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Author: 0 Trump leaves door open for military action against North Korea

However, both US and South Korean officials said the test, from an area north of the North Korean capital, appeared to have failed, in what would be the North's fourth straight unsuccessful missile test since March. The two countries have had a security alliance since the 1950-53 Korean war, and more than 28,000 United States troops are stationed in the South. Then came Secretary Tillerson's eye-opening announcement that the Trump administration was seeking direct talks with North Korea.

Global Media Germany's Merkel begins Gulf trip with stop in Saudi Arabia
Author: 0 Germany's Merkel begins Gulf trip with stop in Saudi Arabia

ISTANBUL - An Iranian-born TV mogul who had run afoul of Iran's government was fatally shot Saturday night by masked gunmen in Istanbul, media reports said. Trade and business ties will also feature in the discussion between German and Saudi officials. Still, Saudi Arabia will not request more weapons from Germany, and will concentrate instead on economic cooperation in other sectors, according to an interview in the German news magazine "Der Spiegel" published on Sunday.

Author: 0 MSDF to guard US Navy ship

Under the new legislation, Japan's SDF can provide protection for US forces in ordinary times using a limited, minimum number of weapons to the extent needed to carry out a mission. Navy's carrier strike group led by the Carl Vinson nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, which entered the Sea of Japan on Saturday. The powers also allow the military to shoot down a North Korean nuclear missile, and may allow minesweeping to take place to clear lanes for Japanese supply ships.

Author: 0 Trump promises border wall still coming at NRA summit

But negotiators rejected Trump's demands for $1 billion to begin construction of his promised wall along the length of the 2,000-mile U.S. -Mexico border, a high-profile loss on the very week Trump's White House sought to rack up accomplishments before his administration hits the 100-day mark on Saturday.

Author: 0 Mugwump: Boris Johnson recycles insult used against him by Sir Nicholas Soames

Johnson said that MPs will not necessarily have the vote on any proposed joint military action. The chemical attack left 80 people dead and hundreds wounded. The Liberal Democrats declined to discuss Ms Johnson's move, and foreign secretary Mr Johnson has not yet commented. "May would be wise not to use the cover of an election to push this through".

Global Media Le Pen tries to court French environmentalists
Author: 0 Le Pen tries to court French environmentalists

Hollande said abstaining would encourage Le Pen "by leading to her getting a score, in percentage terms, that she shouldn't reach". Le Pen has accused him of being hysterically European and thus by extension not a sufficiently patriotic French.

Author: 0 Israel marks somber Memorial Day for fallen soldiers

Speaking at an official state ceremony for Memorial Day at the national military cemetery at Mount Hertz in Jerusalem, the premier extended his condolences to bereaved families and extended his appreciation to all those who have contributed to Israel's continued existential fight.

Author: 0 South Korea Believes US Committed to THAAD Deal Despite Trump's Remarks

He was asked specifically what he would tell U.S. President Donald Trump, who has sent a U.S. carrier to conduct drills near the Koreas, and other leaders to try to diffuse the tensions. Seoul's presidential Blue House says White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster has confirmed that the US will not be seeking South Korean money for the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system, or THAAD, now being installed in the country's south.

Author: 0 Pentagon: Turkish airstrikes put USA forces at risk

However, the PYD and the YPG, as well as the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have been receiving support from the United States in fighting tDaesh. "We consider such actions unacceptable and going against the founding principles of worldwide relations", the Russian foreign ministry said, calling for "all sides to show restraint" and focus on fighting terrorism.

Author: 0 Chicago Bears make another trade, draft TE Shaheen

But Adair had hopes the Browns would get a whack at Mitchell Trubisky, a quarterback from Mentor leaving the University of North Carolina. Every draft is its own entity and offers its own opportunities based on the strength of a draft class.

Author: 0 Why Trump's flip on NAFTA has confused Republicans, supporters

In this case, the aim would not be so much to withdraw from NAFTA, which Trump has called a "disaster" for the USA, but rather to force Mexico and Canada to more fully engage in renegotiating the trade pact. "And they just went down the list of employers in their state, and in many cases they were foreign-owned companies that have opened manufacturing facilities in Alabama".

Global Media Trump `ready to resolve North Korea issue one way or another´
Author: 0 Trump `ready to resolve North Korea issue one way or another´

As the North approaches the capability to hit the US mainland with a nuclear-tipped missile, the Trump administration feels it is running out of time. The missile launched Saturday blew up over land in North Korean territory, said US Navy Cmdr. However, after weeks of unusually blunt military threats, the Trump administration announced this week its policy is to exert economic and diplomatic pressure with global partners to achieve denuclearization and that it is not aiming for regime change ...

Global Media Supreme Court orders medical examination of Justice Karnan
Author: 0 Supreme Court orders medical examination of Justice Karnan

The court has sought the medical report on or before May 8 and posted the contempt petition against Justice Karnan a day after. Meanwhile, the apex court has also directed all courts, tribunals, commissions across the country against considering any order passed by Justice Karnan after February 8, the date it restrained him from taking up judicial work .

Global Media Gorsuch's First Big SCOTUS Vote Cleared The Way For Arkansas Execution
Author: 0 Gorsuch's First Big SCOTUS Vote Cleared The Way For Arkansas Execution

On Thursday, after the judge's written order was filed, Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge , R filed an appeal with the Arkansas Supreme Court seeking to have it stayed . Arkansas had set up eight executions over an 11-day time period before the end of April, when its supply of one lethal injection drug expires. In recent years, state death chambers have struggled to obtain the drugs they use to execute inmates because many drug companies refuse to sell drugs for this objective.

Author: 0 Death toll rises as storms sweep across US

In Dewitt, Arkansas, a person was killed after a tree fell onto a mobile home. The body of a 72-year-old woman was recovered in Clever, Missouri, in the southwestern part of the state, after floodwaters washed away her vehicle Saturday. At least 150 roads, mostly in southern Missouri, were closed by flooding, the Missouri Department of Transportation said. Ernestine Cook of Canton inspects the damage done at a vehicle dealership after a tornado hit on Saturday.

Global Media Pence says America's 'sword stands ready' if North Korea attacks
Author: 0 Pence says America's 'sword stands ready' if North Korea attacks

The enemies of our freedom and this alliance would do well not to test the resolve of this President - or the capabilities of the Armed Forces of the United States of America and our allies. Citing the recent U.S. bombings of Syria and Afghanistan, he said: "The shield stands guard and the sword stands ready". "This is the first option although there are other options on the table", he added.

Global Media Indian mob lynches Muslims over suspected cow theft
Author: 0 Indian mob lynches Muslims over suspected cow theft

Police in the district said that by the time they reached the scene the men were already in critical condition, and were declared dead at a hospital. The Nagaon Police have detained two people in connection with the case. This is perhaps the first case of cow vigilantism reported from the northerneastern state ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party. SP Upadhay has assured that an "impartial inquiry" will be conducted into the incident.

Global Media Poonch ceasefire violation: Two Indian soldiers killed in Pak firing
Author: 0 Poonch ceasefire violation: Two Indian soldiers killed in Pak firing

More details to follow. Pakistani troops started firing heavily at BSF posts along the LoC in Poonch district's Krishna Ghati sector at 08:30 am this morning. There were four violations of the ceasefire along the LoC in Poonch in March. "He was conveyed the Government's grave concern and strong protest at the continuing incidents of ceasefire violations by the Pakistan side at the Line of Control (LoC) and International Border (IB)".

Global Media Nearly 50 people in hospital after Texas tornado
Author: 0 Nearly 50 people in hospital after Texas tornado

Gov. Greg Abbott said Saturday that Texas Task Force 2 has been sent to help the Canton and Van Zandt areas to respond to the storms. In Texas, at least four people were killed in a series of tornadoes that left a trail of overturned vehicles, mangled trees and damaged homes.

Author: 0 Trump tells Canada, Mexico, he won't terminate NAFTA treaty: White House

They were ultimately successful, possibly because they made their argument by discussing Trump's election victory. "We very much appreciate the bipartisan support from members of Congress on this important issue". "However, there is no guarantee that we won't see a renewed protectionist lurch", particularly as warring factions close to the president jockey for advantage, the firm added.

Global Media U.S. economy expands at slowest pace in Q1 since 2014
Author: 0 U.S. economy expands at slowest pace in Q1 since 2014

In addition to weaker consumer activity, the first-quarter slowdown also reflected a cutback in restocking of store shelves. Rising inflation also cut into Americans' paychecks. "That's something we expect to continue over the next couple of years", Fed Chair Janet Yellen said. Details within Friday's report offered a mixed outlook.

Global Media Trump will zero in on trade agreements during 100th day
Author: 0 Trump will zero in on trade agreements during 100th day

President Donald Trump is marking his 100th day in office by saying he's brought — in his words — "profound change" to Washington , and he's reaffirming that "my only allegiance" is to those he governs. Trump announced this past week that he meant to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement and begin reworking a trade deal with South Korea, with which the USA has a significant trade deficit.

Global Media At 100 days in, Trump seems both outsider and insider
Author: 0 At 100 days in, Trump seems both outsider and insider

And since there is little difference between Trump's actions and Trump's gaffes, we made a decision to just give you the gaffes instead. Unless his administration can agree to extend or supplement new vocational training for unemployed miners, we're simply left with a group of our own citizens faced with a challenging transition into an intimidating job market.

Global Media Security dominates poll after Paris attack
Author: 0 Security dominates poll after Paris attack

Paris police spokeswoman Johanna Primevert told The Associated Press that the attacker targeted police guarding the area near the Franklin Roosevelt subway station Thursday night at the centre of the avenue popular with tourists. Le Pen is seen as the "hardest" on the terror threat and in recent days has switched her campaign rhetoric back to core issues of immigration and the fight against terrorism.

Author: 0 NFL DRAFT: Garrett goes 1st, then teams get offensive

Not only the players, but with a mindset that we can actually do this. The 6-foot, 185-pound Wilson, a red-shirt sophomore, was the 20th pick in the fourth round. The ineptitude that the Browns display year in and year out drafting players that never seem to pan out makes them by far the hardest team to root for in the NFL .

Global Media China launches its first domestically built aircraft carrier
Author: 0 China launches its first domestically built aircraft carrier

China now has only one operational aircraft carrier, the Liaoning , which was built more than 25 years ago by the Soviet Union. Development of the new aircraft carrier began in 2013. Besides claiming nearly the entire South China Sea, it is gradually increasing its influence in the Indian Ocean. Officials cut a ribbon, and observing a longstanding naval tradition, broke a bottle of champagne across the ship's bow.

Author: 0 Turkey threatens further strikes on US-allied Syrian Kurds

Last week, Turkey struck at YPG positions inside Syria, killing 20 fighters and media activists, according to the group, prompting Kurdish parties to call for a USA -enforced no-fly-zone over northern Syria. "But they will know that the Turkish military can come". "This needs to be stopped right now", Erdogan said. Ankara sent its troops into Syria last August in a military operation triggered in large part by the Kurdish group's expansion along its borders.

Author: 0 Storms in South and Midwest Kill 7

Melanie Espinoza Rodriguez was transported to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead, according to a second post from the department. Across the USA, 11 people have been killed by tornadoes and flooding in the Midwest and Southeast.

Author: 0 Le Pen visits French factory, Macron wins ally before runoff

But for now, let's leave that issue aside and simply note the fact that Le Pen and her followers emphasise above everything else France and French-ness. In a campaign video, Le Pen describes herself as a woman concerned about fundamental Islam in France, and as a mother anxious about the future. The tidy village of Usseau, where Macron visited farmer Patrick Moron on Saturday, gave 120 of its votes, one third of the total, to Le Pen in round one, nearly double the 66 votes it gave to Macron.

Global Media Logano pulls away to win at Richmond
Author: 0 Logano pulls away to win at Richmond

The gamble left Newman up front, but the rest of the field unchanged. "I knew (Keselowski) was so much faster than everybody, and I had to get out there as quick and as far as I could". "If you look back at our history, we always tend to see drivers in waves move in one direction so it's not uncommon to have three, four or five of your top drivers exit for different reasons in a short period of time , two years, whatever it is", he said, noting they often can do it because they have financial ...

Global Media US, South Korea reaffirm existing pact on THAAD deployment cost - South Korea
Author: 0 US, South Korea reaffirm existing pact on THAAD deployment cost - South Korea

The Blue House said in a statement Sunday that McMaster and South Korea's Director of National Security Kim Kwan Jin spoke on the phone and reaffirmed a previous bilateral deal on cost-bearing for the THAAD deployment. Meanwhile, Trump is stepping up outreach to allies in Asia to discuss the North Korean nuclear threat. But in an interview Sunday with Fox News, McMaster denied that suggestion.

Author: 0 Security Council 'mobilized' on N. Korea

In comments made to CBS's Face the Nation on Sunday evening, Trump said he had "no idea" whether Kim Jong Un was sane, and said he was "not going to be very happy" if North Korea continued missile and nuclear tests. China may not have transferred more 16-wheel TELs since 2012, but an indicator this is a deliberate Chinese policy to aid North Korea's missiles is further illustrated by the 2013 Tokjung Truck Joint Venture Company with the China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, or "Sinotruk".

Global Media Marchers use Trump's 100th day to protest climate policies
Author: 0 Marchers use Trump's 100th day to protest climate policies

About 15,000 people gathered for the afternoon march from the lawn of the US Capitol to the White House, according to an estimate by a Reuters reporter, coinciding with the end of the traditional "honeymoon" period for a new president. Climate supporters say this is more than a black and white political issue, but instead involves both sides of the political spectrum. "That means our children's children might not have a place to live that isn't polluted", said Norman Bean, one of the ...

Author: 0 Turkey has blocked access to Wikipedia

Turkey Blocks , which calls itself an independent "digital transparency project", said users in Turkey have been unable to access the free encyclopaedia since Saturday morning. Should the content be removed, the order would be lifted and access restored, it said. When accessing the online encyclopedia through Turkish ISPs, the website fails to load and users receive a " connection timed out " error.

Global Media China tried to hack THAAD-related group, firm says
Author: 0 China tried to hack THAAD-related group, firm says

THAAD is a missile defense system the U.S. is deploying in South Korea in case of an attack by North Korea. "I informed South Korea it would be appropriate if they paid". South Korea announced in July a year ago that THAAD would be deployed in the southeastern county of Seonjgu, but residents have protested, citing safety fears over the system's sophisticated radar and its potential to be a wartime target.

Author: 0 US Service Member Killed In Explosion Fighting ISIS Near Mosul

The Combined Joint Task Force has conducted 20,205 strikes in total. Far below even the most conservative death counts of multiple independent reporters in the area, the U.S. WASHINGTON: At least 352 civilians have been killed in US-led strikes against Daesh targets in Iraq and Syria since the operation began in 2014, the United States military said in a statement on Sunday.

Global Media Bottas beats Vettel in Russian GP for 1st F1 win
Author: 0 Bottas beats Vettel in Russian GP for 1st F1 win

The duo delivered an enthralling race after Bottas took the lead on the first lap .In a spectacular opening lap , Mercedes pilot Valtteri Bottas got off to the ideal start to take an immediate lead. Hamilton slipped to 13 points behind Vettel in the championship, with Bottas now only 10 adrift of the British three-time champion. "This unusual opportunity came over the winter to join this team and I have to thank the team for making this possible", he added after meeting Russian ...

Global Media Le Pen upstages rival Macron with stop at factory
Author: 0 Le Pen upstages rival Macron with stop at factory

A woman walks past electoral posters of French centrist presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron, right, and far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in Saint Jean de Luz, southwestern France, Wednesday, April 26, 2017. They will be able to take part in the second round on May 6, a day ahead of the official vote in France which will determine the country's next president.

Global Media 'Mother of all protests' in Venezuela
Author: 0 'Mother of all protests' in Venezuela

A demonstrator throws back a tear gas grenade while clashing with riot police during the so-called "mother of all marches" against Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas, Venezuela Apr 19, 2017. Tens of thousands of angry protesters converged from 26 different points spread across the capital to attempt to march downtown to the Ombudsman's office.

Global Media Merkel Regrets Cancellation of Meeting Between Netanyahu, Gabriel - Spokesman
Author: 0 Merkel Regrets Cancellation of Meeting Between Netanyahu, Gabriel - Spokesman

Gabriel did meet earlier on Tuesday in Jerusalem with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, who stated at a joint press conference with the German foreign minister that the IDF was "the most moral army in the world". Germany in March cancelled an annual meeting of German and Israeli leaders that was to take place in May amid rising frustration in Berlin with settlement activity in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Author: 0 N.Korea test-fires ballistic missile in defiance of world pressure

Trump praised Chinese leader Xi Jinping for "trying very hard" to rein in Pyongyang.But both China and Russian Federation rebuked Washington's threat of military force at a meeting of the U.N. A South Korean military official also said without elaborating that the launch was believed to be a failure. China pushed back at Tillerson's call at the UN Security Council for it to do more to rein in Pyongyang, arguing that it was unrealistic to expect one country to solve the conflict.

Author: 0 Pope Francis set to pray with Egypt's Christians

During his two-day trip meant to nurture Muslim-Christian brotherhood. Pope Francis speaks to the press from aboard his plane on April 29, 2017, on his return flight from Cairo to Rome. Pope Francis' visit comes 17 years after Pope John Paul II made a trip to the Arab world's most populous nation. In his homily, he urged them to not be hypocritical in their faith.

Author: 0 United States submarine arrives in South Korea as tensions rise

Pyongyang staged the pounding display of large caliber guns used in land warfare - perhaps a reminder that Seoul and its USA military base lies within easy reach - shortly after detaining an American teacher, the third U.S. "Our military is closely monitoring the North Korean military's movements", said the statement. And the increasingly tough U.S. rhetoric isn't helping, some experts warn.

Author: 0 May to tell Scots: Let UK and Scotland 'flourish together'

She claimed the opposition parties are lining up to "prop up" Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn - and that voting SNP puts him closer to Number 10. But Mrs May's visit underlined the size of the victory she thinks is within her grasp, with the Tories now the leading unionist party north of the border, according to polls.

Author: 0 Expert downplays North Korean threat of sinking aircraft carrier

The top naval officer in charge of the US Pacific Command said Thursday the threat from North Korea is at its highest level in history. Japanese guided-missile destroyers joined the USS Carl Vinson aircraft-carrier strike group off the Korean peninsula on Tuesday, as did the USS Michigan , a special-operations and guided-missile nuclear-powered submarine.

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