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Author: 0 Palestinian Prisoner Hunger Strike Ends After 40 Days

Barghouti was negotiating with the Israeli authority on behalf of the prisoners in an attempt to end the strike before Ramadan. The full details of the deal have not yet been disclosed. coinciding with start of the first day of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month where the devout pray intensely, observe dawn-to-dusk fasting and enjoy nightly feasts.

Global Media Jeremy Paxman hits May with brutal Brexit 'blowhard' jibe
Author: 0 Jeremy Paxman hits May with brutal Brexit 'blowhard' jibe

The Conservative Priti Patel called the interview "shambolic", adding: "This car-crash interview shows Jeremy Corbyn isn't up to the job of leading our country through the challenges ahead - he is simply too big a risk to take". British Prime Minister Theresa May's lead dropped to six percentage points in a poll published on Tuesday, the latest major poll since the Manchester bombing to indicate the June 8 election could be much tighter than previously thought.

Author: 0 Vladimir Putin Calls for Policies to Prevent Use of Chemical Weapons

Macron therefore opted for a tough dialogue something which Putin understands and that one hopes will improve French-Russian relations. Mr Macron , who was elected three weeks ago, had information that groups tied to Russian Federation had tried to hack his campaign - which Mr Putin denied - and propel rumours about him in Russia-backed news outlets.

Author: 0 Video Captures Sea Lion Grabbing Girl And Pulling Her Into Water

A heart-stopping incident that was captured on video Saturday at a Vancouver area wharf is getting a lot of play on YouTube and Twitter . "They're not trained to be next to people", he told CBC News . Crowds had gathered at the docks to look at the sea lion who was surfaced in the water below. In the video , you can hear people laughing and whistling at sea lion and holding their hands over the water, as if they were holding a treat.

Author: 0 Corbyn says he would ensure Brexit deal

Both the Prime Minister and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will face veteran broadcaster Jeremy Paxman in a repeat of last year's prime time election format. The newspaper, which publishes YouGov's regular opinion polls, said the new election model was based on voting intention data collected over the past week which put support for the Conservatives at 42 percent with Labour on 38 percent, a narrower gap than any recent polls.

Author: 0 Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Thinking of Moving Back to NYC

The article noted that Kushner, who is married to Trump's daughter Ivanka, is resented by some White House staff, who describe him as "Jared Island", in reference to the special status. However, the eve of his return brought the biggest story to date: A Washington Post report about Kushner's alleged proposal to the Russians to create a secret channel out of the reach of U.S.

Global Media Trump calls Germans 'very bad', vows to curb car imports
Author: 0 Trump calls Germans 'very bad', vows to curb car imports

Citing sources who participated in Thursday's meeting, German magazine Der Spiegel quoted Trump as saying: "The Germans are bad, very bad ". During a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels , President Donald Trump was quoted as saying "the Germans are bad, very bad ".

Global Media No deal in Brexit talks an option: UK's May
Author: 0 No deal in Brexit talks an option: UK's May

She said: "It's a staggering cost; would you like to know how much your policy is going to cost, Mr Corbyn? ". Mr Paxman told her: "What one's bound to say is that if I was sitting in Brussels and I was looking at you as the person I had to negotiate with, I'd think "she's a blowhard who collapses at the first sign of gunfire".

Global Media New WHO chief underscores importance of health as a rights issue
Author: 0 New WHO chief underscores importance of health as a rights issue

The WHO said Tedros had led a "comprehensive reform effort" of Ethiopia's health system, creating health centres and jobs. In the final ballot, where a simple majority is required to select a victor from the two remaining candidates, delegates cast 133 votes in favor of the Ethiopian to Nabarro's 50.

Global Media S.Korean prosecutors demand seven years in prison against ex-president's confidante
Author: 0 S.Korean prosecutors demand seven years in prison against ex-president's confidante

The spiralling investigation has now caught up with Chung, who was also allegedly granted a place at prestigious Ewha Women's University thanks to her mother's intervention. Chung is the only child of Choi Soon-Sil, the close confidante of impeached ex-president Park, who was kicked out of office in March in a groundswell of public disgust over the influence of money on South Korean politics.

Author: 0 Spicer avoids specifics in first White House press briefing since overseas trip

Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul. He says that is "what the president called for". "The best messenger is the President himself", Spicer said, while simultaneously insisting Trump was happy with how his team was operating. Kellyanne Conway , White House counselor, has told The Associated Press that Dubke handed in his resignation before President Donald Trump left for his worldwide trip earlier this month.

Author: 0 Iraq presses Mosul assault, UN warns of danger to civilians

An Iraqi Shi'ite Muslim force backed by Iran said it pushed Islamic State out of a group of villages on the border with Syria on Monday, a manoeuvre that could weaken the militants' hold on the frontier. But the territory is connected with land held by US -backed Syrian Kurdish groups on the Syrian side, who are more focused on fighting Islamic State than Assad.

Global Media Irish PM Kenny steps down as party leader
Author: 0 Irish PM Kenny steps down as party leader

In a statement, Enda Kenny revealed he will "retire as leader from midnight tonight 17th May 2017". Senator James Reilly announced he was stepping down as deputy leader of Fine Gael while plumping for Mr Coveney. Under Fine Gael rules this timeline would facilitate a two-and-a-half week contest, with voting taking place over the bank holiday weekend. "Ireland is the fastest-growing economy in Europe , the budget is nearly balanced and we are on the cusp of full employment".

Global Media White House May Participate in Event Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's Capital
Author: 0 White House May Participate in Event Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's Capital

If this will not create resentment against America in the Middle East, I do not know what will. In both cases, the US will have to be perceived as an honest broker. Bush, Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush before him". While in Israel, Trump was the first sitting U.S. president to visit the Western Wall. There were several important outcomes and developments during Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia .

Global Media In UK vote, Brexit takes back seat to home issues, terror
Author: 0 In UK vote, Brexit takes back seat to home issues, terror

Speaking in Westminster, the Labour leader will say: "The futures of our NHS and schools are at stake in this election". The latest online poll from ICM, of more than 2,000 voters between 24 and 26 May, put May on 48% and Corbyn on 27%, just above "don't know" on 25%.

Global Media Six die as Cyclone Mora makes landfall in Bangladesh
Author: 0 Six die as Cyclone Mora makes landfall in Bangladesh

Tropical Storm Mora started crossing the country's southern coastal region early in the day. "This time we are more prepared", disaster management authority spokesman Abul Hashim said. Heavy rainfall is expected in the next 48 hours, an official told PTI. Officials say control room set up in the capital Dhaka and elsewhere in the country were on constant touch with the local authorities where the thousands volunteets joined hands with the government officials in carrying out the ...

Global Media White House braces for more scrutiny, Trump defends Kushner
Author: 0 White House braces for more scrutiny, Trump defends Kushner

Trump said in a statement to The New York Times: " Jared is doing a great job for the country". "I don't like it", the Republican lawmaker said Monday in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's "7:30" when asked about President Donald Trump's son-in-law's possible ties to Russian Federation.

Author: 0 Turkey summons USA ambassador over Washington brawl

The State Department, Secret Service, and D.C. Police are all investigating the attack by Turkish personnel against protesters which took place on American soil last week, a State Department official said on Monday. One video also shows Erdogan getting out of his vehicle and watching the confrontation along with some of his advisers. Turkey requested " a full investigation of this diplomatic incident ", saying the actions of US security personnel were " contrary to diplomatic rules and ...

Global Media North Korea rejects UNSC statement on its missile firing
Author: 0 North Korea rejects UNSC statement on its missile firing

Photo: AFP/Goh Chai Hin. North Korea repeatedly flaunts that it intends to develop a missile capable of striking the US mainland. South Korean President Moon Jae-In warned Wednesday there was a "high possibility" of military clashes along the border with North Korea as tensions mount over Pyongyang's weapons ambitions.

Author: 0 UK police say 'large part of network' behind Manchester attack arrested

The decision to stop sharing police information was an extraordinary step for Britain, which is usually at pains to emphasise its "special relationship" with the United States. "My heart, prayers and deepest condolences are with the victims of the Manchester attack and their loved ones", she said in opening the statement .

Author: 0 United Kingdom police seek information about Manchester attacker's suitcase

Although detectives have no reason to believe the bag contains anything unsafe, they are warning the public not to approach it, and instead call 999 immediately. The image, released by Greater Manchester Police (GMP), shows the suicide bomber with the hip-high case in the city centre on 22 May. Police identified the attacker as a 22-year-old man born and raised in the U.K.

Global Media Jared Kushner more than willing to answer Russia-related questions
Author: 0 Jared Kushner more than willing to answer Russia-related questions

The meeting with Gorkov, the Times said , came at Russian Envoy Sergey Kislyak's request. "The issue is not simply that Mr. Kushner wanted a communication backchannel; it's that Mr. This is published unedited from the PTI feed. Nevertheless, Kushner has reportedly been urged to keep a low profile as Trump prepares to reset his agenda following his return from overseas.

Global Media Turkish Security Assaults Protestors In Washington DC
Author: 0 Turkish Security Assaults Protestors In Washington DC

Last year, a similar incident took place during Erdogan's visit to Washington when Erdogan guards beat Turkish journalists who were protesting for their free speech rights. "We should throw the Turkish ambassador out of the country, we should identify those people that performed these unlawful acts of beating people up and they should be charged", McCain told reporters.

Global Media Russian warships in Mediterranean strike IS positions in Syria with cruise missiles
Author: 0 Russian warships in Mediterranean strike IS positions in Syria with cruise missiles

A Russian warship and submarine have fired cruise missiles at Islamic State group targets around Palmyra in Syria from the Mediterranean, Moscow said Wednesday, the first such strikes announced in months. Admiral Essen and Krasnodar have both been in the Mediterranean since early May. Now in the fighting for Palmyra died 21 Russian military. IS forces, however, recaptured Palmyra eight months later before Syrian government troops drove them out again in March this year.

Global Media 'Kushner more than willing to answer Russia-related questions'
Author: 0 'Kushner more than willing to answer Russia-related questions'

Kushner had proposed the back channel during a meeting with the Russian ambassador to the US, Sergey Kislyak, last December - before he was given his official role as assistant to the president and senior adviser. But he said on " Fox News Sunday" that "any channel of communications back or otherwise with a country like Russian Federation is a good thing ". It's been just a few days since news surfaced that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into the role Kushner held during ...

Author: 0 President Trump not expected to move United States embassy to Jerusalem

The Israeli government demanded an explanation from the White House , which cast a shadow over the president's visit. Administration officials have since dodged the specific question of whether or not the USA recognizes the Western Wall as part of Israel, though legally speaking the answer has always been no.

Author: 0 Trump blasts at 'fake news' on son-in-law

After returning late Saturday from his first foreign trip as president, Trump geared up to combat concerns over his advisers' ties to Russian Federation, including explosive reports about Jared Kushner , his indispensable aide-de-camp.

Global Media Germany's trade surplus
Author: 0 Germany's trade surplus "neither good nor evil" - government spokesman

He said that it was "not true that the president [Trump] took an aggressive approach when it came to the German trade surplus ", and that there was a translation problem. Ahead of Germany are China and Trump's own country: the US. The issue of German cars blew up against a backdrop of concern among U.S. partners in the G7 club that Trump's "America First" agenda could lead to protectionist measures which could roll back decades of trade liberalisation between the world's most ...

Global Media BGT school choir teacher hits back at fix claims
Author: 0 BGT school choir teacher hits back at fix claims

And now a children's choir have been accused of miming after a technical glitch on last night's semi-final show. After their performance, Dec explained: 'Sound issue there, they couldn't hear the track so we let them start again'. After receiving a standing ovation from the audience it was left to the judges to have their say. TV talent shows just wouldn't be TV talent shows without at least one claim of "It's a fix", per series, particularly where Simon Cowell is involved.

Global Media Portland man arrested for murder, intimidation in MAX train hate speech incident
Author: 0 Portland man arrested for murder, intimidation in MAX train hate speech incident

Portland police say 23-year-old Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche of Southeast Portland and 53-year-old Ricky John Best of Happy Valley, Oregon , were stabbed and killed Friday afternoon at a train station. Stitches and bruising were visible on his neck; Christian had slashed at all three men's throats, according to people at the scene. Christian's next court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday, June 7 at 9:30 a.m.

Global Media First five jurors chosen for Cosby's sexual assault trial
Author: 0 First five jurors chosen for Cosby's sexual assault trial

Cosby sat largely unnoticed through pre-trial hearings, but recently gave his first public interview in two years, as his lawyers said they were seeking to change the public's perception of him - the "optics" - as the trial nears. However, Cosby has said he does not expect to testify. The case has attracted worldwide publicity the judge hopes to shield from jurors when the trial starts June 5 in suburban Philadelphia.

Author: 0 Jared Kushner met with Russian bank that planted spies in U.S

He is respected by everyone and is working on programs that will save our country billions of dollars. The conversation between Mr. Kushner and the Ambassador, Sergey I. Shortly after the tweets , Mr Trump's Homeland Security Secretary, Mr John Kelly, made the rounds of Sunday television news shows to describe any so-called back channel communications , especially with Russian Federation, as " a good thing ".

Global Media Led coalition air strikes kill at least 35 civilians in Syria: Monitor
Author: 0 Led coalition air strikes kill at least 35 civilians in Syria: Monitor

Friday's strike followed a coalition raid Thursday night during which 37 additional civilians were killed , including 13 children, according to the United Kingdom -based group. "In these two days alone, coalition airstrikes on the city of Mayadeen killed 47 children, and the rest of the victims... the vast majority were women", he told the Times .

Author: 0 Panama case: PM's younger son, Hassan Nawaz, appears before JIT today

Aurangzeb further went on to say that both Rasool and Aziz should publicily declare that their association or friendship with the PM's opponents should not affect their performance as JIT members. "If the report is correct, it might create doubts about the neutrality of the JIT", she said. She said Imran Khan had been asking for over 30-year old record from the Sharif family though the prime minister's sons were doing business overseas and were non-resident Pakistanis, and as such were not ...

Author: 0 Major White House Personnel Changes Loom After Dubke Resigns

Dubke did not work on the Trump campaign, and did not know Trump before his hire. But Dubke entered the White House with few close connections to Trump or his senior staff, and his quick exit shows how hard it's been for outsiders to gain traction inside the West Wing.

Author: 0 Assange says "will not forgive or forget" detention for 7 years

The Swedish prosecutor in charge of the investigation, Marianne Ny, did not disclose her intentions in advance, but she was due to address a news conference at 12:00 (11:00am CET) on Friday. "The claim by the United Kingdom they can arrest me for seeking asylum is untenable", he noted. "From Sweden's point of view this is now over", Samuelson told the Reuters news agency.

Global Media 2 in United States court over Washington protest fight
Author: 0 2 in United States court over Washington protest fight

Arizona Sen. John McCain , the Republican chairman of the armed services committee , called for the Turkish ambassador to the United States to be thrown out of the country on Thursday. On Wednesday the State Department gave a statement slamming the violence as inappropriate. Tankan said the violence was worse than when Erdogan visited Washington in 2016 and scuffles erupted between his security detail and demonstrators.

Author: 0 U.S. Laptop Ban May Cover All International Flights

However, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said on Sunday there was a possibility that the ban could be expanded to include all worldwide flights, regardless of whether they are arriving in or departing the country. The move came after intelligence officials learned of efforts by the Islamic State group to fashion a bomb into consumer electronics. This current ban was reportedly put in place because of concerns about terrorist attacks and related risks.

Author: 0 White House Dodges Questions About Kushner's Meetings With Russians

Back after a nine day overseas trip, President Donald Trump returned to a familiar plan of operations on Sunday, as he used Twitter to jab at his critics and the news media, vowing to push ahead on his legislative agenda in the Congress, and making clear he wants a crack down on leaks from the U.S.

Global Media UN chief urges action on climate change as Trump debates
Author: 0 UN chief urges action on climate change as Trump debates

Angela Merkel , German chancellor, did nothing to hide her frustration with Mr Trump , saying discussions had been " very unsatisfying " and adding: "There was no indication that the U.S. After persuading voters that America isn't great anymore, Trump apparently intends to make sure of it - by having this country lead the effort to kill humanity's last, best hope of avoiding catastrophic climate change .

Global Media It's clear Russian Federation interfered with U.S. election — Ex-CIA chief
Author: 0 It's clear Russian Federation interfered with U.S. election — Ex-CIA chief

The U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has issued two new subpoenas targeting businesses operated by President Donald Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn . "I did not collude with the Russians to influence the elections". The conversations focused on Paul Manafort , the Trump campaign chairman at the time , and Michael T.

Author: 0 Killed In Nighttime, Early Morning Bombings In Baghdad

This offensive aimed at connecting a land route from Iraq to Syria isn't just being seen in Syria, either, with a lot of the militia fighters who have been fighting in Mosul recent moving westward, toward the Syrian border , with an eye toward crossing into that area to continue the fight against ISIS after the last major ISIS city in Iraq falls.

Author: 0 United States testing system to defend against North Korean ICBMs

The US has for the first time successfully tested its defence system against an intercontinental ballistic missile ( ICBM ), say officials. "The intercept of a complex, threat-representative ICBM target is an incredible accomplishment for the GMD system and a critical milestone for this program", said Navy Vice Adm.

Author: 0 UK terror attack probe widens

British police have so far arrested five people in connection with the attack, including the bomber's 23-year-old brother, Ismail. Up to 3,800 military personnel would be available to support police, Home Secretary Rudd said , amid warnings of another potential attack.

Author: 0 UK's May Plays Brexit Card as Polls Tighten

British Prime Ministerc campaigns for more welfare cuts and curbs to benefits for some immigrants, revealing her conservative party's election platform on Thursday. Mr Corbyn apologised for the gaffe this afternoon, and condemned the bile being targeted at Ms Barnett online, some of which has come from accounts which purportedly support the Labour leader.

Global Media Jack Nicklaus on Tiger Woods' latest trouble: He needs our help
Author: 0 Jack Nicklaus on Tiger Woods' latest trouble: He needs our help

Police found Woods , 41, buckled in and "asleep at the wheel" of his vehicle on the roadway in the right lane on Military Trail in Jupiter at 2:03 a.m. He was released on his own recognizance at 10:50 a.m. and is scheduled to be arraigned on July 5 at Palm Beach County court. Alcohol wasn't present in his system, and was presumably affected by the prescription drugs he was taking.

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