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Author: 0 BBC Election Debate 2017 start time and line up confirmed

Green co-leader Caroline Lucas said Mrs May's decision showed "extreme cowardice", while Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said she was "clearly terrified of having to defend the cruel and heartless policies in the Conservative manifesto".

Global Media Paris Climate Deal: Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Author: 0 Paris Climate Deal: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Trump's move would clearly make the outlook worse, according to Climate Interactive, a team of modelers backed by institutions such as MIT Sloan School of Management and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. The Vatican and companies as diverse as Exxon Mobil Corp. and Apple Inc. had urged the president to remain in the pact. "Will @realDonaldTrump invite his granddaughter to sit on his lap as he signs the EO pulling the USA out of the Paris Climate Accord?" the user tweeted, to which Kerry ...

Global Media JUST IN: China vows to adhere to Paris climate deal: PM
Author: 0 JUST IN: China vows to adhere to Paris climate deal: PM

The US is the second largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world and its withdrawal from the Paris agreement would be a blow to the accord, which was signed by almost 200 countries in December 2015 to lower emissions. Should the US officially withdraw from the agreement, it would be one of three nonparticipating nations that now includes Syria , which has been mired in civil war, and Nicaragua , which rejected the pact because it believes the deal doesn't have enough teeth.

Author: 0 Rush-hour bombing near embassies kills 90, wounds hundreds in Kabul

Press TV, an Iranian media, said one of its reporters was also missing in the explosion. Mohammed Nazir, a driver for the BBC , was among those killed, the BBC reported. A powerful blast shook Kabul's diplomatic quarter as people went to work, killing at least 80 people and injuring at least 350 others, according to local reports .

Author: 0 Jeff Sessions Might Have Met With Russian Official A Third Time

CNN reported that Kislyak and Sessions attended a VIP reception at the Mayflower, where Trump was delivering a foreign policy address in April 2016, but also that the FBI was investigating whether there was an additional, private meeting between the two that day.

Global Media Romania's president to visit White House
Author: 0 Romania's president to visit White House

Asked at an off-camera briefing for reaction to upcoming congressional testimony from fired FBI Director James Comey, press secretary Sean Spicer referred questions for the first time to the newly named outside lawyer. At the same time , the news outlet added that it was not clear if Kushner saw Gorkov as a person who could be used to establish a communications line or even if the meeting with the Russian banker aimed at establishing such a channel.

Author: 0 PM Modi meets King Felipe VI of Spain

Both Russia and India have a lot of context and mutual interests. Modi is also scheduled to meet King Felipe VI and a group of Spanish business representatives. "Let us begin with a prayer, which is always suggested before practising Yoga". Modi and Rajoy made the comments in a joint statement following their talks in Madrid .

Global Media Trump's use of private cellphone raises security concerns
Author: 0 Trump's use of private cellphone raises security concerns

Reince Priebus has gone through several cycles of breathless reporting that he's halfway out the door; in fact, an Axios story yesterday said President Trump is considering a veteran lobbyist as his new chief of staff. Trump has solicited advice lately from corporate leaders including Rupert Murdoch, and there have been renewed conversations about bringing in Laura Ingraham, the conservative radio host, as a communications adviser, according to people briefed on the discussions.

Author: 0 At least one dead after two blasts at Jakarta bus terminal

A member of the police bomb squad inspects the site of an explosion in Jakarta , Indonesia, Wednesday, May 24, 2017. The blasts were said to have occurred in a parking lot next to a Transjakarta bus terminal in Kampung Melayu district, causing extensive damage.

Global Media UN chief says 'absolutely essential' that Paris climate deal implemented
Author: 0 UN chief says 'absolutely essential' that Paris climate deal implemented

Although Trump said this past weekend that he was still considering whether to remain in the pact, Axios reported this weekend that it's already a done deal. His remarks at New York University's Stern School of Business came as the world waits for Donald Trump to announce whether the country will continue to uphold the Paris deal, which almost 200 countries signed as a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Author: 0 June 8 Poll: Theresa May Defends UK Political Debate Boycott

Last night on the BBC One channel in the United Kingdom they held a live debate with all of the main political parties taking place, however whilst every political party fielded their leader on that debate, the Conservative leader that being Theresa May was not the one in attendance, instead it was left to the Home Secretary Amber Rudd to take the flack who was just recovering from the death of her father! (L-R) Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn , ...

Author: 0 Trump to announce decision on Paris deal on Thursday

President Donald Trump said Wednesday his decision will be known "very soon", adding that he is "hearing from a lot of people both ways". Doung so will isolate the USA as 195 countries agree on the 2015 Paris accord. Trump's reported decision has been criticised by former secretary of state Hillary Clinton , who said withdrawing from the agreement would impact of America's global standing.

Author: 0 AFP Featured: Maute Group members surrender

A week-long assault by Islamist rebels in a southern Philippine city is being fueled with stolen weapons and ammunition and fighters broken out of jails, the military said on Wednesday, as troops battled militants resisting ground and air attacks.

Global Media White House official: Trump plans to pull U.S. from Paris deal
Author: 0 White House official: Trump plans to pull U.S. from Paris deal

Peabody Energy, for example, said on May 19 that it would "support the decision" to withdraw and that staying would require "multiple improvements", such as the USA greenhouse gas emissions target being "substantively modified". "And climate solutions provide opportunities that are unmatchable", he said. Guterres listed nations around the world which are embracing green technologies, saying they will set the gold standard for economic leadership in the 21st century.

Global Media Trump returns to USA ready to make major changes amid Russian Federation crisis
Author: 0 Trump returns to USA ready to make major changes amid Russian Federation crisis

The White House has been battered in recent days by a relentless stream of sourced reports about alleged Trump campaign contacts with Russian Federation, and President Donald Trump is hitting back on Twitter. Since he came into office in January, Trump has repeatedly expressed frustration at press leaks coming from the White House or the USA intelligence agencies, and in February he said that he had ordered an investigation of those "criminal" acts and that those responsible for the leaks ...

Global Media UN chief calls on world to back Paris climate deal
Author: 0 UN chief calls on world to back Paris climate deal

But the voices calling for a clean break from Paris are no less urgent, tugging at the president's gut-level instincts by arguing that remaining a party to the agreement would shackle the U.S. His comments on the USA were consistent with statements he has made since replacing Ban Ki-moon as secretary general this year. "U.S. companies are well positioned to lead in these markets", a host of corporate giants wrote in full-page advertisements that ran recently in The New York Times, ...

Author: 0 White House says it has granted 14 ethics waivers to staff

Trump has asked associates about Gary Cohn, his national economics adviser, and David Urban, who was an aide to Sen. The administration has been fending off questions about a senior aide's alleged attempt to set up a secret back channel of communication with Moscow in the weeks before Trump was took office.

Author: 0 Day war begets 50 years of strife for Israel

His administration intends to make clear, however, that Trump remains committed to the promise he made during the 2016 presidential campaign, though it will not set a specific timetable for doing so, officials said . In contrast, Obama wrote a significantly longer note, which partly read: "At a time of great peril and promise, war and strife, we are blessed to have such a powerful reminder of man's potential for great evil, but also our capacity to rise up from tragedy and remake our world".

Author: 0 Comey OK'd to testify; House committee issues subpoenas

Flynn will also provide personal documents sought via a separate subpoena after Senate investigators narrowed the scope of the request. "If the reports are accurate", said a senior aide to a committee Democrat, "subpoenas related to the "unmasking" issue would have been sent by Chairman Nunes acting separately from the Committee's Russian Federation investigation".

Author: 0 Zinke: No comment on Paris pact; hasn't read it

Trump tweeted on Wednesday morning, clearly linking U.S. greatness to withdrawal from the treaty. He also has a role in Trump's Manufacturing Jobs Initiative and defended his willingness to work with Trump last February as he prepared for his first meeting with White House officials amid intense backlash over the president's travel ban.

Global Media Philippines soldiers killed in 'friendly fire' air strike in Marawi
Author: 0 Philippines soldiers killed in 'friendly fire' air strike in Marawi

Philippine military airstrikes aimed at Islamist militants who are battling soldiers in a southern city instead killed 10 troops and injured seven others, the defence secretary said on Thursday. He said Hapilon was still hiding somewhere in the city and that authorities were working to confirm whether another top militant, Omarkhayam Maute, had been killed.

Author: 0 Activist probing Ivanka Trump supplier in China detained: NGO

Chinese officials are accusing Hua Haifeng of illegal surveillance for his work secretly keeping tabs on production at the facility, according to wife Deng Guilian , who got a call Tuesday saying she could no longer speak with her husband.

Author: 0 Trump's pullout from Paris deal imminent

Elon Musk, CEO of electric carmaker Tesla and aerospace company SpaceX, tweeted that he would leave two White House advisory councils if Trump went ahead with this threat to leave the Paris accord. And what would a withdrawal mean for the rest of the world - both now and in the long-term? Trump, a Republican who has claimed global warming is a hoax, has moved quickly since taking office to delay or block restrictions on burning of fossil fuels enacted by his predecessor that he claims ...

Author: 0 May under fire for missing UK election debate

In a fiery election confrontation where the Prime Minister was time and again pilloried for her absence, it is the "progressive alliance" aiming to oust her party from power who will feel they landed the most blows. The Home Secretary was laughed at by the audience as she called for people to "judge us on our record" on the public finances. Criticising the party's approach to Brexit, she suggested the UKIP leader was someone who would try to divorce his wife without paying, adding: "We ...

Author: 0 Merkel stresses US ties after Trump tweet

His remarks came two days after Merkel cast doubts on the European Union's alignment with the United States and Britain, saying that Europeans should determine their own destiny. "That is a good thing for them, that is a good thing for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, that is a good thing for America", he said. "Particularly in view of the complexity of global contexts, a wish for simple answers spreads".

Global Media Silk Road founder will serve life in jail
Author: 0 Silk Road founder will serve life in jail

He'd been hoping to overturn that sentence with an appeal . His lawyer, Joshua Dratel, declined to comment on the appeals court's ruling. Ulbricht was given life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. In addition, Ulbricht claimed that the investigation was corrupt from the start , referring to former Secret Service agent Shaun Bridges and former Drug Enforcement Administration agent Carl Force, both of whom were involved and stole seized bitcoin .

Global Media Pakistan government behaving like 'Sicilian Mafia': Apex court judge
Author: 0 Pakistan government behaving like 'Sicilian Mafia': Apex court judge

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar had taken suo moto notice of his speech and issued him a notice to appear today before the bench implementing the verdict in the Panama Papers case. Justice Afzal also remarked that judges did not receive such threats even during military regimes. "We will not spare those who have held us accountable and who are making us accountable", he continued.

Author: 0 IS seals off area of symbolic mosque in Mosul's Old City

This has coincided with a march towards the Syrian border by Shi'ite militias from Iraq. The Joint Operations Command also said Monday that Iraqi aircraft had dropped leaflets over Mosul urging residents to leave Daesh-held areas - the second time this has been done within the past week.

Global Media 'Covfefe'? It's a message to the Russians, quips Hillary Clinton
Author: 0 'Covfefe'? It's a message to the Russians, quips Hillary Clinton

Trump tweeted Wednesday night that she "blamed everybody but herself, refuses to say she was a bad candidate". Spicer had said that only Trump and a small number of people knew the meaning of the word. "I'm leaning Trump", she said of the connections. "They had to be ready for that, and they had to have a plan for that and they had to be given the go-ahead; 'OK, this could be the end of the Trump campaign".

Global Media Trump to announce decision on climate change Thursday
Author: 0 Trump to announce decision on climate change Thursday

The president has always been opposed to the 2015 deal in which 195 nations agreed to combat climate change by curbing global carbon emissions, and during his campaign he vowed to pull out of the deal. But Cohn, Trump's chief White House economic adviser, told reporters during the trip overseas that the president's views on climate change were "evolving" following the discussions with European leaders.

Author: 0 Trump speaks to Afghan President on phone, condemns Kabul attack

Security forces a the site of the attack, described by a resident as "like a heavy earthquake ". Dozens of damaged cars choked the roads as wounded survivors sought safety. Other embassies within the zone also reported structural damage, blown-out windows and damaged doors. A truck bomb near the presidential palace killed at least 90 and wounded hundreds.

Author: 0 Putin: Russian state has never been involved in hacking

Putin said that they never engage in hacking activities "Anything is possible in this virtual world". Asked if Russian hackers could try to shape the outcome of German parliamentary elections later this year, Putin said: "We never engaged in that on a state level, and have no intention of doing so".

Author: 0 Zbigniew Brzezinski dies at 89

He was an outspoken critic of the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq from the very beginning, and he was also a vocal critic of U.S. President Donald Trump. At his new home, the young Brzezinski began learning Russian from a nearby farmer and was soon bitten by the foreign policy bug. After President Carter lost to Ronald Regan in 1981, Mr Brzezinski turned to other things, including becoming a consultant on global affairs and a senior adviser for the Georgetown Center for Strategic and worldwide ...

Author: 0 Parts of Trump's speech in Saudi Arabia were pretty good

Our partnerships will advance security through stability, not through radical disruption". He added it is a "battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life, and decent people of all religions". National oil giant Saudi Aramco expects to sign $50 billion (38.36 billion pounds) of deals with US companies on Saturday, part of a drive to diversify the kingdom's economy beyond oil exports, Aramco's chief executive Amin Nasser said.

Author: 0 Trump returns to U.S. ready to make major changes amid Russian Federation crisis

Nonetheless, Lewandowski has the trust of the president - an advantage that many of Trump's aides lack. After returning late Saturday from his first foreign trip as president, Trump geared up to combat concerns over his advisers' ties to Russian Federation, including explosive reports about Jared Kushner , his indispensable aide-de-camp.

Author: 0 House of Cards' Twitter account brilliantly trolls Theresa May over TV debate

Jeremy Corbyn will be off to Essex to discuss how he would tackle the Brexit negotiations which are reportedly due to start 11 days after the election, while Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron will be in London with party colleague Nick Clegg discussing the impact of Britain's exit from the European Union before heading for a grilling with Andrew Neil on the BBC .

Author: 0 Waiting for Trump to decide about the climate deal

Trump tweeted as he departed the G-7 on Saturday that he planned to make a decision on Paris this week, and he has consulted with advisers and aides in the days since his return about the matter. Again, Musk noted that he's not sure which way Trump will ultimately swing, but his statement of intent about what will happen if the US pulls out is pretty straightforward.

Author: 0 Afghanistan stands united against mindless terror: President Ghani

At least 11 Afghan guards working for the U.S. embassy were among those killed and 11 American citizens working as contractors in Kabul were among the wounded, USA officials have said. An Afghan health official says the rush-hour suicide auto bombing in Kabul has killed at least nine people and wounded as many as 90. The bomb exploded close to the German embassy, where a number of staff were injured.

Author: 0 China vows to work with European Union to uphold Paris pact

Everyone cautioned that no decision was final until Trump announced it. Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee who Trump considered for secretary of state, said on Twitter that affirmation of the Paris agreement "is not only about the climate: It is also about America remaining the global leader".

Author: 0 Comey clear to testify about Trump talks, says special counsel

When Comey was sacked , White House officials first claimed it was due to his handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server when she was secretary of state. Trump has since denied the veracity of those memos: "No", Trump immediately responded to a reporter who asked about it earlier this month . "No". However, Comey declined to do so, reports Politico news.

Global Media Indian ship with relief materials arrives in flood hit SL
Author: 0 Indian ship with relief materials arrives in flood hit SL

PM Modi added, "We stand with our Sri Lankan brothers and sisters in their hour of need". Sri Lankan landslide survivors watch military rescue efforts at Bellana village in Kalutara district, Sri Lanka , Friday, May 26, 2017. The send one will reach on Sunday. On Friday the military deployed thousands of troops to reach marooned villagers and the air force carried out several rescue operations to pluck people from rooftops of flooded homes.

Global Media U.S. tests missile defence system
Author: 0 U.S. tests missile defence system

Jim Syring, director of the MDA, said in a statement. The U.S. "must know our declaration that we can turn the devils' den into ashes with nuclear weapons is not an empty threat", the Rodong Sinmun said in its report Tuesday. Air Force 30 Space Wing. GMD's sensors followed the target before the interceptor annihilated it "in a direct collision", over the Pacific Ocean, according to the agency.

Global Media Putin, Macron Reach a Wary Detente
Author: 0 Putin, Macron Reach a Wary Detente

But anyone expecting fireworks would probably have been disappointed: Macron and Putin shook hands amiably for seven seconds before heading inside. Macron portrayed the Putin meeting as just a first step in resetting relations with Russian Federation. Yet Macron's not afraid to go up against with not-so-friendly types, which is why he pulled off a "not innocent" handshake with President Trump to ward off an Alpha-Omega relationship.

Author: 0 Theresa May projected to lose majority in parliament after election

Ms Rudd , put in a tough performance, focusing her fire on Mr Corbyn, but she failed to rebut criticism of the Conservatives' record, particularly on public services and the difficulties faced by those on low incomes. "I invite her to go to Cambridge to debate her policies, debate her plans. and let the public make up their mind". "Have you been to a food bank, have you seen people sleeping around our stations", he asked Ms Rudd.

Author: 0 Air strikes in east Syria kill more than 100 - Observatory

In a statement emailed to The Associated Press, the US -led coalition said it is looking into reports the airstrikes killed over two dozen civilians, but added the claims were "unsubstantiated" and lacked "specificity or evidence". The two cities are in Syria's oil-rich eastern Deir Ezzor province, which is largely under the control of IS and regularly targeted by the US-led coalition, as well as Syria's regime and its ally Russian Federation.

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