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Global Media Petersburg metro blast suspect likely born in central Asia
Author: 0 Petersburg metro blast suspect likely born in central Asia

The bombing raised jitters coming just over a year before Russian Federation is due to host the Football World Cup in venues including Saint Petersburg. Residents have been bringing flowers to the stations near the site of explosion. While Moscow and many other Russian cities have seen numerous attacks linked to Islamic militants, the city of imperial palaces and world-famous art museums largely had escaped such violence until Monday.

Author: 0 Ivanka Trump: When I disagree with Dad, he knows it

In an interview broadcast today on "CBS This Morning", Ivanka Trump said she will continue the advocacy work she was doing in the private sector, which includes pushing for the economic empowerment of women and on issues involving education.

Author: 0 Tillerson Makes Big Break From Obama's Syria Policy

However, Tillerson did not seem willing to withdraw US support for the Kurdish militias. In a joint news conference with Tillerson, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stressed Turkey's opposition to support of the PYD but did not directly criticize the Trump administration.

Author: 0 May defends United Kingdom ties with Saudi Arabia

She has chosen symbolically to go headscarf free during the two-day trip to the kingdom despite convention dictating that women cover their hair. Rights groups including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have called for an end to arms sales from Britain and the United States to Saudi Arabia over the coalition s actions in the Arabian Peninsula state.

Author: 0 North Korea fires ballistic missile

The State Department issued a terse statement from America's top diplomat acknowledging "yet another" launch and saying "We have no further comment". Many South Korean experts say "Pukguksong-2" missile would be a greater security threat because it can be launched anywhere from a ground-based mobile vehicle.

Author: 0 Auto bomb explodes near restaurant in Somalia's capital

In a Twitter post, the new Information Minister of Somalia Abdirahman Omar Osman Yarisow said the vehicle bomb targeted a Cafeteria spot outside the ministry of Youth and Sports in Mogadishu and there were scores of casualties. No group has claimed the responsibility for the latest attack. Soldiers pushed back a surging crowd and fired in the air to disperse people. Targets have included hotels, military checkpoints and the presidential palace.

Author: 0 Security firm: more evidence N Korea linked to bank heist

Targets included banks, financial and trading companies, casinos and digital currency businesses in at least 18 nations, the report said. The report illustrates how Lazarus instigated complex, long-lasting attacks starting when a single system inside a bank was breached with remotely accessible code or through a watering hole attack.

Global Media United Nations calls emergency talks after 'gas attack'
Author: 0 United Nations calls emergency talks after 'gas attack'

Trump described Tuesday's incident as "heinous actions by the Bashar al-Assad regime", but also faulted Obama for having failed to enforce the red line four years ago. Obama's spokesman declined to comment. "Once again the Syrian regime will deny the evidence of its responsibility in this massacre". Idlib province is one of the last redoubts of anti-Assad rebels and the United Nations estimates there are almost a million displaced Syrians in the province, many from Aleppo.

Global Media Over 50 killed in chemical attack in Syria; US blames Assad
Author: 0 Over 50 killed in chemical attack in Syria; US blames Assad

So says the White House. "We assure that this information is completely unbiased and true", he added. The attack was reportedly carried out in Khan Shaykhun, a town in northwest Syria that sits about halfway between Homs and Aleppo on the country's main north-south highway.

Author: 0 Pope Francis calls for European solidarity ahead of Rome summit

The summit of the European Union (EU) to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties ended here with a succint final declaration of principles and intentions for the next 10 years. The Rome summit was seen as an important step towards European Union unity following the UK's decision to leave the bloc. One banner from a marcher in Hastings on the south coast - scene of England's epoch-defining defeat to William, Duke of Normandy - read: "Hastings, in Europe since 1066".

Author: 0 North Korea fires ballistic missile into Sea of Japan

A man watches a TV news program showing a file footage of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, at Seoul Train Station in Seoul , South Korea, Wednesday, April 5, 2017. US and South Korean officials said earlier that North Korea fired a ballistic missile into its eastern waters Wednesday. It has also conducted two nuclear weapons tests since January 2016, all in defiance of United Nations sanctions.

Global Media Widower offers reward to help catch killer of Michaela McAreavey
Author: 0 Widower offers reward to help catch killer of Michaela McAreavey

Resort workers Sandip Moneea and Avinash Treebhoowoon were cleared of the shocking crime following a seven-week trial in the summer of 2012. Launching the Rs 2 million, or £45,000, reward and fresh appeal for information that could find and convict Michaela's killers, Mr McAreavey said after six and a half years, there has been no conviction and now they are appealing to the Mauritian people.

Author: 0 "Pink Star" diamond sets record auction sale (see photos)

Three telephone bidders competed for the stone during five tense minutes of bidding. The world's most valuable diamond is up for auction on Tuesday (4 April), four years after the winning dealer failed to come up with the £66m he bid for the gem.

Global Media The US Will Deal With North Korea With Or Without China's Help
Author: 0 The US Will Deal With North Korea With Or Without China's Help

Trump's comments come as he's supposed to host Chinese President Xi Jinping at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla., on Thursday and Friday. The Trump White House worries Pyongyang is just months away from marrying nuclear and long-range missile technology and putting the west coast of the United States within striking distance.

Author: 0 Pence: Trump is going to move the U.S. embassy in Israel

Many promises Trump made in the campaign, such as immediately moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and tearing up the Iran deal, have not been and likely won't be kept. He then congratulated the new Israeli ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, whose appointment had been approved by the Senate following a narrow vote last Thursday.

Global Media Korea fires ballistic missile ahead of Trump Xi meeting
Author: 0 Korea fires ballistic missile ahead of Trump Xi meeting

The South Korean military said the missile was sacked from land near the east coast city of Sinpo and flew about 60 kilometers (40 miles). The initial USA and South Korean assessments indicated it was a KN-15 medium-range missile, whose first publicly known test in February was considered by many foreign experts as a potentially worrying development.

Global Media Lenin Moreno Claims Victory in Ecuador
Author: 0 Lenin Moreno Claims Victory in Ecuador

Special Envoy on Disability and Accessibility. Before the election, conservative banker Guillermo Lasso said that within 30 days, he'd evict the Australian activist, who is wanted for extradition by Sweden. Speaking to supporters, Lasso said that it was unfathomable that an exit poll that showed him winning by 6 percentage points could have been off by such a large margin.

Global Media Staffer counselled over One Nation deal, says Tim Nicholls
Author: 0 Staffer counselled over One Nation deal, says Tim Nicholls

Four Corners reported the Jabiru light plane was bought with money donated by Victorian property developer Bill McNee. Mr Nelson said the Jabiru plane, decorated with party logos and a cartoon of Ms Hanson, was used to "ferry Pauline Hanson around" Queensland ahead of the 2016 election.

Author: 0 35 killed in IS attack in Iraq's Tikrit city

Islamic militants unleashed multiple suicide attacks in the city of Tikrit , north of Baghdad , killing at least 22 people, a provincial official said on Wednesday. Sporadic gunfire could be heard in the morning. Daesh had overrun Tikrit in 2014 before Iraqi forces managed to recapture the city one year later.

Author: 0 South Africa's junkies rating worry insurers

The ANC backed Zuma after numerous calls for his resignation in the wake of the dismissal of respected finance minister, ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe said. The SACP has also called on Mr Zuma to go. Zuma urged calm, saying public disagreements within the government "demoralize our people and create confusion".

Global Media N. Korea fires ballistic missile ahead of Trump-Xi meeting
Author: 0 N. Korea fires ballistic missile ahead of Trump-Xi meeting

North Korea has fired a ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan, South Korea's military has said, ahead of a summit between Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart in Florida. The State Department issued a terse statement from America's top diplomat acknowledging "yet another" launch and saying "We have no further comment".

Global Media Senators, step back from the precipice
Author: 0 Senators, step back from the precipice

Gorsuch, of Colorado, to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States", the release stated on Tuesday. When they were in the majority, Senate Democrats eliminated the filibuster for lower court nominees after the Republicans blocked more of Obama's judicial picks and all of the previous presidents combined.

Global Media GraceKennedy says Brazilian corned beef suppliers not under investigation
Author: 0 GraceKennedy says Brazilian corned beef suppliers not under investigation

In Macau, the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) reaffirmed in a statement to the press that the measure decided for promoting an embargo on imports of meat from Brazil is "only a precautionary measure". My family and I consume Brazilian meat here in Malaysia every day. The 21 plants have also been suspended from exporting. Brazil's government has suspended exports from 21 meat-processing units; and no permits for the importation of processed meat products from Brazil, including ...

Author: 0 Pink diamond auctioned for record $71.2M in Hong Kong

In 2013, Isaac Wolf , a diamond cutter in NY, actually tried to buy the special gem for $83 million in Geneva - but he might have overestimated his millions, as he later had to default on the purchase. Its predecessor was the Pink Graff, which auctioned in November 2010 for a mere $46.16 million. It was then meticulously cut by Steinmetz Diamonds over a period of almost two years.

Global Media USA ratchets up urgency on N. Korea ahead of China visit
Author: 0 USA ratchets up urgency on N. Korea ahead of China visit

China has repeatedly said that its influence over North Korea has been overstated, and the US and South Korea should stop antagonising Pyongyang with its annual military drills. But he said he did not plan to discuss tariffs during the meeting. The pair are expected to discuss trade and territorial disputes in the South China Sea as well as aggression from Pyongyang during meetings on Thursday and Friday.

Global Media House Democrats to see intelligence documents soon
Author: 0 House Democrats to see intelligence documents soon

Former Trump campaign aides and Russian officials have denied any such involvement. He said he has no way of knowing if they were the same documents Nunes saw and how exactly they were unearthed. Rex Tillerson, Trump's secretary of state, has deep ties to Russian Federation from his time running ExxonMobil and cutting oil deals with Moscow .

Global Media ISIS propaganda chief killed in strike on Iraq-Syria border
Author: 0 ISIS propaganda chief killed in strike on Iraq-Syria border

Amnesty International's Donatella Rovera recently said the high civilian death toll in eastern Mosul , which was retaken by government forces in January, suggested that there, too, the coalition "failed to take adequate precautions to prevent civilian deaths, in flagrant violation of worldwide humanitarian law".

Author: 0 Marquinhos' Brazil clinch World Cup qualification

Beyond troubles on the pitch, Neymar also faces legal challenges in Spain due to suspicions of irregularities in his transfer from Santos to Barcelona. "I was having a lot of difficulties in my beginning (at Barcelona)". It's having a good game and understanding why you won. "But I'm going to try to keep calm so that I can be at my best", added the former Wolfsburg player who will be making his second worldwide appearance.

Global Media Berry leads North Carolina to NCAA championship
Author: 0 Berry leads North Carolina to NCAA championship

Karnowski went 0-for-4 in the half, turning the ball over three times, while Collins lasted all of eight minutes before getting into foul trouble. "It was not against Isaiah Hicks". Gonzaga shot just 33.9 percent and had 14 turnovers. The fouls, foul trouble and resultant free throws had their obvious effect. Despite coming into this season with more options on paper, the Blue Devils fell victim to the same problem once again as the team ran out of answers after graduate student Amile ...

Global Media North Korea Pyongyang fires missile into Sea of Japan, says South Korea
Author: 0 North Korea Pyongyang fires missile into Sea of Japan, says South Korea

Ralph Cossa, president of the Pacific Forum CSIS think tank in Honolulu, said he was expecting North Korea would do something to coincide with the Trump-Xi summit, perhaps conduct a nuclear test. North Korea on Wednesday launched a ballistic missile, which flew for some 60 km before falling into the Sea of Japan , the South Korean military said.

Global Media Livingstone: I have not damaged Labour Party
Author: 0 Livingstone: I have not damaged Labour Party

The Jewish Labour Movement, which had submitted a 178-page report to the panel challenging Livingstone's version of history and criticizing his "disparaging, inaccurate and out-of-context comments", said that Tuesday's decision was a " betrayal " of the party.

Global Media Thousands Of Mourners Gather For Martin McGuinness' Funeral
Author: 0 Thousands Of Mourners Gather For Martin McGuinness' Funeral

McGuinness became Sinn Fein's chief negotiator during the Northern Ireland peace process, working with Clinton on the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. St. It is located in the heart of the city of Londonderry in Northern Ireland. "People are in a better place because of him", said Nancy O'Neill, in her 70s, who traveled with her family from the neighboring county of Tyrone.

Global Media China to establish new economic zone near Beijing
Author: 0 China to establish new economic zone near Beijing

China announced on Saturday to establish the Xiongan New Area, a landmark new economic zone near Beijing created to integrate the capital with its surrounding areas. Xi and his policymakers have pledged to curb excess leverage in the financial system, and have committed to enforce prudent and neutral monetary policy to deflate bubbles.

Author: 0 11 dead in terrorist attack in Russian Federation

Russia's top investigative body said in a statement it had identified the suspected bomber but did not disclose his details. However, there are still conflicting reports as to whether the suspect was a suicide bomber or not. Forty-nine people are still in hospital. "Russia's anti-terror agency said that another bomb was found and deactivated at Ploshchad Vosstaniya metro station".

Global Media Can Tough-Talking Trump Solve North Korea?
Author: 0 Can Tough-Talking Trump Solve North Korea?

Senior officials also said that Mr. Trump will continue to object to China's activity in the South China Sea, an expected topic of discussion. Most recently, Kushner arrived in Iraq, along with the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Marine Gen.

Global Media Trump administration restricts H-1B visa program
Author: 0 Trump administration restricts H-1B visa program

The administration has taken other steps against H1B visa abuse, such as issuing a Justice Department warning to employers and announcing plans to enhance transparency on applicants. While the visas are reserved for Americans, the program allows for low-payed foreign workers to be employed as well. The unofficial deadline for the Trump administration to enact H-1B visa reform indicates that Trump's promised reform of the system may be off the table or long delayed.

Author: 0 S. Africa remains committed to measured fiscal consolidation: president

According to COSATU secretary-general Bheki Ntshalintshali, the unions no longer believe in Zuma's leadership capacity. Rating agency Standard & Poor's (S&P) on Monday downgraded South Africa's sovereign rating to junk status days after President Jacob Zuma sacked Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.

Global Media Royals join families of London terror victims for service
Author: 0 Royals join families of London terror victims for service

I can't imagine how hard it is for a 14-yr-old wearing a hijab and travelling through London on buses and trains. "Genuinely heartbreaking to have read that a 14 year old muslim (sic) girl feels this way". The girl told of how every Saturday she walks through Westminster but had to "think twice" following the attack, fearing that she may be assaulted for wearing a hijab.

Author: 0 French candidate Fillon: Govt manipulating presidential race

Imagine if Americans elected a president who was neither Democrat nor Republican. The presence of the six minor candidates - all polling well under five percent - added a strong anti-capitalist element to the debate, as well as vivid anti-EU sentiment.

Author: 0 National Archives to White House: Save all Trump tweets

He could be a key witness as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Congress seek to determine whether Trump advisors colluded with Russia's interference in last year's presidential election. The New York Times reported Thursday that Nunes had two sources, and both worked for the White House. Rep. Adam Schiff says the White House was "duplicitous" in its conduct and has not explained why it tried to hide its role.

Global Media Sen. McConnell prepares the 'nuclear option' to filibuster Neil Gorsuch
Author: 0 Sen. McConnell prepares the 'nuclear option' to filibuster Neil Gorsuch

Debate over the 49-year-old appellate judge gets under way in the full Senate on Tuesday, with Republicans and Democrats bitterly divided over the next steps. Gorsuch has spent more than a decade on the federal appeals bench in Denver where he's issued consistently conservative rulings, and he appeared on Trump's list of potential candidates partly generated by the Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation during the campaign.

Author: 0 Trump has strong words after Syria attack _ but what next?

The U.N. Security Council was to hold an emergency meeting On Wednesday in response to the strike and in Brussels, officials from 70 nations gathered for a major donors' conference on the future of Syria and the region. Most of the fatalities died before they reached hospitals, Tennari said. "The Syrian army holds the terrorist groups and those supporting them responsible for the use of chemical and poisonous material and for the careless wasting of innocent civilians' lives to achieve their ...

Global Media 'Brexit 1.0' happened 450000 years ago
Author: 0 'Brexit 1.0' happened 450000 years ago

Study researcher Jenny Collier, from Imperial College London , said that evidence suggests that 450,000 years ago, Dover Strait may have been a huge rock ridge of chalk that looked more like Siberia's frozen tundra than the green environment it is today.

Author: 0 France's Le Pen, on Russian Federation visit, heads to Kremlin for exhibition

Dmitry Peskov, Putin's spokesman, told reporters on a conference call that Putin and Le Pen had not discussed the possibility of Russian Federation offering any financial help to her political party. After the meeting she said that one of her first actions if she wins will be to look at "swiftly" ending European Union sanctions imposed on Russian Federation over the Ukraine crisis.

Author: 0 Kyrgyzstan-born Russian likely to be St. Petersburg attacker: Kyrgyz FM

But then later in the day, Russia's investigative committee said that its investigators had concluded that they had found forensic evidence of genetic traces of Akbarjon Djalilov on a bag that contained an explosive device that was found disarmed at a separate subway station not very far from the site of yesterday's explosion.

Global Media Democrat predicts jail for some Trump associates
Author: 0 Democrat predicts jail for some Trump associates

When asked how high his suspicion went, Castro said this was "yet to be determined". TV interviewers have repeatedly pressed committee members for hints about whether they have uncovered proof of any collusion with Moscow to tilt the November election in Trump's favor.

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