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Global Media Comey keeps it real with Trump
Author: 0 Comey keeps it real with Trump

Comey's testimony was supported by Admiral Mike Rogers , head of the National Security Agency, and validated the conclusions announced days ago by Rep. The House is expected to vote Thursday on repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. The Department of Justice has asked me to share with you that the answer is the same for the Department of Justice and all its components.

Author: 0 Chuck Schumer warns GOP against rules change on Gorsuch vote

McCaskill, who is up for re-election next year, says she's opposing the federal appeals court judge because his opinions favor corporations over workers and he's shown "a stunning lack of humanity". In all, 35 Democrats have said so far that they definitely will oppose Gorsuch. Va., and Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., announced Thursday they would support Gorsuch.

Author: 0 Impeached South Korean President apologises, promises cooperation

Park was accused past year by prosecutors of acting as an accomplice to a longtime friend, Choi Soon-sil, who allegedly used her ties to the president to extort money from South Korea's biggest corporations, including Samsung. Choi and Samsung's head, Lee Jae-yong, are now going through trials over the bribery scandal. Nov 4, 2016: Park makes her second televised apology, saying she would take responsibility if found guilty.

Global Media U.S. electronics on flights ban may not be just about security
Author: 0 U.S. electronics on flights ban may not be just about security

Brian Jenkins, an aviation security expert at US-based think tank Rand Corporation, says the nature of the security measure suggests it is driven by intelligence of a possible attack. Hyde believes officials here will be looking at the information carefully to determine the threat level in Canada. A government spokesman said: "The safety and security of the travelling public is our highest priority".

Author: 0 Trump Adviser Cohn Lists $254 Million in Assets in Ethics Filing

But his lawyers, in consultation with the Office of Government Ethics, determined that his real estate assets, many of them in New York City, are unlikely to pose the kind of conflict that would trigger a need to divest. But as top advisers and aides to the president bare their finances, Trump's own disclosures remain minimal. Gary Cohn had an income ranging from $48 million to almost $77 million in the year preceding his engagement in the White House, though it could be much higher.

Author: 0 Trump Clears The Way For Keystone XL Pipeline

President Trump hailed the State Department's approval of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline as a big win for American workers. "In addition, TransCanada may still need to reach deals with hundreds of potentially affected landowners on the pipeline's route".

Author: 0 Trump's son-in-law slated to make a visit to Iraq Monday

Greg Hicks, a spokesman for Dunford, said he is traveling on behalf of the President to express the President's support and commitment to the government of Iraq and USA personnel now engaged in the campaign. But he's also got a lot on his plate these days already. And a new financial disclosure report could put them on shaky legal ground, multiple experts told the New York Times .

Author: 0 Over 280 Iraqi soldiers killed in Mosul — US military

The official said delegating the authority for certain airstrikes in the fight for Mosul down to the tactical level enables American advisers accompanying Iraqi troops to more effectively coordinate Iraqi offensive operations. He and others have said the munitions used by the USA that day should not have taken the entire building down, suggesting that militants may have deliberately gathered civilians there and planted other explosives.

Author: 0 Here are all of Friday morning's updates on the Westminster attack

British cops have made two more " significant " arrests in connection to the bloody terror attack that rocked London on Wednesday, bringing the total arrest number to nine as the historic capital attempts to return to everyday life. "Masood was not the subject of any current investigations and there was no prior intelligence about his intent to mount a terrorist attack", they said in a statement.

Global Media Five charged over 'hate crime' that put asylum seeker in intensive care
Author: 0 Five charged over 'hate crime' that put asylum seeker in intensive care

Police have not identified him. It is hoped the student will be moved out of intensive care soon although his face, which police say was the main focus of the attack , will be left with lasting scars. She said police were also investigating whether the attackers had been drinking in a pub near Shrublands Avenue, where the violence took place - an attack she denied was pre-planned.

Global Media Trump tweets vs. FBI testimony on Russia
Author: 0 Trump tweets vs. FBI testimony on Russia

First, it undermines the credibility of the intelligence committee's investigation. During a House Intelligence Committee hearing , the South Carolina Republican attempted to question Comey about whether there is an investigation into recent intelligence leaks.

Global Media France's Macron Is Seen Winning the Elections in Most Recent Polls
Author: 0 France's Macron Is Seen Winning the Elections in Most Recent Polls

Polls show independent centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen have a clear lead. 'I don't need a ventriloquist, ' he retorted. Center candidate Emmanuel Macron consolidates today his leadership toward coming presidential elections in France , after a first debate where the five main candidates participated.

Author: 0 Westminster attacker Khalid Masood was born Adrian Russell Ajao, police reveal

ISIL claimed responsibility for the attack. Another person injured on the bridge was 19-year-old Travis Frain, who was hit by the attacker's vehicle. British police say six people, including two women and four men, being held in connection with the attack have been released without charge. The other victims were 48-year-old policeman Keith Palmer and, on the bridge, 43-year-old Briton Aysha Frade, who was on her way to pick up her two daughters, and an American citizen in his 50s, Kurt ...

Author: 0 Erdogan says Turks in Europe should defy 'grandchildren of Nazism'

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Yucel of "espionage" in a recent speech and said he was an agent of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which is banned in Turkey. This is the first time that Kilicdaroglu, who backed Erdogan after the coup but opposes his plan for an executive presidency system, has cast doubt on the official narrative of events.

Author: 0 More details of Khalid Masood emerge

Members of London's Muslim community have created a LaunchGood page to fundraise for the victims of the terror attack in Westminster which killed a police officer and four members of the public, leaving 40 injured. Wednesday's attack was the deadliest in Britain since suicide bombers killed 52 commuters on London's transit system in July 2005. Asked about where Muslim convert Masood, 52, had been radicalised, Mr Rowley said: "As I have said our investigation focuses on understanding his ...

Global Media Evacuations of opposition fighters resume in Syria's Homs
Author: 0 Evacuations of opposition fighters resume in Syria's Homs

The Turkish leader repeats at every occasion that he doesn't want to see the Kurds expanding their territory in Syria and that he is strongly opposed to the USA becoming a permanent supporter of the Kurds. We're thankful for your support in every way . North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies USA and Turkey disagree over the Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) militia which is seen by Ankara as a "terror group" linked to Kurdish separatists waging an insurgency inside Turkey ...

Author: 0 Trump meets Egypt's president to talk ISIS, foreign aid

It's the second meeting for the pair. This meeting was al-Sisi's first official state visit since he took power through a military coup in 2013. Sissi noted that he's had a deep appreciation for Trump's "unique personality" and vowed to work with the U.S.

Author: 0 Senate panel faces off over Trump's Supreme Court nominee

Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. and Sen. "We'll have a partisan vote on every federal judge, at least at the circuit and Supreme Court level". Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Sunday indicated that he will proceed with the co-called " nuclear option " to change Senate rules and avoid a filibuster .

Author: 0 Liquor outlets along Delhi highways shuttered on SC orders

The Supreme Court, which in December past year banned liquor shops within 500 metres on either side of national and state highways, also banned hotels and restaurants along the highways from serving liquor. They included the ban on the sale of liquor on or near state and national highways, removal of hoardings and billboards that distract drivers on highways, and the removal of pavement encroachments across the country for the safety of road users.

Global Media At least 27 people missing in landslides in Indonesia
Author: 0 At least 27 people missing in landslides in Indonesia

As of Monday morning, the rescue teams have only managed to retrieve two bodies from the muddy rubble. He said that 27 people were still missing, while local army chief Lieutenant Colonel Slamet Sarijanto claimed that at least 38 people were buried in the debris.

Author: 0 Trump Team Members Disclose Finances, Still Hold on to Assets

The White House documents show that Ms Trump and Mr Kushner, who are both officially close advisers to the President, are still getting income from holdings valued at between US$240 million and US$740 million (S$1 billion). The release revealed an administration stacked with millionaires, whose combined net worth exceeds $12 billion. Neither is taking a salary, but in disclosures released Friday, they listed assets of $741 million.

Global Media Korea could conduct another nuclear test in next few days
Author: 0 Korea could conduct another nuclear test in next few days

The latest launch came as the U.S. envoy for North Korea policy, Joseph Yun, met his South Korean counterpart in Seoul to discuss a response to the North's weapons programmes. Its secretive northern neighbour has made no secret of its bid to fit nuclear warheads to missiles capable of reaching the US. In fact, four missiles were fired over 600 miles into the Sea of Japanese early this month, according to the BBC.

Global Media Finland willing to host Trump-Putin meeting with substance
Author: 0 Finland willing to host Trump-Putin meeting with substance

The FBI started the investigation over the allegations months before the elections but it was only earlier this month that FBI director James Comey confirmed they were probing Moscow's link with Trump's campaign. "What I'm about to say may be unpopular". The latest round of USA anti-Russia sanctions was introduced in December 2016, with the Obama administration claiming that Russian Federation allegedly influenced the United States presidential elections, something that Moscow has ...

Global Media US Launches Investigation Into Civilian Deaths in Mosul
Author: 0 US Launches Investigation Into Civilian Deaths in Mosul

The IS group had an estimated 2,000 fighters in west Mosul when the Iraqi push on the northern city began in mid-February. The US-led coalition announced on Thursday (30 March) that they had launched a formal probe into the deaths of almost 200 civilians in western Mosul on 17 March - suspected to be a result of air strikes.

Global Media Work Zone Awareness Week hopes to make Wisconsin roads safer
Author: 0 Work Zone Awareness Week hopes to make Wisconsin roads safer

VDOT says there are hundreds of active work zones across the Commonwealth every spring. There were 135 crashes and 59 injuries in work zones in Brown County past year. Safety agencies have joined forces across the county in an effort to increase awareness about the importance of work zone safety. Pay close attention to signs and work zone flaggers.

Global Media Westinghouse nuclear unit files for bankruptcy
Author: 0 Westinghouse nuclear unit files for bankruptcy

But as BBC News reports , Toshiba's "financial problems have some analysts speculating over whether the Japanese conglomerate can even survive the crisis, as it will probably be forced to sell many of its premium segments, such as the lucrative memory chip unit".

Author: 0 Le Pen urges Russia and France to unite in Moscow visit

The far-right French presidential candidate has met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. On Friday morning, Le Pen explained to Russian parliamentarians why she opposed European Union sanctions imposed on Moscow over its role in the Ukraine crisis.

Author: 0 Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill Says She'll Vote No On Supreme Court Nominee

She said Gorsuch has a "rigid ideology" favoring corporate interests over working people. "He is evasive, but his body of work isn't". McCain said a deal would require eight Democrats to vote to advance Gorsuch's nomination in return for a promise that in the future they would be able to block a nominee in extraordinary circumstances.

Author: 0 Amid calls for recusal, House Intel chairman Devin Nunes digs in

The White House on Tuesday also rejected allegations that it sought to prevent Yates from testifying the House committee's investigation. "We have no problem with her testifying, plain and simple", he said. Flynn was ousted after those discrepancies were made public. Republicans on the committee publicly continued to back him. Democrats on Monday called on Nunes to recuse himself from the investigation after he acknowledged he went to the White House complex to review intelligence ...

Global Media Ratings agency Standard & Poor's drops South Africa to junk
Author: 0 Ratings agency Standard & Poor's drops South Africa to junk

The opposition Democratic Alliance is organizing a march to the headquarters of Zuma's ruling party, the African National Congress in downtown Johannesburg opposition on Wednesday. "As government, our focus is now very much on the radical transformation of our economy so that all who live in South Africa can benefit from the economy".

Global Media US House Speaker backs intelligence panel chair in Russia probe
Author: 0 US House Speaker backs intelligence panel chair in Russia probe

There's nothing inherently improper about that - after an avalanche of accusatory leaks against him, go figure that Trump and his team might want to do a little leaking themselves - but again, as the head of a Committee that's pursuing an investigation that may implicate people in the White House, it's freaky that Nunes would call his own independence into question by doing the White House that favor.

Author: 0 Westminster attacker named, he was not under investigation

The Met Police have seized 2,700 items from these searches, including "massive amounts" of computer data and spoken to 3,500 witnesses and have been trawling through hundreds of uploads of video images. Police have named the London attacker as 52-year-old Khalid Masood. Still, London Police believe that the attacker was a lone wolf, although investigations are underway to identify possible associates.

Global Media J&K: Mehbooba Mufti Thanks Narendra Modi for Crushing 2016 Uprising in Kashmir
Author: 0 J&K: Mehbooba Mufti Thanks Narendra Modi for Crushing 2016 Uprising in Kashmir

He also congratulated the Mehbooba Mufti-led Jammu and Kashmir government for utilising central funds for the development of the state and assured his government's continued support. "But there is also the scent of sweat of the J&K youth in this tunnel", PM Modi said. Invoking former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee mantra of " Kashmiriyat , Insaaniyat and Jamhooriyat" to take Kashmir forward on the path of progress and development, Modi asked stone pelters in the Valley to stop violence ...

Author: 0 4th victim of London attack dies overnight

Four people were killed and 50 injured after Masood drove his auto into people on Westminster Bridge and stabbed an officer guarding Parliament. The source, who is familiar with the current investigation into Masood, said that the British counter-terrorism investigation in which his name had previously appeared dated from about five years ago.

Global Media Guy Verhofstadt hits out at Theresa May over security deal 'threat'
Author: 0 Guy Verhofstadt hits out at Theresa May over security deal 'threat'

That prompted claims that May was threatening to use the safety of United Kingdom and European citizens as a bargaining chip in Brexit talks. Speaking at the meeting, German Chancellor Angela Merkel did not mention Brexit directly, but said the European Union must guarantee the prosperity and security of its citizens or risk them turning away.

Global Media Truck driver texting before crash that killed 13
Author: 0 Truck driver texting before crash that killed 13

Kuchler, who followed the truck for at least 15 minutes, said he called the sheriff's offices for both Uvalde and Real counties and told them "they needed to get him off the road before he hit somebody". The number of motor vehicle deaths in the US a year ago topped 40,000 for the first time since 2007, according to the National Safety Council. The youngest victim was 61-year-old Rhonda Barlow Allen, the Department of Public Safety said.

Global Media Dozens gather to raise awareness about sexual assault
Author: 0 Dozens gather to raise awareness about sexual assault

On Friday, President Donald Trump issued a proclamation declaring April to be National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. This year's Sexual Assault Awareness Month theme for the CNMI is "Engaging All Voices". "Because one person, organization, agency, or community cannot, by itself, eliminate sexual violence, Alaskans must continue to stand together and work to educate the entire population of the state about what can be done to eliminate sexual assault", he wrote.

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