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Global Media Islamic State launches chlorine gas attacks in western Mosul
Author: 0 Islamic State launches chlorine gas attacks in western Mosul

It is worth noting that the Iraq security forces, supported by the US-led coalition, are fighting to liberate the right side of Mosul. In a separate operation, the Federal Police targeted a group of ISIS militants. Said Kamel al-Alusi said. In a related development, the federal police command announced on Thursday that Iraqi troops penetrated the old city towards the Nuri mosque in the western part of Mosul.

Author: 0 Former President Ahmadinejad Submits Name for Iran's Presidential Election

Ahmadinejad left office in 2013 after serving two tumultuous terms as president. Iran's former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday stunned the country by unexpectedly filing to run in the May presidential election, contradicting a recommendation from the supreme leader to stay out of the race.

Global Media Church bids farewell to victims of terrorism
Author: 0 Church bids farewell to victims of terrorism

The Palm Sunday attack in Tanta, about 60 miles north of Cairo , killed at least 27 people and wounded 78, Morning Star reported April 9. ALEXANDRIA/TANTA, Egypt (BP) - As Coptic Christians bury an estimated 44 killed in terrorist bombings during Palm Sunday services in Egypt, the oldest Coptic church in the praying for both the families of the Christian "martyrs" and the Islamic State (IS) that has claimed responsibility for the deaths.

Global Media PM Modi hails by-polls results, terms BJP's 'performance impressive'
Author: 0 PM Modi hails by-polls results, terms BJP's 'performance impressive'

Please Wait while comments are loading. - Sagarika Ghose (@sagarikaghose) April 13, 2017Under the law it's entirely up to the woman whether she wants to change her name after marriage forget about the passport! The announcement comes at a time when several women have spoken out about discriminatory and humiliating treatment at passport offices.

Author: 0 Trump administration report labels no U.S. trading partners as currency manipulators

Although the USA trade deficit topped $500 billion in 2016, none of the United States' major trading partners engaged in any currency manipulation in the second half of the year, a new report from the Department of the Treasury said. Zhou said plans for the United States and China to spend 100 days looking for ways to tackle the trade imbalance were "just a beginning" and could result in China lifting a ban on American beef and opening up its financial market in the short term.

Author: 0 UK PM May says highly likely Syrian government behind poison gas attack

Although, the World Health Organisation, chemical weapons inspectors and the United States have cast doubt over Russian Federation and Syria's claims . Moscow slammed the attack ordered by US President Donald Trump as "thoughtless" and called it "aggression against a sovereign state" that violated global norms.

Author: 0 Fired officers had previously arrested same man

Gwinnett County, Georgia police chief Butch Ayers said it is Bongiavonni who shows the least amount of remorse for what happened, having given "it's different in the streets" as his reason for harming Hollins, while under questioning. "[Bongiovanni] start [ed] shoving me in my auto and telling me that I was never going to have a video, that I was never going to make the phone call to my mom", Hollins said.

Author: 0 Chelsea 'passed a test' by reopening gap over Tottenham - Eden Hazard

Given his Italian heritage Conte - who won three consecutive championships as Juventus manager - has instilled a strong defensive mindset into his team. "I have to compliment Chelsea , they're an outstanding team and their system works very well for them". "Now that their defence is looking tighter - and Joshua King has embarked on a hot streak of nine goals in 10 games - improving on last season's 16th-place finish looks almost a certainty".

Global Media Explosion hit a convoy near Aleppo
Author: 0 Explosion hit a convoy near Aleppo

The conflict monitor Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the explosion appeared to be a bomb. It said most of the dead were evacuees, but the blast also killed several rebels who had been guarding the buses. At sunrise on Friday they were driven out in 60 buses, leaving their hometown where they have been besieged by the government and Lebanese armed group Hezbollah since the summer of 2015.

Author: 0 'Number of IS fighters killed by United States bomb jumps to 90'

Esmail Shinwar, the governor of the Achin district of Nangarhar, bordering Pakistan, where the 11-tonne explosive was dropped, has said that "at least 92 Daesh fighters were killed", adding that three tunnels in which the militants had taken up position were destroyed in the attack.

Author: 0 Syria's Assad says chemical attack '100% fabrication'

In his AFP interview, Assad accused the West, particularly the United States, of being "hand-in-glove with the terrorists " over the Khan Sheikhoun incident. Directly following Assad's comments, the US-led coalition to defeat ISIS denied the regime's allegations and asserted that it did not launch any strike on Deir Ezzor at that mentioned time.

Author: 0 Syria chemical attack 'fabricated' - Assad

In 2013, Syria was blamed for a chemical attack that hit the rebel-held Damascus suburb of Ghouta, in which activists say 1,400 people died. "Definitely, 100 per cent for us, it's fabrication", Assad said in the video released by his office.

Author: 0 Weekend Movies: Behind The Scenes Of 'The Fate Of The Furious'

Charlize Theron does her best to inject some genuine fear and malice into the character, but all the effort in the world can't change a flimsy backstory and the fact that she's basically just there as the catalyst for Dom vs. The shot first started from the vantage point of the wrecking ball and quickly transitioned to a tight shot of the police auto being destroyed. It's all about how furious the action scenes can be, and those are supercharged.

Author: 0 Stockholm truck attack suspect confesses to a 'terrorist crime'

He was detained by police hours later and charged on Saturday morning. He had gone underground after his application for Swedish residency was rejected a year ago, police said. The 39-year-old native from Uzbekistan has been remanded in judicial custody for a month, reported Reuters . "It is with shock and a heavy heart that I can confirm that Chris Bevington from our Spotify team lost his life in Friday's senseless attack on Stockholm", company founder Daniel Ek said in a post on ...

Author: 0 Spicer Apologizes for Hitler Comments: 'I Screwed Up'

On Wednesday, speaking at a forum at the Newseum, Spicer called the incident "my mistake" and "my bad". "I got into a topic that I shouldn't have and I screwed up", Spicer said during an event at a museum in Washington. After the briefing, Spicer emailed reporters a statement that said: "In no way was I trying to lessen the horrendous nature of the Holocaust". Throwing up his hands, Coffman said: "He needs to go".

Author: 0 North Korea warns against USA 'military hysteria'

North Korean soldiers march and shout slogans during a military parade marking the 105th birth anniversary of country's founding father Kim Il Sung in Pyongyang . A senior North Korean government official said the country is ready to stand up to any threat posed by the United States as he spoke at the parade.

Global Media Campaigning for Turkey referendum hits final stretch
Author: 0 Campaigning for Turkey referendum hits final stretch

According to Turkish opinion polls , it looks like it's going to be a tight race. With the referendum considered too close to call, scrutiny over the vote is expected to be intense both nationally and internationally. He stresses the changes are necessary to combat terrorism and to provide stability following last year's failed coup attempt. Erdogan has raised hackles in the West throughout the campaign with his repeated denunciations of the European Union, which Turkey has sought ...

Author: 0 Son levels S Korean scoring record as Spurs beat Bournemouth

Substitute Vincent Janssen rounded off the action with a fourth goal in stoppage time , the Dutchman's first Premier League strike from open play since joining previous year. "From the beginning of the season that was our chance to improve our mentality, our belief and I think you can see the group and the team have improved".

Author: 0 Eight killed, 70 hurt in Kashmir poll violence

The Chief Electoral Officer Jammu and Kashmir Shantmanu said that re-polling would be held at 38 violence-hit polling stations. Mobs attacked the polling stations, damaging the EVMs and ransacking the polling stations, at almost 100 places in Budgam.

Author: 0 North Korea flaunts long-range missiles in massive parade

Amid rising regional tensions, Pyongyang residents have been preparing. North Korean soldiers attend a military parade marking the 105th birth anniversary of country's founding father Kim Il Sung in Pyongyang . Pyongyang also warned Washington on Saturday to end its "military hysteria" or face retaliation as a U.S. aircraft carrier strike group headed towards the region.

Global Media 17 killed in flash flooding in north-west Iran
Author: 0 17 killed in flash flooding in north-west Iran

State media reported today that many others are said to be missing after torrential rains hit four provinces. Azar-Shahr and Ajab-Sheer counties suffered the most. Red Crescent workers are assisting and providing aid. He said 133 people had been accommodated in temporary shelters, 15 transferred to safe areas, and six taken to medical centers to receive due services.

Author: 0 North Korea celebrates 'Day of the Sun' with defiant show of might

Hundreds of thousands of jubilant North Koreans today lined the streets of capital Pyongyang hoping to get a glimpse of despot leader Kim Jong-un. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un presided over a military show of strength in Pyongyang on Saturday, as tensions with the U.S.

Global Media South Africa's Opposition In United Front Against President
Author: 0 South Africa's Opposition In United Front Against President

I saw Zuma with a showerhead. We have to fight poverty, we have to fight hunger, we have to educate people, we have to fight for the rights of the people who can not fight for themselves. "He only cares about himself, his family and the people close to him". In truth, they are doing their job. "We don't want to waste paper and ink‚" he said.

Author: 0 Republicans hang on to House seat in Kansas

Trump's agenda and the legislation he has pushed so far would prove devastating for the people who live in this district-for example, 15,152 people in this district would lose their healthcare if the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is repealed.

Author: 0 Boat races to go ahead as shell is removed

Cambridge's male rowers are defending the title they won last year but the university's women's team are hoping for better luck this year. It doesn't get much more traditional than the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, held every year along the Thames.

Global Media Tens of Thousands Gather in Stockholm After Deadly Truck Attack
Author: 0 Tens of Thousands Gather in Stockholm After Deadly Truck Attack

The explosives had originally been in the glove compartment, this report originally released by local Swedish media. "Unfortunately, this type of low-tech attack is something we have been discussing for years", he said, adding that the police, SAPO and other government agencies had always been preparing, resulting in a well-coordinated response on Friday.

Author: 0 United Kingdom says Sarin-like gas used in Syria chemical attack

The aftermath has seen tensions bubble between the U.S. and Russian Federation, whose troops are aiding Assad and were stationed at the airbase. Syria's military had given up all its chemical weapons in 2013 after an agreement made at the time, and would not have used them anyway, AFP quoted Assad as saying in an interview.

Global Media Donaldson leaves game after aggravating sore right calf
Author: 0 Donaldson leaves game after aggravating sore right calf

That also pushes Steve Pearce into left field full-time, which may have been the plan to start with, for better or worse. The pain keeps growing for the Blue Jays. Losing the DH wouldn't be the end of the world in a single game, but limiting John Gibbons' options for an indeterminate amount of time isn't the most helpful thing.

Author: 0 Trump praises China for abstaining from vote on Syria

While China bends some global trade rules, economists say the country isn't actively devaluing its currency, which would make its products more affordable in foreign markets and therefore lift its exports. They range from NATO's expansion and European missile defense systems to a fear the promoting opposition to pro-Russian leaders and even Putin himself.

Author: 0 Why trade critic Trump has changed his tune

House Foreign Affairs Chairman Ed Royce would be the point person in the House for a war authorization. Everything, in the world of Trump , is a negotiation - up to and including facts. According to Hanson, Trump sees the world as a hard place where there are always going to be bad actors. "Iranian theocrats and Chinese Communist [s] do such things the same way that a pit bull can not stop biting", Hanson writes.

Author: 0 DPRK displays submarine-launched ballistic missile

North Korea's current leader Kim Jong Un - the grandson of founder Kim Il Sung - watched the parade, smiling, applauding and saluting troops as they passed by. The "war of words" between the USA and North Korea is moving toward a crescendo. A North Korean man looks at a model of the Unha 3 space launch vehicle displayed at the Mangyongdae Children's Palace on Friday, April 14, 2017, in Pyongyang, North Korea .

Author: 0 Huge US bomb kills 36 IS militants

Friday saw global audiences awaking to news the United States military had dropped a GBU-43/B MOAB - the largest non-nuclear weapon in its arsenal - on a jihadist defensive position in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province. Both the Afghan and USA forces based in Afghanistan are conducting regular operations to suppress the insurgency led by ISIS militants and other insurgent groups including Taliban.

Global Media Here's Who Introduced Carter Page To The Trump Campaign
Author: 0 Here's Who Introduced Carter Page To The Trump Campaign

The agency got approval for a warrant to conduct an investigation of Carter Page, one of Trump's foreign policy advisors last summer. Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page said Wednesday that a reported surveillance warrant targeting him last summer would have been based on "false evidence", maintaining during an interview with Fox News that he has nothing to hide.

Author: 0 Bashar al-Assad: Chemical Attack Claims Are '100 Percent Fabrication'

A handout picture released by the Syrian presidency's press office shows Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (R) during an interview with AFP's Beirut bureau chief Sammy Ketz in the capital Damascus , on April 12, 2017. He added that Assad continued to use chemical weapons despite warnings from the United Nations, the U.S. and the worldwide community. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Friday that "the exchange of information is taking place but we are not officially sating that the ...

Author: 0 Petrol bomb sparks fire at Le Pen's Paris campaign building

Le Pen last month invoked her parliamentary immunity in refusing to attend questioning by investigating magistrates. "Undeniably he is in contradiction with the commitments he had made", Le Pen said. The Front National candidate, who has long lobbied for closing down UOIF completely, said Thursday that she solemnly demanded the Minister of Interior to outlaw the meeting at Bourget.

Global Media Russian Federation offers to host Taliban-Afghanistan talks
Author: 0 Russian Federation offers to host Taliban-Afghanistan talks

Three, with Central Asia's most energy resources untapped and China aggressively committed to Afghanistan and the region economically, its interests in a peaceful Afghanistan are greater than any near and distant power. "The requirement then was to convert this military victory into a political victory". The conference is also understood to have dwelt on boosting regional coordination for bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Author: 0 Upstart Maple Leafs out to level series vs. Capitals

Toronto native Tom Wilson scored five minutes into overtime as the Caps came all the way back from a 2-0 first-period deficit, winning 3-2 on Thursday night. "I'm so privileged to have such good support groups in both cities and obviously lots of happy family and friends", he added, "and lot of people who have hopped off the Leafs' bandwagon onto the Caps' bandwagon the last couple of years".

Global Media Judge found dead in Hudson killed herself
Author: 0 Judge found dead in Hudson killed herself

Sheila Abdus-Salaam, the first female Muslim judge in US history, appears to have died by suicide , multiple outlets reported Thursday. Abdus-Salaam was 65 years old, the medical examiner is yet to determine the cause of her death, which is still under investigation, according to the New York Police Department.

Author: 0 Energy, trade on Turnbull India agenda

Prime Minister Modi said both India and Australia will work actively to cooperate more closely with members of the East Asia Summit and the Indian Ocean Rim countries to pursue common interests. Terrorism, defence and security cooperation, cyber security, civil aviation security, education and energy, particularly sale of uranium, are the focus areas.

Author: 0 Delta will offer up to $9950 to flyers who give up seats

Mrs Bell told CNN that United reached out to her husband on Thursday to apologise and to offer compensation for the incident. Nonetheless, outrage over the incident has led to calls for airlines to back off when it comes to overbooking, or at least work harder to avoid forcing passengers off flights.

Global Media India stands totally exposed on issue of terror financing in Pakistan: FO
Author: 0 India stands totally exposed on issue of terror financing in Pakistan: FO

Kulbhushan Jadhav was awarded death sentence in Pakistan. A delegation led by Pakistan's Maritime Security Agency was scheduled to visit New Delhi for four days from April 16, reported PTI. However, Janjua said since it is a case of espionage, consular access can't be granted contrary to the Indian High Commission's claim that the same must be granted under worldwide law.

Author: 0 Central Christian Church to host Easter service

In an Easter message, Wike said Easter exemplifies the ultimate sacrifice made by Jesus Christ to save mankind, noting that as individuals, Christians must take into consideration the welfare of others. We need the grace of Christ present and at work within us to take us even one step toward this way of living. Sixty-three percent of USA adults say they have made a commitment to Jesus that is still important in their lives today, shows the study, which included 2005 web-based and ...

Global Media North Korean leader appears in parade
Author: 0 North Korean leader appears in parade

An official from South Korea's Defense Ministry couldn't immediately confirm whether the rocket was a new ICBM. North Korean school children perform at the Mangyongdae Children's Palace in Pyongyang while an image of their late leader Kim Il-sung is projected on a screen Friday, April 14, 2017.

Author: 0 After Syrian Airstrikes, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson Cancels Russia Trip

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has said "terrorists are celebrating" USA strikes on a Syrian airbase. A day after Trump ordered 59 Tomahawk missiles to attack a Syrian-government airfield, Assad resumed missions from the al-Shayrat Air Base with planes that escaped the bombs, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Global Media President Trump Condemns Deadly Church Bombings In Egypt
Author: 0 President Trump Condemns Deadly Church Bombings In Egypt

Mark's Cathedral in Alexandria , where Pope Tawadros II, the patriarch of Alexandria and head of the Coptic Orthodox Church, may have been ISIS's prime intended target as he had been celebrating the liturgy. ISIS claimed responsibility, signaling a stepped-up presence in that country. "Terrorism increased in the presence of the state of emergency", said party leader Mohammed Arafat.

Author: 0 Coptic Churches Bombed on Palm Sunday by ISIS

A man attempted to get into the church from an unchecked side gate, however he was asked by security forces to get into an X-ray device. "We're living in different times", Adams said. A spate of deadly jihadist-linked attacks in Egypt's restive Sinai Peninsula in February prompted some Coptic families to flee their homes. A 15-year veteran of the church, Father Danial said that the church "definitely" was in need of better security but stopped short of blaming the government.