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Author: 0 No question Russia meddled in US election: US ambassador Nikki Haley

Haley also said that she was unsure that the body served any value "except for this that sit on it that protect themselves". The former SC governor acknowledged Russia's alleged role in the election, asserting that "We don't want any country involved in our elections ever".

Author: 0 US ambassador to UN says no question of Russian interference

This was on display again when she appeared on America's Sunday morning political talk shows to stake out US positions and defend her boss, US President Donald Trump. "What we are going to do is say China, you know that you are the only one that is doing this". Haley, who will address the council in June, said on Thursday that her team was reviewing what the body had done well and "everything that they've done that's just absurd".

Author: 0 Gonzaga holds off SC in Final Four

Gonzaga and SC will have the first game of the semifinal doubleheader, with North Carolina and OR to follow. "To be playing the last game of the year is just insane cool", said coach Mark Few, who performed a celebratory handstand in the locker room.

Global Media Manchester United v Everton
Author: 0 Manchester United v Everton

Top scorer Romelu Lukaku has scored in just one of his 10 previous Premier League games against Manchester United , netting a hat-trick for West Brom at The Hawthorns in May 2013. Manchester United's dependence on Zlatan Ibrahimovic during his debut season at Old Trafford has embarrassed the club's other forwards, says Jamie Carragher.

Author: 0 MCD polls: Kejriwal promises to abolish residential house tax

Shah said BJP's development agenda helped it win most of the recent Assembly elections in five states and it holds the same promise for Delhi, where "nothing has been done". AAP Saurashtra zone convener Kanu Kalsaria said the Delhi CM "will not be there to guide them as he is busy with the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) polls".

Global Media Shocked, saddened by attack on St. Petersburg metro: President
Author: 0 Shocked, saddened by attack on St. Petersburg metro: President

The Russian Investigative Committee has qualified the blast as a terrorist attack, but other versions are looked into as well. "I appeal to you citizens of St. It was not immediately clear whether he was counted in the official death toll. Putin, who was in St. Petersburg at the time for a meeting with the president of Belarus, said officials "will do everything to find out the causes of what had happened".

Author: 0 Israel approves new settlement for Amona evacuees

Hours after announcing the new community on Thursday, Netanyahu told members of his security cabinet that Israel would also make a unilateral commitment to curb West Bank settlement construction as a gesture of goodwill to Trump and his administration.

Global Media Rex Tillerson to chair UN meeting on North Korea's nukes
Author: 0 Rex Tillerson to chair UN meeting on North Korea's nukes

Ambassador Nikki Haley said on Monday. Trump's top national security aides have completed a broad review of USA options aimed at countering North Korea's nuclear and missile programs, a senior US official said on Sunday. North Korea has been under United Nations sanctions aimed at impeding the development of its nuclear and missile programs since 2006. A four-star general with close ties to Donald Trump has warned that military strikes are "rapidly" becoming the only solution to North ...

Global Media Turkey trying to exclude airport, airline from laptop ban
Author: 0 Turkey trying to exclude airport, airline from laptop ban

For weeks, neutral Switzerland has been trying to avoid becoming entangled in a bitter dispute between Ankara and other European nations over campaigning by Turkish politicians to drum up support for Erdogan among Turks living overseas. The protests mark a further escalation of a spat between European Union member Bulgaria and its neighbour Turkey over Ankara's open support for a new party representing Bulgaria's Turkish minority.

Author: 0 IS fighters in Mosul provoking coalition strikes on civilians

Wednesday's House panel hearing was focused on security challenges faced by Gen. Votel in his area of responsibility (AOR), which includes the Middle East and Northeast Africa as well as South and Central Asia. "To be clear, there were no changes in the rules of engagement that allows us to engage", he emphasized. Gunfire, shelling, bombs and air strikes have all taken their toll.

Author: 0 Supreme Court liquor ban could hit 1 million jobs

This comes after the Supreme Court announced that every pubs and bar within the 500 metres of the highway will be banned. Hotels and restaurants in close proximity to State and national highways have already stopped serving liquor either prompted by notices from authorities or out of sheer precaution to be in compliance with the court order.

Author: 0 Three North Koreans cleared over Kim Jong Nam death

Kim - the estranged half-brother of Kim Jong Un - was attacked by two women at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) on February 13 and died shortly after. North Korea's young leader, Kim Jong Un, had issued a "standing order" for his elder half-brother's assassination, according to some South Korean lawmakers, and there was a failed attempt on his life in 2012.

Global Media Can tough-talking Trump solve North Korea — AP Analysis
Author: 0 Can tough-talking Trump solve North Korea — AP Analysis

Luft said Beijing and Washington were unlikely to inch closer on a much-talked-about bilateral investment treaty. It is argued that sanctions that targeted the intermediaries that keep North Korea moving - like Chinese banks - would make a real impact, as would targeting the oil that Pyongyang imports from China.

Author: 0 Kim Jong-Nam's body returned to N. Korea: China

In an interview with NBC News the former diplomat said Pyongyang's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un is "desperate in maintaining his rule by relying on his [development of] nuclear weapons and ICBM [intercontinental ballistic missiles]", that could potentially reach the U.S.

Global Media Park arrest, Malaysia deal: Let the corks pop in Pyongyang
Author: 0 Park arrest, Malaysia deal: Let the corks pop in Pyongyang

The Malaysian contingent had been stranded in North Korea amid a protracted spat following the February 13 killing of Kim Jong Nam - the North Korean leader's estranged older half brother - at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The assassination led to a major diplomatic dispute between Malaysia and North Korea. "They have clarified and we are satisfied", Khalid said. Malaysia responded that it was abhorrent to hold its citizens hostage and imposed a similar exit ban on North Koreans.

Global Media Hotels and restaurants appeal to government on liquor ban
Author: 0 Hotels and restaurants appeal to government on liquor ban

Flummoxed, state governments are looking to find a way around the apex court's order. He said his department has also approached Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar over the matter. In Pune, for instance, the district administration said that a proposal has been sent to the state government to denotify the highways within the city limits and a decision on this awaited.

Author: 0 Londoners gather to remember victims of Westminster Bridge attack

Moving pics show a policeman wiping away tears as officers flocked to the bridge to pay tribute - many holding white roses. Mahroof Hussain, director of outreach for the Tell MAMA organisation, which works to counter anti-Muslim attacks, said: "After the awful events in London we must show unity between all faiths in our community".

Global Media Death toll from St. Petersburg metro blast rises to 14
Author: 0 Death toll from St. Petersburg metro blast rises to 14

Russian officials have concluded the October 2015 midair explosion of a Russian jetliner over Egypt's Sinai desert that killed all 224 people aboard was the result of a terrorist attack. Boris Gryzlov, representative of Russian Federation in the Contact Group for Ukrainian Settlement, said in an interview with Sputnik that the Monday explosion is "most likely a premeditated demonstrative act aimed at intimidation".

Global Media Conte admits there is 'big pressure' on Chelsea
Author: 0 Conte admits there is 'big pressure' on Chelsea

Zaha would fill any obvious void in the Spurs squad but former striker Garth Crooks says they could do without any player of his type. "Saturday for sure was not our day because we created a lot of chances to score a goal and we dominated the game, and when you lose this type of game in your mind you try to answer a lot of questions".

Author: 0 Congress seen as not likely to pass tax overhaul quickly

Republican leadership eventually withdrew a vote on the plan in the House last month after it was unclear if the measure would have enough votes to pass. There was no reason to take a vote. We are going to have great health care in this country. "It will be a repeal and replace of ObamaCare which is the deal that is being negotiated now".

Author: 0 Judiciary panel votes 11-9 in favor of Gorsuch

The Republican-led Judiciary Committee meets today and is expected to back Gorsuch and send his nomination to the full Senate, most likely on a near-party line vote. That's when opponents of Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas stopped him from being elevated to chief justice. It would not be unprecedented. Under Senate rules, three-fifths of senators are required to vote in favor of ending debate, or, for cloture.

Global Media South Korea's Park questioned in graft probe
Author: 0 South Korea's Park questioned in graft probe

McBride said prosecutors had 300 questions for the former president, which would take about 10 hours to answer. The prosecution team started the initial probe at the end of a year ago and identified Park as a co-conspirator with her friend, Choi Soon-sil, in eight charges, including abuse of power, coercion and leaks of confidential documents.

Author: 0 Showdown over Trump's Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch

If the filibuster succeeds, the only way for Republicans to get Gorsuch on the high court is to use the "nuclear option", or lower the number of votes necessary to end debate on a Supreme Court nominee from 60 to 51. Senate Republican leaders sound confident that they'll have the votes. That means the judges are going to be more ideological, not less. Rather, he holds the view that government rights and responsibilities are spelled out in the Constitution and in acts of Congress.

Author: 0 Beijing calls on U.S. to review trade by book

The resulting USA trade deficit with Germany has almost doubled in the past 10 years from about 28.8 billion euros (US$30.7 billion) in 2006 to 49 billion euros last year, according to data from Germany's Federal Statistics Office. Moments before he left the Oval Office, Trump had announced that the two orders would initiate a "great revival" for U.S. manufacturing. Trump said before leaving: 'Thank you everybody, you're going to see some very, very strong results very, very quickly.

Global Media Trump's top health official gets bipartisan grilling
Author: 0 Trump's top health official gets bipartisan grilling

Twenty-three percent of Americans overall blamed Trump while just eight percent blamed Ryan. In the end, House leadership wasn't able to sway numerous opponents. James B. Renacci (R-Ohio). But Democrats insist they stand open to bipartisan work to improve Obama's law. The plan calls for streamlining the income tax system and cutting the corporate income tax rate to 20 percent from 35 percent.

Author: 0 Kerala seeks three-month extension for highway liquor ban

Over 100 liquor bars and outlets have been told not to serve liquor in the capital, majority located on the National Highway 8 stretch between Airport and Mahipalpur. "We want the government to intervene and file a petition before the Supreme Court", said Amit Palyekar speaking on behalf of the affected traders. The decision to move the apex court was taken at a high-level meeting held by chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan, excise minister G.

Author: 0 Ending Violence Against Women A Focus In 2017 Federal Budget

A C$3 billion risk adjustment pushes the deficit figure to C$28.5 billion. The government is taking three different tax credits that now apply to family caregivers in Canada (infirm dependent credit, caregiver credit and family caregiver credit) and mashing them into a single credit - dubbed the Canada Caregiver Credit.

Global Media South African parliament speaker weighs no confidence motion
Author: 0 South African parliament speaker weighs no confidence motion

The party said that was not acting in the interests of South Africa or the ANC, but was serving other agendas - specifically that of the Gupta family, who has been accused of capturing the state. Gigaba said on Monday he would pursue "tough and unpopular choices" to oversee a redistribution of wealth to the black majority, a stance echoing recent comments by Zuma.

Author: 0 Syrian people do not want Assad in power: U.S. envoy to UN

While the former South Carolina Governor, who so far has been outspoken in her brief tenure in NY, said she is supposed to remain somewhat guarded as the leader of the 15-nation council, she told a packed news conference Monday that should would always be "a transparency gal".

Global Media Third body found in aftermath of damaging Australian cyclone
Author: 0 Third body found in aftermath of damaging Australian cyclone

Further north, Queensland closed more than 2,000 schools as sustained heavy rainfall brought flash floods to the Gold Coast tourist area. "The Brisbane River at Brisbane City will only reach the minor flood level (1.7m) overnight Friday into Saturday on the high tide", said Ms Dodds.

Global Media Suspects charged in London mob beating of teen asylum-seeker
Author: 0 Suspects charged in London mob beating of teen asylum-seeker

Eight people are being held on suspicion of attempted murder for the "frenzied" attack, in which a gang of thugs punched and kicked the teenager, leaving him with a fractured skull and a blood clot on the brain. The incident has drawn widespread condemnation , with Tory minister and local MP Gavin Barwell describing the attackers as "scum". Five white defendants appeared in the dock at Croydon Magistrates Court today.

Global Media UK tourism body calls for visa-free EU travel after Brexit
Author: 0 UK tourism body calls for visa-free EU travel after Brexit

Theresa May has no grounds for saying that "no deal is better than a bad deal" when Britain leaves the European Union, an influential committee of MPs says today. Passports are derived from four main colours: red, green, blue or black, and governments can choose the colour and design they'd like their national travel document to have.

Global Media I Have No Power to Reverse Ndume's Suspension - Saraki
Author: 0 I Have No Power to Reverse Ndume's Suspension - Saraki

He said all he can do is to report to the Senate what he discussed with the Borno governor and allow the Senators to take a decision. "The Stand Up 4 Nigeria which is the ray of hope and light to our generation is therefore calling on all well meaning Nigerians to join us as we reclaim the Senate from Saraki and his boys and return it back to the people of Nigeria".

Author: 0 Protests rattle Ecuador following election fraud claims

Opposition presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso flashed victory signs to his supporters during a rally as he waits for the final election results in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Sunday, April 2, 2017. Correa said the exit polls had "lied". The business groups also called for calm and to avoid "acts of violence in defense of democracy and respect for the popular sovereignty", despite siding with supporter of Lasso who have indirectly called for violence in the case of his loss.

Global Media GOP to Pay Steep Price if Fail to Deliver on Health Care
Author: 0 GOP to Pay Steep Price if Fail to Deliver on Health Care

It is hard to overestimate the role of the Affordable Care Act in the Republican resurgence. The American people are sick of seeing their premiums rise and insurance companies flee the exchanges. Rural Americans, who voted for Trump in record numbers, know better than anyone the difficulties of the private insurance market. "Therefore, the company has decided that it can not continue to offer this coverage for 2018".

Global Media Three arrested over fire under United States highway
Author: 0 Three arrested over fire under United States highway

According to reports , Eleby was believed to be homeless when he and two others took refuge under an I-85 overpass. Locals say they are surprised to find out that Eleby is believed to be behind the fire and eventual collapse of I-85 saying he was quiet and helped out at various businesses.

Author: 0 NZ rowers enjoy record win with Cambridge

Oxford finished in 19 minutes, five seconds. On paper, the Light Blues were second favourites, and on water so it proved. Drifting over towards the Oxford crew, there were hints of oars touching. Oxford head coach Sean Bowden has revealed their victory over Cambridge in the 163rd edition of the Boat Race came after they encountered significant difficulties during their preparations.

Global Media United Nations chief Guterres visits Iraq, calls for protection of civilians
Author: 0 United Nations chief Guterres visits Iraq, calls for protection of civilians

Guterres's visit to Baghdad was preceded by an attack by the IS in which at least 14 people were killed and 36 were wounded when a suicide bomber detonated an explosive-laden truck at a checkpoint in the south entrance to the capital. The UN chief pledged that the United Nations would increase its assistance to the displaced families, confirming that the global organization is working and assisting the Iraqi government in building and developing the country's institutions, it said.

Author: 0 Title race now more interesting - Conte

BBC pundit Garth Crooks has urged Wilfried Zaha not to sign for Tottenham Hotspur and rather remain at Crystal Palace. Cesc Fabregas scored the opener for Chelsea in the fifth minute of the game. Because if the Blues are to start dropping points with Diego Costa's goals drying up and a seemingly impregnable defence starting to look all David Luiz circa 2014, it's going to require those behind them to start stringing wins together.

Global Media Russia: St Petersburg blast suspect is 'from Central Asia'
Author: 0 Russia: St Petersburg blast suspect is 'from Central Asia'

Russia's Investigative Committee praised the driver of the train for not trying to stop in the tunnel after the explosion. Above ground, emergency services vehicles rushed to the scene at the Technological Institute metro station, a key transport hub in the city centre.

Author: 0 Sinn Fein: Northern Ireland's Martin McGuinness dies after short illness

With Stormont still without a powersharing executive or new Speaker in the wake of the subsequent snap election, traditional protocols were overridden to enable MLAs to assemble to mark his death. "They seem to forget that for a very, very long time he wasn't part of the solution he was part of the problem, in fact he was the main part of the problem".

Global Media Russian Federation opposition leader, Navalny jailed
Author: 0 Russian Federation opposition leader, Navalny jailed

Lozina, who described herself as "a graduate of Physical-Technical Institute", told the Russian website Meduza that she had been walking through the center of Moscow with her mother and sister, when they encountered a police blockade and a crowd of people.

Global Media Putin Denies Election Meddling, Is Defiant On Navalny Crackdown
Author: 0 Putin Denies Election Meddling, Is Defiant On Navalny Crackdown

Putin's comments came as Washington was embroiled in controversy over possible contacts between Trump associates and Russian officials and intelligence operatives during the presidential campaign and transition period, which are being investigated by Congress and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Author: 0 Trump donates first 3 months of salary to Park Service

The National Park Service looks after parks, memorials and other United States property covering 20% of the country's landmass. The National Park Service is part of the Department of the Interior, whose budget Trump has proposed cutting by more than $ 1 billion .

Author: 0 Crackdown: Meat sellers to go on indefinite strike in UP

March 29: Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev on Wednesday praised the Uttar Pradesh Government for its decision to close all illegal slaughter house. "UP should no longer be remembered as a state where women do not feel safe and which has no roads or power", the chief minister said.

Global Media 'About 10' killed in Saint Petersburg metro blast
Author: 0 'About 10' killed in Saint Petersburg metro blast

National anti-terrorism committee spokesman Andrei Przhezdomsky said that law enforcement agents had found and defused another explosive device at the Ploshchad Vosstaniya metro station. Investigator Svetlana Petrenko said the driver of the train saved lives by continuing on to the next stop, reducing the danger to passengers who would have had to walk along electrified tracks.

Author: 0 Senate Set for 'Nuclear' Showdown Over SCOTUS Nominee Neil Gorsuch

Supreme Court with a filibuster. Democratic lawmakers are also under relentless pressure from members of their voting base to vote no on Gorsuch. The president's nomination of Gorsuch, a Colorado native with broad support from legal minds in Colorado among both Republicans and Democrats, is one we've been happy to support.

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