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Author: 0 Trump spoke by phone with Saudi King Salman

He also said the top US priority in the region hasn't changed and remained the defeat of Islamic State militants. Warplanes on Saturday struck the Syrian town where a chemical attack had killed scores of people earlier this week, as Turkey warned that a retaliatory US missile strike on a Syrian air base would only be "cosmetic" if greater efforts are not made to remove President Bashar Assad from power.

Author: 0 Midland Congressman Mike Conaway in Charge of Russia Investigation

Mr Nunes cited what he described as "entirely false" accusations filed against him with the Office of Congressional Ethics. "The charges are entirely false and politically motivated and are being leveled just as the American people are beginning to learn the truth about the improper unmasking of the identities of USA citizens and other abuses of power", Nunes said in a statement.

Global Media U.S. airstrikes: UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres calls for restraint
Author: 0 U.S. airstrikes: UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres calls for restraint

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that "terrorists" were applauding his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump for the missile strike on the Syrian airbase. Eighty-six people including at least 27 children died in the suspected attack in Khan Sheikhun. Results from post-mortems performed on victims point to exposure to the deadly sarin nerve agent, according to Turkish health officials.

Global Media United States air strikes on Syria: 7 people including 4 children killed
Author: 0 United States air strikes on Syria: 7 people including 4 children killed

On Saturday, several Iranian military officials and diplomats discussed the conflict in Syria with Russian counterparts, after dozens of U.S. Tomahawk cruise missile strikes on Thursday targeted the Shayrat Airfield near Homs, Syria. Initial reports suggested that 9 people were killed but later Talal Barazi, the governor of Homs province clarified that 9 wounded and 7 including 4 children were killed.

Author: 0 Haley says she discussed USA secretary of state post with Trump

Haley is expected to focus on U.N. treatment of Israel as well as reforming what she says are expensive and often pointless U.N. peacekeeping missions when the United States holds the rotating leadership of the Security Council this month. On other topics, Haley said the also pressing China to take a firmer stand regarding North Korea's nuclear program. "We don't need yet another investigation".

Global Media Fitch downgrades South Africa to junk status
Author: 0 Fitch downgrades South Africa to junk status

Some backers of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) were trying to breach a cordon separating them from members of the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA). Outside the ANC headquarters, the ANC Youth League and uMkhonto weSizwe members opposed the march against the president as they demonstrated their support in large numbers, singing struggle songs and chanting that Zuma must be left alone.

Author: 0 US military confirms N. Korea fired missile into Sea of Japan

After the test, a terse statement from the U.S. State Department was issued. Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga described the launch as "extremely problematic" and said Tokyo had lodged a strong protest. Chang Yong-Seok, a researcher at the Seoul National University's Institute for Peace and Unification Studies, said the missile test was Pyongyang's way of warning China and the US.

Global Media USA lawmakers claim Russian Federation 'tried to hijack U.S. election'
Author: 0 USA lawmakers claim Russian Federation 'tried to hijack U.S. election'

Earlier Thursday, Putin again dismissed what he called "endless and groundless" accusations of Russian meddling in the US election, describing them as part of the USA domestic political struggle. He said fake Russian-created social media accounts continue to push conspiracies at Trump in the hopes he will run with them. Pledging co-operation, Mr Burr and Mr Warner said they would steer clear of politics in their panel's probe of Russian meddling.

Author: 0 Presidential election sees upheaval but no change in outlook

After two hours of debate among the 11 presidential candidates on unemployment, immigration and relations with Europe, two far-left candidates took the gloves off and piled into Fillon and Le Pen over judicial investigations against them. As many candidates from the left and right harshly criticized the European Union, Macron said he has the European project "in (his) heart". He said "I am entitled to the presumption of innocence" he said.

Global Media One dead, two wounded after shooting at upscale shopping mall in Florida
Author: 0 One dead, two wounded after shooting at upscale shopping mall in Florida

The person killed is believed to be the shooter, who committed suicide after opening fire, police said. Those who were shot were transported to Ryder Trauma Center, the police chief said. The shooting at the Equinox gym shuttered the Shops at Merrick Park for the day while investigators talked to witnesses and pieced together what happened.

Global Media U.S. targeted airstrikes are appropriate, measured response to Assad's sarin gas attack
Author: 0 U.S. targeted airstrikes are appropriate, measured response to Assad's sarin gas attack

At the United Nations on Friday, Russia's deputy ambassador on the security council called on the President Donald Trump to cease military action in Syria, arguing that US was harming a political resolution. Today, senior USA military officials said a drone belonging to either Russian Federation or Syria was seen hovering over the site of the chemical weapons attack after the assault earlier this week.

Global Media South Africa's president fires respected finance minister as currency tumbles
Author: 0 South Africa's president fires respected finance minister as currency tumbles

AFP | South Africa's new Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba Saturday pledged to implement the policies of the ruling ANC as the party remains deeply divided over the sudden firing of his predecessor. Gordhan's replacement Gigaba is a Zuma-ally who was criticized for extreme tightening of immigration rules while minister of home affairs. Zuma's midnight sacking of his finance minister shook South African financial markets and increased the chances of costly downgrades to its investment grade ...

Global Media DeVos' security detail cost taxpayers $8M over eight months
Author: 0 DeVos' security detail cost taxpayers $8M over eight months

The security will last for the duration of President Trump's term, or until either agency decides to terminate the agreement. The education department's own security team remains on payroll, but unassigned. The jobs include 20 positions at the GS-13 level ($95,000-$123,000 annual salary, depending on experience), and 2 positions at the GS-14 level ($112,000 to $146,000 annual salary).

Global Media Pentagon: US-Russia deconfliction line still open for now
Author: 0 Pentagon: US-Russia deconfliction line still open for now

It said it would cut the hotline that was established after Russian Federation joined Syria's civil war in 2015 to help Syrian President Bashar Assad's government against opposition groups. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, strike on the base killed eight Syrian military staff, including an army doctor. "We deplore Russia's continued defence of the Assad regime even after the chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians", he said.

Author: 0 The Heat: Xi-Trump Summit wraps up in Florida

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said China was interested in reducing its trade surplus with the US as a way to control its own inflation. All three Cabinet secretaries, though, used diplomatic language to describe the trading imbalance between the two countries, avoiding the hard-nosed rhetoric Trump has used for years in railing against the multibillion dollar USA trade deficit with China.

Global Media Malfunctioning tornado sirens heard across Dallas
Author: 0 Malfunctioning tornado sirens heard across Dallas

The city of Dallas' tornado emergency siren system was hacked on April 7, resulting in a city-wide malfunction that set off the sirens for two hours in the middle of the night. Dallas OEM director Rocky Vaz and city spokesperson Sana Syed hosted a press conference on the malfunction which can be viewed on Facebook . WFAA viewers reported sirens sounding in other communities besides Dallas .

Author: 0 Atlanta faces toughest test after fallen highway overpass

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority reported a 25 percent increase in ridership on Friday. Many commuters in some of Atlanta's densely populated northern suburbs will have to find alternate ro. Police and firefighters kept motorists out of harm's way and retreated when they saw telltale signs of an imminent collapse. Atlanta officials say a massive fire that burned for more than an hour caused the collapse of the interstate overpass.

Author: 0 US Strike Designed to Deter Assad Regime's Use of Chemical Weapons

In this image provided by the U.S. Navy, the USS Ross fires a tomahawk land attack missile Friday from the Mediterranean Sea. Other damage includes the destruction of surface-to-air missile systems, and the destruction or damage of targeted hangars, an official pointed out.

Global Media Boris Johnson cancels landmark Russian Federation visit after Syria chemical weapons attack
Author: 0 Boris Johnson cancels landmark Russian Federation visit after Syria chemical weapons attack

US cruise missile attacks against Syrian military targets believed to have been behind a deadly chemical weapons attack in northern Syria mark a new and unpredictable phase in the six-year-old war, says a Canadian expert. Security Council session, Russia's deputy U.N. envoy offered a scathing rejoinder to the USA actions. "It looks like our Western colleagues live in their own reality", she said, adding that "we always stood for building stable relations on firm global legal grounds".

Author: 0 Trump's Syria strike poses challenge for Kremlin

Syrian opposition claimed Tuesday forces loyal to President Bashar Assad had used a chemical gas on people in the northwestern province, killing almost 80 and injuring 200. The United States launched 59 Tomahawk missiles at an airbase in Syria in response to what Trump described as "slaughter and bloodshed" in the country.

Global Media Suspected Isis recruiters arrested in St Petersburg in wake of metro attack
Author: 0 Suspected Isis recruiters arrested in St Petersburg in wake of metro attack

Russia's anti-corruption agency said that those detained had been recruiting other Central Asian immigrants in St Petersburg "to carry out terrorist crimes" and join "illegal armed groups" such as Isis. Police in the city are on high alert following Monday's explosion that killed the attacker and 13 other people and wounded 55. Russian investigators are examining tape, tin foil and some other suspicious items found at Jalilov's St Petersburg flat.

Global Media Ahmed Kathrada: South African anti-apartheid icon dies at 87
Author: 0 Ahmed Kathrada: South African anti-apartheid icon dies at 87

Kathrada was later released from prison in October 1989 at the age of 60. In 2013, Kathrada was featured as a subject on Australian photographer Adrian Steirn's "21 Icons" project. The president of South Africa is not welcome to attend the funeral of an iconic anti-apartheid activist, the family of the deceased said Tuesday. Kathrada will have an Islamic burial on Wednesday, the foundation said, while the government ordered national flags to be flown at half-mast.

Author: 0 Hopes raised for Xi, Trump talks

The meeting between the heads of state of the world's top two economies is scheduled at the Mar-a-Lago resort in the wealthy island town of Palm Beach on Thursday and Friday, following Xi's state visit to Finland, which started on Tuesday.

Author: 0 At least 1 dead after shooting near upscale mall in South Florida

CNN could not independently confirm the report. Alvaro Zabaleta of the Miami-Dade Police Department says detectives have responded to the scene of the shooting in the upscale shopping mall in South Florida. The scene at The Shops at Merrick Park, located at 358 San Lorenzo Avenue in Coral Gables, Florida. Anais Michelle‏ tweeted she was at the mall at the time of the shooting and posted a video of people hiding in the storage room.

Author: 0 Trump Says He and Xi Have 'Outstanding' Relationship

As the two leaders wrapped up a Florida summit overshadowed by USA missile strikes in Syria overnight, Xi joined Trump in stressing the positive mood of the meetings while papering over deep differences that have caused friction between the world's two biggest economies.

Author: 0 Trump strategist Bannon removed in National Security Council shake-up

Lt-Gen McMaster inherited an organisational scheme for the National Security Council (NSC) that stirred protests because of Mr Bannon's role. In addition to gaining greater control over the NSC, McMaster will have the Homeland Security Council under his authority.

Author: 0 United Nations condemns North Korea missile test, Japan extends unilateral bans

The North has carried out five nuclear tests - two of them a year ago - and expert satellite imagery analysis suggests it could well be preparing for a sixth. But behind closed doors, American officials said, the president intends to aggressively press his counterpart to more effectively use China's economic leverage on North Korea to restrain its rogue leader, Kim Jong-un, from developing nuclear weapons.

Global Media Balotelli lifts Nice to second in Ligue 1
Author: 0 Balotelli lifts Nice to second in Ligue 1

Nice, without their injured striker Alassane Plea and influential midfielder Wylan Cyprien, moved up to second on 70 points from 32 games. The previous 11 had all been scored at home. What this win means is that Nice keep in touch of the top dogs, on course for Champions League football. Lille took the lead in the 14th minute when Ibrahim Amadou's shot after a poorly cleared set-piece was deflected past the wrongfooted Yoan Cardinale by Ricardo Pereira.

Author: 0 Donald Trump explained United States position on THAAD to Xi Jinping: South Korea

The American leader is expected to press his counterpart for action on North Korea, and Mr Xi to seek assurances on Taiwan. He did not elaborate on the progress or the problems. The US began the deployment of the sophisticated missile defence system in South Korea last month to counter North Korea's increasing aggression in the region.

Author: 0 Russian Federation makes more arrests as metro bomb victims are buried

The bomb went off on a train under Russia's second-largest city on Monday. The explosion claimed the lives of thirteen people and left another 55 wounded. The news agency is quoting law enforcement sources as saying that police are looking for a man who is believed to have planted a device that exploded in a subway auto on Monday, killing 10 and wounding about 40 others.

Author: 0 US, China to peacefully resolve N Korean nuclear threat

The United States will take its own measures to deal with the North Korean threat if China is unable or unwilling to help, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Friday. "Both the atmosphere and the chemistry between the two leaders was positive, all of us are feeling very good about the results of this summit", said Mr Tillerson.

Global Media Swedish security police say suspect in truck attack previously known
Author: 0 Swedish security police say suspect in truck attack previously known

Earlier on Friday, a photo was a released of a man police wanted to talk to about the attack and just hours later they said a man who "matched the description" had been detained. The truck eventually crashed into the pillar of the Ahlens department store, where the bonnet started burning. "I feel an enormous sadness, I feel empty", she told Aftonbladet TV, urging Swedes to unite in their grief.

Author: 0 Donald Trump explained USA position on THAAD to Xi Jinping: South Korea

USA industry had hoped Trump would deliver a strong message to Xi behind closed doors to end what they see as discriminatory trade policies, but not do anything rash to spark a trade war. North Korea is believed to have more than eight nuclear weapons, but has up to now has not developed rockets powerful enough to strike the US. "I think truly progress has been made", Trump said, declaring his relationship with Xi as " outstanding ".

Global Media Royal Navy chases Spanish boat out of British waters off Gibraltar
Author: 0 Royal Navy chases Spanish boat out of British waters off Gibraltar

But it's a sign of how rough the road ahead could be as the United Kingdom extricates itself from the 28-nation bloc. Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry said: "Having threatened to end security co-operation with the rest of the European Union and failed to mention Gibraltar in her letter to Donald Tusk, the Prime Minister is now refusing to condemn the absurd and unsafe comments made by Lord Howard".

Author: 0 ETA hands French authorities weapons cache list

In the note, ETA, which is still considered a terrorist group by the European Union, said it had abandoned "all its weaponry (arms and explosives) to Basque civil society representatives" and described itself as a "disarmed organization". Inactive for more than five years, ETA had said it would hand over its arms, a historic step following a 43-year campaign of violence that claimed 829 lives, mostly in Spain.

Author: 0 Several held over St Petersburg attack after explosive device found in raid

Djalilov's remains were found at the site of the blast and traces of his DNA were also discovered on a bag containing a bomb at another metro station that was successfully defused, investigators said . Russian news agencies reported that law enforcement agencies arrested three people. Russian President Vladimir Putin touched on the attack at a previously-scheduled meeting in Moscow with security service chiefs from ex-Soviet countries.

Author: 0 Women's football North and South Korea face off on Pyongyang football field

There has been no substantial progress in bilateral talks on the abduction issue, though North Korea agreed with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government in 2014 to reinvestigate the abductions of Japanese nationals. tend to cause the Chinese great pause of concern and tends to have them move in the opposite direction we would like them to move in terms of pressure, ' said former USA ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert.

Global Media Sturgeon puts pressure on London for Scotland independence vote
Author: 0 Sturgeon puts pressure on London for Scotland independence vote

Sturgeon wished May well in the upcoming divorce negotiations, however she was concerned about the United Kingdom leaving the European Single Market. In the message seeking powers to stage that vote, Sturgeon said agreeing a deal on a referendum should be "a relatively straightforward process" given both governments had already gone through it.

Global Media Britain Offers to Help to Wean Saudi Economy Off Oil Dependency
Author: 0 Britain Offers to Help to Wean Saudi Economy Off Oil Dependency

British Prime Minister Theresa May arrived in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday to strengthen bilateral ties and increase trade with the largest Arab economy as it continues to spend heavily on defense and an ongoing war in Yemen. In Jordan, May is expected to announce that British military trainers will be sent to help the country's air force fight the Islamic State group. "With civilian deaths in Yemen mounting ever higher, ministers should long ago have halted arms sales to Saudi Arabia - instead ...

Author: 0 Satellite images show before, after US strikes on Syrian base

The United States says Assad forces used the airfield to conduct Tuesday's chemical weapons attack on rebel-held Khan Sheikhoun, leaving at least 86 townspeople dead. A USA missile strike on an air base near Homs on Friday is not believed to have caused "big human casualties" but has caused material damage, Homs Governor Talal Barazi told Reuters.

Global Media Anchor reads breaking news of husband's death
Author: 0 Anchor reads breaking news of husband's death

Though he did not identify the dead, Kaur recalled that her husband was to travel in a Renault Duster along the same route during the same time along with four companions. Her colleagues who were shocked to learn the development said, "She is an extremely courageous lady". But at her office, her strength and courage is still dominating the conversation.

Global Media UTME: JAMB extends registration/mock examination
Author: 0 UTME: JAMB extends registration/mock examination

We started two weeks ago, we still have two weeks to go. He disclosed also that the Mock Examination is now on hold indefinitely while a new date will be communicated to candidates. "I just feel like forgetting about this whole mock examination", she said. The new book we introduced will be used by Direct Entry candidates for the aptitude tests that will be conducted by the universities.

Global Media Srinagar tense ahead of Lok Sabha by-poll; 'no cakewalk' , admit officials
Author: 0 Srinagar tense ahead of Lok Sabha by-poll; 'no cakewalk' , admit officials

Heavy deployment of police and paramilitary Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) was made throughout Srinagar, Budgam and Ganderbal districts, where the 15 assembly segments comprising the constituency are located. They are on their toes as ensuring smooth and incident free polling in the face of separatists' boycott call and looming threat of violence from militants is an uphill battle.