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Author: 0 Minister Katz: Syria Attack 'Matches Our Policy Perfectly'

Israel shot down what it identified only as "a target" over the occupied Golan Heights on Thursday, hours after the Assad regime accused it of hitting a military position near Damascus airport. It was initially unclear whether the target, which media said was an unmanned drone, was shot down over Syria or Israeli-controlled territory. Israel said the blast was "consistent" with its policy to prevent Iran providing weapons to Hizballah, but it stopped short of confirming it was responsible.

Global Media Merkel warns against British illusions in Brexit talks
Author: 0 Merkel warns against British illusions in Brexit talks

Mrs Merkel's insistence that the terms of exit - including the issue of the bill which could run to £50 billion - are dealt with first comes ahead of a crunch meeting of European Union leaders on Saturday to discuss their approach to the Brexit negotiations.

Global Media Kirchberg: EU 'completely united' ahead of Brexit talks in Luxembourg
Author: 0 Kirchberg: EU 'completely united' ahead of Brexit talks in Luxembourg

She warned, "Countries with a third-country status, and that's what Great Britain will be, can not and will not have the same or even more rights as a member of the European Union". Merkel said pressing issues like the treatment of citizens living in each other's nations, the bill of remaining costs to be paid by Britain and border issues in Ireland need to be dealt with before a future relationship can even be discussed.

Author: 0 Keeping government running trumps Trump's wall

But many of Trump's executive orders signed with great fanfare have had little immediate impact. Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz arrives at the Capitol in Washington , DC, on April 7, 2017. That would ensure the Obamacare markets stay solvent and insurers receive compensation for reducing deductibles and out-of-pocket costs for some low-income health care consumers.

Author: 0 USS Carl Vinson exercises with Japan air force

The report comes amid expectations that North Korea may seek to mark the anniversary of the Korean People's Army with its sixth nuclear test . Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and the three men talked about North Korea. The U.S. 7th Fleet said two American destroyers were conducting simultaneous maritime exercises with naval ships from South Korea and Japan. They heard sobering responses.

Global Media Trudeau Vows to Defend Canada Interests as US Targets Lumber
Author: 0 Trudeau Vows to Defend Canada Interests as US Targets Lumber

The United States and Canada faced off on Tuesday in a renewed battle over softwood lumber that threatened to spill over into multiple other sectors, though President Donald Trump said he did not fear a trade war. It might now be renegotiated the White House said Wednesday, after Canada and Mexico agreed to do so "swiftly". "I think this is probably a pretty Canadian's good to be polite; it's good to treat people with respect", Freeland added.

Author: 0 U.S. judge blocks key part of Trump's sanctuary cities order

In a series of tweets, Trump said: "First the Ninth Circuit rules against the ban & now it hits again on sanctuary cities-both ridiculous rulings". U.S. Justice Department spokesman Ian Prior said Tuesday that the judge "upheld" the government's ability to withhold some federal funding against sanctuary cities.

Global Media 112 killed in Syrian convoy blast
Author: 0 112 killed in Syrian convoy blast

The death toll from a bomb attack targeting evacuees leaving besieged Syrian towns has risen to 126, a monitoring group said Sunday. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that over 100 evacuees from government-held towns had died along with aid workers and rebel militia.

Author: 0 A Historic But Unsurprising Election In France

The euro is likely to show resilience given the low chances of Le Pen winning the second round vote on May 7, said Satoshi Okagawa, senior global markets analyst at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation in Singapore. "Putting together the two flags sends exactly the right message both to the French people and the European Union", she said on a visit to Russian Federation, which has been accused of meddling in the French election.

Author: 0 Erdogan slams 'political' Council of Europe decision

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) voted 113 to 45 to reopen the monitoring process for Turkey on the basis of investigations into the democratic institutions in Turkey. Erdogan said he would be closely watching. "We have to reopen the monitoring procedure for Turkey", said Stefan Schennach (Austria, Socialist Group), adding that "we are supposed to be a House of values, democracy, rule of law".

Author: 0 Ann Coulter's Berkeley speech cancelled a day beforehand

The Berkeley College Republicans and the Young America's Foundation, a conservative group that had helped book Coulter's campus speaking events, both pulled their support Tuesday citing fears of violence. College Republicans spokesman Naweed Thomas accused university and Berkeley city officials of "refusing to ensure the safety of all students". "Tomorrow we are going to have a very, very low tolerance for any sort of violence on campus ", Yao said.

Author: 0 12 die as rioting breaks out in Venezuela

The latest wave of protests was triggered by a Supreme Court decision on 29 March to take over powers from the opposition-controlled National Assembly. "The small group of governments that have expressed their public support for the Venezuelan opposition has encouraged this vandalism and extreme violence", she said.

Author: 0 Hamas in Gaza says it won't be cowed by Abbas' threats

He added: "This week, Barghouti, together with about a thousand other Palestinian prisoners in Israel, started an unlimited hunger strike". At least nine people have been injured in the West Bank after Israeli soldiers reportedly fired rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse protesters who marched in support of the Palestinian prisoners' mass hunger strike.

Author: 0 The Simpsons' take on President Trump's first 100 days is pretty dark

A top rate cut for individuals would be more modest, from 39.6 percent to the "mid-30s", said the official, who was not authorized to publicly discuss the proposal before the announcement and spoke on condition of anonymity. The corporate tax rate is the rate that corporations pay on their net income . Senate Republicans can use a process called reconciliation, which allows the passage of a bill with a simply majority, to pass a tax bill.

Author: 0 Trump Tax Plan May Hit WNY Taxpayers

The argument that tax cuts pay for themselves has been debunked by economists from across the political spectrum. Without greater detail from the White House , that's impossible to verify. Still, "I would never, ever bet against this president". Vir Das Takes Conon O'Brain's Stage, Calls Trump America's "Arranged Marriage" And People Are Loving It! "He understands that there are a lot people who work hard and feel like they're not getting ahead".

Global Media China criticizes North Korea, praises U.S. on nuclear issue
Author: 0 China criticizes North Korea, praises U.S. on nuclear issue

Regarding the matter, China's Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang said the Korean public does not need to worry about the remark, while avoiding to give clear explanations about the two leaders' conversation. There are fears a misstep by the North or US President Donald Trump could causes disaster. Longtime observers of the crisis are skeptical. On the diplomatic front, the White House is looking to China, North Korea's primary trading partner, to turn up pressure on the north.

Global Media White House briefs senators on North Korea threat
Author: 0 White House briefs senators on North Korea threat

The decision to take the unusual step of briefing senators at the White House grounds, rather than at the Capitol, was created to convey the seriousness of the threat, the official said . Following a two-month review, the administration is said to have recently settled on its North Korea policy, dubbed "maximum pressure and engagement".

Author: 0 The Wall Vs. Obamacare Government Shutdown Showdown

And after a dispute between Mulvaney and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., the administration agreed to keep funding cost-sharing payments under the health law that go to reimburse health insurers for reducing deductibles and co-payments for lower-income people.

Author: 0 Trump Blasts Judge Who Blocked Sanctuary City Order

A Maryland judge also blocked portions of the second ban. U.S. Department of Justice spokesperson Ian Prior said in a statement that Orrick's ruling didn't prevent the federal government from enforcing rules to some grants in localities that do not cooperate with federal immigration officials.

Author: 0 Netanyahu cancels meeting with German minister after dispute

He had been scheduled to meet Netanyahu on Tuesday until word of his meeting with Breaking the Silence reached the Israeli prime minister's ears. Netanyahu canceled the scheduled meeting with Sigmar Gabriel, as the latter announced that he would meet with rights groups that criticize Israel's practices against the Palestinians.

Author: 0 Kim Jong Un, North Koreans celebrate birthday of country's founder

The United States has recently stated several times that they are considering all possible options for action in relation to the DPRK . A North Korean foreign minister vowed the isolationist country "will go to war" if the USA provokes it, as the world watched to see if dictator Kim Jong Un will launch another provocative nuclear test today to commemorate his grandfather's birthday.

Author: 0 US criticizes Turkey for striking Kurds in Iraq, Syria

Turkish officials said two Turkish security posts were attacked and that Turkish forces had responded. "We have expressed those concerns to the government of Turkey directly". He said Turkey had exercised its right to self-defense as stipulated in Article 51 of the UN Charter. Turkey has called on the end support for Syrian Kurdish groups including the YPG, saying it's an affiliate of the Kurdistan Workers' Party or PKK, which is considered a terrorist organization not only ...

Author: 0 White House readies order to quit NAFTA: administration official

President Donald Trump has agreed not to pull out of the North American Free Trade Agreement . CBS News reported earlier Wednesday that an executive order had been under consideration that would have withdrawn the US from NAFTA. Some were gunning for Trump to sign a draft order this week, while others were weighing the complications surrounding withdrawing from or renegotiating the deal without Congress fully onboard.

Global Media Trump tax plan could provide big boost for MLPs
Author: 0 Trump tax plan could provide big boost for MLPs

President Trump on Wednesday unveiled a tax cut proposal that would cap the tax rate for businesses who file their taxes through their owners' personal income tax, such as owner-operator truckers, at 15 percent. "I can't comment on the president's tax situation", he said, "because I don't have access to that". Trump's plan would help pay for lower individual tax rates by eliminating deductions, exemptions and credits.

Global Media Air China resumes booking flights to North Korea
Author: 0 Air China resumes booking flights to North Korea

Pyongyang's forces reportedly held its largest military drill as a show of strength against the US and South Korea's increasing pressure. In the past two weeks, Trump has ordered high-powered USA military vessels, including an aircraft carrier, to the region in a show of force to deter North Korea from more nuclear and missile tests .

Author: 0 Mourinho challenges his players ahead of Manchester Derby

Manchester United would have been title contenders if Jose Mourinho had signed Jermain Defoe, according to Lee Sharpe. "If they finish third and we finish fourth they are above us, but it means a lot". After Sunday's 2-0 win over Burnley , Mourinho said the pair should make themselves available for tonight - and has now branded them too "cautious".

Author: 0 Trump administration to brief full US Congress on North Korea policy

With each provocation, North Korea jeopardizes stability in Northeast Asia and poses a growing threat to our Allies and the US homeland. Which ones the president chooses - and when - will reflect "how the situation develops in the future". Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and Gen. Joseph Dunford , chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will also attend. But it was implied.

Author: 0 Hold missile defense drill in Sea of Japan

Tests often come in somewhat predictable cycles, says Lee, timed to capitalize on geopolitics or fall near holidays to take advantage of nationalist fervor. mission said Wednesday the nation would react to "a total war" with Washington by using nuclear weapons. The submarine arrived on the same day North Korea celebrates the anniversary of the founding of its military.

Author: 0 GE2017: Jeremy Corbyn attacks Tories over housing crisis

But Starmer said that May's Brexit vision was "reckless" and that the June 8 election was fundamentally a vote on what kind of Brexit the British people wanted. Defending his party's record, housing minister Gavin Barwell cited figures from the NHBC showing a rise in new home registrations during the first quarter of 2017.

Global Media After calls, Trump not to ditch NAFTA, yet
Author: 0 After calls, Trump not to ditch NAFTA, yet

One of these things ... is not like the other. In fact, Canada is one of the few nations that we enjoy a trade SURPLUS with, exporting $337.3 billion worth of goods and services, versus imports of $325.4 billion ... At a meeting with United States' farmer and agricultural leaders, President Trump said that people do not realize that Canada has been very rough on the United States.

Global Media U.S. moves missile defense system to SKorea
Author: 0 U.S. moves missile defense system to SKorea

With each provocation, North Korea jeopardizes stability in Northeast Asia and poses a growing threat to our Allies and the USA homeland. (Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Z.A. Though it has warned "all options are on the table", Trump's administration said on Wednesday it aimed to push North Korea into dismantling its weapons programmes through tougher sanctions and diplomatic pressure, and it remained open to talks.

Author: 0 China launches first home-built aircraft carrier:boosting military presence

At present, the main hull of this aircraft carrier has been completed and the main system devices including power supply have been installed in place. The South China Morning Post related China's declaration that the new ship will "enhance global security", including security for China's all-important New Silk Road trade route.

Author: 0 Former 'Bachelor' Chris Soules Arrested After Deadly Car Crash

It's disappointing for them to hear that this reality star allegedly chose to leave the scene of an accident that led to someone's death. The sheriff's office isn't releasing additional information at this time. His preliminary hearing is set for 1:30 P.M. on May 2. March 18, 2001: Soules was found guilty of failing to maintain control of his vehicle and paid a fine.

Author: 0 'Wild-card' Sharapova set for Stuttgart return post doping ban

I spent a lot of time in the gym and then I moved on to the court before I started playing matches in the last few weeks. She will play Italy's Roberto Vinci in what will be her first competitive match since the Australian Open a year ago.

Author: 0 South Korea, US warn of punishment for North Korea; US stresses sanctions

The US and South Korea argue that the THAAD is aimed at countering missile threat from North Korea. Lavrov voiced what he said was Russia's "profound concern" over both the "ongoing implementation of Pyongyang's missile and nuclear programs, and the disproportionate expansion of military activity of the United States and its regional allies under the pretext of a North Korean threat".

Global Media Police, protesters clash ahead of Le Pen rally
Author: 0 Police, protesters clash ahead of Le Pen rally

The two-round presidenti. The first round of the French election will be held this Sunday April 23. The outcome of the Sunday vote is highly uncertain, with the top four candidates all expected to be contenders for a top-two spot. Some Socialist heavyweights are joining him at the event, though others are urging voters to choose centrist independent Emmanuel Macron instead. Legal cases, charges, so-called secret cabinets ,” said Hollande, who opted past year not to seek a second term as ...

Author: 0 US Begins THAAD Missile System Installation In South Korea

North Korea conducted what it labeled the " largest ever " live-fire exercise on Tuesday, firing artillery, rockets, and torpedoes at mock enemy warships off the coast of Wonsan. A USA pre-emptive attack isn't likely, American officials have said, and the Trump White House has settled on a strategy of increasing pressure on North Korea with the help of China.

Global Media Le Pen promises to suspend all immigration if elected
Author: 0 Le Pen promises to suspend all immigration if elected

However, the very far-left of center candidate, Mr. Melenchon has risen sharply in the polls , and even Mr. Fillon ... our preferred candidate who had seen his campaign implode around him following the "Penelope-gate" scandals regarding payments made to his wife, Penelope , for work she apparently did not do...has had his numbers increase to the point where the differences between the top candidate and #4 are now less than 5 points.

Author: 0 Death toll in Turkish raids on Syria Kurds hits 28: Monitor

Hundreds of mourners in Syria's capital have taken part in the funeral procession for more than 50 people killed in a auto bomb attack that targeted government supporters being evacuated from a besieged area. Turkey's army yesterday said that the YPG had launched fresh mortar attacks from Afrin, northern Syria , on a border security post in Hatay, southern Turkey, which it responded to "in legitimate defence".

Author: 0 Arsenal in touch with top 4 after beating ailing Leicester

The Gunners struggled to find the break through and needed an own goal via Robert Huth to wrap up all three points. Leicester can only partially clear Sanchez's cross, the loose ball falls to Monreal whose half-volley takes a wicked deflection and flies past Schmeichel! Arsenal moved up into 6th place following their 1-0 victory and are now six points behind third placed Liverpool.

Author: 0 Trump team softens war talk but vows other pressure on North Korea

The United States may need to strengthen its missile defenses, particularly in Hawaii, given the advancing threat from North Korea's missile and nuclear weapons programs, the top US commander in the Pacific told Congress on Wednesday. During their last summit in Laos, the 10 Asean leaders said they were concerned over nuclear tests, ballistic missile launches and submarine ballistic missile conducted by North Korea between January and August past year.

Author: 0 After Whirlpool battle, Le Pen and Macron clash over fish

President Vladimir Putin granted an audience to Le Pen in the Kremlin last month, bestowing a level of global recognition that had until then eluded her in the countdown to the election. French judges requested her immunity be lifted at the end of March over claims of undue payments to members of her National Front (FN) party. "Mrs Le Pen came to take selfies for 15 minutes and then she was gone", Macron told a packed rally later in the nearby town of Arras.

Author: 0 From the European Union to Trump, the world reacts to French vote

Macron however defended the celebration saying that his guests at the celebration were mostly campaigners who deserved a night out after a year of hard work. This judgment of Mr Macron is still strongly felt among numerous Mr Sarkozy-faction on the right-wing of The Republicans though others, loosely represented by more moderate ex-prime minister Alain Juppe, have suggested they may choose to join in a majority of support for Mr Macron.

Author: 0 More US Troops Heading for Afghanistan after Massacre?

US State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the Afghan defence minister and his army chief resigned in the wake of the attack. Mattis, who has previously served with the U.S. The Taliban claimed the attack in a statement sent to media on Tuesday. He said he considered to step down so that the way is paved for the others to come, emphasizing that the youths of the country are strong and can tackle the threats posed by the insurgents and terrorist groups.

Global Media UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall to stand in General Election
Author: 0 UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall to stand in General Election

Asked if he would remain leader if he fails to get elected to the House of Commons on June 8, he said other Ukip leaders "have done quite well not being in Parliament haven't they?" Mr. " It is a bit like the Gandhi thing - first they laugh at you , then they attack you, and then you win". The Liverpudlian has had to overcome a series of awkward gaffes since taking over as UKIP leader in November.

Global Media North Korea prepares for battle with US
Author: 0 North Korea prepares for battle with US

Navy via AP). Harris said that he takes Kim Jong Un at his word when he threatens US targets. Harris' testimony comes ahead of two congressional briefings on North Korea Wednesday afternoon, where Defense Secretary James Mattis, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen.

Global Media Corbyn might not do TV debates if May declines them
Author: 0 Corbyn might not do TV debates if May declines them

But we do not accept that Brexit has to mean whatever (Prime Minister) Theresa May says it means. "If the polls are right, we know who's going to be Prime Minister on 9 June". Elsewhere, Labour will make the NHS the focus of their day of campaigning, with shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth set to promise to lift the 1% cap on pay rises for "undervalued" health service workers.

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