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Author: 0 UNSC to hold urgent consultations on NKorea missile test

Kim Jong-un witnessed the launch of the Hwasong-12 missile, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported. North Korea on Monday boasted it successfully launched a new type of "medium long-range" ballistic rocket that can carry a heavy nuclear warhead, an escalation of its nuclear program that the U.N.

Author: 0 Cyber attack hits 200000 in at least 150 countries: Europol

Officials and experts on Sunday urged organizations and companies to update their operating systems immediately to ensure they aren't vulnerable to a second, more powerful version of the malicious software. But a whole lot of systems had not been updated. But while FedEx Corp. reported that its Windows computers were "experiencing interference" from malware - it wouldn't say if it had been hit by the ransomware - other impacts in the USA were not readily apparent on Saturday.

Author: 0 NHS 'open for business' after cyber attack

Unfortunately, the patch won't help computers that are already infected. Railway stations, mail delivery, gas stations , hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls and government services also were affected, Xinhua said , citing the Threat Intelligence Center of Qihoo 360, a Chinese internet security services company.

Author: 0 Latest on the Betty Shelby Case

The first week of Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby's manslaughter trial produced a whirlwind of revelations about the chance encounter that left Terence Crutcher dead and the contentious aftermath of the high-profile police shooting. Shelby fired one shot from her weapon while Turnbough fired his Taser, she testified. "I did everything I could to stop this", Shelby said Monday. Shelby's attorneys have accused prosecutors of hurriedly bringing charges against her out of fear of public ...

Global Media Qalibaf Drops Out of Presidential Race in Favour of Raisi
Author: 0 Qalibaf Drops Out of Presidential Race in Favour of Raisi

Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, the mayor of Tehran and a former head of the police, quit today and urged his supporters to vote on Friday for an even more conservative figure, Ebrahim Raisi , until recently the attorney-general. Mr Rouhani, first elected in a landslide win four years ago on a promise to reduce Iran's worldwide isolation, is trying to hold on to office by firing up reformist voters disillusioned by a stalled economy and the slow pace of social reform.

Author: 0 Journalist killed in Mexican state of Culiacan

Valdez, 50, received the International Press Freedom Award by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) in 2011 for his coverage of drug trafficking. "It's also home to the Sinaloa cartel, which until recently was headed by Joaquin "Chapo" Guzman" - the infamous drug lord who, after a high-profile escape and recapture, has been extradited to the USA and is awaiting trial.

Author: 0 US appeals court grills lawyers on Trump's revised travel ban

All three were appointed by President Bill Clinton, and the panel was randomly selected based on which judges on the court were sitting during the month of May. In that event, the White House might have to rethink the outlines of an order to carry out one of Donald Trump's signature promises as a candidate and as president.

Author: 0 Putin blames off-key piano for hesitant musical rendition

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed today his opposition to any attempt to expand the club of countries with nuclear weapons and called for a solution to the dispute about Pyongyang through dialogue. Putin played a few slightly hesitant chords of two popular compositions, Moscow Windows and Evening Song . "This completely doesn't concern Russia", Putin added on the sidelines of an global summit in Beijing .

Global Media Trump shared secret info about IS with Russians
Author: 0 Trump shared secret info about IS with Russians

According to current and former USA officials, Trump told Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak highly classified information that could jeopardize the safety of the source of the intel. The President did not directly reveal the source of the information, but intelligence officials told CNN that there is concern that Russian Federation will be able to figure out the highly sensitive source.

Global Media Happy Mother's Day: 10 facts
Author: 0 Happy Mother's Day: 10 facts

Mother's Day in the United States traces its roots to Anna Jarvis, who made a decision to honor her ate mother in 1908 by creating a day just for that goal. Thank you for your actions words and love. Happy Mother's Day 2017 Wishes & Messages: Messages and Wishes purposely happens to be an important part of our life.

Author: 0 Poll shows Tories in commanding lead despite slip for Theresa May

With the results in from all 88 local authorities being contested, the Conservatives won 1,900 seats, up 558; Labour won 1,151, down 320; and the pro-EU Liberal Democrats won 441, down 37. "It's been a hard night", the Ukip leader conceded. May is asking voters to strengthen her hand as she seeks a mandate for her plan to implement the result of last year's Brexit referendum by quitting the EU's single market.

Global Media Hong Kong rejects asylum claims of group that hid Snowden
Author: 0 Hong Kong rejects asylum claims of group that hid Snowden

The refugees claim they have fled from torture and persecution in their home nations of Sri Lanka and the Philippines. The migrants are accused of secretly sheltering the former Central Intelligence Agency agent in their homes in 2013 when the whistleblower was fleeing authorities in the United States after leaking a list of classified documents that revealed massive surveillance programmes carried out mainly by Washington.

Author: 0 United States firms 'ready' to get on China's Silk Road project

Speaking at a major worldwide conference in Beijing , United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres today drew comparisons between China's "One Belt, One Road" initiative and the Sustainable Development Goals, saying both are rooted in a shared vision for global development.

Author: 0 India fear Jadhav could be executed during Hague trial

As India prepares to face Pakistan at the global platform, reports suggest that the former's defence is only based on the fact that they have been denied the right to consular access to Kulbhushan Jadhav. Qureshi also said that Jadhav has 150 days to appeal his sentence. They further alleged that Chargesheet on Kulbhushan Jadhav was not given to India by Pakistan.

Author: 0 North Korea claims plot reveals U.S. state-sponsored terrorism

Experts on North Korea consider the detentions an attempt by the authoritarian North Korean regime to gain bargaining chips as it resists US pressure to rein in its nuclear program, with which it has threatened South Korea and the U.S. However, the reducing levels of tension between both governments appears to have convinced AFC to allow North Korea to host the match on home turf. Citing unidentified diplomatic sources, the Japanese newspaper wrote that in return for North Korea ...

Global Media Lawmakers dismiss impeachment case in Philippines
Author: 0 Lawmakers dismiss impeachment case in Philippines

The specific crimes alleged in the complaint is Duterte's involvement in multiple murder as mastermind of the Davao Death Squad; graft and corruption with the hiring of 11,000 ghost employees when he was still a Davao City mayor; unexplained wealth amounting to more than P2 billion in bank deposits and credits; and the high crimes of bribery, multiple murder, and crimes against humanity when he declared war against illegal drugs.

Author: 0 Pakistan may not accept ICJ's jurisdiction in Kulbhushan Jadhav case

ANI reported that the ICJ sent an urgent communication to Pakistan, which was also forwarded to India, from the office of its President Judge Ronny Abraham under Article 74. After the death sentence was rewarded to Jadhav, India on May 8 had approached ICJ seeking a stay over Jadha's death penalty. Following India's request, the ICJ, using its powers under the "Optional Protocol to the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations concerning the Compulsory Settlement of Disputes of 24 April 1963" ...

Global Media Morrison warns big banks to absorb new tax
Author: 0 Morrison warns big banks to absorb new tax

In Opposition, the Liberal Party's shadow treasurer Joe Hockey in 2010 described then Treasurer Wayne Swan's mining tax as "a bad tax" that would be "a disincentive for further investment". The government plans to spend AU$5.3 billion ($3.9 billion) on building a second global airport in Sydney which is due to open in 2016. "Not only has the government kept the banks and the public in the dark on this new tax, it is now clear that they have kept Treasury in the dark too", she says.

Author: 0 Liberal losses in BC cast doubt on energy projects

Party leader Andrew Weaver was re-elected in his Oak Bay-Gordon Head riding with more than half the votes, which led to a loud celebration at party headquarters in Victoria. Whatever the outcome, go ahead and call this one a massive election bungle by Clark and the Liberals. "If we are talking about an accord, it might be signed for a two-year period", he added.

Author: 0 Moors Murderer Ian Brady dies aged 79

Both were jailed in 1966 for three murders before later confessing to another two. She was found on Saddleworth Moor, still wearing her pink and gold party dress and blue coat. She died in jail in 2002 aged 60. During their trial the court heard tape recordings made by the couple of their victims pleading for mercy before they were tortured and killed.

Author: 0 Sean Spicer Wants You to Know That the Tweet Speaks for Itself

In the termination letter to Comey , Trump thanked him for telling the president "three times " that he personally is not under investigation for collusion with Russian Federation during his 2016 campaign. "I've talked to the president". It is now widely reported that one of the reasons Trump grew frustrated with Comey was due to the attention he was giving to the Russian investigation instead of other matters.

Global Media No 'clean slate' between the US and Russia, Tillerson says
Author: 0 No 'clean slate' between the US and Russia, Tillerson says

And so that's my only line. His comments mark a split from former Secretary of State Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonTillerson: We "cannot reset" relations with Russia Good riddance to James Comey, Obama's enabler Toobin says firing of Comey a "grave abuse of power" MORE's "reset" approach toward the Kremlin, which she instituted in 2009 after handing Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov a red button with "reset" written on it in English during a meeting in Geneva.

Global Media 'We're not at war with banks': Morrison
Author: 0 'We're not at war with banks': Morrison

He said that it now appeared "no-one now is talking about paying back debt". The budget will be the first since PM Malcolm Turnbull's government was re-elected on a tiny majority past year. Australia' s Treasurer Scott Morrison insists he's not expecting a fight from Australia's big banks despite announcing a surprise levy on Tuesday night's annual budget.

Global Media Macron takes office as French president
Author: 0 Macron takes office as French president

A week after his victory over far-right leader Marine Le Pen in a tumultuous election, Macron will have a private meeting with Hollande at which he will be given the codes to launch France's nuclear weapons. Mr Macron's "re-splendent" personality is about to tested like never before. Brigitte, a 64-year-old who was his high school drama teacher, wore a light blue Louis Vuitton outfit for the ceremony.

Global Media New French leader Macron sworn in with pledge to fight terror
Author: 0 New French leader Macron sworn in with pledge to fight terror

Macron, a first-time candidate and political independent, won over 23% in Sunday's (April 23) election and National Front leader Le Pen received over 21% in the first round run-off. His wife Brigitte Macron, meanwhile, wore a lavender blue dress by Nicolas Ghesquiere for Louis Vuitton. On Sunday afternoon, Macron, as the commander in chief, visited wounded soldiers at a military hospital outside Paris .

Global Media Tillerson lays out U.S. diplomatic priorities
Author: 0 Tillerson lays out U.S. diplomatic priorities

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson looked to define President Donald Trump's "America First" guiding policy Wednesday, telling a gathering of employees at the State Department that it means separating us values from security and economic objectives.

Global Media Mattis makes clear U.S. commitment to protecting Turkey
Author: 0 Mattis makes clear U.S. commitment to protecting Turkey

Ankara views the YPG as the Syrian extension of the PKK militant group, which is labeled a terrorist organization by both Ankara and Washington. Coalition spokesman Col. "I hope very much that this mistake will be reversed immediately", Mr Erdogan said. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu echoed Ergodan's remarks, insisting that "every weapon [the Kurds] obtain is a threat to Turkey".

Global Media Xi Vows Belt, Road Support
Author: 0 Xi Vows Belt, Road Support

Putin and other leaders, including Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan , applauded the initiative, which Xi unveiled in 2013. Pakistan signed new deals with China on Saturday worth almost $500 million ahead of Beijing's global forum on its "Silk Road" trade and infrastructure initiative for Asia, Africa and Europe, the Pakistani government said.

Global Media Jammu and Kashmir: Two killed in Pakistan shelling in Rajouri
Author: 0 Jammu and Kashmir: Two killed in Pakistan shelling in Rajouri

In wake of the attacks a total of 193 families, comprising of 743 persons, took shelter in camps. "It was the worst shelling along LoC in Nowshera since 2002". Occasional efforts to improve ties between the nuclear-armed neighbors through talks have achieved little, while protests against Indian rule in its part of Kashmir have flared violently over the past year.

Author: 0 Russia-brokered Syria No-fly Zone Deal Bans U.S. Aircraft, Too

It is not clear how the ceasefire or de-escalation zones will be enforced in areas still to be determined in maps to emerge a month from now. The agreement to establish the de-escalation zones has not been accepted by all opposition groups, and the Syrian government reserved the right to continue fighting what it called terrorist organizations across the country, factors that could undermine the latest attempt to forge a cease-fire.

Global Media After Yates, more questions for the Trump White House
Author: 0 After Yates, more questions for the Trump White House

The testimony by Yates , who was sacked on January 30 after defying Trump over his contested travel ban, confirmed reports that she had informed the White House early on of the justice department's concerns about Flynn. The hearing came hours after former Obama administration officials revealed that Obama had warned Trump against hiring Flynn as national security adviser during an Oval Office meeting after the 2016 election.

Author: 0 Liberals hang on to win BC's first minority government in 65 years

Key seats that ended the night too close to call include Courtenay-Comox, where the NDP's Ronna-Rae Leonard holds a razor-thin nine-vote lead over Liberal Jim Benninger. The Greens' historic gains on election night leave Mr. Weaver with a hard choice: Will he prop up Ms. Clark's Liberals, or topple them and give Mr.

Global Media China Trade Deal: Commerce Secretary Ross Breaks Down What to Know
Author: 0 China Trade Deal: Commerce Secretary Ross Breaks Down What to Know

With just one more round of technical consultations between the USA and China , American beef will once again be China-bound. National Cattlemen's Beef Association President Craig Uden said in a statement, "After being locked out of the world's largest market for 13 years, we strongly welcome the announcement that an agreement has been made to restore USA beef exports to China ".

Global Media Philippines' Duterte hesitant on U.S. visit, warm on China
Author: 0 Philippines' Duterte hesitant on U.S. visit, warm on China

Despite Duterte's disturbing rhetoric, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus is defending the invitation, noting that keeping Duterte close is important as we deal with the threat of North Korea. It implies that Mr. Duterte's tactics are appropriate or necessary, which they are not. Mr. Trump, who plans to visit Manila this fall for a regional summit, spoke to Duterte on Saturday, and appeared to praise the brash leader's violent crackdown on crime as he invited him to the White House.

Global Media Happy Mother's Day 2017 Wishes, Gifts, Cards and Quotes
Author: 0 Happy Mother's Day 2017 Wishes, Gifts, Cards and Quotes

I miss mine so dearly, and if yours is still alive go hug her this Mother's Day no matter where she lives. Thanks for punishing me when I failed to obey. I am also incredibly lucky and blessed to have at my side a woman who makes the most important job in the world seem effortless. " Mother's Day will be the best if I am not required to keep cleaning the house all day".

Global Media Woman's body found covered in blood at Sydney property
Author: 0 Woman's body found covered in blood at Sydney property

A man has been charged over the alleged murder of his mother after her body was found with severe head injuries early on Monday morning. Police at a home on Florida Street in Sylvania where a woman was found dead. He said Mr White "kept to himself" since the accident. Detectives have set up a crime scene at the townhouse complex, and are speaking to neighbours.

Author: 0 N Korea fires missile, tests South's liberal prez

Despot leader Jong-un is pictured laughing and hugging rocket research officials as they celebrate before threatening to carry out more nuclear and missile tests. This vague statement leaves the door open to a range of possibilities, including that North Korea has not been able to make a compact warhead, or even that a new warhead will be revealed in the future.

Author: 0 EU, NATO condemn North Korea missile test as 'threat to peace'

Kim, who attended yesterday's test, described the nuclear-capable missile as a "perfect weapon system". "They have the overwhelming dominant economic relationship with North Korea and because they have the greatest leverage, they have the greatest responsibility", he added.

Author: 0 Japan says N. Korea may have tested new missile

A North Korean missile would need to travel more than 8,000 kilometers (4,970 miles) to reach the U.S. West Coast. That's higher and closer to Russian Federation than other North Korean tests, according to United States officials. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters that the launch was "absolutely unacceptable" and that Japan would respond resolutely. This picture taken on April 15, 2017 shows an unidentified rocket, reported to be a Hwasong-type missile similar to the one used ...

Global Media 14 killed as storms and flooding sweep across US
Author: 0 14 killed as storms and flooding sweep across US

Torrential rains over the weekend caused flash flooding across Missouri , and as storm drains and fields continue to pour into rivers, they continue to rise. "It is heartbreaking and upsetting to say the least", Canton mayor Lou Ann Everett said . The Smith County Volunteer Fireman's Association command trailer is set up at Canton High School as an emergency command unit.

Author: 0 Abbas Meeting Reportedly Short on Specifics to "Get the Job Done"

The deleted tweet included a two-minute video compilation from Trump and Abbas' meeting on Wednesday, including a positive statement about the peace process made by the president and his secretary of state, Rex Tillerson. On Wednesday, Ahmad Majdalan, a senior PLO official said in an interview on Israel Radio that in May 2014, Israeli negotiator Yitzchak Molcho, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat and U.S.

Global Media The US And Afghanistan Are Fighting 2 Enemies At Once
Author: 0 The US And Afghanistan Are Fighting 2 Enemies At Once

The president hasn't yet decided on expanding the US presence in the nation's longest war , according to the official, who asked not to be identified discussing internal deliberations. Nicholson said the coalition faces "a shortfall of a few thousand troops" to break the "stalemate". The Taliban took Kunduz for a brief period in September 2015, marking the first time the group held a major city since the beginning of the US invasion in 2001.

Global Media David's in a spin as Fidget toys fly off the shelf
Author: 0 David's in a spin as Fidget toys fly off the shelf

In terms of toys, 2017 is being defined as the year of the Fidget Spinner . "I know my kids have been wanting to get one so we went searching to get one", said Courtney Fries, who purchased a Fidget Spinner. Have you seen them in your classroom? I've also realized the fidget spinner is a nice diversion from some of my regularly scheduled activities and thoughts.

Global Media Guus Hiddink backs Conte to stay on as Chelsea manager
Author: 0 Guus Hiddink backs Conte to stay on as Chelsea manager

Pochettino's side agonisingly saw their Premier League title campaign come to an end when they suffered a 1-0 defeat at West Ham that allowed Chelsea to secure the title with victory over West Bromwich Albion on Friday in Conte's first season at Stamford Bridge.

Author: 0 China Signs Deals With 68 States, Organizations During Silk Road Forum - Xi

Aimed at promoting prosperity for countries across the world, it was proposed by the Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013. In contrast, Xi said China's Belt and Road plan would be inclusive and open to all. Tom Rafferty, a China analyst at the Economist Intelligence Unit, agrees. "We will not interfere in other countries' internal affairs". "In advancing the Belt and Road, we will not re-tread the old path of games between foes".

Author: 0 Arctic Council Pressures Tillerson To Take Action On Climate Change

At the close of the council's meeting Thursday, Tillerson said the US would "continue to be vigilant in protecting the fragile environment in the Arctic" and the White House was "currently reviewing several important policies, including how the Trump administration will approach the issue of climate change".

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