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Author: 0 Russia knew in advance of Syrian chemical attack

The US strikes drew support from other Western leaders who have been uncertain what to make of Trump's foreign policy. There has been no Syrian retaliation so far for the cruise missile attack, which destroyed or rendered inoperable more than 20 Syria air force planes, he said.

Global Media Trump Congratulates Military for Successful 'Attack' in Syria
Author: 0 Trump Congratulates Military for Successful 'Attack' in Syria

Russian Sen. Alexey Pushkov said the disappointment was mutual and suggested Tillerson's comments were made to gain leverage in upcoming US-Russia talks. The airstrike was launched overnight Thursday from U.S. Navy ships in the Mediterranean Sea. That attack killed 1,400 people, including 500 children.

Author: 0 Rubio says USA can't defeat ISIS until Syria's Assad is removed

Gen. Igor Konashenkov said Friday that Russian Federation was suspending the communications channel which the two sides established in line with a memorandum of understanding on prevention of incidents and ensuring of flight safety in Syrian airspace.

Author: 0 US envoy Nikki Haley says Syria regime change is 'inevitable'

Trump's rationale for the missile attack was that Assad had "launched a disgusting chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians using a deadly nerve agent". As the pair met at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla., reports surfaced that the Trump administration is weighing whether or not to place US nukes in South Korea or assassinate the rogue nation's brutal dictator, Kim Jong Un, in response to the country's relentless nuclear ambitions and unapproved missile launches.

Author: 0 8-year-old, 2 adults killed in San Bernardino elementary school shooting

The wounded students were hospitalized but their medical conditions were not immediately known. "This is a tragic incident that has befallen our city", San Bernadino Police Lt. Emergency crews are on scene of North Park Elementary where a school shooting has taken place in San Bernardino , California, Sputnik reported. Authorities say Anderson gained entrance to the school as a visitor and kept his weapon, a large-caliber revolver, concealed until he began firing inside the classroom.

Global Media Tillerson: US will 'hold to account' states that commit atrocities
Author: 0 Tillerson: US will 'hold to account' states that commit atrocities

Now, U.S. intelligence agencies say that Assad may not have turned over all his weapons. "It's more likely to change Assad's behavior than no action on the part of President Obama". Even before Trump ordered last week's strike on the air base in retaliation for a nerve gas attack, Tillerson's visit was certain to be dominated by thorny issues, including Russian interference in the 2016 USA election, an apparent violation of an important arms control treaty, and seeing what cooperation, if ...

Global Media Syria war: United States 'disappointed' at Russia's Syria stance
Author: 0 Syria war: United States 'disappointed' at Russia's Syria stance

Syrian warplanes have reportedly taken off from the air base targeted by USA air strikes, less than 24 hours after it was pounded by dozens of U.S. cruise missiles. However, intelligence officers acknowledged they don't know for certain how much, or even if, nerve agent was located there. Two U.S. Navy ships in the Mediterranean launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at a military air base.

Author: 0 UN Security Council condemns Egypt church bombings

President Trump issued a statement from the White House Press Office Monday in support of the country and its president, whom Trump met with just last week. On Sunday, the group warned of more attacks and boasted it had killed 80 people in three church bombings since December. Details emerged that a suicide bomber blew himself up killing at least 16 people and left 41 wounded.

Author: 0 Trump calls Sissi to offer condolences after church bombings

Church Attack- Shattered pews are among the debris left in a Coptic church in Tanta, Egypt in the aftermath of an explosion April 9. Sunday's attacks come a few months after an attack on St. The measure took effect at 1:00 pm (1100 GMT). The state of emergency still technically needs the approval of Parliament - a formality given the number of pro-Sisi delegates.

Global Media Swedish police confirm identity of Stockholm truck attack suspect
Author: 0 Swedish police confirm identity of Stockholm truck attack suspect

A Belgian and two Swedes were also killed. He added: "There are no words for how missed he will be or for how sad we all are to have lost him like this". In a news conference Saturday, Stockholm Police Chief Dan Eliason said authorities had already gathered intelligence on the suspect, whom he described as a "marginal character".

Global Media Israel official: Arab summit reflects challenges
Author: 0 Israel official: Arab summit reflects challenges

Saudi Arabia supports the Syrian opposition, while the Gulf heavyweight's main regional rival Iran backs the Assad forces. Visiting a refugee camp in Jordan on Tuesday before attending the summit, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres echoed calls for differences to be set aside.

Author: 0 Six detained in St Petersburg for suspected ISIS recruitment

Monday's explosion killed 14 people, including the bomber, and injured 55 others. The Investigative Committee of Russian Federation said several people who had been in contact with Akbarzhon Jalilov, the man authorities believe was behind Monday's attack that killed 14 people, had been arrested.

Global Media In France Presidential hopefuls debate economy, Europe
Author: 0 In France Presidential hopefuls debate economy, Europe

The debate heated up when the candidates discussed the "moralization" of French politics. Meanwhile, retail French investors are keeping their money liquid with popular tax-free regulated savings accounts seeing large inflows in the last three months, said Pierre-Rene Lemas the head of the state-backed Caisse des Depots, which collects the money deposited in such accounts at banks.

Author: 0 CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Passenger dragged off overbooked United plane

Stock prices soared today for the airline immediately following news of United's decision to drag this humiliated man off their flight following an overbooking mistake they made. Then, she said, a third security official came on the plane and threw the passenger against the armrest before dragging him out of the plane. The officers dragged him down the aisle by the arms and legs while another passenger screams in protest.

Author: 0 Basque Terrorists Seen Disarming as Caches in France Revealed

Journalist Gorka Landaburu, who had written articles critical of ETA and in return got a bomb in the mail which left him blind in one eye and took a thumb off, said he believed the entire armed struggle was a waste of time. The group said Bayonne, a city in the French Basque region, will be the focal point of the disarmament process where it expected thousands of people to gather on Saturday.

Global Media Venezuela protesters target Maduro, vow to keep up pressure
Author: 0 Venezuela protesters target Maduro, vow to keep up pressure

Monday's planned march is the latest in a series of anti-government protests held in Venezuela since a controversial decision by the country's Supreme Court to strip the National Assembly of its legislative powers. The European Union piled the latest worldwide pressure on Venezuela yesterday, raising alarm over the "ongoing escalation of tensions and violent confrontations".

Author: 0 Twitter Suit Ends: US Drops Request to Unmask User

In a tweet on Friday, the anonymous account thanked Twitter for "standing up" to the Trump administration with its lawsuit. The lawsuit, filed on Thursday in California, comes on the heels of a report that visitors to the US could soon be routinely asked to hand over email and social media account passwords to the immigration service.

Author: 0 A Spotify employee was killed in the terrorist attack in Stockholm

Swedish borders have been tightened at the request of the country's Prime Minister Stefan Lofven - who call the incident a terrorist attack. The 39-year-old suspect in the Stockholm attack "showed interest for extremist organisations like ISIS", police chief Jonas Hysing told reporters.

Global Media Egypt facing state of emergency after bombings
Author: 0 Egypt facing state of emergency after bombings

A day after brazen ISIS attacks killed dozens at two Coptic Christian churches on Palm Sunday, Egypt declared a three-month state of emergency, a measure created to help authorities root out the killers. The Copts, whose presence in Egypt dates to the Roman era, have long complained of religious persecution and accused the state of not doing enough to protect them.

Global Media China Ignores India's Role In Rescuing Hijacked Ship From Pirates
Author: 0 China Ignores India's Role In Rescuing Hijacked Ship From Pirates

The Chinese Navy also came to the help of the ship while the Indian Navy provided air cover. Under the cover of helicopters., the Navy's special force members boarded the ship and rescued the 19 crew members. A Navy official said that INS Mumbai, a guided missile destroyer built at Mazagon Dock, and INS Tarkash, a Russian-made guided missile frigate, were the first vessels to respond to the alert sounded by the UKMTO, which was monitoring the movement of the 21,000-ton MV OS 35.

Global Media Trump Models Is Reportedly Shutting Down
Author: 0 Trump Models Is Reportedly Shutting Down

The Trump Organization sold Miss Universe to the WME-IMG Talent Agency in September 2015, after outcry over Trump's racist comments about Mexicans. The agency, founded in 1999, came under scrutiny in August, when Mother Jones interviewed several former Trump models who alleged that the agency put them in sweatshop conditions and employed them without valid visas.

Author: 0 Turnbull Praises 'Swift And Just' US Missile Strikes In Syria

He went on to say that the Syrian people would determine the future of Assad. Russian Federation was part of the G8, but it was ejected in 2014 after its illegal annexation of Ukraine's Crimea region. In fact, the reason we attacked the Shayrat air base is because our military saw the jets take off from that airport and fly to the site of the attack.

Author: 0 To confront those who commit crimes against "innocents" -Tillerson

The official alleges, with corroboration from other sources, that Russian Federation flew a drone above a hospital as victims of the nerve gas attack started to enter, AP reports. One government official after another has suggested they would like to see Assad gone, but not elaborated on whether it's an immediate USA priority. Moscow has sought to deflect blame from its long-time ally Assad over the suspected gas incident and says Syrian jets struck a rebel arms depot where "toxic ...

Author: 0 No showdown for Trump and Xi

The U.S. president also said the attacks were conducted to ensure chemical weapons would never be used again. A U.S. Navy strike group led by a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is en route to the western Pacific with talk of military action by the United States gaining traction following its strikes last week against Syria.

Global Media Slow-moving landslide near site of 2014 slide shuts road
Author: 0 Slow-moving landslide near site of 2014 slide shuts road

As per Ireton, the nearby 1 mile stretch of highway has been closed due to the reason, and other precautions are on the way as per the latest news on Saturday. The evacuations are temporary and voluntary. There were no reported injuries or property damage in the Snohomish County landslide, which isn't far from where a massive slide killed 43 people in 2014.

Global Media Aftermath of Terror Attack in Sweden - It Could Have Been Worse
Author: 0 Aftermath of Terror Attack in Sweden - It Could Have Been Worse

Friday. "We know he showed sympathies for extremist organizations, among them", Islamic State, Jonas Hysing, the commanding chief of Sweden's national police, said at Sunday's press conference. Husam Kranda, a Libyan living in Sweden for the past five years and now working as translator, was among the multi-ethnic gathering which underlined Stockholm's cosmopolitan inhabitants.

Global Media Last week's marches were racist, says embattled president
Author: 0 Last week's marches were racist, says embattled president

Opposition leader Mmusi Maimane, head of the Democratic Alliance (DA), which has strong support among white people, had called for a march in Johannesburg, and held a rally of more than 10,000 people. Some held placards saying "Fire Zuma ". They said in a joint statement that they want to rescue South Africa from Zuma due to reasons including the Nkandla scandal, Gupta family controversy and the recent cabinet reshuffle that sparked the protests.

Global Media Distracted driving becoming bigger problem
Author: 0 Distracted driving becoming bigger problem

Tennessee Highway Patrol kicked off its "Thumbs Down" campaign with sheriff's deputies and police officers boarding a bus at the Tennessee Highway Safety Office. According to, every year, about 421,000 people are injured in crashes that have involved a distracted driver. "Teenagers are being taught from the beginning not to use their phones and adults think our experience as being a driver allows us to have more freedom".

Global Media Protests in Turkey Against Iran Regime's Meddling in Syria
Author: 0 Protests in Turkey Against Iran Regime's Meddling in Syria

REYHANLI, Turkey Ahmad Mustafa fled northern Syria to Turkey four months ago, badly injuring his hand along the way. Erdogan reaffirmed his past calls that global community needed to impose a safe zone in northern Syria - which Ankara has said should be backed by a no-fly zone - to ensure security in the area.

Author: 0 Pentagon: U.S. strike disabled 20% of Syrian war planes

The tougher question to answer - and the one Trump seems not to have a good answer to yet - is "What's next?" That two-day summit, which opened Monday in Lucca , brings together diplomats from the USA, U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan - all of whom have expressed uniform support for last week's missile strike.

Global Media Michigan hockey coach Red Berenson retires after 33 seasons
Author: 0 Michigan hockey coach Red Berenson retires after 33 seasons

Berenson announced the decision Monday, April 10, 2017 . "I'd like to improve the image of the MI hockey team on campus and with the alumni", Berenson said at his opening press conference. He stood behind the U-M bench for the 1,000th time of his career on February 22, 2008 at Michigan State. The Wolverines are coming of a 13-19-3 record, the worst mark since Berenson's first three years.

Global Media Stockholm truck attack suspect was facing deportation
Author: 0 Stockholm truck attack suspect was facing deportation

Police believe the Uzbek man is the one who drove the truck for the attack. The statement said he was "a wonderful husband, son, father, brother and close friend to many". There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack. Police said they had now identified three of the four dead. Meanwhile, a vigil is taking place this afternoon in Stockholm for those who were killed in the lorry attack.

Author: 0 After Syria attack, Tillerson vows to defend innocents

Last Thursday, President Donald J. Trump ordered the USA military to launch Tomahawk missiles at airfields near the chemical weapons storage facility at Shayrat Airbase in response to one of the deadliest chemical weapons attacks in the country's 6-year civil war.

Global Media Xi-Trump meet: Differences over thorny issues persist
Author: 0 Xi-Trump meet: Differences over thorny issues persist

The possibility of U.S. military action against North Korea in response to such tests gained traction following last week's strikes against Syria . Asked on ABC if development of an intercontinental missile was a "red line" for Trump , Tillerson said: "If we judge that they have perfected that type of delivery system, then that becomes a very serious stage of their further development".

Global Media Colombia AG to Probe Water and Mud Avalanche
Author: 0 Colombia AG to Probe Water and Mud Avalanche

Heavy rains flooded the Colombian city of Mocoa early Saturday morning, resulting in a landslide that has left over 250 dead. "I need to know where they are, if they are injured or where to find them", sobbed Maria Lilia Tisoy, 37, looking for her two daughters, one pregnant, and a 4-year-old granddaughter in the rubble.

Author: 0 21st Century Fox investigating O'Reilly harassment claims

Considering President Donald Trump is one of the few people rushing to defend Bill O'Reilly against multiple sexual harassment allegations, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver thought he'd give the president a basic lesson on what constitutes acceptable behavior in the workplace.

Author: 0 Le Pen Says France Not Responsible for Nazi's Vel d'Hiv Round-Up

She told RTL radio on Sunday "I don't think France is responsible for the Vel d'Hiv", in reference to the stadium where many thousands of Jews were rounded up in July 1942 before being sent to Nazi death camps. During what is known as the Rafle du Vel D'Hiv, French police, at the request of the Nazi German authorities, conducted mass arrests. Le Pen senior, who founded the FN in 1972 and is estranged from his daughter, has been convicted repeatedly for anti-Semitic and racist comments such ...

Global Media North Korea vows response to US deployment of naval strike group
Author: 0 North Korea vows response to US deployment of naval strike group

Keane told Fox News that if the US was facing an imminent attack from a North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), US President Donald Trump would have to act preemptively. Pacific Command, yesterday directed the Carl Vinson Strike Group to sail north and report on station in the Western Pacific Ocean after departing Singapore April 8.

Global Media The Trump Administration Has No Idea What It's Doing on Syria
Author: 0 The Trump Administration Has No Idea What It's Doing on Syria

Washington is investigating Russia's possible involvement in the chemical attack in Syria that prompted U.S. President Donald Trump to launch the first direct military assault against the Bashar al-Assad regime. "Other than that, there is no change to our military posture" in Syria. It was up to national security adviser H.R. McMaster to reconcile the two views, and he tried to insist there was no real difference of opinion .

Global Media 'Extremist' Meme of Vladimir Putin as a Gay Clown Banned by Russian Federation
Author: 0 'Extremist' Meme of Vladimir Putin as a Gay Clown Banned by Russian Federation

The strikes were ordered by US President Donald Trump in retaliation for an alleged chemical weapons attack on a hospital in Syria, which has been blamed on the country's government. Russian Federation was warned of the attack before it took place, in accordance with deconfliction policies between the USA and Russian Federation over military activities in Syria.

Author: 0 Beijing drops cordiality to denounce President after Xi flies home

But analysts say any unilateral military options for the United States concerning North Korea posed significant problems. The widely anticipated meeting of the leaders of the world's two largest economies was largely overshadowed by the US missile strikes at Syria.

Author: 0 Egypt's Christians bury dead after church bombings

Vatican City: Pope Francis will visit Egypt as planned this month despite the weekend bombings of two Coptic Christian churches that killed 44 people, a Vatican official said. President Trump, who hosted Sisi last week in his first official visit to the USA, expressed support for a leader he has said he plans to work more closely with on fighting Islamist militants, who Sisi identifies as an existential threat.

Author: 0 Bannon dropped from National Security Council

McMaster, whose public stances were sometimes at odds of those of Bannon. But Flynn was sacked in February after misleading Vice President Pence about the substance of his discussions with the Russian ambassador after attending only one meeting, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss a personnel matter.

Author: 0 Trump signs bill that lets internet service providers sell user's browsing history

Pai said the FCC will work with the Federal Trade Commission towards restoring the "FTC's authority to police internet service providers' privacy practices". Privacy advocates like the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation opposed the rollback of the law and have argued that privacy protections are desperately needed to keep consumers safe.

Global Media Canucks fired head coach Willie Desjardins
Author: 0 Canucks fired head coach Willie Desjardins

Only Colorado (22-56-4) had a worse season performance-wise than Vancouver this season. His first season in 2014-15 was the only that saw much success for the Canucks, as the team went 48-29-5, finishing 2nd in the Pacific Division with 101 points.

Global Media Isaiah Hicks Deserved His Moment In North Carolina's Redemption Story
Author: 0 Isaiah Hicks Deserved His Moment In North Carolina's Redemption Story

The Tar Heels defeated the Bulldogs 71-65. North Carolina's Roy Williams is in his ninth Final Four and fourth championship game, two of which were titles in 2005 and '09. Karnowski finished with four fouls in 29 minutes while Collins fouled out in the second half after 14 minutes of action. For Roy Williams, cutting down the nets as the head coach of his alma mater had to be sweeter the third time around.

Global Media New UN peace messenger Malala will promote girls' education
Author: 0 New UN peace messenger Malala will promote girls' education

She continued: "If you want to see your future bright, you have to start working now [and] not wait for anyone else". The Pakistani activist had already been nominated for the distinction a year ago. On the escalation of violence in Syria, she stated : "To the children under siege in Aleppo, I pray that you will get out safely". "I realized that extremists tried all their best to stop me; they tried to kill me and they didn't succeed", she said.