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Author: 0 Nancy Pelosi: 'Sean Spicer must be fired'

In an effort to shame Russia's alliance with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his use of chemical weapons, Spicer , while talking to the press had said that "Hitler didn't even sink to using chemical weapons during World War II", nearly immediately attracting criticism from the journalists.

Author: 0 A basketful of fun awaits little ones at Easter egg hunt

Call (406) 273-4246 for more information. Easter is once again nearly here and children around Durban are looking forward to a holiday filled with sweet treats, chocolate eggs and loads of colourful candy. An Easter egg hunt will be held on Sunday, April 16, at Life Point Church , 565 N. San Gorgonio Banning. This event is for children ages 0-12.

Global Media Gunman posted about 'angel' wife before killing her in classroom
Author: 0 Gunman posted about 'angel' wife before killing her in classroom

Williams syndrome is a genetic condition that affects up to 30,000 people in the USA, leading to heart problems and learning disabilities. "It's been inspiring and joyful during a challenging day to see how many people come together and want to help the healing process", said Stacy C Brooks of Cal State San Bernardino's College of Social Behavioral Sciences.

Global Media Kerala to make Malayalam compulsory till Class 10
Author: 0 Kerala to make Malayalam compulsory till Class 10

He said that the ordinance making Malayalam compulsory in schools across Kerala has got the approval of the governor. It was also mentioned that Malayalam is not being taught in border districts and the decision pertaining to promulgating the Ordinance was taken forward in this context.

Global Media G7 meeting: USA allies rule out military solution on Syria
Author: 0 G7 meeting: USA allies rule out military solution on Syria

When he was asked about accusations that Syria's government launched a chemical weapons attack in Idlib province, which killed 87 people including many children, Mr Putin said Damascus had given up its chemical weapons stocks. The official said declassified US intelligence disputes Kremlin narratives, including one describing the April 4 poison gas attack as the result of an explosion after a strike on a Syrian munitions depot where terrorists were holding chemicals.

Global Media Community gathers for candlelight vigil in honor of North Park shooting victims
Author: 0 Community gathers for candlelight vigil in honor of North Park shooting victims

An 8-year-old boy shot and killed along with his teacher at a San Bernardino school was born with a genetic condition and had survived heart surgery. Police say Anderson entered the school and opened fire, killing Smith and an 8-year-old boy. Jonathan's heartbroken cousin, Brianna Lopez, said she set up a GoFundMe page "to help Jonathan's family in this time of need".

Author: 0 Trump confirmed Montenegro's membership in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

Lee said before the Senate vote: "I don't see how the accession of Montenegro, a country with the population smaller than most congressional districts and a military smaller than the police force of the District of Columbia, is beneficial enough that we should share an agreement for collective defense".

Global Media Trump says US not going to get involved in Syria
Author: 0 Trump says US not going to get involved in Syria

Russian Federation called it a possible false flag operation and said the USA attack was an act of global aggression. He also rejected American claims of incontrovertible evidence that Assad ordered the chemical attack. Tuesday, the White House declassified a USA intelligence report that accused Putin of a cover-up to "confuse" and "obfuscate" on behalf of Assad .

Author: 0 Spicer Reflects on Hitler Gaffe: 'There's No Comparing Atrocities'

Gaffe-prone Spicer apologised on national television yesterday for comparing the Nazi leader with Syrian President Bashar al Assad, accused of using Sarin gas against his own people including children, an attack which had rattled Trump so much that he ordered missile strikes on a Syrian air base.

Global Media Putin: Trust between US & Russia degrading under Trump
Author: 0 Putin: Trust between US & Russia degrading under Trump

Ambassador to the United Nations said . President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that Russian Federation had information that the United States was planning to launch new missile strikes on Syria, and that there were plans to fake chemicals weapons attacks there.

Global Media Henrikh Mkhitaryan sends classy message of support to Borussia Dortmund
Author: 0 Henrikh Mkhitaryan sends classy message of support to Borussia Dortmund

Frauke Koehler , a spokeswoman for federal prosecutors, said that two suspects from the "Islamist spectrum" have become the focus of the Dortmund investigation. A police officer travelling by motorbike behind the bus was also injured . Three explosive devices were detonated, according to Dortmund police , damaging the team's bus in two separate places.

Author: 0 Trump's Team Has Sent Russia a Clear 'Nyet'

He said that Italy's position "has always been that it is up to the Syrians to decide their own destiny". United States has warned the Syrian government against using chemical weapons ever again, and claimed that its air strikes on a Syrian airbase last week in retaliation for the deadly chemical weapons attack had destroyed a fifth of the war-ravaged country's warplanes.

Author: 0 Pentagon chief says 'no doubt' Syria behind chemical attack

The Syrian government has denied that it used chemical arms in an attack on a Syrian town last week. "It's very important that there is a full investigation so that everybody knows, everybody knows, so that the entire world knows how these awful chemical attacks occurred and where they come from", French Ambassador Francois Delattre said.

Global Media Putin suggests USA will again strike Syria
Author: 0 Putin suggests USA will again strike Syria

Moscow's comments appeared to reflect a sharp change from previous year, when Putin hailed Trump as a strong figure and Russian state television was consistently full of effusive praise for him. Tillerson's mission sees the Trump administration taking on the traditional US role as spokesman for a unified Western position. "The United Kingdom therefore shares the U.S.

Global Media New York makes college tuition free - with big string attached
Author: 0 New York makes college tuition free - with big string attached

The plan was first introduced by Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo in January and made its way into the state budget last week, passing the Assembly on Saturday and the Senate late Sunday night, CNN Money reports . NY is the first state to offer free four-year tuition. Some Republican legislators were critical of the bill for excluding private college students.

Global Media Basque group ETA hands over tons of weapons to France
Author: 0 Basque group ETA hands over tons of weapons to France

The Basque terror group ETA revealed the locations of weapons dumps in France, signaling the movement has disarmed after suspending its struggle for independence from Spain , according to global monitors. The Spanish government urged the rebel group to "ask forgiveness from its victims and disappear". France on Saturday mobilized almost 200 police along with bomb disposal experts to secure the weapons in the handover, according to the French interior ministry.

Global Media Russian Federation says it wants 'productive talks' with
Author: 0 Russian Federation says it wants 'productive talks' with

But, he said, the distinction "doesn't much matter to the dead". "We can not let this happen again", the secretary of state said. The two leaders spoke about the crisis by telephone as the USA president thanked the PM for her backing of his military strikes against Syrian government forces last week.

Author: 0 For Rex Tillerson in Russian Federation, stakes are high and outlook is dim

Ambassador to Russia John Tefft smile upon arrival in Moscow's Vnukovo airport, Russia, Tuesday, April 11, 2017. Last Tuesday on the 4th of April, the Syrian regime attacked its own people using chemical weapons. "It is clear to all of us that the reign of the Assad family is coming to an end", Tillerson said this week, while traveling to Italy and Russian Federation.

Global Media Malala Yousafzai given honorary Canadian citizenship
Author: 0 Malala Yousafzai given honorary Canadian citizenship

She was designated the role at a ceremony in NY on Monday. Speaking on the occasion, the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres praised her unwavering commitment to peace and resolve to foster a better world. Both Yousafzai and Guterres noted the challenges that refugee families face in camps. UN Messengers of Peace are distinguished individuals, carefully selected from the fields of art, literature, science, entertainment, sports or other fields of public life, who have agreed to help ...

Global Media Kremlin digs in on Assad as Rex Tillerson arrives in Moscow
Author: 0 Kremlin digs in on Assad as Rex Tillerson arrives in Moscow

U.S. intelligence indicates that the chemical agent in the attack was delivered by Syrian Su-22 aircraft that took off from the Shayrat airfield, according to a White House report given to reporters. Putin suggested on Monday that forces within Syria were plotting more chemical attacks, including near Damascus, that they meant to pin on the Syrian regime.

Global Media Malcolm Turnbull, Narendra Modi sign six agreements
Author: 0 Malcolm Turnbull, Narendra Modi sign six agreements

Speaking to the press, the Australian Prime Minister called for increasing ties between the two countries while highlighting the sustained Indian economic growth. Turnbull said the trading relationship between the two countries was delivering significant benefits to both nations, with two-way trade in goods and services worth almost AUD20 billion ($15 billion) in 2016.

Global Media Rubio says U.S. can't defeat ISIS until Syria's Assad is removed
Author: 0 Rubio says U.S. can't defeat ISIS until Syria's Assad is removed

After last Tuesday's chemical attack in Syria, Trump said his attitude toward Assad "has changed very much" and Tillerson said "steps are underway" to organize a coalition to remove him from power. The United States has sought to downplay expectations for the trip or the likelihood that the USA will leave with any concessions from Russian Federation regarding its support for Assad.

Global Media WH considers order that could lead to more tariffs
Author: 0 WH considers order that could lead to more tariffs

The Trump administration official did not provide any details to Reuters on timing of the executive order, which would be separate from a March 31 Trump order authorizing a 90-day Commerce Department study of trade abuses and their effect on USA trade deficits.

Global Media Ex-Union minister Akhilesh Das Gupta dies
Author: 0 Ex-Union minister Akhilesh Das Gupta dies

The future of UP Badminton Association as well as the Babu Banarasi Das UP Badminton Academy also looks uncertain now as after Das Gupta, it seems nearly hard for the present set of people here to continue things in the same manner, unless someone from his own family, especially his son, who has been the part of the UPBA, comes forward and take control.

Global Media Here's what Sushma Swaraj told Rajya Sabha on Kulbhushan Yadhav's death sentence
Author: 0 Here's what Sushma Swaraj told Rajya Sabha on Kulbhushan Yadhav's death sentence

India's External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, on Tuesday defended Kulbhushan Jadhav stating that the Indian was wrongly imprisoned and awarded a death sentence by Pakistan on "concoted charges". "The trial went on for three months", he said, adding that Pakistan would not grant concessions to elements working against the country. India warned Pakistan April 11 that if it executes a retired Indian naval officer convicted by a Pakistani military tribunal of espionage and sabotage, there ...

Global Media No evidence Syrian gas attack was fake
Author: 0 No evidence Syrian gas attack was fake

Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano, who is hosting the meeting, said Europe's broad support for the cruise strikes had contributed to a "renewed harmony" between the United States and its partners ahead of the first meeting of G-7 foreign ministers since Trump took office in January.

Global Media Srinagar poll violence: Kashmir Valley reopens after 3-day strike
Author: 0 Srinagar poll violence: Kashmir Valley reopens after 3-day strike

Another video from the same day shows locals rescuing poll officials from their vehicle after they met with an accident. Likewise, the re-polling would also be held on 7-Repora, 9-Gopal Saif, 16-Nowpora, 38-Chrar-i-Sharief, 86-Kanir, 87-Kanir, 90-Hushroo and 91-Wagam of Chrar-e-Sharief Assembly Segment and polling booth number 79-Kandora of Khan Sahib Assembly Constituency.

Author: 0 U.S. general confident North Korean missile can be intercepted

Acting South Korean President Hwang Kyo-ahn held a 20-minute phone conversation with his US counterpart Donald Trump Saturday, presenting a united stance against North Korea's growing threat. North Korea has continued its threat against the US and South Korea despite several warnings from the global community. The government on Friday extended two of its own sanctions against North Korea, a total trade embargo and a ban on port calls, for two years.

Author: 0 Malaysians return, Kim's body handed to North Korea

South Korean and US intelligence sources say North Korea masterminded the attack, which Pyongyang denies. China on Friday confirmed that the body of Kim Jong-nam, half-brother of the North Korean leader, was flown back to Pyongyang from Kuala Lumpur via Beijing on Friday, following authorisation from Malaysia.

Author: 0 Tillerson, Lavrov Meet in Moscow as U.S. Blasts Russia on Syria

On Monday, Tillerson visited the site of a World War Two Nazi massacre in Italy and said Washington would never let such abuses go unchallenged. He was referring to widespread vacancies throughout the top State Department leadership that has fueled a perception in the USA that Tillerson and his agency are being sidelined by Trump.

Global Media PM Hasina's visit was 'exceptionally strong'
Author: 0 PM Hasina's visit was 'exceptionally strong'

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who has strongly opposed the treaty, was also present at the meeting. Banerjee's dissenting opinion on the Teesta pact has been the reason that there has been no agreement between the two countries.

Author: 0 Stockholm attack suspect is Uzbek denied residency in Sweden

Of the injured, 10 remained in hospital, two of them in intensive care. Candles and flowers placed in central Stockholm to commemorate the victims of last Friday's terror attack in the city, in Stockholm , Sweden, April 9, 2017. A second person was arrested on the same potential charge Sunday, and four others were being held by police. As of Sunday, 10 of the 15 people wounded in the truck attack in the Swedish capital remained hospitalized, including one child.

Author: 0 Windber Easter egg hunt

We know that the majority of our community is not the problem, but we can't risk injury to children because certain individuals can't control themselves. "It's gorgeous", said Quwina Grimes who came from Saucier for the event. After the service, all children are invited to participate in a very special Community Easter Egg Hunt outside in Tribute Park adjacent to the church.

Author: 0 Trump's message to China on 'North Korean problem'

In an interview with Fox Business Network , the President said: "We are sending an armada ". "(Both are) waiting for the other to blink and you can imagine from China's risk-adverse perspective that could end very badly", he told CNN .

Author: 0 Tillerson prepares to press demands that Putin abandon support for Assad

Russian Federation says rebels dispersed whatever chemical agent was found, which the Trump administration calls a disinformation campaign. Putin told state-run Mir television that relations between Moscow and Washington have deteriorated in the early months of Trump's presidency.

Author: 0 Dortmund blast-victim Bartra recovering after surgery: Club

At this stage Ajax sees no reason to take any extra security measures at the Europa League match between the Amsterdam club and Schalke 04 on Thursday, following a targeted attack on Borussia Dortmund in Germany last night, a spokesperson for the club said to AD.

Author: 0 Arab leaders meet to address conflicts and 'terror'

Arab League member states "reaffirm their commitment to the two-state solution and to the right of the State of Palestine to restore its sovereignty over the territories occupied in 1967, including east Jerusalem", the draft says. There have recently been tensions between Abbas and Sisi, but the Palestinian leader told journalists he had been assured by Arab foreign ministers of a "unified" message on Palestinian rights.

Global Media Pakistan, India can't be enemies forever: Pakistani NSA
Author: 0 Pakistan, India can't be enemies forever: Pakistani NSA

Asserting that India's position on this matter is clear, Swaraj said there is no evidence of wrongdoing by Jadhav. Opposition Congress party MP Ghulam Nabi Azad said: "Our government has to ensure that Jadhav should have the best lawyers to fight the case in the Supreme Court of Pakistan".

Global Media Around Town 4/12/17: Bunny hop & Easter egg hunt
Author: 0 Around Town 4/12/17: Bunny hop & Easter egg hunt

The event will feature bounce houses ($5), photos with the Easter Bunny, face painting, art activities, cartoon demonstrations by Larry Scott, a special character appearance from Fairy Tale Entertainment, prizes and more . and Saturday at 4 p.m. Egg hunts will be offered in different age groups for youngsters; bring your own basket to hunt for eggs. Almost 8,000 eggs were strewn across sections of Riverside Park for three separate age-specific hunts, which took place a weekend earlier this ...

Global Media EU launches probe in Hungarian education law
Author: 0 EU launches probe in Hungarian education law

Long exasperated by what it sees as Orban's authoritarian tendencies, Brussels is concerned at new Hungarian laws that it fears curtail freedoms and contradict asylum rules - culminating in criticism of an education bill that could shut down a Budapest university founded by USA financier George Soros.

Global Media Yahoo accused of mismanaging fund for dissidents in China
Author: 0 Yahoo accused of mismanaging fund for dissidents in China

Only $700,000 of the $17.3 million settlement fund has actually been used to help jailed dissidents, according to the lawsuit. Yahoo was acquired by Verizon earlier this year, which folded the company, along with fellow early internet icon AOL, into a new entity called Oath.

Author: 0 Daugaards invite families to attend annual Easter egg hunt

Egg hunt for ages 12 and under begins at 10:30 a.m.; bring an Easter basket. For years, Lamb has watched her daughter and other visually impaired children hunt for these battery-operated eggs at the annual event. Plus, there will be prize eggs hidden on each field. Categories will be 3 years and under, 4 to 5 year olds; first and second grade; and third and fourth grade.

Author: 0 Putin warns of chemical weapons 'provocations' to frame Assad

The US Embassy told RIA Novosti news agency that the meeting with Lavrov is the only one that has been officially confirmed, while Putin's spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, said on Monday that a meeting has not been scheduled. not to carry out more such attacks, while the USA ratchets up allegations of Russian involvement in a putative Syrian gas attack. "It can be said that the level of trust at the working level, especially at the military level, has not become better, but most likely has ...

Author: 0 Is "Medicare for All" the Cure for an Ailing Health-Care System?

Even though more people have health insurance since the ACA rollout, Pearson said , almost 2 million Americans go bankrupt each year because of health care expenses. "At the end of the day, all Americans want access to affordable care and quality care and the Affordable Care Act never delivered on that". Partisanship colors these views, with most Republicans wanting them to keep working to repeal and replace the ACA, most Democrats wanting them to move on, and independents evenly divided.

Author: 0 Vijender Gupta at EC against Kejriwal over his 'distorted photos'

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader also questioned the poll panel's decision to deploy EVMs produced before 2006, which he said had no security features, in the April 23 Delhi civic polls. In a written communication to AAP state convener Dilip Pandey, the commission said that if the party fails to file the reply, the complaint will be decided ex parte.

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