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Author: 0 Melania Trump elbows her husband to save him from embarrassing gaffe

The annual "Easter Egg Roll" revolves around children, who set about finding hidden coloured eggs in the garden bushes around the presidential residence and later roll them toward a finish line aided only by wooden spoons. The Bunny, which stood about the same height as Trump's youngest son, Barron , accompanied the First Family onto the Truman Balcony where both the President and the First Lady addressed the crowd.

Author: 0 With inquiries looming, Manafort indicates he'll reveal more about Ukraine dealings

President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman is registering as a foreign agent. Manafort worked on Trump's campaign for almost five months in 2016, and led the campaign for about three months. It's rare that a violation leads to imprisonment. Since then the scrutiny of Manafort's business dealings and his connection to pro-Russian political figures in eastern Europe has only intensified, and now Manafort has realized that he should probably register as a foreign agent.

Global Media MOAB blast pulverized at least 36 terrorists, massive ISIS tunnel network
Author: 0 MOAB blast pulverized at least 36 terrorists, massive ISIS tunnel network

But Nangarhar Province spokesman Attaullah Khogyani said 90 IS fighters had died, while Achin district governor Esmail Shinwari said at least 92 Daesh (another name for IS) fighters were killed in the bombing. The Site Intelligence Group, which tracks extremist organizations, reported Friday on a statement from the Afghan Taliban condemning the USA for its "terrorist" attack.

Author: 0 US EPA denies reports that it will close Chicago office

Frank said though Pruitt listened carefully, he did not make concrete commitments about additional resources toward remediation efforts or other clean-up work. "We've got to make our voice heard". Abigail Dillen of said the plan is simply getting rid of "the health and environmental protections we all rely on-protections only the government can provide".

Author: 0 Ivanka Trump talks about allowing Syrian refugees into US

But the audience was unsympathetic when she called her father a "tremendous champion of supporting families and enabling them to thrive", with the moderator moving the discussion on amid a chorus of boos. Ivanka Trump was participating in a panel discussion on women's empowerment and entrepreneurship at the W-20, a summit of G-20 countries aimed at promoting women's workforce participation and equality.

Author: 0 Turkey gave less than 1 hour notice before Syria strikes

Both Kurdish forces are close US allies in the war against IS. "We recognise their concerns about the PKK, but these kinds of actions frankly harm the coalition's efforts to go after ISIS and frankly harm our partners on the ground who are conducting that fight".

Global Media Jewish student activist elected to top NUS position
Author: 0 Jewish student activist elected to top NUS position

NUS rules allow presidents to serve for two years in total and it is unusual for an incumbent candidate to be defeated. The NUS paid tribute to Ms Bouattia's efforts to make the student movement "more diverse" and representative. The former Lewisham college student, who served as the union's vice-president for FE, received nearly 59 per cent of the vote, beating nearest rival Malia Bouattia by 402 votes to 272.

Author: 0 France says analysis shows Syrian regime behind sarin attack

The Syrian government has been accused of using fatal gas in a strike targeting the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun in the country's northwestern province of Idlib on April 4. Russian Federation has provided air cover for the Syrian government's offensive on rebel forces, including some backed by the USA and its allies. United Kingdom scientists had already found that Sarin or a similar chemical had been used in the attack, having tested samples smuggled from the site.

Author: 0 Trump, First Lady Welcome Attendees to 139th White House Easter Egg Roll

With Trump's relationship with the public already in question , the Easter Egg Roll would prove as an opportunity to convince other's that he is one with the American people. The president thanked everyone for coming out, vowing that " we will be stronger and bigger and better as a nation than ever before, we are right on track".

Author: 0 Turkey expands strikes against Kurdish militants in Syria and Iraq

The United States government expressed its concerns after the Turkish air force killed 20 fighters of the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) in air strikes in northeastern Syria on Tuesday and made clear that the USA will continue to support the SDF forces, that include the YPG, to take Raqqa city from ISIS.

Global Media Ivanka Trump's Clothing Line Is Being Rebranded And Sold At Deep Discounts
Author: 0 Ivanka Trump's Clothing Line Is Being Rebranded And Sold At Deep Discounts

In addition, it has just emerged merchandise distributor G-III tried to re-label Trump's clothes under a different name and sold them at Stein Mart , a discount chain store based in Jacksonville, Florida. Some retailers including Nordstrom and Neiman Marchus have dropped Ivanka Trump's label since her father took office, with the #GrabYourWallet campaign calling for a boycott of her products.

Global Media Easter Egg Hunt is all about the parents
Author: 0 Easter Egg Hunt is all about the parents

And off they went to hunt for their eggs, each with the goal to fill their buckets, but this Easter egg hunt was like no other. The sun was shining for the annual Rockport Community Easter Egg Hunt hosted by the Rockport Division of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce.

Global Media Isis fighters killed by wild boar as they hid waiting in ambush
Author: 0 Isis fighters killed by wild boar as they hid waiting in ambush

The eight militants, three killed and five injured, were claimed to be hiding in dense reeds near the Zaghitoun River before they were brutally rampaged by the fierce animals. He said the tribesmen had fled to the mountains when IS captured the nearby town of Hawija three years ago. "After the arduous effort to liberate Mosul is completed, the Iraqi military planned to launch an offensive in the region.", al-Assi told the Times .

Author: 0 After scrapping 457 visa, Australia reveals tougher citizenship laws

The immigration minister said yesterday the 457 visa "brand" had been "tarnished beyond all repair" by the former Labor government allowing so many foreign workers entry into Australia. "I think it's possibly a government policy that makes out that they're doing something to protect Australian jobs, but I don't think that there's much substance to it", Mr Wright said.

Author: 0 Government shutdown: Border wall money out, Obamacare fight on

The president tweeted this morning: "Don't let the fake media tell you that I have changed my position on the WALL". Ever since he declared his candidacy, President Donald Trump has stood by the fiction that he somehow could make Mexico pay for the wall he wants to build along the U.S.

Global Media General election 2017: SNP claims May planning to cut pensions
Author: 0 General election 2017: SNP claims May planning to cut pensions

Labour has already pledged to preserve the triple lock if it wins power, but the party's election chair Andrew Gwynne said that under a Conservative administration "it risks being consigned to history". He had earlier said that Labour will guarantee the triple lock, and will "treat pensioners with respect", adding: "We will not move the goalposts (for) people looking forward to retirement".

Author: 0 Trudeau hosting Italian PM in Ottawa following Trump visit

And while Trump has said he has "never been for strong intervention" in the country, he has also asked campaign crowds why the United States hasn't been "bombing the hell out of" Libya and other countries in the throes of conflict with ISIS.

Author: 0 Trump calls for new United Nations sanctions against North Korea

North Korea's drills coincided with military exercises held by US and South Korean navies in the Yellow Sea, off the western coast of the Korean Peninsula. The newspaper also mentioned that Washington has yet to name its new ambassador to Seoul three months after the departure of Mark Lippert and questioned whether Trump has "entirely left out South Korea in his picture for the Korean Peninsula".

Global Media Hollande 'will vote Macron', calls Le Pen 'risk' for France
Author: 0 Hollande 'will vote Macron', calls Le Pen 'risk' for France

Mr. Macron, who campaigned on a pro-Europe political platform with promises of economic reforms and better governance, won 23.75% of the vote, while Ms. Dalil Boubakeur urged the country's almost 5 million Muslims to "vote massively" to elect Macron, describing the second round of the vote as "decisive for the destiny of France and its religious minorities".

Author: 0 Jack Jones executed by lethal injection in Arkansas

Williams has been transferred to Arkansas' Cummins Unit, where executions are carried out. Williams' attorneys had claimed infirmary staff tried unsuccessfully to place a central line in Jones' neck for 45 minutes before placing one elsewhere on his body.

Global Media Students clash with security forces in Kashmir, dozens injured
Author: 0 Students clash with security forces in Kashmir, dozens injured

Student protests continued in Kashmir as police used tear smoke shells to disperse protesters at different places. The government had already suspended teaching activity at SP Higher Secondary School and Girls Higher Secondary School, Kothibagh in Srinagar till Wednesday after the students clashed with the forces on Monday.

Author: 0 French Socialists back Macron in upcoming election

The second round of the French election might not be the ceremonial shoo-in for Emmanuel Macron after all. Elodie said she was shocked that Macron had made the second round at the expense of conservative candidate Fillon . In 2002 , Jean Marie Le Pen , Ms. Le Pen's father, shocked France by making it past the first round, but lost by a massive margin to Jacques Chirac , the incumbent.

Global Media 'Unlikely' Russia had no knowledge of Syrian chemical attack
Author: 0 'Unlikely' Russia had no knowledge of Syrian chemical attack

Russian Federation has staunchly backed Assad's government throughout Syria's six-year civil war. In the latest veto, Russian Federation blocked a draft resolution backed by the United States, France and Britain to denounce the attack in the town of Khan Sheikhoun and tell Assad's government to provide access for investigators and information such as flight plans.

Author: 0 Thomas family releases statement; wants to 'focus on recovery'

Mr Thomas said it is important that she is given time to heal. After the pair's disappearance, investigators said they received hundreds of tips from 24 states but not enough information to tighten the dragnet, despite a multistate manhunt and Cummins's placement on Tennessee's most-wanted list.

Global Media White House showcases Trump's accomplishments
Author: 0 White House showcases Trump's accomplishments

Due out on Wednesday, the plan was expected to include only broad principles of tax changes, not formal legislation, and a proposal to slash the USA corporate income tax rate, with additional components still the subject of much speculation.

Global Media French Bond Investors Skeptical Election Risk Is Over: Chart
Author: 0 French Bond Investors Skeptical Election Risk Is Over: Chart

The same polls showed Mr Macron defeating Ms Le Pen by as much as 30 percentage points in two weeks' time, suggesting players can buy back into the currency. Macron, at 39, is heading towards becoming the youngest-ever French president. French presidential election candidate Emmanuel Macron rat the Parc des Expositions in Paris , on April 23, 2017.

Author: 0 Industry Cheers Perdue's Confirmation as USDA Secretary

Sonny Perdue , the former governor of Georgia, was confirmed Monday by the U.S. Senate to be U.S. Secretary of Agriculture . The confirmation of Sonny Perdue as the 31 U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday took executive action in an effort to help grow the domestic agriculture industry during a meeting at the White House with more than a dozen US farmers.

Author: 0 "New UK government could reverse Brexit" — European Parliament President

A two-thirds majority of MPs must agree to a move that will shorten the lifespan of a parliament. May has already won approval from Queen Elizabeth for the snap election. Some opinion polls have put Labour more than 20 points behind the Conservatives. May's Conservatives now hold 330 of the 650 seats in the House of Commons.

Global Media Turkish strikes kill Kurdish fighters in Syria, Iraq
Author: 0 Turkish strikes kill Kurdish fighters in Syria, Iraq

Other airstrikes targeted Kurdish fighters in Sinjar, northern Iraq, where Peshmerga forces announced the killing of six of their members. Turkey is facing condemnation from several sources after the attacks, not just the USA and the Kurdish factions effected, but also the Iraqi government and others around the world, with the attacks likely doing significant harm to Kurdish forces fighting against ISIS.

Author: 0 India Maoist rebels kill 24 CRPF policemen in Chhattisgarh

Condemning the incident, AAP leader Kapil Mishra said this was a "cowardice" act and the country would "not tolerate" it. To a query on why a full-time director general of the CRPF had not been appointed, he said, "We don't have a dearth of leadership.whenever needed, we will appoint a senior officer here".

Author: 0 Faced With More Protests, Venezuela's President Seeks Fresh Talks With the Opposition

Opposition leaders marched with their arms wrapped around each other into western Caracas Saturday, vowing to continue protesting until new elections are granted. There are many planned demonstrations for Monday, in an attempt to push Maduro to give up power. "I'm staying here until 6 pm". The clashes between opposition supporters and backers of Maduro have intensified in recent weeks.

Author: 0 CVS Health Corp (CVS) Given Daily Coverage Optimism Rating of 0.53

GLG LLC raised its stake in shares of CVS Health Corp by 6.8% in the fourth quarter. The fund owned 85,041 shares of the pharmacy operator's stock after selling 775 shares during the period. The legal version of this story can be viewed at

Author: 0 Trump tax plan will sharply slash corporate tax rates

But the proposal will likely fall short of the comprehensive changes long discussed by Republicans , and lawmakers viewed it as just a starting point for a tax bill. White House officials earlier said the plan would reduce the top corporate income tax rate from to 15 percent from 35 percent. Mr Trump added that there is, "no way to stop it really other than lowering taxes ".

Global Media Tensions rising as North Korea carries out new artillery excercises
Author: 0 Tensions rising as North Korea carries out new artillery excercises

It said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is presumed to have watched the exercise. The joint US-Japan military drill took place simultaneously as Pyongyang celebrated the 85th anniversary of the North Korean Army's foundation by conducting large-scale artillery exercises - in the presence of Kim Jong-un, according to Seoul .

Author: 0 Palestinian prisoners launch mass hunger strike in Israeli jails

The agitation is being led by Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti, who is serving several life terms for five murders, the news agency said. Because Barghouti highlights two of Israel's most pernicious lies: that there is no one to talk to on the Palestine side (when in fact it is the Palestinians who are still seeking a partner for peace), and that the resistance to Israel's occupation is violent.

Global Media How North Korean missiles are helping to mask Kim Jong-un's fears
Author: 0 How North Korean missiles are helping to mask Kim Jong-un's fears

Senator in for a meeting on issues surrounding North Korea, PolitiFact North Carolina published a fact check about North Korea from N.C. Sen. Separately, the USS Wayne E. North Korea conducted live-fire artillery drills and a US guided-missile submarine arrived in South Korea on Tuesday, as the Trump administration prepared an extraordinary White House briefing for senators on the escalating nuclear threat.

Author: 0 China launches its first homegrown aircraft carrier

China is believed to be planning to build at least two and possibly as many as four additional carriers, with one of them, the Type 002, reported to be already under construction at a shipyard outside Shanghai. The United States now has 10 aircraft carriers in service, with another about to be commissioned. The carrier's hull is fully constructed, the official Xinhua news agency said, adding that the propulsion, power and other main systems are in place.

Author: 0 U.S. submarine arrives in South Korea as tensions rise

Instead of an anticipated nuclear or long-range missile test , Pyongyang conducted a large-scale exercise involving hundreds of artillery pieces placed near its east coast on Tuesday, Yonhap news agency reported citing the South's military.

Global Media Captive woman found crying in pit in neighbor's shed
Author: 0 Captive woman found crying in pit in neighbor's shed

Jennifer Elliot was reported missing just after midnight Wednesday and was found around 4 a.m. after residents heard her cries coming from a shed on Central Avenue in Blanchester. They say Edward William Whiteley Jr., of Leicester is charged with with solicitation of a child by a computer to commit an unlawful sex act ... She said she knew him for about five years after meeting through mutual friends.

Global Media Trump signs executive order requiring review of national monuments
Author: 0 Trump signs executive order requiring review of national monuments

Obama used his power under the Antiquities Act to permanently preserve more land and water using national monument designations than any other president. The map was created by the environmental conservation advocacy organization Center for Western Priorities , and as you can see, almost all of the targeted national monuments are located in western states, which have long struggled to strike a balance between development and federally protected lands.

Global Media Tennessee teacher planned to take abducted 15-year-old girl to Mexico
Author: 0 Tennessee teacher planned to take abducted 15-year-old girl to Mexico

She looked like she was very worn out, very thin. "The family owes each group, law enforcement, the media, and the public, a debt of gratitude that can not be repaid", S. "Number two, she left her dog behind". "I do love him, but I don't trust him anymore". The mother was accused of physically abusing several of her 10 children for about a year, beginning in November 2014, while the dad was living at home, authorities said.

Global Media Federal complaint on Tad Cummins' alleged sex crimes — GRAPHIC
Author: 0 Federal complaint on Tad Cummins' alleged sex crimes — GRAPHIC

The FBI is expected to take him back to Tennessee. Thomas was last seen by her family on the morning of Monday, March 13 , at about 7:45 a.m., when a friend dropped her off at a Shoney's restaurant. Cummins apparently used his real name and drove the same auto over the country, but yet no one noticed anything until six weeks after he and the student went missing.

Global Media Hungary premier dismisses university fear as EU takes action
Author: 0 Hungary premier dismisses university fear as EU takes action

Hungary's new higher education law was approved earlier this month and is set to enter force in October. Dombrovskis said the action is based on "an in-depth legal assessment". Orban claims Soros is undermining Hungarian interests because of his support for migrants. Yet despite this, Soros "is still warmly regarded here and warmly received at the highest level", he said, in an apparent reference to a meeting between the billionaire and European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker in ...

Global Media Cloudy, windy and cool Wednesday in Oklahoma City
Author: 0 Cloudy, windy and cool Wednesday in Oklahoma City

Louis. We'll also see a major cool down once the rain ends early next week. Today's forecast calls for a 20 percent chance of rain . We've had above average temperatures and below average rainfall this month . Thursday night the region will be mostly clear with lows in the low 60s. High near 56. South southeast wind 7 to 11 miles per hour. Thursday: Areas of fog before noon.

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