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Author: 0 Governments, businesses worldwide brace for new ransomware attacks

The attacks exploit a vulnerability in outdated versions of Microsoft Windows that is particularly problematic for corporations that don't automatically update their systems. Experts and governments alike warn against ceding to the demands and Wainwright said few victims so far had been paying up. Shares in cybersecurity specialist Sophos surged more than 7 per cent this morning, following the major cyber attack that took place over the weekend.

Author: 0 The Internet Is Thirsty For The New South Korean President's Bodyguard

Defense Department says it will hold talks with the new South Korean government about the deployment the THAAD antimissile system. Led by Senior Director for East Asia at the National Security Council Matt Pottinger and Allison Hooker, the director for Korea at the NSC, the team are visiting Korea to prepare for the planned Korea-U.S.

Author: 0 Oil Jumps as Saudi Arabia Voices Support for OPEC Deal Extension

News of the joint deal sent crude prices up more than 1.5 percent in Asian trading. USA crude was up US$1.18 at US$49.02 a barrel. The OPEC meeting is scheduled on May 25, 2017, which could result in an official extension of major producers' production cut deal However, crude oil prices are near a five-month low due to near record United States crude oil inventories and the rise in USA crude oil production.

Global Media Ballad beats glitz as Portugal's Sobral wins Eurovision
Author: 0 Ballad beats glitz as Portugal's Sobral wins Eurovision

You can view Portugal's official Eurovision Song Contest entry for 2017 below. Before the grand final, Bulgaria won two journalist awards - for best special effect and best stage performance. The acrimony is ironic because Eurovision was founded in 1956 to bring European countries that had been at war a little over a decade earlier, together.

Global Media Vice Mayor John Kennedy Issues Cinco de Mayo Message
Author: 0 Vice Mayor John Kennedy Issues Cinco de Mayo Message

The holiday celebrates the Battle of Puebla , where the Mexicans made a stand against an invading French army in 1862. Cinco de Mayo is Friday, and for many Americans, that means enjoying Mexican food. In the USA, commercial interests have capitalized on the celebration advertising Mexican products and services with an emphasis on beverages, food and music.

Author: 0 Targeting core Labour voters, UK's May promises more workers' rights

Tories will outline new protections for gig economy workers. Prime Minister Theresa May promised to expand the rights of workers, boosting protection for those in the "gig economy". Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat shadow chancellor, was equally scathing. He also cast doubts on the effectiveness of unpaid leave when the same people being cared for and caring would be affected by a lack of resources.

Global Media Facebook fined 150000 euros by French data watchdog
Author: 0 Facebook fined 150000 euros by French data watchdog

Appearing for the petitioners who have challenged WhatsApp's revised privacy policy post its acquisition by Facebook, lawyer Madhavi Divan argued that the issue did not involve privacy at all. At no point of time such information was available for perusal and it would never be available for perusal for anyone. She said the issue did not involve privacy, but added that privacy was a legal right in this country, even if not a fundamental right.

Author: 0 UN Security Council threatens DPRK with new sanctions for missile tests

The UN Security Council on Monday strongly condemned North Korea's latest ballistic missile test and vowed to ratchet up the pressure on the regime, including sanctions, ahead of an emergency meeting to discuss the launch. North Korea says the medium long-range strategic missile it tested over the weekend can carry a nuclear warhead. "We should understand that just because a liberal president has been elected, it doesn't mean that Pyongyang is going to suddenly stop testing", Ken Gause, ...

Global Media With You We Have Hope: Palestinian President Tells Trump
Author: 0 With You We Have Hope: Palestinian President Tells Trump

Israel considers such payments a reward for terrorists, while the Palestinians consider them welfare payments for victims of Israeli occupation. So Palestinians, they don't expect much out of this. That has sparked speculation about a meeting among the three. Al-Quds said the Israeli High Court ordered the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the railway company to return privately-owned land to its original Palestinian owners.

Author: 0 Senate moderates hold bipartisan health care talks

This meeting will give people the chance to express their opinions and concerns about this very important topic. On May 8 Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appointed 13 senators to a special committee that will focus on the bill. She warned that those insured through their employer may not be immune from the effects of the House bill. "Furthermore, the health care legislation passed by the House is a starting point and the Senate will be drafting its own plan", said a spokesmen for ...

Global Media Tehran mayor quits presidential race, backs Raisi
Author: 0 Tehran mayor quits presidential race, backs Raisi

Qalibaf, a former Revolutionary Guards commander and police chief, was one of the main challengers to the current president, Hassan Rouhani, who is seeking a second term. Five candidates, including President Hassan Rouhani, are in the fray. If no candidate wins more than 50% of the vote in the first round, the top two candidates go to a second-round run-off.

Author: 0 UN Security Council slams latest ballistic missile launches

Council members expressed "utmost concern" about the country's "flagrant and provocative defiance of the Security Council by conducting these ballistic missile launches in violation of its global obligations". North Korea is not thought to be able yet to make a nuclear warhead small enough to mount on a long-range missile, though some outside analysts think it can arm shorter-range missiles with warheads.

Global Media Iran's reformist ex-president Khatami says re-elect Rouhani
Author: 0 Iran's reformist ex-president Khatami says re-elect Rouhani

A presidential win would pave the way for a possible succession, while a defeat could scupper his chances. The two candidates were the top conservative challengers to President Hassan Rouhani, a pragmatist whose government negotiated a 2015 deal with world powers to rein in Iran's nuclear program in exchange for lifting global sanctions.

Author: 0 Israel wants White House to explain US official's Western Wall comment

The spat reportedly erupted during preparations for Trump's visit to the region next week. The report said the Americans rebuffed the request, with one official telling the Israelis the site is "not your territory". However, the worldwide community does not recognize Israel's annexation of east Jerusalem , which the Palestinians seek as the capital of a future independent state.

Author: 0 Trump seeks new Federal Bureau of Investigation nominee

But current and former Federal Bureau of Investigation officials told NBC News late Thursday that it was Trump, not Comey, who requested the dinner , and that in any event Comey would never divulge whether the president was being investigated.

Global Media Anupriya Patel disappointed over UP Assembly ruckus
Author: 0 Anupriya Patel disappointed over UP Assembly ruckus

He said the government would not follow the policy of appeasement but will commit towards the protection of interests of the people, while highlighting its initiatives in the past two months. In the Legislative Council, where SP has 66 members, former minister Ahmed Hasan will be the Leader of the Opposition. In his address, the governor indirectly blamed the previous governments for the prevailing state of affairs in Uttar Pradesh and lauded the Yogi Adityanath dispensation for its ...

Author: 0 Syria is burning bodies to hide proof of mass killings

Jones said that prisoners had in the past been buried in mass graves, but that a crematory could dispose of the bodies without leaving evidence. Jones cited "multiple sources" in saying that "the regime is responsible for killing as many as 50 detainees per day at Sednaya", where he said up to 70 people were packed in cells designed for five.

Author: 0 Nicola Sturgeon urges voters to give her sway in Brexit negotiations

Ms Dugdale will visit Better World Books in Dunfermline where she will say Scotland has 4,000 fewer teachers and 1,000 fewer school support staff since the SNP came to office in 2007. The politician said her party had been advocates for regionalising fishing policy and for taking a fresh look at the EU's "open to all" approach to fishing waters.

Global Media New US envoy David Friedman presents credentials, gets to work
Author: 0 New US envoy David Friedman presents credentials, gets to work

The Western Wall, the holiest site of Jewish prayer, is located in part of the territory it captured in the 1967 Middle East War. Trump, the parents of his son-in-law Jared Kushner and Friedman all reportedly contributed financially to Beit El settlement, near the Palestinian city of Ramallah.

Author: 0 North Korea continues to threaten United States, its allies: White House

That signaled a new phase in applying sanctions that curb exports of coal from North Korea, impose severe restrictions on banking and ban sales of luxury goods and equipment that could be of use to the military. North Korea is known to be developing both nuclear weapons - it has conducted five nuclear tests - and the missiles capable of delivering those weapons to their target.

Global Media Heavy gunfire heard in Ivory Coast's commercial capital -witnesss
Author: 0 Heavy gunfire heard in Ivory Coast's commercial capital -witnesss

Another Abidjan resident said mutinying soldiers came out of the West African nation's largest military camp and erected barricades, blocking traffic along one of the main thoroughfares in the east of the city. The mutineers were reported shooting on Sunday in to the air to prevent inhabitants of Bouake from coming out their homes. "We want the money, that's all".

Author: 0 National security adviser says Trump did not reveal classified info

What was specifically revealed is murky, but the Post reported that the US partner had not given permission for the information to be shared with Russian Federation, a major breach of intelligence protocol. A Washington Post correspondent stood by his story Monday evening as the White House tried to declare it "false". Corker said Monday of the administration, "Obviously they're in a downward spiral right now and they've got to figure out a way to come to grips with all that's happening".

Author: 0 No second spike in cyber attacks is 'encouraging' - British minister

The massive ransomware attacks that started late Friday have locked people out of their computers and demanded hundreds of dollars from the users before they could regain control. Even if these doomsday scenarios don't ultimately take place, large-scale use of ransomware presents a risky route to finances for criminal groups.

Author: 0 North Korea Also Wants 'Right Circumstances' for Meeting With Trump

While this missile could not reach the USA mainland, Schilling added, it could be a test of technology that could be used on future ICBMs. North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency called the missile a "new ground-to-ground medium long-range strategic ballistic rocket", and said the "Hwasong-12" was "capable of carrying a large, heavy nuclear warhead."...

Author: 0 Trump throws his hat into Mideast peace process ring

Throughout his campaign, Trump had promised to move the USA embassy to Jerusalem and supported Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory - concepts that are both held in high regard by staunch pro-Israel groups. "It's been a long time , but we will be working diligently". "I want to see peace with Israel and the Palestinians". Their joint appearance came amid Abbas' first visit to the White House under Trump, who, after campaigning on a hardline pro-Israel stance, has in recent weeks ...

Global Media Busy day for French president: Names PM, meets with Merkel
Author: 0 Busy day for French president: Names PM, meets with Merkel

Philippe, a one-time socialist, has been mayor of the northern port town of Le Havre since 2010 and an MP for the region since 2012. This is significant as it implies Macron's La République En Marche party is reaching out to the conservatives to help form the government.

Author: 0 China's Xi seeks to rewrite global trade rules as United States retreats

The Belt and Road Initiative was proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013. The Chinese leader is using the worldwide gathering to promote his signature foreign policy project, the One Belt, One Road initiative. More than 1500 representatives from 130 countries and 70 global organizations are the Belt and Road. But they also have expressed concern that Beijing might undermine human rights and worldwide standards for lending or leave poor countries with too much debt.

Author: 0 Clapper: US govt 'under assault' by Trump after Comey firing

He can contradict himself within separate clauses of a single sentence, then lie about the contradiction. "I feel as though that's under assault and is eroding", Clapper said, adding that congressional Republicans should publicly condemn the president's recent activities.

Author: 0 We'll reunite released Chibok girls with parents next week - FG

Last year, some of the girls were released - but there are still thought to be around 113 missing. reports that the insurgents abducted 276 girls in April 2014 at their school in Chibok, Borno State. The 82 Chibok girls freed Saturday will not return to school in September because they are undergoing medical and psychological treatment, said presidential spokesman Garba Shehu .

Global Media Hillary Clinton launches politcal group 'Onward Together'
Author: 0 Hillary Clinton launches politcal group 'Onward Together'

The name of the Clinton-backed group is reminiscent of her presidential campaign slogan, 'Stonger Together, ' and even uses the same logo. Organized over the last few months with former DNC chair and governor Howard Dean , the group is still in the early development stages.

Author: 0 Local election results in Scotland likely to heal COSLA rift

The election result, which saw the Scottish National Party emerge as the biggest party in Scottish local government, but without any party gaining an overall majority in any of the 32 unitary authorities, is also expected to give COSLA the first non-Labour president in its history.

Author: 0 Officials arrive at One Belt - One Road Summit venue in Beijing

According to China's official Xinhua news wire , the goal of the initiative is to build a trade and infrastructure network along ancient trade routes such as the Silk Road that would connect Asia with Europe, Africa and beyond. "We need to seek win-win results through greater openness and cooperation, avoid fragmentation, refrain from setting inhibitive thresholds for cooperation or pursuing exclusive arrangements and reject protectionism", he said.

Author: 0 Minority likely as NDP, Liberals at 42 seats each, three Greens

In the meantime, Clark remains premier and she promised Wednesday to listen to voters and do a better job of working with the other parties. On election night she said she is confident the party's standing may improve, with a narrow decision in Courtenay-Comox that could give the B.C.

Global Media Heavy gunfire erupts in Ivory Coast's two main cities
Author: 0 Heavy gunfire erupts in Ivory Coast's two main cities

There's been heavy gunfire in Abidjan , the commercial capital of Ivory Coast where troops have been staging a mutiny. "Everyone is closing shop and heading home", said a cocoa exporter based in the city. This was clearly news to the disgruntled soldiers, who reacted by starting their mutiny. On Thursday, following a meeting with authorities in Abidjan , a spokesman for the group said they would drop demands for the remaining money.

Global Media Erdogan visits Trump, amid much friction between US, Turkey
Author: 0 Erdogan visits Trump, amid much friction between US, Turkey

Clearly, the only good reason could be that Trump deliberately decided that there is a time for everything - even for meeting Erdogan . The real question is how he will respond. The weapons have not yet been delivered to the Kurdish-led forces, which include an Arab fighters unit. Kurdish forces can defeat Islamic State militarily outside traditionally Kurdish areas, but it's harder for them to hold and govern territories that are majority Sunni Arab.

Author: 0 Macron promises French reform on Berlin visit

Macron beat Marine Le Pen of the far-right National Front in a May 7 run-off vote, but the long campaign exposed deep splits over France's role in Europe, immigration, and policies to revive a sluggish economy bedeviled by high unemployment.

Author: 0 Jeff Sessions got an award but took no questions

If seeking a different sentence, prosecutors will need to obtain approval from a US attorney, assistant attorney general or another supervisor. And Sessions said it gives prosecutors "discretion to avoid sentences that would result in an injustice".

Author: 0 German state vote shows Merkel on track

Armin Laschet, top candidate of the Christian Democratic Union, reacts to the first exit polls after the regional state elections of North Rhine-Westphalia. Interior minister of North-Rhine-Westphalia Ralf Jaeger addresses a press conference to announce the suspension of Cologne's police chief on Januar 8, 2015 in Cologne, western Germany.

Global Media Trump Considering A Fox News Host for White House Press Secretary
Author: 0 Trump Considering A Fox News Host for White House Press Secretary

The Massachusetts Democrat said Monday the next director needs to be someone the American people can trust to investigate Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election and Russian connections to the Trump administration. Trump, who has sought better relations with Russian Federation, has continued to question whether it was behind the hacking of email accounts belonging to Democrats involved in Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.

Author: 0 Trump says 'fast decision' possible on new Federal Bureau of Investigation director

One associate describes Comey as being uncomfortable with the January dinner with President Donald Trump in which Trump is reported to have asked Comey for his loyalty - something Trump has flatly denied. Mitch McConnell, Josh Holmes, said McConnell is interested in the suggestion. "I can't say", he said. Mark Warner, D-Va., top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, called the insinuation "outrageous" during his appearance on " Fox News Sunday ".

Global Media Thailand threatens to block Facebook
Author: 0 Thailand threatens to block Facebook

Thailand has some of the world's toughest lese-majeste laws, which make it illegal to defame, insult or threaten the king, queen, heir apparent or regent. But Thai officials are threatening to press charges against Facebook if the clip is still available at 10am on Tuesday. Sensitivity to public criticism of royal affairs was heightened after the much-loved former king died in October and his son, Maha Vajiralongkorn, took power.

Author: 0 Travel ban judges scrutinize Trump's Muslim statements

Last week, U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan in the nation's capital said she's "inclined to agree" that the travel ban is unlawful, but held off on a request to block it because of the pending appeals court cases. At issue is whether the revised ban effectively violates the Constitution because the wording is borne of a Trumpian discrimination against Muslims.

Author: 0 Conservative drops out of Iran election to back hard-liner

Qalibaf is a candidate from the conservative faction and he is the current mayor of Tehran. "Third, they hope they can win the election". Though Tehran accounts for 18 percent of Iran's population, its people experience a very different daily reality from the one lived by those elsewhere in the country.

Author: 0 Don't expect European Union money to fund China's new Silk Roads

A list of more than 270 outcomes was formulated, Xi said, expressing confidence in the prospect of the Belt and Road Initiative. Known as the Belt and Road initiative, it was suggested by Mr Xi four years ago as a way to boost growth for China.

Global Media Trump Administration Cheers 'Herculean' Trade Breakthroughs With China
Author: 0 Trump Administration Cheers 'Herculean' Trade Breakthroughs With China

Hours later, US President Donald Trump tweeted: " China just agreed that the US will be allowed to sell beef , and other major products, into China once again". The U.S. Meat Exporters Federation (USMEF) also praised the agreement. The joint statement said the United States would send a delegation to China's One Belt, One Road summit - Xi's signature project - on Sunday and Monday.

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