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Global Media United States quits Paris climate pact
Author: 0 United States quits Paris climate pact

He's said California's economy is proof that combating climate change isn't the economic deadweight Trump suggests. In a speech in the Rose Garden at the White House on June 1, Trump said he was following through on a pledge he made during the presidential campaign.

Author: 0 Former US Diplomat Zbigniew Brzezinski Dies at 89

Brzezinski joined Carter's campaign as his principal foreign policy adviser in 1976 and as national security adviser from 1977-1981. In 2016, Brzezinski received the US Department of Defense Distinguished Public Service Award, the agency's highest civilian honor.

Author: 0 Fine Gael leader to be announced

Luxembourg is now the only European country with an openly gay leader, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel. The next leader of Ireland's Fine Gael party is to be revealed on Friday. Varadkar, who would be the country's first openly gay prime minister and the first of South Asian descent, appears to be favored over candidate Simon Coveney, the country's minister for housing, planning, community and local government, according to media reports.

Author: 0 German Ambassador Claims Trump And Merkel Have 'Good Relationship'

Four years later, however, the once-unthinkable suddenly seems very real. However Trump's threat of pulling out of the Paris Accord on climate change is still up for review, with a decision to be made after Trump's return to the US. Totally devoid of glamour, Merkel has something more important: character, principle, and the courage to show contempt for an American president who lacks all of the above.

Global Media Obama And World Leaders React To Trump's Climate Decision
Author: 0 Obama And World Leaders React To Trump's Climate Decision

Knowing the good work that we and countless others around the world are doing, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about our planet's future . Trump said the Paris agreement was a bad deal for the United States and pledged to renegotiate a better deal. King and Collins point out that the United States now joins Syria and Nicaragua as the only nations not supporting the agreement that seeks to reduce carbon emissions.

Global Media Trump administration confirms renegotiation of NAFTA
Author: 0 Trump administration confirms renegotiation of NAFTA

Or it could take a more aggressive approach, putting pressure on Mexico to reduce the trade gap, perhaps by dropping a value-added tax Mexico slaps on goods coming across the border. Lighthize pledges to work closely with Congress throughout the negotiations and commits to providing "timely and substantive results for US consumers, businesses, farmers, ranchers and workers".

Author: 0 Philippines: Friendly fire kills 11 troops fighting Isis

The military had been fighting the pro-"Islamic State" Maute group using a combination of ground troops and airstrikes from helicopters as it tried to flush militants out of buildings and drive themfrom the city. President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law in the Mindanao region, the southern third of the Philippines , and poured in troops backed by airstrikes to push the attackers out of the city.

Global Media House intel panel approves subpoenas for Flynn, Trump lawyer Cohen
Author: 0 House intel panel approves subpoenas for Flynn, Trump lawyer Cohen

The development comes amid news the House Intelligence Committee has compiled a list of more than twenty people who members would like to testify in the probe. These subpoenas are seeking records related to the "unmasking" of Trump associates accidentally picked up in intercepted conversations, say U.S. media reports.

Global Media 34 bodies found in Philippines casino after shooting attack (Third Lead)
Author: 0 34 bodies found in Philippines casino after shooting attack (Third Lead)

Dela Rosa said there was no immediate indication of terrorism. Dela Rosa said security footage showed the gunman ignoring a guard who tried to question him at the entrance to the complex. Dela Rosa added that the suspect appeared to be Caucasian and had a mustache. That unrest had sparked fears that the militants might attack elsewhere to divert the focus of thousands of troops trying to quell the siege.

Author: 0 Anger as Trump announces USA withdrawal from global climate deal

Even before Trump was elected, California Gov. Trump's top diplomat, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, warned against leaving the Paris deal. Fiji's Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama, who in November will chair an annual climate summit in Germany, said he was deeply disappointed by Trump's decision and did what he could to try to persuade Trump to stick with the agreement as nations tackle "the greatest challenge our planet has ever faced".

Author: 0 Trump refutes 'fabricated' report on his son-in-law

Kushner's reasoning for setting up the private channel outside of official diplomatic channels was to primarily discuss how the US and Russian Federation could cooperate on ending the civil war in Syria and other policy issues, sources told The New York Times , but the FBI and congressional investigation is looking into whether other items were to be discussed.

Author: 0 Trump pulls U.S. out of world climate change deal

And we will start to renegotiate and we'll see if there's a better deal". But the leaders of France, Germany and Italy said in a joint statement they don't believe renegotiation is possible. Meanwhile, Trump , in a meandering address that appeared to stick to script at some points and offer curious, characteristically Trump impressions at others, said the USA government would renegotiate the terms of its role in the Paris Agreement .

Global Media Iran-backed Iraqi force says takes IS villages on Syria border
Author: 0 Iran-backed Iraqi force says takes IS villages on Syria border

While in Iraq the United States has fought alongside Iranian-backed Iraqi government forces and Shi'ite militias against Islamic State, in Syria Washington has lined up against Assad's Iranian-backed government and wants to block a further expansion of Iranian influence, with its regional allies.

Global Media Obama on Paris agreement decision: the Trump administration
Author: 0 Obama on Paris agreement decision: the Trump administration "rejects the future"

In actuality, she explained, the process for withdrawing from the agreement signed by 195 nations is complex and lengthy, taking four years to complete. "It does lessen the ability of the United States to be a major leader and important player in reducing the impact of climate change", she said. To add insult to injury, the Republican National Committee then tweeted a gif of Trump's "Pittsburgh, not Paris" line that misspelled the city's name.

Author: 0 Former FBI director James Comey to testify on Russia next week

Comey confirmed during congressional testimony that the FBI was investigating possible connections or coordination between President Trump's associates and the Russian government. Cohen, who had refused an earlier request for information, saying it was “not capable of being answered, ” told The Associated Press on Wednesday, “If subpoenaed, I will work with my lawyers to co-operate with the various investigations.”.

Global Media Detroit mom shocked when she finds massive Australian spider in toddler's room
Author: 0 Detroit mom shocked when she finds massive Australian spider in toddler's room

The actual spider found in Shelby Twp. Imagine stumbling upon what first appears as a ball of string, but turns out to be a massive spider not native to the United States crawling around a child's room. Lee said the spider, which is native to warmer climates like Australia, Africa and Asia, is not native to MI or even North America - and likely hitched a ride from elsewhere.

Global Media Suspect in casino attack near Manila found dead
Author: 0 Suspect in casino attack near Manila found dead

Authorities later expressed doubt that it was terror-related. Chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa said they are not considering terrorism as the motive behind the shooting that happened at Resorts World Manila (RW) since the gunman, whom he described as Caucasian and tall, did not fire at people but only at the chips stockroom.

Global Media Christy Clark to stay on as BC premier
Author: 0 Christy Clark to stay on as BC premier

The most obvious one is that while the B.C. Liberals raised more money than they were allowed to spend in the formal campaign, the Greens and the NDP are likely broke if not in debt. will stand to lose in terms of representation in the Legislature if a switch to proportional representation is made. Ready for opposition leader roleB.C.

Global Media Trump announces USA withdrawal from Paris climate deal
Author: 0 Trump announces USA withdrawal from Paris climate deal

Local leaders say they are not turning a blind eye to the environment, but are instead joining the Compact of Mayors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and continue to track environmental data. Under the deal, the United States had agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions as much as 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025. The President is choosing to put American jobs and businesses first, Pence said."The American people & the wider world will see once again - our President is choosing to put ...

Author: 0 Japan says US withdrawal from global climate pact 'regrettable'

Disney CEO Bob Iger said he will step down from President Trump's business advisory council, protesting his decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement . And French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni said in a joint statement Thursday that they take note "with regret" the usa decision to pull out of the 2015 agreement.

Author: 0 Spicer Rips Unnamed Sources Hours After Trump Tweets Story With Unnamed Source

Trump has condemned the use of anonymous sources when they've been linked to reporting that's painted his administration in a negative light, but when a story with unnamed sources fed a narrative he liked, he endorsed it. The Post gathered the information for this story via unnamed US officials briefed on intelligence reports. In other words, Kushner allegedly tried to set up a backchannel between the Trump transition team and the Russian government that couldn't be monitored by the ...

Global Media Philippine police say robbery may be motive
Author: 0 Philippine police say robbery may be motive

Chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa said they are not considering terrorism as the motive behind the shooting that happened at Resorts World Manila (RW) since the gunman, whom he described as Caucasian and tall, did not fire at people but only at the chips stockroom.

Global Media The Weather Channel Shades Trump Over Climate Accord
Author: 0 The Weather Channel Shades Trump Over Climate Accord

Trump said according to the Paris Climate deal terms, China will be allowed many coal plants, and India will be allowed to double its coal production by 2020, but not the US. Trump's decision has drawn worldwide condemnation, and has some experts predicting it could damage the US's global standing on environmental issues.

Author: 0 UK PM criticised for missing debate

The Greens co-leader was praised for challenging Ms Rudd about why the United Kingdom is the second biggest arms dealer in the world, while Mr Robertson was commended for accusing Labour of "aping Ukip" on immigration. Mr Farron signed off with a pop at the PM, saying: 'She can't be bothered, so why should you? Nomura International's Jordan Rochester, Manulife Asset Management's Megan Green on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas".

Author: 0 Utah governor: Chaffetz seat could be filled in 2-4 months

When he turned 50 in March Chaffetz said the realization that he had spent more than 1,500 days away from his family hit him "harder than it had before". In his role as House Oversight chair, Chaffetz has been near the epicenter of numerous issues surrounding President Donald Trump's administration.

Author: 0 White House official quits amid tensions

His appointment earlier this year came after Trump's previous choice, Jason Miller , declined the top communications job. He was previously a Republican strategist who founded Crossroads Media and had long ties to party establishment figures, including strategist Karl Rove.

Global Media Asean, China move to next stage on South China Sea negotiations
Author: 0 Asean, China move to next stage on South China Sea negotiations

China has also constructed significant radar and sensor arrays on all three islets, positioning them close to point defense structures to provide protection against air or missile strikes. The Philippines, he said, should strengthen alliances, particularly with defense treaty partner the United States. Other sovereign entities such as Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam have rival claims on the waters.

Author: 0 The White House's Contradictory Message on Kushner

Despite his attacks on "fake news" using unnamed sources, Trump on Tuesday retweeted a Fox News story that quoted an anonymous source saying that the Russians suggested a one-time secure line to discuss Syria. Trump hired Kasowitz last week to lead a legal team focused on steering the President through the various investigations into Russia's election meddling.

Author: 0 Lions need six-game preparation for first New Zealand Test - Ian McGeechan

So appointing Gatland, for whom this will be a third successive tour and second as head coach, was the logical choice. The Lions have to front up, and demonstrate to the most hostile and judgmental rugby nation outside Wales that they are not just novelty globetrotters or a moneymaking wheeze.

Global Media May turns her fire on Corbyn's leadership abilities
Author: 0 May turns her fire on Corbyn's leadership abilities

May was laughed at and heckled by the audience over her manifesto pledges but kept her nerve . Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn faced tough questions and a skeptical audience in a live TV event Monday night ahead of next week's parliamentary elections .

Global Media Trump addresses explosion in Philippines
Author: 0 Trump addresses explosion in Philippines

Although, the Philippines police chief Ronald dela Rosa said they did not believe it was a terror attack and said Islamic State may have claimed it to add to their propaganda. Albayalde said the gunman had tried to steal 113 million pesos ($2.3 million) worth of gambling chips, although he left the backpack on the ground near the stock room.

Author: 0 Led air strike in east Syria kills 35, monitor says

Bombing raids by the US-led coalition have hit ISIL positions across Iraq and Syria since the group claimed responsibility for the bombing of a concert in Manchester, England, on Monday. The opposition Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the government and allied troops have also advanced toward al-Ilianiya, an area controlled by Syrian opposition fighters, backed by the USA and western countries, in the desert near the border with Jordan.

Global Media Trump to Withdraw From Global Climate Change Agreement
Author: 0 Trump to Withdraw From Global Climate Change Agreement

A top European Union official said Europe was ready to assume leadership on combating climate change . "This would be a colossal mistake", said Nick Burns, who served as under secretary of state during George W. That's what Trump says in a tweet , and he adds: "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!" While traveling overseas last week, Trump was repeatedly pressed to stay in the deal by European leaders and the Vatican.

Author: 0 Critics lament Trump climate move, supporters seek new deal

McKenna was responding to Donald Trump's announcement that the pulling out of the landmark 190-country agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, although the president says the US would try to renegotiate the deal. Reaction to Mr Trump's announcement was swift with Mr Obama among the first to release a statement . But the transformative power of the Paris Agreement lies in the targets that it triggers, and nations must hold each other accountable for their promises.

Author: 0 Trump receiving updates explosion in Philippines

Numerous dead suffocated in the chaos as guests and staff tried to flee choking smoke at the complex, according to a report by ANC News channel, quoting Bureau of Fire Protection sources. Video captured people fleeing, the sound of gunshots and smoke coming from the upper floors of buildings. "Even the security personnel panicked".

Global Media Trump withdraws U.S. from Paris climate deal
Author: 0 Trump withdraws U.S. from Paris climate deal

Leaving the agreement is largely symbolic, Boykoff said . Officials at the White House call this accord "a BAD deal for Americans" and that Trump's decision to abandon this agreement relates to "his campaign promise to put American workers first".

Global Media Trump to pull out of climate deal
Author: 0 Trump to pull out of climate deal

Many economists have big doubts."The increasing impacts of climate change require a decisive response".The Sierra Club said a USA withdrawal from the Paris deal would be a "historic mistake".Unnamed sources told Axios and CBS on Wednesday that the president would end months of speculation about the US' continuing role in the global fight to address climate change.

Global Media What Did Trump Just Do? The Paris Climate Withdrawal Explained
Author: 0 What Did Trump Just Do? The Paris Climate Withdrawal Explained

THE GOOD NEWS: President Trump CANNOT stop the growing local movement toward clean energy or the broader worldwide effort to stabilize our global climate. Opponents of the pact cited fossil fuel-funded surveys that said it would deprive the country of $3 trillion in GDP and 6.5 million jobs, since compliance would necessitate restrictions on the use of fossil fuels.

Author: 0 Germany: Some embassy staff hurt in Kabul attack

Afghanistan's intelligence service, the National Directorate of Security (NDS), has said early findings showed the Haqqani network, with the assistance of the Inter Service Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan's intelligence agency, carried out the attack on Wednesday in Kabul that killed at least 90 people .

Author: 0 Bill Cosby's lawyers accuse prosecutors of blocking Black jurors

Supreme Court ruling Batson vs. Kentucky, which states prosecutors must find a race-neutral reason for keeping minorities off juries with a preemptive strike. The percentage of African Americans in the final composition of the jury actually slightly exceeds that of Allegheny County , where the pool was drawn - 16 percent of the jury is black while the county is 13 percent black.

Global Media Infiltration by militants from Pak came down post surgical
Author: 0 Infiltration by militants from Pak came down post surgical

The force is also posted along the India-Bangladesh border. Singh called upon the BSF to maintain vigilance along the border and be prepared at all times. In April, the BSF sacked constable Tej Bahadur Yadav for indiscipline after he uploaded video clips complaining of substandard food. The Home Minister asked BSF personnel not to believe everything they see on social media and avoid posting content on it.

Author: 0 Robbie Williams to reunite with Take That for Manchester benefit gig?

The concert will honour the 22 people killed - many of them children - and the 116 wounded in the suicide bomb attack at the end of Grande's show at the Manchester Arena on May 22. Michael Dugher, chief executive of industry body UK Music, praised the efforts to clamp down on touting. The gig is being organised by Live Nation, and will be held at Manchester's Old Trafford cricket ground.

Author: 0 Former TSA boss among candidates for FBI director

The associate wasn't authorized to discuss details of Comey's testimony and so spoke on condition of anonymity. The appointment of Mueller as a special counsel in the Russian Federation investigation had raised concerns among some members of Congress that his probe could scuttle the chance for Congress and the public to hear directly from Comey.

Global Media New acting police commissioner appointed by Zuma
Author: 0 New acting police commissioner appointed by Zuma

Phahlane had repeatedly maintained his innocence and claimed that private investigator Paul O'Sullivan had "captured" the police watchdog. Mbalula also fired a warning shot across the bows of the Independent Police Complaint Directorate (Ipid) headed by Robert McBride, which Phahlane has accused of an illegality and conspiracy in pursuit of him.

Author: 0 Gunfire, blasts hit Philippine casino; terror ties doubted

Large numbers of police massed outside as smoke rose from the hotel and shopping complex, which according to its website holds the largest casino resort in the country. Earlier in the day, the SITE Intelligence Group had reported that a "Filipino ISIS operative" said the militant group's "lone wolf soldiers" were responsible for the attack - though that report appears to have been contradicted by Philippine authorities.

Global Media Philippine police chief says 1 gunman at large
Author: 0 Philippine police chief says 1 gunman at large

Authorities are still investigating the attack at resort. Resorts World Manila , also known as RWM, is a resort complex in Newport City with numerous hotels, restaurants and bars. Numerous injuries were reported in an attack at a popular tourist resort in the Philippines early Friday morning. Manila region police chief Oscar Albayalde told reporters shortly before dawn that one body had been recovered but the circumstances were not clear.

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