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Global Media Trump & Emmanuel Macron Handshake Memes Are Alpha Male Magic
Author: 0 Trump & Emmanuel Macron Handshake Memes Are Alpha Male Magic

The Washington Post reports that Macron has seemed so well prepared for Trump's aggressive handshakes because he was given advanced warning before their meet. In its readout, the White House said Trump urged Macron to meet North Atlantic Treaty Organisation commitments on French defense spending and help ensure that the alliance is "focused on counter-terrorism".

Global Media Kushner sought secret Russian communications channel
Author: 0 Kushner sought secret Russian communications channel

Kushner, a key White House adviser, had meetings late a year ago with Russia's ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak , and Russian banker Sergey Gorkov. "He has no recollection of the calls as described", Gorelick said in a statement to CNN . While the FBI's interest in Kushner does not mean he has become a target of the investigation or is suspected of any wrongdoing, it has spurred some Democrats to call for Kushner's security clearance to be revoked .

Author: 0 Comey acted on Russian intelligence he knew was fake

The Washington Post said the secret comms proposal was made December 1 or 2 at Trump Tower in NY, according to intercepts of Russian communications that were reviewed by United States officials. CNN reported Comey's larger concern was that if the alleged conversations between Lynch and the campaign were released publicly, their impact would undermine his probe and the Justice department - despite the allegations being false.

Author: 0 Ex-ambassador: Russia is a 'dark cloud' for Trump's administration

The Post report cites anonymous US officials who were briefed on intelligence reports on intercepted Russian communications. Yet despite all that briefing, Mr Kushner was joined by Mr Flynn in a meeting with Mr Kislyak at Trump Tower and-if the Post is right-not only placed his trust in the Russian ambassador, but asked him to help hoodwink American officials.

Author: 0 Iran's Election Signals Reset with the Rest of the World

Rouhani on Monday dismissed Trump's summit with Arab leaders in Saudi Arabia as "just a show". "US President Trump saw almost 45 million Iranians went to the ballot boxes, but he chose to visit a country [Saudi Arabia] that does not know what election is, and its people have never seen a ballot box", he noted.

Author: 0 Donald Trump launches review into Manchester attack leaks

Britain's official terror threat level has also been raised to " critical ", the highest level, late on Tuesday. Libyan security forces, who arrested Salman Abedi's father and brother , said Thursday that they summoned his mother and three siblings for questioning.

Global Media Ajax coach rues 'boring Europa League final'
Author: 0 Ajax coach rues 'boring Europa League final'

Mourinho and United took the winning option, overpowering a talented by lightweight Ajax to give their season and thousands of celebrating fans a warmer glow. Herrera dedicated the trophy to the victims of the attack on the Manchester Arena. "We preferred to reach the Champions League this way than finish fourth, third or second", he continued.

Global Media Moon of Ramadan not sighted, first roza from Sunday
Author: 0 Moon of Ramadan not sighted, first roza from Sunday

Qatari Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs said on its Twitter account that "Due to the lack of a moon sighting this night, the committee announces that investigation will continue tomorrow". Remember, Ramadan lasts for either 29 or 30 days every year. The Muslims across the world observe fasting between wee hours of to the sunset everyday as part Islamic practice.

Author: 0 Jared Kushner wanted secret communications channel with Russian Federation, new report alleges

The Washington Post reported Friday that Kislyak told his superiors that he and Kushner discussed setting up a secret communications channel between the Trump transition team and the Kremlin. It is common for senior advisers of a newly elected president to be in contact with foreign leaders and officials. The news comes just one day after the Post reported that FBI investigators are looking into a number of meetings between Kushner and the Kremlin as part of its investigation into ...

Author: 0 Soldiers launch attacks in Philippine city

The black flags of the Islamic State group were planted atop buildings and flown from commandeered vehicles, including a government ambulance and an armored auto, said Mamintal Alonto Adiong Jr., vice governor of Lanao del Sur province. He is a commander of the Abu Sayyaf militant group and was wounded by a military airstrike in January. "We are in peace talks with the MILF and all the mechanisms are still in place", he said.

Global Media Trump still not backing Paris climate agreement - Italy's PM
Author: 0 Trump still not backing Paris climate agreement - Italy's PM

He said his dad is from Germany. "And the key question is whether one is part of this early on or not". White House economic adviser Gary Cohn told reporters on the flight to Sicily Thursday that, if it comes to a choice between measures to curtail global warming under the 2015 Paris climate accord and growing the USA economy, economic considerations would prevail.

Author: 0 'Houdini' of Alabama death row executed for murder-for-hire

Alabama death row inmate Tommy Arthur is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to block his execution set for Thursday night. "Mr. Arthur was rightfully convicted and sentenced, and tonight, that sentence was rightfully and justly carried out".

Author: 0 Mrs. Trump visits Brussels children's hospital, art museum

However, Mr Junker soon called reports in Spiegel Online and Süddeutsche Zeitung exaggerated, saying while President Trump had talks about Germany's trade surplus as a problem, he had not done so aggressively. But one senior diplomat said Trump, who left the leaders' dinner before it ended to fly to Italy for Friday's Group of Seven summit, said the remarks did not go down well at all.

Author: 0 Trump promotes Mideast peace ambitions, leaves out the details

Palestinian officials stressed they believed longstanding U.S. policy remained unchanged as president Mahmud Abbas sought to convince Trump to remain committed to a two-state solution to the decades-long conflict. New Israeli soldiers are sworn in at the wall, and deceased Israeli soldiers are memorialized there. In the past, Trump has publicly urged Netanyahu to limit settlement building, and has baffled observers by raising the idea of a one-state solution to the conflict that ...

Author: 0 Ariana Grande plans return to Manchester for benefit concert

In Manchester, northwest England, feelings were still raw following Abedi's attack on a concert by U, S, pop star Ariana Grande - especially so as the bomber was born in the city. He said, "Many experts, including professionals in our intelligence and security services, have pointed to the connections between wars our government has supported or fought in other countries and terrorism here at home".

Author: 0 Iraqi forces release videos countering claims of abuse

The U.S. -led coalition has increased the intensity of the air campaign in Iraq and Syria as ground forces have stepped up attacks on ISIS . Now, according to Air Force Brigadier General Matthew Isler, who led the investigation, neither the Americans nor the Iraqi forces were aware that there were civilians in that house.

Author: 0 Jared Kushner 'wanted secret communications line with Russians'

Both those meetings have since been publicly acknowledged by the White House , but Kushner initially failed to declare them on forms submitted to obtain a security clearance. The FBI would know that a Trump transition official was going in and out of the embassy, which would cause "a great deal" of concern, he added. This week, the Senate Intelligence Committee asked the Trump campaign's treasurer to preserve and produce all documents - including phone records and emails - dating back to ...

Global Media The deal Trump is cooking
Author: 0 The deal Trump is cooking

The Israeli settlements, status of Jerusalem or whether the U.S. would continue to insist on a two-state solution giving the Palestinians sovereign territory were not discussed.During his meeting with Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas Tuesday and in speeches throughout the day, President Donald Trump notably omitted any mention of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.The president has used the stops in Saudi Arabia , Israel and the West ...

Author: 0 Trump son-in-law Kushner comes under FBI scrutiny

Kushner has emerged as one of the most important figures in the White House, deep within Donald Trump's inner circle and taking the lead on many initiatives. bureaucracy. Kushner suggested the use of Russian diplomatic facilities as a way to shield their pre-inauguration discussions from monitoring, Kislyak allegedly told his superiors in Moscow.

Author: 0 Jared Kushner proposed secret communications with Russian Federation

The news is sure to rankle Mr Trump , who was in Italy for a Group of Seven summit, accompanied by his top aides, including Mr Kushner. But Kushner, the polished 36-year-old who is married to Trump's daughter Ivanka, is likely to take center stage in the coming days.

Author: 0 Imam Khomeini's Grandson Calls on Iranians to Back Rouhani

He also reacted to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's statement about the shadow of war, saying "the leader said that the nation removed the shadow of war from Iran ". It was Khamenei who a year ago appointed Raisi, 56, to manage the Astan Quds Razavi, an Islamic charity that controls assets worth billions of dollars, as well as the Imam Reza shrine in the northeastern holy city of Mashhad.

Global Media Big sur california landslide buries highway
Author: 0 Big sur california landslide buries highway

A landslide of more than 1 million tons of brick and dirt buried part of California's Pacific Coast Highway over the weekend. On Saturday, more than 1 million tons of rock and dirt fell down the slope and into the ocean about 65 miles northwest of San Luis Obispo.

Author: 0 Jared Kushner discussed setting up secret communications with Russian ambassador

The channel apparently would have used Russian diplomatic operations to circumvent monitoring - and Kislyak reported the suggestion to his superiors in Moscow, according to the Post . This prompted investigators to ask USA intelligence agencies to reveal the names of the Americans, the current United States law enforcement official said.

Author: 0 Iranian president Hassan Rouhani mocks Donald Trump administration, calls it 'intellectually' unstable

Mr Trump said shared concern about Iran was driving Israel and many Arab states closer and demanded that Tehran immediately cease military and financial backing of "terrorists and militias". The focus on Iran as a source of instability comes as Trump has pointedly avoided blaming Sunni states - including Saudi Arabia - for their own role in supporting extremist groups and terrorism.

Author: 0 UK stops sharing Manchester attack intelligence with US after leaks

Pictures of an explosive device believed to be the one used in the attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester , U.K., were leaked to the New York Times and published Wednesday. It said the photos had been gathered by British authorities at the scene of the attack. The president is in Brussels for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit and was seated right next to May at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation dinner, according to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who ...

Global Media Rubin: Israelis pleased, overall, with Trump visit
Author: 0 Rubin: Israelis pleased, overall, with Trump visit

Secretary Tillerson said yesterday that Trump put enormous pressure on Abbas and Netanyahu . Ahead of his visit to the Middle East, the second leg of a nine-day tour that began in Saudi Arabia and will move on to the Vatican , Italy and Belgium, administration officials indicated that Trump might talk about "Palestinian self-determination", a nod towards the ultimate objective of statehood.

Author: 0 FBI examines Kushner meetings with Russians

The FBI responded to Chaffetz in a letter Thursday citing Robert Mueller's appointment as special counsel in the bureau's investigation of Russian Federation as justification to delay fulfilling the committee's request. Kushner, a key White House adviser, had meetings late past year with Russia's ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak, and Russian banker Sergey Gorkov.

Author: 0 Lawyer says Kushner stands ready to talk to investigators

Current and former US intelligence officials said that although Russian diplomats have secure means of communicating with Moscow , Kushner's apparent request for access to such channels was extraordinary. The FBI focus on Flynn also touches on Kushner because he led the presidential transition's foreign policy efforts. The revelation has stoked new questions about Kushner's connections to Russian officials at a time the FBI is investigating Russia's attempts to disrupt last year's ...

Author: 0 Conte: Wenger has done 'fantastic' job

Chelsea's relentless league form has made them strong favourites, especially as London rivals Arsenal are without key defenders. "We won the league and we celebrated the league". "We'll have to find solutions and hopefully I will find the good solutions". "This is a great opportunity to win and to do the double". I was not particularly thinking "Okay, I need to play this season ".

Global Media Netanyahu: US to Boost Military Aid Amid Saudi Arms Deal
Author: 0 Netanyahu: US to Boost Military Aid Amid Saudi Arms Deal

The Israeli settlements, status of Jerusalem or whether the USA would continue to insist on a two-state solution giving the Palestinians sovereign territory were not discussed. They were joined by Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, as well as daughter Ivanka Trump and Kushner. He travelled eight km (five miles) south from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, in the occupied West Bank, to see Abbas.His speech at the Israel Museum touched on the Jewish connection to the Holy Land, earning applause from the ...

Global Media UK Labour leader links terror to wars as campaign resumes
Author: 0 UK Labour leader links terror to wars as campaign resumes

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Wallace said: " Jeremy Corbyn's comments are inappropriate and crassly timed". Mr Johnson added: "Around the world you will find the United States and the United Kingdom facing the same problems together and defending our ideals together - we defend democracy and the rule of law, our values and our freedoms - not just because they are ours but because they are universal".

Author: 0 Modi, marking three years in power, opens India's longest bridge

Addressing a public meeting at Dhola, Modi said that the bridge would open the door for economic development in the Northeast as visioned by the Union Government. Under the title Digital India for Developed India, the graphic says that optical fibre broadband network has increased to 2,05,404 kms from 358 kms in 2013-14.

Global Media Philippine Troops Begin Campaign to Retake City From Islamist Militants
Author: 0 Philippine Troops Begin Campaign to Retake City From Islamist Militants

The United States regards Hapilon as one of the world's most unsafe terrorists, offering a bounty of $5 million for his capture. Thousands of civilians have been fleeing the city of some 200,000 people. He also warned he might expand martial law nationwide. But human rights groups have expressed fears that martial law powers could further embolden Duterte, whom they have accused of allowing extrajudicial killings of thousands of drug suspects in a crackdown on illegal drugs.

Author: 0 Venezuela's Maduro presses on with constituent assembly

Last week, President Donald Trump called the Venezuelan situation " a disgrace to humanity " and the U.S. has placed sanctions on the country since Maduro expanded his executive authority following opposition victories in 2015 congressional elections.

Author: 0 Macron, Putin to meet in Versailles next week

Gao is home of the permanent French military base in Mali, with 1,600 troops. The planned meeting comes after a French presidential campaign where Macron's team repeatedly alleged that Moscow had taken sides against their candidate. "My wish is for us to accelerate" the deal's implementation, Macron said at a news conference, describing the so-called Algiers Accord as the top priority to ensure Mali's security.

Global Media Texas approves hunting feral hogs by hot air balloon
Author: 0 Texas approves hunting feral hogs by hot air balloon

The commissioner thinks hot air balloons will be more successful than helicopter gunners in taking out the hogs. The bill , which would go into law on September 1 with Texas Gov. If Gov. Abbot signs the bill, it would be effective on September 1. Under the bill, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Code would have to adopt rules as needed to let hunters contract to hunt or observe the hunting.

Author: 0 Here's why the Muslim world isn't condemning Trump's pro-Israeli speech

He urged Muslim leaders to drive terrorists out of their territories, but also noted for the first time that Muslims have "borne the brunt of the killings" in terrorist violence. He said, "For many centuries the Middle East has been home to Christians, Muslims and Jews living side-by-side". The president now finds himself adjusting to the nuances of Middle East diplomacy, where inflammatory campaign slogans - no matter how popular among some voters - can be the cause of major disruptions now ...

Author: 0 Iran's re-elected president Rouhani slams US-Saudi summit

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani easily won his bid for a second term in Friday's election, securing 57 percent of the vote in a victory over his main challenger, the conservative Ebrahim Raisi . "American officials should know that whenever we need to technically test a missile, we will do so and will not wait for their permission", Rouhani said .

Author: 0 Trump budget could cost Idaho schools $16.1 million

South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford told White House budget director Mick Mulvaney that Trump's budget "presumes a Goldilocks economy" that never goes into recession. Copies of President Trump's fiscal 2018 federal budget at Capitol Hill in Washington . Democrats also took aim at proposed cuts to social programs.

Author: 0 City costs for Vancouver 4-20 marijuana protest more than $245000

People started showing up before the sun came up and by late morning the whole area was packed with smokers and vendors, selling everything from edibles to creams and drinks. In the release, the city and park board say they will work with organizers to "find an appropriate venue" for any future events. Organizers of Vancouver's 4/20 event at Sunset Beach say they're prepared to pay - as they promised - for re-seeding grass, but they don't believe their festival needs to cost the city so much.

Author: 0 Trump budget chief: Medicaid cuts won't affect anyone now on program

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had expected the government to hit the legally mandated debt ceiling - now about $20.1 trillion - in early September. "These cuts that are being proposed are draconian ", said veteran GOP Rep. Harold Rogers, who represents a poor district in eastern Kentucky. The administration also wants to tighten work requirements for those getting aid, such as food stamps, or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits.

Global Media SKorea OKs civilian contact with NKorea in goodwill gesture
Author: 0 SKorea OKs civilian contact with NKorea in goodwill gesture

A senior US State Department official said that Beijing recognised time was running out. "We have a lot of firepower over there ", Trump noted. Thornton said on Friday that while the review is mostly about trade, Trump will also be seeking clarity on a timetable for action on North Korea .

Author: 0 EU's Tusk calls on G7 to maintain Russia sanctions

But it is as yet unclear whether Obama's successor Donald Trump , who is under fire domestically over allegations that Russian Federation meddled to aid his election campaign previous year, will maintain these sanctions . The president has already said that he plans on maintaining the sanctions imposed as a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. As Colombia's five-decade conflict with Marxist rebels winds down, Santos is battling to keep Washington's interest in the country that ...

Author: 0 Iraq says Iranian commander killed fighting IS

While we welcome the USA investigation into the...airstrike, we are curious to know whether any lessons were learned and what steps were taken to ensure such horrors do not occur again. But ISIS knew, as they had a fighting position built into the house and two snipers were engaging CTS forces from the house. Even when they do, the United States offer of condolences did not home with any sort of pledge to pay for repairs of the buildings they destroyed, or anything else they destroyed ...

Author: 0 Trump Calls People Who Executed Manchester Attack "Evil Losers"

The American president sought restarting the peace process by meeting both the Israeli and Palestinian leaders. " Trump in trying to form a partnership with Israel , Egypt and Saudi Arabia to counter Iran is violating his vow to avoid Middle East entanglements, analysts told Sputnik".

Global Media Ariana Grande to play benefit concert in Manchester
Author: 0 Ariana Grande to play benefit concert in Manchester

But he declined to comment on reports that his force has stopped sharing intelligence on the Manchester attack with the United States . British Prime Minister Theresa May will confront U.S. See Grande's full post statement below. The latest arrest took place in the Rusholme ward of Manchester on Friday and followed by a few hours the detention of another suspect in the inner-city Moss Side neighbourhood, Efe news reported .

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