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Global Media UN hosts aid-pledging conference for beleaguered Yemen
Author: 0 UN hosts aid-pledging conference for beleaguered Yemen

Almost 19 million people or two-thirds of the population need emergency aid, Guterres said, renewing a call for peace talks and urging all parties to "facilitate the rapid and unimpeded passage of humanitarian aid by air, sea and land". "Without further action from parties to the conflict and the worldwide community, Yemen is at a serious risk of plunging into starvation - with even more children's lives hanging in the balance", said Geert Cappelaere, UNICEF's director for Mideast and North ...

Author: 0 Labour pledges to create four new bank holidays in UK

Labour has previously set out six tests for a successful Brexit - including maintaining a strong, collaborative relationship with the European Union, protecting security co-operation, delivering for the whole of the United Kingdom and introducing a fair immigration system.

Author: 0 Wall St surges, Nasdaq hits record on French vote result

Socialist candidate Benoit Hamon, whose party holds a majority in the legislature, got just 6 per cent. With the failure of French center-right and then center-left governments to bring that number down, young voters have flocked to anti-globalization candidates Le Pen and Mélenchon, rather than progressives.

Author: 0 Philippines heightens security for Asean summit

Undersecretary Catalino Cuy, Officer-in-Charge of the Department of Interior and Local Government, said 40,877 personnel from 21 agencies comprise the ASEAN 2017 Committee on Security, Peace and Order, Emergency Preparedness and Response (CSPOEPR) which he headed.

Author: 0 Arkansas prepares for 1st double execution in U.S. since 2000

On Thursday night, the state of Arkansas carried out its first execution in more than a decade. J.R. Davis, a spokesman for Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, speaks with reporters early Friday, April 21, 2017, following the execution of death row inmate Ledell Lee.

Global Media China's leader urges restraint on North Korea in call with Trump
Author: 0 China's leader urges restraint on North Korea in call with Trump

That widening rift is presenting China with confounding choices between its longstanding ties to North Korea and its hopes for steady relations with the United States. "Kim Jong-un is starting to flex his muscles because he feels the pressure". She praised China's increased pressure on North Korea. The South Korean Defense Ministry said on Monday that it was also considering holding joint drills with the Carl Vinson and accompanying ships, Reuters reported.

Author: 0 Trump calls for new United Nations sanctions against North Korea

North Korea says its nuclear program is for self-defense and has warned the U.S. of a nuclear attack in response to any aggression. Tensions on the Korean Peninsula began to grow in early 2016 when North Korea conducted a nuclear test and after that launched a ballistic missile carrying a satellite.

Global Media Astronaut Peggy Whitson Sets New NASA Record For Most Days In Space
Author: 0 Astronaut Peggy Whitson Sets New NASA Record For Most Days In Space

Whitson is also the first woman to command the space station twice and the only woman to have led NASA's astronaut corps. And at 57, she is also the oldest female astronaut in space. "Well, that's good. I'm glad to hear it", replied Trump. "Trump signed a bill in late March to authorise funding for NASA, and to create a plan for putting people on Mars by the 2030s.

Global Media China is squeezing North Korea
Author: 0 China is squeezing North Korea

Xi told Trump that China strongly opposes North Korea's nuclear weapons program, which violates U.N. Security Council resolutions, and hopes "all parties will exercise restraint and avoid aggravating the situation" on the Korean Peninsula, China's official broadcaster CCTV said.

Global Media China warns USA to 'exercise restraint' in Korean Peninsula
Author: 0 China warns USA to 'exercise restraint' in Korean Peninsula

Radio Pyongyang also said, "If the USA starts a reckless provocation, we will respond to all-out war with all-out war, and to a nuclear war with our own nuclear strikes". Security Council resolutions, the Chinese foreign ministry said. China "hopes that all relevant sides exercise restraint, and avoid doing anything to worsen the tense situation on the peninsula", the ministry said in a statement, paraphrasing Mr Xi.

Global Media Trump to Meet Turkey's Erdogan Ahead of NATO Summit in May
Author: 0 Trump to Meet Turkey's Erdogan Ahead of NATO Summit in May

He said the electoral board's last-minute decision to allow unstamped ballots had prevented proper record-keeping, meaning that it was now impossible to determine how many invalid or fake votes may have been counted. The EU has called on the civil authorities in Turkey to launch a "transparent investigation" into the referendum result granting the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan sweeping new powers.

Global Media Chinese media warn N. Korea against nuke test
Author: 0 Chinese media warn N. Korea against nuke test

The remarks are especially timely as there's speculation Pyongyang might conduct a sixth nuclear test on Tuesday to mark the founding anniversary of the North Korean People's Army. Trump has repeatedly promised that China will earn a better trade deal with the USA if it helps to exert pressure on its allied neighboring nation. Meanwhile, South Korea-born Kim Dong-Chul is serving a 10-year sentence for espionage.

Global Media UK Could Rejoin The EU If Voters Overturn Brexit, Says Tajani
Author: 0 UK Could Rejoin The EU If Voters Overturn Brexit, Says Tajani

She said the Conservatives would provide "strong and stable leadership" for Brexit and beyond, and promising to wage "a positive and optimistic campaign". He dodged a question about whether Labour might back a second referendum on the final Brexit deal secured by May, stressing only that he wanted continued economic ties with the EU.

Author: 0 Sean Spicer: I've let the president down

White House spokesman Sean Spicer on Wednesday offered a fresh apology for minimizing the atrocities of Adolf Hitler in his comments on Syria, amid a wave of indignation at home and overseas. He added, "There's no comparing atrocities". When a reporter asked Spicer to clarify the Hitler remarks during Tuesday's briefing, the White House spokesman dug himself into an even deeper hole.

Author: 0 French bonds add to election gains as markets say "Au revoir, Marine"

Today Le Pen announced she's temporarily stepping down as head of the National Front party so she can focus on her campaign for president. Kantar's Mr Lecerf said Ms Le Pen would have had more chance of victory in the final round if there had been a low turnout in the first.

Author: 0 Turkish court rejects opposition bid to appeal referendum

In remarks on French TV, former diplomat Philippe Moreau Defarges said Saturday that in the wake of the April 16 referendum, assassinating Erdogan or civil war were both options for Turkey. He also called on the French authorities to launch an investigation, pointing out that Germany also started legal proceedings for a similar incident past year when a German satirist insulted the Turkish president on a state broadcaster.

Author: 0 Drop 'tribal politics': Britain's May takes election fight to Wales

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron is to announce this morning that his party now backs the nuclear deterrent - after voting against its renewal past year. "There could be no clearer signal that Britain is taking a new approach to Brexit than a Labour government immediately rectifying this injustice".

Global Media Police assessing if Paris shooter had accomplices - French prosecutor
Author: 0 Police assessing if Paris shooter had accomplices - French prosecutor

The Champs-Elysees gunman who shot and killed a police officer just days before France's presidential election was detained in February for threatening police but later freed. France's legislative election in June now takes on a vital importance, with huge questions about whether Le Pen and even the more moderate Macron will be able to rally sufficient lawmakers to their causes.

Global Media UN should consider 'stronger sanctions' on N.Korea
Author: 0 UN should consider 'stronger sanctions' on N.Korea

In March, North Korean state media reported that the country successfully conducted a ground test of a new high-thrust rocket engine, which it said was a breakthrough for its space program and efforts to create "Korean-style strategic weapons".

Author: 0 Nearing 100 days, Trump says his presidency is 'different'

President Donald Trump's administration on Monday: NORTH KOREA Trump says the U.N. Security Council must be prepared to impose new sanctions on North Korea, amid tensions over its missile and nuclear programs, saying people had acted as if "blindfolded" for decades on a big problem that finally must be solved.

Author: 0 North Korean media threatens Pyongyang will 'wipe out' USA from Earth's surface

The Trump administration has warned that all options, including a military strike, are on the table to halt North Korea's ambitions of developing a nuclear-tipped missile that could reach the USA mainland. Chinese President Xi Jinping called for all sides to exercise restraint on Monday in a telephone call about North Korea with U.S. President Donald Trump, as Japan conducted exercises with a U.S.

Global Media Trump targets visa program for highly skilled workers
Author: 0 Trump targets visa program for highly skilled workers

In addition to targeting the H-1B visa programme, Trump's forthcoming orders will also bolster his campaign pledge to support "buy American" policies. It could, for instance, give priority to employers who rely less heavily on holders of H-1B visas. But a majority of the visas are awarded to outsourcing firms, sparking criticism by skeptics who say those firms use the visas to fill lower-level information technology jobs.

Author: 0 Chinese, Iranian firms to sign first nuclear plant redesign contracts

Companies from China and Iran will this weekend sign the first commercial contracts to redesign an Iranian nuclear plant as part of an worldwide deal reached in 2015 over Iran's nuclear programme, China's Foreign Ministry said on Thursday. Yet with one exception - an Asia-Pacific trade deal that already had stalled in Congress - Trump's administration quietly has laid the groundwork to honor the global architecture of deals it has inherited.

Global Media Jones hit in face by pitch, Tigers and Twins scrap on field
Author: 0 Jones hit in face by pitch, Tigers and Twins scrap on field

The injury-ravaged Tigers recalled outfielder Jim Adduci from Triple-A Toledo to fill in for Jones. Gibson had his longest start of the young season with 5 1/3 innings against Cleveland his last time out, giving up three runs on nine hits and two walks with two strikeouts.

Global Media Russia-linked hackers targeted Macron campaign
Author: 0 Russia-linked hackers targeted Macron campaign

But cybersecurity experts say French institutions have previously been targeted by hackers with ties to Russian Federation. The sites could have tricked campaign staff into entering their usernames and passwords and allowing malicious software to infect their computers, the company said.

Global Media The UK would be welcome back in EU
Author: 0 The UK would be welcome back in EU

Parliament is expected to be dissolved on May 3, as British law mandates the dissolution must happen 25 working days before a general election. In a taster of the campaign ahead, May traded barbs in the Commons with opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn - most likely for one of the last times before the election, after the prime minister ruled out attending any television debates.

Author: 0 German FM: Netanyahu cancelation would be regrettable

A German foreign ministry spokeswoman had said the minister was due to meet civil society groups but declined to identify them. The legislation was largely seen as targeting left-wing organizations such as Breaking the Silence and B'tselem, and it drew worldwide criticism.

Author: 0 Deadly unrest in Venezuela as Trump donation revealed

The government has responded to the near-daily protests with its own show of force: jailing hundreds of demonstrators, barring Capriles from running for office and standing by as pro-government groups violently attack opposition members of congress.

Global Media US, Japan, S. Korea envoys discuss N. Korea - Hawaii News Now
Author: 0 US, Japan, S. Korea envoys discuss N. Korea - Hawaii News Now

North Korea separately fired what US officials said were a Scud-type missile and a midrange missile earlier this month, but the launches were analyzed as failures. China, however, is not exercising restraint itself according to the current edition of "China prepares to fill a post-Kim Jong-Un vacuum in North Korea" .

Global Media While President Buhari praises Turkish referendum, European Union calls for transparent investigations
Author: 0 While President Buhari praises Turkish referendum, European Union calls for transparent investigations

Hundreds of people are queuing in front of Turkey's election board to submit petitions requesting that the electoral authority reverse a controversial decision during Sunday's referendum to accept ballots without official stamps. The European Union also urged a probe into the poll fraud claims after worldwide observers voiced concerns, but US President Donald Trump showed no such scruples, calling Erdogan to offer his congratulations.

Author: 0 N. Korea marks military anniversary with firing drill

Flower-laying and bowing at statues and portraits of the leaders is a regular routine on major anniversaries. North Korea often marks significant dates with show of military capability, and South Korean officials have said the North could be preparing another round of nuclear or missile tests around the anniversary.

Global Media Stockholm truck attack suspect confesses to 'terrorist crime'
Author: 0 Stockholm truck attack suspect confesses to 'terrorist crime'

Accompanied by a lawyer and a Russian-language interpreter, Akilov was led into court by two police officers who gripped a black belt secured around his waist. "We will never let terror prevail", Ms Wanngard said. The judge made a decision to remand the suspect into custody until May 11, unless prosecutors ask for an extension while they build the case.

Global Media Oil dips, on course for biggest weekly drop in a month
Author: 0 Oil dips, on course for biggest weekly drop in a month

Those comments came as the price per barrel of oil stands just above $50 (46.5 euros) despite a deal between OPEC and non-OPEC countries last November aimed at cutting production by 1.8 million barrels a day. The Brent physical oil market is flashing signs of weakness again as dwindling Asian purchases, an influx of American crude to Europe, and supplies flowing out of storage all combine to recreate a glut in the North Sea.

Global Media Seattle Officers Hurt, 1 Suspect Dead After Robbery
Author: 0 Seattle Officers Hurt, 1 Suspect Dead After Robbery

The affidavit, filed to support criminal charges against the Kent girl and the second 19-year-old man, shed new light on the robbery and the chaotic moments that led to the shooting Thursday afternoon. Harborview Medical Center identified the shooting victims as a 42-year-old female officer who was listed in satisfactory condition and a 30-year-old male in critical condition.

Author: 0 Turkey hits Kurdish areas in Iraq's Sinjar, northeast Syria

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights , a monitoring group which tracks violence using sources on the ground, said three YPG fighters had been killed in the strikes. Turkey has called on the end support for Syrian Kurdish groups including YPG, which the American administration sees as a key ally in the fight against Islamic State .

Author: 0 United States pursues 3% growth via tax reforms, regulatory relief

Trump doubled-down Saturday, tweeting : "Big TAX REFORM AND TAX REDUCTION will be announced next Wednesday". Republicans, meanwhile, have argued for years that curbing the deficit is a top national priority. President Donald Trump says businesses and individuals will receive a "massive tax cut" under a tax reform package he plans to unveil next week. Businesses are projected to pay $340 billion in corporate taxes in 2018, roughly 10 percent of all revenue collected by the government.

Author: 0 Marines deployed to Afghanistan from Camp Lejeune; Mattis addresses media from Kabul

Nicholson made the comments Monday in Kabul alongside U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who made a previously unannounced visit to Afghanistan, after stops in Qatar and Djibouti. The attack came just over a week after the U.S. dropped a 22,000-pound bomb, known as the "mother of all bombs", against a series of Islamic State caves and tunnels near the border with Pakistan.

Global Media EPA chief tours toxic East Chicago site
Author: 0 EPA chief tours toxic East Chicago site

The school was closed in 2016 due to high levels of lead on school grounds and is located near the West Calumet Housing Complex in East Chicago, which is scheduled for demolition. Mike Mikulka, president of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 704, which represents local EPA workers, said the regional office extended an invitation to Pruitt, but was told he was unavailable to meet during his visit.

Global Media Another US citizen detained in North Korea
Author: 0 Another US citizen detained in North Korea

The embassy looks after consular affairs for the United States in North Korea because there is no official diplomatic relationship between the two countries. North Korea remained defiant, however. Kim is one of three USA citizens now held in North Korea. "We call on (North Korea) to refrain from provocative, destabilizing actions and rhetoric, and to make the strategic choice to fulfill its worldwide obligations and commitments and return to serious talks".

Author: 0 Lib Dems announce surge in membership since snap election called

The Liberal Democrats will offer voters the chance to reverse Brexit in a second referendum, its election manifesto will say. He told The Independent: "It is still possible for the British people to stop a Hard Brexit and keep us in the Single Market".

Global Media May's Conservatives on track for historic election win in Wales
Author: 0 May's Conservatives on track for historic election win in Wales

Their surprise 10-point lead points to Labour MPs" worst fears that the "Corbyn effect' is combining with May's growing popularity to radically slash the party's support. Figures show UKIP supporters flocking to the Conservatives and knocking Labour into second place. They could gain as many as ten seats from Labour.

Author: 0 Syria has retained up to 3 tons of chemical weapons

Ahmet Uzumcu, director-general of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, said on Wednesday that the results "from four OPCW-designated laboratories indicate exposure to sarin or a sarin-like substance". Earlier testing on victims' bodies by British scientists and the Turkish Health Ministry found evidence of exposure to both sarin and chlorine gas, which most of the global community believes occurred during a deliberate attack on the rebel-held village by the Syrian regime.

Author: 0 Charts show traders writing down chances of a Le Pen presidency

Emmanuel Macron , head of the political movement En Marche! , or Onwards!, and candidate for the 2017 French presidential election, gestures to supporters after the first round of 2017 French presidential election in Paris , France, April 23, 2017 .

Author: 0 College confirms N. Korea detains USA citizen amid tension

The embassy looks after consular affairs for the United States in North Korea because the two countries do not have diplomatic relations. Mr Kim, who also goes by his Korean name Kim Sang Duk, was detained by North Korean officials at Pyongyang International Airport as he attempted to leave the country, Dr Park said.

Author: 0 Get Ready For A Tougher Australian Citizenship Test

The new visa will be subject to work experience and English language tests for workers, and labour market testing to prove jobs cannot be filled locally. "What we are doing is strengthening our multicultural society and strengthening our values", he said Thursday. Introducing an automatic fail for applicants who cheat during the citizenship test.

Author: 0 General election: Tory victory 'will not strengthen May's Brexit hand'

With an anti-Brexit and pro-EU stance, the Lib Dems have picked up seats in council elections and a parliamentary by-election since the European Union referendum. But Tajani said:"If tomorrow, the new United Kingdom government decides to change its position, it is possible to do". If so the "positive scenario is that she wants that (a majority) so she's not vulnerable to attacks from the eurosceptic right", Tilford told AFP.

Author: 0 Asia stocks rise, euro steady as relief from French vote buoys sentiment

The U.S. dollar strengthened 0.4 percent to C$1.3549. In early European trade Paris rose 0.2 percent a day after surging more than four percent, while London was flat and Frankfurt put on 0.2 percent. Overnight, a wave of relief boosted France's CAC 40 index by 4.1 percent, taking it briefly to its highest level since 2008. The pan-European STOXX 50 index .STOXX50E soared 4 percent, its best day in almost two years.

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