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Author: 0 Militant killed in Rajouri, claims BSF

Report said that on Monday night, after observing suspicious movement BSF men challenged a group who responded with indiscriminate firing. "As the militants approached the LoC fence, one of them tried to negotiate it to make way for infiltration to this side".

Author: 0 Trump mourns death of Russia's United Nations ambassador

Ambassador Nikki Haley said Tuesday, calling Churkin "brilliant, wise, gracious, and amusing". Despite warm words from his colleagues, his death comes at a time of tense relations between Russian Federation and the council's Western diplomats, who are at odds on such issues as the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine.

Global Media Drew Peterson out of IDOC custody
Author: 0 Drew Peterson out of IDOC custody

He was convicted and received 38 years for her death in 2013. The 63-year-old Peterson's anticipated release date is May 7, 2081. "For safety and security purposes, the IDOC does not discuss details concerning the placement of offenders who are transferred under the terms of the Interstate Compact Agreement", Illinois Department of Corrections spokeswoman Nicole Wilson said in an email.

Author: 0 Flynn exit creates vacuum Trump's pragmatists may fill

It's already hard to remember how freaky this once would have seemed for any American politician - particularly a Republican and particularly a president. You know why? Because I don't talk about military, and I don't talk about certain other things. On a day when he ceded a loss over a signature policy in a federal appeals court, had to replace his labour secretary pick and faced questions over the resignation of his national security adviser, Trump chose to make the media a central focus ...

Global Media France's Le Pen arrives in Lebanon
Author: 0 France's Le Pen arrives in Lebanon

The Grand Mufti's office said that it was surprised by Le Pen's reaction because her staff had been already told about the headscarf requirement. "The most serious error would be to link Islam and Muslims on the one hand and terrorism on the other", Hariri said. Speaking in English, he said he had assured her of his intention to seek a "fair" Brexit, which will "protect and defend French and European interests".

Author: 0 AIG sells Stowe Mountain ski resort

According to a statement from Vail Resorts , AIG, the resort's longtime owner, will retain its ownership of much of the real estate, such as Stowe Mountain Lodge , Stowe Mountain Club, Stowe Country Club and "certain real estate owned and held for future potential development".

Author: 0 USA to expand pool of people targeted for deportation

The definition of who is considered a criminal for deportation purposes would be expanded to not only those who have actually been convicted of a crime, but also to those who have been (or could be) charged . The directives greatly expand those who can be deported from the USA under " expedited removal " procedures to include those who cannot prove that they have lived continuously in the US for two years.

Author: 0 WikiLeaks 'will not respond to pressure' from Ecuador's presidential candidates - Assange

To avoid a second-round run-off, he needs to win a majority of the total vote, or to have a 40 per cent share while holding a 10-point lead over his nearest rival. The assembly ballots were held alongside with the presidential election. Whether he can win the presidency is another matter in an election that analysts are viewing as a vote that will test the legacy of the self-declared leader of 21century socialism, Rafael Correa.

Author: 0 Teenagers fall through ice into Central Park pond, rescued

EMS rendered first aid, and the people were taken to local hospitals with minor injuries, mostly hypothermia-related. Witnesses said they were talking pictures and jumping around just before the ice cracked beneath their feet, leaving the youths scrambling for their lives.

Author: 0 Big Sean Responds After Being Attacked By Fan At Album Signing

Big Sean has responded to recent reports that he was "smacked" by a fan at a meet-and-greet session. Big Sean hit up Twitter and claimed the man was patient from a mental hospital who had just been released. - Sean Don (@BigSean) February 18, 2017 I got the #1 Album in the country now and am grateful for every listener who got love for me. "Everyday a dream come true #IDecided ".

Global Media What did Trump really mean by his Sweden comment?
Author: 0 What did Trump really mean by his Sweden comment?

A White House spokesperson clarified Trump's remarks on Sunday stating that he had been referring generally to the rising crime and not some specific incident in Sweden . Fox News , a USA cable news channel that has sometimes been cited favourably by Mr Trump, ran a report on Friday night about alleged migrant-related crime problems in the country.

Author: 0 Trump visits African-American history museum

In his upset presidential election victory last November, Trump won just 8 percent of the black vote compared to 88 percent for his Democratic rival, former U.S. Trump also condemned the recent anti-Semitic threats targeting the Jewish community and attacks on Jewish community centers, calling it "a very sad reminder" that there's still work to be done "to root out hate".

Author: 0 Clemson grad killed in Australian plane crash

Earlier, Victoria police superintendent Mick Frewen told reporters the plane "called in a mayday" shortly after take-off. A spokeswoman for the mall's Spotlight store said part of its warehouse and dispatch area was also hit. Firefighters continue to fight the fire. The Essendon Airport said it is now closed "other than for essential emergency services". Jason, from Adelaide, told ABC Radio Melbourne: "The plane was [in] coming way, way fast".

Global Media Riots, looting in Sweden after Trump's apparent claim of terror attack
Author: 0 Riots, looting in Sweden after Trump's apparent claim of terror attack

The spate of violence comes just days after US President Donald Trump suggested that immigrants in Sweden were to blame for an increase in crime across the country. 'Sweden. Who would believe this? 'I was hit with a lot of punches and kicks both to my body and my head. In the segment, Carlson interviewed a documentary filmmaker who has been exploring the impact of refugees and immigrants on Sweden who says a wave of crime has followed a recent influx of people from other countries.

Global Media Ivanka Trump becomes hot commodity in China
Author: 0 Ivanka Trump becomes hot commodity in China

While some USA companies, like Nordstrom (JWN), Belk and, recently stopped selling Ivanka Trump products, dozens of Chinese businesses are jumping at the chance to associate their products with the US president's oldest daughter, according to an Alibaba-owned newspaper.

Author: 0 'Murder in Malaysia sign N.Korea reckless'

Security camera footage shown on Japanese television appeared to show Kim being attacked by a woman who came up from behind him and held something over his mouth. "Malaysia, in a way, is the least risky place to carry out the operation", he said. The Foreign Ministry disclosed this in a statement released on Sunday.

Global Media France's Le Pen cancels meet with Lebanon grand mufti over headscarf
Author: 0 France's Le Pen cancels meet with Lebanon grand mufti over headscarf

She was heard telling an official: "I met the Grand Mufti of Al Azhar, he didn't ask for this". "They wanted to impose this on me, to present me with a fait accompli". " Marine Le Pen ", another person wrote. "Assad is obviously a much more reassuring solution today for France than [Daesh]". Le Pen reportedly returned to her auto and said that she had previously met with the Grand Mufti of Al-Azhar in Egypt without wearing a headscarf.

Global Media Half-eaten shark washes up on Florida beach
Author: 0 Half-eaten shark washes up on Florida beach

The dead shark is thought to be either a blacktip or a spinner shark, according to beach safety spokeswoman Tammy Morris. A Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue lifeguard snapped a photo of the shark on New Smyrna Beach. Recently, officials said a shark they've been tracking since 2014 showed up in Southwest Florida waters. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said department members spotted a great white about 20 miles off Ormond Beach earlier in the month.

Author: 0 Nagaland gets new CM: Is the crisis really over?

In a press release today, the NTAC said it made a decision to call off the bandh following a meeting with Governor PB Acharya at Raj Bhavan this morning and to focus on re-establishing a harmonious life in the Naga society. "For the last 20 days, people have imposed a curfew in the state and no government office, including the secretariat, is open". An NPF insider told Express that 58 MLAs in the 60-member House had signed in favour of Liezietsu.

Author: 0 Border-Shooting Lawsuit May Divide US Supreme Court Justices

The circumstances of exactly what occurred are in dispute, but what is clear is that the agent was on the US side of the border when he fired his gun, striking Sergio Adrian Hernandez Guereca on the Mexican side. Exactly what occurred is in dispute, but it's clear that the agent was on the USA side of the border when he fired his gun, striking the teenager on the Mexican side.

Global Media Iran's Supreme Leader Lashes Out At 'Fake Entity' Israel
Author: 0 Iran's Supreme Leader Lashes Out At 'Fake Entity' Israel

Larijani said Israel is trying to distract attention from the Palestinian issue. "Iranian policy in this regard is driven by the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps", Dore Gold, former director-general of Israel's Foreign Ministry, told the Jerusalem Post last week.

Author: 0 Pakistan shrine bomber bypassed security check

The attacker, who belonged to the self-declared Islamic State, struck Thursday at a shrine dedicated to Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, a saint of the mystical Sufi sect of Islam. The military also launched a search-and-strike operation in Khyber Agency's Shalman near the Pak-Afghan border, using heavy artillery. Of the eight terror attacks since February 13, when a cameraman of a news channel, Samaa, was killed in Karachi , 13 people were killed on Monday and more than 70 injured when a bomb ripped ...

Author: 0 Cow spotted on the loose in Queens (Yes, again)

The cow was named "Freddie" for Freddie Mercury, because he came from Queens, and sings. well, "moos". A runaway bull has led police on a chase through the streets of NY. Freddie was spared and taken to an animal sanctuary. Residents today were still shocked to see the bull, Bauman reported. Footage airing on WABC-TV showed the black bull or steer trotting through a residential neighborhood with several tranquilizer darts stuck in its hide.

Author: 0 Nigeria's Buhari Needs `Longer Period of Rest,' Presidency Says

However, Mr Adesina did not disclose how long the President's "longer period of rest" will take. Mrs. Buhari also stated that President Muhammadu Buhari became the President through his never-give-up attitude and compassion for the masses.

Global Media France arrests three in anti-terror raids
Author: 0 France arrests three in anti-terror raids

France, which has been rocked by a wave of deadly jihadist attacks since January 2015, remains on high alert. Few details of Tuesday's arrests are yet known. Earlier this month, French police arrested four people in Montpellier, including a teenage girl, who the interior minister said were plotting an imminent terror attack in Paris.

Global Media Drake wishes Rihanna a happy birthday in concert
Author: 0 Drake wishes Rihanna a happy birthday in concert

New footage has surfaced of Drake telling a packed crowd to show RiRi some b-day appreciation with her " Work " single playing. MORE: Drake Spotted on Date With Swedish Twins - But What About Jennifer Lopez?! "He's been in contact with Rihanna and he has his heart set on winning her back", said the insider.

Author: 0 Pakistan Artillery Pounds Terrorist 'Safe Havens' in Afghanistan

The provincial counter-terrorism department (CTD) has said that these men were on a mission to perpetrate "terror" in Pakistan. Pakistan has closed the border with Afghanistan, blocking all traffic. Pakistan Army, after a string of terror attacks in the country, has moved heavy artillery towards the Pak-Afghan border in Torkham and Chaman districts, as per the reports of the Express Tribune .

Author: 0 Anti-Semitism is 'horrible' and 'has to stop'

President Donald Trump on Tuesday denounced recent threats against Jewish community centers as "horrible" and "painful" and said more must be done "to root out hate and prejudice and evil". The White House denounced the threats on Monday in a message delivered by Deputy Press Secretary Lindsay Walters. Hillary Clinton, Trump's foe in the presidential election, also called on him to speak out.

Author: 0 US President Donald Trump's NSA Michael Flynn quits

He continued tweeting that, "FAKE NEWS media, which makes up stories and 'sources, ' is far more effective than the discredited Democrats - but they are fading fast!" Any suggestion that he's more favorable to Russian Federation than his predecessor or his 2016 opponent? "The news is fake".

Author: 0 Hungarian love story wins top prize at Berlin Film Festival

Kim Min-hee took home one of the night's biggest prizes at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival - Best Actress - the first time ever for a Korean actress, Saturday. 18. Similarly, critically acclaimed performances by the likes of Steve Coogan (in Oren Moverman's The Dinner ), Mircea Postelnicu (in Calin Peter Netzer's Ana, Monday Amour) and Sherwan Haji as the refugee in Kaurismaki's The Other Side of Hope , were snubbed by the jury in the best actor category.

Global Media Austria approves extradition of Ukrainian oligarch tied to Trump campaign aides
Author: 0 Austria approves extradition of Ukrainian oligarch tied to Trump campaign aides

At the time, the judge sided with Firtash's defense attorneys, deeming the charges against the oligarch - a close associate and supporter of Ukraine's ousted President Viktor Yanukovych - politically motivated. Austria's justice minister has final approval on the extradition. Ukrainian oligarch Dymitro Firtash arrives for the start of his trial at the courts of justice in Vienna on Tuesday.

Author: 0 Emma Watson Is Innovating the Press Tour Style Gauntlet

The clip, released by the official "Beauty" Twitter account , features the introductory tune " Belle ", in which the townsfolk of our heroine's quaint provincial village greet each other with "bonjour " s while they gossip about the quirky newcomer.

Author: 0 Russian ambassador 'dies suddenly' after being taken ill in NY

French U.N. Ambassador Francois Delattre, too, said he and Churkin had "always worked together in a spirit of mutual respect and personal friendship", despite their divides. Gerard Araud, a former U.N. envoy who now serves as France's ambassador to the United States, described Churkin on Twitter as an "extraordinary colleague during my 5y in the UNSC".

Global Media Thousands protest over Donald Trump's state visit
Author: 0 Thousands protest over Donald Trump's state visit

News of the state visit sparked outrage across the United Kingdom when news of Mr Trump's travel ban emerged days later, which stopped people from seven countries travelling to the US. At the same time, more than 300,000 have signed a petition in support of the visit. Members of Parliament will spend up to three hours discussing a petition calling for the visit to be downgraded because of Trump's "well-documented misogyny and vulgarity".

Author: 0 French restaurant 'swamped' with customers after receiving Michelin star by mistake

The star should have gone to another restaurant near Paris with the same name. The owner of the fancy Bouche à Oreille also thought the mix-up was very amusing, and he reportedly called to invite Jacquet and her staff to dinner. The more humble eaterie, which cooks French staples such as homemade beef bourguignon and boasts an all-you-can eat buffet, is in stark contrast to its posher counterpart whose menu includes calf's brain and lobster flan on their menu.

Global Media Pence Seeks to Calm European Jitters Over Trump
Author: 0 Pence Seeks to Calm European Jitters Over Trump

The United States is now developing plans for "significant increases in military spending to ensure that the strongest military in the world is stronger still", Pence said. Afghanistan and Iraq, the two countries where the United States and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation still have a military presence, are also attending the Munich conference, which focuses primarily on America's commitment to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Global Media Arab caught trying to establish ISIS cell in Israel
Author: 0 Arab caught trying to establish ISIS cell in Israel

Haj Yahya was arrested based on intelligence pointing to him as being active in promoting terrorist attacks against Israel. The Shin Bet views "Islamic State supporters in Israel as a severe security threat, and will use all counter-terrorist and preventive means at its disposal against those involved to the fullest extent of the law", the Shin Bet stated.

Global Media Barangay Ginebra vs Star Hotshots Game 6 Final Scores and Results
Author: 0 Barangay Ginebra vs Star Hotshots Game 6 Final Scores and Results

Tenorio, who was named player of the game after. The 35-year-old forward unleashed all of his 14 points and three rebounds in the third quarter. Hotshots coach Chito Victolero may never equal his Ginebra counterpart's feat, but he is aiming for his first with a resilient squad that defied odds by winning the first two games and taking a 3-2 lead.

Author: 0 Juncker Says UK Needs Years to Agree Future Relationship With EU

The British know already that there will neither be a discount in the price, nor should they expect zero expenses. "Noble Lords respect the primacy of the elected House and the decision of the British people on 23 June previous year". Barnier is also set to tell Theresa May's government that it can not expect to negotiate a new trade relationship with the European Union until terms of the initial divorce, including the multi-billion pound bill, have been agreed by all parties.

Global Media Cambodia lawmakers approve law threatening opposition party
Author: 0 Cambodia lawmakers approve law threatening opposition party

The Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP), the largest opposition party, is expected to be hardest hit by the bill as many of its members have been sued by the government, including former party head Sam Rainsy. Meanwhile, National Assembly spokesperson Leng Peng Long argued in favour of the changes, claiming they will help create an appropriate political climate.

Global Media Japan February manufacturing grows at fastest pace in three years
Author: 0 Japan February manufacturing grows at fastest pace in three years

It said its February Composite Purchasing Managers Index came in at 56.0 points, up from 54.4 points in January, with growth accelerating in both manufacturing and services. "The big surprise was France, where the PMI inched above that of Germany for the first time since August 2012", Williamson said. The composite sub-index measuring employment, at 54.3, was the highest in more than nine years.

Global Media Le Pen walks out of Beirut meeting in headscarf 'stunt'
Author: 0 Le Pen walks out of Beirut meeting in headscarf 'stunt'

The press office for the Grand Mufti later insisted her aides had been informed beforehand of the headscarf requirement. Le Pen has been visiting Lebanon in a bid to bolster her presidential credentials. Once she was told that customs are different in Lebanon, Ms Le Pen was heard saying "let's go" and walked towards her vehicle. However, Dar-al-Fatwa - the mufti's office - later issued a statement saying Le Pen was told prior to the meeting through one of her aides that she would have to ...

Author: 0 Malaysia: No Cause of Death Yet in North Korean's Killing

He said the embassy had only identified the victim as Kim Chol, based on the passport found on the dead man, and suggested a joint investigation with Malaysian authorities. As she quickly walks away, the second woman also moves off rapidly in another direction, although it was unclear what role she had in the assault. Unconcerned tubby tyrant Kim seems fascinated as he visits the Samchon Catfish Farm and examines North Korea's food stocks.

Global Media Now it's Storm Doris heading our way
Author: 0 Now it's Storm Doris heading our way

The Met Office have placed an "Amber" weather warning in place for much of North Wales - with forecasts now expecting Storm Doris to bring gusts of up to 70mph-80mph for some parts. A yellow weather warning for winds is in place across the rest of the region on Thursday. The first was named Abigail in November 2015, after members of the public suggested monikers for the "name our storms" project.

Author: 0 Stepping up security: Heavy artillery moved towards Pak-Afghan border

After a string of terror attacks in the country, Pakistan Army has moved heavy artillery towards the Afghan border in Chaman and Torkham districts, the Express Tribune reported, citing security officials. Abdullah did not name any country but Kabul has long alleged that the Taliban and its allies waging years of insurgency against the Afghan government are using Pakistani sanctuaries for regrouping and plotting attacks on the Afghan side.

Global Media Man arrested after driving stolen gas lorry into Barcelona traffic
Author: 0 Man arrested after driving stolen gas lorry into Barcelona traffic

A man who drove a stolen lorry packed with butane gas canisters into oncoming traffic on a major road in Barcelona , ramming into cars along the way, has been stopped by police gunfire. Barcelona's city hall said the small white truck - which had dozens of orange gas bottles stacked on the back in plain view - had been stolen. Lavanguardia says an officer shot at the vehicle's rear window, causing it to stop.