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Author: 0 Merriam-Webster Shuts Down Kellyanne Conway's Definition Of Feminism

Conway had, however, been scheduled to speak at this week's Conservative Political Action Conference. "This presumptive negativity about women in power, I think, is very unfortunate". "We know for a fact she tries to book herself on this show", show co-host Mika Brzezinski said of Conway. Appearing on Fox News' " Hannity ", Conway denied that she had been sidelined by the White House.

Author: 0 Mexico slams USA immigration plan ahead of Tillerson visit

The President has also ordered Cabinet agencies to inform him of the total direct and indirect aid the USA gives Mexico, a move that some see as an attempt to amass some leverage in the debate over the border wall that Trump insists will be built and that Mexico will pay for.

Global Media Lahore blast was not an act of terrorism
Author: 0 Lahore blast was not an act of terrorism

Police officials said 8-10 kilogrammes of explosives were used. Rana Sanullah, Punjab law minister, said of Thursday's incident in Lahore , "There was no reason to target the building". He said a final conclusion of the findings will be shared with the people. Television footage showed a smouldering building and several crumpled cars with their windows blown out.

Author: 0 Sorry Donald Trump! The FBI Isn't Going To Do Your Dirty Work!

Such a request was unusual as it contravenes restrictions on such contacts between the White House and the FBI on pending investigations, it said . The request reportedly came after CNN and the New York Times reported February 14 that high-ranking members of Trump's campaign staff had ongoing contact with Russian intelligence officials before the November election.

Global Media Kim Jong Nam murder saga: What is the VX nerve agent?
Author: 0 Kim Jong Nam murder saga: What is the VX nerve agent?

Seoul's foreign ministry expresses shock and says North Korea is in violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention and other worldwide norms. Malaysian authorities have identified the substance used to kill Kim Jong-un's brother, and it is definitely not your average poison.

Author: 0 State Won't Grant Entry Visa to Human Rights Watch 'Investigator'

In response to the request, the Immigration Authority said that it would not grant the request, as the reports issued by the organization "are political in nature and serve Palestinian propaganda purposes, while falsely waving the flag of 'human rights.' As a result we are denying the visa request", the Authority said in a letter to the Foreign Ministry, stressing that it relied on the opinions of the Ministry regarding the organization.

Global Media VX nerve agent used in Kim death: Malaysian police
Author: 0 VX nerve agent used in Kim death: Malaysian police

The poison was detected on swabs taken from his eye and face. It is suspected of being particularly focused on mustard, phosgene, sarin and V-type chemical agents - substances including VX that are created to poison through contact and remain lethal for long periods of time.

Author: 0 Malaysian Police Say Kim Jong-nam Killed By Chemical Weapon

Malaysia has officially requested Interpol to investigate four North Korean suspects in connection with the killing. Kim had spoken out publicly in the past against his family's dynastic control of the isolated, nuclear-armed state. Pyongyang has been sharply critical of the handling of the murder, but Malaysia, which has had friendly relations with North Korea, has proceeded with its investigation, naming eight suspects in the killing.

Global Media Mnuchin says strong dollar 'good thing' in long run
Author: 0 Mnuchin says strong dollar 'good thing' in long run

Since Trump's election, however, China has allowed the yuan to strengthen against the dollar. President Donald Trump suggested he would designate China as a "currency manipulator" on the campaign trail. "It wouldn't surprise me to see a bit of consolidation or correction, and maybe we're starting to see signs of that". That was in line with comments by other politicians over the past month, but seemed to some investors to dial back President Trump's own recent promises.

Global Media Osinbajo withdraws assent to 4 bills passed by N'Assembly
Author: 0 Osinbajo withdraws assent to 4 bills passed by N'Assembly

This was conveyed in a letter, which was read by the house Speaker during plenary on Wednesday. The proposed legidlstions on which presidential assents were denied are "Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Bill, 2016"; "National Lottery (Amendment) Bill, 2016"; "Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme Fund (Amendment) Bill, 2016"; and "Currency Conversion and Freezing Order (Amendment) Bill, 2016".

Author: 0 VP Pence: 'America's Obamacare nightmare is about to end'

Pence added the Trump administration will "work with Congress" on creating more flexibility for healthcare, including allowing it to be sold across state lines "like vehicle insurance and life insurance". But some Republicans, including Vice President Mike Pence, are convinced that the constituents - angry about losing their health insurance and making it known to their representatives - are just "liberal activists".

Author: 0 PSL 2017: Sharjeel Khan, Khalid Latif deny spot-fixing allegations

While talking to the media after briefing the standing committee for sports in senate, Shaharyar said that bookies targeted three players and contacted them through former opening batsman Nasir Jamshed. The Rawalpindi Express added that the Pakistan board had saved the two tainted cricketers from life imprisonment. "PSL fixing case should be resolved as per the law and should be investigated thoroughly", he added.

Author: 0 Rebel missile kills senior Yemeni general in Red Sea port

The SABA news agency, which is controlled by the Houthis, said the rebels had deliberated attacked the general's vehicle. Yemeni military officials said the missile hit a gathering point for the military commanders. Mokha, a strategic Red Sea port, witnessed intense fighting between Houthis and allied forces loyal to the ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh, and the Saudi-led coalition and pro-government forces, mostly southern fighters.

Global Media Paris student protest over 'police assault' turns violent
Author: 0 Paris student protest over 'police assault' turns violent

The demonstrations on Thursday are the latest protests over the alleged police abuse of the young black man, who said he was sodomized with a police baton, racially abused and beaten during an arrest on February 2 when police were performing identity checks as they searched for drug dealers in northwest Paris.

Author: 0 Meet the American HERO who took a bullet to save Indians

Reddy, who resides in Telephone Colony of Kothapet in Hyderabad , said his son had obtained his passport in Warangal, and hence it was initially believed that they hailed from that city. He took a master's in electronics from the University of Texas in El Paso from 2005-07, according to LinkedIn. Stressing that these kind of incidents have shown unsafe trends among disgruntled people of the US, Naresh Chandra also said that in the run up to the US Presidential elections recently, passions ...

Global Media Kansas Bar Shooting : One Dead,Two others Injured
Author: 0 Kansas Bar Shooting : One Dead,Two others Injured

Purinton is accused of shooting and killing Srinivas Kuchibhotla, 32, and wounding Alok Madasani, also 32, in the Austins Bar and Grill in Olathe, Kansas, on Wednesday evening, according to a statement from the Olathe Police Department. GoFundMe pages were started to help pay expenses for all three of the victims. "I strongly condemn violence of any kind, especially if it is motivated by prejudice and xenophobia", Moran said.

Global Media This Single Mom's Important Message About Her Tax Return is Going Viral
Author: 0 This Single Mom's Important Message About Her Tax Return is Going Viral

She explained she knew "that a roof over my kids head is what's important". The woman, Christina Knaack, says her she received a $5,600 refund from the IRS and chose to use the money to pay her rent for a year. Christina also shared that she is celebrating three years of sobriety. The response, she said, was shocking. So I just woke up to some of the most...

Global Media Portugal detains ex-CIA agent for extradition to Italy
Author: 0 Portugal detains ex-CIA agent for extradition to Italy

If extradited as planned, De Sousa, who no longer works for the agency, will be the first CIA officer and US diplomat imprisoned over the controversial rendition program. "We have asked our European counterparts what their next steps may be, but we are not in a position to detail those discussions". Phone records obtained by Italian prosecutors corroborated De Sousa's claim that she was some 130 miles away in Madonna di Campiglio, Italy, chaperoning her son's school ski trip, on the day Omar ...

Author: 0 Samsung increases transparency on donations amid scandal

For those unfamiliar with the story, Jay Y. Lee, who serves as the de facto head of Samsung Group after his father suffered a heart attack, allegedly wired the equivalent of $36 million from Samsung subsidiaries to two foundations set up by President Park's confidante, Choi Soon-sil.

Global Media Police shooting: 4 dead including suspect during Kan. murder investigation
Author: 0 Police shooting: 4 dead including suspect during Kan. murder investigation

That suspect refused to put down the gun and was killed by Newton police, according to investigators. Three people lost their lives in a triple homicide in rural Newton Thursday morning, and their killer was shot by police officers. Police are talking with them as they piece together what happened. Authorities were looking for another person who was at the shooting scene but say they do not think the public is in danger.

Global Media Le Pen's bodyguard questioned over alleged misuse of European Union funds
Author: 0 Le Pen's bodyguard questioned over alleged misuse of European Union funds

Having eked out a clear lead in second place ahead of Fillon in the wake of Penelopegate, Macron's lead has fallen back in recent polls after he said that France's rule in Algeria was a "crime against humanity". Fewer than a dozen protesters gathered near Lebanon's Zaytuna Bay on Tuesday afternoon to protest against Le Pen's visit. Fears she will take France, one of the founding fathers and the second largest economy in Europe, out of the European Union, and thus potentially causing a ...

Global Media Iraqi forces toughen battle as the advance on Mosul airport
Author: 0 Iraqi forces toughen battle as the advance on Mosul airport

The Iraqi flag was once again flying near the airport's airfield, even as Isis mortars continued to barrage the advancing forces. "We have attacked and fully control Ghazlani base, we have also taken Tal al-Rayyan... The fight in Iraq and Syria is a transregional one, he said, involving the extremist group al-Qaida and similar groups, as well as ISIS militants. Iraqi forces will have a much harder time using their armored vehicles.

Global Media Mexico indignant over Trump's immigration policy
Author: 0 Mexico indignant over Trump's immigration policy

Idelfonso Guajardo also said he expected North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiations with both the USA and Canada to begin this summer and conclude by the end of this year. "We underscored the importance of stopping the illegal firearms and bulk cash that is originating in the United States and flowing into Mexico", he said.

Author: 0 Coalition: US Troops Fighting in Mosul Offensive 'Come Under Fire'

U.S. Gen. Joseph Votel speaks to CBS News correspondent David Martin in an image posted to the official Twitter account of U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM). Armoured columns of fighters have started their assault, which takes them from desert and farmland into a densely packed city. The officer, who also condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to brief the media, said his troops sustained at least a dozen casualties, but many were light injuries.

Global Media Thousands still forced from homes by flooding in California tech hub
Author: 0 Thousands still forced from homes by flooding in California tech hub

In San Jose, on Tuesday, five homeless people were rescued from the Los Lagos Golf Course after Coyote Creek overflowed its banks, according to the Mercury News . The risk that other communities end up like this remains high - more than a dozen California counties are under flood warnings. "By Sunday we'll be able to get a lot of people into their homes, but not all of them", Sykes said.

Author: 0 Le Pen aide charged in 'fake jobs' scandal: judicial source

Opinion polls now place her at the top of the pack to win the first round of France's upcoming presidential election. However, Le Pen's lead is not expected to hold into the second round of voting on 7 May, in which the top two candidates go head to head.

Global Media 'Family Matters' star counters wife's abuse claims, is granted restraining order
Author: 0 'Family Matters' star counters wife's abuse claims, is granted restraining order

Tammy, though, also got a restraining order against him, requiring him to leave. Per the docs, Darius at one point held the 16-month-old over a boiling pot of water and said he wished he never had her. In her own request, Brawner accused McCrary of hitting her and said he "frequently throws things and breaks things in the house". Daris, the attorney went on to say, "is a loving, devoted and dedicated father".

Author: 0 North Korea Says China `Dancing to US Tune' in Rare Criticism

Security Council resolutions. Although it publicly condemns the missile tests, China has continually rejected the notion that it could do more to deter North Korea's aggressive nuclear program. Contrary to oft-made predictions concerning the country's impending collapse, however, it seems that the paradox of the North Korean regime is not its instability but its resilience.

Global Media PM's India trip in first half of April
Author: 0 PM's India trip in first half of April

Nazrul Islam told reporters after the meeting, according to the bdnews24 website. Both Foreign Secretaries also shared their perspectives on regional and worldwide issues of mutual interest, the statement said. "The BBIN initiative should be made effective and we should solve any problem regarding the initiative through discussion", she said. Although Roll Ball Skating has not got much introduction and popularity in the country, Hasina said the authorities concerned would have to take ...

Global Media Former Arunachal CM's widow withdraws petition against SC judges
Author: 0 Former Arunachal CM's widow withdraws petition against SC judges

Mr Dave said the matter should not be heard on a judicial side as an order of dismissal will foreclose all other options available to them. Also disturbing were the veiled accusations levelled against the judiciary by Dave. However, the court could not go into the issue since the petitioner sought to withdraw it. Supreme Court will hear the matter tomorrow. So, why was a five-judge bench not constituted for this case? "This matter should have gone before judge number three", Mr.

Global Media Kerela moral policing victim found hanging
Author: 0 Kerela moral policing victim found hanging

In the video, the goons could be seen asking obscene and humiliating questions to the women and the couple could be heard begging to them. The entire episode was videotaped and was shared on social media. The duo then complained to the police, after which the men were arrested. The incidence triggered outrage in the state, prompting an assurance from the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

Global Media 5 dead, 15 injured in bomb attack in Lahore: Pakistan officials
Author: 0 5 dead, 15 injured in bomb attack in Lahore: Pakistan officials

There was no immediate claim for the latest blast. "And if you have physical fitness your performances will be consistent", he added, "he urged the youngsters to display their best performance in PSL and show their calibre". We will soon issue the schedule for sale of tickets, he said. He said that combing operation against the terrorists was successfully underway. A spokesman for Punjab Counter-Terrorism Department said the damage "seems to have been made by some explosives".

Author: 0 In Police Report, Tom Brady Says Missing Jersey Is Worth $500000

We're living in a world where Donald Trump is president and the Atlanta Falcons blew a 25 point lead in the Super Bowl. What Brady said that day was pretty much spot on, and his most recent Super Bowl performance was just proof once again.

Author: 0 Nigerian Police Leads Case of Kidnapping of German Archaeologists

They are said to be part of a four-person team from Goethe University in Frankfurt collaborating with Nigeria's National Commission for Museum and Monuments. "They started coming one after the other, the first two with machetes then others with heavy guns", Mr. Aliyu said. " There were many people at the site who were working at the time, so they ordered us to lay face down and started shooting into the air in order to scare people ".

Author: 0 Dunford: 'Full range of options' on table in ISIS review

The push to take the airport, which has been led by Iraqi Federal Police, is a promising start to what is expected to be a hard and bloody fight to completely evict the Islamic State from the city. The Pentagon's top officer on Thursday would not say if U.S. ground forces will deploy to Syria to fight Islamic State jihadists, observing only that he is readying a "full range of options" for President Donald Trump.

Global Media Kellyanne Conway Kicks Off CPAC With Comments on Her Version of Feminism
Author: 0 Kellyanne Conway Kicks Off CPAC With Comments on Her Version of Feminism

Subscribe to The World's Most Powerful Women, Fortune's daily must-read for global businesswomen. One of Donald Trump's most prominent staffers, Conway has been criticised for her television appearances in recent weeks. "I spent the last several days with four kids looking at schools and homes in D.C". She stressed the importance of outreach in the coming four to eight years and urged conservatives not to live online, but to spread their values: "write a letter to the editor, ...

Global Media Ruth Bader Ginsburg Says Immigration Makes US Great
Author: 0 Ruth Bader Ginsburg Says Immigration Makes US Great

But, she said, immigration and "the idea of our nation being receptive to all people, welcoming of all people" is one aspect that makes "America great". In an earlier interview with the BBC Ginsburg referenced former President Richard Nixon as an example, saying: "I lived in the famous Watergate".

Author: 0 More US troops may be sent into Syria to fight ISIS

While some 750,000 civilians are estimated to be trapped in Mosul's western sector, only a few dozen could be seen fleeing the city on foot Thursday alongside convoys of Iraqi Humvees. The burnt corpses of two militants and the motorcycle from which they had fired at Iraqi forces were lying under a tree, apparently hit by an air strike.

Global Media Labour suffers historic defeat in Copeland by-election contest
Author: 0 Labour suffers historic defeat in Copeland by-election contest

The Conservative victory also marks the first time a rival party has been defeated by the party of government at a by-election in 35 years, when in 1982 when the Labour MP for Mitcham & Morden defected from the party to the SDP. Jeremy Corbyn has been dealt a heavy blow after the Conservatives took Copeland from Labour in a by-election on Thursday (23 February). "In both campaigns, Labour listened to thousands of voters on the doorstep".

Author: 0 Cabinet ministers reject Tony Abbott's conservative manifesto for Coalition

Tony Abbott has lashed out at the Turnbull Government, saying conservatives see it as "Labor lite" and its base will desert it for One Nation unless it shunts to the right. All of this was bad enough for Mr Turnbull. He also criticised Mr Turnbull for choosing to live in his waterfront mansion rather than the official prime ministerial residence, suggesting he was being a "burden on the taxpayer" by not downsizing to Kirribilli House.

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