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Global Media U.S. trade deficit falls 9.6% in February
Author: 0 U.S. trade deficit falls 9.6% in February

Exports of goods and services increased 0.2 percent to 192.9 billion in February, the highest in more than two years. USA goods exports to the rest of the world rose as shoppers in other countries purchased cars and other American-made products.

Global Media Yogi Adityanath files defamation notice against National Conference leader Junaid Mattu
Author: 0 Yogi Adityanath files defamation notice against National Conference leader Junaid Mattu

Rahul then went on to say, "But let's not play politics with our farmers who are suffering across the country. The Central Govt must have a national response to the widespread distress & not discriminate amongst states (sic)". What's more, with yet another sowing season around the corner, there will be another round of pressure on the state government to announce fresh farm loans.

Global Media Tornado threat especially high across the South
Author: 0 Tornado threat especially high across the South

Storms on Sunday and Monday killed five people, including a MS woman who desperately tried to direct rescuers to her sinking vehicle after it skidded into a rain-swollen creek. There were no reports of injuries or deaths, but emergency crews were on the scene sorting things out. Several counties in metro Atlanta were under a tornado warning Wednesday morning until about 9 a.m.

Author: 0 President Trump delivers final blow to Web-browsing privacy rules

Republican FCC commissioners have said the Obama rules would unfairly give websites the ability to harvest more data than internet service providers. On Monday, the United States President Donald Trump signed a resolution that would void the set of privacy rules adopted by the FCC previous year during the Obama-era.

Global Media New Bill Could Stop All Unwarranted Phone Searches at the US Border
Author: 0 New Bill Could Stop All Unwarranted Phone Searches at the US Border

The Senate bill , also backed by House members Rep. Jared Polis , a Democrat from Colorado, and Rep. Blake Farenthold, a Republican from Texas, would change the search process drastically. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.). The government now claims a "border search exemption" allows it to search through the electronic devices of anyone passing through the border, be it a foreign visitor or a U.S.

Global Media Nigeria Steps Up As Brazil Regains Top Spot — FIFA Ranking
Author: 0 Nigeria Steps Up As Brazil Regains Top Spot — FIFA Ranking

Rohr's men who have played five games, pulling a draw against Senegal in the Federation Internationale de Football Association window in London last fortnight, are fifth best in the African ranking. The Brazilians have enjoyed an impressive revival since Tite replaced Dunga as their national team coach past year, winning all nine matches they have played under his leadership including eight World Cup qualifiers.

Global Media Hatch may cede to Romney on Utah Senate seat
Author: 0 Hatch may cede to Romney on Utah Senate seat

Orrin Hatch to retire. Also, if Hatch decides to retire, Romney would want someone of the Mormon faith in the Senate to defend the church, which he belongs to. No, he's not planning to run for president again, but if Utah Sen. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Romney was pretty opposed to then-candidate Donald Trump .

Author: 0 Don't look for Congress to quickly pass overhaul of tax code

House Republicans are moving ahead with a plan to eliminate deductions for state and local taxes in the new federal tax code - a move NY officials have warned would be "devastating" to the state. Some independent analyses estimate it would raise more than $1 trillion in tax revenue over a decade. However, this proposal to abolish tax deferral on foreign profits would come up against heavy lobbying if Congress adopted a corporate tax rate of, say , 23% - the average rate of large ...

Author: 0 North Korean ballistic missile launch condemned by UN Security Council

Any launch of objects using the ballistic missile technology is a violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions but the North has defied the ban as infringement of its sovereign rights to self defence and the pursuit of space exploration. But the office of the South Korean president is set to meet today to discuss how the nation will respond to insane Kim. This summit, coinciding with a tense situation on the Korean Peninsula, has led to speculation of imminent provocations from North Korea.

Author: 0 'Nuclear option' poised to change Senate rules for Gorsuch nomination

Watch for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to switch to a "no" vote before the end, setting up important moves ahead. Baldwin argues that Trump should put forward someone who could get enough bipartisan support to garner 60 votes and overcome any filibuster.

Author: 0 Antonio Conte hails 'big step' after win over City

But goals win games and we've not managed to get more goals than them. With United only drawing with Everton on Tuesday, Arsenal moved up to fifth, four points behind City with a game in hand, after a 3-0 home victory over struggling West Ham United - a first win in four for Arsene Wenger's side.

Author: 0 Now, Mr. President, about the quip that 'China is raping us?'

China, as North Korea's closest ally, has itself started to feel the heat and earlier this year made a decision to suspend the purchase of North Korean coal until the end of the year. He said Trump's claim that climate change is a hoax might erode public support for taking action reducing the country's reliance on coal. "He talks a good game", Schumer said of Trump.

Author: 0 Trump, Xi land in Florida for meeting

She described having the meeting in Florida as a good chance for the two leaders, in a more informal atmosphere and relaxed setting, to discuss serious and important issues and to try to kick off a good relationship at the outset of the Trump administration.

Author: 0 Why the media want to bury the Susan Rice 'unmasking' news

Rice has said asking intelligence officials for the identities of Americans listed in reports in order to better understand them is a "longstanding, established process" and told MSNBC Tuesday that allegations she or other Obama administration officials used intelligence for political purposes "absolutely false".

Author: 0 Gold firm as dollar, equities fall ahead of Trump-Xi meeting

But if he's bluffing, and Xi calls him on it, that might prove damaging in future negotiations with China or in building a united front against North Korea's nuclear and missile programs. A White House strategy review is focusing on options for pressuring Pyongyang economically and militarily. In a tweet last week, he highlighted China's massive trade imbalance with the United States - over $310 billion past year - as a serious problem that could make his upcoming talks with Xi "difficult".

Author: 0 Senate GOP triggers 'nuclear option' in Supreme Court showdown

All involved were keenly aware of the long-term implications of the proceedings, some of them hard to predict for the future of Trump's presidency and the 2018 midterm elections, when Republicans will be defending their slim 52-48 Senate majority and 10 vulnerable Democrats in states Trump won will be up for re-election.

Author: 0 H-1B season begins with Trump administration warnings against visa fraud, abuses

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued a memo late last week setting higher standards for which "computer related positions" will be eligible for the H1-B visa program. "A petitioner must provide other evidence to establish that the particular position is one in a specialty occupation", it said. The Barack Obama government had taken action against those companies that violated Immigration and Nationality Act's anti-discrimination provisions like favoring foreigners more ...

Author: 0 North Korea might have tested new technology in latest missile

On Friday, Trump signed two executive orders aimed at addressing the causes of US trade deficits. On Wednesday, an unnamed White House official stated, "We are now certain it was a liquid-fueled Scud ..." Local police did not comment. Greg Valliere, chief global strategist at Horizon Investments, said Trump officials are turning up the heat and have made a USA military strike more likely with this rhetoric.

Global Media Bill O'Reilly's Ratings Are Going Up Amid Sexual Harassment Scandal
Author: 0 Bill O'Reilly's Ratings Are Going Up Amid Sexual Harassment Scandal

While O'Reilly's program appears to be in a state of stunning collapse, with advertisers seemingly abandoning it every hour, it's not at all surprising that the president is rushing to the Fox host's defense. The settlement also ended the prospect that Carlson would take the stand in a suit against Ailes or share any evidence of harassment she had against him.

Author: 0 Turkey says chemical weapons used in Syria attack

It was an "affront to humanity", he said, adding: "When you kill innocent children, innocent babies, little babies. that crosses. many lines". Holding up photos of victims of the attack, Haley accused Russian Federation of blocking action and closing its eyes to the "barbarity" of three previous chemical attacks that investigators blamed on the Syrian government by vetoing a resolution in late-February that would have imposed sanctions on those responsible.

Global Media Kremlin opponent Denis Voronenkov 'killed by Russian agent'
Author: 0 Kremlin opponent Denis Voronenkov 'killed by Russian agent'

In this photo taken on Monday, Feb. 27, 2017, Denis Voronenkov visits a movie theater in Kiev, Ukraine . They were both being treated in hospital, Kryshchenko said, adding that the gunman's identity had yet to be established. Voronenkov was elected in the 2011 Russian election many believe was rigged, and is best known for co-authoring a 2014 bill that banned foreign ownership of Russian media, a move Bloomberg View columnist Leonid Bershidsky called "the single worst thing that happened ...

Author: 0 Trump kicks off Florida meetings with Chinese president

The White House has said North Korea was a test for the US-China relationship, and Trump has threatened to use trade to try to force China to exert influence over Pyongyang. Trump though wasted little time bringing up his gripe with China when it comes to the United States' trade relationship with the Asian power. According to U.S.

Global Media Trump administration takes aim at police reforms
Author: 0 Trump administration takes aim at police reforms

The Justice Department needs the 90 days to review the agreement as it develops strategies to support law enforcement agencies throughout the US, lawyers for the department said in a motion filed in United States District Court for the District of Maryland.

Author: 0 Holyrood ministers criticised as figures show economic slump against United Kingdom growth

Another negative figure in the first quarter of 2017 would mean Scotland is officially in recession. He said: "Scotland's economy faces continued headwinds, such as the slowdown in the oil and gas sector and weak global demand". The UK Government's Scotland Office minister Lord Dunlop said the figures are a "real cause for concern". "The UK Government is working hard to release our potential through the industrial strategy, city region deals and a £1.2 billion funding boost for the ...

Author: 0 Liquor ban on highways: States mull options to protect revenue

In Kerala, where the per capita consumption of liquor is one of the highest among Indian states, the order has posed unique challenges for the government. Image: An alcohol shop on the state highway remains shut after the apex court's ruling. Upgradation and notification of roads as state highways come under the jurisdiction of the state government, which also maintains them.

Global Media Goa govt assessing impact of liquor ban on tourism ?
Author: 0 Goa govt assessing impact of liquor ban on tourism ?

Moreover, distance from 500 is revised to 220 metres in parts where populace is to the tune of 20,000. Rajasthan known as a tourism state is about to term those highways as urban roads which are passing through populated areas and if are connecting thru bypass.

Global Media Top Democrat: Multiple Trump associates 'will probably go to jail'
Author: 0 Top Democrat: Multiple Trump associates 'will probably go to jail'

Castro did not offer any proof beyond his suspicion. "If I was betting, I would say, 'yes, '" Castro answered. Blitzer said. "Because that's obviously a very intriguing statement". "That's yet to be determined", Castro replied. Asked about Carter Page, a US businessman who Russian spies reportedly tried to recruit before he became a Trump campaign adviser, Castro said the accusations "absolutely" were concerning.

Author: 0 55 percent of Americans approve of Obamacare

Still, the White House is hoping something will change. They would have to shell out for all the services that their insurance policy doesn't cover. Members of the conservative Republican Study Committee said specific language for the new plan could be ready by Tuesday night, and RSC Chairman Mark Walker (R-N.C.) was the one to call the meeting.

Author: 0 EU Increases Curbs on Investment, Services to North Korea Over Arms Tests

This is a threat to North Korea, as the missile can target all of the regime's key facilities when fired from the South. Ralph Cossa, president of the Pacific Forum CSIS think tank in Honolulu, said he was expecting North Korea would do something significant to coincide with President Trump's first meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping later this week.

Author: 0 Syrians were poisoned by banned nerve agent sarin, Turkey says

Human rights groups are estimating that 72 people, including 20 children, died Tuesday after a suspected deadly gas attack in the rebel-held Syrian province of Idlib . The minister criticized the worldwide community, saying there had been "zero" reaction. But when Haley said that Trump has strengthened the military, the crowd booed.

Author: 0 Rodgers: Celtic could finish in Prem's top four

But when asked in an interview with talkSPORT about being mentioned as a possible successor to Wenger, Rodgers said he had no immediate plans to return to the Premier League. OK, we all get a little carried away sometimes and say silly things we might regret. . "I have absolutely no doubt about it because we've got the Celtic factor".

Author: 0 Michael Flynn's Immunity Request Rejected By Senate Intelligence Committee

He also received payments for speaking engagements with two other firms that have Russian ties, Volga-Dnepr Airlines and the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Government Security Solutions. Spicer said the president wants Flynn to testify in front of the committees. Retired Army General and ousted national security advisor, Michael Flynn.

Global Media Salvage of South Korea's Sewol ferry: the facts
Author: 0 Salvage of South Korea's Sewol ferry: the facts

Once the sunken ferry had been secured on the semi-submersible vessel, bereaved families would be allowed to observe from a closer distance, another official said. They resumed lifting the ferry after spending hours to better balance it. If the ship is floated the targeted 13 meters above the surface, it will be moved to a semi-submersible barge that will carry the passenger ferry to a port in Mokpo, some 90 km away from the Jindo Island.

Global Media South Africa's Zuma survives latest ouster attempt
Author: 0 South Africa's Zuma survives latest ouster attempt

Union general secretary Bheki Ntshalintshali said it was time for Zuma to "step down" after his purge last week of cabinet critics, which included the removal of the respected former finance minister, Pravin Gordhan . Former public protector Thuli Madonsela interviewed Jonas after he said the Gupta family offered him Nhlanhla Nene's job as finance minister. South Africa's rand has tumbled more than 12 percent since March 27 when Zuma ordered Gordhan home from overseas meetings with investors.

Author: 0 South Korea Test Fires 800 Kilometre-Range Missile

Since taking office, he has often returned to the theme, warning that he will slap the world's second-largest economy with massive tariffs if it does not increase U.S. Abe told reporters at his official residence he was watching to see how China would respond to Pyongyang after Xi meets Trump at the U.S. leader's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Author: 0 Sewol ferry salvaging operations get underway in South Korea

Engineers worked overnight to lift the 140-meter vessel several feet out of the water Thursday morning. Salvage crews will then start loading the ferry onto a semi-submersible, heavy-lift vessel that will carry it to port. Over 300 people died in the Sewoltragedy, and families of the victims have gathered near the scene of the salvage to mourn the loss of their loved ones and to hope for the recovery of nine missing passengers.

Author: 0 Seoul expresses 'deep' concerns over suspected chemical attack in Syria

The Russian Foreign Ministry said it was "premature to accuse the Syrian government of using chemical weapons in Idlib", insisting on a full investigation. "The true solution for Syria is to put Bashar Assad, the chemical weapons user, in court, and not at the negotiations table", said Alloush, who is an official in the Islam Army rebel faction.

Author: 0 Donald Trump drops Steve Bannon as chief strategist from National Security Council

McMaster, who was cleared by the president to staff the NSC as he pleased. The change also downgrades the role of Homeland Security advisor Thomas Bossert. At this point the undercurrent standoff of the Trump administration with the intelligence services appears to be endangering national security. The White House has insisted Bannon's removal is not a demotion for the former executive chairman of the right-wing Breitbart News.

Global Media Adrian Peterson to meet with the New Orleans Saints
Author: 0 Adrian Peterson to meet with the New Orleans Saints

Peterson was the NFL's top running back for several years until 2014 when he was indicted on child injury charges after spanking his son with a switch, causing severe bruising and cuts to the child's body. So while Peterson may not necessarily stand out as a complement to Ingram, he does represent additional depth at the position, a need the Saints figured to address at some point between free agency and the April 27-29 draft.

Global Media Hart to captain England in Lithuania clash
Author: 0 Hart to captain England in Lithuania clash

These are the players for the one game now and we are going to try and win". Thus, they could not play the game they wanted against Joachim Löw's Germany, and I suggest that England transform themselves into a direct counter-pressing team.

Author: 0 Trump says view on Syria's Assad has changed

Beyond a red line. The attack on Khan Sheikhoun killed dozens of people on Tuesday, leaving residents gasping for breath and convulsing in the streets. "If we are not prepared to act, then this council will keep meeting, month after month to express outrage at the continuing use of chemical weapons and it will not end", Haley said.

Author: 0 Rick Perry added to national security council NSC Energy Secretary

Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill welcomed Wednesday's news that Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump's top political strategist, had been removed from the National Security Council. Barbara Lee (D-Calif) said. Last month, Trump overruled a decision by McMaster to reassign a senior White House director for intelligence, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, who was staunchly opposed by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Author: 0 Trump dumps Steve Bannon from National Security Council

Some sources also claim that Bannon was present in the NSC as long as Trump's first national security adviser, Michael Flynn was there; who was forced to resign in February over his s with Russia's ambassador to the United States prior to Donald Trump taking over as the US President.