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Author: 0 The Trump Administration Is Rolling Back Obama-Era School Lunch Policies

However, Perdue announced yesterday for school years 2017-2018 through to 2020, establishments will not be required to meet the second set of targets. This is in line with SNA's Lynn Harvey, who has stated, "What we need are modest modifications to the rules that would enable us to provide foods that children like and will accept".

Global Media Eleven Syrian Kurds reported killed in clash with Turks
Author: 0 Eleven Syrian Kurds reported killed in clash with Turks

Turkey views the YPG as the Syrian extension of the Kurdish PKK group, which has waged a deadly rebellion against the Turkish state since 1984. " The border is among the areas where they operate ". The Kurdish group in Syria said that 20 of its fighters and media activists were killed in the strike, which was followed by cross-border clashes. Six militants were killed around the area of Sinat-Haftan and eight in the countryside around Adiyaman in two separate air strikes on Saturday, the ...

Global Media Asean urges N.Korea to comply with worldwide obligations
Author: 0 Asean urges N.Korea to comply with worldwide obligations

China was ready to work with ASEAN countries to implement the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC), deepen maritime cooperation, agree on a timely negotiation-based COC, and jointly maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea, Geng said .

Author: 0 Trump Campaign Says CNN Refuses to Run Ad Touting Success

CNN declined to air the ad, citing objections to the depiction of the "fake news" media. It's becoming clear that the 2020 presidential election campaign, already under way as evidenced by television ads, could very well be a war between the sitting president, Donald Trump, and the media, which he describes as "fake news" for its powerful ties to Democratic Party politics.

Author: 0 Powerful Saudi prince says no space for dialogue with Iran

Saudi Arabia and Iran compete for influence in the Middle East, also supporting rival groups in Syria's civil war. They back opposite sides in the wars in Syria and Yemen and they support political rivals in Lebanon, Bahrain and Iraq. "We are not waiting until there becomes a battle in Saudi Arabia, so we will work so that it becomes a battle for them in Iran and not in Saudi Arabia".

Author: 0 Trump to continue talking to Netanyahu about settlements - White House

It has dropped all references to the Muslim Brotherhood since Egypt and some Gulf Arab states made a decision to categorise the wider organisation as a terrorist group. Trump has voiced a desire to negotiate a peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians, but later voiced support for moving the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and said he would be happy with a two state or a one state solution.

Global Media 55 terror camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir: Government officials
Author: 0 55 terror camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir: Government officials

The DGMO conveyed to his Pakistani counterpart that "full fire" support was provided by the Pakistani Army post located close to where the incident took place. However, there was no official word on it. Quoting the intelligence reports, officials said as of now about 160 terrorists are active in the Kashmir Valley and their Pakistani handlers have instructed them to intensify attacks on security forces to keep the "pot boiling and the LoC active".

Global Media Czech prime minister announces government resignation
Author: 0 Czech prime minister announces government resignation

Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka says he can not bear responsibility for Finance Minister Andrej Babiš. Babis's centrist ANO movement leads Sobotka's center-left Social Democrats by a double-digit margin in most opinion polls. Sobotka said it is unacceptable to keep Babis at the ministerial post, as he's in a position involving interest conflict. "I have always acted in line with the law", Babis insisted Tuesday.

Author: 0 South Dakota US senators praise Perdue as ag secretary

The son of a farmer from Bonaire, Georgia, Sonny Perdue was appointed by a majority of 87-11, thanks to several Democrats who believe in his abilities and backed a Trump nominee, according to CNBC . Many farmers are relying on Perdue to revive their businesses as they are suffering a downturn in the market. Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts, the chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, said Perdue will help facilitate recovery in small American towns.

Author: 0 USA anti-missile system operational in South Korea

Despite Donald Trump's more conciliatory tone over the past few days, the notoriously secretive state has upped its nuclear tests in response to the US President's aggressive stance towards them. "Clearly, conditions are not there right now", Mr Spicer said. The newspaper added: "If the U.S. shows any slight sign of provocation, just the inter-continental ballistic rockets displayed in the April military parade will fly into the U.S.

Global Media May Day demonstrations turn violent in Northwest, dozens arrested
Author: 0 May Day demonstrations turn violent in Northwest, dozens arrested

Police said rioters set fires in the street and in garbage can, vandalized and spray-painted a police vehicle, and attempted to set at least one business on fire. Police in riot gear monitoring the protests moved in on bicycles to separate groups supporting and opposing President Donald Trump at downtown Seattle's busy pedestrian Westlake Park.

Global Media In Bid to End Isolation, Hamas Tries Out a Friendlier Face
Author: 0 In Bid to End Isolation, Hamas Tries Out a Friendlier Face

In a somewhat softer tone, Hamas dropped its wording of "destroying" Israel - for now - and said it would recognize a Palestinian state within the borders crated by the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. (1600 GMT) Monday at a five-star hotel. No recognition of the legitimacy of the "Zionist entity". Its 1988 charter calls for Israel's destruction. He further argued that about 95 percent of Israelis support the genocidal policies of their leaders against the Palestinians population, adding that hawkish ...

Author: 0 Macron, Le Pen honor slain cop as runoff campaign gathers pace

He said he chose to take a stand "in view of the extraordinary situation we're facing". French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has upstaged opponent Emmanuel Macron by making a surprise campaign stop to a home appliance factory. His attempt to portray Ms Le Pen as a wealthy warmonger came ten days before he faces her in the second round of the election. Macron, who at the young age of 39 has formerly served as a deputy secretary-general under President François Hollande's first ...

Global Media Trump invites Philippines' Duterte to the White House
Author: 0 Trump invites Philippines' Duterte to the White House

The statement did not provide details on when or if Duterte would visit Washington, but it said Trump is looking forward to his Philippines trip in November. In an attempt to extinguish the drug epidemic that has crippled his nation, the Filipino president has ordered thousands of traffickers and addicts killed in the streets, even personally admitting to taking the lives of multiple men during his time as a mayor.

Global Media Dallas paramedic shooting suspect found dead, 2nd body found
Author: 0 Dallas paramedic shooting suspect found dead, 2nd body found

The Dallas Fire-Rescue paramedic is in critical but stable condition. Rawlings said Monday said the neighbor was also in intensive care, but no further information was shared about his condition Tuesday. "There is another active shooter in Dallas ", a Dallas PD spokesman said. Dallas Police walk a neighborhood a block away from a shooting in Dallas , Monday, May 1, 2017.

Global Media PA: We Won't Pay Gaza Electricity Bill
Author: 0 PA: We Won't Pay Gaza Electricity Bill

It said this decision, if enforced, would have seriously hurt the Palestinian economy, which relies heavily on the visit of hundreds of thousands of tourism. "You can't punish the one who lives in tough conditions", Mr al-Haya said. The prisoners have issued demands ranging from better medical care to phone access.

Author: 0 How did things get so bad in Venezuela?

It was a symbolic gesture because the legislative body has no power to block a constitutional assembly. Pressured by growing social discontent, Maduro announced on Monday night that he meant to convene a national assembly to rewrite the constitution and defend the nation from what he called a coup d'état .

Author: 0 China launches first Chinese-made aircraft carrier

The new carrier, China's first indigenously-produced aircraft carrier, was officially launched at China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation's Dalian shipyard, reports China's Xinhua News Agency. The 70,000-tonne warship, decorated with red flags and ribbons, was transferred from a dry dock into the water during the launch ceremony at Dalian shipyard in northeastern Liaoning province.

Author: 0 Hamas supports Palestine with 1967 borders

Instead, it seeks to draw a distinction between political and religious struggle: "Hamas affirms that its conflict is with the Zionist project, not with the Jews due to their religion", said Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, who introduced the "political document of principles and general policies" at a press conference in Doha, Qatar, where he lives in exile.

Author: 0 Turk threatens to hit US-allied Kurds

The escalation of tensions in the border region was caused by a series of the Turkish airstrikes carried out on April 25 that hit Iraq's Sinjar region and northeastern Syria. The reported relocation comes as tensions between Turkey and Syria's Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) have been rising. Al Jazeera's Hashem Ahelbarra, reporting from Gaziantep along the Turkey-Syria border, said U.S.

Author: 0 Residents begin rebuilding after tornadoes rip through East Texas

Severe weather was expected elsewhere in the South. Parts of the Florida Panhandle could be affected by severe thunderstorms or high winds and unsafe rip currents. In middle Tennessee, powerful storms uprooted trees and damaged power lines early Sunday. Monday, the Salvation Army was expected to establish food trucks at Canton High School and the vehicle dealership at Interstate 20 and Farm-to-Market Road 17.

Author: 0 Pence says USA won't negotiate directly with North Korea -- for now

The Trump administration is working to reassure allies that the USA will do all it can to ensure North Korea stops its nuclear and ballistic missile program. will work together with South Korea to reform the agreement. "Mr. Trump, the vice president and others have all made a series of really ominous statements that would seem to indicate we're on the cusp of some kind of military action".

Global Media Planned Parenthood reopens abortion clinic in Texas
Author: 0 Planned Parenthood reopens abortion clinic in Texas

With Republicans controlling both houses and the executive branch, Democrats were still able to challenge some Trump administration initiatives in a $1 trillion budget bill that calls for increased military spending but denies funding for the wall or cuts to Planned Parenthood.

Author: 0 Erdogan rejoins Turkey's ruling AKP party after 3-year absence

Erdoğan was speaking after officially rejoining the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) as a member, in the first major change to come into effect following the controversial April 16 referendum on boosting his powers. On Saturday, President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani said that Turkey's position on a number of internal issues, such as debates on capital punishment and the arrests of journalists, was unacceptable, but expressed hope that the situation would change, and ...

Global Media N. Korea warns of nuclear test 'at any time'
Author: 0 N. Korea warns of nuclear test 'at any time'

Moon did not say when Washington and Seoul expected to complete the THAAD deployment. A spokesperson for South Korea's presidential office said on Sunday that McMaster told South Korean National Security Adviser Kim Kwan-jin in a phone call that a pre-existing funding arrangement would remain in place.

Global Media I'd be 'honored' to meet Kim Jong Un under 'right circumstances'
Author: 0 I'd be 'honored' to meet Kim Jong Un under 'right circumstances'

U.S. President Donald Trump said he would be "honored" to meet with Kim Jong-un if the circumstances were right, the first time he's given a green light to holding direct talks with the North Korean leader since assuming office. "But it also does serve potentially a little bit of coercive pressure, especially vis a vis South Korea". North Korea has accused the United States of pushing the Korean peninsula to the brink of nuclear war after a pair of strategic USA bombers flew over the area in ...

Author: 0 Conditions not right for Kim Jong Un meeting: White House

On Monday Trump had said, "If it would be appropriate for me to meet with [Kim], I would absolutely, I would be honored to do it". The US directed an aircraft carrier-led strike group to the region as well as deployed a new anti-ballistic missile system to South Korea .

Author: 0 Trump says he could meet with North Korea's leader

USA troops in South Korea confirmed Tuesday that its advanced missile defense system has been put into operation despite controversies over its deployment and cost. The North still maintains it has the technology to do so, however, and on Tuesday an anchor on North Korea's state-controlled KRT broadcaster issued a new warning to Washington .

Global Media House and Senate approve one-week government funding extension
Author: 0 House and Senate approve one-week government funding extension

This was to allow the new administration to have a role in talks. But the GOP's vote-counting team struggled to find the support needed to pass the measure, especially among centrist Republicans . Speaking to Fox News on Monday, Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway noted that "in the interim, you see other smart technology and other resources and tools being used toward border security" as Republicans in Congress identify avenues worth pursuing to achieve the president's long-term objectives.

Author: 0 Trump on Civil War: Why couldn't they have worked that out?

Trump was analogizing his insurgent 2016 presidential campaign to that of former President Andrew Jackson, whom he has praised repeatedly, when the conversation turned to the Civil War. He suggested that if Jackson had been president "a little later, you wouldn't have had the Civil War". That an estimated 750,000 died in the four-year bloodbath is proof enough that "that one [could] not have been worked out".

Global Media Trump to speak by phone with Putin on Tuesday - White House
Author: 0 Trump to speak by phone with Putin on Tuesday - White House

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russia's President Vladimir Putin (centre) and French President Francois Hollande attend a meeting on resolving the Ukraine crisis at the Kremlin in Moscow , February 6, 2015. But President Putin equally needs Mrs Merkel's support in to lift the EU's sanctions, our correspondent adds, and is keen to hear her view of US President Donald Trump, whom she recently met.

Global Media Official says Israel failed to establish alternative negotiation channel for hunger strikers
Author: 0 Official says Israel failed to establish alternative negotiation channel for hunger strikers

A social media campaign called #saltwaterchallenge or #تحدي_مي_وملح, launched by Palestinians which highlights the plight of more than 1,500 hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails has gone viral. The prisoners are demanding a variety of things, including better medical care and phone access. Around 500 are being held under Israel's system of administrative detention, which allows for imprisonment without charge.

Author: 0 Warming US ties with Kurds stoke Turkish border tensions

Video from northern Syria shows the USA patrols parked alongside Kurdish units flying the YPG flag. The YPG is distrusted by Turkish-backed anti-government forces in Syria, who say the group is an ally of President Bashar al-Assad's government.

Global Media Mourinho happy with United players after draw
Author: 0 Mourinho happy with United players after draw

In his post-match press conference after Sunday's 1-1 stalemate with Swansea, though, Mourinho delivered a positive update in regards to his midfield selection, as he battles an injury crisis. But when you give everything I can not demand more . The Red Devils were dealt a blow in their pursuit of a top four position after dropping points against Swansea in a match that many expected Jose Mourinho's side to comfortably win.

Author: 0 EPA chief: Agency to reconsider methane emissions rule

He met with residents and toured the complex where evacuations began past year. Some 330 were living there when the mayor called last summer for residents to be relocated. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt speaks Wednesday after meeting with residents in East Chicago. However, some advocates and local residents who protested ahead of Pruitt's visit questioned his motives.

Author: 0 Israel to Admit Hamas' Transformation in Case of Cessation of Aggressive Actions

The resistance to occupation, by all means and methods, is a legitimate right guaranteed by divine laws, customs and global laws. According to item 18 in the new charter , "the following are considered null and void: the Balfour Declaration, the British Mandate Document, the UN Palestine Partition Resolution, and whatever resolutions and measures that derive from them or are similar to them".

Global Media Outsider Macron, Le Pen face-off in French second round
Author: 0 Outsider Macron, Le Pen face-off in French second round

The wily campaign move, which French television news channel BFM broadcast live, had the immediate effect of stealing Mr Macron's thunder. "They were patting themselves on the back with the whole celeb crew", Le Pen remarked while visiting a wholesale market near Paris on Tuesday.

Author: 0 Trump to NRA: You've Got a Friend in Me

Playing to the political interests of the NRA crowd, Trump outlined a series of actions he's taken that he said were created to protect gun rights, such as nominating Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Have a terrific weekend. "She's totally for the NRA and the Second Amendment, so get out and vote", Trump encouraged the audience. Trump's administration, along with other Republican lawmakers like Senators David Perdue of Georgia and Ted Cruz of Texas, ...

Author: 0 Ivanka Trump booed as she defends her father's stance on women

Ivanka did not mention the infamous Access Hollywood video that leaked with Mr. Trump telling Billy Bush he could grab women by their private parts since he was famous. Before this, however, she riled the audience by deflecting some of the blame for the scandal towards journalists. Trump was invited to attend the summit as a senior White House official by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Author: 0 Showtime to air Stone interviews with Vladimir Putin

Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb". Mrs Merkel said she was confident that Germany could weather any disinformation campaign targeting its upcoming election. "We've heard some very negative reports about how homosexuals are treated in Chechnya, and I asked Mr. Putin to use his influence to ensure the rights of such minorities", Merkel told reporters after meeting with Putin, according to a translation.

Author: 0 UT Student Arrested in Deadly Campus Stabbing Spree

All the victims were found in about a one-block area and were men aged 20 or 21, police said. The school also increased patrols by campus police and security. The Graham Independent School District in Texas posted a notice grieving the loss of Harrison Brown, who graduated from the high school in 2016. Police and medical teams attend a victim in a stabbing spree at the University of Texas.

Global Media Palestinians say 3 wounded at protests for prisoners
Author: 0 Palestinians say 3 wounded at protests for prisoners

Observers say the changes don't appear to go far enough to break Hamas' isolation. The Gulf Arab sources said Hamas , which has controlled the Gaza Strip since 2007, will say in the document that it agrees to a transitional Palestinian state along the borders from 1967, when Israel captured Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem in a war with Arab states.

Author: 0 President Trump open to meeting with North Korea leader

He said that, if the North continues to conduct provocations, such conditions will never be cleared. Under former U.S. President Barack Obama, bilateral ties between Washington and Manila plunged to historic lows as Washington lashed out at Manila's efforts to stamp out illegal drugs, in a ruthless campaign that includes extrajudicial killings.

Author: 0 Clinton Blames 2016 Loss On Comey Letter, Russian Interference - And Herself

Clinton, the first female presidential candidate nominated by a major party, also partly blamed misogyny for her loss. But the former Democratic nominee also blamed Russian interference in the USA election and the release just before the election of a letter by the FBI director, James Comey, pertaining to the investigation into her emails, saying such factors deprived her of an otherwise expected victory.

Global Media #IAmLinda: Encounter with voter turns into social media snafu for B.C
Author: 0 #IAmLinda: Encounter with voter turns into social media snafu for B.C

Clark referred to NDP finance critic Carole James' comment the previous day that the revenue of more than $1 billion a year would be shifted to the "progressive" tax system. No, British Columbia does not have Canada's lowest middle-class taxes . Clark, whose Liberal party is trailing the opposition New Democratic Party in polls a week before the election, last week called on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to ban thermal coal exports through British Columbia.

Author: 0 Thai prime minister accepts Trump's invitation to visit US

Asked if the rare Chinese naval visits were a sign that Duterte was backing away from Washington , Department of National Defence spokesman Arsenio Andolong said: "We are not veering away from the USA but rather we are expanding our relations with our fellow nations in the global community".

Author: 0 Dogfish Head founder clinches James Beard award

His Miller Union was in the running this year as a Beard finalist for Outstanding Wine Program . Clevenger opened Upperline in 1983 and, though never a chef, she has become the personification of her restaurant. Grueneberg took home the prize for Best Chef Great Lakes, and along with Rick Bayless, was one of only two Chicago winners. Hannah called out Cure - "My Nola homeboys, I love you guys" - in his acceptance speech.

Author: 0 US Bomber Flights Push Peninsula To Brink Of Nuclear War: North Korea

Trump's comment about meeting Kim comes as tensions have risen in recent months between the United States and North Korea as Pyongyang has sought to advance its nuclear and ballistic missile programs and Washington has made a show of force in the region to deter their use.

Author: 0 Ivanka Trump Denies Merkel Using Her to Get Close to Her Father

Donald Trump and Melania Trump attend Radio City Music Hall Restoration Grand Opening on 4th October, 1999. "It has been a little under 100 days, and it has just been a remarkable and incredible journey". But that doesn't necessarily mean she's not making her views heard. Ivanka Trump visited a Holocaust memorial in Berlin, hours after she was booed at the G20 women's summit in the German capital for defending her father's record on advocacy for women's rights.

Global Media Paramedic shot in Dallas; police
Author: 0 Paramedic shot in Dallas; police "pinned down" by gunfire

This shooting occurred just down the street from a Dallas Fire-Rescue training center, a sprawling facility with classrooms, offices, simulators and a driving course. WFAA is reporting that police have surrounded a home on Reynolds Avenue in East Dallas . The unidentified fourth person, a Dallas citizen, also was seriously wounded and taken to the hospital.

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