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Author: 0 UK Election: British PM Theresa May Under Pressure After Shock Vote

Current projections give the DUP 10 seats in the House of Commons and the Conservatives 319, enough to form a working majority. May's rival, British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn , said it was time for the prime minister to stand down after election results indicated she had lost votes, support and the confidence of voters.

Author: 0 Hamilton wins F1 Canadian GP, picks up points on Vettel

The situation was reversed on Sunday, with Vettel dropping well down the field after having to stop and replace a damaged front wing before charging back to fourth. Vettel almost handed the position back with an error on the next lap, but ultimately eased past Sergio Perez for fourth and finished just 0.6 seconds behind third-placed Ricciardo.

Global Media US, Turkey discuss Qatar row, Syria on phone call
Author: 0 US, Turkey discuss Qatar row, Syria on phone call

Qatar meanwhile pledged those nations' citizens will have "complete freedom" to stay in the energy-rich country. The three Persian Gulf states, along with Egypt and the Maldives, cut ties with Qatar a week ago, accusing the country of supporting terrorism.

Global Media US forces assist Filipino troops in battle to end city siege
Author: 0 US forces assist Filipino troops in battle to end city siege

Though many are suprised that US military is providing assitance to Filipino soldiers despite Duterte's unpleasant remarks about American leaders and worldwide organisations, the leader clarified that he had personal difference with only former US President Barrack Obama and not with the current President Donald Trump.

Global Media Trump slogans erased from high school yearbook photos
Author: 0 Trump slogans erased from high school yearbook photos

But when Grant, 17, flipped to the yearbook page with his picture, he was shocked: Instead of the campaign shirt he wore that day, he was shown in a nondescript black T-shirt. "I want to know who thought it was okay to do this", said Janet Dobrovich-Fago, the teens' mother. Wall Schools Superintendent Cheryl Dyer said in a statement that the district is investigating the matter.

Global Media Tories research local election results
Author: 0 Tories research local election results

She added that an SNP victory in Scotland would "strengthen the country's hand" in Brexit negotiations. "Only the SNP can provide the strong opposition that Scotland needs to protect our schools, hospitals and vital public services from deeper Tory cuts and further damaging austerity".

Author: 0 Theresa May secures deal to prop up government

To hear more about all this, we called Roger Scully once again. Tim Bale, professor of politics at Queen Mary University of London , said it's not even clear whether May will now lead those negotiations. From Labour? And is she likely to? "I think its quite possible there'll be an election later this year or early next year, and that might be a good thing, because we can not go on with a period of great instability", he told the BBC's Andrew Marr on Sunday.

Author: 0 Pak's true face needs to be exposed: Defence expert

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said the members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation would have to make concerted efforts to counter the menace of terrorism , reported ANI . Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif along with his delegation attended the meeting of the Heads of State Council of SCO. "We have extensive cooperation with SCO nations".

Global Media Boris Johnson stresses loyalty to UK PM May in leaked text - ITV
Author: 0 Boris Johnson stresses loyalty to UK PM May in leaked text - ITV

The talks were in line with DUP leader Arlene Foster's "commitment to explore how we might bring stability to the nation at this time of great challenge", her party said in a statement . They were replaced by Gavin Barwell, a former housing minister who lost his seat in the election. "We have got a mandate to deal with issues of poverty, justice and inequality in Britain".

Global Media Kingmakers in DUP can shape nature of Brexit deal
Author: 0 Kingmakers in DUP can shape nature of Brexit deal

In a statement at Downing Street, after returning from Buckingham Palace, where she received the Queen's permission to form a government, May shrugged off a growing backlash in the Conservative party, and said she would provide the "certainty" the country needed, reports the Guardian .

Author: 0 United Kingdom voters prioritize security in wake of attacks

Sterling dropped 1.6pc in minutes to $1.2752 in NY after a 10pm exit poll showed Theresa May's Conservative Party is unlikely to win an overall majority, though it will still be the UK's biggest party. with a leader who is strong". However, a third, 36%, said they have seen candidates, campaigners or received leaflets. And the Liberal Democrats appear to have ruled out a formal, or informal, coalition with Labour.

Global Media USA says 'may pull out of UN Human Rights Council'
Author: 0 USA says 'may pull out of UN Human Rights Council'

In the meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday in the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem, she said "If there's anything I have no patience for is bullies, and the United Nations was being such a bully to Israel , because they could".

Global Media British police arrest another man in London Bridge attack probe
Author: 0 British police arrest another man in London Bridge attack probe

Haydon said since last Saturday they had taken 262 statements from people from 19 different countries and numerous worldwide inquiries were ongoing relating to the attackers and the victims. Police released additional details from its investigation; most notably, Butt tried online to rent a larger, 7.5-ton truck that could have killed more people, but his payment was declined.

Author: 0 What's the big deal about Wonder Woman?

As with any movie, Wonder Woman has more than a few plot holes or elements that aren't fully explained - and we want answers. "On close-up, I looked very much like Wonder Woman ", Gadot told EW. Wonder Woman is in theaters now. Through her character, we are able to view our own society as an outsider as well. Plus, it makes for a great story for when her daughter is older.

Author: 0 US attorney general Jeff Sessions to face questions on Comey firing, Russia

The letter did not say whether Mr Sessions planned to give public testimony or to appear before the panel behind closed doors. According to letters Sessions sent to the chairmen of the two subcommittees on appropriations, Sessions chose to appear before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence because his testimony on appropriations was threatening to become all about the Trump/Russia scandal anyway.

Author: 0 Trump Calls on Qatar to Cease Funding Terror

The White House said the Mr Trump and Mr Sisi agreed on the importance of all countries implementing agreements to fight terrorism. "The blockade is also impairing United States and other global business activities in the region and has created a hardship on the people of Qatar and the peoples whose livelihoods depend on commerce with [Doha]", he said.

Author: 0 Trump pushes infrastructure plan as Russian Federation probe heats up

Saying Americans "deserve the best infrastructure any where in the world", the president promoted his $1-trillion plan to rebuild roads, bridges and canals with a direct investment of $200 billion from the federal government. Trump said as long as he is president "we will never have outside forces telling us what to do and how to do it". As The New York Times notes , White House aides caution that Trump's trillion-dollar infrastructure plan is "months away, though Mr.

Global Media Met names third London bridge attacker as Italian national
Author: 0 Met names third London bridge attacker as Italian national

The Metropolitan Police said the body was found Tuesday downstream from the bridge. "Formal identification has not yet taken place, however Mr. Thomas' next of kin have been informed of this development". Police said Tuesday he lived in east London and that his family has been notified, adding that he was not considered to be a "subject of interest" to either police or the intelligence services.

Global Media Israel PM wants UN's Palestinian refugee agency closed
Author: 0 Israel PM wants UN's Palestinian refugee agency closed

UNRWA stressed that the tunnel had no entry or exit points on the schools' premises and wasn't connected to the school buildings. Netanyahu said Sunday that the agency has participated in "considerable incitement" against Israel and, "by its very existence, perpetuates - and does not solve - the Palestinian refugee problem".

Author: 0 Israeli panel discusses plans for settlement expansion

As the 50-year-old anomaly of the occupation turns in the minds of an overwhelming majority of Israelis and Palestinians into the only reality they know, governed by constant violence and no political horizon, many of them - if not most - are accepting the erroneous assertion of extremists on both sides that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is unsolvable.

Global Media Notre Dame Attacker 'Pledged Allegiance to ISIS' in Pre-Assault Video
Author: 0 Notre Dame Attacker 'Pledged Allegiance to ISIS' in Pre-Assault Video

Multiple outlets reported Tuesday that French counter-terrorism police are now handling the Notre Dame attack investigation. The attacker was shot and wounded in the incident in one of France's most popular tourist areas. In September, three women were arrested after police found a vehicle loaded with gas cylinders abandoned near Notre Dame - with France's interior ministry saying it was likely to have been an imminent attack.

Global Media Britain's May brings back foe, aiming to unite party before Brexit
Author: 0 Britain's May brings back foe, aiming to unite party before Brexit

DUP leader Arlene Foster said there had been "very good discussions" so far on how her 10 MPs could support a Conservative minority government, and she would travel to London to meet May on Tuesday. Theresa May has admitted she "wanted a different result" in the General Election but insists the Conservatives are the "only party" in a position to form a government and lead Brexit talks.

Global Media London Bridge attackers had tried to hire 7.5 tonne truck
Author: 0 London Bridge attackers had tried to hire 7.5 tonne truck

People in London are being urged to visit the capital's bars and restaurants on Saturday night in a show of "unity and resilience". He then went on a stabbing spree along with Rachid Redouane, 30, of Moroccan and Libyan descent and Moroccan-Italian Youssef Zaghba, 22, in Borough Market.

Author: 0 Tehran attacks mastermind killed: Iranian minister

On a recent trip to Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia , Trump called on all nations to "isolate" Iran . Emergency medical services said 52 were injured with 31 people still in the hospital. "I am sure Persian Gulf Arab countries are behind this", said Nahid Ghanbari, a 21-year-old university student studying accounting. "They will, however, put more pressure on Iran, so Iran will make some compromises over the recognition of Israel, over Syria possibly, over Lebanon and Hezbollah.

Global Media Theresa May Vows Brexit Will Go On
Author: 0 Theresa May Vows Brexit Will Go On

The Conservatives could be forced to compromise to win DUP backing. Britain's Parliament has 650 seats and 326 are needed to produce an overall victor. As she was resoundingly re-elected to her Maidenhead seat in southern England, May looked tense and did not spell out what she planned to do. Standing in front of 10 Downing Street, May said her Conservatives and the DUP will work together to “fulfil the promise of Brexit .”.

Global Media Kansas man freed after lookalike discovered
Author: 0 Kansas man freed after lookalike discovered

Lawyers who were on the case were reportedly "floored by how much" he looked like his double. "The whole time my lawyer was telling me [the judge] is about to reverse my sentence and release me I didn't believe it", Jones said . A judge agreed and ordered Jones be released. His lookalike " Ricky " also took the stand and denied committing the crime. Mr Jones had been convicted based mostly on eyewitness evidence.

Global Media Britain's May seeks deal with N. Ireland party
Author: 0 Britain's May seeks deal with N. Ireland party

She had hoped for a more decisive majority than the 331 seats won by former prime minister David Cameron in the 2015 general election but instead she ended by sacrificing the small lead she did have in Parliament. The strength of any deal looks set to be tested when the Commons meets, with Jeremy Corbyn vowing to try to bring down the Government by defeating Mrs May in Parliament and insisting: "I can still be prime minister".

Global Media Jeremy Corbyn: 'I can still be prime minister'
Author: 0 Jeremy Corbyn: 'I can still be prime minister'

She has vowed to steer Britain unerringly out of the European Union , unwinding a complex economic and institutional relationship that has developed over 44 years. Former treasury chief George Osborne - who was sacked by May past year - called her a "dead woman walking", and opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said he was ready to contest another election at any time.

Author: 0 Bradley's stunning early goal helps US to 1-1 tie at Mexico

Mexico's Carlos Vela scored midway through the first half to cancel out a spectacular early opener from Michael Bradley as the United States took a point from Mexico City in Sunday's World Cup qualifier. Mexico had 10 shots while United States had seven. A downpour began during second-half injury time. "And we've just got to keep going". He decided on the five-man backline as early as January.

Author: 0 Deal to keep Tories in power not done yet

Osborne, now editor of the London Evening Standard newspaper, said May's days in Downing Street are numbered. There are fears among more liberal Conservative MPs that the socially conservative DUP will demand a scaling back of abortion and gay rights - but No.

Author: 0 Tehran terrorists had fought for IS in Raqqa and Mosul

On Thursday, Iran's Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi said investigators were working to determine whether Saudi Arabia had a role Wednesday's attacks but said it was too soon to say if that was the case. The attacks may also provide grist to the mill of the conservatives within Iran who have been attacking President Rouhani's plans to expand internet freedoms and reduce censorship.

Global Media Philippines' Duterte not aware of US support against Islamists in Marawi
Author: 0 Philippines' Duterte not aware of US support against Islamists in Marawi

A spokesperson for the Philippines military asserted on Saturday that United States military forces were providing logistical and reconnaissance support, but have no "boots on the ground", according to Reuters , confirming a Pentagon statement that USA involvement in the fight was requested by an unnamed agency within Duterte's government.

Global Media Three more arrests in London terror probe
Author: 0 Three more arrests in London terror probe

Three men deliberately drove a vehicle into pedestrian traffic on London Bridge, before fleeing to nearby Borough Market , where they began stabbing bystanders with long knives. Last year, Zaghba was stopped at the airport in Bologna on his way to Istanbul and was put on an EU-wide database but was not prosecuted. Prime Minister Theresa May earlier said the three terrorists responsible for the London attack have been identified and their names would be revealed soon.

Author: 0 Hamas Angered at Saudi Arabia's Demand for Qatar to Stop Funding

He said UNRWA will seal the tunnel, which was discovered while the schools were empty during the summer holiday. Hamas has built a sophisticated network of tunnels in Gaza used for smuggling, storing weapons and for gunmen to infiltrate Israel and carry out attacks.

Author: 0 Govt sent aid money to North Korea - Brownlee confirms

Following Pyongyang's Saturday ICBM announcement, all eyes are now upon the increasingly isolated nation as they strive to reach their stated goal of having the ability to strike the USA mainland with an atom bomb. He argued that Kim's Hwasong-12 missile, test-fired last month, experienced heat loads similar to those of an ICBM and survived - an encouraging sign for the tubby tyrant.

Global Media Qatar begins shipping cargo through Oman to bypass Gulf rift
Author: 0 Qatar begins shipping cargo through Oman to bypass Gulf rift

The Islamic republic has also opened its airspace to about 100 more Qatari flights a day, after Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates banned Qatari planes from their airspace. A statement said: "Qatar Petroleum... is conducting business as usual throughout all its upstream, midstream and downstream businesses and operations, and in all activities across all of QP's world class facilities".

Author: 0 Comey boosted case for obstruction charges against Trump, legal experts say

The White House has repeatedly tried to shift the focus away from the content of Comey's allegations and onto the manner of their release. Comey's testimony Thursday to the Senate Intelligence Committee was "a pretty powerful statement " in support of an obstruction investigation, said Harvard University law professor Mark Tushnet, a legal history expert.

Global Media AAP demands Shivraj's scalp over MP farmers' deaths
Author: 0 AAP demands Shivraj's scalp over MP farmers' deaths

The AAP delegation said that despite an extremely fertile land, farmers started protesting as they were not getting the right price for their crops. "But after the deaths, we are not going to set any end date for it", Sirohi said. But, the moot question is whether the Madhya Pradesh government can absolve itself from what happened at Mandsaur? "I will be sitting here to spread love and discuss problem of people", Chouhan said.

Global Media Madhya Pradesh farmers' protest: CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan ends peace fast
Author: 0 Madhya Pradesh farmers' protest: CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan ends peace fast

Chouhan, who had claimed that the families of five farmers who died in firing during protests last week in Mandsaur have asked him to desist, ended his fast by consuming coconut water. Resonating similar sentiments, another Congress leader Meem Afzal said that the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister called off his fast after he discovered it was making no impact whatsoever.

Author: 0 UK PM Theresa May regroups after election setback

The whole reason for the unexpected announcement of a snap election from Theresa May was to gain a more dominant hand when representing the United Kingdom in negotiations, but this outcome would suggest it has backfired and ultimately will result in the door being opened even wider when it comes to the United Kingdom entering further political uncertainty.

Global Media Trump vs Comey looks set to run
Author: 0 Trump vs Comey looks set to run

But after Trump fired Comey in May, the president tweeted: " Comey better hope that there are no " tapes " of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" That reaction - the choice of stillness, responses calculated to neither encourage nor offend that characterized so many of his dealings with Mr.

Global Media London police make three arrests over terror attack
Author: 0 London police make three arrests over terror attack

Nathalie Cros Brohan, sister of Mr Thomas's girlfriend Christine Delcros, posted on Facebook on Wednesday morning that the family "fear the worst". The three attackers drove a van from London Bridge into pedestrians then got out and began stabbing people in the attack, which also left 48 people injured.

Author: 0 Republican senator says Trump should turn over Comey tapes

Trump is watching the hearing with his personal lawyer who released a statement Wednesday night saying the president already feels "completely and totally vindicated". " Lordy, I hope there are tapes ", he said. And legal experts have questioned whether Comey's leak broke any law. I think it's clear that everything that went on in the Comey testimony was basically ridiculous .

Author: 0 Police dashboard video shows disoriented Woods

He was discovered by police asleep in his auto in the right lane of a road, his right turn indicator blinking and the motor running. In the video officers are seen approaching Woods in the auto. At one point, the officer asks Woods, 41, if he had been drinking, and Woods says no. The responding officer reported that Woods' speech was "slow and slurred" and that he "did not know where he was".

Author: 0 Qatar's ties with Iran and Islamist groups

During the one-day visit, the premier will hold discussions with senior officials of the kingdom on the ongoing crisis involving Qatar and Saudi Arabia and other Arab states. While President Donald Trump said Friday that he backed the movement to isolate Qatar over its funding of extremist groups, Tillerson has called on the Saudi-led coalition to ease the blockade.

Global Media BLUE MURDER: Theresa May's top advisors resign over humiliating election result
Author: 0 BLUE MURDER: Theresa May's top advisors resign over humiliating election result

Prime minister Theresa May's two closest advisers, Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill , resigned today after taking responsibility for the poll debacle for the Conservative Party which lost its majority in the House of Commons. "The Prime Minister has tonight spoken with the DUP to discuss finalizing a confidence and supply deal when Parliament returns next week", the statement said.

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