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Author: 0 British hospital workers were warned of 'ransomware' threat

Similar ransomware attacks were reported in Italy and Ukraine. "The investigation is at an early stage but we believe the malware variant is Wanna Decryptor", said NHS Digital in a statement . The National Health Service (NHS) said dozens of organisations had been affected by the cyber attack which was causing major disruption to IT systems.

Author: 0 North Korea sends protest letter to US Congress over sanctions

DeTrani, a former Central Intelligence Agency official who served as the State Department's special envoy for six-party talks with North Korea prior to their breakdown in 2009. Moon had a 40-minute conversation with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, his spokesman Yoon Young-Chan told reporters, with the two agreeing denuclearising Pyongyang was a "common goal" between them.

Author: 0 Moon, Trump agree on close cooperation on N. Korea: Seoul

In his inaugural address Wednesday, South Korea's president said he would consider visiting Pyongyang under the right conditions. Trump has called for South Korea to pay the USA $1 billion for a system the US has always described as in America's vital security interests.

Author: 0 British Columbia election puts energy projects at risk

The premier's office said Lt. -Gov. Krog said although election results are unclear, it's clear to him that voters "weren't fond of Christy Clark and they wanted change". in retaliation for United States duties on softwood lumber. "Not by huge amounts, but they won significantly", he said. The results only create more unpredictability for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, shale gas development and the Site C hydro dam that is already under construction, said Martin Pelletier, managing ...

Author: 0 North Korea sends protest to US Congress over sanctions

Moon responded that he would strive to find an appropriate solution. Moon has taken a more conciliatory line with North Korea than his conservative predecessors and advocates engagement. North Korea has a history of making unfounded claims , and CNN did not independently corroborate last week's report. The State Department would only say such meetings "are routinely held on a variety of topics around the world and occur independent of US government involvement".

Author: 0 Tories make gains in United Kingdom local elections

Paul Nuttall's Ukip was crushed as every single councilor facing election suffered defeat. Sky News is projecting that Theresa May could win a Commons majority of 48 in the General Election based on an analysis of local election results.

Global Media US Joins Arctic Council In Calling For Action To Curb Climate Change
Author: 0 US Joins Arctic Council In Calling For Action To Curb Climate Change

Each Arctic nation and indigenous group had three minutes to speak and hardly any let the chance pass without mentioning climate change. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson signed an agreement recognising the landmark Paris climate accord at a meeting of Arctic nations in Alaska on Wednesday (10 May) but said President Trump was not rushing to decide whether to leave or weaken US commitments to the pact.

Author: 0 Erdogan says Turkey retaliating against 'serious' mortar fire on Syria border

USA troops were seen Saturday in armored vehicles in Syria in Kurdish areas in a show of force apparently meant to dissuade Turkey and Syrian Kurdish forces from attacking one another. Ankara sent reinforcements to the area, journalist Baxtiyar Goran tweeted, without saying whether the move came in response to the USA latest deployment or not.

Author: 0 Kurdish-led forces say they will push on to IS capital

Turkey expressed outrage Wednesday at the US decision to further arm the YPG. The Democratic Forces has captured large areas in northern Syria from the Islamic State with the help of US -led airstrikes. "At the start of entering (Raqqa), of course, as (the USA -led coalition) promised us, there will be support in the form of specialized weapons, armoured vehicles or others", he said.

Global Media Federal Bureau of Investigation requests records of former Trump adviser's associates
Author: 0 Federal Bureau of Investigation requests records of former Trump adviser's associates

Yates testified Monday to the Senate Judiciary subcommittee that she told the White House that Flynn could be "blackmailed by the Russians" because he had misled Vice President Mike Pence about his conversations with Kremlin diplomats. He also tweeted: " Sally Yates made the fake media extremely unhappy today - she said nothing but old news!" "I have not been", Clapper said. Yates was asked in that White House meeting whether Flynn should be fired, and she said "that really wasn't our ...

Global Media Flynn was warned not to accept foreign government payments, documents show
Author: 0 Flynn was warned not to accept foreign government payments, documents show

House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz and tthe ranking Democrat of the committee, Elijah Cummings reviewed a Flynn application for security clearance and shared their findings with reporters on Capitol Hill. "General Flynn provided two briefings to the Department - one before and one after" his trip to Russia, Kelner said in a statement. To put it simply, the America people deserve a better standard than this when it comes to someone who was picked by President Trump to serve as National ...

Author: 0 Ismail Haniya elected new political chief of Hamas

Haniyeh succeeds Hamas' longtime exiled leader Khaled Mashaal, and the move comes shortly after Gaza's rulers unveiled a new, seemingly more pragmatic political program aimed at ending the group's worldwide isolation. After the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 the world saw an opportunity for Palestinians to achieve dignity, genuine self-determination and a better life through peaceful coexistence with Israel.

Author: 0 South Korea's new leader Moon Jae-in sworn in

Moon's remarks in the interview anxious national security-conscious conservatives about his attitude toward the alliance and reinforced the idea that he was anti-U.S. North Korea on Thursday demanded the handover of "terror suspects" involved in the plot but it did not identify anyone. But even Moon knows that THAAD is not realistically going anywhere, at least not in the immediate term.

Author: 0 Nepal-China sign framework deal on One Belt, One Road

The initiative, involving hundreds of billions of dollars, will cement China's dominance in Asia. He said the primary goal of his leaders' attending the summit was to maintain good relations with China. Industry Minister Atchaka Sibunruang will sign the second paper, "Appeal for Stronger People-to-People Connectivity along the Belt and Road". 28 heads of state and government have confirmed attendance including Russian President Vladimir Putin, Myanmar's defacto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, ...

Global Media Michelle Obama Criticizes Trump School Lunch Directives
Author: 0 Michelle Obama Criticizes Trump School Lunch Directives

Earlier this month, Donald Trump's administration froze regulations that would cut sodium and increase whole grains served in school meals. It meant a friendly and familiar audience for the former first lady, because the meetings brought together her allies: people in the business, non-profit, academic and government sectors gathered to talk about reducing sugar consumption, teaching children to cook, fostering healthy lifestyles, and improving housing.

Global Media Trump Re-Election Campaign Is Not Done Talking About The First 100 Days
Author: 0 Trump Re-Election Campaign Is Not Done Talking About The First 100 Days

The ad , called, "First 100 Days", also hammered the Washington press corps, touting the president's accomplishments "the mainstream media is hiding". "Governing, so far, has turned out to be more than Mr Trump can manage", the paper wrote. President Donald Trump has given the $5.1 trillion-day currency market a shot in the arm.

Global Media White House Official Says Administration Was 'Tricked' by Russian News Agency
Author: 0 White House Official Says Administration Was 'Tricked' by Russian News Agency

It was Trump's first meeting after firing the man who was leading an investigation into that country's meddling in the USA election. The meetings come a day after Trump abruptly fired FBI Director James Comey, dramatically ousting the nation's top law enforcement official in the midst of the bureau's investigation into Trump's ties with Russian Federation and Russia's meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Author: 0 New Hamas chief pledges support to hunger-striking prisoners

The new head of the Hamas Political Bureau said on Monday that the issue of prisoners inside Israeli jails is at the top of the movement's priorities, Anadolu has reported . Although both Egypt and Israel have operated against these tunnels the Israeli army says Hamas continues to build new tunnels as well as to stockpile weapons for a future clash with Israel.

Global Media North Korean university draws United States evangelicals despite risks
Author: 0 North Korean university draws United States evangelicals despite risks

Moon told Abe that he held a similar view about the issues they face regarding North Korea. South Korean-born Kim Dong Chul, a naturalized US citizen, was convicted a month later and sentenced to 10 years hard labor - shortly after Washington levied more sanctions against Pyongyang in response to a missile test in February of that year.

Global Media Clapper: 'I Don't Know if There Was Collusion or Not' With Russia
Author: 0 Clapper: 'I Don't Know if There Was Collusion or Not' With Russia

The statement claimed that Russian Federation had attempted to interfere in the election and that the effort was meant to aid Trump in assuming the presidency and hinder Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., quoted Clapper's exchange on Meet The Press in a May 8 Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and asked if it was still accurate.

Author: 0 South Korea's Moon sworn in, says willing to go to North

Whereas the conservatives under the leadership of ousted former President Park Geun-hye attempted to cut all ties with North Korea, incoming liberal President Moon Jae-in has indicated that he is open to talks with the North Korean regime. I am willing to go anywhere for the peace of the Korean Peninsula - if needed, I will fly immediately to Washington. South Korean internet users on Thursday shared photos of Moon waving off a presidential employee and taking off his own jacket at a luncheon.

Global Media TNA leaders call on PM Modi in Sri Lanka
Author: 0 TNA leaders call on PM Modi in Sri Lanka

It is operated by Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) which has a subsidiary in Sri Lanka, Lanka IOC. "You will find in India a friend and partner that will support your nation-building endeavours", he said. "It is a tremendous honour to be the first Indian Prime Minister ever to visit this attractive region of Sri Lanka". Modi promised to build them 10,000 more homes in addition to the 4,000 houses already being constructed with Indian aid.

Global Media Police fire tear gas at May Day protesters
Author: 0 Police fire tear gas at May Day protesters

Varoufakis wrote that it was a "veritable mystery" why "certain leaders of the left" had not yet favored the centrist candidate Macron over the far-right Le Pen in the second round of the French presidential election scheduled on May 7. But she made the distinction between a new currency for daily use and the euro that she said would be retained for "large companies who trade internationally".

Author: 0 Acting FBI director contradicts White House's claim about Comey's support within bureau

Russia is likely to be more aggressive in global affairs and more unpredictable towards the USA, a top American spymaster has said, a day after Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met President Donald Trump at the White House. "The president made a decision to fire Director Comey". Comey has not confirmed Trump's account of discussions that included the FBI's probe of Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election and allegations of Trump campaign collaboration with the ...

Global Media Putin and Trump to meet in Hamburg in July
Author: 0 Putin and Trump to meet in Hamburg in July

The Russians posted the Lavrov picture and another from that day showing Trump smiling and shaking hands with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak on Twitter . US intelligence agencies have concluded that Russian Federation tried to affect the outcome of the 2016 election. But Trump also was criticized for repeating the tactics of President Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal, when Nixon fired special prosecutor Archibald Cox in an attempt to cut off the Watergate investigation ...

Author: 0 Duterte might be too 'tied up' to visit Trump's White House

Critics insist that even meeting with him would be damaging to the United States human rights record. President Duterte last week said China could rein in North Korea, whose missile launches have raised tensions in the region, but that this could not be achieved by Washington's threats.

Author: 0 Donald Trump Is Right About The Budget

Mulvaney took the lead throughout most of the briefing, where he said that Senate Democrats were exaggerating their political victories while Trump actually "out-negotiated" them. House and Senate Democrats expressed anger over his remarks. The $1 trillion agreement to fund the government through the end of this fiscal year on September 30 is essentially a modest trade: Republicans got a boost in defense spending and a few policy riders, while Democrats got money for some domestic priorities.

Author: 0 World cyberattack cripples UK hospitals, demands ransoms

She said there are contingency plans to keep the NHS open for business. The awesome power of worms came to the world's attention in 2001 when Code Red managed to infect more than 359,000 Windows computers around the world in 14 hours . "In other words, Microsoft is no longer looking for and seeking to fix vulnerabilities in the system". The attack hit Britain's health service, forcing affected hospitals to close wards and emergency rooms.

Global Media Senate Intelligence Committee Subpoenas Michael Flynn for Russia-Related Documents
Author: 0 Senate Intelligence Committee Subpoenas Michael Flynn for Russia-Related Documents

In a joint statement from the committee's chairman Richard Burr and vice chairman Mark Warner said they issued the legal demand after Flynn was asked to produce the documents on 28 April but his lawyer did not hand them over. Flynn has previously sought immunity, a request backed by Trump in a tweet. The top Democrat and Republican on a House oversight committee have said that Flynn likely broke federal law by failing to get approval from the USA government to accept foreign payments and not ...

Author: 0 Tories confident for Aberdeen South following council votes

She will say: "It's to bring the SNP down to size; to show they can't take Scotland for granted; to show that we, the Scottish Conservatives, can lead Scotland's fightback against the SNP". It would be nice to believe that Thursday's election was a series of local referendums on local services rendered (or not), but it would be a fantasy: this was a national election fought on national issues, and those issues revolved around the prospect of another independence referendum .

Author: 0 UK Conservatives Make Local Gains Before General Election

The Conservative candidate for the new "metro mayor" post for the West of England, Tim Bowles, beat Labours Lesley Mansell by 51.6 per cent to 48.4 per cent, registering another major win for the Tories. First, they'll redouble their efforts to get younger non-voters registered as they believe they will be more sympathetic to a radical Labour party .

Author: 0 Erdogan urges USA to 'immediately' reverse decision on arming Syrian Kurds

Prior to the commitment of direct American support to the SDF, the Kurdish-led forces suspended their offensive in the 15 days following surprise Turkish airstrikes on Kurdish forces in Syria and Iraq. Turkey has warned the United States that its decision to arm Kurdish forces fighting Islamic State in Syria could end up hurting Washington, and accused its North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally of siding with terrorists.

Author: 0 Trump to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Wednesday

Lavrov had briefly greeted journalists alongside Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Wednesday morning. Commenting on his meeting with Lavrov, Trump also said the talks had not been affected by the recent firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Author: 0 Takeaways from Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe's Testimony Today

Trump, in an interview Thursday with NBC , said he had been intending to fire Comey for months and that it had nothing to do with the Russian Federation investigation. "I have the highest respect for his consideration abilities and his integrity", McCabe said. Sanders joined the Trump campaign early previous year after her father dropped out of the Republican primary race.

Author: 0 US Senator Sees No Evidence of Widespread Voter Fraud in 2016 Elections

Trump began making his allegations of widespread voter fraud shortly after the election, claiming that he would have won the popular vote - which he lost by almost 3 million votes - if there had not been so many votes cast illegally. The creation of the panel coincides with several US investigations into alleged Russian meddling in the November election, including selectively leaking hacked emails and circulating false news reports , that USA intelligence agencies have concluded was an ...

Global Media Trump to meet Russian foreign minister Lavrov on Wednesday - senior US official
Author: 0 Trump to meet Russian foreign minister Lavrov on Wednesday - senior US official

The Washington Post's Philip Rucker explains how and why FBI director James Comey was sacked, as well as how the FBI's investigation of the Trump campaign's possible connections with Russian Federation may be impacted. It will be the highest-level meeting between the US and Russian administrations since Trump took office as president early this year. The world's only glimpse of this session came from the Russian news agency Tass, which distributed photos of the meeting, with a grinning Mr.

Global Media Social Security Announces Emma and Noah Most Popular Baby Names for 2016
Author: 0 Social Security Announces Emma and Noah Most Popular Baby Names for 2016

Donald was the 488th most popular name for boys in 2016, its lowest rank since at least data collection began in 1900. In fact, the top 10 list of names for girls contains all of the same names as last year's list. Both Kehlani and Kylo rose in the top 1,000. Kylo Ren, the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia and the grandson of Darth Vader, was a character in the 2015 film Star Wars: The Force Awakens .

Author: 0 Flynn associates subpoenaed in Russia probe

The AP interviewed multiple former US officials, most of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to discuss sensitive national security information. It also covers the postelection time period in which Trump and his transition team chose to appoint Flynn as national security adviser. The development comes a day after United States President Donald Trump , in a bid to sweep away the man who is responsible for an investigation into whether members of his campaign team colluded with ...

Author: 0 Tillerson arrives in Alaska for Arctic meeting

Tillerson's words and actions averted a scenario that many observers feared might emerge from the Arctic Council meeting - the US announcing its withdrawal from Paris. "This is an opportunity to make the case that the US needs a seat at the table", Light said. At the same time, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau supported the Paris Agreement on the floor of the Parliament in Ottawa, Ontario, and called climate action "particularly important amongst Arctic nations".

Global Media Trump urges peace between Russian Federation and Ukraine
Author: 0 Trump urges peace between Russian Federation and Ukraine

Wednesday's meeting coincidentally came a day after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, who was leading the agency's investigation into Russian meddling in the US election. Mr Comey's shock dismissal ignited furore among Democrats, who suggested that the FBI's investigation into Mr Trump's campaign and Russian Federation could now be tainted, an idea the White House has rejected.

Author: 0 Kaspersky Lab denies any ties to Russian government

Shortly after a procession of intelligence officials raised questions in Congress today about whether Kaspersky Lab products pose a risk to U.S. national security, the leader of the Moscow-based software vendor offered to testify before the U.S.

Author: 0 Four things we learned from Bill Shorten's 2017 budget reply speech

The decision to back a rise in the levy for people earning more than $87,000, announced by Opposition Leader Bill Shorten in his budget reply on Thursday night, sets up a political fight between the opposition and the government, which announced an across-the-board rise in Tuesday's budget.

Author: 0 Moon rises: New South Korean president raises hopes of regional peace

Moon's election victory Tuesday presents a "risk of tension and divergence of opinion" between the US and South Korea, said Daniel Russel, who was President Barack Obama's top diplomat for East Asia. Taking the oath of office in Seoul on Wednesday, Moon said he will further bolster the alliance and "immediately fly to Washington if necessary" for the sake of peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Author: 0 Valtteri Bottas in maiden victory

It's great that we're ahead of the Ferraris, that's stopped Sebastian pulling away too far. So far success has alternated between the two teams, with Vettel winning the opener in Australia, Hamilton in China, Vettel again in Bahrain and Valtteri Bottas taking his career first success in Russian Federation for the team he joined in January.

Global Media Kabul envoy slams Pakistani media's reaction to clash
Author: 0 Kabul envoy slams Pakistani media's reaction to clash

Pakistan shares a 2,200-kilometer- (1,375 mile-) long porous border with Afghanistan. The border became particularly tense after the Army Public School massacre in Peshawar in December 2014, when Pakistan started pushing Afghan refugees out of the country.

Author: 0 North Korea's detention of US citizen 'concerning' - White House

Kim's wife said her husband had been teaching agricultural techniques at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology. In April, North Korea had detained another United States citizen for alleged hostile activities and there are two other Americans serving jail terms for anti-Pyongyang activities.

Global Media Always Dreaming Trainer Todd Pletcher Says 2nd Kentucky Derby Win Is Sweetest
Author: 0 Always Dreaming Trainer Todd Pletcher Says 2nd Kentucky Derby Win Is Sweetest

I eased away from him. "We've run a lot of horses in it, and some of them may not have run so well", said Pletcher. "I was nervous watching him gallop", the trainer said. Patch, whose left eye was removed previous year after an extreme inflammation, became a sentimental favourite, going from 30-1 in the early odds to 12-1 by race time before finishing 14th in the 20-horse field.

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