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Author: 0 Putin discusses anti-terrorism with France's Le Pen

Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissed the prospect that Russian banks could offer Le Pen more loans to help fund her campaign. "We attach a lot of importance to our relations with France , trying to maintain smooth relations with both the acting power and the opposition representatives", Putin reportedly said .

Author: 0 Seattle sues Trump administration over sanctuary-city threats

Police in sanctuary cities across the country have barred officers from routinely checking on immigration status when making arrests or during traffic stops, and have also refused to extend the detention period of anyone picked by the police in order to assist federal agents seeking to deport them.

Author: 0 Christie, above it all; he skates while his aides head to prison

Bill Baroni, who served as deputy executive director of the Port Authority of NY and New Jersey, was sentenced to two years in prison. Christie has been friends with Trump for years and has been working behind the scenes with the White House on the issue for months, discussing it with aides including Kellyanne Conway, a fellow New Jersey native, and the president.

Author: 0 Trump urges Flynn to cut immunity deal

Former US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is in discussions with congressional investigators about receiving immunity from "unfair prosecution" in exchange for agreeing to testify about ongoing probes into possible contacts between President Donald Trump's election campaign and Russian Federation.

Author: 0 U.S. election probe told to 'follow bodies'

The hearing focused on tactics Moscow is thought to employ in spreading disinformation to influence the opinions of Americans and USA policy. The New York Times reported on Thursday that two White House officials played a role in providing Nunes with documents the Republican committee chairman cited to show Trump and his associates were swept up in surveillance by us intelligence.

Global Media SKorean supporters of arrested ex-president protest in Seoul
Author: 0 SKorean supporters of arrested ex-president protest in Seoul

It will be the first interrogation since she was arrested on corruption charges. At the hearing held for the arrest warrant, Park continued to deny all the charges against her. According to the Justice Ministry, the new conditions will be harsher than her previous accommodations at South Korea's Blue House, the President's official home and offices.

Author: 0 President Trump expected to sign executive orders on trade Friday

Navarro said the owed $2.8 billion that hasn't been collected from these types of trade abuse cases over the past fifteen years alone. Trump has repeatedly stated that he wants to bolster US manufacturing create trade deals that work in America's interests.

Author: 0 Palestinian stabs three Israelis, is shot dead

The alleged attacker stabbed two Israeli bystanders with a knife before running away, police said. Israel's MDA emergency medical service said two 18-year-old men and a paramilitary police officer sustained light-to-moderate injuries and needed hospital care.

Author: 0 Ramaphosa breaks his silence on cabinet reshuffle

Gordhan said upon his arrival on Tuesday that he was still finance minister. "The only qualification is that these are people who are beholden to the president and will do whatever he says, even if it's not in the interest of the constitution of the people of South Africa", said Seabe, who told VOA he was jolted awake in the middle of the night by the news and had not slept.

Global Media After healthcare loss, investor faith wavers as Trump turns to taxes
Author: 0 After healthcare loss, investor faith wavers as Trump turns to taxes

US stocks slid on Monday amid concerns that Republican President Donald Trump may struggle to push a sweeping overhaul of the tax code through Congress in the wake of his party's failure last week to pass broad healthcare legislation. Moore, 62, asserts that when Trump said he was waiting for Obamacare to "explode", it really means he will "actively make sure that it happens", so Democrats need to be alert and aware and "not sit around".

Global Media North Korea's latest missile test fails, say US, South Korea
Author: 0 North Korea's latest missile test fails, say US, South Korea

So what is known about North Korea's military capability in a time of increased diplomatic tension between the country ruled by Kim Jong-un, its neighbours and a more belligerent US. "They did a launch (in February), they're now launching more in 30 days". They have been charged with murder but they claim they were told that the act was a prank on a reality show.

Author: 0 DHS Publishes List Of Jurisdictions That Rejected Immigrant Detainer Requests

According to Trenary, ICE has produced zero warrants at his jail since 2014, when a federal court ruling prompted his agency to stop honoring detainers. The ICE report identified 10 jurisdictions that routinely reject federal detainers: Clark County, Nevada; Nassau County, New York; Cook County, Illinois; Montgomery County, Iowa; Snohomish County, Washington; Franklin County, New York; Washington County, Oregon; Alachua County, Florida; Franklin County, Iowa; and Franklin County, ...

Author: 0 Trump levels extraordinary threat to 'fight' GOP right wing in 2018 elections

He vowed to "fight them" in 2018 if they don't get behind him. We can protect those who most need our help while lowering health care costs for all Americans. We've been huddling around those who tell us what we want to hear. "And he's going to get the votes from wherever he can", press secretary Sean Spicer said.

Global Media As Westinghouse declares bankruptcy, what happens to the nuke plants it's building?
Author: 0 As Westinghouse declares bankruptcy, what happens to the nuke plants it's building?

The bankruptcy will affect the costs paid by the taxpayers in the United States for the two nuclear projects in South Caroline and Georgia. "The two sides were fully aware of the importance of the Chinese AP1000 project and agreed to continue to make the project a common priority and increase investment to ensure that the target of putting the reactor into operation this year is met", it said in a statement on Thursday.

Author: 0 German Chancellor's Center-right Party Wins State Election

The CDU's popular state premier Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, who was cheered by jubilant supporters, admitted she was "floored" by the strong result, about five points up from the last election amid strong turnout of around 70%. "It was clear what the people in Saarland didn't want, and that was a coalition between the Social Democrats and the Left Party". German Chancellor Angela Merkel's party showed surprising strength Sunday against its main opponent in a state election that also produced ...

Author: 0 Tony Blair to miss Martin McGuinness' funeral

Hours before Mr McGuinness' funeral, the same church will witness the funeral of the popular captain of Derry City FC Ryan McBride, 27, who was found dead in his bed on Sunday. Mr Clinton said: "Our friend earned this vast crowd today". McGuinness became Sinn Fein's chief negotiator during the Northern Ireland peace process, working with Clinton on the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

Author: 0 European Parliament says Brexit is reversible

European Council President Donald Tusk said he will propose the draft negotiating guidelines to the leaders of the 27 countries that will remain in the EU when Britain leaves. The talks will take place in two phases, the first covering withdrawal and the second covering a future relationship. It means he will have some 16 months to conclude the basics of a withdrawal treaty and future relations framework that can then be ratified by lawmakers on both sides in time for Brexit on March 29, 2019.

Author: 0 Xi Jinping to visit Finland, meet Trump in US

Trump himself called out China on Thursday for trade imbalances and USA job losses just minutes before the order was announced. Trump is expected to sign two executive orders Friday to identify the root causes of the huge USA trade deficit, look into countries that are engaging in questionable trade practices, and strengthen America's ability to punish countries that give their industries and businesses an unfair competitive advantage in global markets through unacceptable subsidies.

Author: 0 Trump directs agencies to examine trade abuses

While noting that there were specific reasons for the high level of exports from some countries; much of Canada's exports to the United States reflected oil sales which are required by America, for example, he said the study would ascertain the reasons behind the imbalances.

Author: 0 Russian Federation 'tried to hijack U.S. election', says USA senator

Sam Ervin, a Democratic hero for his work as the chair of the Senate Watergate Committee. The focus of the hearing is on how the Kremlin allegedly used technology to spread disinformation in the US and Europe. Nunes met with a secret source on White House grounds last week to review classified material, which he says indicates that Trump associates' communications were captured in "incidental" surveillance of foreigners.

Global Media North Korea 'acting very, very badly'
Author: 0 North Korea 'acting very, very badly'

A short time later, before Tillerson was set to leave for Beijing, President Donald Trump tweeted: "North Korea is behaving very badly". Kim attended Saturday's test at the Sohae launch site, according to the Korean Central News Agency, which said the test was meant to confirm the "new type" of engine's thrust power and gauge the reliability of its control system and structural safety.

Author: 0 Adam Schiff Gets To See Secret Trump Probe Documents

Flynn's lawyer said in a statement that no "reasonable person" would get questioned in "such a highly politicized, witch hunt environment without assurance against unfair prosecution ". Nunes is leading a double investigation of sorts. The congressman, who was a member of Mr. Trump's transition team, has since refused to name who he met at the White House that showed him documents relating to the so-called "incidental" intelligence collection.

Author: 0 Venezuela rejects coup accusations

The Venezuelan supreme court has reversed its ruling to strip congress of its legislative powers. Peru ordered the withdrawal of its ambassador from Caracas as did Costa Rica, which also called on the Organization of American States, or OAS, to sanction Venezuela.

Author: 0 Scottish Parliament Supports Independence Referendum Ahead Of Brexit

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon sent the notice to Theresa May just days after she received the backing of Scotland's devolved Parliament, Holyrood, to ask Westminster for permission to once again put the nation's United Kingdom membership to a vote, reported Efe news.

Global Media Jurgen Klopp: 'Liverpool must be careful with Jordan Henderson'
Author: 0 Jurgen Klopp: 'Liverpool must be careful with Jordan Henderson'

The Toffees are without a host of first-team players due to injury, with James McCarthy, Ramiro Funes Mori and Seamus Coleman all getting hurt on global duty. He damaged his groin in the draw with Spain in November and missed three Liverpool games. It is something that, for all Everton's excellent recent form, he can not see changing until Goodison chief Koeman makes a few key signings.

Global Media French candidate Fillon vows to fight Islamic extremism
Author: 0 French candidate Fillon vows to fight Islamic extremism

Jean-Luc Melenchon of the French far left speaks during a meeting on foreign and defence policy in Paris, March 31, 2017. "The question is not to punish the United Kingdom for a vote by the British people". Macron has said he wants to bridge the right-left divide of mainstream French politics. Fillon has accused socialist President Francois Hollande of waging a "dirty tricks" campaign against him and he has resisted pressure from within his own party to pull out of the campaign.

Author: 0 Scottish parliament backs bid for second independence referendum

Scotland's Parliament has backed a new independence referendum in the wake of Brexit. Mr Robertson highlighted the result as he warned the Prime Minister that "if she remains intransigent, and if she denies Scotland a choice on our future, she will make Scottish independence inevitable".

Author: 0 The German Government Denies Reports That Trump Gave Merkel A NATO "Invoice"

Saarland is run by a " grand coalition " of Christian Democrats and Social Democrats, Germany's biggest parties and traditional rivals, the same combination that Merkel leads at the national level. "The Left Party not participating (in government) has had significantly good results for Germany", Merkel said. Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative party easily won an election in Germany's western Saarland state on Sunday, an unexpectedly strong performance.

Author: 0 UK police release six arrested over attack

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London says that the Westminster attacker was in the country three times and taught English there. British-born convert Khalid Masood, 52, was shot dead after killing four people including a policeman in a rampage on Wednesday when he rammed his auto into pedestrians and tried to force his way into the parliament building in central London .

Author: 0 US President Trump faces questions of interference in investigations

Officials say Cohen-Watnick has been reviewing the reports from his fourth-floor office in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, where the National Security Council is based. This is a body blow for Nunes, who presented his findings last week as if they were surprising to the White House . The approach appears to be based, at least in part, on the White House's anxiety over the Russian Federation investigations, which threaten to seriously weaken his presidency.

Author: 0 Trump Skips Out On Signing Executive Orders After Reporter's Question About Flynn

President Donald Trump signed a pair of executive orders Friday focused on reducing the trade deficit just days before he conducts his first meeting with his Chinese counterpart. The report criticized China's excess industrial capacity and requirements for technology transfers and cyber security, which it said are aimed displacing foreign products with domestic versions.

Global Media Trump bowing to Congress over wall funding
Author: 0 Trump bowing to Congress over wall funding

Udall and Richardson discussed the importance of the relationship between the USA and Mexico to New Mexico's economy and border security. But, Zinke admitted to energy and environmental outlet E&E News , Trump's wall may even have to be built on Mexican territory, not American territory, in accordance with the terrain along the border.

Author: 0 White House was wrong for withholding intelligence documents

The Washington Post followed that up with its own report saying that "at least three senior White House officials, including the top lawyer for the National Security Council, were involved in the handling of intelligence files" Nunes reviewed.

Global Media Venezuela's supreme court reverses ruling
Author: 0 Venezuela's supreme court reverses ruling

The court's move meant the three branches of the Venezuelan government would be controlled by the ruling United Socialist Party. National Assembly President Julio Borges called the court decision a coup staged by Maduro. Venezuela can still count on support from fellow leftist allies and other small nations grateful for subsidized oil dating from the 1999-2013 rule of late leader Hugo Chavez.

Author: 0 European Union takes tough stance on May's Brexit demands

Other diplomatic missions around the world also did their best to explain Brexit to local audiences, with Sir Kim Darroch, the UK ambassador to the United States, holding a conference call for reporters. (0745 GMT), alongside the Maltese premier Joseph Muscat whose government holds the bloc's rotating presidency. British Prime Minister Theresa May had been seeking parallel talks on the European Union divorce and the future but those apparently will not happen for the foreseeable future.

Author: 0 Cyclone Debbie leaves trail of destruction in Queensland

But the weather was still too bad to assess damage fully or mount an emergency response. "We are going to get lots of reports of damage and sadly I think we will also receive more reports of injuries, if not deaths", Stewart said. Airlines Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia suspended flights to and from the region and said planes may also be grounded on Wednesday, although Townsville airport said it would reopen.

Global Media 3 arrested in Atlanta fire underneath interstate bridge
Author: 0 3 arrested in Atlanta fire underneath interstate bridge

Because of the damage to the key interstate, many commuters in some of Atlanta's densely populated northern suburbs will likely be forced to find alternate routes or ride public transit for weeks or even months. The site is "a secured area" and PVC piping "is a stable, non-combustible material", McMurry said. Still, McMurry didn't attribute the fire to the surplus construction material being stored there.

Global Media South Africa's Zuma is asked to miss activist's funeral
Author: 0 South Africa's Zuma is asked to miss activist's funeral

The director of the Kathrada Foundation‚ Neeshan Bolton‚ echoed the call Kathrada made a year ago in his open letter to Zuma‚ and also asked him to step down. Speaker after speaker decried what they said was the moral decay and corruption in the Zuma-led government. "Internationally, he was staunch in his support for the Palestinian struggle".

Author: 0 Identity of Former Russian Lawmaker's Killer Established

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko blamed Russian Federation for what he said was a "cunning murder", saying Voronenkov's killing was an "act of state terrorism", his spokesman Svyatoslav Tsegolko wrote on Facebook. Ukraine's chief prosecutor, Yuriy Lutsenko , said Voronenkov was shot in the head, neck and stomach and died on the spot. It will likely heighten tensions existent between Russian Federation and the Ukraine since Putin illegally annexed Crimea in 2014.

Global Media Uttar Pradesh: Muzaffarnagar school warden suspended for allegedly making 70 girls strip
Author: 0 Uttar Pradesh: Muzaffarnagar school warden suspended for allegedly making 70 girls strip

She said that some blood had been found in the bathroom and on the walls and so we wanted to see if the girls were alright. The warden is said to have rounded the girls up and threatened them with a beating if they did not comply. The state government has ordered an investigation. The warden ordered us to remove our clothes. It all started on Wednesday in Kasturba Vidhyala of Mubarikpur Tigaai area of Khatauli when Surekha Tomar, Headmistress and also the warden of the school forced some of ...

Global Media Kim Jong watches ground jet test of new high-thrust engine
Author: 0 Kim Jong watches ground jet test of new high-thrust engine

The test marks the latest challenge to the United States from Kim's defiant regime. He said Xi and US President Donald Trump must have more talks as he assured that the president of the free world recognised "very high value" on interactions with the Chinese president.

Author: 0 London terror attack suspect acted alone says police

Four innocent people were killed when he drove his hire vehicle at tourists on Westminster Bridge and stabbed a police officer outside Parliament. A 27-year-old man was held in Birmingham last night and a man aged 35 was arrested during a swoop in Manchester.

Global Media Kentucky's freshmen upstage the Lonzo Ball show
Author: 0 Kentucky's freshmen upstage the Lonzo Ball show

Now the NCAA's winningest program will play another of basketball's titans Sunday in top-seeded North Carolina, a 92-80 victor over Butler earlier Friday, with a trip to yet another Final Four on the line. On a night when Adebayo was surprisingly unproductive (just two points and four boards), Fox and Monk carried Kentucky with 60. FLORIDA 84, WISCONSIN 83 (OT): Chris Chiozza went end to end and made a 3-pointer at the buzzer to give Florida the victory in the first overtime game of this ...

Global Media Driver arrested after striking police cruiser at the US Capitol
Author: 0 Driver arrested after striking police cruiser at the US Capitol

In 2013, Miriam Carey, 34, a dental hygienist from Stamford, Conn., who reportedly suffered from postpartum depression, was stopped at a White House barricade before leading police on a chase in her black Infiniti toward the Capitol. Hill and said her alias is Taleah Everett, the name police gave reporters Wednesday. At 9:47 a.m., the House sent out an alert to its employees stating: "There is ongoing police activity at the intersection of Washington and Independence Avenues Southwest".

Author: 0 Donald Trump walks out of ceremony without signing executive orders

China is responsible for about $347 billion of the U.S.' trade deficit. The second directive orders stricter and more effective enforcement of US anti-dumping laws to prevent foreign manufacturers from undercutting USA companies by selling goods at an unfair price.

Author: 0 Moderate GOP rep: Republicans can't pass healthcare reform without Democrats

Speed is relative. The Trump-Paul Ryan health care bill was fast-tracked and collapsed in 17 days. The Republican bill included limits on spending for Medicaid, drawbacks on coverage for birth control and funding for Planned Parenthood, increase in funding for community health centers and the elimination of subsidies from Obamacare.

Global Media Settle Brexit items, then hold fall talks on UK's future
Author: 0 Settle Brexit items, then hold fall talks on UK's future

A decision on that could come by the end of this year, a senior European Union official said. Prime Minister Theresa May today reached out to the European press to strike a tone of friendship and send out a message that Britain's exit from the EU was not an attempt "to do harm" to the bloc.

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