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Author: 0 Good chance for Middle East peace deal

The peace process has been stalled since 2014, and there have been no serious attempts to restart negotiations. An analyst, however, pointed to an ever widening gap between the two sides, lowering the chance of any final agreement in the short term.

Author: 0 Jordan Edwards, 15, Was Shot In Car Moving Away From Officers

Officers were called to the scene to investigate an underage drinking complaint. Originally Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber had said the officer fired after the vehicle drove "aggressively" toward him and another cop - but he later said he misspoke.

Author: 0 Saudi Arabia says Trump visit to enhance cooperation in fighting extremism

The stops were added to the front of a previously scheduled trip to Brussels and Sicily for back-to-back summit meetings held by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the Group of 7 economic powers. Saudi Arabia has been a key and long-term ally of the United States but the decision to make Riyadh Trump's first destination as president has been described as "unorthodox".

Author: 0 UNESCO Demands Israel Vacate Jerusalem as Capital on Israel's Independence Day

Late past year, UNESCO passed a series of resolutions which attempted to erase the connection of the Jewish people to the holy places in Jerusalem and to present those places as holy to Muslims only, Arutz Sheva reported . The U.S. and other countries have long maintained their diplomatic posts in Tel Aviv, and such a move to Jerusalem would likely draw global condemnation.

Global Media Rain to hit metro Detroit hard over the next few days
Author: 0 Rain to hit metro Detroit hard over the next few days

Highway 24, the weather service said. The rain gauge at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport measured 1.49 inches of precipitation from 9 p.m. Sunday afternoon and evening could bring thunderstorms packing hail, gusty winds, lightning and locally heavy rain . A Flash Flood Watch is in effect for the entire viewing area for Wednesday through Thursday .

Global Media Trump's Budget Bill Passes the House With Just 16 Democrats Voting No
Author: 0 Trump's Budget Bill Passes the House With Just 16 Democrats Voting No

President Donald Trump tweets he's working out of his New Jersey golf club to avoid disrupting Manhattan traffic and to save taxpayer money. The measure is the product of weeks of Capitol Hill negotiations in which Democrats blocked Trump's most controversial proposals, including cuts to domestic programs backed by both parties and new steps to punish so-called sanctuary cities.

Author: 0 Interior IDs 27 monuments for possible end to protections

U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will begin his review of national monument designations in Utah on Sunday where some Native Americans and conservationists fear he will recommend to allow drilling and other development at Bears Ears and the Grand Staircase, which encompass over 3 million acres.

Author: 0 Tories `leading fightback against SNP´ with major gains in local elections

Under the single transferable vote (STV) system, voters are asked to rank the candidates in order of preference, with three or four councillors being elected to serve any one ward. A total of 499 independents and 148 from other parties have also registered. She issued a warning to Labour that she expects change if there is to be any co-operation.

Global Media Trump administration rolls back Obama-era school lunch rules
Author: 0 Trump administration rolls back Obama-era school lunch rules

At the same time, figures show the number of students eating lunches provided by their school is declining. A small number of schools also opted out of the program and forfeited their federal funds to set their own menus. The department will publish an interim rule to cover the regulatory changes needed to allow low-fat flavoured milk in schools. The Food and Drug Administration has chose to delay calorie labeling rules set to go into effect this week.

Author: 0 Trump basks in afterglow of health care bill win

Considering that some House Republicans voted for the new Trumpcare bill without even reading it, can we be surprised that President Donald Trump himself isn't up-to-date on the health care systems in other countries? Trump arrived in NY later than planned, delaying his scheduled meeting with the prime minister by several hours while he remained in Washington until the House of Representatives signed a pivotal health care bill that would replace the Affordable Care Act.

Author: 0 United States employers add strong 211000 jobs; unemployment 4.4%

Over the year, average hourly earnings have risen by 2.5 percent, slightly lower than the 2.7 percent growth in the previous month. While it was the weakest month for jobs since a decline in hiring in November, the labor market has averaged hiring gains of 22,000 a month over the past six months.

Global Media Trump to ease restrictions against religious groups
Author: 0 Trump to ease restrictions against religious groups

A 1954 federal law prohibits tax-exempt charitable organizations such as churches from participating in political campaigns. Trump's order theoretically opens the door for more organizations to claim similar exemptions. "America is a deeply religious country because religious freedom and tolerance of divergent religious views thrive". Earlier on Thursday, Trump said the new order would ensure the federal government did not penalize anyone for their constitutionally protected religious ...

Author: 0 US 'Not Going to Be Very Happy' If NKorea Tests Nuke

Trump replied: "I don't know". "Pyongyang also attempts to use missile tests to boost North Korean public morale, and they're often held during the country's key anniversaries". "Obviously, he's a pretty smart cookie", Trump said. "This is something that we know we can not tolerate", McMaster said. Pope Francis is warning that "a good part of humanity" will be destroyed if tensions with North Korea escalate, and he is calling for diplomacy and a revived United Nations to take the lead in ...

Global Media Trump signs spending measure keeping government open
Author: 0 Trump signs spending measure keeping government open

Trump is pressuring the House to vote on the bill this week. Democrats say House Republicans up for re-election next year will face a backlash from voters over the bill. Funding for Planned Parenthood remains untouched. Despite Trump's tweets suggesting he would be willing to let US government funding lapse later this year in an effort to pressure Democrats to agree to more of his budget priorities, top Republicans have touted this week's budget deal.

Global Media Tusk Calls For 'Moderation' Ahead Of Brexit Talks
Author: 0 Tusk Calls For 'Moderation' Ahead Of Brexit Talks

May had said some European Union officials wanted negotiations over Britain's exit from the bloc to fail, accusing them of trying to influence the outcome of the parliamentary election on June 8. The smaller pro-EU Liberal Democrats, who had been hoping to pick up some momentum for the June vote with gain in the local elections, had so far lost 29 seats.

Author: 0 UK PM May's Conservatives make gains in local elections

But the results will deepen the gloom of Labour members who believe staunchly left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn — painted by the Conservatives as a high-taxing loose spender who is weak on security — is driving the party toward resounding defeat on June 8.

Global Media Armed customer fatally shoots man who killed sports bar manager in Texas
Author: 0 Armed customer fatally shoots man who killed sports bar manager in Texas

Police said the customer had a concealed carry license and that his actions possibly saved a lot of lives. Police have heard this as well, but can not say for certain if that is the case. Jones did not know Perez, according to investigators. Police later found another pistol and two knives on Jones. "We're thankful that the good Samaritan acted quickly and decisively to end the threat", Lt.

Global Media Slager expected to plead guilty in federal court
Author: 0 Slager expected to plead guilty in federal court

Saying they were pleased that Slager admitted wrongdoing, Scott's family called for a stiff punishment when he is sentenced at a later date. The video of Scott's death, viewed millions of times online, begins after Slager caught up with the 50-year-old motorist who ran from a traffic stop.

Author: 0 Deal struck on plan for safe zones in Syria

But in a May 4 statement, the State Department said it continues to have "concerns about the Astana agreement, including the involvement of Iran as a so-called "guarantor". The three countries are sponsoring talks in the Kazakh capital Astana aimed at ending Syria's fighting. Those are the only real reasons to force Assad's air force to stay out of those areas.

Author: 0 Up Date: Hillary Rodham Clinton's e-Mail Scandal +

Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa., asked Comey if the FBI was investigating whether members of the Obama administration leaked information about the Trump team to the media. Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.) on Thursday described comments that former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton made during the 2016 campaign as "horrific" and "horrible".

Global Media ACLU won't sue over Trump's religious freedom order
Author: 0 ACLU won't sue over Trump's religious freedom order

The President also ordered the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Labor, and the Secretary of Health and Human Services to "consider issuing amended regulations, consistent with applicable law , to address conscience-based objections to the preventive-care mandate promulgated under section 300gg-13 (a)(4) of title 42, United States Code".

Author: 0 Conservatives make huge gains in United Kingdom local elections

She warned voters that 27 European Union member states were lining up against Britain to win a deal that "works for them". Electoral contests were held Thursday for local councils in Scotland, Wales and many parts of England, as well as mayoral competitions in several cities.

Author: 0 Clashes in northwest Syria after de-escalation zones take effect

The U.S. also expressed doubts, as State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said Thursday that the U.S. has “concerns” about the accord, “including the involvement of Iran as a so-called “guarantor, ” and said Russian Federation should do more to stop violence.

Global Media Rand Paul demands to know whether Obama spied on him
Author: 0 Rand Paul demands to know whether Obama spied on him

President Donald Trump accused the Obama administration in March of wiretapping Trump Tower previous year, a charge Obama and intelligence leaders in his administration consistently denied. The intelligence reports obtained by Rice, who served from 2013 to 2017, "were summaries of monitored conversations - primarily between foreign officials discussing the Trump transition, but also in some cases direct contact between members of the Trump team and monitored foreign officials", Bloomberg's ...

Global Media UK Conservatives' power base bolstered in local elections
Author: 0 UK Conservatives' power base bolstered in local elections

The Tories also won mayoral contests in the West of England and the West Midlands, where former John Lewis boss Andy Street defeated former Labour MP Sion Simon. We're now two days away from the run-off election for the French presidency, and a bit under five weeks away from the general election in Britain. Numerous gains were at the expense of UKIP, with the party losing all of its councillors in Essex and Lincolnshire - the county where leader Paul Nuttall is hoping to become an MP in next ...

Global Media Student charged in stabbing spree at UT doesn't remember attack
Author: 0 Student charged in stabbing spree at UT doesn't remember attack

Shortly after the one-year anniversary that marked the death of University of Texas student Haruka Weiser , a different student has died in a violent stabbing on campus. White had a recent arrest for driving while intoxicated and told officers he had been prescribed "happy pills", which the arrest report noted as the antidepressant Zoloft, according to Austin television station KXAN .

Author: 0 Texas House approves hotly contested property insurance claims bill

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to detain immigrants suspected of being in the country illegally - requests that immigration attorneys and even one federal court judge say are flawed, fall below the legal standard of a warrant, and are probably unconstitutional.

Author: 0 Fraternity, 18 members, charged in fatal fall

Barron says it's "numbing" to see that a risky atmosphere could occur at a fraternity that prided itself on commitment to each other and the community. A fraternity member testified that the objective of the gauntlet was to "get pledges drunk in a very short amount of time". Parks Miller said Friday that Bream said he was in his room at the fraternity house on the night of Piazza's death, but the investigation did not reveal any evidence that would result in charges.

Global Media Krauthammer Calls Republican Health Care Bill 'Cause for Celebration'
Author: 0 Krauthammer Calls Republican Health Care Bill 'Cause for Celebration'

Politically, the Democrats were crushed over six years and four elections, where as you say, they lost seats in the house, Senate, governorships, largely because of Obamacare. As for the GOP House healthcare legislation, Krauthammer said it was dead-on-arrival to the Senate "to be revived when something else comes out of the Senate and goes to the House-Senate conference committee, where they will try to work out a compromise".

Global Media N Korea's Kim a 'smart cookie' says Trump
Author: 0 N Korea's Kim a 'smart cookie' says Trump

The US says that's not going to happen, citing the need to be prepared. In the interview broadcast on CBS's Face the Nation , the president would not discuss the possibility of military action against the rogue nation, saying: 'It is a chess game .

Author: 0 Israel rebukes Sweden for supporting UNESCO resolution

Unlike previous UNESCO resolutions that ignored the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, the version that passed on Tuesday was much softer in language. "This misguided strategy undermines the UNESCO mission, and does nothing to advance the peace that the Palestinians continue to assert they desire".

Global Media China vows friendship despite North Korean media attack
Author: 0 China vows friendship despite North Korean media attack

South Korea decided a year ago to host a THAAD battery to boost defense against North Korea, but China argues that it is also aimed at Beijing . North Korea will not stop nuclear testing until it has perfected the technology to create nuclear weapons, a Chinese expert said, explaining that many obstacles lie in the way of dialogue between Pyongyang and Washington.

Global Media Georgia colleges now must implement concealed handgun law
Author: 0 Georgia colleges now must implement concealed handgun law

School presidents and police chiefs at the University System of Georgia's 28 institutions uniformly opposed the measure, warning that it would make campus security more hard. "This is a mistake", said Brian Childress, the city of Valdosta's police chief, who is anxious the new law will increase chances that students may harm themselves or someone else.

Author: 0 France presidential election campaign heats up with rallies on May Day

Florian Philippot, vice-president of the National Front, told AFP that it was "a deliberate shout out to a moving part of a speech about France made by a candidate that shows she is not sectarian". Macron, who started his own political movement just a year ago, also promised he could get a legislative majority to pass the measure and others he says France needs to pull itself from the economic doldrums.

Global Media Britain's Labour to guarantee European Union citizens' rights if wins election
Author: 0 Britain's Labour to guarantee European Union citizens' rights if wins election

Labour said on Tuesday (Wednesday NZT) it wanted to change the tone of the upcoming divorce talks with the European Union talks by immediately guaranteeing the rights of millions of European Union citizens in Britain if it won the vote. A national survey by BMG Research found 54% of those asked wanted a head-to-head TV debate of party leaders in the run up to the election on June 8, with 25% against and 21% saying they didn't know.

Author: 0 Teen's shooting first high-profile case for new Dallas DA

In a statement it released announcing the warrant, the sheriff's office cited evidence that suggested Oliver "intended to cause serious bodily injury and commit an act clearly risky to human life that caused the death". Senfronia Thompson, D-Houston, Sen. Democrats took issue with Abbott's muted response to Edward's death, especially given his more spirited response to subsequent stabbings at the University of Texas and the shooting of a Dallas paramedic.

Author: 0 Turkey, US can turn Raqa into 'graveyard' for IS: Erdogan

Just days after 20 Kurdish fighters assisting United States troops were killed by a Turkish airstrike, Trump has sent armed vehicles to the same location. "Washington was reluctant to launch the Raqa operation before Turkey's April 16 referendum to avoid potential complications with Ankara", said Aykan Erdemir, senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Global Media B.C. Voters Stand With Frustrated Woman Who Told Off Christy Clark
Author: 0 B.C. Voters Stand With Frustrated Woman Who Told Off Christy Clark

During the televised debate, Weaver hammered away at NDP leader John Horgan in a way that seemed to take Horgan aback and which showed Weaver knows full well his party's strength lies in NDP territory. Clark didn't personally go to Washington engage with Trump administration officials about the benefits of Canadian lumber. Clark says her plan is to lower or freeze taxes, while Horgan is planning is to raise them.

Global Media Donald Trump is historically unpopular as he reaches the 100-day mark
Author: 0 Donald Trump is historically unpopular as he reaches the 100-day mark

Similarly, while 41 percent of survey respondents scored Trump's first 100 days as president with an "F", 50 percent of Democrats believed that Trump's trade policies, such as eliminating unjust trade practices, would help America. "Mr President, I know you're proud of your ratings, but, um, how do I say this: it's not generally a good thing to compare yourself to 9/11", he said.

Author: 0 Syria: Explosion rocks Damascus airport

Footage purporting to show the attack was circulated online by rebel-affiliated Ghouta Media Centre. "Around 4:00 am (0100 GMT), I heard an enormous explosion", Maytham, 47, told AFP. A resident of the Dawwar al-Baytara neighbourhood in the southeast of the capital, who lives in a tower block that looks towards the airport area, said he had seen an huge fireball.

Author: 0 Dallas police fires officer for fatally shooting teen in vehicle

There have been other cases where police have been accused of trying to craft a negative narrative about a black male shooting victim in an attempt to justify the use of deadly force. Balch Springs police also detained the boys father after he showed up to the station inquiring about his sons because they claimed he displayed "hostile behavior", according to the family's attorney.

Global Media Rodents guzzle down banned liquor in Bihar, probe ordered
Author: 0 Rodents guzzle down banned liquor in Bihar, probe ordered

Police said BPMA state chief Nirmal and state secretary Shamsher Khan - both of constable rank - were arrested from New Police lines on the directive of Patna senior superintendent of police (SSP) Manu Maharaaj, who received complaints that the duo were creating nuisance under the influence of alcohol.

Author: 0 Trump moves to settle Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Standing beside Trump , Abbas later told reporters that the strategic choice to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was "to bring about peace based on the vision of the two state". policy. Palestinian officials had also expressed concern about remarks by Trump that the USA would move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Over half a million Israelis live in more than 230 illegal settlements built since the 1967 Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank, ...

Global Media Quebecers bracing for more rain and flooding in days ahead
Author: 0 Quebecers bracing for more rain and flooding in days ahead

Environment Canada issued a special weather statement for much of southern Ontario, warning of potential flooding in some areas including the Region of Waterloo and Wellington County. A state of emergency was declared in the town of Clarence-Rockland, east of Ottawa, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation televised images of flooded roads and people trying to make their way by canoe.

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