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Author: 0 North Korea is increasingly a focus of US-China meeting

In the past, North Korea held global sports events not affected by icy inter-Korean ties. The upcoming meeting between US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday (April 6) has not substantially shook up Asian markets, which have remained relatively flat at midday trading hours.

Author: 0 'N. Korea's Missile Launch Won't Affect China-US Summit'

A North Korean flag, center, is displayed during 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey Women's World Championship Division II Group A game at Kwandong Hockey Center in Gangneung, South Korea, Wednesday, April 5, 2017. The North Korea issue will likely be among top agenda items. China has denied it has any outsized influence on Pyongyang and Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying ruled out the chance of a link between the launch and the summit, saying, "I can't see any certain connection between these ...

Author: 0 Mitch McConnell: We Have the Votes For the Nuclear Option on Gorsuch

The Senate would then vote on Thursday on whether to limit the debate. He applies the law as we in Congress write it - as the judicial oath says, without respect to persons. On Tuesday, when South Dakota Sen. Don't let members' coyness about naming the deed they're about to do fool you: They have the votes. But McConnell said there is no appetite for that and that it will not happen under his leadership.

Global Media Polish foreign ministry condemns suspected chemical attack in Syria
Author: 0 Polish foreign ministry condemns suspected chemical attack in Syria

At least 70 people died - including 10 children - and many remain ill While it has not yet been confirmed, multiple medical experts have said the attack looks like the result of a nerve agent, like sarin. The Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Maj. But WHO said there was good reason to suspect a chemical attack, noting the dozens of patients admitted to hospitals "suffering from breathing difficulties and suffocation".

Author: 0 Iranian media reacts to Russian Federation subway bombing

Petersburg metro. Earlier in the day, Kyrgyz officials were only telling us that they believed that it was someone who was born in Kyrgyzstan who had acquired Russian citizenship, and the phrase suicide bomber was not even being used. Petersburg Metro said. A damaged train pictured shortly after an explosion in the St Petersburg subway. People carry a subway blast victim into an ambulance after a Monday explosion at Tekhnologichesky Institut subway station in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Author: 0 Kendall Jenner's protest Pepsi spot prompts online backlash

In a statement to Entertainment Weekly , a Pepsi spokesperson claimed the ad ultimately conveyed an "important" message. The 21-year-old offers one of them a can of Pepsi, which he takes a sip from and smiles, to loud cheers in the background.

Author: 0 CBS confirms Tony Romo as No. 1 analyst, Phil Simms' future unclear

News that Romo had chose to retire came out just hours before the details of the CBS deal were reported. Tony Romo #9 of the Dallas Cowboys warms up on the field prior to the NFC Divisional Playoff game against the Green Bay Packers at AT&T Stadium on January 15, 2017 in Arlington, Texas.

Global Media Suspected chemical attack shows war crimes in Syria
Author: 0 Suspected chemical attack shows war crimes in Syria

Assad's government has denied involvement in the attacks, as has one of their main global allies, Russia, which said the chemical explosion was a result of Syrian Army airstrikes hitting rebel chemical arms factories. "Anyone who uses chemical weapons to attack his own people shows a fundamental disregard for human decency and must be held accountable". New York-based Human Rights Watch has accused the Syrian government of conducting at least eight chlorine gas attacks on ...

Author: 0 Walker renews Twitter criticisms of Baldwin over filibuster

Merkley stood in front of a blow-up of the preamble to the Constitution, still talking Wednesday morning. Democrats have said he is so conservative as to be outside the judicial mainstream. In Utah (whose two Republican senators Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee are on the Judiciary Committee), the Deseret News urged GOP senators back in December not to exercise the nuclear option .

Author: 0 Freedom Caucus, Tuesday Group meet with Pence

Even if the House can muscle up the votes to revive the bill next month, it still must clear the Senate, which is expected to make significant changes to the House bill, and then the House would have to pass it again. The White House offer would also let states seek an exemption to the law's requirement that insurers must offer coverage to people with serious diseases.

Author: 0 Springfield Initiative Launched to Combat Gender Wage Gap

African American women make a mere 59 cents and Latina women only 52 cents for every dollar a white man makes. "[What ] a man earns [by] December 31, it takes the woman until April 4 to catch up to what they made". According to Hired, a career site, non-LGBTQ men outearn all other categories, followed by LGBTQ men, non-LGBTQ women, and LGBTQ women. Republicans have called it a " desperate political ploy ", claiming that it's already illegal to discriminate on the basis of gender since the ...

Global Media St Petersburg metro attacker identified
Author: 0 St Petersburg metro attacker identified

Petersburg subway. The investigators also say forensic experts found Dzhalilov's DNA on a bag containing a bomb that was found and deactivated at another subway station in St. The decision to keep moving was praised by authorities as aiding evacuation efforts and reducing the danger to passengers who would have had to walk along the electrified tracks.

Global Media EU negotiator Barnier tells UK on Brexit: no parallel talks
Author: 0 EU negotiator Barnier tells UK on Brexit: no parallel talks

However, when the two-year negotiation time-frame comes to an end, the institution is legally required to give its consent for the final Brexit deal. He said the message on phased negotiations should be that " the sooner we agree the principles of an orderly withdrawal, the sooner we can prepare our future relations in trade ".

Author: 0 Spain denies ship made illegal incursion into disputed waters off Gibraltar

A British Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesman said: "The Royal Navy challenges all unlawful maritime incursions into British Gibraltar Territorial Waters - and did so again on this occasion". Chief Minister Fabian Picardo was critical of European Council president Donald Tusk for allowing Gibraltar's inclusion in the EU draft guidelines.

Global Media Cleveland To Continue Police Reform Efforts Despite US Memo
Author: 0 Cleveland To Continue Police Reform Efforts Despite US Memo

He says implementing reforms over years is tough. "I hope we don't turn back the clock with this decision" of Sessions to retreat from the agreements. Consent decrees are binding legal agreements, and once signed, they are overseen by a federal judge and an appointed monitor. Sessions' announcement made no promises about the federal government's commitment to far-reaching reforms.

Global Media France's 11 candidates to face off in major election debate
Author: 0 France's 11 candidates to face off in major election debate

Discussions on a possible coalition between the two left-wing candidates for France's presidential election appear to have broken down. Marine Le Pen of French National Front (FN) attends a prime-time televised debate for the candidates at French 2017 presidential election in La Plaine Saint-Denis, near Paris , France, April 4, 2017.

Global Media Teenager left with fractured spine after Croydon 'hate crime' attack
Author: 0 Teenager left with fractured spine after Croydon 'hate crime' attack

The Metropolitan Police believes more than 30 people may have been involved in the attack , which members of the Kurdish community said has left them anxious and shocked. "He couldn't recognise me as well". Eight more people, including a 15-year-old boy, have appeared in court over a suspected hate attack which left a teenage asylum seeker fighting for his life.

Global Media Spanish ship off Gibraltar: 'Incursion' or 'routine?'
Author: 0 Spanish ship off Gibraltar: 'Incursion' or 'routine?'

Spain, which has for centuries demanded a return of sovereignty over the enclave on its southern tip, doesn't recognize Gibraltar's territorial waters. The territory's government said on its official Twitter account that the Spanish ship Infanta Cristina entered it waters Tuesday. A spokesman for Spain's foreign ministry said Spain did not recognise the waters as belonging to Gibraltar and the ship had been on a routine patrol.

Author: 0 Japan slams North Korean missile launch

The U.S. has consistently said the war games are defensive. But Beijing is wary of putting too much pressure on North Korea for fear of the unpredictable consequences if the state collapses. U.S. Pacific Command said the missile "did not pose a threat to North America". "There's absolutely no reason for North Korea to fire the KN-15 again this way; the launch measurements show something similar to when developing missiles are flight-tested for the first time for data-gathering purposes", ...

Author: 0 Bill Clinton arrives in Dublin Airport for the funeral of Martin McGuinness

However, explaining her decision, she said: "Having worked with Martin McGuinness for nearly a decade, I want to pay my respects to his family on the occasion of his death". Meanwhile, Pearse Doherty, Sinn Féin TD, has said that Martin McGuinness' contributions have meant that republicans of his generation were not faced with the question of whether to join the IRA.

Global Media UN holds crisis meeting after Syria chemical attack
Author: 0 UN holds crisis meeting after Syria chemical attack

He called the attack, which injured hundreds and killed more than 50 people, including many children, a "barbaric act". Russian Federation is a key supporter of Assad, who has been fighting rebels trying to unseat him for more than six years.

Global Media Petersburg bombings: Suspect named as Kyrgyzstan man Akbarzhon Jalilov
Author: 0 Petersburg bombings: Suspect named as Kyrgyzstan man Akbarzhon Jalilov

He said investigators are looking into whether the explosion was a terror attack. St. Petersburg authorities shutdown a Metro station at the city's Sennaya Square for several hours Tuesday after receiving a bomb threat . "Russia's anti-terror agency said that another bomb was found and deactivated at Ploshchad Vosstaniya metro station". "Kyrgyzstan's security services are offering all-round assistance to Russian law enforcement agencies in investigating this case", the ministry said.

Global Media Local schools announce early dismissals due to severe weather threat
Author: 0 Local schools announce early dismissals due to severe weather threat

Appling County Schools District 1 will be holding an early release. Early Lunch will be served. Lexington School District 2 will begin dismissing high school and middle school students on Wednesday, at 11 a.m. Elementary schools will dismiss at 11:15 a.m. Middle schools will dismiss at 1:00 p.m. All after-school activities, adult education classes and district-related meetings are canceled.

Global Media United Nations to hold crisis meeting after Syria chemical attack
Author: 0 United Nations to hold crisis meeting after Syria chemical attack

According to a statement posted on the Russian ministry's Facebook page today, the strike hit "workshops, which produced chemical warfare munitions" in the eastern outskirts of the Khan Sheikhun town. Both Russia and Syria both have denied launching the chemical attack. "All the evidence I have seen suggests this was the Assad regime". Idlib province is one of the last redoubts of anti-Assad rebels and the United Nations estimates there are almost a million displaced Syrians in the ...

Global Media Trump faults Obama's 'weakness' for chemical attack in Syria
Author: 0 Trump faults Obama's 'weakness' for chemical attack in Syria

Opposition activists and a doctor in Idlib said it was the worst incident since the 2013 gas attack on the Damascus suburb of Ghouta that killed hundreds of civilians and which a United Nations investigation said used sarin gas. The chapter was seen internationally as a major blow to USA credibility and, for Obama's critics, a prime example of weak leadership. This photo provided on Tuesday April 4, 2017, by the Syrian.

Global Media Syria gas attack toll 72 amid blame game
Author: 0 Syria gas attack toll 72 amid blame game

The UN Security Council will gather on Wednesday after the United Kingdom and France called for an emergency meeting. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based monitoring network, put the death toll at 58, including at least 11 children.

Author: 0 Turkey broaches thorny issues with Tillerson in Ankara

Just before Tillerson's arrival, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim announced the end of Turkey's military operation in Syria , declaring it a success. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with visiting U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in capital Ankara on Thursday, urging work with "legitimate actors" in fighting against the Islamic State (IS).

Author: 0 #FreedomFirst tweetstorm welcomed Egypt's president to the US

A senior administration official said the subject of Hijazi did not come up in the meeting with Trump, Sisi and their advisers, but said the detention was an issue of concern and a case that was being watched closely by the Trump administration.

Global Media Likely Suspect In St. Petersburg Blast
Author: 0 Likely Suspect In St. Petersburg Blast

Train driver praised for actions that likely saved lives. On Tuesday morning, as the country began three days of mourning , the death toll rose from 11 to 14. The foreign ministry of the Central Asian nation of Kazakhstan said one of its citizens has been killed in the attack. It is formerly part of the Soviet Union and remains a close ally of Russian Federation.

Author: 0 Susan Rice on MSNBC: The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

In her first public comments since reports surfaced that she had requested the "unmasking" of the names of Trump associates in surveillance reports, Rice told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell she hadn't leaked any of that information to the press.

Author: 0 White House woos GOP lawmakers with revised health care bill

The talks also ignore the fact that numerous GOP's "no" votes were based on the legislation's sweeping changes to how Medicaid is funded, and the current negotiations don't address those concerns at all. The Congressional Budget Office projected that an earlier version of the House bill would hike annual premium costs for low-income 64-year-olds by $12,900 on average for insurance that covers fewer expenses.

Author: 0 Liberals release $28.5 billion deficit budget

That is half of NATO's two per cent target and puts Canada among the bottom half of allies. On the surface, a federal budget might seem to be inherently gender neutral. The budget commits almost $3 billion to support innovation over the next five years and promises to develop an innovation and skills plan that will target six sectors the Liberal government see as good bets for spurring economic growth and creating well-paying jobs: advanced manufacturing, clean technology, the agri-food ...

Global Media Syria chemical attack death toll now at 72; new strikes hit
Author: 0 Syria chemical attack death toll now at 72; new strikes hit

The council will hear a briefing and "we are hoping to get as much information on the Syrian attack as we can", Haley said. The head of the opposition High Negotiations Committee, Riad Hijab, said on Twitter that the "massacre is evidence that it is impossible to negotiate with a regime addicted to criminal behavior".

Global Media One suspect left in custody over London attack
Author: 0 One suspect left in custody over London attack

Two people remain in custody for questioning. She said she got chills when she learned the identity of the London attacker. Ambassador to Britain Dan Mihalache said on Thursday she underwent surgery to remove a blood clot from her brain.

Global Media South Africa's ruling party confronts divide over Zuma
Author: 0 South Africa's ruling party confronts divide over Zuma

It was looking at a complaint by some of the ANC top executives that Jacob Zuma had failed to consult them over reshuffling his cabinet. "With regards to the Finance portfolio, we reiterate that while the political leadership has changed, government's overall policy orientation remains the same as derived from the governing party".

Global Media North Korea fires ballistic missile into sea, says Seoul
Author: 0 North Korea fires ballistic missile into sea, says Seoul

One expert said it could have been a test of a new missile intended as a stepping stone toward developing a solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach the US mainland. Regardless, nonproliferation experts say it is clear that North Korea is determined to make progress on its missile program - and presumably on its goal to attach a nuclear warhead to a missile capable of reaching the mainland United States.

Global Media North Korea launches intermediate-range ballistic missile
Author: 0 North Korea launches intermediate-range ballistic missile

U.S. secretary of state Rex Tillerson confirmed Pyongyang had launched "yet another" intermediate range ballistic missile. While Trump has focused the brunt of his rhetoric on simply reversing the United States' $347 billion trade deficit with China, experts say an improved trading relationship will rest not on China simply changing that top-line number, but fundamentally altering the role it plays in its economy.

Author: 0 NCAA lifts North Carolina ban after House Bill 2 repeal

The replacement bill eliminated a requirement that transgender people use restrooms corresponding to the sex on their birth certificates in many public buildings. According to The Washington Times , the NCAA called HB142 "far from flawless", but "meets the minimal NCAA requirements", therefore allowing them to lift the boycott of championship games.

Global Media Subway bombing suspect may be from Kyrgyzstan
Author: 0 Subway bombing suspect may be from Kyrgyzstan

The driver of the St. Petersburg subway train hit by a bomb appeared in front of reporters on Tuesday looking exhausted but not visibly shaken by the events of the previous day. Russia's second-largest city attempted to return to normal life Tuesday with the subway system reopening. " President Trump expressed his deepest condolences to the victims and their loved ones, and to the Russian people", the White House press release says of the April 3 Trump-Putin phone call.

Author: 0 UPA Govt., waived off 72000 farmer loans, why can't Modi Govt.: Congress

Along with this, the government has also chose to forego Non-Performing Assets (NPA) worth Rs. 5,630 crore of eight lakh farmers. "We have waived off Rs. The UP government's announcement of waiver of loans up to Rs 1 lakh for small farmers means that the farmers who were due to pay loans up to 1 lakh can consider themselves free of that burden.

Author: 0 North Korea fires missile into Sea of Japan

Many weapons experts say the North could have a functioning nuclear-tipped missile capable of reaching the continental USA within a few years. He said Japan absolutely could not tolerate North Korea's repeated provocative actions. That is a much shorter distance than other North Korean missiles flew in their recent test-launches. "I can tell you that it is now urgent", a senior White House official said of North Korea during a briefing in advance of Xi's visit.

Author: 0 Manafort volunteers for interviews with Intelligence committees

Page also said he wanted to "set the record straight", writing in his own letter to Nunes and Schiff that he would "eagerly welcome the chance to speak with the Committee". Nunes also announced that the committee is bringing in FBI Director James Comey and National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers for a second briefing, this time behind closed doors so that they can provide more information.

Global Media North Korea launches medium-range ballistic missile -U.S
Author: 0 North Korea launches medium-range ballistic missile -U.S

In that scenario, Chinese enterprises and financial institutions would not escape the crackdown, since China is North Korea's biggest trading partner. The North also conducted two nuclear tests previous year, and experts have said satellite imagery shows it is ready to carry out another one at any time.

Global Media Missiles: US issues 'last warning' on North Korea
Author: 0 Missiles: US issues 'last warning' on North Korea

According to the U.S. Army, North Korea launched a KN-15 ballistic missile that flew about 60 kilometers before it landed in the Sea of Japan. The launch took place ahead of a meeting between US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, scheduled for Thursday and Friday in Florida.

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