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Author: 0 Tillerson, Turkish Officials Discuss Plans to Defeat Islamic State

They are hard options. The operation had the twin effect of halting a military campaign led primarily by Syrian Kurds, backed by the US military. But all signs point to the US continuing to bet on the Kurds. Though Ankara has announced the end of "Operation Euphrates Shield", it still isn't clear whether Turkey is going to leave Syria or continue supporting armed militant groups there.

Author: 0 Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes Cancels Public Hearing on Russian Federation

But Schiff said there was no reason to cancel a public hearing to take more testimony from Comey and Rogers and that the two directors were available at other times. The announcement on Friday by Republican Representative Devin Nunes was immediately criticized by the top Democrat on the panel, Adam Schiff, who said the cancellation was a serious mistake.

Author: 0 Russia Urges US-Led Coalition Members to Avoid Civilian Casualties in Syria

The official said delegating the authority for certain airstrikes in the fight for Mosul down to the tactical level enables American advisers accompanying Iraqi troops to more effectively coordinate Iraqi offensive operations. "We are strongly hopeful that the liberation of Mosul will soon be completed", Guterres said alongside Abadi, according to a copy of his remarks. "We don't need to use a 500-pound bomb which is going to destroy a building if we can use a Hellfire [missile], which is ...

Author: 0 USA Today Duped by North Korean Parody Twitter Account

Jong Nam was murdered at Kuala Lumpur's airport on Feb 13 in a freakish assassination using toxic nerve agent, sparking a row between the two countries that had friendly relations before. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, who is now on an official visit in India, issued a statement announcing the return of the body, but did not mention Kim by name.

Author: 0 Israeli-American teen arrested in Israel for over 100 JCC bomb threats

USA authorities are not expected to seek extradition. The Israeli-U.S. teen's case is separate from that of another man arrested earlier this month in connection to similar threats to U.S. "The investigation began in several countries at the same time , in which dozens of threatening calls were received at public places, events, synagogues and community buildings that caused panic and disrupted events and activities in various organisations", a police statement said.

Global Media Airstrikes kill dozens of IS fighters near Syria border
Author: 0 Airstrikes kill dozens of IS fighters near Syria border

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres visited a camp for displaced persons about 20 miles (32 kilometers) east of Mosul on Friday. Weiss added: "Many displaced Iraqis from Mosul relate frightening tales of living under extreme hardship, and enduring danger and exposure to the elements upon fleeing their homes".

Author: 0 Israel set to approve first new settlement in 20 years

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been simultaneously negotiating with the United States government on reducing settlement activity. "We will keep it today". It will be the first entirely new settlement that an Israeli government has approved since 1991, the anti-settlement NGO Peace Now said. Figures released by Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics showed last week that 2,630 settlement units were constructed in the West Bank a year ago, marking a rise of 40 percent from 2015.

Global Media In rebuke to Trump, GE chief says 'climate change is real'
Author: 0 In rebuke to Trump, GE chief says 'climate change is real'

In other words, if Republicans don't like that results of scientific studies and data , they should have the freedom to ignore it and implement policy accordingly. Supreme Court has interpreted to require regulation of greenhouse gases, will remain in effect. The mayors included some statistics to back up their statement, saying one in 50 American jobs are in the solar sector, which they said is more than employment in oil, gas, and coal extraction put together.

Author: 0 Trump's former campaign chief offers to testify on Russian Federation

The statement left open whether he will agree to discuss his previous work as an global political consultant in eastern Europe. " We strongly object to the cancellation of this hearing ", Schiff said. But that's not sitting well with Democrats and some Republicans on the committee who have questioned Nunes' impartiality after he briefed President Trump on new evidence without sharing it with his colleagues first.

Author: 0 South Korea's Former Leader Park Arrested Over Bribery Scandal

Park was driven to the detention centre on the outskirts of Seoul just before dawn on Friday after a district court approved prosecutors' request for an arrest warrant. Park is to be indicted before the end of the 20-day detention period on a total of 13 charges, including bribery, abuse of authority, coercion and the leakage of confidential documents.

Global Media Barcelona backs Messi, says Federation Internationale de Football Association ban unfair
Author: 0 Barcelona backs Messi, says Federation Internationale de Football Association ban unfair

Messi was banned for "having directed insulting words at an assistant referee" during a home qualifier against Chile on Thursday, FIFA said hours before kick-off in La Paz. Then it has two home games against struggling sides: Venezuela on September 5 and Peru on October 5. After being fouled by Jean Beausejour, Messi said "la concha de tu madre", which translates as "your mother's ****" - a common curse in Argentina - to Brazilian linesman Emerson Augusto do Carvalho.

Author: 0 South Africa's ANC divided, Zuma weakened by cabinet reshuffle

Zuma is due to step down as head of the ANC in December, ahead of the 2019 general election. Banking stocks were down more than 5% yesterday and bond yields climbed sharply. Gordhan's firing is another blow an economy that grew just 0.5 percent previous year and has an unemployment rate of around 27 percent. "It was just a process of informing us of his decision‚" Ramaphosa said on SABC TV news.

Author: 0 Global renewable energy additions hit a record high in 2016

Meanwhile, Africa doubled its 2015 installation figures, installing 4.1 GW, bringing it up to a total of 38 GW. Renewable Energy Capacity Statistics 2017 indicates that renewable energy capacity increased by 8.7% in 2016 with a record 71 GW of new solar energy leading the growth.

Author: 0 Christie allies are sentenced in George Washington Bridge scandal

That was my choice and my responsibility. "We are satisfied that the sentences handed down today are a just result", acting U.S. Attorney William E. "This issue causes enormous pain and destruction to everyday families in every state in this country", said Christie, who has been working behind the scenes with White House officials since shortly after Trump's inauguration.

Author: 0 Ousted S.Korean president is questioned over bribery allegations

South Korea's first woman president, Park also became its first to be impeached after the Constitutional Court this month unanimously concluded that she had "continuously" breached the law during her four years in office. Most critically, she's suspected of taking a bribe of around 40-million US dollars from Samsung Group, which is the charge that put Samsung heir apparent Lee Jae-yong behind bars.

Author: 0 Rex Tillerson Pledges Safe Zones for Refugees, More Pressure on ISIS

The 68-member coalition focused the one-day meeting , hosted at the State Department, on the ground campaign in Iraq and Syria, as the USA backs local Iraqi forces fighting to retake the ISIS stronghold of Mosul and is expanding its effort as it pressed toward the terror group's capital of Raqqa, in Syria.

Author: 0 New West Bank settlement approved

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson said settlement building and expropriating Palestinian land violate global law and undermine the prospect of a two-state solution. In December 2014, the Supreme Court ordered that the Amona outpost, which had been erected on private Palestinian land in the West Bank, be evacuated within two years.

Global Media Ferrari's Win In F1 Australian GP Paints Clear Picture Of 2017 Championship
Author: 0 Ferrari's Win In F1 Australian GP Paints Clear Picture Of 2017 Championship

Hamilton defended Mercedes' decision to bring him in for a pit stop earlier than Vettel. "It is something that is exciting for the fans and a new challenge for us". "Right now, it looks like we have equal machinery". Lewis Hamilton predicts a "close battle" with Sebastian Vettel for the F1 title this year. He saw no reason to change his mind after Melbourne , saying that the increased turbulence from the vehicle in front makes overtaking more hard.

Author: 0 24 dead after river overflows, destroying homes in Colombia

The mudslides struck late Friday after days of torrential rain. A state of emergency has been declared in the city, and more than 1,100 soldiers and law enforcement officials have been mobilized in search and rescue efforts. Officials were working to determine the number of missing, Santos said. He said that people were warned ahead of time and many were able to get out, but several neighbourhoods and two bridges had been destroyed.

Author: 0 Adam Schiff Views Intel Docs Shown to Devin Nunes Last Week

News broke Friday that Schiff had also gone to the White House to view documents related to the investigation, though it was not known if this was the same evidence Nunes reviewed. Michael T. Flynn, the former national security adviser, has offered to be interviewed by House and Senate investigators who are examining the Trump campaign's ties to Russian Federation in exchange for immunity from prosecution, according to his lawyer and a congressional official.

Author: 0 USA signals openness to Assad staying put

The Secretary of State said Turkey was a key partner in the war against Daesh "ISIS", adding that the U.S. did not allow members of the extremist organization to return to areas from where they were driven out. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is meeting Turkish leaders in Ankara amid deteriorating relations between the two North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies.

Author: 0 Traders meet Adityanath amid action against illegal abattoirs

The Chief Minister has also directed all District Magistrates to ensure proper weighing and trustworthy system and also arrange for shade, drinking water and other public facilities for the farmers so that they do not face any inconvenience.

Author: 0 Iraq, coalition officials scramble to prevent another 'Mosul massacre'

The announcement of video evidence follows reports that hundreds of civilians might have died as a result of US airstrikes on March 17 in the battle for Mosul , the last urban stronghold for the Islamic State in Iraq. Iraq's Counterterrorism Services has reported two episodes when the Islamic State is suspected of forcing civilians into buildings that were rigged with explosives.

Author: 0 Daesh's second-in-command killed in airstrike, Iraq says

Canada announced on Thursday it will extend for three months its mission against ISIL where it is part of a US-led global coalition. Iraqi intelligence networks on Saturday said one of the Islamic State's highest-ranking leaders has been killed in an airstrike near the border with Syria.

Author: 0 Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye Arrested

Furthermore, the warrant came alongside with a notice stating that if the ousted leader were not taken into custody in a swift manner, the probability of Park tampering evidence would be very high, The New York Times reported. The Constitutional Court removed Park from office in a historic ruling on March 10 , making Park the country's first president to be ousted by impeachment.

Global Media Schweinsteiger scores in his MLS debut, Fire ties Impact 2-2
Author: 0 Schweinsteiger scores in his MLS debut, Fire ties Impact 2-2

Schweinsteiger took just 17 minutes to start his MLS account, heading in a David Accam cross in Fire's 2-2 draw with Montreal Impact on Saturday. The Fire played the short option on a corner kick and Schweinsteiger was unmarked in the box. "Bastian is in the category of players that I feel sorry for something that I did to him", the Portuguese coach said. "So I feel sorry for the first period with him, he knows that.

Global Media Shia LaBeouf's assault charges dropped for lack of evidence
Author: 0 Shia LaBeouf's assault charges dropped for lack of evidence

LaBeouf does not have to appear in court for the hearing. LeBeouf allegedly got into a verbal dispute with another man, pulled his scarf and shoved him, scratching the man's face, according to police. He claimed that gunshots had been heard in the area and figured it probably wasn't safe to protest Donald Trump there either. Those who wish to participate in Shia LaBeouf's anti-Trump protest will have to travel, though, in order to take part.

Author: 0 Who gets to ask questions at the White House briefing?

At least three senior White House officials including the top lawyer for the National Security Council were involved in the handling of intelligence files that were shared with the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and showed that Trump campaign officials were swept up in USA surveillance of foreign nationals, according to US officials.

Author: 0 UNC Downs Oregon, to Meet Gonzaga in NCAA Men's Basketball Championship

If there's a point (spread), it's going to be half a point. Better than OR and SC, which North Carolina and Gonzaga must beat, respectively, to advance. The Tar heels found success from their veteran core. I do every year, which is why I don't necessarily always do so good in my brackets, besides this year.

Author: 0 Trump to launch review of trade policy ahead of Xi meeting

US President Donald Trump expects his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida next week to be "very hard", with jobs and trade likely to dominate discussions. During the campaign, Trump blamed free trade deals for being a key cause of job losses and other American economic problems in an attempt to woo voters struggling with economic difficulties.

Global Media Global impact of Trump climate rollback to be felt over time
Author: 0 Global impact of Trump climate rollback to be felt over time

Several countries vowed to push ahead on efforts to fight climate change this week even as they expressed dismay at U.S. President Donald Trump's intensification of his effort to reverse President Obama's climate change measures. There's also the increasing competitiveness of wind and solar power and the coal industry's "long-term business model of producing more coal with fewer workers", according to the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis , which Fears quoted in ...

Global Media Russia 'perhaps' supplying Taliban: NATO commander
Author: 0 Russia 'perhaps' supplying Taliban: NATO commander

Nicholson told the Senate committee in February that he believed Russian Federation was attempting to "legitimize" the Taliban through a "false narrative" that the militants were fighting against the Islamic State in Afghanistan, rather than government forces.

Global Media More evidence CNN colluded with Clinton than Trump with Russian Federation
Author: 0 More evidence CNN colluded with Clinton than Trump with Russian Federation

The "breaking news" report centered on "possible coordination" between Trump associates and Russian operatives in "the release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton's campaign". No evidence supports President Donald Trump's persistent claim that he was wiretapped in 2016 by President Barack Obama. "Obviously he was reticent to say anything because we were in open session and also because this is near the beginning of the investigation", Castro says.

Author: 0 Brazil Qualify For 2018 World Cup While Argentina And Uruguay Struggle

Their 3-0 win over Paraguay last night, along with defeats for Argentina and Uruguay , means they can not finish lower than fourth in South American qualifying. Argentina's best chance of qualifying for the next World Cup seemingly relies on winning an appeal to have Messi's suspension shortened. When Tite took over, Brazil was sixth in the standings.

Author: 0 United Nations chief arrives in Baghdad to meet with Iraq officials

During his visit, Guterres also met Iraqi President Fuad Masoum and the speaker of the parliament, Salim al-Jubouri, who expressed hope that the global organization would increase its humanitarian aid in Iraq. Iraqi witnesses have said that airstrikes earlier this month killed scores of civilians. Islamic State group fighters have overtly used civilians as human shields, including firing from homes where people are sheltering or forcing people to move alongside them as they withdraw.

Author: 0 Can Democrats save Trump from himself?

Conservative groups that played a major role in destroying the recent Affordable Care Act repeal-and-replace effort fired more shots Friday at President Trump and Republican leaders, in what is becoming an increasingly bitter civil war over health care .

Author: 0 Russia's not the real story, says White House

After announcing that the heads of the Intelligence Committees in the House and Senate had been invited to the White House to review some of the materials relevant to the investigation, he declined to say what they were or whether they were meant to bolster Trump's claim about wiretapping.

Author: 0 Trump Surveilled Before Nomination, Agencies with Info Blocked Nunes for Weeks

The talks are preliminary, and no official offers have been made. Trump decided in mid-February to ask for Flynn's resignation after determining he could no longer trust his top security adviser after he misled Vice President Mike Pence and others about his talks with Moscow's ambassador to the USA before the Trump administration took power on January 20.

Author: 0 'Fearless Girl' statue to stay on Wall Street for another year

Others believe "Fearless Girl" is nothing more than an empty publicity stunt because there is only a small percentage of women who sit on State Street's board of directors . The plucky little lady, her face proudly defiant and hands on her hips, seems to be facing down the bull - Girl Power vs. The mayor held a press conference at the statue on Monday afternoon, where he praised the work for sending a message of personal empowerment to women and girls.

Author: 0 Chinese president to visit Finland, meet President Trump in US

Still, Trump capped off his remarks Friday on the executive orders by making note of his meeting with Xi next week and promising to "get down to some very serious business". "Nothing we're saying tonight is about China ". Both Ross and Navarro pointed to steel dumping as an issue affecting the United States trade deficit.

Global Media Arab Leaders Renew Call for Palestinian State
Author: 0 Arab Leaders Renew Call for Palestinian State

The Arab Summit held in Jordan ended with the Arab States reaffirming their support to the Arab Peace Initiative while renewing their call for a two-state solution to the more than 50-year old Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has taken the dimension of a dispute between the Jewish State and the Arab World.

Global Media Filings show Ivanka Trump, husband Jared benefiting from business empire
Author: 0 Filings show Ivanka Trump, husband Jared benefiting from business empire

Financial information for most members of Trump's cabinet - as opposed to White House staff - had already been released ahead of their Senate confirmation hearings. According to the financial documents, Jared and Ivanka own assets worth upwards of $200 million. However, the disclosures may make it harder for the administration to defend severe cuts to some programs affecting ordinary, low-wage Americans.

Author: 0 Former Russian Mp Shot Dead In Kiev, Ukraine

Russian Federation called the allegation "absurd". He said he had to leave Russia because of persecution by Russian security agencies, and had renounced his Russian citizenship. Russian investigators have filed fraud charges against him in connection with his business activities after his move to Ukraine . He added that there are two potential motives for murder: either it was related to Voronenkov's role as witness in a case against ex-president of Ukraine Yanukovych or to former MP's ...

Author: 0 Brazil 3 Paraguay 0

Real Madrid full-back Marcelo made it 3-0 via a fine chipped effort to seal an impressive win for Brazil which sees them qualify for Russian Federation after going nine points clear of second-placed Colombia. Chile moved up to fourth place with a 3-1 win over Venezuela in Santiago, while Colombia beat Ecuador 2-0. The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the victory was Brazil's eighth straight win under coach Tite.

Author: 0 Park apologises, vows to undergo questioning 'faithfully'

I will faithfully cooperate with questioning", Park said in front of media at the steps of the prosecutors' office building, her first comments directly to the public since she was dismissed. In recent weeks, pro-Park supporters, mostly elderly conservatives, have staged their own rallies. They also said she pressured a bank to promote an employee, and colluded with aides to block artists critical of her from receiving government funds.

Author: 0 Trump Doubles Down On House Freedom Caucus For Opposing Obamacare Repeal

Trump's broadside comes at a fragile time for Republicans, who failed to follow through on a key campaign promise last week despite holding both chambers of Congress and the White House. "If they're interesting in having our support, it's kind of on them to come to us". Friday right after the bill was pulled, he said that he thinks he could get something done with Democrats, and just two nights ago before a bipartisan group of senators at the White House, he said this.

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