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Global Media Trump says he has 'absolute right' to share facts with Russians
Author: 0 Trump says he has 'absolute right' to share facts with Russians

The latest incident comes just a week after Trump fired Comey. The same official publicly had refuted The Washington Post report on Monday evening, describing the claims as false. The information is said to have pertained to ISIS' efforts to infiltrate booby-trapped laptops onto US-bound flights, intelligence about which is reported to have been given to Washington by a United States ally in the Middle-East, causing the Trump administration to ban laptops in carry-on baggage for flights ...

Global Media USA government 'under assault' by Trump after Comey firing
Author: 0 USA government 'under assault' by Trump after Comey firing

Asked about the existence of recording during an interview with Fox News that aired on Saturday, Trump said, "That I can't talk about". Some in the White House describe getting angry calls from the president and then hustling over to Trump's personal secretary, Madeleine Westerhout, to ferret who exactly had just paid a visit to the Oval Office and possibly set Trump off.

Author: 0 Xi rewriting global trade rules as United States retreats

As well as the corridor through Pakistan, India is anxious more broadly about China's economic and diplomatic expansion through Asia, and in particular across countries and waterways that it considers to be its sphere of influence. The foreign ministry also cited concerns about the "unsustainable debt burden" China's partner countries along the route would have to bear. What the Chinese are trying to do is to take existing projects like Gwadar port in Pakistan or Hambantota in Sri Lanka ...

Global Media Suspected murder case in Fermanagh
Author: 0 Suspected murder case in Fermanagh

Her son, Conor, 30, who has special needs, also suffered stab wounds and was taken to hospital, where he is in a stable condition. The man who died is understood to be Connie's estranged partner Peadar Phair, who is not Conor's father. "She was just devoted to Conor". "My thoughts are with the families and with Conor and I hope that he makes a full recovery", he added. Erne East UUP Councillor Victor Warrington described the Maguiresbridge area as a "rural, tight-knit community where ...

Author: 0 Chelsea Manning will stay on active duty after release

Yet, despite all of the vitriol poured over her by members of the United States military and political establishments, Manning is nothing less than an honourable whistleblower who felt compelled to tell the world about apparent USA wrongdoing in its military conduct in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Global Media Comey associates predict public testimony, describe discomfort with Trump dinner
Author: 0 Comey associates predict public testimony, describe discomfort with Trump dinner

Comey prepared the account immediately after his meeting with the president, and sent copies of the memo to Federal Bureau of Investigation leadership and to some of his closest associates. And House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., called it a "brazen attempt" to shut down the FBI's investigation. It is unclear whether Mr. Comey told the Justice Department about the conversation or his memos.

Author: 0 Western Wall Not Part of Israel

It maintained that while "the comment that the Western Wall is part of the West Bank was received with astonishment", the Israeli government "is certain that the comment contradicts President Trump's policy as expressed in his fierce opposition to the latest UN Security Council resolution", which criticized the Israeli presence in eastern Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Global Media Kashmir women boycott event chaired by Mehbooba Mufti
Author: 0 Kashmir women boycott event chaired by Mehbooba Mufti

Though the Hurriyat also recently criticised the radicalisation of the Kashmir struggle, the fact that the chief minister had to face resistant at the meeting with members of these self-help groups, reinforces the reports that the PDP-BJP government is losing its popularity in the state.

Global Media Defiant Trump says he had 'absolute right' to share information with Russian Federation
Author: 0 Defiant Trump says he had 'absolute right' to share information with Russian Federation

That breach of the intelligence-sharing relationship could make Trump's disclosure especially damaging, the newspaper reported. The New York Times and BuzzFeed News published similar reports later Monday. " The Washington Post is withholding most plot details, including the name of the city, at the urging of officials who warned that revealing them would jeopardize important intelligence capabilities".

Author: 0 Israel fuming at US's concern over embassy move to Jerusalem

It is not clear who, exactly, the "senior American official" was, but Israel's Ha'aretz identified the culpable parties as "diplomats stationed at the USA consulate in Jerusalem ". Officials are also considering a lesser announcement outlining a USA vision for the future of Jerusalem as Israel's capital without taking any immediate action, created to help Trump save face on his campaign pledge.

Author: 0 Call to explain Western Wall comment

The exchange came as Mr Netanyahu sparred over the embassy issue with his right-wing domestic political opponents. (New US ambassador Daniel Friedman, however, made it his first stop on arrival in Israel.) Having Trump there at all is a coup of sorts for Netanyahu , even as a private stop without live press coverage.

Author: 0 Russia dismisses explosive report about Trump sharing intel

Sergey Kislyak , a senior U.S official told Associated Press. McMcaster did not deny that Trump discussed classified information. Trump tweeted that he shared with Russian Federation "facts pertaining to terrorism and airline safety".

Author: 0 Trump brings in hope for solving Israeli-Palestine conflict

But he repeatedly praised Trump, saying that he was "looking forward to working with" him "toward a historic peace deal" and lauded the commander-in-chief for his "courageous stewardship and wisdom" and his " great negotiating abilities ". Abbas is unpopular and has led the Palestinian Authority for the past 12 years, long past the conclusion of his five-year term. I am firmly believing that this is possibly - we are able to resolve it.

Author: 0 Latest North Korea missile test represents significant advance

Japan, South Korea, and the US requested the emergency United Nations session, after what the DPRK claimed was a "successful intermediate-range ballistic missile test launch" on Sunday. US officials reported that the missile landed 60 miles from the Russian city of Vladivostok. For its part, North Korea said the missile test was in response to the nuclear dangers and threats posed by the U.S.

Global Media Trump takes to Twitter to defend sharing of information with Russians
Author: 0 Trump takes to Twitter to defend sharing of information with Russians

Trump in the meeting with Russian officials last week. Doug Andres, a spokesman for House Speaker Paul Ryan, said the speaker was looking for "a full explanation of the facts from the administration". With President Trump having fired FBI Director James Comey, and on the heels of that shocking dismissal came the news about Mr. Trump allegedly sharing secrets with Russian Federation in a potential fit of Oval Office bragging, Trump has responded with the below tweet on Tuesday ...

Global Media Italian commission says more controls needed on aid groups rescuing migrants
Author: 0 Italian commission says more controls needed on aid groups rescuing migrants

As reported by Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany's global broadcaster, more than 43,000 migrants, mostly from sub-Saharan Africa, have used Libya as a springboard to reach Europe up to the middle of April of this year. Libya has long struggled to control its 5,000 kilometres (3,000 miles) of southern borders with Sudan, Chad and Niger, even before the 2011 uprising that toppled dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Author: 0 Saudi king touts Trump's Islamic summit as 'new partnership'

As president, Trump signed two executive orders that critics say unfairly target Muslims from six Muslim-majority countries. Meanwhile, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is believed to be in favor of banning arms sales to regimes the party deems repressive, including Saudi Arabia.

Global Media Suspect in custody after jumping bike rack near White House
Author: 0 Suspect in custody after jumping bike rack near White House

The White House went into lockdown after a person jumped over a barrier along the North Fence, the Secret Service has said. "Suspect in custody", the agency wrote in a tweet . It is believed to have been caused by an attempted fence jumper. The federal government is planning to install a new, taller fence around the White House.

Author: 0 Trump talk with Russians 'wholly appropriate,' adviser says

During the presidential campaign Trump repeatedly assailed his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, for her handling of classified information by email while she was secretary of state. "The president and the foreign minister reviewed common threats from terrorist organizations to include threats to aviation", McMaster told The Post .

Author: 0 Trump asked Comey to close Flynn probe: NY Times, citing Comey memo

Sky News US correspondent Hannah Thomas-Peter said: "This is important because, if proved to be true, it is the clearest evidence yet that Donald Trump has tried to interfere in an active Department of Justice investigation". The following morning, Trump said he fired Comey because he "wasn't not doing a good job". That was the story, anyway, back in February, when Politico's Tara Palmeri reported that President Donald Trump's campaign staffers had divined the key to restraining their boss' ...

Author: 0 US appeals court to review Trump revised travel ban

For the second time in a week, government lawyers will try to persuade a federal appeals court to reinstate President Donald Trump's revised travel ban - and once again, they can expect plenty of questions Monday about whether the ban was created to discriminate against Muslims.

Author: 0 Netanyahu takes issue with Abbas saying the Palestinians teach their children peace

And on the Palestinian side, Abbas is in a weak political position. Trump seems eager to broker an Israeli-Palestinian deal — and some hold out hope that his freewheeling style might succeed where more orthodox diplomacy has failed. Netanyahu asked in a speech this week. Like previous USA leaders, Trump faces numerous obstacles in the long-shot bid. He said the issue will be a focus during Abbas' visit.

Global Media Telefonica among victims of global ransomware attack
Author: 0 Telefonica among victims of global ransomware attack

She said that included many Global Positioning System attending their practices on the weekend to install the necessary " patches " to bring the malware under control. At the time Prime Minister Theresa May said it was not an attack targeted at the NHS . "It was clear [that] warnings were given to hospital trusts".

Author: 0 Trump intelligence sharing likely to leave allies anxious

But it is just as possible that Trump, who reportedly ignores the multi-page briefing sheets meant to prepare him for such meetings, did not understand the importance of the information he revealed, or the procedures that typically govern the release of classified information.

Author: 0 Kurdish-led forces advance on IS-held Raqqa, say activists

As evidence, it points to USA weapons seized from the PKK - saying they were funneled from the YPG - and the fact that the United States has been unable to dislodge Kurdish fighters from controlling Arab parts of northern Syria that they have seized, with US assistance under Obama, along the Turkish border.

Global Media Iraq forces say recaptured nearly 90% of west Mosul
Author: 0 Iraq forces say recaptured nearly 90% of west Mosul

The city's eastern half was declared liberated in January. Iraqi forces, backed by air cover provided by a US -led coalition, are now engaged in a massive offensive aimed at driving Daesh out of Mosul , the terrorist group's last stronghold in northern Iraq.

Global Media Ousted FBI director James Comey is willing to testify
Author: 0 Ousted FBI director James Comey is willing to testify

Now, more fuel for the fire. Trump is traveling to Lynchburg, Va., to give the commence address for the Class of 2017 at Liberty University. Separately, Representative Adam Schiff of California, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said Trump's tweets had two purposes: to "threaten the FBI director he just fired in the middle of the Russian Federation investigation - and who may now be a witness", and to justify conflicting stories from the White House.

Author: 0 GOP declares war with health care vote

Didn't he also say, "If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period". "We have to fix those things that are broken", he said Thursday, "but we also have to protect the people that are covered under the Medicaid expansion".

Author: 0 North Korea claims test of 'newly developed ballistic rocket'

The United States and China are reportedly working on a new even tougher resolution. The adoption of the statement comes on the eve of an emergency, closed-door meeting of the Security Council scheduled for Tuesday. U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley raised the possibility of a new set of global economic restrictions for the North, including on oil imports. "If the USA dares opt for a military provocation against [us] we are ready to counter it".

Global Media EC all-party meet on EVMs underway; Hackathon date to be decided
Author: 0 EC all-party meet on EVMs underway; Hackathon date to be decided

The meeting on Friday was attended by 55 national and regional parties, of which 16 have urged the Commission to return to ballot papers. Giving a step-by-step demonstration of how tampering is allegedly done, he said there are different codes to rig an EVM to favour a party based on its position in the panel.

Global Media National Security Adviser McMaster holds White House briefing
Author: 0 National Security Adviser McMaster holds White House briefing

Australia is a member of the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing programme with the U.S., Canada, Britain and New Zealand. Trump, McMaster added, didn't know where the information came from. "I was in the room, it didn't happen", H.R. McMaster, Trump's national security adviser, told reporters outside the White House late Monday. After McMaster's statement, which he delivered without taking questions, a number of reporters pointed out that he denied something that was not asserted in the ...

Author: 0 Head of Islamic State in Afghanistan Abdul Hasib killed, claims President Ghani

Two US Army Rangers died in the April 27 raid and US officials say they may have been killed as the result of friendly fire in the opening minutes of the three-hour battle. A statement from US Forces in Afghanistan confirmed the raid also killed other high-ranking members of the organisation along with 35 fighters, the Mail reports .

Author: 0 'India's objections to China's OBOR forum a show for domestic politics'

China signed cooperation deals with 68 countries and worldwide organisations during the two-day forum, yielding a list of 270 deliverables in areas such as policy coordination, infrastructure building, trade, investment and finance. On deepening economic and trade cooperation, leaders agree to uphold the authority and effectiveness of the multilateral trading system, and work together to achieve positive outcomes at the 11th WTO ministerial conference; promote trade and investment ...

Global Media UN Condemns North Korea Missile Test, Vows Sanctions
Author: 0 UN Condemns North Korea Missile Test, Vows Sanctions

The North's KCNA news agency said Sunday's launch tested its capability to carry a "large-size heavy nuclear warhead". More significantly, the new missile could be a stepping stone to a properly working ICBM - which would fundamentally change assessments of the threat posed by Pyongyang.

Global Media Dave Chappelle takes back what he said about Donald Trump
Author: 0 Dave Chappelle takes back what he said about Donald Trump

Less than a week after Donald Trump won the presidency, Chappelle used his opening monologue to say he was going to give the real-estate mogul a chance and suggested that the country should as well. Earlier this evening Chappelle appeared at the Robin Hood benefit in New York City. Shortly before his November 12 hosting gig, Chappelle had visited the White House - which was still occupied by Barack Obama - and the experience had left him feeling "hopeful and proud to be an America", the AV ...

Global Media President Trump talk with Russians 'wholly appropriate,' adviser says
Author: 0 President Trump talk with Russians 'wholly appropriate,' adviser says

He also tried to cast it as a generous and wise move. US allies including Australia, New Zealand and Japan cited the White House denials and said intelligence sharing would continue. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY called Tuesday for the transcripts of the meeting with the Russian officials to be released to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Author: 0 South Korean media: New president will visit US next month

The announcement came days after North Korea successfully tested a powerful new missile that analysts believe could reach Alaska when perfected. President Moon Jae-in and his U.S. The U.S. streaming service, which invested US$50 million in the film, previously announced that it has selected Next Entertainment World as the movie's South Korean distributor and has confirmed the June release in Korean theaters, but stopped short of offering a specific date.

Global Media Trump says he had 'absolute right' to share info with Russian Federation
Author: 0 Trump says he had 'absolute right' to share info with Russian Federation

As president, Trump can reveal classified information if he wants, though it could be illegal if others in his administration shared such information. And the potential consequences could hardly be more serious, former Central Intelligence Agency case officer Bob Baer told CNN's Erin Burnett. President Barack Obama did it all the time - such as when he deliberately and publicly revealed USA interrogation methods, giving terrorists all the information they needed to resist.

Global Media Donald Trump says he has 'absolute right' to share info with Russia
Author: 0 Donald Trump says he has 'absolute right' to share info with Russia

In his view, the president has complete authority to share highly sensitive information with whomever he chooses - though Trump doesn't exactly confirm the information he shared was classified. Jack Reed, the ranking Democrat on the Armed Services panel, said sharing information without the permission of a foreign intelligence partner "violates a cardinal rule" of dealing with friendly agencies.

Global Media Police chief shot in upstate NY, suspect barricaded in home
Author: 0 Police chief shot in upstate NY, suspect barricaded in home

State Troopers, State Police investigators and a negotiator were on the scene for most of Tuesday attempting to make contact with and apprehend a suspect that shot Chief Amthor. It was at that point when state police say the suspect and police exchanged fire. He's being treated at a hospital in Newburgh. The shooting occurred in Maybrook , which is about 70 miles north of New York City, around 9:45 a.m., according to multiple reports.

Global Media Singapore shuts airport terminal after fire; flights delayed
Author: 0 Singapore shuts airport terminal after fire; flights delayed

About 58.7 million passengers from around the world passed through Changi Airport previous year, making it the world's sixth busiest for worldwide traffic. "We regret any inconvenience this situation may have caused, and sincerely hope for understanding", the statement read. Flight operations at Terminal 2 (T2) of Changi Airport will resume progressively following a minor fire break in the afternoon.

Global Media Trump claims 'absolute right' to share info with Russia
Author: 0 Trump claims 'absolute right' to share info with Russia

A spokesman for House Speaker Paul Ryan expressed concern about the Post report while noting the importance of respecting classified information. Sen. "I have people brief me on great intel every day" (the size of his hands, the taste of his chocolate cake, great intel - it's all the same to him), and then proceed to dish about life-or-death intelligence that was obtained on the hush hush from another nation's undercover agent.

Author: 0 Corbyn sets out radical manifesto for United Kingdom polls

The comments, representing a U-turn, were made during the launch of the UK Labour's General Election manifesto which takes place today (Tuesday 16 May) in Bradford and saw Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale join the UK party's leader. He said it was a "blueprint of what Britain could be and a pledge of the difference a Labour government can and will make". The problem for Labour that, whilst the policies seem popular, the party's leadership isn't doing as well in the polls.

Global Media Kremlin says 'too early' to speak of thaw in Russia-US ties
Author: 0 Kremlin says 'too early' to speak of thaw in Russia-US ties

Putin has reason to be cocky. But while the strategy advocates protecting Russian infrastructure against cyberattacks and encrypting the communications of federal workers against eavesdroppers, among other measures, certain sections have triggered concerns already raised by regional media.

Author: 0 McConnell recommends Obama's Supreme Court pick for Federal Bureau of Investigation head

The search is underway for a new head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation after Trump fired Director James Comey a week ago. Garland was nominated by President Barack Obama previous year for a seat on the Supreme Court to replace late Justice Antonin Scalia, but Republicans refused to consider his nomination, citing the 2016 election.

Global Media What to know about travel ban appeals
Author: 0 What to know about travel ban appeals

Circuit Court of Appeals for the second time in four months as it defended its revised executive order on immigration. In the second appeals court hearing in a week on President Trump's order seeking to limit immigration from the Mideast, the search went on again among judges on Monday for a way to decide the controversy narrowly.