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Global Media Man stabbed in India 'for supporting Sonu Nigam's Fajr Azaan tweet'
Author: 0 Man stabbed in India 'for supporting Sonu Nigam's Fajr Azaan tweet'

Actor Ranvir Shorey, after Anupam Kher has tweeted too in support of Sonu Nigam, "Huge respect for this, Sonu Nigam" while actress-producer Khusboo tweeted, "Stay strong as you always have been". They are yet to be arrested. When asked about what she feels about the issue, Kangana told reporters, "I can't speak for anyone but I really love Azaan .

Author: 0 Trump budget chief: Spending bill must have money for wall

More than a dozen Republicans - from recognizable names like Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa and Representative Mark Sanford of SC to backbenchers like Representatives David Young of Iowa, Matt Gaetz of Florida, Walter B. But during a town hall on Monday, Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA) tried to make them so. Mnuchin said dynamic scoring could give Trump and Congress a US$2 trillion revenue cushion for the first major overhaul of the USA tax code since 1986.

Author: 0 Dortmund bus attack suspect bet against the team

The prosecutors said there were no indications that the suspect was aided by others. "If the shares of Borussia Dortmund had fallen massively, the profit would have been several times the initial investment", the prosecutor's office said , adding that such a slump could have resulted if any players had been killed or seriously injured.

Author: 0 Ann Coulter Stands Up to UC-Berkeley on Free Speech

The Berkeley College Republicans call this security threat an excuse, and say the university hasn't given them any specifics and, their attorney wants to know why is Tuesday safer than Thursday? Back in February, an event of alt-right figure Milo Yiannopoulos was also cancel by rebellions of the campus.

Author: 0 Paris attack to have 'big effect' on presidential poll

A French Interior Ministry spokesperson said he was an "individual known by the judiciary and police services - a unsafe individual". Parisien officer Xavier Jugelé was killed during the ambush, as two other officers were wounded alongside a tourist.

Global Media What the Kansas special election means for Georgia's vote
Author: 0 What the Kansas special election means for Georgia's vote

Democrat Thompson had insisted that the race was less about Trump, and more about the policies of Kansas's unpopular Republican governor. Kansas 4th District congressional Democratic candidate James Thompson, right, does some last-minute campaigning at The Anchor, a popular downtown restaurant, in downtown Wichita , Kan., over lunchtime Monday, April 10, 2017.

Author: 0 Trump armada was 3500 miles from North Korea

It had supposedly been ordered to the region on April 8, after leaving Singapore, in a move that was described by President Trump, White House spokesman Sean Spicer, and National Security Advisor H.R. "That's a fact, it happened". But, instead of heading straight towards the Korean peninsula, the USA strike group instead conducted planned exercises with HMAS Ballarat in the Indian Ocean.

Author: 0 Venezuela officials: 12 dead in overnight violence

President Nicolas Maduro accused Kimberly-Clark of participating in an worldwide plot to damage Venezuela's economy. Demonstrators clash with members of the Bolivarian National Police as protests continue in Caracas , Venezuela, April 20.

Author: 0 Egypt strongly condemns Paris' Champs Elysees shooting

REUTERS/Christian Hartmann Forensic experts investigate the crime scene after a fatal shooting in which a police officer was killed along with an attacker on the Champs Elysees avenue in Paris, France, Friday, April 21, 2017. Ms Le Pen has pledged to expel radical Islamists and restore border checks. Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve quickly hit back saying Marine Le Pen was looking to exploit the Paris shooting to score "political points" and divide the people.

Global Media US 'Facebook killer' takes own life after police chase
Author: 0 US 'Facebook killer' takes own life after police chase

A United States gunman accused of murdering an elderly grandfather and posting the footage on Facebook killed himself on Tuesday after a brief police chase, bringing to a close a frantic nationwide manhunt. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak). Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams answers questions during a news conference, Tuesday, April 18, 2017 , in Cleveland. Stephens didn't want to wait.

Global Media Pakistan opposition vows protests to press PM to resign during investigation
Author: 0 Pakistan opposition vows protests to press PM to resign during investigation

Sharif's daughter and his presumptive political heir, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, posted a photo on her Twitter account of the family welcoming the court's decision. In the verdict, the bench said that the NAB Chairman has failed to cooperate with the investigation, and the Director General FIA has failed to curb white collar crimes, necessitating the formulation of the JIT.

Global Media What Australians really think of Donald Trump
Author: 0 What Australians really think of Donald Trump

Just $5 a month. There will be clearways in and around the Sydney CBD, Kirribilli, and Mosman from 10am Friday 21 April 2017 to 10am Monday 24 April 2017 during the visit of the US Vice President Pence and his delegation. The fallout has left relations between the US and Australia at their lowest point since the Vietnam War, when Australia's then-Prime Minister Gough Whitlam criticized a series of bombings authorized by then-President Richard Nixon.

Global Media Caretaker's suspicions led cops to missing teacher, student
Author: 0 Caretaker's suspicions led cops to missing teacher, student

Invesitgators zeroed in on their location Wednesday night in a remote Cecilville, Calif. cabin, almost 2,500 miles away, when a tipster contacted authorities. Her accused kidnapper Tad Cummins is being held in federal custody in Sacramento, California. Thomas' father, Anthony Thomas, spoke out to Good Morning America on April 21, and said that he believes his daughter was brainwashed by the alleged kidnapper.

Global Media Donald Trump Signs Executive Order To Reform H-1B Visas
Author: 0 Donald Trump Signs Executive Order To Reform H-1B Visas

It does say there should be reform for the H1-B visa system that companies use to hire skilled foreign workers, but even that doesn't take immediate action. " Buy American and hire American ", Trump said at a rally in Des Moines. There was a significant drop, at least 16 percent, in the applications for the H1B visas for highly-skilled workers this year than in 2016.

Global Media Billionaires, companies power Trump's record inaugural haul
Author: 0 Billionaires, companies power Trump's record inaugural haul

The inaugural committee said it would start winding down the organization once it submits paperwork to the Federal Election Commission. Powered by billionaires and corporations, President Donald Trump raised $107 million for his inaugural festivities, documents filed with the Federal Election Commission show, and almost doubled the record set by President Barack Obama eight years ago.

Author: 0 Back to the ballot box: United Kingdom lawmakers approve June 8 election

She said that waiting until 2020 would mean the " most sensitive" part of the two-year Brexit negotiations would come during the run-up to an election. But addressing a hall in London packed with supporters, Corbyn denied a Conservative victory was a "foregone conclusion", pointing to his own unlikely election as Labour leader in 2015.

Author: 0 Le Pen says France must immediately reinstate border checks

Terrorism has also been a major campaign issue after a spate high-profile and deadly terror attacks in recent years. "Do not listen to the siren songs of those who promise you a great French future after getting rid of all that is part of France today, namely its role as a guarantor of European stability and a pillar of the European Union", he said.

Author: 0 Bill O'Reilly gets axed by Fox

O'Reilly's behavior has been under scrutiny since a report in The New York Times that said he and Fox News have paid $13 million in settlements to women who have accused him of sexual harassment or abusive behavior going back to 2002. O'Reilly released a statement on his departure from the network Wednesday afternoon, saying, in part, "It is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims".

Global Media Woman who defied 'men-only' rule runs same marathon again 50 years later
Author: 0 Woman who defied 'men-only' rule runs same marathon again 50 years later

On the 50-year anniversary of Switzer breaking the gender barrier at the Boston Marathon, she and Tews crossed the finish line at virtually the same time Monday in the 121 running of the world renowned event. Manuela Schar won the women's race in 1:28:17, breaking the previous record by more than five minutes. Jose Luis Sanchez lost part of his left leg while serving in Afghanistan when he stepped on an IED while out on patrol.

Author: 0 Korea fires 'don't mess with us' warning to US

President Donald Trump said he has "absolute confidence" that Chinese President Xi Jinping will work "very, very hard" to defuse rising tensions North Korea has stirred through nuclear and missile tests. But he told the sailors, "as all of you know, readiness is the key". The 15-member council has strengthened sanctions following each of North Korea's five nuclear tests.

Global Media Clint Eastwood to direct film on thwarted terrorist train attack
Author: 0 Clint Eastwood to direct film on thwarted terrorist train attack

Stern; the life rights of the heroes Sadler, Skarlatos and Stone are part of the package. Eastwood, now 86 years old, is attached to produce along with Tim Moore, Kristina Rivera and Jessica Meier. Before that, Eastwood directed the blockbuster American Sniper , about Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) and the toll his precise shooting in Iraq took on himself and his family.

Global Media British woman fatally stabbed by Palestinian in Jerusalem, authorities say
Author: 0 British woman fatally stabbed by Palestinian in Jerusalem, authorities say

Israeli police said a British woman in her 20s was stabbed to death on a tram near Jerusalem's Old City by a man who was recently released from a psychiatric hospital. "This is another case, out of many, where a Palestinian who is suffering from personal, mental or moral issues chooses to carry out a terror attack in order to find a way out of their problems", the Shin Bet said in a statement.

Global Media North Korea warns of 'super-mighty preemptive strike'
Author: 0 North Korea warns of 'super-mighty preemptive strike'

The U.S. continues to take active measures to prepare for the possibility of a nuclear test by North Korea , U.S. officials told NBC News, including the deployment of a special nuclear "sniffer" aircraft, drones, and U-2 spy planes. "China firmly opposes any words or actions that would escalate rivalry and tension", Lu said. It's not your regular adversary, a couple of worrying characteristics makes it too hard to ignore - a flourishing nuclear weapons programme and an unpredictable young ...

Author: 0 Iran Condemns Terrorist Attack Claimed by Daesh in Paris

In addition to the assault rifle used in the attack, he had a pump action shotgun and knives in his auto, the sources said. The policeman killed Thursday was identified as Xavier Jugele, a French association of LGBT police officers. He has pledged to destroy the Islamic State group. Le Pen is seen as the "hardest" on the terror threat and has switched her campaign rhetoric back to core issues of immigration and the fight against terrorism in recent days.

Author: 0 Two MSDF destroyers leave for potential drill with USS Carl Vinson

Although Korea was often invaded by China and forced to pay tributes to its giant neighbour, many Koreans say the notion that they were once Chinese subjects is egregiously insulting. Japan has even issued a travel advisory for South Korea and convened a National Security Council meeting to discuss plans to evacuate its some 60,000 nationals residing here.

Author: 0 Trump's threatened 'armada' heads away from North Korea

However, on Saturday, when the DPRK showcased its military muscle during a massive parade in Pyongyang, the USS Carl Vinson strike group, described by President Donald Trump as his "armada", was sailing in the opposite direction, participating in a joint exercise with the Australian Navy in the Indian Ocean.

Author: 0 Killer of NFL's Will Smith gets 25 years for manslaughter

Prosecutors were calling for a maximum sentence of 60 years with consecutive terms of manslaughter and attempted manslaughter. " Cardell Hayes was just sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing ex-NFL star Will Smith ". Thursday, Cardell Hayes , his mother, and the mother of his son testified. NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The man who killed retired New Orleans Saints star Will Smith during a traffic dispute cried about missing his son, insisted he acted in self-defense and apologized to ...

Author: 0 Former teacher accused of kidnapping Tennessee girl arrested in remote cabin

He was expected to be arraigned in California on Friday, but the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Department said he was taken into Federal Bureau of Investigation custody and will likely be brought back to Tennessee. Cummins and Elizabeth stayed there for two nights, Barry told "GMA". Mr Cummins had reportedly researched teen marriage online eight days before he disappeared with Elizabeth, and email draft messages between the pair suggested they shared a romantic relationship, ABC News US ...

Global Media Queen Elizabeth II turns 91 with day at the horse races
Author: 0 Queen Elizabeth II turns 91 with day at the horse races

In 1953, she allowed TV cameras into Westminster Abbey for the first time to cover her coronation, and her annual Christmas address was televised for the first time in 1957. Loud bangs from tiny cannons echoed in front of Windsor Castle as children performed a 21-gun salute for the Queen's 91st birthday today. She became queen in 1952 at the age of 25.

Author: 0 United Nations condemns North Korea missile launch after Russia, US spar over words

Pence also declared this week that "the era of strategic patience is over", and that while the "United States of America will always seek peace but under President Trump, the shield stands guard and the sword stands ready". Earlier this year, China called on the U.S. and North Korea to give up something to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula. A man watches a live television program showing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during a massive parade marking the 105th birthday of national ...

Global Media NFL Patriots meet Trump without Tom Brady, some teammates
Author: 0 NFL Patriots meet Trump without Tom Brady, some teammates

The Patriots won the Super Bowl two years ago in 2015, and pretty much everyone showed up to hang with Obama - but as this photo shows, in 2017...not so much. Why? Some players, such as Tom Brady , missed the visit for personal reasons, while others, such as LeGarrette Blount and Chris Long , did so due to their distaste for the president and his policies.

Global Media French frontrunner Macron calls on France to unite and reject 'fear'
Author: 0 French frontrunner Macron calls on France to unite and reject 'fear'

He denied he was "worried about emboldening terrorists by saying an attack can have an impact on a democratic election", AP reported . Whether many voters will be discouraged from turning out to vote in the face of another potential attack remains to be seen, but the logistics of policing polling stations across France remains daunting.

Global Media Russian Federation challenges USA to prove chemical attack in Syria
Author: 0 Russian Federation challenges USA to prove chemical attack in Syria

The Russian authorities have quietly confirmed today what we said previously: the hotline between the United States and Russian militaries in Syria is still suspended despite previous claims that the Russians had agreed to reinstate it. Russia's alleged meddling in the US presidential election also hovered over the first face-to-face encounter between Putin and a Trump administration Cabinet member.

Global Media Melania Trump Hosts White House Easter Egg Roll, Reads to Children
Author: 0 Melania Trump Hosts White House Easter Egg Roll, Reads to Children

In rare public remarks from the White House, the First Lady offered her thanks to staff, volunteers and servicemembers at the event and beyond. The event was first held in 1878. The gaffe came shortly after the President gave a speech beside a person dressed as the Easter Bunny, telling a crowd of children that "we will be stronger and bigger as a nation than ever before".

Global Media US Treasury rejects Exxon Mobil request to drill in Russia
Author: 0 US Treasury rejects Exxon Mobil request to drill in Russia

The fact that the current secretary of state , Rex Tillerson, spearheaded the Rosneft deal while CEO of Exxon, has drawn even more attention to the waiver request . The head of Rosneft, Exxon's partner, also was personally blacklisted by the USA action. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was Exxon's CEO in 2012 when the two companies hatched the drilling plan, which would be worth billions of dollars for both companies, as well as Russian Federation.

Author: 0 European Union urges Venezuela to 'de-escalate' deadly protest tensions

The worldwide support received by the Venezuelan people in many capitals of the world, in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe, was also substantial, where the peoples joined forces with the Venezuelan , something that should give great pause to those who are confabulating to overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution.

Global Media Trump says Iran not living up to nuclear deal
Author: 0 Trump says Iran not living up to nuclear deal

He said: "An unchecked Iran has the potential to follow the same path as North Korea and take the world along with it". The historic deal between Iran and six major powers restricts Tehran's nuclear programme in exchange for the lifting of global oil and financial sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Global Media Lewis Hamilton apologises for pit-lane error in Bahrain Grand Prix
Author: 0 Lewis Hamilton apologises for pit-lane error in Bahrain Grand Prix

Hamilton started second on the grid in Sunday's race, but slipped to third at the start and then lost further ground later in the race as he was hit with a five-second time penalty for delaying Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo in the pit lane while waiting for team mate Valtteri Bottas to exit the Mercedes pit box during the safety vehicle period.

Global Media Pence begins Indonesia visit focused on trade, security
Author: 0 Pence begins Indonesia visit focused on trade, security

Pence said the U.S. would continue working with Indonesia to combat terrorism, and said the country's form of Islam should serve as an example to other nations. According to the Indonesian Foreign Ministry, the topics included strengthening economic and investment cooperation, maritime cooperation, counterterrorism, boosting mutual understanding of religious tolerance and the moderate values of Islam, and the sustainability of United States involvement in the Asia-Pacific region, specifically ...

Author: 0 New York's mayor blasts Sessions' 'soft on crime' statement

Harten wrote in letters to local officials. The NYPD recently announced that they had the safest quarter in the CompStat-era, thanks to an 8.7% drop in recorded crimes in March 2017 compared to March 2016. The mayor made the statement outside police headquarters with NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill at his side. Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio calls the "soft on crime" characterization "absolutely outrageous".

Global Media Russian army denies building up forces near North Korea - Ifax
Author: 0 Russian army denies building up forces near North Korea - Ifax

Other reports suggest there have been military moves by road as well. One diplomat said it was unlikely the Security Council would be able to resolve differences on the statement. Asmolov, from the Russian Far Eastern Institute, warned that in the event of full-scale war "hungry asylum seekers will flood into Russia". The tensions around the Korean Peninsula escalated in recent months against the backdrop of North Korean nuclear and missile tests in violation of the UN Security Council's ...

Global Media Two officers shot in 7-Eleven robbery in downtown Seattle
Author: 0 Two officers shot in 7-Eleven robbery in downtown Seattle

He remains hospitalized in serious, but stable, according to a Harborview Medical Center spokeswoman. One of the officers was fighting with a suspect on the ground when a female suspect hit the officer over the head with a bottle. The other officer was shot in the face and subsequently the ribcage. The 42-year-old female officer is in satisfactory condition and her 30-year-old male colleague is in serious condition at Harborview Medical Center, police said.

Global Media How One of Trump's Comments Angered South Korea
Author: 0 How One of Trump's Comments Angered South Korea

China has placed some of its bomber fleet on heightened alert status, according to US officials, but it is unclear what may have prompted the move. Beijing is Pyongyang's sole major ally, and Washington wants it to do more about the North's nuclear and missile programs, while the USA has a security alliance with Seoul and stations more than 28,000 troops in the South to defend it.

Global Media Terrorist kills Police officer, injures two others in ambush
Author: 0 Terrorist kills Police officer, injures two others in ambush

On its media channel, Amaq, ISIS claimed that the attack was carried out by "Abu Yousuf al-Baljiki (the Belgian) and he is one of the Islamic State's fighters ". Paris Prosecutor François Molins said the gunman has been identified and authorities are still trying to determine whether he had any accomplices.

Author: 0 BUILD THAT WALL! Trump Demands Border Wall Funds in Spending Bill

It would be very tough on sicker, chronically ill patients who have benefited from Obamacare in some tangible ways. GREENE: Well, let's turn to politics in this country. On Monday, Rep. Jeff Denham, R-Calif., announced that he would not support his party's health care legislation unless it left significant parts of Obamacare intact.

Global Media Celebrating Jesus Christ rising from the dead
Author: 0 Celebrating Jesus Christ rising from the dead

Anthony's Catholic Church in Harlingen. Ayade noted that Christ's resurrection was not to engage in wild and elaborate celebration " but to give our lives meaning and direction and the opportunity to close ranks, no matter our differences and circumstances ".

Author: 0 Trump tells young immigrants in US illegally to 'rest easy'

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has accused Iran of "alarming ongoing provocations" aimed at destabilising the Middle East and undermining America's interests in the region, a media report said. There have been contradictory statements, however, whether President Trump would scrap the 2015 nuclear agreement or vigilantly enforce it. US President Donald Trump had earlier ordered a review of the Iran nuclear deal .

Author: 0 United Kingdom may reverse Brexit post polls: EU Parliament President

Sir, - Brexit was an anti-Tory vote, a vote against David Cameron , a vote against the status quo, a vote against powerful vested interests (including the corporate world for whom free trade is a necessity), a vote for a better life. She said: "At this moment of enormous national significance there should be unity in Westminster, but instead there is division". The research showed younger voters were the least happy about the 2017 general election, with 38% of 18 to 25-year-olds ...

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