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Author: 0 Trump's budget includes $9.2B cut to Ed Dept

All states would feel the cuts. Trump's budget proposal would cut $9 billion from the Department of Education - amounting to a 13% reduction in the department's funding. More than 130 of the students, most of whom live in low income household, are part of an after school program called Wings for kids. If enacted, the proposal would eliminate the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Program (SEOG), which provides funding for low-income students to pay for college.

Global Media Twin minor explosions in Agra near Cantt railway station
Author: 0 Twin minor explosions in Agra near Cantt railway station

Local residents said the first blast was heard around 5am in Rasoolpura area near the cantonment railway station. A threat letter was also left on railway track. "There have been no specific intelligence inputs or any official alerts, but going by media reports we have stepped up security at the Taj", senior police superintendent Preetender Singh told Agence France-Presse on Friday.

Author: 0 Wouldn't be here right now if not for Twitter: Donald Trump

Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano stirred controversy on Tuesday during an appearance on "Fox & Friends" when he claimed without providing evidence that the BCHQ, Britain's top spy agency, had spied on Trump's campaign at the command of the Obama administration.

Global Media Suspense continues over who will be the new UP CM
Author: 0 Suspense continues over who will be the new UP CM

UP BJP legislature party will meet in Lucknow on Friday to decide the CM. The legislature party meeting will be held at the Pacific Hotel in Dehradun at 3 PM in the presence of the central observers and party incharge of Uttarakhand affairs Shyam Jaju, Pradesh BJP president Ajay Bhatt said.

Author: 0 'Fake News' Allegations as UK Spy Agency GCHQ Brands Trump Claims 'Nonsense'

Photographers then shouted "handshake!" and Mrs Merkel quietly asked Mr Trump "do you want to have a handshake?" But Nunes said he does not believe Trump's phones were tapped. That's because Attorney General Jeff Sessions, one of Trump's close campaign advisers, has recused himself from all investigations connected to the president.

Global Media Turkey mulls ending migrant deal with EU
Author: 0 Turkey mulls ending migrant deal with EU

AFP correspondents on 12 March reported that mounted Dutch police, some backed by water cannon, began to forcefully disperse the protesters after several hours of peaceful but nervous demonstrations around the consulate. France and Germany have - predictably - both offered their support to the Dutch, while the European Commission and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation have urged calm all round.

Global Media Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Urges China-US Cooperation on North Korea
Author: 0 Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Urges China-US Cooperation on North Korea

I'm pleased to be here this afternoon in Beijing to discuss the way forward in forging a constructive and results-oriented relationship between the United States and China. Discussions appeared conciliatory after a week in which US President Donald Trump accused China of inaction on its rogue neighbor while Beijing blamed Washington for heightening tensions.

Global Media Syria conflict: Rebels begin evacuating Homs enclave of al-Wair
Author: 0 Syria conflict: Rebels begin evacuating Homs enclave of al-Wair

About 1,500 people will leave for the Aleppo countryside on Saturday, Homs Governor Talal Barazi has said. The evacuation operation is being overseen by Syrian and Russian military police units, al-Barazi later told Reuters, adding that all rebels from al-Waer are due to depart within around six weeks.

Author: 0 White House apologises to Britain over spying claims made by Trump

And at the Thursday briefing he cited Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano , who claimed on that network that Obama had used the United Kingdom's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)-the British NSA- to eavesdrop on Trump with "no American fingerprints on this".

Global Media How is Japan readying itself against an unpredictable North Korea?
Author: 0 How is Japan readying itself against an unpredictable North Korea?

He criticized China's opposition to a USA missile defense system being deployed in South Korea and accused it of waging "inappropriate and troubling" economic retaliation against the South. The historic impeachment on corruption charges brought on a power vacuum in Seoul - just as the new US administration begins to engage with Asia. North Korea has a long-standing ambition to become a nuclear power and conducted its first underground atomic test in 2006, in the teeth of global opposition.

Global Media Japan, US agree to urge N. Korea to halt nuke, missile programs
Author: 0 Japan, US agree to urge N. Korea to halt nuke, missile programs

During last year's election campaign, presidential candidate Donald Trump called into question USA security alliances and called for Tokyo and Seoul to contribute more for their defence. It was also announced earlier this week that the USA will be permanently deploying armed Gray Eagle drones at Kunsan airbase outside Seoul, which could hit North Korean military targets and destroy its command-and-control infrastructure.

Author: 0 Rex Tillerson starts his first worldwide trip as Secretary of State

But he said that by taking other steps, including sanctions, the hopeful that North Korea could be persuaded to take a different course before it reaches that point. There he met some of the more than 28,000 U.S. troops stationed on the peninsula, and toured the Joint Security Area, where North and South Korea soldiers stand facing each other.

Global Media Tillerson begins South Korea trip
Author: 0 Tillerson begins South Korea trip

Mr Tillerson was speaking at a news conference in Seoul, South Korea, after visiting the heavily militarised border with North Korea. Tillerson said that strengthening USA relations with Japan and trilateral cooperation among all three "is critical in particular as we address North Korea's nuclear and missile programs".

Global Media Waking up to the North Korean nuclear nightmare
Author: 0 Waking up to the North Korean nuclear nightmare

A strike on the North would likely come via USA stealth bombers, which can penetrate deep into enemy territory without leaving a significant radar trail. Tillerson said that 20 years of US diplomatic and other efforts to get North Korea to denuclearize have failed, but gave no specifics about how the Trump administration, which is now doing a policy review, would tackle the issue.

Author: 0 US Justice Dept. Meets House Intel Committee Deadline on Wiretapping Documents

Even if, as Napolitano claimed, Obama went to GCHQ to avoid a paper trail within the United States and asked them (not "tasked" them) for material on Trump , there would still be a paper trail in the UK. In comments carried by The Hill, Cole told reporters: " I see no indication that's true. The president denied that the White House was propagating the Fox News theory.

Global Media Farooq Sattar released minutes after arrest
Author: 0 Farooq Sattar released minutes after arrest

Such treatment with a leader of a political party was uncalled for, he added. Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan leader Farooq Sattar has demanded an end to cases against his party workers related to Altaf Hussain's anti-Pakistan speech on August 22 a year ago.

Author: 0 US State Department, Intelligence Community Worried By Budget Cuts

McPike, the IJR reporter, is traveling unilaterally and is not a pool reporter. Tillerson said that in coming weeks, the State Department will draft a new budget blueprint for spending in coming decades. A reporter noted that the State Department has had several explanations for its media-access policy regarding the mid-March trip. The travel offer came from the State Department, and "after editorial consultation, McPike accepted the seat", he said.

Author: 0 UK Says White House Promises Not to Repeat Trump's 'Ridiculous' Spying Claim

The announcement comes after a White House press conference on Friday with President Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Speaking at a news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel , President Donald Trump expressed "strong support" for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation but insisted allies "must pay what they owe".

Global Media French Prosecutors Said to Urge Probe of Fillon's Free Suits
Author: 0 French Prosecutors Said to Urge Probe of Fillon's Free Suits

Robert Bourgi said in a statement sent to AFP that there was neither "conflict of interest nor influence-peddling" involved in the gifting of the suits to Fillon, the onetime frontrunner in France's presidential election who has seen his campaign tarnished by corruption claims.

Global Media Goldman Sachs CEO Blankfein sees slight pay cut in 2016
Author: 0 Goldman Sachs CEO Blankfein sees slight pay cut in 2016

But Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein doesn't see the " revolving door " between the government and Goldman Sachs as a problem. The pay cuts were appropriate, according to the compensation committee, based on "the firm's decrease in net revenues compared to 2015".

Author: 0 Assault on boat off coast of Yemen kills over 40 Somali refugees

Numerous wounded lost arms and legs in the strike, the Yemeni medical official told AP on condition of anonymity. Meanwhile, IOM spokesman Joel Millman said he was unable to confirm news reports that an Apache helicopter gunship was responsible for the attack .

Global Media Agency rubbishes claims it helped Obama spy on Trump
Author: 0 Agency rubbishes claims it helped Obama spy on Trump

GCHQ has dismissed a claim that British spies were employed to bug Trump Tower as " utterly ridiculous ". In an attempt to bolster his case, Spicer spent almost 10 minutes reading from news reports which he said pointed to possible evidence of surveillance.

Author: 0 Justice Department Hands Over Report On Trump's Wiretap Claims

Merkel was making her first visit to the White House since Trump took office. As aides jumped to defend their boss, they often seemed to invent evidence as they went. Trump has still not revealed any evidence to back his claims. The information was sent to the House and Senate intelligence and judiciary committees, said Sarah Isgur Flores, a Justice Department spokeswoman.

Global Media Trump Deflects Blame for UK's Anger Over Spying Allegation
Author: 0 Trump Deflects Blame for UK's Anger Over Spying Allegation

National Security Adviser General H.R. McMaster apologized through his equivalent within the British government. "I didn't make an opinion on it. And so you shouldn't be talking to me, you should be talking to Fox". Napolitano repeated his theory on his personal website , saying the NSA had given GCHQ "the digital versions of all electronic communications made in America in 2016, including Trump's".

Author: 0 Top US envoy begins Asia tour amid N Korea crisis

Speaking on a visit to Tokyo Mr Tillerson in effect ruled out any return to the policy of engagement with North Korea and urged China to crack down on trade with the regime in line with United Nations sanctions. The drill assumed a scenario of a hypothetical country firing a missile that falls into Japanese territorial waters off the coast of Akita prefecture.

Author: 0 State Department spokesman flails in defending press corps stiff-arm

Erin McPike of the right-leaning website Independent Journal Review is the lone journalist permitted to fly on Tillerson's plane. On his first two trips , Tillerson took along reporters from the "pool" of reporters covering State - an long-standing arrangement in which traveling reporters share updates about goings-on with a wider group of media.

Global Media Never Too Old to Celebrate St. Paddy's Day
Author: 0 Never Too Old to Celebrate St. Paddy's Day

Patrick's with a pub crawl. "This is his first St. Patrick's Day and we're having a lot of fun". Colchester, Vt. - Dancers at the McFadden Academy of Irish Dance in Colchester, Vermont are preparing for a number of Saint Patrick's Day performances.

Global Media IAF Su-30MKI Fighter Crashes, No Casualties Reported
Author: 0 IAF Su-30MKI Fighter Crashes, No Casualties Reported

According to reports both the pilots are safe. "Shortly after take off, the helicopter developed a technical failure following which the pilots tried to land it in the fields". The pilot is safe, the spokesperson had said. While the armed forces are still forced to fly the ageing single-engine Cheetah/Chetak helicopters, government's failure in dealing with the situation and the crash of the twin-seat Sukhoi "air dominance" fighter is more worrisome.

Global Media Sirens blare as Japan, fearing North Korea, holds first missile drill
Author: 0 Sirens blare as Japan, fearing North Korea, holds first missile drill

It is clear that he sees Beijing, where he will fly to Saturday, as a key part of Washington's new approach. "Part of the goal of my visit to the region is to exchange views on a new approach". Tillerson's comments in Japan were eagerly watched by worldwide observers for indications as to what they meant for the Trump administration's foreign policy.

Author: 0 U.S. won't repeat 'ridiculous' claims UK's spy agency wiretapped Trump

A spokesman for Prime Minister Theresa May said on Friday that the White House had assured Number 10 it will not repeat the GCHQ claims. During Thursday's White House press briefing, Spicer read a report by Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano that claimed Obama had worked with British intelligence to spy on Trump.

Global Media Japan holds first-ever North Korea missile strike evacuation drill
Author: 0 Japan holds first-ever North Korea missile strike evacuation drill

Tillerson, who had dinner with Trump at the White House on Monday, will fly without the normal press contingent on his plane that has traditionally accompanied USA secretaries of state since the days of Henry Kissinger in the 1970s. Pyongyang views this as a rehearsal for invasion. China remains North Korea's most powerful ally and dominant trading partner. Tillerson urged China and other countries to fully implement the sanctions.

Author: 0 Tillerson Top diplomat seeks new North Korea plan on Seoul visit

Tillerson, a former oil executive, began his first Asian visit as secretary of state in Japan on Wednesday. Two decades of diplomatic and other efforts, including aid given to North Korea by the USA, had failed to achieve the goal of denuclearising Pyongyang, he said.

Global Media 'Can't accept Rahul Gandhi as my leader', another Goa Congress leader quits
Author: 0 'Can't accept Rahul Gandhi as my leader', another Goa Congress leader quits

Rane, who spoke to reporters after the Assembly session, said that the slow pace with which the Congress reacted, after being elected as the single largest party, resulted in the loss of an opportunity to form the Government. The Protem Speaker, however, ignored the query and proceeded with the floor test. "It happens when you come to Goa only to enjoy, not to work", he quipped, taking a dig at Digvijaya.

Author: 0 White House Apologizes To Britain Over Wiretapping Claims

We've received assurances that these allegations won't be repeated ", May's spokesman said . At a joint news conference with the German chancellor, Mr Trump hit back at claims his "America First" agenda is isolationist. "They are utterly ridiculous and should be ignored". There was no immediate comment from the Trump administration. "It's a situation that simply wouldn't arise".

Author: 0 Tillerson delivers stark warning to North Korea of possible military response

There were no axes this time. North Korean soldiers watched from their side of the demarcation line - marked by cement blocks on the ground. The secretary of state said Thursday China plays a very important role in efforts to encourage North Korea to abandon its nuclear program, and he encouraged China to fully implement United Nations sanctions meant to pressure the North Korean government.

Author: 0 India reaches 193-2 at lunch

Kohli walked out after lunch to a thunderous applause having left the field with a shoulder injury on Thursday and he trudged back to a pin-drop silence after facing 23 balls. First innings: Australia: 451 all out in 137.3 overs. India still trail the Aussies by 258 runs with eight wickets remaining in the first essay.

Author: 0 Trump's wiretap claims take further hit

The committee's top Democrat, Congressman Adam Schiff, agreed, saying: "To date, I see no evidence [of Obama having ordered wiretapping], no basis for that whatsoever". "You should be talking to Fox". Recent allegations made by media commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano about GCHQ being asked to conduct "wiretapping" against the then president elect are nonsense.

Author: 0 Tillerson brings tougher N.Korea line to a wary China

North Korea has a long-standing ambition to become a nuclear power and conducted its first underground atomic test in 2006, in the teeth of global opposition. Tillerson outlined a tougher strategy to confront North Korea's nuclear threat after visiting the world's most heavily armed border near the tense demilitarized buffer zone between North and South Korea.

Author: 0 Korean crisis: Chinese Premier Li Keqiang doesn't want chaos on China's doorstep

In the first two months this year, two-way trade recorded a big surge, showing there is still tremendous untapped potential in China-Russia economic and trade ties and the two economies are highly complementary, Li said. Mr Li also defended China's currency policies ahead of an annual review by the US Treasury that could recommend penalties if it deems Beijing to be a "currency manipulator".

Global Media Rex Tillerson to visit Turkey on March 30
Author: 0 Rex Tillerson to visit Turkey on March 30

Last weekend, just days before the Dutch election, police in Rotterdam used horses and dogs to disperse pro-Erdogan protesters demonstrating against the ban on Turkish ministers. Soylu referenced last year's deal between Turkey and the European Union in which Europe agreed to pay Ankara $6.8 billion to lessen the number of Syrian refugees crossing the Aegean Sea into Greece.

Author: 0 In rare public denial, UK's intel agency calls Trump's spying claims 'ridiculous'

White House press secretary Sean Spicer used the allegation in an effort to validate an as yet unproven claim by Trump's that Obama tapped his phones a year ago. British politicians condemned Spicer's reading of the Fox News comment. Britain and the USA - along with Australia, Canada and New Zealand - are part of the "Five Eyes" intelligence sharing alliance forged from the embers of World War II.

Author: 0 Citing Trump, New Jersey legislature passes tax disclosure bill

The state Senate passed the bill , S3048/A4520 , by a 24-11 vote Monday without a word of debate, even after having the proposal skip the usual committee hearing. "The sources of revenues, whether it's foreign countries, etc.", McKeon said. Under existing state law, pet stores can purchase dogs and cats for resale only from breeders who have a license with the U.S.

Global Media Tillerson reaffirms 'ironclad' security alliance with S. Korea
Author: 0 Tillerson reaffirms 'ironclad' security alliance with S. Korea

He is the latest in a series of senior USA officials to have their photos taken at the border, but it is the first trip by the new Trump administration's senior diplomat as he makes a tour of Japan, South Korea and China. So we have 20 years of failed approach, and that includes a period in which the United States provided $1.35 billion in assistance to North Korea as an encouragement to take a different pathway.

Global Media Korea 'behaving badly', China not helping, says Trump
Author: 0 Korea 'behaving badly', China not helping, says Trump

In a tweet posted on Friday Mr Trump added that China has done "little to help!' Mr Trump's comments come after a warning from American Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that military action by the U.S. North Korea is casting a long shadow over this trip, both for its potential nuclear threat and the recent flurry of missiles it tested, in a launch that sent weapons hundreds of miles toward Japan before landing in the Sea of Japan.

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