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Author: 0 Gorsuch sworn into Supreme Court, vows to serve Constitution

The day after Neil Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court was announced, I wrote about his sterling credentials, record of independence and long history of bipartisan support - and predicted they would matter little to hard-left special interests that invariably oppose the Supreme Court nominees of any Republican president.

Author: 0 United States 'understands' Israeli decision to build new settlement in occupied West Bank

The official continued to say that the "will continue to work with Israelis and Palestinians, and other players in the region, to create a climate that is conducive to peace". Israel's decision to build the first new government-sanctioned settlement in a quarter century drew a condemnation from UN Secretary General António Guterres on Friday.

Author: 0 Neil Gorsuch takes first of 2 oaths before joining high court

Gorsuch will have a say on some of the most important cases yet to be heard. The court is on recess this week but will resume hearing cases on Monday, April 17, and I'm sure he'll soon be hard at work - more likely already is hard at work - preparing to hear those cases.

Author: 0 Fox will open investigation into Bill O'Reilly

O'Reilly walked a grimacing, visibly uncomfortable Zimmerman through the possible implications of Rice's denial of impropriety using language that requires no explanation. In the latest version, the Catheter Cowboy begins the ad just like all of the others - with a man donning a cowboy hat and standing in a library.

Author: 0 Trump, Lofven to Strengthen Partnership Against Terror After Sweden Attack

At least four people died and 15 more were injured when an attacker drove a truck into people on a busy street in central Stockholm and crashed into a department store. Mikael Berggren, 36, also from Stockholm , who brought his two children, aged three and one-year-old to the vigil, said he would continue to live his life normally.

Global Media Gunman who killed Texas lawman killed himself
Author: 0 Gunman who killed Texas lawman killed himself

An advocacy group that sought to organize a peaceful anti-Donald Trump protest in Albuquerque that later turned violent says its staffers have been the targets of death threats. The Houston Chronicle said Kenny had a website where he blamed law enforcement officials, including Greenwood, for not doing enough to investigate an internal affairs case.

Author: 0 Police observe two-minute silence for PC Keith Palmer

The officer, 48, killed in the Westminster terror attack, was honoured with a full police service funeral at Southwark Cathedral. No fewer than 5,000 police officers from across Britain looked on as the hearse carrying Palmer's coffin passed through central London to Southwark cathedral.

Global Media Senator says Russian Federation aimed 'propaganda on steroids' at U.S. elections
Author: 0 Senator says Russian Federation aimed 'propaganda on steroids' at U.S. elections

Russian President Vladimir Putin denied the accusations on Thursday calling them "lies". Putin also said on Thursday that contacts Russian diplomats had made in the United States were merely part of routine work. "We know that our challenge is to answer that question for the American people". That claim has now turned Farkas into somewhat of a target for those eager to pin responsibility on the Obama administration for the surprising volume and pace of leaks about the investigations into ...

Global Media EC postpones polling for Anantnag LS constituency in J&K
Author: 0 EC postpones polling for Anantnag LS constituency in J&K

The bypoll will now be held on May 25, and EC has set June 1 as the date by which election process should be completed in Anantnag. At least eight civilians were killed and over 100 others injured in the security forces firing on protestors in Budgam and Ganderbal districts during bypolls to Srinagar Lok Sabha seat yesterday.

Global Media Former employee shoots co-workers at gym; 1 dead
Author: 0 Former employee shoots co-workers at gym; 1 dead

Shortly after his dismissal, Wilson returned to the gym with a handgun and fired multiple shots at both managers before fatally shooting himself. General Manager Tim Hartog said supporters kept running inside and covered up under tables while others hurried out the indirect access before police set the eatery on lockdown.

Author: 0 'Bill O'Reilly needs to go to jail'

The investigation by the Times was the latest in a line of complaints since former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros alleged in August 2016 that O'Reilly subjected her to unwelcome advances. The law firm spoke with numerous other women who said they were victims of predatory behavior by Ailes. He also boasted about his uncanny ability to molest women anywhere he wanted because "they let you get away with anything when you're a star".

Author: 0 Basque militant group ETA says they have disarmed

Eta also wants an amnesty for its members who are living under cover, which antiterrorism experts in France and Spain estimate at about 30 people. The organisation has not said whether it would do that. Increased cooperation by French authorities in the 1990s helped Spain's police and judiciary go all out against ETA and its supporters, leading to the closure of newspapers close to the militants and the banning of political and social groups seen as speaking for ETA.

Author: 0 Rice's name requests may be criminal, Trump says

She said "The allegation is that somehow Obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes". "Do I think? Yes, I think", Trump replied. I'll take her word for it, though if it had been so pristine, it's unclear why Rice had previously lied and claimed no knowledge of any of it. However, the unmasking went beyond former national security adviser Mike Flynn and Russian Federation, and the content of the detailed reports suggests anything but routine.

Author: 0 Miami Trainer Shoots 2 Former Co-Workers Before Killing Himself

Janine Ackerman , 35, and Marios Hortis , 42, were tragically killed by a former trainer who had been fired from the Coral Gables Equinox in the Village of Merrick Park in Florida. "Our deepest condolences to family and friends touched by the violence at a Coral Gables fitness center on Saturday". Hortis' "generous spirit and warm demeanor made him an always welcome presence in our world, one that will be sorely missed", the email said.

Author: 0 Tillerson Dismisses North Korea `Regime Change' as Warships Move

President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping wrapped up their first summit by announcing a 100-day plan to improve strained trade ties, the only tangible announcement after their meetings that were overshadowed by the U.S. The strikes occurred just as President Trump was having dinner with Xi Jinping of China, and, according to AFP, Trump delivered the news to Xi personally.

Global Media Alabama governor to face impeachment hearings
Author: 0 Alabama governor to face impeachment hearings

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley walks to the podium before a news conference on Friday, April 7, 2017, outside the Alabama Capitol building in Montgomery, Ala. The justices had found that "the Alabama legislature is free to conduct its business as prescribed in the state constitution", he added. The panel's process would lead to a recommendation to the full House on whether to impeach.

Author: 0 North Korea to deliver 'ruthless blow' if provoked by US: Envoy

Even before the missile test, North Korea's nuclear program was expected to be an important talking point between Xi and Trump. North Korea attempted to launch a ballistic missile two weeks ago from its east coast and earlier in March fired four missiles towards Japan, some of which came as close as 300 km (190 miles) to its coast.

Author: 0 United States strike group heads towards Korean peninsula

The group had been scheduled to go to Australia. Carl Vinson has deployed to the region several times, starting with a deployment to the Western Pacific in 1983, a year after commissioning. He described a "shared view and no disagreement as to how risky the situation has become". "The number one threat in the region continues to be North Korea, due to its reckless, irresponsible and destabilizing program of missile tests and pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability", U.S.

Global Media Anantnag bypolls postponed to 25 May: Election Commission
Author: 0 Anantnag bypolls postponed to 25 May: Election Commission

A second by-poll in the state for a separate Lok Sabha seat is set to take place on April 12 in Anantnag. Kashmir by-elections: Protesters clashed with security forces in several areas. The life in Valley was disrupted by two-day shutdown called by the separatists against killing of eight civilians in security forces on Sunday. He also called for complete boycott on Wednesday, the day south Kashmir is going to polls.

Global Media Sweden identifies Stockholm truck attack victims, second suspect arrested
Author: 0 Sweden identifies Stockholm truck attack victims, second suspect arrested

As details emerge about what may have inspired the deadly attack that left four people dead and more than a dozen injured, investigators are scouring the suspect's mobile phone and social media accounts. According to Sky sources, the suspect was detained after police were notified of a man who was confused and acting strangely. Friday's attack has deeply shocked the usually tranquil Scandinavian nation, which prides itself on its openness and tolerance.

Author: 0 USA prepared to 'do more' in Syria, says Nikki Haley

Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on NBC's "Meet the Press ". "This idea that we're going to get rid of ISIS and then we'll hopefully use Assad and others to come up with a solution". But Haley reiterated her statements about further actions in Syria in her interview with Tapper. I think we ought to ask them a question. The Trump administration gave mixed messages about its goals in Syria on Sunday, with top officials stressing different priorities in the wake of a USA airstrike that marked a ...

Global Media Tillerson to Chair U.N. Meeting on North Korea Nuclear Program
Author: 0 Tillerson to Chair U.N. Meeting on North Korea Nuclear Program

Many South Korean experts say "Pukguksong-2" missile would be a greater security threat because it can be launched anywhere from a ground-based mobile vehicle. At the same time, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson issued an unusually stark statement, "The United States has spoken enough about North Korea". There has been a sharp decline in Chinese tourists going to South Korea, while South Korean singers and actors have been blocked in various ways from reaching a mainland Chinese audience, and ...

Global Media Tillerson to make first trip to UN for meeting on N Korea
Author: 0 Tillerson to make first trip to UN for meeting on N Korea

Tensions between US and China escalated amid the missile system's deployment in South Korea amid nuclear and missile threats from Pyongyang. Many weapons experts say the North could have a functioning nuclear-tipped missile capable of reaching the continental US within a few years.

Author: 0 Gorsuch Takes Oath at White House, Becomes New Top Court Justice

Gorsuch, who restores the court's conservative majority, was sworn in during the ceremony by Justice Anthony Kennedy , for whom he once served as a law clerk. Since then, the court has been evenly divided between liberal and conservative wings, though Kennedy, a conservative, is looked to as a sometime swing voter.

Author: 0 Neil Gorsuch Is Sworn In As The 113th US Supreme Court Justice

Justice Anthony Kennedy administered the judicial oath in the White House Rose Garden. WASHINGTON - Surrounded by family and his soon-to-be Supreme Court colleagues, Neil Gorsuch took the first of two oaths on Monday as he prepared to take his seat on the court and restore its conservative majority.

Author: 0 Al Shabaab bomber disguised in military attire kills 5 Somali soldiers

In the second incident, a suicide bomber clad in Somalia military uniform blew up himself inside a military training camp Wadahir district in Mogadishu. On Sunday, a auto bomb exploded outside a military base in Mogadishu, killing an estimated 15 people, a military official confirmed. The attack led to the death of 5 soldiers, injuring 15 others in a military training camp in the capital, Mogadishu.

Author: 0 Trump to sell attack planes to Nigeria for Boko Haram fight

The Super Tucano A-29 aircraft, an agile, propeller-driven plane with reconnaissance and surveillance as well as attack capabilities, is made by Brazil's Embraer. Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., the chairperson of the Foreign Relations Committee, said this past week that he supported the A-29 deal to Nigeria as well as the sale of US-made fighter jets to Bahrain that had been stripped of human rights caveats imposed by the Obama administration.

Author: 0 Leftist candidate declared victor in Ecuador's presidential race

While Lasso has said he would evict Assange from the embassy where Ecuador granted him asylum in 2012 to prevent his extradition to Sweden, Moreno has said he could stay, increasing global interest in Sunday's vote. "We're on the correct side of history. We won't cross our arms and stand by", he said on Twitter . An exit poll showed Guillermo Lasso in the lead, but state media later declared Lenin Moreno as the victor.

Global Media Governor latest opposition leader targeted in Venezuela
Author: 0 Governor latest opposition leader targeted in Venezuela

On Saturday, Capriles announced that he been barred by the Venezuelan government from running for any political office for the next 15 years. Around 4,000 people attended the demonstration. Intelligence Services chief Gustavo Gonzalez said some leaders of a "fascist terrorist cell" were taken into custody for fomenting Saturday's unrest.

Global Media Alabama governor asks court to halt impeachment process
Author: 0 Alabama governor asks court to halt impeachment process

Sharman and Alabama Law Institute Director Othni Lathram argued in court Friday that the Constitution delegated powers to pursue impeachment entirely to the Alabama Legislature. Special Counsel Jack Sharman said the committee's position was that it is free to proceed with the hearings. It's disappointing to hear the Committee will plow forward while the Supreme Court is considering the case.

Global Media Terrorists Celebrating US Strikes In Syria, Says Hassan Rouhani
Author: 0 Terrorists Celebrating US Strikes In Syria, Says Hassan Rouhani

Near the central city of Homs, a bomb exploded aboard a bus carrying workers, killing a woman and wounding more than 20, according to state TV and the Observatory. However, Haley defended the action, saying "there are times when states are compelled to take their own action". While both Former Secretary of State John Kerry and former national security adviser Susan Rice had both said publicly that Syria voluntarily surrendered its chemical weapons, that also clearly never happened.

Global Media Syrian President Assad's allies say United States attack crosses
Author: 0 Syrian President Assad's allies say United States attack crosses "red lines"

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the airstrike on the eastern side of Khan Sheikhoun killed a woman, marking the first death in the town since Tuesday's chemical attack that killed 87. The Senate's No. 2 Republican, John Cornyn of Texas, says Trump's move sends a strong message to rogue nations, and agrees that the US needs a broader strategy.

Global Media Tillerson, Trump Team Try to Clarify Foreign Policy After Syrian Airstrikes
Author: 0 Tillerson, Trump Team Try to Clarify Foreign Policy After Syrian Airstrikes

Saudi Arabia said the missile launch by Trump was the right response to "the crimes of this regime to its people in light of the failure of the global community to stop it". "The failure related to the recent strike and the recent bad chemical weapons attack in large measure is a failure on Russia's part to achieve its commitment to the global community", he added.

Author: 0 Ivanka Trump's children sing for President Xi Jinping

U.S. President Donald Trump stressed the importance of the Seoul-Washington alliance and held in-depth talks over North Korea's nuclear problems during his summit with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, the office of South Korea's acting leader said Saturday.

Global Media Uganda police arrest academic who rebuked the first family
Author: 0 Uganda police arrest academic who rebuked the first family

On Facebook Nyanzi has repeatedly rebuked First Lady Janet Museveni , who also serves as education minister, for saying the government has no money to buy sanitary napkins for poor schoolgirls, although the president had promised to budget for them while he campaigned for re-election past year.

Author: 0 El-Sisi announces 3-month state of emergency

Yet despite a presence dating back to the Roman era, the community feels increasingly ostracised and has repeatedly been targeted in attacks, including by Islamic State, which claimed responsibility for Sunday's bombings. The emergency decree will give the security forces wide-ranging powers. IS said it was behind the attack. "Many of them had blood on their white robes", she said, referring to the lay Christians who help with the service.

Global Media Narendra Modi: Pakistan has to shun terror for friendship
Author: 0 Narendra Modi: Pakistan has to shun terror for friendship

At an event to honour martyrs of the 1971 Bangladesh liberation war, he said there were three main ideologies in South Asia at present. Both prime ministers also honoured the family members of the Indian Army and paramilitary soldiers who laid down their lives in the 1971 war.

Global Media Modi supported my government during hard time: Mufti
Author: 0 Modi supported my government during hard time: Mufti

Earlier today, PM Modi inaugurated the 10.89 km long Chenani-Nashri all-weather road tunnel on the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway. The two-lane road tunnel will cut the travelling distance between the region's two main cities of Jammu and Srinagar by 41km, bypassing stretches that often shut due to heavy snowfall and landslides.

Global Media Iraqi Report: IS Second-in-command Killed in Airstrike
Author: 0 Iraqi Report: IS Second-in-command Killed in Airstrike

While neither of those deployments were officially announced prior to their implementation, Gen. Joseph Votel, the top U.S. commander in the Middle East did acknowledge the additional troop presence in Syria to the House Armed Services committee on Wednesday.

Global Media Spain urges United Kingdom not to lose temper over Gibraltar
Author: 0 Spain urges United Kingdom not to lose temper over Gibraltar

Referring to Margaret Thatcher's leadership during the Falklands War with Argentina, former Conservative Party leader Michael Howard said in a Sunday interview that 35 years ago "another woman prime minister sent a taskforce halfway across the world to protect another small group of British people against another Spanish-speaking country".

Author: 0 Leafs' loss sets up first-round matchup against Capitals

Toronto has never faced Washington in the post-season before - the two teams were in different conferences for a long stretch - and they'll be heavy underdogs the first time around. This game needed one more storyline, and it came from Auston Matthews. Then the worm turned for the youngsters, who began to apply the defensive lessons preached by head coach Mike Babcock and his assistants.

Author: 0 US, China agree on North Korea nuclear threat, Tillerson says

While it has not fired missiles against other countries, it has vowed strong action - including missile attacks against South Korea - if it is invaded by the South and the US. A third option is covert action, which would see US and South Korean special forces infiltrating into North Korea to sabotage or take out key infrastructure - for instance, blowing up bridges to block the movement of mobile missiles.

Global Media What time, channel is Sharks-Oilers on?
Author: 0 What time, channel is Sharks-Oilers on?

Even a win to end the regular season wasn't enough to help the San Jose Sharks open the playoffs at home after blowing a nine-point lead in the division in the final month. Backup Aaron Dell made 19 saves for the win. SAN JOSE It might've been a stretch to call it a playoff tune-up. "You go through the grind of a long year to get a chance to play there", Sharks defenseman Brent Burns said.

Author: 0 Former US ambassador to Syria predicts more chemical attacks

While he must offer sharp warnings to Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and to President Vladimir Putin, if they meet - it was unclear whether such a meeting had been quietly arranged - he must also find a way forward with them to counter the Islamic State and then deal with the Syrian president, Bashar Assad.

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