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Author: 0 China hosts Silk Road summit in shadow of N.Korea missile

In his opening speech, Xi presented the initiative as carrying forward the ancient Silk Road spirit of cooperation that would help counter today's sluggish global growth, income inequality and instability. Flags in front of the National Convention Center in Beijing . In a communique announcing a new trade deal with China Thursday, the USA said it "recognizes the importance of China's One Belt and One Road initiative", but Washington is largely uninvolved in OBOR or connected projects like ...

Global Media Trump denies any links to Russia: 'No loans, no nothing'
Author: 0 Trump denies any links to Russia: 'No loans, no nothing'

On Tuesday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters that Trump had "charged a leading law firm" to send a letter to Graham showing that "he has no connections to Russian Federation". And there are plenty others. As a recent ThinkProgress story noted , a petition created on Inauguration Day demanding the president release his tax returns has been signed more than a million times, and a CNN poll earlier this year found that 73 percent of registered voters believe Trump ...

Author: 0 Olympics: Macron likely to meet IOC commission on Tuesday

At the time, Trump said he would travel to Lima if needed or host IOC President Thomas Bach at the White House. "If you can create winners instead of so many losers, it's good for the (Olympic) movement", Garcetti said, standing at the free-throw line on the basketball court at Staples Center .

Author: 0 China reopens its border to U.S. beef

A guarantee by the treat Chinese banks operating in the different than banks from any other country. NORTHAM: Under the agreement, China will open its market to USA beef importers by mid-July. The Chinese would like to enter the USA banking markets in the same way. Success in this arena will drive the USA cattle market and increase demand for U.S beef .

Author: 0 BC minority could have major implications for Alberta

The Green Party's three seats give leader Andrew Weaver a lot of say in how long the Clark government can survive in the first minority government in B.C. Asked what he thinks of the Lieutenant Governor's choice to ask Clark to continue to lead the province, Horgan says he believes the final decision is hanging in the balance.

Global Media Gujarat ready for GST rollout, over 5 lakh bizmen enrolled: CM
Author: 0 Gujarat ready for GST rollout, over 5 lakh bizmen enrolled: CM

The apex bank released the report entitled "State Finances: A Study of Budgets of 2016-17", an annual publication that provides information, analysis and an assessment of the finances of state governments. "Such an outcome will ensure debt sustainability of states in the long term". The study said that from the point of view of implementation, it could be argued that the GST is imposed on consumption while cess, which is typically applied at the stage of manufacturing, may be hard to ...

Author: 0 PM tells Chinese president about CPEC efforts

While the US sent Matt Pottinger, special assistant to the President, no cabinet or elected officials were in attendance. "For China to realise the full potential of the trade, economic and connectivity of the OBOR, India must be a full member and must participate in cooperative way with China", Bhaskar told ANI.

Author: 0 Israel lashes out over "systematic harassment" at UN

Tuesday's resolution, passed on the day that Israel was celebrating its independence, calls on Israel to rescind any "legislative and administrative measures and actions" it has taken to "alter the character and status" of Jerusalem . The resolution stressed the importance of the Old City to all three monotheistic faiths, however Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Jews had a supreme bond to the city.

Global Media Nepal votes in first local election in 20 years
Author: 0 Nepal votes in first local election in 20 years

According to Election Commission spokesperson Surya Prasad Sharma, approximately 42 percent of total registered voters across 34 districts had cast their votes by noon. According to the election commission, a 105-year-old man cast his ballot in Gorkha - the epicenter of Nepal's devastating 2015 quake. Last time local representatives were appointed back in 1997, whose tenure expired after five years.

Author: 0 Abbas: Palestine Still Wants East Jerusalem and 1967 Borders

A number of Trump administration officials have strong ties to Israeli leaders, and the White House has appeared to break from longstanding USA support of a two-state solution. In his first face-to-face meeting with Mahmoud Abbas, the president said it has proven to be a very hard situation between Israel and the Palestinians, calling it "the toughest deal".

Author: 0 French ex-premier pledges allegiance to Macron's movement

Cazeneuve's government resignation comes as the Constitutional Council confirmed the results of the second round of presidential elections held on May 7, making centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron France's youngest head of state in modern history.

Global Media Gov. Walker tells state GOP convention:
Author: 0 Gov. Walker tells state GOP convention: "I'm ready" for third term

He was elected again in 2014 for his current four-year term. "I am ready to do more to help move Wisconsin forward - the simple question this morning is - are you ready?" In excerpts of his speech released Friday, Walker is to edge ever closer to formally launching his re-election bid by citing recent GOP wins in the state, including President Donald Trump's victory.

Global Media Paris prepares for Macron's inauguration as French President
Author: 0 Paris prepares for Macron's inauguration as French President

Mr Macron then walked alone across the cobblestones of the Champs-Elysees avenue to the Arc de Triomphe , where he lay a wreath and re-ignited the flame at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Macron ran on an unabashedly pro-European and pro-business platform, but in April 23's first round of voting about half the electorate chose Le Pen or other extremist candidates who oppose France's place in worldwide organizations such as North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the European Union.

Global Media China trade deal serves up potential corporate winners
Author: 0 China trade deal serves up potential corporate winners

That's the deadline for resuming beef exports to China . In one of the actions laid out under the agreement, by July 16, China agreed to issue guidelines that would allow U.S. For one, the arrangement upends the idea that the US and China will launch a trade war, Vice Commerce Minister Yu Jianhua said Friday. And there's some important elements to the agreement that they announced, but it is really just a first step.

Author: 0 Pope says he'll seek common ground with Trump, won't preach

On May 10, WTF President Chungwon Choue, accompanied by President of the Italian Taekwondo Federation Angelo Cito, was received by Pope Francis in the Saint Peter's Square in Vatican City. "Friendship, esteem ... they, too, are handcrafted". But the pope also told reporters aboard a plane returning from Portugal that he would keep an open mind and not pass judgment on Trump until first listening to his views at their meeting on May 24.

Global Media Mets Considering Promoting Tim Tebow In Minors
Author: 0 Mets Considering Promoting Tim Tebow In Minors

A club official informed the reporter discussions have occurred regarding a possible Tebow promotion, but that move likely won't come to fruition until after the All-Star break. Presumably the Mets would bump Tebow up a level, to their St. Lucie affiliate (nicknamed the Mets) in the Florida State League. Tebow, who hit two home runs in the first three games of the year but none since then, has a.849 OPS over the last 16 games.

Global Media Trump hosts Russian foreign minister, envoy at White House
Author: 0 Trump hosts Russian foreign minister, envoy at White House

Lavrov's American counterpart Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has admitted that US-Russian relations are at their lowest ebb since the Cold War and that there is nearly no trust left. The Russian ambassador to the United States, Sergey I. Kislyak - best known to many Americans as the man who discussed lifting sanctions on Russia with Trump's former national security adviser - was also in the Oval Office for the meeting.

Author: 0 South Korea: Bishops urge new president to work for peace and reconciliation

Moon began his first full day in office by shaking hands and taking selfies with supporters near his private Seoul home before heading to the presidential Blue House. "Politics were turbulent (in the past several months), but our people showed greatness", Moon said. "We must put the days of fierce competition behind and hold hands marching forward".

Global Media Tillerson: US reviewing climate change policy
Author: 0 Tillerson: US reviewing climate change policy

Now, US President Donald Trump, who has called climate change a " hoax ", is reportedly weighing a withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement. Environmental campaigners were given some hope that the USA may stick to its commitments under the Paris climate change treaty when Rex Tillerson, the U.S.

Author: 0 Trump calls for stronger sanctions on North Korea after missile

This means if the missile was sacked with a standard trajectory, it would reach a range of 4,500 km (2,800 miles), shown with a red line. A missile launched near the city of Kusong, in western North Korea, flew across the country and into the Sea of Japan/East Sea, hitting the water about 60 miles from Vladivostok in eastern Russian Federation, according to U.S.

Global Media Duterte appeals to Trump: Keep restraint over North Korea
Author: 0 Duterte appeals to Trump: Keep restraint over North Korea

However, it did include in a section, separate to the South China Sea chapter, about the need to show "full respect for legal and diplomatic processes" in resolving disputes. The softer statement comes as Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte seeks to bury the hatchet with China after years of wrangling over its maritime assertiveness and over-lapping claims.

Global Media Nations grapple with huge cyberattack, but more's coming
Author: 0 Nations grapple with huge cyberattack, but more's coming

He said Russian Federation and India were hit particularly hard, largey because tech giant Microsoft's older Windows XP operating software was still widely used there. The attack hit Britain's health service, forcing affected hospitals to close wards and emergency rooms. The health system has largely recovered from the disruption, interior minister Amber Rudd said on Saturday after a meeting of the government crisis response committee.

Global Media Manhunt for hackers behind global cyberattack
Author: 0 Manhunt for hackers behind global cyberattack

He says "for so many organizations in the same day to be hit , this is unprecedented". "We've seen what happens when the US NSA [National Security Agency ]. Alan Woodward, visiting professor of computing at the University of Surrey, said there was evidence the ransomware was spreading using a Microsoft flaw exposed in a recent leak of information from US intelligence agencies .

Author: 0 Tillerson Says Comey Firing Didn't Raise Alarms on Independence

The Republican senator wrote in a New York Times op-ed earlier this month that Tillerson's warning against "conditioning our foreign policy too heavily on values" told oppressed people the world over that the US would not help them if doing so comes in conflict with moves to benefit USA interests.

Global Media Spicer: Flynn deserved 'due process' in face of 'political opponent' Yates' warnings
Author: 0 Spicer: Flynn deserved 'due process' in face of 'political opponent' Yates' warnings

Obama also warned Trump before he took office that Flynn was a questionable adviser. Flynn had been fired by the Obama administration as the head of the military's intelligence branch. In tweets on Monday, Mr Trump doubled down on that stance. Yates, who was testifying at a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing on Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, said she first warned the White House of the Department of Justice's concerns on January 26.

Author: 0 BC has first minority government in 65 years

When the campaign kicked off April 11, the Liberals held 47 of the Legislature's 85 seats, the NDP had 35, the Greens one and there was one independent. A Liberal campaign focused on economic growth, job creation and balanced budgets did not inspire middle-class voters in the Lower Mainland whose incomes have not kept pace with the rising cost of living, where homeownership is becoming a distant dream and rental properties are few and far between.

Author: 0 US institutions "under assault': Ex National Intelligence head"

When asked if he meant if those institutions were "under assault" internally by the president himself, Clapper said "exactly" and added that he believed Trump was undermining the checks and balances inherent to the US political system. Clapper also walked back comments that he had seen no evidence of collusion between Russian Federation and Trump's campaign. "It was kind of standard practice".

Author: 0 North Korea congratulates France's Macron for election victory

State Department said "the security of U.S. citizens is one of the department's highest priorities ", and it will work with the Swedish embassy in Pyongyang, which represents American interests in North Korea, to try to secure the freedom of the four detained Americans.

Author: 0 Syrian FM says no foreign troops on the ground

Regime backers Russian Federation and Iran and rebel supporter Turkey reached a deal on Thursday on four " de-escalation zones " in Syria where the government and opposition will halt hostilities. It does not specify that the safe zones take effect immediately, but gives the three guarantor states two weeks to form working groups to delineate them and then until June 4 to come up with definitive boundaries.

Author: 0 Macron team to announce candidates for June parliamentary election

And the outcome of that election could dramatically affect how Macron governs the country. All 577 seats in the National Assembly are up for grabs. Regarding the low voter turnout, many commentators said the fact that a third of the electorate either abstained or cast blank or invalid votes on Sunday showed Macron would start his mandate under intense scrutiny.

Author: 0 N.Korea missile test a 'threat to international peace'

The launch is a direct challenge to the new South Korean president elected four days ago and comes as US, Japanese and European navies gather for joint war games in the Pacific. May 14 The flight path of a ballistic missile fired by North Korea on Sunday was a considerable distance from Russian territory and posed no threat to Russia, the Russian defence ministry said.

Global Media Bin Laden's son Hamza threatens US over father's death
Author: 0 Bin Laden's son Hamza threatens US over father's death

Soufan said Hamza's potential as a leader was recognised years ago when he was still a boy. "The path of jihad for the sake of God is what we live", the letter reads. Several documents were recovered during a search of the compound with dozens of letters written by him to his family and senior members of al-Qaeda now released to the public.

Author: 0 UNESCO Rejects Israel Sovereignty Claims Over al-Quds

The Foreign Minister expressed his dissatisfaction with those countries that did not vote in favor of the resolutions, considering their move as an encouragement to the occupation authority to continue its illegal practices in the occupied city of Jerusalem and a retraction in the positions and principles of these countries, some of which claim to defend the principles of global law and human rights.

Author: 0 'Regardless of recommendation I was going to fire Comey'

Critics have assailed Mr Trump for abruptly dismissing Mr Comey just as the agency is investigating alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 United States election, and possible Moscow ties to the Trump presidential campaign. Mr. President, if there are "tapes" relevant to the Comey firing, it's because you made them and they should be provided to Congress. Mr. Trump said "there was no collusion" with Russian Federation, but said he wanted "to get to the bottom, if Russian Federation or ...

Author: 0 China offers billions for new Silk Road initiative

On the meeting with the Chinese president, PM Sharif said the presence of all the chief ministers [of Pakistan] shows the importance our nation gives to Pak-China ties. He said the CPEC makes Pakistan both a conduit and destination for cross-regional investment and trade. As well as the corridor through Pakistan, India is anxious more broadly about China's economic and diplomatic expansion through Asia, and in particular across countries and waterways that it considers to be its sphere of ...

Global Media UK Labour deputy leader warns of 'Thatcher style' landslide
Author: 0 UK Labour deputy leader warns of 'Thatcher style' landslide

Setting out his party's stance on defence and security, Mr Corbyn branded the current war on terror as a "failure" adding that the world had become more risky as a result. Corbyn promised that a Labour government would produce a "robust" foreign policy and while seeking to work for peace. Mr Corbyn said that in office, Labour would work to halt the "drift to conflict" with Russian Federation while maintaining its opposition to human rights abuses by Moscow.

Author: 0 N Korea test-fires missile, challenging new leader in South

This missile is said to the only missile ever tested by North Korea that has come this close to the Russian Territory. A Kremlin spokesman said earlier that Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is visiting Beijing, was concerned about the missile test by North Korea.

Author: 0 The Russian government embarrassed the White House

If so, we request copies of all recordings in possession of the White House regarding this matter". The ousted director has told associates he was summoned to the White House for a one-on-one dinner with Trump just seven days after the January 20 inauguration, according to the paper.

Global Media Trump threatens Comey in Twitter outburst
Author: 0 Trump threatens Comey in Twitter outburst

The full interview, which was scheduled before Trump fired Comey on Tuesday afternoon, will air Thursday night on NBC Nightly News with clips also set to air on Friday's Today . Several congressional panels are also investigating Russia's role in the election. "Moscow has a highly advanced offensive cyber program, and in recent years the Kremlin has assumed a more aggressive cyber posture", it said.

Global Media Trump Claims He Was
Author: 0 Trump Claims He Was "Going to Fire Comey Regardless of Recommendations"

President Donald Trump on Thursday claimed that ousted FBI Director James Comey told him on three separate occasions that he was not the subject of an investigation by the FBI. The fact is, President Trump had the power to dismiss Comey, and numerous people decrying his action ought to be applauding it if history is relevant.

Author: 0 UK's Theresa May Maintains Strong Lead in Weekend Opinion Polls

The Tories gained over the Opposition Labour party in numerous council seats and confirmed pre-poll forecasts of a Labour battering, largely blamed on the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. Labour's results, described by shadow Chancellor John McDonnell as "tough" but not a "wipeout", threw the spotlight back on to Mr Corbyn's leadership.

Author: 0 India skips China's Silk Road summit, warns of 'unsustainable' debt

The "Maritime Road" will gain momentum in the coming years, as most of China's trade is carried by the shipping industry. Leaders from 29 countries will attend the forum in Beijing on May 14-15, an event orchestrated to promote Xi´s vision of expanding links between Asia, Africa and Europe underpinned by billions of dollars in infrastructure investment.

Author: 0 China pledges $124 billion for new Silk Road, says open to everyone

Russian President Vladimir Putin was one of the prominent heads of state. He called for stepped-up action against terrorism and what he called its root causes of poverty and social injustice. He said Beijing plans to announce dozens of new investment and other agreements during the two-day event. Created to finance the Belt and Road Initiative, the Silk Road Fund was officially founded in December 2014 and jointly backed by China's foreign exchange reserves, the China Investment Corp., the ...

Author: 0 Australia receptive to China's Silk Road, but national interest first

The opening ceremony of the Belt and Road Forum for global ooperation is held in the National Convention Center in Beijing . Interestingly, due to Shehbaz Sharif's contributions on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and his development expertise, Chinese leadership specially requested him to share his thoughts on the OBOR project.

Author: 0 'We Believe You're Willing': Trump Declares Abbas Partner in Peace

The president also said he would "love to be a mediator, an arbitrator or a facilitator" in talks. Trump said he and Abbas would also discuss "my administration's effort to help unlock the potential of the Palestinian people through new economic opportunities".

Author: 0 North Korea launches ballistic missile — South Korean military

It puts immediate pressure on South Korea's President Moon Jae-in, who campaigned on a platform of better engagement with the North. In a statement released by the White House, meanwhile, North Korea was described as a "flagrant menace for far too long", while President Donald Trump said that he "cannot imagine Russia is pleased" by the missile landing so close to Russian territory.

Author: 0 Lawyers outline US President Donald Trump's Russian income

In the course of Trump's interview with NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt Trump insisted once again that he has no business in Russian Federation. President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC, May 10, 2017.

Author: 0 Donald Trump: Israeli and Palestinian Peace 'the Toughest Deal to Make'

Trump said that he would work to facilitate a peace agreement, but assured both Israelis and Palestinians they would have to strive together to form a lasting agreement. That move would likely spark Palestinian fury and is privately seen by many in the Israel and United States security establishments as needlessly inflammatory.

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