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Author: 0 North Korea says leader Kim supervised test of new anti-ship missiles

Moon said he was delaying the further rollout of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense ( THAAD ) anti-missile defense system until an environmental assessment is completed. North Korea has conducted dozens of missile tests and tested two nuclear bombs since the beginning of 2016 in defiance of U.N. Security Council resolutions.

Global Media South Korea Names New Defense Minister to Counter North's Arms Threat
Author: 0 South Korea Names New Defense Minister to Counter North's Arms Threat

In January past year South Korean soldiers fired warning shots at a suspected North Korean drone that crossed the western part of the border, the most sensitive part of the Demilitarised Zone. Controversial as they are, they would pale in comparison to the prospect of a World Cup being jointly hosted by South Korea and political enemies North Korea .

Global Media Salman sympathizes to Army families, talks about war-mongering and impacts
Author: 0 Salman sympathizes to Army families, talks about war-mongering and impacts

Salman han movies somehow never fail to disappoint the hardcore fans of the most bankable Bollywood star. "Within a day all conflicts will get over as their legs will start shaking", he added. I don't think anyone will say a war is good. "Nobody supports it, but it happens and nobody knows why" Sohail said. "Things can only be solved by sitting across the table", he added.

Global Media Firefighters battle massive blaze in London high-rise
Author: 0 Firefighters battle massive blaze in London high-rise

Nassima Boutrig, who lives opposite the building, said she was awakened by sirens and smoke so thick that it filled her home as well. "I walked out and saw the tower on fire", he said. Residents in London have had to stand helplessly watching a 24-storey apartment building in London go up in flames. Ayyube Asif told CNN he saw the fire from his cousin's house miles away and immediately ran toward the blaze.

Author: 0 Sessions: Comey's Oval Office Meeting With Trump 'Not Problematic'

Sessions is likely to be asked about his conversations with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and whether there were more encounters that should have been made public. CORNISH: Meanwhile, in the last 24 hours or so, some allies of President Trump have floated the idea that the president might consider firing special counsel Robert Mueller.

Global Media Scenes From the Massive West London High-Rise Fire
Author: 0 Scenes From the Massive West London High-Rise Fire

He described how he'd seen "people inside the apartments waving bits of cloth, flashing phones and slowly those apartments are getting engulfed in smoke and then getting engulfed in flames". "In my 29 years of being a firefighter I have never ever seen anything of this scale", Cotton said . "The fire crew, ambulance and police couldn't do anything, they couldn't get in, and they were just telling them to stay where they are, and we'll come and get you".

Author: 0 Friend says he's turning over Comey's Trump memos to Federal Bureau of Investigation

Comey repeatedly met with Trump despite his misgivings that Trump allegedly pressured him to let Flynn walk. He brushed off Trump's original account of the firing: "Those were lies , plain and simple, and I am so sorry that the Federal Bureau of Investigation workforce had to hear them and I'm so sorry that the American people were told them".

Author: 0 Sessions says suggestions he worked with Russia an "appalling lie"

Sessions is now the only Trump official on the record, under oath, countering Comey's testimony last week under oath. Following the heated exchange with Wyden, Sessions repeatedly said he was not aware of any undisclosed meetings between Trump campaign officials and the Russian government.

Global Media Sessions Testifies He Never Discussed Election With Russians
Author: 0 Sessions Testifies He Never Discussed Election With Russians

The former senator later issued a clarification saying he had met with the ambassador, Sergey Kislyak. When then-FBI director James Comey announced on July 5, 2016 - one week after Attorney General Loretta Lynch met privately with Bill Clinton on an airplane in Arizona - that Hillary Clinton would not be prosecuted for her use of a private email server, Comey's boss, Lynch, did not know what he was going to do.

Author: 0 North Korea nuclear issue a key concern

China has also been infuriated by the U.S. deployment of an advanced Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile system in South Korea , saying it was a threat to its security and would do nothing to ease tension with Pyongyang.

Global Media NK urges S. Korea to take actions to ease military tensions
Author: 0 NK urges S. Korea to take actions to ease military tensions

The commentary urged "all Koreans in the north, the south and abroad" to respect and thoroughly implement "the great programs of reunification", which it said were "common to the nation". Since 2008, photographer Eric Lafforgue ventured to North Korea six times. At the end of last month, North Korea released photos of a Scud-type missile being launched and falling into the water off the western coast of Japan - the third such show of military aggression in the space of three weeks.

Author: 0 Trump partially denies Comey's testimony, mum on existence of recordings

President Donald Trump disputed FBI Director James Comey's Thursday testimony during an afternoon news conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis . QUESTION: Are there tapes, sir? He later said reporters were "going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer". Trump was publicly silent while Comey testified on Thursday, but tweeted an accusation Friday that Comey - whom Trump fired in May - lied under oath.

Global Media Korea's new president says threat from North Korea 'more dire' than ever
Author: 0 Korea's new president says threat from North Korea 'more dire' than ever

Moon started his presidency last month with one aim of improving ties with the communist North again after they became heavily strained over North Korea's missile and nuclear programme. The deployment of THAAD to South Korea is a sensitive topic between the two allies, especially now, with its installation put on hold pending a full-scale environmental impact assessment ordered by the presidential office.

Author: 0 Truth-teller Trump: Comey lied

Who would ask a man to pledge allegiance? William Brangham has the story. "No collusion. No obstruction". During a joint press conference with the president of Romania, Trump was asked about Comey's testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday.

Author: 0 As May licks wounds, charismatic Scottish leader rises

Davidson and other senior figures in the Scottish Tories are also considering whether they need to reinforce or increase their independence from the United Kingdom party, after clear differences emerged between them and Conservative headquarters in London over the style and tone of the election campaign.

Global Media Ronaldo accused of tax fraud totalling €14.7million
Author: 0 Ronaldo accused of tax fraud totalling €14.7million

In 2016, Barcelona's Lionel Messi , who for the last decade has vied with Ronaldo for the title of world's best footballer, was fined $2.3m for defrauding the Spanish tax authorities. According to reports, he is set to face charges for an alleged 14.7 million euros of tax evasion from 2011 to 2014. Ronaldo took advantage of what is known in Spain as "the Beckham law" - which allows foreign sportspersons to pay 24.75% income tax, rather than the 48% applied to Spanish nationals.

Author: 0 Fire engulfs tower block in west London

A massive fire raced through a high-rise apartment building in west London early Wednesday, sending at least 30 people to hospitals, emergency officials said. It is also unclear whether the building has 24 storeys or 27 storeys, with conflicting accounts from authorities and the architects that recently renovated the tower.

Global Media United Kingdom election: So what is a hung parliament?
Author: 0 United Kingdom election: So what is a hung parliament?

The Scottish National Party is projected to win 34 seats, the Liberal Democrats 14 seats, and other parties 22 seats. Clearly the Conservatives, albeit as the largest party by more than 50 seats, can not form a majority government. The Labour leader, who survived an attempt to oust him by his own MPs before the election, now expects that he will be able to attract some of the party's biggest names to serve on his front bench.

Global Media Nine of the army's Super-40 batch clear IIT-JEE this time
Author: 0 Nine of the army's Super-40 batch clear IIT-JEE this time

Addressing a group of Kashmiri students who were supported by the Army and have cleared the IIT entrance examination, he said their success was not an easy feat and and they have now become a shining example for the youth in the Valley. He complemented Petronet for their efforts in supporting these children. He said, "They (the youth) should either have a laptop or a book". "We are indebted to the Indian Army which serves the nation not only in the times of disturbance, but also in the times ...

Global Media Mattis to decide troop levels in Afghanistan
Author: 0 Mattis to decide troop levels in Afghanistan

The result, said Mattis, was a global security environment more volatile than any he'd seen in four decades of military service. "We're not wining in Afghanistan right now, and we will correct this as soon as possible", Defense Secretary James Mattis told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday.

Author: 0 US Attorney General Jeff Sessions next up for Capitol Hill scrutiny

Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, June 13, 2017, as he testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing about his role in the firing of James Comey , his Russian contacts during the campaign and his decision to recuse from an investigation into possible ties between Moscow and associates of President Donald Trump .

Author: 0 Pentagon Chief Jim Mattis 'shocked' by low level of United States military readiness

Mattis was replying to questioning from Sen. According to Curtis, the Trump administration has completed the review of the Afghanistan policy and it is expected that the final results will be announced through media in the near future. government agencies. "The troops that are being asked for by Gen. Nicholson. many of them are going to be what we call train, advise, assist". On Saturday, three USA soldiers were killed when an Afghan soldier opened fire on them in eastern Afghanistan.

Global Media United States formally rejects Paris climate treaty at G-7 environmental meeting
Author: 0 United States formally rejects Paris climate treaty at G-7 environmental meeting

During his brief visit, Pruitt had time to meet several of his counterparts, including a stint rolling out pasta and eating prosciutto with Italy's Minister of Environment Gian Luca Galletti. Rather, it says that the accord is "the global instrument for effectively and urgently tackling climate change and adapting to its effects". By GCR Staff0 CommentsStriking a posture of defiance against US President Donald Trump , the governor of the state of California has used a visit to China ...

Global Media Broken arm fear for Tottenham's Son Heung Min in Qatar
Author: 0 Broken arm fear for Tottenham's Son Heung Min in Qatar

They host already-qualified Iran in their penultimate qualifier in late August before a trip to Uzbekistan in the final round of matches in early September. Qatar largely owed their victory to the industry and finishing of Al-Haydos and young forward Akram Afif. Al-Haydos took the resulting free-kick from 20 yards, scoring with a fine finish before running to the touchline to hold up a T-shirt of the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani to the crowd.

Global Media Aspirin May Cause Serious Bleeding in Older Stroke Patients
Author: 0 Aspirin May Cause Serious Bleeding in Older Stroke Patients

The preventative effects are well-established in people who have suffered a major heart event, reducing the risk of another by 20%. Professor Peter Rothwell, of the University of Oxford , said: "We have known for some time aspirin increases the risk of bleeding for elderly patients".

Global Media Maryland, DC sue Trump, accuse president of profiting from office
Author: 0 Maryland, DC sue Trump, accuse president of profiting from office

In January, Trump declared he was shifting his business assets into a trust that his sons would manage in order to do away with possible conflicts of interests . The lawsuit also focuses on the fact that Trump chose to retain ownership of his company when he became President. The Justice Department sought to have that suit dismissed on Friday, arguing that none of the plaintiffs had suffered an injury that would give them standing to sue, according to papers filed in Manhattan ...

Global Media Senior Cabinet minister offer support to United Kingdom prime minister
Author: 0 Senior Cabinet minister offer support to United Kingdom prime minister

While her party supported Brexit, Northern Ireland voted to remain in the European Union and many residents have voiced concern about the return of border checkpoints which were removed over a decade ago. The Evening Standard edited by Tory former chancellor George Osborne, and the Daily Telegraph, have reported that Cabinet ministers have initiated talks with Labour MPs to secure cross-party backing for a softer Brexit.

Global Media Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden Has Heated Exchange With US Attorney General
Author: 0 Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden Has Heated Exchange With US Attorney General

But Democrats on the Senate panel are likely to press him on issues such as his contacts with Russian Federation and his role in the dismissal of Comey - who led the FBI's probe on Russian Federation until he was ousted. He was involved in Comey's firing because he oversees the FBI, Sessions said, adding, "to suggest that a recusal from a single specific investigation" would render him unable to manage the leadership of the FBI would be "absurd".

Author: 0 McCain Slams Pentagon for Afghan Policy Delay

Despite support from the committee, Mattis said "Congress as a whole has met the present challenge with lassitude, not leadership". Army General John Nicholson, the top USA commander in Afghanistan, told Congress that he could use an infusion of U.S.

Global Media North Korea releases United States citizen Otto Warmbier
Author: 0 North Korea releases United States citizen Otto Warmbier

Warmbier was detained at the airport as he was leaving the country with a tour group in January 2016. Yun then met last week with the North Korean ambassador at the NY, where Yun learned about Warmbier's condition. Rodman, who is one of just a handful of American citizens to meet the North Korean dictator, claimed his trips were "basketball diplomacy". Rodman, who arrived in Pyongyang Tuesday, is one of the most peculiar links that the US has with the reclusive North Korean regime.

Global Media Congress passes long-sought VA accountability bill
Author: 0 Congress passes long-sought VA accountability bill

The bill was requires the Assistant Secretary for Accountability and Whistleblower Protection to submit a report to Congress on the methods used to investigate employees and whether the methods are used to retaliate against whistleblowers. Tim Walz, D-Minn., the ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs. "He has asked for some of these things", he said. "If he says this will add to accountability, if he says this will make his job better in caring for veterans, this weighs ...

Global Media Once Again, Senators Try to Cut Off Kamala Harris
Author: 0 Once Again, Senators Try to Cut Off Kamala Harris

Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifies before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on Tuesday. Comey later said he didn't recall ever having a conversation with Trump that suggested the president was taking the Russian Federation threat seriously.

Global Media Hopes rise for softer Brexit after poll shock
Author: 0 Hopes rise for softer Brexit after poll shock

In calling a general election three years early, May had hoped to boost her slim majority ahead of the Brexit talks starting later this month. British Prime Minister Theresa May and her Conservative Party failed to win a parliamentary majority in Britain's snap election last week, leaving the country with what's known as a "hung parliament".

Global Media DUP meet May in London as concern grows about implications for Stormont
Author: 0 DUP meet May in London as concern grows about implications for Stormont

Senior members of British Prime Minister Theresa May's government rallied to her defense Monday amid doubts over her ability to remain in power following a disastrous election result. Addressing a meeting of backbenchers, Mrs May reportedly said she would serve as "long as you want me to do". Mrs May has emerged from a key party committee meeting with backing to continue as PM - largely because there is no obvious successor and no appetite for fresh elections under her or anybody else.

Author: 0 Rodman's N. Korea trip off to uncharacteristic low-key start

A spokeswoman at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center said Warmbier would be treated there. The American college student (at University of Virginia) was first detained in January 2016 at an airport in Pyongyang and was accused of trying to steal a banner from his hotel - considered a "hostile act' against the North Korean government".

Author: 0 Second US Appeals Court Refuses to Revive Trump's Travel Ban

The 9th Circuit on Monday upheld the block on Trump's travel ban and a cap on refugees. Later Tuesday, Acting Solicitor General Jeff Wall said in a letter to the high court that Monday's ruling by the 9th U.S. That decision upheld a federal judge's order blocking enforcement of the two main parts of President Trump's March 6 limits on immigration by foreign nationals from Mideast nations and by refugees from around the world.

Global Media Brexit talks facing slight delay, David Davis reveals
Author: 0 Brexit talks facing slight delay, David Davis reveals

There is, however, no concealing that May really has no clear mandate on how to negotiate anymore. Ms May and the Conservative Party want trade talks to happen in tandem with the drafting of the UK's complex exit deal. May's authority has been weakened after her gamble in calling an early election backfired, leaving her increasingly dependent on fellow Conservatives who object to her plan for a clean break from the EU.

Global Media Prison guards killed by inmates during transport in Georgia
Author: 0 Prison guards killed by inmates during transport in Georgia

Two inmates killed two prison guards during a bus transport Tuesday morning in Georgia and were being sought by law enforcement, authorities said. It is not clear which of the escaped inmates did the killing. " Dubose is listed as 24 years old, 6'1" and 140 lbs. The inmates have been missing since 6:45 a.m.

Global Media Jeff Sessions Didn't Exactly Give James Comey A Performance Review
Author: 0 Jeff Sessions Didn't Exactly Give James Comey A Performance Review

Sessions previously offered to resign because of tensions with Trump over his recusal decision. Russian Federation has denied interfering in the USA election. Heinrich forcefully accused Sessions of obstructing the investigation into collusion with Russian Federation, continuing a pattern already documented within the Trump administration.

Author: 0 Bradley: Arena has restored US national team identity

Arena's sole task is to pick up the pieces for the team's miserable Hexagonal start and make the World Cup by any means necessary-and yet he has given new opportunities to younger players, both in qualifying and at the upcoming Gold Cup that will help the US long after Arena is done being the coach.

Author: 0 Sessions testifies he was never briefed on Russian interference in election

But he denied reports that he had a third, previously undisclosed meeting with Kislyak at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington in April 2016. Jeff Sessions has heatedly denied that he had any undisclosed meeting with the Russian ambassador or conversations with Russian officials about the United States elections.

Global Media Rodman says he's going to NKorea to open a door
Author: 0 Rodman says he's going to NKorea to open a door

Asked if he had spoken to Trump about his trip, he said , "Well, I'm pretty sure he's pretty much happy with the fact that I'm over here trying to accomplish something that we both need". In the past, Rodman claimed that his relationship with North Korea's government exclusively serves as a way to pry "open a door" for communication.

Author: 0 US college student released by North Korea arrives in Ohio

Otto Warmbier , a University of Virginia student , is reportedly due to arrive home to Cincinnati Tuesday evening. The White House says a USA envoy met with North Korean foreign ministry representatives in Norway last month as part of efforts to win freedom for Americans held by Pyongyang.

Author: 0 Germany and France say Britain could change its mind over Brexit

But he stressed that "once the negotiations have started, we should be well aware that it will be more hard to move backwards". "I offer our heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the three innocent French victims killed in the bad attack in London last week", May said.

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