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Global Media Le Pen Quits Party To Distance Herself From Its Extremist Fringe
Author: 0 Le Pen Quits Party To Distance Herself From Its Extremist Fringe

The President of the European Jewish Congress, Moshe Kantor yesterday described Le Pen as "dangerous" and added that it was "extremely regrettable that more than one in five French voters voted for Le Pen". The two candidates now face off against each other for the second round of voting on 7 May. Whoever wins on May 7th can not count on the backing of the country's political mainstream parties.

Author: 0 Giant Rabbit Dies On Flight From London To O'Hare

She said his buyer was a famous celebrity. "Something unusual happened and I want to know what that was", she said speaking on the British tabloid The Sun . A United Airlines spokesman said Simon was alive when he landed and showed no signs of distress. Onboard animal deaths don't necessarily mean an airline was negligent, as revealed in summaries of department investigations.

Author: 0 Tensions rise after Turkish attack on Syrian Kurds

The Peshmerga is the Kurdish Iraqi militia that are part of the effort to expel ISIS from Mosul. The YPG, which has fiercely condemned the strikes, yesterday called for a no-fly zone over northern Syria. Mr Erdogan said he regretted the death of the Peshmerga, saying it was "absolutely not an operation against [them]". Local reports said the Syrian Foreign Ministry is expected to release a statement of condemnation regarding the Turkish attacks on the Kurds.

Global Media Macron, Le Pen Trade Barbs in French Election Race
Author: 0 Macron, Le Pen Trade Barbs in French Election Race

About her move to distance herself from the party, Le Pen told French broadcaster France 2: "This evening I made a decision to take my leave of the presidency of the National Front". Le Pen on Monday stepped down as leader of the Front National. The second round of the French election might not be the ceremonial shoo-in for Emmanuel Macron after all.

Global Media 2 killed in trainee aircraft crash near Gondia in Maharashtra
Author: 0 2 killed in trainee aircraft crash near Gondia in Maharashtra

The deceased has been identified as Rajan Gupta, the instructor and Himani, a trainee. A senior police official said the police, ambulance and fire brigade have reached the spot. Balaghat Collector Bharat Yadav informed that the incident would also be probed by technical officers. Portions of the aircraft debris have been recovered from the river bank.

Global Media NFL draft: Browns are still searching for franchise quarterback
Author: 0 NFL draft: Browns are still searching for franchise quarterback

Pluto says fans will be glued to ESPN watching the draft experts analyze the players . "I think there's talent in the class, but I think it's going to take a year for most of these guys". Speculation suggests that Cleveland would trade their No. 12 pick and some other assets with it in order to move up to a higher spot, but as mentioned it will be a "wait and see " sort of situation.

Global Media Who's who: Trump aides, associates drawing attention
Author: 0 Who's who: Trump aides, associates drawing attention

Bannon as the Grim Reaper manipulating the president - who was ultimately relegated to a miniature desk, playing dolefully with an expandable toy". Steve Bannon, 63, former head of the far-right Breitbart News site, has steered the message of the Republican candidate.

Author: 0 Trump Preparing to Sign Order to Pull Out of NAFTA

Ted Cruz's office pointed to comments the Texas Republican has previously made saying there is "no doubt that Texas benefits enormously from worldwide trade", including with Canada and Mexico . The administration appeared to be divided Wednesday over how and when to proceed, as officials balanced a newfound cautiousness with the desire to rack up accomplishments before Trump's 100th day on the job.

Global Media Delhi Crime Branch officials take TTV Dinakaran to Chennai for investigation
Author: 0 Delhi Crime Branch officials take TTV Dinakaran to Chennai for investigation

Dinakaran is likely to be taken to locations in Chennai to ascertain a money trail that began with a hawala operator in the city and ended at a Chandi Chowk-based hawala operator. Sukesh had Rs 1.30 crore in cash in his possession when he was arrested from a five-star hotel in Delhi on April 16. "After TTV Dinakaran's arrest, both the factions of the AIADMK are staging drama of a merger", alleged Pushpa.

Global Media China urges U.S. and North Korea to refrain from provoking each other
Author: 0 China urges U.S. and North Korea to refrain from provoking each other

However, U.S. officials said on April 14 that the Trump administration intends to step up pressure on Pyongyang with the help of China, North Korea's only major ally, instead of military options or trying to overthrow Kim's leadership. "It certainly appears to be a message to the United States that they're capable of threatening the US homeland", Adam Mount, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, told CNN .

Global Media Conservatives back revised health bill, GOP moderates balk
Author: 0 Conservatives back revised health bill, GOP moderates balk

The latest impediment arose as leading conservative advocacy groups declared support for the plan and House Republican leaders praised it as a step in the right direction. "President Trump has been instrumental during this hard process, and I look forward to progress in the Senate". "Our work will continue until we fully repeal Obamacare", the Anadolu Agency quoted the Caucus.

Author: 0 Is Le Pen's nationalist vision risky for all of Europe?

Ms Le Pen yesterday came under fire from her father, far-right veteran Jean-Marie Le Pen, who said she should have campaigned more aggressively for Sunday's first round, following the example of US President Donald Trump, known for his brash campaigning.

Global Media 2 police men wounded in shooting on French island of Reunion
Author: 0 2 police men wounded in shooting on French island of Reunion

France's police union Unite SGP POLICE-FO said it was " deeply shocked and angry after this new attack ". The Paris prosecutor's counter-terrorism section opened an investigation into the incident after the two police officers were wounded on Thursday morning by the armed gunman.

Global Media Trump to meet Australia's Turnbull on May 4: White House
Author: 0 Trump to meet Australia's Turnbull on May 4: White House

Relations were strained after an acrimonious telephone call shortly after Trump's inauguration, during which Trump labelled the Australia-US resettlement swap agreement with the former US President Barack Obama as a "dumb" deal. "We've seen that because of these anticipated shortfalls, gas suppliers have been proposing contract prices which are really way too high". "Australian energy market challenges can only be resolved by engaging with all the energy sector".

Author: 0 White House blocks Flynn documents

Congress returned earlier this week from its spring recess, and Tuesday's announcements reflected renewed interest on Capitol Hill. Leaders of the House Oversight Committee say retired Lt. There was " no information " on his SF-86 form about those funds or his trips to foreign countries, " and that, we believe, is the potential violation ", Chair Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said.

Author: 0 Sarkozy camp eyes power-sharing role under France's Macron

Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, the independent centrist candidate who is her rival in the upcoming vote, sparred in successive television appearances, tossing insults as each launched a political offensive to win new voters before the balloting in less than two weeks.

Author: 0 Marine Le Pen 'steps down temporarily' as far-right National Front leader

Between Melenchon, Le Pen and Macron, almost 70 per cent of voters have chosen to reject the candidates from France's usual political palate. Emmanuel Macron, French presidential candidate for the On the Move (En Marche) movement, delivers a speech at a rally after the first round of French presidential election in Paris, France on April 23, 2017.

Global Media Assad regime carried out sarin attack
Author: 0 Assad regime carried out sarin attack

London [U.K.], April 26 (ANI): France has said that it has evidence that the Bashar-Al-Assad-led Syrian Government was responsible for the chemical attack that killed 89 people. Sanctions focus on employees of Syria's Scientific Studies and Research Center, the Syrian government agency responsible for developing and producing non-conventional weapons and the means to deliver them.

Global Media Venezuela says will withdraw from American states' bloc
Author: 0 Venezuela says will withdraw from American states' bloc

Chris Sabatini, a Latin America expert at Columbia University, said Venezuela's withdrawal would risk a breakup of the hemisphere's oldest global alliance if Nicaragua, Bolivia and other Maduro allies follow him in protest. President Nicolas Maduro reacted to the OAS action on his Twitter account, saying, "The Venezuela Bolivarian Revolutionary and Chavistas will continue their march toward our true independence and nothing and nobody will stop us".

Author: 0 Trump Administration Celebrates Release of American Imprisoned in Egypt

The process of shoring up relations began on April 3, when Trump welcomed el-Sisi to the White House and announced at a joint press conference that he was "very much behind" the Egyptian president. Aya Hijazi , 30, was flown home on a US government plane Thursday after she was freed by a Cairo court on April 16. The White House is celebrating the release of an American from an Egyptian prison.

Author: 0 Netanyahu refuses to meet German minister in diplomatic spat

Even former Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon applauded Netanyahu for refusing to meet with Gabriel, saying Europe's "funding and involvement...crosses red lines in relations between countries". Public opinion in Germany was firmly on the foreign minister's side, with Spiegel weekly noting that "Netanyahu's government has pushed the historically imperative special treatment to its limits".

Author: 0 Explosions rock Damascus Airport

JERUSALEM: Israeli Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz said a massive explosion near Damascus International Airport on Thursday was consistent with Israel's policy, but stopped short of confirming his country was behind it. Syrian military defectors familiar with the airport say it plays a major role as a conduit for arms from Tehran. As well as weapons, hundreds of Shi'ite militia fighters from Iraq and Iran have been flown to Damascus worldwide airport.

Global Media THAAD anti-ballistic missile system in South Korea almost set
Author: 0 THAAD anti-ballistic missile system in South Korea almost set

It also said the administration would be asking the worldwide community to help achieve that and persuade the rogue leader Kim Jong Un's government to "de-escalate and return to a path of dialogue". But sanctions will be the greatest tool at the Trump administration's disposal. "I don't share your confidence that North Korea is not going to attack either South Korea, or Japan, or the United States ...

Global Media United States military begins moving THAAD missile defense to South Korea site
Author: 0 United States military begins moving THAAD missile defense to South Korea site

The US admiral who ordered an aircraft carrier and other warships toward the Korean Peninsula in a much-hyped deployment took responsibility Wednesday for any "confusion" after the ships sailed in the opposite direction. "He's not going to let this nut-job in North Korea develop a missile with a nuclear weapon on top to hit America", Graham said, referring to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Global Media French court refuses to extradite Kosovo ex-prime minister
Author: 0 French court refuses to extradite Kosovo ex-prime minister

He has been tried and acquitted twice at the United Nations tribunal at The Hague, although Serbia said it had further evidence involving civilian murders which it was asked to hand to the French court. "Keeping up an outdated global arrest warrant from 2004 (!) by Serbia, which is in an EU-moderated dialogue with Kosovo, is totally unacceptable", Lunacek said in a statement.

Global Media Trump considers action on NAFTA ahead of 100-day mark
Author: 0 Trump considers action on NAFTA ahead of 100-day mark

The Canadian dollar settled at C$1.3612 to the greenback, or 73.46 US cents, compared to the Bank of Canada's official close on Tuesday of C$1.3579, or 73.64 USA cents. "It will devastate the economy in my state", McCain said. Reuters reported soybeans, wheat and corn declined on Wednesday, with some blaming the downfall on jitters over the report that the White House is considering pulling out of NAFTA.

Author: 0 French voters in Switzerland reject Le Pen

Though the two candidates ran neck and neck in the first round of 11 candidates, Macron is expected to trounce Le Pen by some 20 percentage points in the May 7 vote. But he calculates that 45 percent of voters opted for "anti-system" candidates like her in the first round, indicating a wide audience receptive to her message.

Author: 0 Russian Federation to Demand Explanations From UK on Samples Examination From Syria's Idlib

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov held talks on Thursday in Moscow with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of the Syrian Arab Republic Walid Muallem. In his first interview since the strike and the subsequent USA air assault, the Syrian president said reports the Syrian government carried out the attack were "100% fabrication".

Global Media Schumer, Trump find an unlikely common foe: Canada
Author: 0 Schumer, Trump find an unlikely common foe: Canada

Trump then moved on to criticizing Canada for using NAFTA to take advantage of the USA when it comes to the trade in lumber and energy between the two countries. tool plant in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday. Trump called out Canada by name Tuesday amid a brewing trade spat that has seen the US dairy lobby accuse Canada of "systemic disregard" of its trade obligations.

Author: 0 Sharapova wins 1st match on return from 15-month doping ban

She said she failed to realize the heart drug she had taken for more than a decade for various health issues had been added to the prohibited list of the World Anti-Doping Agency from January 1, 2016. She had a wildcard". "I didn't know when I'd be back and I did other things in my life". "I let things go pretty quickly and I move on to the next stage".

Global Media Taliban ambush claims at least 7 Afghan policemen
Author: 0 Taliban ambush claims at least 7 Afghan policemen

The supply of weapons has accelerated in the past 18 months, the official said. He was speaking in Kabul alongside James Mattis , the US defence secretary, who said America needed to confront Russian Federation over its actions in Afghanistan , where the Soviet Union fought and lost a bloody war in the 1980s.

Global Media Iraqi forces say they've seized Hatra antiquities site
Author: 0 Iraqi forces say they've seized Hatra antiquities site

Backed by the US-led coalition , Iraqi forces launched an operation, their largest in years, in mid-October last year to retake the city. Iraq issued a statement today confirming the area is still under ISIS control, which of course the locals had already figured out.

Author: 0 Ivanka Trump's Brand Is Becoming a Target for Counterfeiters

China's Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday the government equally handles applications to register trademarks, following a report that the company of the daughter of U.S. Painter blasted the president and the entire Trump family for treating the White House like "a wonderful business opportunity" while noting that "foreign governments all over the world" are likely to offer Trump's children favorable and lucrative business arrangements in order to curry favor with the White House.

Author: 0 May & Corbyn Face Off For Final Time Before Election

He said the White Paper will have a strong emphasis on retaining the benefits of the Single Market and the Customs Union as Labour know that is vital to protecting jobs and the economy. Starmer's observation that "we do not accept that Brexit has to mean whatever Theresa May says it means" is important in allowing for each party to propose its own preferred path towards voters' chosen goal of a Britain outside the European Union and no longer subject to the bloc's political and legal ...

Author: 0 President Calls on Week of Holocaust Remembrance

Trump also said he believes that those who "deny the Holocaust are complicit in it". "This is my pledge to you: We will confront anti-Semitism", Trump said to applause. Trump's speech preceded one of the most somber moments of the hour-long ceremony: the lighting of six candles to represent the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust.

Author: 0 Top officials say US must confront Russia for arming Taliban

The violence comes as the country reels from a massive attack on a military base last Friday. News reports citing Defense Ministry officials said 100 soldiers had died or been injured, but other outlets put the figure higher. The rampage, likely the deadliest in the 16-year war, happened as unarmed Afghan soldiers were emerging from Friday prayer and heading to lunch. USA national security adviser General H.R.

Author: 0 Jonathan Demme, 'Silence of the Lambs' director, dead at 73

Paying tribute to the legendary filmmaker, who died at the age of 73 after losing his battle with oesophageal cancer, the Hollywood actress described Demme as "champion of the soul". He could do anything", and Eli Roth added , "Just heard about Jonathan Demme. "A MASSIVE soul", Jenkins tweeted . The singer shared a black and white photo of himself and Demme, with a lengthy caption honoring the director.

Global Media White House: Trump says US will not withdraw from NAFTA
Author: 0 White House: Trump says US will not withdraw from NAFTA

The White House statement said Trump spoke late on Wednesday with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada . Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Wednesday that Trump would be signing a directive today urging the inquiry. Stocks in both United States neighbors also weakened, with Mexico's benchmark IPC index falling more than 1 percent in 15 minutes.

Author: 0 Merkel: Britain should hold no illusions exit will be easy

Speaking on Thursday morning (27 April), Merkel reemphasised her position that talks would only begin on Britain's future relationship to the European Union once the conditions of its exit had been agreed upon. Merkel said all 27 members agreed that this could be the only order in which the talks could proceed. Minutes before the chancellor spoke, the United Kingdom foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, was pressed in a BBC interview about whether trade would have to wait until the divorce bill ...

Global Media Kevin O'Leary drops out of Conservative party leadership race
Author: 0 Kevin O'Leary drops out of Conservative party leadership race

Last month, he called O'Leary "a loser" after the celebrity businessman reportedly accused his campaign of trying to buy its way to the top by signing up "fake " party members without their knowledge. A lack of facility with French was always considered one of O'Leary's greatest liabilities. Bernier's campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Author: 0 Heavy rains wash out IPL match

Kohli has had a hard time getting runs off his senior from Delhi: he has only scored 60. Gujarat Lions know they need to go at full throttle from the off to have a chance of getting to the 182-run target on this wicket. They were in the same position at the same stage of the league a year ago, but still made the playoffs with a thrilling turnaround. Since then, they've lost three on the bounce.

Global Media Palestinian activist pleads guilty to US immigration crime
Author: 0 Palestinian activist pleads guilty to US immigration crime

The plea hearing in the packed, wood-panelled courtroom on Tuesday afternoon was brief. Even so, the 69-year-old Odeh refused to utter the word "guilty" under repeated questioning by U.S. In March, when Odeh agreed to the plea bargain, but before it had been made binding by court endorsement, Harold Jaffe told The Jerusalem Post that he was concerned that Odeh could renege on the deal.

Author: 0 Trump Might Be Getting Ready To Ditch NAFTA

CNN says he might simply go ahead with renegotiations, as planned. Trump had threatened to renegotiate the NAFTA pact during the election campaign as he said it had destroyed American jobs, although he has backed off tough action in trade since taking office in January.

Global Media Hong Kong widens crackdown, arrest 9 more activists
Author: 0 Hong Kong widens crackdown, arrest 9 more activists

The arrest of nine Hong Kong pro-democracy activists is the latest sign the authorities are intent on punishing dissenting voices about the future political status of the city, Amnesty International said. A Hong Kong court later disqualified the two from taking office, ruling their oath of allegiance invalid. They were newly elected to office previous year amid a rising tide of anti-China sentiment in Hong Kong , where fears are rising that Beijing is tightening its grip on the ...

Author: 0 China urges withdrawal of powerful USA missile defense system in South Korea

He said these were sufficient for now but could one day be overwhelmed, and suggested studying stationing new radar there as well as interceptors to knock out any incoming North Korean missiles. On Wednesday, North Korea's United Nations mission said it would react to "a total war" with the USA with nuclear war. The US House of Representatives approved a bill calling for the redesignation early this month, and similar legislation has also been introduced at the Senate.