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Author: 0 U.S. Says THAAD Missile System In South Korea Is Now Operational

Yonhap, in another story, questioned whether Trump's comments on Kim might be a strategy to justify future USA moves to strengthen pressure against North Korea . Pottinger said there were other "disturbing" explanations: that it wants the weapons "as an instrument of blackmail to achieve other goals, even including perhaps coercive reunification of the Korean Peninsula one day".

Global Media 'Major incident' after gas leak at oil refinery
Author: 0 'Major incident' after gas leak at oil refinery

The incident forced the evacuation of non-essential staff and the closure of local roads. The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service sent eight vehicles to the scene to support the energy giant's on-site fire engines. Workers arriving at the plant for their shift were greeted by road closure signs. "A full investigation into the cause of the incident is under way".

Global Media Plagiarism or a 'wink'? Le Pen's copied speech targets right
Author: 0 Plagiarism or a 'wink'? Le Pen's copied speech targets right

She has denounced the effects of globalization on the French economy and culture. Ms Le Pen mentioned France's "three maritime borders" with the English Channel, North Sea and the Atlantic. Legislative elections are in June, and whoever is president will depend on lawmakers to implement an agenda. The moderate CFDT union marked the May Day holiday with a small Paris rally against Le Pen, leader of the National Front party.

Global Media Hailee Steinfeld Is Not Dating Justin Bieber, Contrary to Reports
Author: 0 Hailee Steinfeld Is Not Dating Justin Bieber, Contrary to Reports

TMZ reports that the "One Less Lonely Girl" singer is now dating Pitch Perfect (2012) actress Hailee Steinfeld. Instead, she's supposedly still dating her non-famous boyfriend, Cameron Smoller . Earlier this week, Smoller shared a sweet photo with Steinfeld on his Instagram account, adding three red rose emojis. He also reportedly met up with her after she attended the Met Gala on Monday.

Author: 0 Japan sends warship to escort US supply vessel in Pacific

The North has been conducting missile and nuclear weapons related activities at an unprecedented rate and is believed to have made progress in developing intermediate-range and submarine-launched missiles. But eventually, he'll have good missiles". "I don't see this happening anytime soon". Trump also called North Korea's leader "a pretty smart cookie" for being able to hold onto power after taking over at a young age.

Global Media AMA Highlights May as Motorcycle Awareness Month
Author: 0 AMA Highlights May as Motorcycle Awareness Month

BikeSafe North Carolina invites motorcyclists to participate in a free "Rider Skills Day" class that offers an assessment of current driving skills and provides advice to help make their experience as a motorcyclist safer and more enjoyable.

Author: 0 Bachelor Chris Soules Allegedly Kills Farmer in Fatal Hit and Run

The accident happened about 15 miles south of Soules' farm in Arlington. The 35-year-old has been accused of leaving the scene of an accident, and was later arrested on Tuesday morning, April 25. According to the Buchanan County Sheriff's Office , Soules was uninjured in the accident and left the scene of the accident prior to law enforcement arrival.

Author: 0 Setting aside human rights, Trump courts Asian leaders

Back in December, Duterte claimed that Trump praised him for his stance on drugs in a phone call . In the name of a "war on drugs", Mr. Duterte's regime has killed over 7 ,000 people using police hit squads to murder suspected drug dealers and users.

Author: 0 Thousands of people in U.S. rally against Trump, for workers

And she offered a pointed message to President Trump: "Stop bullying immigrants". The demonstrations on May Day, celebrated as International Workers' Day, follow similar actions worldwide in which protesters from the Philippines to Paris demanded better working conditions.

Author: 0 President Trump believes United States needs 'shutdown'

The solution, he said , was either to elect more Republican senators in 2018, the next midterm elections, "or change the rules now to 51%". After Trump tweeted that "our country needs a good shutdown in September", he got backup this morning from his own budget chief.

Global Media At White House, Abbas to ask Trump to back Arab peace plan
Author: 0 At White House, Abbas to ask Trump to back Arab peace plan

At a press conference in Doha , where he lives in exile, the Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal also stressed a change in approach to the Jewish faith. The new document does not contain an explicit call for Israel's destruction, but says Hamas " rejects any alternative to the full liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea".

Global Media Man killed roommate, then shot neighbor, paramedic
Author: 0 Man killed roommate, then shot neighbor, paramedic

Dallas' mayor says two bodies have been found in a local home, including the body of a person suspected of shooting a paramedic. Authorities are scouring a Dallas neighborhood for a suspect after a paramedic and a civilian were shot. The shooting happened near the Dallas Fire-Rescue's Dodd J. Miller Training Center, about a quarter-mile south of Interstate 30. "Our prayers go out to all those affected by today's tragic events", Abbott said.

Author: 0 Donald Trump: Our country needs a good 'shutdown'

Trump said at almost every campaign stop previous year that Mexico would pay for the proposed 2,000-mile border wall, a claim Mexican leaders have broadly rejected. say, 'Hey, we won". " President Trump may not like what he sees in this budget deal, but it's risky and irresponsible to respond by calling for a shutdown".

Author: 0 China reiterates opposition to THAAD anti-missile system in South Korea

In response, North Korea issued a chilling warning and claimed the bombers conducted " a nuclear bomb dropping drill against major objects " in its territory. The Musudan is the most advanced of North Korea's missiles tested to date, but it has failed six out of eight times, NBC reported , adding one top Central Intelligence Agency analyst joked it "comes equipped with its own fire extinguisher".

Global Media Trump Campaign Accuses CNN of 'Censorship'
Author: 0 Trump Campaign Accuses CNN of 'Censorship'

Trump has frequently sparred with the media both during his campaign and since taking office. Is this eight-dimensional chess or did they really think CNN was going to run an ad asking its own viewers to treat unflattering coverage of the White House as "fake news"? CNN requested that the advertiser remove the false graphic that says the mainstream media is 'fake news.' The mainstream media is not fake news, and therefore the ad is false.

Global Media US missile defence system now ready to defend South Korea
Author: 0 US missile defence system now ready to defend South Korea

At the same time as being very aggressive on the military front trump has praised North Korea's Kim Jung-un, even offering up the idea of a meeting. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) on Tuesday urged Japan to seek a peaceful solution to the crisis on the Korean Peninsula. She says North Korea won't give up nuclear weapons to avoid sanctions because the regime started nuclear testing after sanctions began.

Global Media US needs September 'shutdown' to fix Senate 'mess'
Author: 0 US needs September 'shutdown' to fix Senate 'mess'

McConnell has said he's not inclined to change Senate rules on the filibuster and legislation, something that has been echoed by other Republicans. "The Democrats didn't tell you that", Trump said. Democrats quickly pounced on Trump's call for a "good shutdown" in the fall. After Trump's fellow Republicans in Congress jettisoned his promise to build a border wall and cut environmental spending, the embattled president lashed out, saying maybe the government should not be funded at ...

Author: 0 The Simpsons parody Trump's first 100 days in office

The clip shows an animated Trump in bed at the White House counting up accomplishments as president, like lowering his golf handicap and increasing his Twitter following. The video ends with Homer and Marge taking pills to cope. It was not the first time " The Simpsons " foreshadowed a Trump presidency. Grampa Simpson is taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, declaring he is being taken back to where he came from, though he doesn't quite remember where that is.

Global Media Trump pledges fealty to NRA gun lobby
Author: 0 Trump pledges fealty to NRA gun lobby

The NRA said Thursday that they made the right choice by endorsing Trump. As you may know, the Obama administration was actually a tremendous boon to the gun industry. President Donald Trump is reviving what has been called a racist insult against Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren could run against him in 2020.

Author: 0 US Says THAAD Missile System In South Korea Is Now Operational

But the U.S. State Department says the exercises are "defense-oriented" and nothing new. On Friday, President Trump said , "We could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea, absolutely" - although he also said the USA would prefer to handle the crisis around North Korea's nuclear program by diplomatic means, and with China's help.

Global Media Terror suspect linked to Paris attacks surrenders to police
Author: 0 Terror suspect linked to Paris attacks surrenders to police

The attack comes three days before the first round of France's tense presidential election. Trump wrote Friday morning. "And that there was a concern that an attack was being planned to coincide with the French election". "Islamism is a monstrous totalitarian ideology that has declared war on our nation, on reason, on civilisation", the Front National leader said in Paris .

Author: 0 Trump, Putin signal new effort to cooperate on Syria

Related: What is Russian Federation saying about the USA attack on Syria? The big points of dispute here relate to ongoing war in eastern Ukraine and Russia's support of Syrian leader Bashar al Assad. Mr Trump's latest positive overtures towards Russian Federation come amid ongoing controversy over alleged collusion between his election campaign team and the Kremlin.

Author: 0 Trump suggests Republicans use 'nuclear option' to pass laws

If it takes a shutdown , then that's what it takes". I think they expected us to govern. Describing the work on Capitol Hill that went into the temporary spending pact, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer told reporters: "Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate were closer to one another than we were to the president on so numerous different issues".

Author: 0 White House: Trump Still Committed to $1T Infrastructure Plan

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, has argued for keeping all options on the table, including a gas tax increase that would be offset by tax reductions in other areas of state government. President Trump has compared the state of USA infrastructure to that of the third world and said his infrastructure plan is almost completed which envisages a $1 trillion spend over 10 years.

Author: 0 Trump open to raising gas tax to pay for infrastructure

By increasing fuel taxes by 35 cents a gallon and indexing them to inflation, the federal government would raise an additional $473.6 billion over the next decade, according to the staff of the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation. Instead, it gives massive tax relief to - I hope you're sitting down - corporations and the rich. The president called first-quarter economic growth, which the Commerce Department said declined to a 0.7 percent annual rate, "really bad".

Global Media Israel strikes Syrian arms depot near Damascus airport
Author: 0 Israel strikes Syrian arms depot near Damascus airport

As per the media of Israel, they were storing weapons for the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. That depot, they said , was used by Hezbollah - jihadis backed by the Syrian regime. "It is necessary to respect the sovereignty of Syria and refrain from actions that lead to increased tensions in the region", he said. On Wednesday, Israel's Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman discussed the situation in Syria with Russia's defense and foreign ministers during a conference in Moscow, the ...

Author: 0 MCD Results: Victory to BJP, AAP on distant second and congress desolated

According to the Delhi State Election Commission, the BJP swept the municipal polls winning 181 seats, the AAP got 48 seats, while the Congress was restricted to just 30. Unable to accept its defeat, the AAP has alleged widespread tampering of EVMs in favour of the BJP. He said that Kejriwal's stand on the surgical strikes was wrong.

Author: 0 Merkel meets with Putin on rare Russian Federation visit

Yet Trump has continued to hold out the prospect of a stronger relationship with Russian Federation, which was a cornerstone of his foreign policy platform as a presidential candidate. Putin and Merkel last met in Germany in October for talks aimed at reviving the stalled peace process in eastern Ukraine. However, the meeting will focus on the key global issues.

Global Media Nashville Tops St. Louis
Author: 0 Nashville Tops St. Louis

In three games, St. Louis has given up seven against Nashville. It would be a treat if we could see them deliver on it tonight. The entire roster has to be prepared if you expect to win on the road in the playoffs - not to mention at an arena where the Blues are now 0-3 including the regular season.

Author: 0 Trump Confused About Civil War

President Donald Trump's "what if" about the idea of President Andrew Jackson preventing the Civil War is an amazingly impressive insight into American history. "That decision, theoretically opening the entire West to the possible expansion of slavery and declaring that African Americans were not and never could be citizens of the United States, in effect, ruined the last vestiges of moderation", Blight wrote in a 2010 blog post for the Washington Post.

Author: 0 Fox News co-president Bill Shine resigns

Shine, who was Ailes' right-hand man for two decades, was never accused of harassment himself. The network's general counsel, Dianne Brandi, also remains on the job, yet she has been named as a defendant in sexual harassment lawsuits and a new racial harassment suit, as well.

Global Media Chinese naval fleet starts friendly visit to Philippines
Author: 0 Chinese naval fleet starts friendly visit to Philippines

As recently as December , Duterte threatened to end his country's relationship with the USA when he believed the US had ended aid over human rights concerns . He said none of the ASEAN leaders also made reference to the arbitral ruling that voided China's expansive maritime claim. The US and other countries close to the Philippines "have an obligation to urge accountability for the victims of Duterte's abusive drug war, rather than offer to roll out the red carpet for official state visits ...

Global Media Pence Highlights US-Japan Ties in Troop Talk Aboard USS Reagan
Author: 0 Pence Highlights US-Japan Ties in Troop Talk Aboard USS Reagan

Pence made his remarks as the White House grappled with controversy over the location of the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group that U.S. Japan Economic Dialogue to achieve our vision of equal partnership", Pence said. While Pence would neither confirm nor deny that the U.S. military has the technology to sabotage a North Korean missile launch, cyber experts told CNN that the USA has the capability and could execute the action in several different ways.

Global Media President Duterte is open to joint military exercises with China
Author: 0 President Duterte is open to joint military exercises with China

Duterte suggested in a news conference Saturday that the Trump administration should back away from an intensifying standoff with North Korea, not in surrender, but to avoid risking a nuclear holocaust that could smother Asia. Officials attending the meetings said ASEAN was divided on how to address the disputes at the summit, with four countries pushing for a statement that would call out China on its land reclamation in the sea.

Global Media Madhya Pradesh to shift to Jan-Dec fiscal format
Author: 0 Madhya Pradesh to shift to Jan-Dec fiscal format

Change in the fiscal year would mean shifting the tax assessment year, changes in infrastructure, especially at the company level. "So the next budget would either be presented in December this year or January next year", he added. "The central government has not yet taken a decision on changing the financial year". "Changing to a January-December year or continuing with April-March will not make much difference in the current system".

Author: 0 Donald Trump calls Kim Jong-un a 'pretty smart cookie'

McMaster said the USA would pay for South Korea's missile defense system shortly after Trump said he thinks South Korea should pay for it. "And it also means being prepared for military operations if necessary", he said. "North Korea fired an unidentified missile from a site in the vicinity of Bukchang in Pyeongannam-do (South Pyeongan Province) early this morning", Yonhap reported , quoting a statement issued by South Korea's military.

Author: 0 US, South Korea warn defiant North against new provocation

South Korea's navy is planning to hold joint naval drills with US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson battle group, which has trained with Japanese destroyers in recent days, around the weekend. Beijing has also insisted that the deployment of the USA missile defense system THAAD, which came a step closer to full installation in South Korea on Wednesday, risks further antagonizing Pyongyang.

Author: 0 Hamas says Abbas will end Palestine cause by taking orders from Trump

Hamas also has poor relations with neighboring Egypt because Cairo believes armed militants in Gaza are assisting a deadly ISIS insurgency in the Sinai Peninsula. "Hamas advocates the liberation of all of Palestine but is ready to support the state on 1967 borders without recognising Israel or ceding any rights", Mr Meshaal said.

Author: 0 London police shoot woman, arrest six in counter-terror raid

Six people have been arrested as part of the probe, while the woman - who is also suspected of involvement -remains in a serious but stable condition in hospital. "Then on the road, close to our house, we saw she had been shot - the paramedics and ambulances that were there, they stripped off her clothing to get access to the wounded areas".

Global Media Derby 2017: 5 horses to watch in 143rd Kentucky Derby
Author: 0 Derby 2017: 5 horses to watch in 143rd Kentucky Derby

Each of the prime contenders, namely Classic Empire and Always Dreaming, gives reason for pause, while several with longer odds offer chances for big payouts. But I've never once counted him out. It wasn't wide enough that I thought we should go through, but he accelerated right through that hole. Classic Empire: The 2016 Eclipse Award champion 2-year-old obviously has the ability to win, but the path to the Derby this year has hardly been smooth.

Author: 0 Hamas rebrands itself in new manifesto, but old goals remain

The group, which controls Gaza, is due to reveal the new document in the Qatari capital Doha, where its leader Khaled Meshaal lives in exile. The group has conducted hundreds of anti-Israeli attacks, including suicide bombings, and has fought three wars with Israel since taking control of the Gaza Strip almost a decade ago.

Global Media Rights group: Syria used suspected nerve agents in 4 attacks
Author: 0 Rights group: Syria used suspected nerve agents in 4 attacks

But the Human Rights Watch report stated that "Russian forces continue to provide active military support to Syrian forces despite extensive evidence that the latter are using chemical weapons and targeting civilians". According to the group, the "widespread and systematic" nature of the attacks, as well as them being directed against civilian populations might be legally sufficient to define them as crimes against humanity .

Global Media The Trump Administration Is Rolling Back Obama-Era School Lunch Policies
Author: 0 The Trump Administration Is Rolling Back Obama-Era School Lunch Policies

However, Perdue announced yesterday for school years 2017-2018 through to 2020, establishments will not be required to meet the second set of targets. This is in line with SNA's Lynn Harvey, who has stated, "What we need are modest modifications to the rules that would enable us to provide foods that children like and will accept".

Global Media Asean urges N.Korea to comply with worldwide obligations
Author: 0 Asean urges N.Korea to comply with worldwide obligations

China was ready to work with ASEAN countries to implement the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC), deepen maritime cooperation, agree on a timely negotiation-based COC, and jointly maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea, Geng said .

Global Media Eleven Syrian Kurds reported killed in clash with Turks
Author: 0 Eleven Syrian Kurds reported killed in clash with Turks

Turkey views the YPG as the Syrian extension of the Kurdish PKK group, which has waged a deadly rebellion against the Turkish state since 1984. " The border is among the areas where they operate ". The Kurdish group in Syria said that 20 of its fighters and media activists were killed in the strike, which was followed by cross-border clashes. Six militants were killed around the area of Sinat-Haftan and eight in the countryside around Adiyaman in two separate air strikes on Saturday, the ...

Author: 0 Trump Campaign Says CNN Refuses to Run Ad Touting Success

CNN declined to air the ad, citing objections to the depiction of the "fake news" media. It's becoming clear that the 2020 presidential election campaign, already under way as evidenced by television ads, could very well be a war between the sitting president, Donald Trump, and the media, which he describes as "fake news" for its powerful ties to Democratic Party politics.