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Author: 0 European Commission trying to bully UK: Minister

But he also calls for "moderation" and not to let "emotions get out of hand" which looks like a dig at Theresa May for her highly-charged statement yesterday accusing the European Commission of interfering in the United Kingdom general election.

Global Media Prince Philip Decides To No Longer Continue Public Engagement Duties
Author: 0 Prince Philip Decides To No Longer Continue Public Engagement Duties

Prince Philip, who announced on Thursday he was stepping back from public life, has been Queen Elizabeth II's loyal consort for nearly 70 years, but has often hit the headlines for his salty off-the-cuff comments . The decision to stand down was announced by Buckingham Palace in a statement shortly after 10am. Britain's Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip stand on the balcony of Roemer townhall in Frankfurt, Germany in 2015.

Author: 0 Trump praises Australia's universal health care after Obamacare repeal

After the conversation, Trump took his frustrations to Twitter, writing , "Do you believe it?" Thursday's get-together with Turnbull was delayed because of Trump's hastily arranged White House celebration with Republicans from the US House of Representatives after they narrowly passed a healthcare bill that would repeal and replace the 2010 Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare .

Global Media Nigel Farage admits Ukip may be over in two years
Author: 0 Nigel Farage admits Ukip may be over in two years

In a statement, Nuttall said his party's candidates had worked hard but there was "nothing they could have done in the face of a big national swing to the Tories", as the Conservatives are also known. Sunday Telegraph columnist Liam Halligan told CNN that while UKIP's success had effectively pushed former Prime Minister David Cameron into calling the referendum, it now struggled to seem relevant.

Author: 0 Death count marches upward to 38 amid Venezuela unrest

Leopoldo Lopez Sr., right, father of Leopoldo Lopez, and his daughter Diana Lopez, express concern for the jailed Venezuela opposition leader in Madrid, Spain on Friday. Demonstrators blame Maduro for the country's plight and the penury of food and medicine. The move was widely seen as an effort to consolidate power for President Nicolas Maduro .

Author: 0 Newspapers review: UNESCO's resolution on Israeli policies in Jerusalem focus of dailies

In December 2016, the UN Security Council adopted a historic resolution that condemned Israeli settlement activities as a "flagrant violation of worldwide law". "This biased and blatantly deceitful decision, and the attempts to dispute the connection between Israel and Jerusalem , will not change the simple fact that this city is the historic and eternal capital of the Jewish people", Danon said.

Author: 0 Trump claims "everybody" has better health care than Americans

That was a big exaggeration. "We had a good telephone call". "It got a little bit testy ", Trump then admitted. "Wait a minute!" Sanders said, following the explosion of laughter. So keep at it. The president's comments came after he showered Mr Turnbull with praise . He added that Americans will have a "great'"system soon, referring to the just-passed House GOP healthcare bill".

Author: 0 Politicos hail Supreme Court judgement in Nirbhaya case

The crime sparked large-scale protests and led thousands of women across India to break their silence over sexual violence that often goes unreported. Nirbhaya , whose real name was Jyoti Singh, was raped on a moving bus on 16 December 2012. She died two weeks later of injuries in a hospital in Singapore, where she was taken for treatment.

Author: 0 82 freed Chibok schoolgirls to meet with Nigerian president

President Muhammadu Buhari will receive the girls on Sunday in the capital Abuja, those close to the negotiations told The New York Times . The group representing the families of the girls said they were awaiting direct confirmation from the government.

Author: 0 Iraq, US in talks to keep American troop presence after IS

The officials emphasize the discussions are ongoing. The Trump administration and the Iraqi government are in negotiations to keep USA troops in Iraq following the conclusion of the multinational campaign against ISIS, officials from both governments told the Associated Press on Thursday.

Global Media Most Americans say Trump hasn't kept campaign promises
Author: 0 Most Americans say Trump hasn't kept campaign promises

Aggregating the last 11 national surveys released between April 11-24, Real Clear Politics found that Trump's has an average approval rating of 41.8 percent while an average 52.5 percent disapprove of him. But blasting the media, and doing it on social media, is out of step with some voters, the Elon poll said. A new CBS News poll reflects opinions divided along party lines.

Global Media Became known, who headed the radical Islamist movement Hamas
Author: 0 Became known, who headed the radical Islamist movement Hamas

In the decade since, Hamas has fired thousands of rockets at civilian centers in Israel , survived three wars against the Israeli army, and, Israeli officials say, continuously built up its military force. Haniyeh has survived several Israeli assassination attempts in the past, and before becoming Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman threatened to have Haniyeh killed "within 48 hours" unless he returned the bodies of two Israeli soldiers, and two civilians who may still be alive.

Author: 0 French authorities warn against spreading leaked Macron data

PARIS , May 6 ( Reuters ) - France sought to keep a computer hack of frontrunner Emmanuel Macron's campaign emails from influencing the outcome of the presidential election, with the electoral commission warning on Saturday that it may be a criminal offence to republish the data.

Author: 0 Quick guide: How the French presidential election works

The Macron hacking announcement came just 10 days after the campaign's digital chief, Mounir Mahjoubi, said it had been targeted by Russia-linked hackers - but that those hacking attempts had all been thwarted. There appeared to be a security alert at the Louvre in Paris in the early afternoon, as police cleared journalists from an area outside the art museum's famous glass pyramid.

Author: 0 North Korea: China stomping on 'red line' in relations

It said "Kim" had been told that the best method was the use of "biochemical substances including radioactive substance and nano poisonous substance" whose results would "appear after six or 12 months". China on Friday opposed unilateral sanctions on North Korea by Washington , a day after the US House of Representatives approved a law granting more power to the executive to take such a step.

Global Media How we freed Chibok girls
Author: 0 How we freed Chibok girls

Throughout 2015, the Nigerian military announces the rescue of hundreds of people, a lot of them women and children, who have been kidnapped by Boko Haram. Some relatives did not live long enough to see their daughters released. The Sahara Reporters website quoted a source as saying the freed girls were now in the town of Banki in Borno state, awaiting an airlift.

Author: 0 82 freed Chibok schoolgirls arrive in Nigeria's capital

Here are some of the key events surrounding the Chibok crisis: April 2014: Boko Haram extremists kidnap 276 schoolgirls from Chibok in northern Nigeria, the region where the insurgency emerged several years ago. The latest negotiations were again mediated by the Swiss government and the International Committee of the Red Cross, Nigeria's government said. Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau, whose fight to create a hardline Islamic state in northeast Nigeria has left at least 20,000 dead since ...

Global Media 'Mother' should not be used to describe a bomb, says Pope Francis
Author: 0 'Mother' should not be used to describe a bomb, says Pope Francis

Paul's life story as an example of an honest, idealistic person of faith, who had been "convinced" of the rigidity of the law. "What is happening?" the pontiff asked. However, as the music became more heartfelt, the Pope admitted, "we can not fail to see fratricidal wars decimating peoples and destroying these natural and cultural resources", and the mirror splinters as two men used coarse tools to break apart bricks.

Author: 0 Turkish warplanes kill 6 Kurdish militants in northern Iraq

State Department spokesman Mark Toner on Tuesday expressed " deep concern " over the airstrikes, telling reporters that they had not been authorized by the global coalition fighting the so-called "Islamic State" (IS) militant group. The PKK is listed as a " terrorist group" by the USA, the European Union and Turkey , but only Turkey sees the YPG as a terror outfit. The U.S.

Author: 0 French Elections: Marine Le Pen Campaign Hits Back at 'Plagiarism' Accusations

Mr Macron and Ms Le Pen are going after the voters of the nine other candidates knocked out in that vote, in which France's two main parties failed to make it to the second round for the first time in the country's modern history. Le Pen, though she has not gone as far as his proposed 90 per cent tax on the wealthy. In July 2016, as Donald Trump secured his place as the Republican candidate in the U.S.

Author: 0 4 gunmen killed in Syria violence, say activists

Russia's military says the agreement setting up four de-escalation zones in Syria will go into effect at midnight. He said they would be allowed to fly only in eastern Syria over areas held by the Islamic State extremist group, apparently excluding the entire western spine of the country.

Author: 0 US, Saudi Arabia negotiating major arms deal

Senior diplomatic sources denied reports in Arab media that Israel had requested Trump to delay his visit to June instead of at the end of May as originally planned, and said it was false. "The administration has released them and they're in the process now of working on the notification to the U.S. Congress", Jubeir said. They will " discuss a range of regional issues ", including " ways to advance a genuine and lasting peace between the Israelis and Palestinians ", the White House said in a ...

Global Media US Pushes for Multibillion-Dollar Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia
Author: 0 US Pushes for Multibillion-Dollar Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia

National security advisor General H.R. McMaster said the trip would allow Trump to demonstrate that "America First (policy) is fully compatible with American leadership in the world". "The administration has released them and they're in the process now of working on the notification to the US Congress", he said. In a statement , the White House noted that the president "accepted the invitation of President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to visit Israel, where he will ...

Global Media 50000 evacuated in German city after 5 WWII bombs uncovered
Author: 0 50000 evacuated in German city after 5 WWII bombs uncovered

Authorities have also asked the residents being evacuated to turn off gas and electrical appliances in their homes. However, this is the second largest evacuation of its kind to be carried out in Germany since the war, and will affect around a tenth of Hannover's population.

Global Media 82 freed schoolgirls to meet Nigerian president
Author: 0 82 freed schoolgirls to meet Nigerian president

This second release follows an initial release of 21 girls in October of 2016. Now 113 of the girls remain unaccounted for. Boko Haram has freed several schoolgirls kidnapped from their school hostel in Chibok, Borno State. Read the full report via the Associated Press. On the night of April 14, 2014, 276 female students were kidnapped from the Government Secondary School in Chibok town, Borno State.

Author: 0 Manchin: Hillary Clinton Made 'Horrific,' 'Horrible' Comments About Coal Miners

Colbert also ribbed Comey for saying he was "mildly nauseous" for potentially upending the election. Comey also said he does not think he was inconsistent by not also disclosing that the FBI had begun a counterintelligence investigation last summer of whether some of Trump's senior aides were cooperating with Russian efforts to interfere with the campaign.

Global Media A great weekend ahead for Northeast Kansas
Author: 0 A great weekend ahead for Northeast Kansas

Western Kansas will see a south breeze for the afternoon, but it should remain under 25 miles per hour. South winds will be a little stronger at the end of the weekend, with gusts up to 25-30 miles per hour. Mother's day weekend is looking absolutely fantastic with mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the low to mid 80s! South winds will be more robust than Saturday , forecasters say, with steady breezes in the teens at times and gusts occasionally topping 25 miles an hour.

Global Media France's political mainstream urges voters to back Macron
Author: 0 France's political mainstream urges voters to back Macron

The announcement means Le Pen will still advance to the presidential run-off on May 7 with Emmanuel Macron, but not under the party's banner. Mr Macron's independent En Marche! group - which translates into English as On The Move - won 23.75% of votes in the first round, while Ms Le Pen's Front National won 21.53%.

Global Media Syria ceasefire in 4 zones to start Saturday
Author: 0 Syria ceasefire in 4 zones to start Saturday

As one rebel commander put it, " Iran is a country that is killing the Syrian people, and the killer can not be the rescuer". With the air space closed over these so-called safe areas, they would become de facto no-fly zones. He did not elaborate. It gained support from the Syrian government, but rebel groups opposed the safe zone plan, calling it an effort to "partition" the country.

Author: 0 SNP win the Scottish council elections

Labour can not now gain overall control of the council after losing early seats. Nevertheless, the SNP (slightly) overplayed its hand in this election, giving the impression it would win overall control of local authorities in Aberdeen and Glasgow.

Author: 0 The war with Canada: Day 2

Resolute, the Canadian lumber firm, denied it is subsidized. "We are America's biggest market", Freeland said. NY [U.S.]: In a surprising move, especially after the recent pleasant diplomatic exchange between the two neighbours, President Donald Trump trained his guns on Canada saying the nation has been "very rough on the United States".

Global Media Nigeria official says 62 Chibok girls released
Author: 0 Nigeria official says 62 Chibok girls released

Usman and the Presidency to confirm the release and the actual figure could not yield results as of the time of filing this report. The group representing the families of the girls said they were awaiting direct confirmation from the government.

Global Media Campus Lockdown Caused By Man With Glue Gun
Author: 0 Campus Lockdown Caused By Man With Glue Gun

Colgate University went on lockdown and students were ordered to shelter in place for four hours Monday night while police investigated reports of a gunman on the upstate NY campus. A NY college was locked down for hours Monday night after a student reported seeing what appeared to be an armed man on campus. Multiple attempts to reach the university for details on the campus safety director's administrative leave and their plans moving forward to address any further racial tensions have ...

Author: 0 Navy Seal killed in Somalia was based in Virginia Beach

The new training effort comes as US military leaders see opportunities to work with Somalia's newly elected president, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, a dual US-Somali citizen who has embarked on a series of aggressive military reforms amid an ongoing al Shabaab bombing campaign that has repeatedly struck Mogadishu .

Global Media Overwhelming Percent of Trump Voters Still Support Him
Author: 0 Overwhelming Percent of Trump Voters Still Support Him

Just 42 per cent of Americans approve of the way he is doing his job as president so far. In the survey, 50.5 percent said they disapprove of his performance, and 7.9 percent were undecided. Trump has asked his son-in-law to head up the Office of American Innovation to revamp the federal bureaucracy, but it's way too early to say how that's going.

Author: 0 Escape suspect won't fight extradition to Iowa

According to prosecutors, Correa-Carmenaty was being transported to the Council Bluffs jail on Monday after being sentenced to 45 years in prison for unrelated convictions for manslaughter and attempted murder. The law enforcement visitation will be Saturday 1 to 5 the Hoy-Kilnoski Funeral Home in Council Bluffs. "We've got multiple camera angles, and I feel comfortable with the video we've got", Wilber said.

Global Media Republican Senators:
Author: 0 Republican Senators: "Zero Chance" New Health Care Bill Is Passed

Collins' absence from the working group is particularly surprising, since the ME senator has taken a leading role in crafting one of the few fully fleshed-out alternative proposals to the House's bill. Planned Parenthood is running television advertisements in those states. Also read: Say what? The House bill would cut eligibility, and reduce federal reimbursement to states.

Author: 0 Taliban attacks USA base as Mattis flies into Afghanistan

The official said it appears likely the attack was either carried out by or planned by a Pakistan-based Taliban faction known as the Haqqani network, which is a USA government-designated terrorist organization. General John Nicholson, the top USA commander in Kabul, recently told Congress that he needed a few thousand more troops to keep Afghan security forces on track to eventually handling the Taliban insurgency on their own.

Global Media 'Trumpcare' bill set to hurt Republicans
Author: 0 'Trumpcare' bill set to hurt Republicans

There would be no more penalties for failing to have health insurance coverage. The bill has gained widespread criticism from Democrats, who oppose the overhaul of many ACA major provisions. Colbert said that the bill, which now heads to the Senate, would repeal Obamacare tax hikes meant to help fund insurance subsidies and provide large tax breaks for the wealthy.

Global Media Hazard happy to put pressure on Spurs
Author: 0 Hazard happy to put pressure on Spurs

It wasn't easy after a tough game against Tottenham. The Blues on Tuesday evening play Southampton seeking a victory which would restore a seven-point lead over nearest rivals Tottenham, who face Crystal Palace on Wednesday night. We will see for the future, we are confident in him and, for me, he can look to getting in the selection with Spain, for example", via BBC Sport . Both Southampton goals came from former Chelsea players, with Oriol Romeu and Ryan Bertrand making it 12 ...

Global Media France bans excessively thin models
Author: 0 France bans excessively thin models

Digitally altered photos will also have to be labelled and images where a model's appearance has been manipulated will need to be marked "photographie retouchee" (retouched photograph). The objective is also to protect the health of a category of the population particularly touched by this risk: "models". Employers contravening these laws could face up to six months in prison and a fine of up to €75,000 (S$116,000).

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