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Global Media Chibok Girls' Release: PPA Chieftain Hails Buhari, Others
Author: 0 Chibok Girls' Release: PPA Chieftain Hails Buhari, Others

Also its vehicles were used to transport the freed girls to Nigerian officials at Baki, in Borno state. Nigeria said on Saturday it had secured the release of 82 girls in exchange for Boko Haram prisoners. "So 21, and 82 now, plus three that were recovered by the military, till the very last of the girls are recovered, the Nigerian government will stay on the matter".

Author: 0 Trump seeks steps from Abbas to promote peace with Israel

Speaking through a translator, Abbas echoed Trump's upbeat tone: "We believe that we can be true partners to you to bring about a historic peace under your stewardship". if it is so easy, why President trump didn't do it earlier? According to a White House official, Trump has heeded the calls by Netanyahu and us lawmakers and will request that Abbas stop payments to families of Palestinian terrorists, reported Haaretz .

Author: 0 Clashes erupt in northwest Syria after de-escalation zones take effect

Russian Federation and Iran are key allies of President Bashar al-Assad's government. The group will then "take steps to complete by June 4, 2017, the preparation of the maps of the de-escalation areas and security zones and to separate the armed opposition groups from the terrorist groups".

Global Media Trump seeks closer ties with Russia in meeting
Author: 0 Trump seeks closer ties with Russia in meeting

And when Sally Yates, then serving as acting attorney general, told the White House that Flynn had lied when he denied discussing US sanctions with Kislyak, and thus could be vulnerable to Russian blackmail, Trump waited 18 days to fire him.

Global Media US Security Chiefs Target Russian Antivirus Company
Author: 0 US Security Chiefs Target Russian Antivirus Company

Senate. The pushback came as the heads of the CIA, National Security Agency, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency, Director of National Intelligence and acting head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation addressed the company on Capitol Hill.

Author: 0 BC Liberals win minority government

In fact, a Benninger concession does not even apply. The difference between Leonard and Benninger is less than 1/1,000. That race is expected to go to a judicial recount. Benninger was happy with the campaign he ran. "Once the cards are known, it's going to be interesting to see how it plays out". According to Stevenson, these include that go beyond the environment.

Global Media SC Senators reject calls for independent probe into Trump-Russia ties
Author: 0 SC Senators reject calls for independent probe into Trump-Russia ties

Trump says the real story here is not about Flynn, the White House's role in his firing, or even Russian interactions by White House officials-it's about surveillance. "I don't know of any business associations that give me pause for concern", he said. The president has said he would release his returns when the Internal Revenue Service completes an audit.

Global Media Election Night Sends BC Down Unmapped Road
Author: 0 Election Night Sends BC Down Unmapped Road

But Weaver has also hinted that on economic issues his party sides with the Liberals. "He may have the effect of delegitimating his own party and the NDP by putting them in power". Even after the final results are announced May 24, tight finishes could trigger judicial recounts. "And we have also won the most seats". But that handful of seats, mostly in Metro Vancouver, has changed the landscape of the whole province.

Global Media Macron's Victory in France to Be Drawback for European Integration
Author: 0 Macron's Victory in France to Be Drawback for European Integration

Macron's willingness to placate Germany has led critics at home to portray him as the puppet of Chancellor Angela Merkel. Numerous more than 57,000 French nationals in Canada cast ballots Saturday in the run-off election. "I will fight with all of my strength against the divisions that are undermining us", he said. Guillaume Balas, who co-ordinated Hamon's platform, said Valls "excluded" himself from the party with his allegiance to Macon's movement.

Author: 0 U.S. won't be rushed on climate change policies - Tillerson

The assent to the Arctic Council's declaration comes as the Trump administration has a delegation in Germany to attend United Nations climate talks, a follow-up to the Paris agreement focused on implementation. Tillerson spoke Thursday in Fairbanks, Alaska, at a meeting of the Arctic Council, an advisory group made up of the eight Arctic nations and indigenous groups.

Global Media Oil Inventories Fall More than Expected; Prices Rise
Author: 0 Oil Inventories Fall More than Expected; Prices Rise

The US Energy Information Administration said US crude inventories fell by 5.2 million barrels last week, which was more than the 1.8 million-barrel slide analysts predicted. The drop was evidence to some that demand is robust in the U.S. Others took it as proof that the move by OPEC and other big oil produces to cut global crude supply is working.

Author: 0 North Korea 'test fires ballistic missile' off west coast

Though tensions between the United States and North Korea have been higher than usual over the past few months, a senior North Korean diplomat told South Korea's Yonhap news agency on Saturday that Pyongyang is open to talks with Washington "under the right conditions".

Author: 0 Talks between USA and North Korea possible

Lee was head of the NIS, South Korea's main intelligence service, under South Korea's previous conservative administration. That appointment is still awaiting parliamentary approval. In 2009, Pyongyang allegedly paid about $40,000 to have dissident Hwang Jang-yop, secretary of North Korea's ruling Workers' Party until he defected in 1997, killed.

Global Media Moon's rise to power in S Korea causes worries, hopes abroad
Author: 0 Moon's rise to power in S Korea causes worries, hopes abroad

Moon succeeded Park Geun-hye, who was removed by a Constitutional Court on March 10, over a series of corruption allegations. North Korea is believed to be preparing for a sixth nuclear test and is working to develop a nuclear-tipped missile capable of reaching the United States, presenting president Donald Trump with perhaps his most pressing security issue.

Global Media Moon makes easing tensions on Korean peninsula top priority
Author: 0 Moon makes easing tensions on Korean peninsula top priority

The North did not report the victory of the South's previous president Lee Myung-Bak at all. His appointment requires parliamentary approval. The special election was necessitated by the ousting of conservative Park Geun-hye, whose downfall and jailing on corruption charges is one of the most turbulent stretches in the nation's recent political history.

Global Media Pyongyang slams USA for passing new sanctions
Author: 0 Pyongyang slams USA for passing new sanctions

Choe Son-hui, an official in the North Korean foreign ministry responsible for North American affairs, told reporters in Beijing that bilateral talks between Pyongyang and Washington would be considered, according to BBC reports. The letter was directed to the U.S. House of Representatives in response to recently approved sanctions against North Korea's shipping industry. Tension has been high for weeks over North Korea's nuclear and missile development and fears it will conduct a ...

Global Media Snake hunter gets big paycheck after catching longest snake of the season
Author: 0 Snake hunter gets big paycheck after catching longest snake of the season

SFWMD pays hunters $8.10 an hour, but depending on the size of the snake presented, additional payments are made. Crum said the catch was the biggest snake he's ever caught. Hunters are also given extra for snakes with eggs and this one had 78 eggs. The female python weighed in at 130 pounds. Thousands of these pythons prey on wildlife in the Everglades including raccoons, rabbits, birds and even gators.

Global Media Man killed by Florida deputies was wanted in Raleigh motel robbery
Author: 0 Man killed by Florida deputies was wanted in Raleigh motel robbery

The suspect, 46-year-old Philip O'Shea, died Friday evening after a shootout that took place Friday morning. Just after 4 a.m., Sheriff's deputies responded to Duggans Pub in West Palm Beach, Florida regarding a robbery. During a press conference after the pair of shootings, Bradshaw detailed Oshea's extensive criminal background, calling him a "dangerous individual".

Global Media Carney plays it safe as snap United Kingdom election looms
Author: 0 Carney plays it safe as snap United Kingdom election looms

The Bank of England (BOE) held interest rates steady at 0.25 percent, as expected, on Thursday while implementing some widely anticipated modifications to its growth and inflation assumptions over the three-year forecast horizon. The Bank of England (BOE) released the minutes from their rate meeting and their quarterly Inflation Report today at 12 BST and they showed that only one member voted not to keep rates unchanged - the same as last meeting.

Author: 0 Donald Trump Says James Comey 'Should Have Never Exonerated' Hillary Clinton

By Thursday, in his interview with NBC's Lester Holt , Mr. Trump was acknowledging that he made a decision to fire Mr. Comey before soliciting and receiving any recommendations and that the Clinton emails were not his motivation. Trump fired Comey from the FBI on Tuesday, an action that stunned both Republicans and Democrats, and caught agents at the bureau by surprise because the agency is deep into an investigation to find potentially improper links between Trump associates and ...

Global Media North Korea open for U.S. talks under 'right conditions'
Author: 0 North Korea open for U.S. talks under 'right conditions'

Seoul's defense ministry said Friday it has begun preparing for amendments under Moon, who pledged to change South Korea's armed forces in significant ways, Yonhap reported . The United States now finds itself in a position similar to what many world leaders faced when President Trump took office. The diplomat's comments seemed to mirror that of President Trump's from an interview earlier this month with Bloomberg News.

Global Media N.Korea says will have dialogue with USA under right conditions - Yonhap
Author: 0 N.Korea says will have dialogue with USA under right conditions - Yonhap

It's not unusual for Pyongyang to condemn moves to censure it by Washington, but a direct protest to Congress would be rare. Ultimately, Moon Jae-in's change of course stands to undermine USA efforts in dealing with North Korea . It was penned by a re-established foreign affairs committee of the country's Parliament. Park Geun-hye was ousted due to a corruption scandal that shook South Korea's faith in their government.

Author: 0 Crews dismantle confederate monument in New Orleans

The statue was the second of four Confederate monuments the city has slated for removal in a controversial act that has sparked protests on both sides. Mayor Landrieu says the removals are to make " New Orleans more diverse, but Landrieu can not be inclusive, tolerant, or diverse when he is erasing a very specific and undeniable part of New Orleans' history", said Pierre McGraw, President of the Monumental Task Committee.

Author: 0 South Korea to Send Envoys to China to Discuss THAAD, North Korea

Moon's victory reverses more than a decade of conservative rule that has seen strong ties with the US, which maintains about 28,500 servicemembers in South Korea. The talks collapsed in 2008 after North Korea launched a rocket. (Korean - ) "North Korea has to show honest intent towards talks, and intent towards denuclearization".

Author: 0 Nepal to sign the agreement of One Belt, One Road

Some of China's most reliable allies and partners will attend the forum, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Earlier, after his meeting with the Chinese premier, Sharif said that Pakistan considers China its most important friend and fully backs Beijing's One Belt One Road Initiative.

Global Media The new faces of France? Macron's candidates gather in Paris
Author: 0 The new faces of France? Macron's candidates gather in Paris

Party secretary general Richard Ferrand said the remaining number of candidates were a matter for further discussion and that the party was leaving the door open to politicians of other political stripes to come over to Macron's side. In the first-round ballot, far-left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon got almost 20% of the vote. Valls has held three parliamentary terms, making him ineligible to qualify under the strict terms set out for candidates by Macron's party.

Global Media Donald Trump threatens to cancel press briefings for 'sake of accuracy'
Author: 0 Donald Trump threatens to cancel press briefings for 'sake of accuracy'

By Thursday, in his interview with NBC's Lester Holt , Mr. Trump was acknowledging that he chose to fire Mr. Comey before soliciting and receiving any recommendations and that the Clinton emails were not his motivation. He also specifically brought up the ongoing Russian Federation investigation. Yesterday, the White House attempted to clear the air on the several accounts leading to Comey's sacking that had been in the public domain.

Author: 0 British Columbia Liberals hang on to win minority government

Horgan sought to portray Clark as out of touch with regular British Columbians who feel the economy is not working for them, while Weaver cast the Greens as political outsiders. Liberal government with its despicable sense of privileged entitlement and dedication to big money, pay for play politics - is going to be turfed. "We won the popular vote", Clark said later, smiling wearily as her supporters chanted and applauded.

Author: 0 Moon's rise to power in S Korea causes worries, hopes overseas

Tension on the Korean Peninsula has been high for weeks, driven by concern that North Korea might conduct its sixth nuclear test or test-launch another ballistic missile in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions. [NL4N1I72QU] His election could also add volatility to relations with Washington, given his questioning of the THAAD deployment, but it was not expected to change the alliance significantly, a USA official said.

Global Media Suspect in killing of Arkansas deputy captured
Author: 0 Suspect in killing of Arkansas deputy captured

Bowden had been barricaded inside a residence on a rural road in Yell County with a woman who may have been a hostage, Arkansas Police spokesman Bill Sadler told a news conference. An Ohio coroner has reopened its investigation into an 8-year-old boy's suicide, and his school district is expected to release video showing a bully knocking him unconscious two days before he killed himself.

Author: 0 Donald Trump demanded James Comey's loyalty and didn't get it

President Richard Nixon, however, was not a fan, and when Cox demanded that Nixon hand over the famous White House tapes, Nixon demanded that Cox be fired. Sanders declined to say how many people she spoke to, insisting she didn't want to "get into a numbers game". McCabe was made acting director on Tuesday evening following the firing of Comey.

Global Media US, China sign 10-point trade deal
Author: 0 US, China sign 10-point trade deal

China will allow US imports of beef no later than July 16, while the United States will issue a proposed rule to allow Chinese cooked poultry to enter USA markets. The same deadline was set for the accept cooked poultry from China . Access to the Chinese market for USA based credit rating agencies. And it welcomes Chinese investors to take part in an investment summit in Washington next month.

Author: 0 Trump's attempt to intimidate Comey could come back to haunt him

Trump wrote on Twitter Friday morning. Mr. Spicer's comments came hours after Mr. Trump in a Friday morning tweet warned Mr. Comey not to leak information to the news media. "And the former senior FBI official said Comey would never have told the president he was not under investigation - also contradicting what Trump said".

Author: 0 Trump's team 'was warned Russians could blackmail' Michael Flynn

He was sacked in February for concealing the nature of these contacts. President Donald Trump removed Flynn in February after it was revealed in news reports that he had lied about the nature of his conversations with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the United States.

Author: 0 Central Intelligence Agency sets up centre to address N.Korea issues

House of Representatives on Friday warning that a new package of tougher sanctions would only spur its development of nuclear weapons, North Korea's state media reported . North Korea is making less headlines these days, but that doesn't mean the threat has vanished, according to US intelligence officials. Pyongyang has carried out two nuclear tests and dozens of missile launches since the beginning of past year in its quest to build a rocket capable of delivering an atomic warhead to the ...

Author: 0 We are closing the gap on the Tories - Corbyn on Labour's results

The Conservative candidate for the new "metro mayor" post for the West of England, Tim Bowles, beat Labours Lesley Mansell by 51.6 per cent to 48.4 per cent, registering another major win for the Tories. UKIP leader Paul Nuttall said it had been "a victim of its own success" over Brexit and that the party was prepared to pay the price of losing seats to the Tories because it had won the crucial European Union referendum.

Author: 0 United States defense chief voices commitment to Turkey's security

The SDF's rapid advance against IS last year prompted Turkey to send ground forces across the border for the first time in the more than 6-year-old Syrian civil war to help allied Syrian forces battle IS and halt the Kurds' progress. Earlier, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu also denounced the USA move, saying "every weapon that reaches the (Kurds') hands is a threat to Turkey".

Global Media Egypt discovers new necropolis in Minya, first in area
Author: 0 Egypt discovers new necropolis in Minya, first in area

Mohamed Hamza, director of excavations for Cairo University said the discovery was "important and unprecedented". It was found by chance through a radar survey carried out in collaboration with experts from the university's faculty of science in early 2016 that revealed hollow ground.

Author: 0 Trump, bullish on Mideast peace, will need more than confidence

Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem", el-Masri told Xinhua. "They name their schools after mass murders of Israelis and they pay terrorists", Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said during a press conference with visiting the Romanian prime minister Sorin Grindeanu on Thursday.

Author: 0 N.Korea says will have dialogue with US under right conditions - Yonhap

The Republican, during his presidential campaign past year, had said that he would be willing to meet Kim Jong-un. From the South Korean capital, Seoul , Press TV correspondent Frank Smith reports. It is a historic moment for the progressives in South Korean politics. The United States relies on China to impose sanctions on North Korea and keep it in check, something it has gradually begun to do.

Author: 0 Moon, Abe agree to co-operate on North Korea

Beijing has said the system would spy on its territory. Both Mr Moon and Mr Xi agreed that denuclearising North Korea was a "common goal". Moon also raised the issue of apparent economic retaliation against South Korean firms in China, he said.

Author: 0 South Korea to send special envoys on THAAD, DPRK to China

It said in a statement: "The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has established a Korea Mission Center to harness the full resources, capabilities, and authorities of the Agency in addressing the nuclear and ballistic missile threat posed by North Korea".

Author: 0 Nadal ends Djokovic hoodoo to reach another Madrid final

Meanwhile, Nadal told Sky Sports he knew he had been getting closer to Djokovic after their encounters at Indian Wells and Rome last year, and in press said the circumstances in this match were different than previous years, a kind way of acknowledging how their respective forms have flipped.

Global Media GBP Slips Lower After Bank of England Remains Pat
Author: 0 GBP Slips Lower After Bank of England Remains Pat

The news that Jeremy Corbyn's vehicle ran over the toes of a BBC cameraman garnered more press inches than the Bank of England yesterday. Previous year it cut rates and revived its massive bond purchase plan to help soften the shock to the economy of Britain's June vote to leave the European Union.

Global Media France turns to parliamentary battle after Emmanuel Macron victory
Author: 0 France turns to parliamentary battle after Emmanuel Macron victory

Mr Valls told RTL radio that Mr Macron's victory over far-right leader Marine Le Pen in the presidential run-off on Sunday was a blow to populism in Europe, and gave a "terrific" image of France overseas. But a strong element in The Republicans has a different strategy, hoping to win a majority in the June elections and be able to name a conservative prime minister with whom Macron would have to share power in a so-called "cohabitation".

Author: 0 N.Korea willing to meet with US if conditions right

At a stop in Beijing, Choi Son Hui, North Korea's foreign ministry director general for USA affairs, told reporters North Korea would consider engaging in a " dialogue " with the United States "if the conditions are there", according to a report by Reuters .

Author: 0 Trump urges peace between Russia and Ukraine

Trump will not visit Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters in Washington as expected after agency officials told the White House he would not be greeted warmly following his firing of Comey, MSNBC reported on Thursday. "But I said to myself I might even lengthen out the investigation". "I actually asked him, yes". Apparently White House staff thought there was an understanding that they would be kept quiet.

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