concerned about North Korea's ability to miniaturize a nuclear warhead and eventually place it on a ballistic missile.

Author: 0 London Attacker Acted Alone, Admits UK's Scotland Yard Police

Police continue to search five addresses and another 16 searches have concluded. Ellwood, a former army officer whose brother died in the 2002 Bali bombing, gave mouth-to-mouth-resuscitation to Constable Keith Palmer after he was stabbed by attacker Khalid Masood as he was guarding the Parliament.

Global Media South Korea: Sewol ferry emerges from the water 3 years after sinking
Author: 0 South Korea: Sewol ferry emerges from the water 3 years after sinking

Other bereaved family members gathered at Paengmok harbour, an hour away from the site, huddled in front of a small computer monitor for any updates to the salvage operation. The incident was a black mark on the presidency of Park Geun-hye, who appeared to be absent during the unfolding disaster, not addressing the nation until seven hours after the ferry began taking on water.

Global Media Israeli warplanes hit targets in Syria as tensions flare
Author: 0 Israeli warplanes hit targets in Syria as tensions flare

According to the nrg news site, the strikes were against targets affiliated with Hezbollah, possibly on a weapons shipment to the Shiite terrorist group, which is based in Lebanon but is fighting in Syria alongside Assad's forces against rebels and Sunni militants.

Author: 0 Malaysia, North Korea exchange 'hostages,' resolving weeks of tensions

On March 7 , Pyongyang barred Malaysians in North Korea from leaving that country and Kuala Lumpur took the same action in a tit-for-tat move. Kim Jong Nam, the older half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, died in Kuala Lumpur on February 13 and Malaysian authorities said his death was part of a weird assassination using VX nerve agent , reported Reuters .

Author: 0 Israel arrests Jewish teen over anti-Semitic threats in USA, elsewhere

According to investigators, the 19-year-old is also believed to have placed a threat against Delta Airlines in February 2015, prompting a flight to make an emergency landing. As news broke of an arrest in the case of recent threats made against Jewish schools and centers across the world, South Florida's Jewish community and politicians from across Florida are possibly beginning to feel some relief.

Author: 0 Theresa May woos European press on Brexit deal

The document will be on the agenda of a special European Union summit set for April 29 which is meant to pave the way forward. It also spelled out European Union resistance to Britain scrapping swathes of tax, environmental and labour laws if it wants to have an eventual free trade pact.

Author: 0 United Nations chief alarmed at Israel's decision to build new settlement

The Palestinians and the United Nations on Friday condemned the Israeli cabinet's approval of the first officially sanctioned new settlement in the occupied West Bank in more than 25 years. Trump condemned the decision at the time. "Peace is not going to be achieved by tolerating such crimes", he said. The PMO also announced the approval of some 2,000 new settlement houses.

Global Media Five men arrested in India over attacks on Africans
Author: 0 Five men arrested in India over attacks on Africans

It may be noted that this is the third incident wherein Africans have been the focus of violent attacks by locals in Greater Noida . Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj also assured Parliament of action in the attack on four Nigerian students in a Mall in Greater Noida , Uttar Pradesh.

Author: 0 Brazil qualify for 2018 World Cup in Russian Federation

Brazil were made to wait until the 35 minute as Liverpool midfielder Phillipe Coutinho opened the scoring for the hosts as he exchanged a series of passes with Paulinho and drilled the shot at the bottom corner of the Paraguayan. Neymar was a clear target for Paraguay during the early exchanges, fouled on several occasions but the star man dusted himself off and got on with the job, nearly setting up the opener in the sixth minute following a teasing delivery to Paulinho.

Author: 0 Democrat, Republican weigh parties' strategies in Gorsuch confirmation chess match

The Senate Judiciary Committee held four days of confirmation hearings this week, including two days questioning Gorsuch. "If we're going to vote against a nominee because they won't tell us things that we want to hear about issues important to us, then the whole nominating process has become a joke", said Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of SC.

Author: 0 Turkey Ends 'Euphrates Shield' Operation in Syria

Although the meeting with the Turkish president took place behind closed doors, it is believed the two discussed a possible assault on the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, among other issues. "These are not easy decisions", he said, referring to the debates with Turkey over combat strategy in Syria. The Turkish government's frustration has also fueled significant anti-American sentiment among ordinary Turks, many of whom appear to believe that Gulen is, or was, a Central Intelligence Agency asset.

Author: 0 Booker Statement on Trump's Climate Change Executive Order

Trump said Tuesday while surrounded by coal industry executives. President Obama put the Clean Power Plan into effect with an executive order in 2015. Nor does he believe that the order will revive coal production because coal is more expensive than gas, and numerous nation's coal plants are old and inefficient.

Global Media Congress wants Goa CMs apology for misleading people
Author: 0 Congress wants Goa CMs apology for misleading people

The Congress on Friday demanded an apology from Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar while alleging that he has given "false assurances" in the Legislative Assembly on drafting the Regional Plan 2021. Mr Singh, who alleged that the BJP indulged in buying of lawmakers in the state, tweeted this morning, "If he (Manohar Parrikar) has to thank anyone it is Nitin Gadkari who did aggressive MLA Shopping on 12th March early morning from Hotel in Goa".

Author: 0 IGP rubbishes report Jong Nam mistaken for S Korean

He said nine Malaysians who were barred from leaving the North were scheduled to leave Pyongyang in the evening. Pinkston said that while North Korea could view both the assassination and removing its stranded nationals from Malaysia's jurisdiction as a successful mission, the three men could still likely expect a rough reception at home.

Author: 0 [Editorial] Park Geun-hye's arrest affirms South Korea's rule of law

Former President Park Geun-hye is entering Seoul Central District Court in Seocho district for a hearing to await the ruling on her arrest warrant, on the evening of March 30. Park's confidante and the scandal's central figure Choi Soon-sil, Samsung Group's de facto chief Lee Jae-yong, former presidential chief of staff Kim Ki-choon and former Culture Minister Cho Yoon-sun, to name a few.

Author: 0 Russell Westbrook scores 57 as triple-double record inches closer

On Thursday, the irrepressible, unstoppable Westbrook took his game to an even higher stratosphere in a performance that just might have won him the NBA's Most Valuable Player award. IN slipped into a tie for seventh place in the East with the Miami Heat, both teams 1 1/2 games ahead of the Chicago Bulls in the race for the conference's last two playoff spots.

Global Media Helicopter crash victims recovered from Snowdonia
Author: 0 Helicopter crash victims recovered from Snowdonia

Friends in Co Mayo said members of the Burke family were expected to stay in their parents' house, now a holiday home, this weekend. A police vehicle passes a sign near Trawsfynydd in the Snowdonia mountain range in north Wales near where the wreckage has been discovered of a Twin Squirrel helicopter which went missing Wednesday while flying to Dublin from the south of England.

Author: 0 Politicians and protesters over the weekend in Rome

Young European Movement Edinburgh chairman Jean Francois-Poncet said the march was to protest against Brexit and commemorate 60 years of the European Union. After days of carping from Poland and Greece, seeking to show home voters they were getting Brussels to give assurances about equal treatment and social welfare, the Rome Declaration the 27 will sign just before noon (1100 GMT) offers ringing phrases about peace and unity.

Author: 0 The EU publishes its official plan for Brexit talks

In response, a spokesperson for the United Kingdom government said: "These are draft guidelines and we look forward to beginning negotiations once they have been formally agreed by the 27 member states". "The now on the other side of the other side of the table", Tusk said, adding that the EU's role is to "minimize the uncertainty" that Brexit has created for businesses and citizens.

Author: 0 'Angel of Death' serial killer Donald Harvey dies after jail cell beating

Harvey killed his victims by putting poisons such as cyanide or arsenic in their food, not refilling their oxygen tanks, or suffocating them with pillows. Harvey's death has been ruled a homicide. He claimed, however, to have killed 87 people - a total that included not just patients or the terminally ill who were under his care in hospital settings, but roommates, neighbors, and lovers, according to a detailed summary of his background and alleged murders compiled by researchers at the ...

Author: 0 Chinese premier to spruik Silk Road plan

Zheng told journalists today that Australia and its largest trading partner had "gone beyond our ideological differences". "China's facilities on Chinese islands and reefs are primarily for civilian purposes and even if there is a certain amount of defence equipment of facilities, (it) is for maintaining the freedom of navigation and overflight".

Author: 0 EU to lay out Brexit response, set negotiating priorities

European Union leaders warn the two years of Brexit talks triggered this week will be hard but insist they do not want all-out economic or diplomatic conflict. Rejecting her demands for parallel talks, Mr Tusk said the negotiations could only begin once "sufficient progress" had been made on the arrangements for the UK's withdrawal.

Author: 0 Republicans plot second attempt at ObamaCare repeal

Could the story be true? The failure of the AHCA may well have been the most important event of the 21st century. Nationwide, an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll released Wednesday found that 62 percent disapprove of the way Trump is handling health care, his worst rating among seven issues the poll tested, including the economy, foreign policy and immigration.

Author: 0 Abbas will stand his ground with the Arab Peace Initiative

Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi on Wednesday held a meeting with European Union foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri and Saeb Erekat, PLO's executive committee secretary and chief Palestinian negotiator, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported .

Global Media Fired ministers not lost to ANC: Jessie Duarte
Author: 0 Fired ministers not lost to ANC: Jessie Duarte

Rumors Zuma was to replace Gordhan have unsettled markets all week and members of the ANC urged the president to reconsider. In a statement around midnight local time on March 31, Zuma justified his decision as part of a desire to increase the number of women and young people in his cabinet, all of whom have been identified a loyal stalwarts of the president.

Author: 0 NATO Must Lay Out Plan to Boost Spending Before May Summit: Tillerson

In London, Britain's Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said that other European NATO allies must "raise their game, and those failing to meet the two-percent commitment. But Trump believes in the current atmosphere - with so much media scrutiny and ongoing probes into Trump-Russia ties and election meddling - that it won't be possible to "make a deal", as the President himself has framed it, the officials said.

Author: 0 European Union draft guidelines soften line on future United Kingdom relationship

Tusk was due to give a press conference in Malta with Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, whose country holds the EU's rotating presidency, to discuss the strategy. The U.K. joined the alliance in 1973. "The EU27 does not and will not pursue a punitive approach", he said. Nicola Sturgeon has argued Scotland should have a second referendum as a majority of residents had voted to remain in the European Union last June.

Author: 0 Trump to target trade abuses with executive orders

However, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, during his interaction with White House reporters, insisted that the executive order expected to be signed on Friday is not just about China. "We're going to investigate all trade abuses, and, based on those findings, we will take necessary and lawful action to end those many abuses", Trump said, adding that he wasn't beholden to any businesses.

Author: 0 No trade talk with Britain until Brexit is over, European leaders say

Negotiating Brexit and renegotiating new terms for Britain's ties with the European Union "should take place in parallel", she wrote. The frontrunner in the race to succeed him, the centrist Emmanuel Macron, said the overriding priority must be to defend the EU.

Global Media Two dead as floods continue in NSW
Author: 0 Two dead as floods continue in NSW

Rainfall of between 500mm and 740mm was recorded in that region in a 24-hour period, inundating homes and businesses with water up to three metres, forcing residents to seek shelter in roof cavities. A police spokeswoman confirmed on Friday night that the woman's body had been found following a search of the area. Police say a body was discovered at a property in Burringbar, south of Murwillumbah in NSW on Friday morning.

Author: 0 Hannity sides with Freedom Caucus over Trump

He said he was "disappointed" in the House Freedom Caucus, but he called them "friends of mine". "They should be willing to work with us". "The House Freedom Caucus, for the past several weeks, have been the grown-ups in the room", said Michael Needham, chief executive of Heritage Action.

Global Media Calls for unity as Arab leaders gather
Author: 0 Calls for unity as Arab leaders gather

Help us, so Iraq would not hear your voice from the tongue of Daesh that has come to Iraq from your countries, Ja'afari said addressing the Arab countries. (From LtoR) United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, African Union Commission Chairman Moussa Faki Mahamat, European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and Secretary General of Organization of Islamic Cooperation Yousef bin Ahmad Al-Othaimeen attend the 28th Ordinary Summit of the Arab League at the Dead Sea , Jordan ...

Author: 0 Tillerson says Assad's fate up to Syrian people

Rookie US secretary of state Rex Tillerson travelled to Ankara on Thursday for talks with the leaders of a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally that is crucial to the fight against ISIL, but which has also been suspicious of - and at times hostile to - Washington .

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